Justice is done, you pay him, now play him. And a story about a Goat.

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So now we know that anti-Arsenal UEFA supremo Michelle Platini (girls name) has been told in no uncertain terms he needs to go to Specsavers and be exorcised and that the ban on penalty king Eduardo has been trashed, perhaps he can now turns his considerable skills to getting people banned for stamping on boatraces and causing crowd riots. Yes I know that should be the territory of the FA, but it would be nice to hear him say that certain things need to be punished.

So now we have Eduardo fit for our game against some team in Belgium, perhaps Arsene Wenger will consider playing him, after all, it does make sense to play our best players and maybe something as novel as that will see us win a game at long last, outrageous as that may seem, it may be fun for the fans. You know, make us happy again.

I know I said I wouldn’t mention the African Anti-Christ again, but I think he will now become the figure of hate wherever he plays, I think the good fans the country over will have been suitably disgusted with his behaviour to give him the shit ride he deserves throughout his stay in the Premiership.

He said he hopes that God will touch his shoulder and help him score goals, what makes him think God would like a lying, stamping, greedy cheat? I hope he gets sent to the deepest tarpit in hell and forced to have daily encounters with a Goat wielding a pineapple for a dick for all eternity, that’s the God I know, a vengeful and just one, watch out Eboue, diving and feigning injury is cheating too.

We ought to get 3 points from the off tomorrow, they aren’t that good to be honest and our boys need to up their confidence levels to get us going for the next month or so of very winnable games. Two losses against the two we lost against is not a disaster if we can put it right with 8 wins on the spin, remember Man U’s start last year? We keep saying we can put it right in January, but don’t get your hopes up, he won’t buy then either.

We have to have more to look forward to than just a new kit this season, though I must say I am looking forward to seeing what the people from Nike give us next season.

I would like to see Ramsey, Wilshere and Merida given a run out on Wednesday, the last time Jack and Merida got a run out in pre-season, they were both the best players on the park and I think that Song, Denilson and Diaby need a rest, or rather we do from seeing them.

We won’t have Arshavin back so maybe we can start with a front line of Eduardo, Robin and Theo, and a midfield of Wilshere, Rosicky and Merida with Ramsey sitting in front of the back four, I know that’s more than 11 but read on, I have an idea.

I think it’s also time to leave Cesc out, he won’t of course, but I think Cesc has the look of someone that wants out, we should send him a message, I love Cesc but I don’t think he is very happy at the moment.

Maybe even give Senderos a run out, either in place of Vermaelen and put Vermaelen in the DM slot, or play Senderos as the DM, but what we have currently is not working. I’m not making Song and Diaby scapegoats but I don’t think they are working together so try something else.

I am however making Denilson the scapegoat and as we only have Mannone as back up for the clown Almunia, perhaps we should play another outfielder (Ramsey) and no goal keeper, it’s not like he is doing anything to stop the opposition scoring is it!

Anyway, we have today to crow about Eduardo, maybe tomorrow we can discuss the season long ban the Togo twat is about to get. I remember being at Highbury once, remember that, Highbury! We had money in those days, and Glenn Cockerill from Southampton studded the back of midfield genius Paul Davis’s leg, Paul then slammed him with the perfect right hook and broke Cockerill’s jaw, Paul then got a 9 match ban, you saw Saturday and what happened to Robin, that could have killed him, you tell me what was worse.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow you get Pedro back, the Clark Kent of Le Grove, the mild mannered one, then you can all go back to reading nice posts, this is me signing off for a few days.

I am going to the dark side for a rest!

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  1. Coadsi


    Wenger would not be placated by the FA’s fast-tracking of the charges. The Frenchman also lambasted Mark Hughes, the City manager, for backing Adebayor and supported the claims of Van Persie that Adebayor’s actions were “malicious”.

    Wenger said: “Did you watch it? If you’ve watched football for 20 years, you know as well as me what a player can do. You can ease off or not ease off. The biggest thing is in a challenge.
    “I played football and I know exactly, in a fraction of a second, where you leave in or move out. You know exactly at that fraction, I can injure somebody or I can not injure somebody, and you ease off or you leave in. I have seen some challenges where if you do that in the street, you go to jail. It \ looks very bad. You ask 100 people, 99 will say it’s very bad and the hundredth will be Mark Hughes.”

