We were given a lesson in buying players, thanks Arsene.

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I am absolutely devastated this morning, I have a hollow feeling inside me that I thought I would never have again, the problem is that unlike Charlton Athletic who can’t get the best, we can and didn’t, again.

We don’t have the sort of money that Mark Hughes has at City, granted, but we did have the £40 million he gave us, but the manager in his wisdom decided that what we had was good enough.

This time last year when we got beaten by Fulham, I wrote a post called ‘The Emperor has no clothes on’ well 12 months on and nothings has changed, he still persists with players in the team that are just not good enough. One, Denilson can’t even speak English, how does that work then.

This team isn’t let down by the players that aren’t good enough, it’s let down by the man who seems to own Arsenal football club, and that hurts. I said don’t get carried away when we blitzed hapless Everton, then we played ManU and lost, now we played their half witted cousins and lost again, yest I know we didn’t have our best players playing but that will happen all season, thank goodness Man City had the same problem or it could have been a cricket score.

Our second string players should be better, there is no excuse, we had at least £40 million to spend and even though we knew we had lost Djourou for the season, chose not to.

Arshavin, Eduardo and Rosicky will be injured a lot, we should plan for that, we didn’t and through the belligerence of our manager we will now have a season of great one minute and shit the next.

I chose to write this today as yesterday I was very, very angry, today I am just fed up. I wont mark the whole team, but I will single our my men of the match.

Almunia 0 – He is simply a clown, never has and never will be good enough for the team, Jens had him right, why do we persist with such a hapless keeper.

Denilson 0 – Just not good enough for a team like Arsenal, can’t be arsed to learn English and that says enough for me.

Song 5 – Takes the credit for their second goal, I know he tries but again, he’s not good enough to be in this team. He makes too many mistakes where it counts just like Senderos did.

Diaby 3 – Another that flatters to deceive, one good game, 3 bad ones and at this level it’s not good enough.

Eboue 3 – An adequate right back but that’s all, too often a makeweight in midfield because the manager likes him, not good enough.

Clichy 5 – Bad game but so did Cesc, I think he’s a class act but too often his errors cost us goals, Wenger needs to have a word, or give the job to Gibbs.

I know a lot of our players didn’t turn up, a lot did and Rosicky had a blinder, but project youth has failed and it’s too late to do anything now.

Wenger has too much power at this football club, he’s a great coach, but someone needs to tell him to buy some decent players, because the ones he has are simply not good enough, I am getting too old to go through yet another season watching us compete for nothing.

I am still numb, I have been kind today, I will let the 3 people I yellow carded back on today but please understand we don’t want to be lectured to, come on and have fun, don’t come on and look for a row.

Have a nice Sunday Grovers, my weekend has been ruined.

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  1. ReVELAtion

    diedre lovejoy, carla gugino, lucy liu.. Like the older ones with class..

    Not that i’d say “no, get dressed love” if she was lying on my bed naked mind 😉

  2. ReVELAtion

    There’s only 1 man to blame for the sorry state our squad is in and for playing those very players out of position.. That man is Arsene Wenger. No one else…

  3. Jay20h

    Injuries will take their toll again. All the injuries so far (exept djourou) have been forward thinking players (nasri, sicky, vela, arshavin, etc) When we get a couple at the back we could see our friend silvestre make a return. That will be horrible. The champs league starts and the games come thick and fast. Wengers anal policy of not buying cover for defensive positions will see us fucked!!!

  4. goonerpress

    Why is Senderos not on the bench and Silvestre is?

    Why does Diaby start ahead of Eduardo?

    Why does Bendtner get played out on the right wing or as a right forward when he has the potential to score goals from the centre?

    Someone has to ask Wenger these questions.

  5. Metal Gear

    Suprisingly poor post no mention of his shocking player selection/positioning and there is no point critcising players like Cesc and Diaby if Diaby is played in his naturaul position and plays poorly then fair enough and word on song that was really really poor defending 4 the second goal

  6. TonyS

    I like your taste in women ReVELAtion – I would obviously add the big hitters Monica Bellucci and Salma Hayek to any list….

  7. Gunnersmith

    goonerpress you forgot to add

    Why does he makes bizzare substitutions like taking off two defensive players and playing 7 attacking player on the pitch no cover

  8. ReVELAtion

    gunnersmith – song & sagna were both on yellow cards and it was getting a bit “feisty” out there according to the commentator…

    Sending Rosicky on at that point for Denilshit was genius.. Taking song and sagna off for eduardo and eboue was whilst leaving diaby on was pure wenger self indulgance bullshit..

  9. Gunnersmith

    Song on yellow does not say he must be taken off that what DMF do they do the dirty jobs gets yellow at the right point taking them off and leaving Diaby on the pitch is just disgusting and i couldnt beleive my eyes at the point song was taken off

  10. ReVELAtion

    There is no doubting wenger is a great coach.. He can get the best out of a player..

    However, as a manager in regards to tactics, purchasing players and playing position choices for players he is very poor.

  11. A

    I think it’s a bit simplistic to say that Reva.

    The purchases of Henry, Vieira, Petit, Pires, Ljungberg, Toure, Lauren, Lehmann were absolutely superb purchases.

    The positional changes of Lauren, Petit, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg were all superb decisions as well.

  12. ReVELAtion

    A unlike you i’m not allowing wenger to dine off of the 98′ double and invincible season.. That was a long, long time ago…

  13. ReVELAtion

    How does bendtner on the right, van persie up top, diaby on the left and eboue everywhere it seems sum up in comparision?

    Wenger’s either lost it or taking the piss.. IMO it’s a bit of both.

  14. nucks

    Arsene, please change the fucking midfield. first 2 games we all closed down accross the entire pitch, what happened to that???? Play rambo, jack, my mum anyone but please don’t insult us by playing laid back, lethargic players who don’t want to put in the work off the ball. Please, please, please don’t pay them this week. i am sick of it!!!!

  15. cescfiberglass


    What is Diaby’s natural position? He sucks in the hole, he sucks as a CM, he sucks as a DM, and He sucks as a Winger.. He has flashes of brilliance-which is just individual skill, he doesn’t pass when should. He is a lazy cunt, a horrible tackler. ALL THAT ADDS UP TO =SHIIIITTT.

  16. choy

    big error was taking off denilson instead of diaby…. The lesser of the two evils.

    Only song doing the defending after that.. No wonder we got raped….i just dontsee what diaby offers…. He is killing young players like wilshere merida….

  17. choy

    i am probably gonna get shit for this but i think its best fab leaves us next year… We are playing 433 just to give him some additional defensive cover and he hardly defends….. If the captain of the team is not arsed to defend what message is he sending out to the team….

  18. Gooner_b11

    after watching match of the day, i can see why this team will never reach it’s full potential, it’s too soft!

    did you see how adebayor wanted it from the kick off by walking into the arsenal half, and non of the arsenal players did a damn thing? lee dixon said it made his blood boil….so my point is this? which generation of Arsenal teams would’ve had taken that?

    this team wasn’t even a aware it was going into battle before the war started….this project has failed

  19. Jaguar

    Gallas contract to be sorted out in December.If he gets anything more than an year contract,I will be gutted.Not because he is a bad player,but the hypocrite should be consistent with his policies.Either he should accept the fact that he cant manage egoes in his team,or he should walk away,if he has some pride left.

  20. Maciek

    The funny thing is, even if we sell Fabregas and Arshavin and Robin, we won’t buy quality players.
    And stull, You will see “In Arsene we trust”banners all around Emirates. We are a joke of a Club.Since 2005. Since Dein and Paddy have gone.

  21. Jaguar

    We will win nothing,and we would still have to watch AKB’s holding banners of Arsene knows (Bullshit). Sad days indeed for a gooner.