  2. Stu

    Probably more 20 year olds play for the first team that you’d think. I dont know tho because i dont record these kind of stats.

    Just because someone young scores for their club doesnt mean you have to compare them to Bendtner.

  3. Stu

    I think Carew is better than Bendtner. Better as a target man. But Bendtner isnt really a target man. Its unfair to compare players just because of their height imo.

  4. David

    Its a stupid question.

    Bendy is better than Fernando Torres. We all know that.

    Yes. But how many of them do you find playing for top clubs? Is bayern Munich not a top club?

  5. Angelos

    Pat, as I said, I’m not a Milito fan but if you look at it this way. Could Bendtner ever score 33 goals in la liga? Yeah, I don’t think so.

  6. Pat

    Angelos, if you know your football, then you know it’s much easier to score when you’re the focal point of a team.

    The PERFECT example is Berbatov. I won’t even bother explaining, you should know what I mean.

  7. Pat

    You too David. I guarantee you don’t watch bayern regularly and after 2 games you’re already saying he’s good. You probably didn’t even watch the games!

  8. Angelos

    Pat, don’t be condescending. You’re telling me that if Bendtner was the focal point in a La Liga team he could score 33 goals? Sorry but I’m not buying it.

  9. Stu

    OK its not stupid. But its pathetic that when someone scores for their club who is young you immediately think of Bendtner and say he pales in comparison. Thats all.

    Pathetic might not be the best word but thats what i chose. Im not gonna say anymore because i hate argueing with you because you just dont budge. so end of.

  10. ReVELAtion

    The bloke is skysports is a mug.. Talking about real madrid think about conceding 1, scoring 2 mentality.. And banging on constantly about.. All this to Michael Salgado a real madrid defensive stalwart.. Gullit is cringing.. It’s so embarrassing i don’t know whether to piss my self laughing or not.

  11. Pat

    Buy it or not Angelos, there are many cases when players look like world beaters when they’re the focal point. Then they end up crap.

    Its also a system. Milito played like Inzaghi for them. thats a different type of striker.

    Eto’o did the same for mallorca and even barca(a lot less though).

    Dani Guiza, etc

  12. David


    Muller scored on his debut for the league. Scored on his CL debut for the club and is a youngster in a top club making significant contributions.

    I dont watch Bayern that often this is true. But i did watch today’s game and you can spot talent immediately.

    If I see talent Like Bollateli, Muller, Dzeko, Hazzard and i say oh these youngsters are fantastic players playing at a high level in a club and are about the same age as some certain players we are making excuses time and time again for it goes without saying that i dont have to watch all 60 games before I make a judgement.

  13. Angelos

    I’m sorry Pat and Stu but this is the question I was answering…

    Maciek Says:
    September 15, 2009 at 21:54

    aside from Dzeko, could You tell name 3 big, strong, tall players who are better than our Dane?

    And I think Milito is big, strong, tall and slightly better…Like I said, I’m not Milito’s biggest fan but truth is truth.

  14. Maciek

    But what’s wrong with Berba? Even though he used to play for spuds, I have always liked him as a player. Now, he is even worse than Bendtner.

  15. David

    Ok Stu

    Fair enough. If i cant compare Bendy to any other youngster his age playing in a top club then Im not sure you can compare him to anything really. He’s incomparably to anyone/anything/anytime. Otherwise if anyone compares him to anything its just stupid.

  16. Stu

    Obviously Muller is a special player. He only made his debut towards the end of last season and has barely made 10 appearances for Bayern.

    I think maybe other youngsters have a stronger immediate impact than our lot because their clubs wait until they are sure their kids are ready. Our kids are so exposed from a young age with all the televised matches, Wenger using them in the CC and arsenal tv etc that we expect so much of them when they eventually make the first team appearances.

    Im not sure what its like everywhere else but i doubt they have as much expectations/pressure on their shoulders when they break through. Surely that has something to do with it. I wouldnt know tho.

  17. Angelos

    There’s really no need to compare him, he’s just a decent player who is slightly better than most players his age, but not good enough to be heavily relied on by a top team.

  18. Pat

    david, we can’t have all the youngsters! I’m sure other fans look at our kids and say similar things. If you consider SOng a youngster, he’s up there too. Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs, etc.