  22. Gooner_b11

    Henry, Vieira, Petit, Pires, lauren lehmann were also very tactically astute players they knew where they were ment to be on the pitch. in henry, petit, pires or lauren none of them actually started in the position they finished their carrers in but they were mentally developed as players (regardless of how young they were)

    Diaby at the age of 16 was far above, lassana diarra, ben arfa, nasri or benzema natural talent wise at Clerfonatine academy. and they’ve all accelerated past him in terms of development because diaby is slow in the head, it’s not really his fault, not everybody at school was born to be a doctor, and not every talented kid will be a world beater

  23. Gooner_b11

    Jaguar, you can see wenger is not the same man now as he was he walked in, his policies don’t quite hold the same weight anymore…..you let world class players walk because they reached over 30, then you give silvestre 2years. you let flamini walk because you didn’t wanna pay him what he was worth and then you give adebayor the year before….then denilson and bendtner new contracts with our money when they’ve done nothing to deserve it, the policies of a wavering man

  24. Maciek

    Jaguar, if we fail to win something, and Fab, Arsh, Robin will go, do You think, Zapata or Bruno Alves will come to replace Gallas them?One more good season, and Vermaelen is off to Spain or Italy. Who would like to play for losers.

  25. Jaguar

    I am totally pissed off Maciek.It wouldnt hurt me if lose with Eboue playing as a right back,Nicklas Bendtner as a target man along with RVP and Eduardo because I know that they would have tried their best.But with hypocrite in charge,we would rarely see our best players in their natural positions.The hypocrite needs to open his eyes and understand that we dont have an Henry/Pires who would adapt to his wild fantasies.

  26. Jaguar

    Maciek,if we dont win anything soon Cesc/VP would certainly be off,as they are hungry to win something.The likes of Arshavin and Nasri would wait for another season to see,if they can win something the next season.I wont blame Cesc/RVP if they leave,because they deserve better than a Diabolical playing in the left wing.

  27. Jaguar

    I dont think either of those players would want to come here,because they fear that the hypocrite would try converting them to goal keepers or wingers..No wonder,Melo ditched us.Diabolical should be the luckiest player on planet earth,who get a chance to play for a top four club in Europe,despite having zero playing sense.

  28. zorr0

    lol, you lot are a miserable bunch of fuckers!

    Jaguar, if everyone agreed with you or indeed me, what a miserable place the world would be!

  29. Jaguar

    Zorro mate,the world would have been miserable.No two ways about it.But what I mean is you dont have to be paid £5m a year to understand that we wont win anything with a bunch of clowns like Diabolical,Almunia and Shitvestre playing for us.Hypocrite,who pockets a tidy sum every year,doesnt want to retain Flamini,and the same idiot renewed the contract of a mercenary cunt.Sorry,if you belong to that clan of AKB,I dont want to waste my time defending my stance.

  30. bk

    Aside from all the furore over Emmanuel Adebayor’s antics, Arsenal fans are growing impatient again at the prospect of a fifth season without a trophy.

    Most Gunners fans who call my TalkSPORT show demanding Arsene Wenger’s resignation are armchair fans who have not been to the game and their knee-jerk reaction is based on hearsay.

    But a word of warning to Monsieur Wenger: there were a few callers on Saturday from fans who were at Eastlands and they were unhappy about the lack of experienced defensive cover.

    And Arsenal’s reluctance, or inability, to spend big in the transfer market may be reaching the stage where the grumbles of a minority grow into a more substantial mutiny.


  31. Jaguar

    That lanky cunt,wouldnt have dared doing this to us,had we got warriors like Martin Keown or Patrick Vieira playing for us.And the hypocrite complains that the other teams are too physical.What a joke?Should they play to our strengths?

  32. leon

    i realy could not careless about ade,i fans look more consistantcy of our midfielders since the early last season and the likes song in particular and delinson have been very good in my opinion others i know feel very differently i will first to admitt that in an ideal would like to see top class dm player in the veria type mold but from what i have seen i may be very mistaken i dont see alot players out there of that quality.the big question can players like song,diaby and delinson play on consistant high level i think song can not sure about diaby and delinson so far have been very poore in there passing,now alot of fans have revved up kompany and deyoung but it remains to been if these 2 players can play to that level on consistant basis for 10-15 games

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    Something has been bugging me since that humiliation on Saturday, & I haven’t been able to work out what it is. It certainly isn’t that luck once again was against The Arsenal; nor the bullying of our players; or the refs decision making,to me it never is these things, coz what goes round comes a round.