    BVB are awful this season btw. And the team they played today, who exactly are they? You’re too quick to get excited David. He hasn’t shown anything yet.

  19. David

    So is throwing the youngsters into the fire of the first team good for them or no? Bendy will tell you is should start every minute of every game. Even before he went on loan.

  20. Stu

    Also David, final point. Last season when Macheda scored 1 good goal and 1 absolute fluke you were creaming in your pants about him. Saying we need kids like him and im not sure but you probably said Bendtner was shit. You need a lot more than a few games to tell if someone is gonna be great. Why else do clubs spend months if not years scouting potential players.

  21. David

    That couldnt have been me Stu

    I rate Welbeck more than I rate Macheda. And the only reason i must have been saying anything in the first place must be because i was proper ticked off united found a way to win a game when they didnt deserve to again. That might have something to do with their fringe players like John Oshea who get like 10 games a season and manage to put in top perfermances in 9 out of those 10.

  22. Stu

    Apparently Grafite scored a hattrick tonight. I could have sworn someone on sky earlier said Dzeko scored.

    Im hoping both score when Wolfsburh play united.

  23. Stu

    O shea is annoying in that he is shit but always plays well.

    Nothing about him suggests he should be a footballer yet he plays in every position and rarely puts a foot wrong. I hate him so fucking much.

  24. Pat

    Macheda was always shit. Some people just need to calm down. I have a manc friend and I watch youth games with him sometimes. Macheda is nowhere near Welbeck’s level.

  25. David


    Thats exactly my point. That c8nt always does a job for united. I mean seriously…he NEVER facks up like *cough* eboue…or diaby. I dont understand it…and he hardly EVER plays.

    Pat. Im with you 1000% on that one.

    Maciek would you say Fergie would buy a Denilson over a John Oshea?

  26. Maciek

    No Dave, cos he rates desire and hunger more than technical skills of his players. He loves players with heart. We have too many disinterested players who don’t care. As far as I know O’Shea is a part of United youth setup.

  27. wenger's boss

    whenever i think of young strikers in 20 bojan,aguero,balotelli,pato,benzema and somewhat rooney springs in my mind.
    i think we all know they will make it to highest level.bendtner is not in their league.
    he can atmost be a decent striker,not a 30+ goals striker.

  28. Pat

    Bojan hasn’t really shown much. He will be great, I think, but he’s nowhere near those players you listed. The fact that he scored so much for the youth really hypes him up.

  29. Jaguar

    Why does the hypocrite want to prove that our players are young?He keeps on blabbering about his favourite terms, hunger and desire,where his prodigal son Diaby has neither of it.

    I think that Denilson,Eboue and Song are the scapegoats of his wild fantasies.Poor Denilson and Eboue dont know,which positions they used to play for.If the hypocrite doesnt wake up to the reality,I wouldnt wonder if he receives the same treatment which David O’leary got from the Villa fans.

  30. Jaguar

    Hypocrite,stop playing our players according to your fantasies.Bendtner in the right wing and Shitvestre in the subs bench,when Senderos plies his trade with the reserves.

  31. zeus

    I believe that many players peaked in the 07-08 season and many of them play for the Arsenal. Ronaldo and Torres spring to mind nad then you look at the Arsenal players – Adecunt, Fabregas (I hope I’m wrong), Sagna, Clichy and Almunia.I just get the feeling that we over exceeded in that season and what we are seeing now is what we can expect from these players going forward.

  32. Jaguar

    We should have won the title in 2007-08,except for some extremely unlucky circumstances.But what irriates me most is that even after losing Gilberto,Flamini and Dolphin head,the hypocrite didnt recruit even a single quality defensive mid.Shitface Mikael shitvestre,a reject of the northern monkeys was hugged by the hypocrite and welcomed by a two year contract,whereas a player who had dedicated his heart and life to Arsenal,whenever he wore a red and white jersey ,wasnt offered a new contract,thanks to his age.

  33. Stu

    Mikael Silvestre = worst player ever signed to Arsenal.

    That signing was a massive slap in the face to every Arsenal fan and to every player over 30 that Wenger only offered 1 year to.