    Then bingo!! it dawned on me. When that ungrateful, mercenary, self centred turd scored, he didn’t run full pelt over to The Arsenal coaching staff/manager/etc, he ran the full length of the pitch to stick it up the fans.

    So what does that tell me? The very same away fans who used to sing “………give him the ball” who he stabbed in the back by courting AC Milan, etc, etc got a double dose of this self centred pig.

    In short, there appears to be an ever widening gap between the relationship of the players & the fans @ Arsenal, with the fans still wanting to adorn their heros, but @ the same time, the players are moving away from a relationship with the fans, and more towards their love of money fuelled egos. Ofcourse the comment there could be “you can’t blame the players for wanting to better themselves”, etc, etc, but then you can’t blame the fans for wanting to turn their backs on The Club/not renew membership, etc etc.

    And in the middle of all this is The Club. Our Arsenal. Now the players and/or their vulture like agents want more money/% of deals (they will always use the bullshit line their actions are fuelled directly for better opportunity to win things, but shits like Gareth Barry let that one slip 😆 ) & The Arsenal fans first & foremost want trophys, why not its not too much to ask considering the glorious past. Which brings me to The Club itself.

    On Saturday they got a lesson from a club that has illustrated its desires/goals/ambitions, you would have to be living in some backward world, like Tottenham, not to have worked that out. Even spuds are setting a course for better things. Not to mention Liverpool, Chelsea & Manchester United. But what ambition does This Club have. It can’t be to win trophys coz they are doing the opposite to what we need to win them. The fans are being treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark or in real terms, @ arms length, fed varying media comments that all add up to the same old same old. Well, in short no ambition, today & tomorrow to win anything. But hey how can I say that, coz I don’t actually know what immediate goals The Club has. They won’t tell us. Oh I’m sure there are certain people high up in The Club that know but are either too spineless or gutless or self centred them selves to tell us.




  34. Stu

    De Jong has been pretty consistent Leon. As for Denilson and Song neither of them have proven anything. Denilson is all about the stats. Watch him in a match and you see why so many dont rate him.

    Saying De Jong and Kompany (even though i dont know why you mention him) arent consistent compared to Denilson and Song must be a joke because De jong as arguably een more consistent than both our DMs and he is even a full international now for Holland whereas Deniloson doesnt even get call ups.

  35. leon


    i feel song has very consistant,and i think you will find there was a reason why man city bought barry mainly because there defensive record was abismall 1 of the worst in prem,were as the main reason why arsenal conceded so many goals towards the end of last season mainly due to silvest and toure not some much song who have 1 arsenal best players for long while now in my opinion but i know you rate him

  36. ethangunner


    the guys attitude has always been lame ,
    and if you watch MOTD , youll see the stamp is pre meditated ! he went for RVP’s face !

    there was no ball there and his leg lifted to kick him studs up in it !

    dirty fucking low life cunt of a footballer !
    where are all the people who used to stick up for the cunt and use his name ? and used to hassle me out ! ?

    they should be ashamed of themselves to even think he was a hero !

    disgraceful awarding that prick man of the match! your just condoning bad sportsmanship and violence !

  37. Stu

    De jong only came to Man City in january so i dont think its fair to attribute their poor defensive record to him.

    Given that he is a starting international for a great country i think shows that he is a quality player.
    Whereas Denilson, an arsenal regular (shockingly), cant even get a call up for Brazil. A team who usually have very little defensive options chose to stick with a seemingly past it Gilberto in favour of supposedly Arsenals (a top european club) midfield regular.

    City bought Barry for the same reason they bought everyone else in demand – simply because they can.