  34. zeus

    A long time ago Arsenal FC became Arsene FC. Our only hope of someone actually challenging him behind the scenes is Ivan Gazidis because the board is drinking Wenger kool-aid. If he can’t force Wenger’s hand, then we are stuck with these current players who Arsene is desperate to prove what he saw 5 years ago, that they can win major championship.
    Its sad really, that its come to this. From being perennial challengers to being content with 4th place. I honestly don’t know why we undertook this current policy, look at Juventus, they got relegated, they are about to build a new stadium (granted not as big as ours) and yet they can still buy Melo and Diego in 1 summer and make sure they compete. Can’t do anything about it now I suppose……….

  35. Jaguar

    Gallas contract set to be renewed before the end of this season.I wont be surprised if the hypocrite offers him a three year contract,as he can use it as a cover for not signing new players,and rant about how we have a new signing in the form of Gallas.I agee with Geoff 100%,Wenger is a good coach,but not the best of managers.

  36. Stu

    Funny thing about Juventus. They are building a new stadium with the exact same capacity as their current one. How fucking retarded is that! HA! 😆

  37. Stu

    Wenger would be better suited to a job where he tells the board what kind of player he wants or who he wants. Let them get the players and just have Wenger left to coach them.

    Dont let him near the accounts or anything like that. He is a football coach, he doesnt need to concern himself with anything other than the players.

    And if a player isnt good enough the board should be able to just sell e fucker and Wenger wont get the blame for hurting their fucking feelings. Sound good everyone?

    Shame we have a cheap fucking board who wont do anything like that because its too fucking expensive!

  38. Jaguar

    I lost all the trust in the hypocrite,when he didnt offer Flamini a new contract,and decided to overpay a ********************************************************************************* called Adebaywhore an undeserved contract.Sorry to have used such asterisks as I would have sounded very offensive,if I start speaking about that piece of shit eating,**** sucking bastard.

  39. Stu

    We pay he kids more than other clubs do so they come to us instead. And then down the line when the eventualy become quality players Wenger expects them to not want higher wages. Classic example being Flamini. 60k for a starting DM in a top european club is fucking nothing.

  40. Jaguar

    Its not only about the funds,Stu.Who on this planet would have started the likes of Eboue or Diabolical ahead of Arshavin in the semifinals of FA Cup,which was our only chance of silverware last season.The hypocrite has too much power and control that he thinks,he can play with whatever team he likes.

    He should just coach the players and let Steve Bould to select the team.I am sure,we would do better.

  41. zeus

    I dont think Juve’s current Stadium is 40,000+. Either way, Juve’s current stadium is owned by the city council not Juve. From the gate receipts I think Juve only earn 30 percent ( I dont remember where I read that figure). They will be be stronger financially when they keep all of than sum to themselves. Roma and Inter are announcing plans for stadia as well.

  42. Stu

    Noone would have done that Jaguar. His reason for not starting him was the biggest load of bullshit i have ever fucking heard.

    He wanted the players to realise they could win without Arshavin, ahead of the CL semi against united. Well that fucking backfired royally didnt it ffs.

    Not starting Arshavin only proved that we were shit without him and still are. So instead of being in a FA cup final with the players full of confidence we lost a semi and the players probably felt like shit going into the CL semi. Great fucking plan Wenger. Its things like that that make you question his sanity.

  43. Jaguar

    The bastards or AKB’s keep moaning about our lack of funds.But if any questions related to why we sign young players at astronomical prices,is thrown back,the bastards with no identity of their own,would start talking about the illusional concepts of future success and sustainability.

  44. zeus

    The thing is’ I don’t think it should be that hard. If 3 dross equals 1 quality player, then get the quality player. Time and again I have said that I dont care who he puts in attack even if it is waste of space Diaby. The arsenal system makes many decent players look better than they are. At the back, just get a top draw keeper good defenders and a dominant DM player and we are set. At the moment I think we have players that give squad depth only playing in our first 11 and reserve players backing them up.SAD

  45. el tel

    HI Geoff

    I know you are in the land of zzzzzzzz but I write this tonight in the hope you read it tomorrow.

    I remember the Paul Davis incident as I was at the game, he took a right kicking for ages without any protection from the ref and I remember my brother standing next to me saying I would do that fucker if I was taking that punishment. Apparently Paul got racial abuse too and he decked the cunt. Curiously I knew little about it until TV evidence was used to show what Paul did. It seems The Arsenal always get punished yet others get a ticking off.

  46. el tel

    I am happy and amazed at Almunia being out tonight, Happy because even our fourth choice keeper will be as good as that prick and amazed that Wenger pretends again he isn’t well following a shit performance and he thinks we fans believe it.

    He obviously has been dropped agin and the kind Mr wenger says he isn’t well, I remember this happening before after he played shit at Stoke and against the Chavs. I seem to remember a wrist strain before and writing that the arsehole was overdoing the wanking.

    I hope Mannone plays a blinder or has almost nothing to do and gets a run in the side. Maybe if Vitor does well Wenger will say he is undroppable. LOL

  47. A

    Still pretty mistake prone Pat – almost killed Gilbert in the reserve game last night! What with his being EVEN more inexperienced than Mannone I’d be very surprised if he played ahead of him, unless Wenger really thinks he’s that special, though if he did he probably would have been on the bench ahead of him before now.

  48. Pat

    Liege have quite a few players who can hit them from distance. At least Defour is out.

    If we allow them to shoot, they cn score 1 on mannone.

  49. David

    Diaby is a CAM. Bendy is a CF. I think we should judge these players when they play in their “true” positions. Its sad because Wenger used to believe in true speedy wingers and we dont have anyone on the left that can cuz damage apart from AA23 whose obviously injured.

  50. zeus

    Diaby is a CAM? It doesn’t matter what he is because in a 4-4-2 he is nowhere near fabregas’ ability in that role so he can’t get game over him. In a 4-3-3 he is nowhere near as good as Fab4, Nasri or Rosicky and in a defensive capacity he is not as good as Song. Diaby a squad player at best.

  51. ethangunner

    its a god amm joke really ..
    we are down to a suspect reserve keeper
    and people think we will win the league this season


    just because tight wad and his merry scrooges
    thought we had enough going into the season and
    no one ever gets injured at our club !

    FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank fuck its only standard !

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    I heard today that FIFA are introducing guidelines that in short will mean that clubs can only spend what profit their balance sheet says they made.

    The noose is tightening round these whore club to arab, yank & ruski money.

  53. SUGA3

    gg9, there is a way around this – if Abramovich or the sheikhs launch bogus ‘shirt sponsors’ to pay £100M to put whatever the hell they want on the shirts, what’s stopping them? UEFA?

  54. kelsey

    Has Almunia realy been dropped for tonight or is he really ill ?.i was one of many who advocated the buying of Given well before he went to City,at i believe something like 3 million.That didn’t happen,but Fabianski was injured before the season started and with a list of tough opening fixtures,together with the info that he would not be ready to return at the least by October, I am alarmed that no effort was made to secure a back up keeper even if it be on loan.We are a top PL club, and now have two totally inexperienced back up keepers who have never played for us at this level.Would any of the other top sides allow this to happen, i figure not.Almunia is a shot stopper,but that’s what he gets payed for, we he has always been hesitant as to whether to come out or not to crosses.Furthermore he doesn’t liaise very well with the defense,nor does he command the box with authority.This is no walkover tonight,and we have put ourselves in a position where our last line of defense is vunerable.

  55. ethangunner

    good news GG if your club is a tight fisted
    scrooge type , that will only spend if they see blood seep from a stone …

    oh hold on !


  56. ethangunner

    what surprises me the most is Szczesny or mannone
    can play at all , i wouldnt have thought wenger would have even put there names down on the C.L squad sheet at the start of the season …

  57. iceman

    Lehmann was conveniently “injured” prior to being dropped!!
    The clown has been dropped.
    I have no doubt about it!!
    Mannone this is your chance. Grab it son!!

  58. SUGA3

    Mannone in goal? God help us all – ones who watched Burnley game knows what I’m talking about…

    Szczesny over him any day…

  59. SUGA3

    like I said yesterday, Mannone is just another Fabianski without the latter’s occasional brilliant reaction saves – Szczesny is better than both of them, IMO – more commanding, better reader of the game, etc.

    He is also the son of former Polish international goalie, Maciej – must have been watching his old man forever and probably started training to be a keeper ever since it could make sense…

  60. ethangunner

    iceman Says:
    September 16, 2009 at 09:04

    Szczesny apparently broke both his arms in the gym.
    How the feck does one do that?

    ask geoff 🙂