  38. ethangunner


    song was woeful against man shitty , look at the 2nd goal !

    he was all over the place .. i dont think he should be singled out as there was many others like nik B – eboue – diaby AL who were equally as anonymous/poor ..

    but i think people have turned song into the new ade , you can see no wrong with him !

    he’s way too slow , look at the 2nd goal and how the attacker pulls away from him !

    useless !

  39. Stu

    Ethan, i agree with everyting you just said. Ade got man of the match, not because he was the best player on the pitch (imo De Jong and Bellamy out-performed him on the day) but because he scored against his old club who he now hates.

    His stamp on Van Persie was assault. Studs almost into his eye, potentially blinding VP is assault and if something like that happened on the street no doubt Ade would have been put in jail. His stamp was un forgivable regardless of VPs reckless tackle beforehand.

    Not to mention his cunting celebration, almost breaking Cesc ankle (which imo was also intentional) and generally trying to hurt as many of out players as possible.

  40. ethangunner


    De jong, is a good player !
    in fact most of man shittys players are top notch when evaluating them on a one on one basis ,
    the only problem i had was could they play as a team for a 38 game season …

    time will tell , but id have at least 4 or 5 of them over our players ..

    starting with their keeper !

  41. A

    Stu if that stamp happened in rugby it would be a ban for a good few months, it’s absolutely ridiculous. The talk is that he’ll get 4 games, but imo he should get much much more

  42. Stu

    True Ethan, the real test any team faces is being consistent and how they deal with injuries.

    We arent winning things because a few injuries and we are fucked. Other teams dont have those problems because shockingly they actually spend money on quality players to cover.

    City have a vast squad and will easily cope imo but its just a matter of them keeping their good run going.

    I would have Given, De Jong, and Ireland off them…maybe some others too.

  43. leon

    lets face facts the whole team was pretty piss poore the whole game,like all games if the if you win the battle in midfield that you win the match the fact is all our midfielders extremly poore in cluding cesc,delinson gives the ball away far to mush to slow at times but plays well at times but i think song looks the real deal to me he breaks up passing shows lots of tasnasity yes he still needs to improve but in my opion he has been pretty consistant

  44. Stu

    Well the stamp is a straight red – 3 games
    His taunting the away fans – 1 game maybe

    and his tackle on Cesc which was also horrible should be another ban but wont be.
    Add to that him intentionally stamping on VP the ban should be at least 5 games but im not sure the FA will see it that way.

  45. ethangunner

    stu , i honestly missed the stamping when watching the game , i knew ade clipped RVP , but i didnt realize it was malicious !

    i thought it was clumsy old ade at his best !
    add to that his celebration and head nutting nik B
    he really is a dirty prick of a footballer !

    i never used to attack him from those points whilst he was at the club , ive only ever been interested in evaluating our players ..

    good or bad … but i think wenger should of
    moved out diaby – eboue-song – denilson and senderos and got in some others with the collective cash ..

    we line up too weak when we have 2 or 3 of the above in the LINE UP at 1 time .

    i suppose the only question is did the board abduct the 40 million for real estate ventures or did wenger chose not to spend it ?!

    your thoughts ?

  46. Stu

    IMO the only positive from that match was Rosickys amazing return. 1st competetive game for 20months and he looked like he had never been away from football. I was greatly impressed with his contribution and dusappointed that he didnt start because we could have ended the game early and taken him off.

  47. A

    Yeah Stu, the way I see it should be a minimum 6 game ban, though I’d have it more as an accumulation of all his behaviour! 3 game ban for the red card, increased to 5 for the nature of the stamp, and a one game ban for the celebration. Impossible to prove intent with the Cesc one even though we all know it was very intentional!!

  48. A

    Stu there’s no way he could have started, we conceded the 4th goal because he wasn’t fit enough to even start to track back! Great that he’s back though, if he stays injury free and gradually builds his fitness up he’ll be a hell of an asset. Sub appearance on weds, sub against wigan, then maybe start against West Brom?! Guessing Theo maybe sub on weds, start at the weekend? Dunno where Vela is in terms of his fitness

  49. Stu

    I missed the stamp first time round too. Blame it on the stream or the camera not being close enough but the replays disgusted me.

    For him to get away with such a vile act made my stomach turn and the complete lack of remorse he showed afterwards to VP convinced me that it was intentional.
    Had it been an accident Ade would surely have apologised to VP (or so i like to hope).

    And Ade being a prick of a footballer? For the things he has done through out his career he seems more like a prick of a person. There have been problems with him everywhere he has gone.

  50. leon


    city dont have vast at all,they only 2 wingers,they have 5 strikers but all of them yet show that can score 20 goals a season,it yet to seen whesther they can produce that kind performace on a consistant basis,they have bought good players but the only top class they have in there team is given barry maybe radinho.so far they have faced teams who most likely fighting to stay up and use who played well below par who had at least 2-3 wingers out.i realy cant see how you make that kind judgement based on 4 games far to early

  51. ethangunner

    yes i thought rosicky played well and oozed class , some prick was on yesterday and told me the goals only started flowing once rosicky was sub’d on .. and song went off …

    funny that because song’s poor defending and snail like qualities off the ball lead to the 2nd goal thats why (plus a yellow card) he was sub’d off !

    i thought rosicky looked good for his minutes , strong on the ball and commanding …

    i just hope he stays fit and is played centrally to aid in the creativity ..

    id like to see him line up with cesc theo and nasri .. but will they ever all be fit at the same time , and will wenger stop playing his love childs ?!

  52. A

    Stu it couldn’t have been accidental, there is no way in a million years he would have landed like that naturally, or if there wasn’t an intent to make contact with vp’s face. As people say it really does get worse everytime you see it. I actually hope he doesn’t play at the Emirates, because we’d be down to 8 men and he’d be in hospital after about half an hour! Or we could just pretend we’re letting him off, then bring on Senderos to smash his face in as his heroic final act for the club, before leaving for pastures new in the summer!

  53. Stu

    For all out attacking depth which many on here eluded to pre season (myself included) we seem to be down to the bare bones in that department.

    Theo, Vela, Nasri all injured. Rosicky always a doubt and not likely to be a regualar starter for a long while yet and not Arshavin injured too. And also Eduardo seemingly not in contention for starts.

    We have a lot of attackers but they all seem to be getting injured or lacking fitness thus forcing us to play 6footers on the wings.

  54. A

    ethan unfortunately i don’t think they’ll all play at the same time. With EVERYONE fit i reckon it’d be




    Or maybe Eduardo for Theo and Eduardo and Arshavin swapped round

  55. A

    Yeah Stu I never expected us to be in a position where Diaby would play wide ever again!

    We do have incredible depth there, Theo, Arshavin, Vela, Eduardo, Rosicky, Nasri were all unavailable to start, which I’m sure they would have over Diaby. I even reckon Eboue would have started over Diaby if it hadn’t been for Diaby’s shorter travelling distance/jet lag etc

  56. Stu

    How i make which judgement leon? THat city have a good squad. I think its pretty obvious. Even with Robinho and Tevez out injured they still managed to play a pretty good attacking line up. Add to that Petrov, a very good winger imo, having to start on the bench.

    Also the players that they have dont seem to have any injury records so its not very likely that they will suffer with injurys the way that we have been doing for the past 4 years.

    And even if they did have injuries they have a health squad to pick from.

  57. A

    Actually I guess




    could happen, but alot of similar players there, no runners off the ball

  58. A

    Stu I dunno about that, Petrov and Santa Cruz have pretty horrific injury records! Bellamy as well doesn’t have the best injury record.

    I’d still take our set of forwards over theirs every time!

  59. Stu

    The most infuriating thing about Diaby (although not actually his fault) is that he manages to play so many 90minute games. He rarely if ever gets subbed off and i for the life of me cant think of a reason for it.

    Its not that he is so good he is undroppable. Its not his amazing fitness levels because he doesnt run any harder in the first minute than he does in te 90th. ANyone know why that fucker always plays? I havent a fucking clue.

  60. Stu

    True A, i forgot about Santa. But the difference is that their injury prone players arent vital to the football they play whereas ours are.

    Thus when those players get injured they arent really affected because they wouldnt be regulars.

  61. A

    Yeah Stu, it’s annoying. It’s difficult though, I was thinking yesterday who I’d want to take off, and Diaby was the obvious one, but then I was thinking he could always come up with something that created or scored a goal, as he did in fact for the Rosicky goal! If Song wasn’t booked though I’d guess that it would have been him or Bendtner removed, but with us pushing for a goal, meaning they gonna likely be breaking at us, and Song already on his last chance to keep him on would’ve been risky. On the flip side though taking him off was very risky as it left us without a single defensive minded midfielder, and the risk backfired with their final two goals!

  62. leon


    man city are good team but yet to be tested and they players have bought are not top class they good,the whole of our midfield were very luck luster and did not show the sam fight as they did against manu because if had put in that same fight and deseri i have no dought it would been different result,i think thats whats going to be about this season howmuch do they want it and that why although this team has a chance to prem there is little dought manu and chelsea are the favourates,i feel we can win something and once this breaks this title drout they will turn the corner

  63. ethangunner

    you still need a magic man like TH14 or david villa .. thats what your still not getting ..

    looking at dudu – RVP – ARSHAVIN

    i agree .. quality enough ..

    if it was me …

    it would be

    BACK – 4

    and insert rosicky

    id just play your best and let them adapt
    to there own style of playing ..

    its debatable about theo .. i still think he has moments of brilliance and that will increase with exposure and time ..

    but i sure as hell wouldnt be leaving dudu or rosicky on the bench last game …

    get them on at the start put the game beyond doubt and then sub em orf !

  64. SUGA3

    evening y’all 😉

    good post, good discussion…

    the game had certainly spoilt my Gooner mate’s birthday party yesterday a bit…

    first of all: Adebaywhore’s assaults on Cesc & RvP mustn’t go unpunished, he should be charged with violent conduct, screw his celebrations in front of away fans, it just shows what pencil dick he is…

    again, poor team selection and playing players out of their preferred positions costed us – how one (right) legged Diaby gets 90 minutes on LW is beyond me…

    agreed on return on DD – if you think about it, Wenger is just out of his depth in the transfer market, Gazidis may be a big fish in the US, but here in the Europe he is just a small fry compared to DD, who has zillions of connections in the cut throat world of top drawer football…

  65. A

    We couldn’t play without song or denilson being in the 3 man midfield, they’re the only two with any defensive instinct or ability at all. Perhaps Matuidi will still come in in January as well to add a bit of depth.

  66. A

    Although coquelin will come through at some point, fuck it just stick him in in the easy games, or have him on the bench so if we go a few goals up against a poor team we can just bring him on, fast track him into becoming the greatest DM of his generation!

  67. Stu

    Blackburn, Everton, Wolves, Portsmouth, Arsenal.

    5 wins 2 conceded and a win against Palace in the CC and against Barca in a friendly. I would say they have been fairly tested. Or are we not a test for them?

    They have been just as tested as we have and they have come out looking better than we have with a fairly similar run of teams to play.

  68. leon

    i think its pretty clear is pretty big drout in top class dm out there i dont think there is to many i have no dought wenger was looking for one but i dont see many players in the market who going a much better job than song,but its just accord veria was not realy dm player it was more petit who did that

  69. leon


    arsenal have not been tested neither has chelsea or manu,the fact is its only after 10-12 games then you can realy judge nothing now,

  70. Stu

    Leon, all im saying is that they have had a harder test that we have imo and that they have come out of it looking in better shape than we have.

  71. leon

    stu,i dont agree with that all we have 1 very poore game however we have only 1 game at home and we had had to face manu away

  72. ethangunner


    you need to let go of your love for song or denilson , currently they arent doing us any favors id rather just go good old attacking football like days of old and score more than the opposition ..

    it would help if we had a GREAT keeper , and the wing backs staying in the defensive half as cover ..

    theres too much pushing up from gallas – verminator plus the wing backs ..

    if they had a defensive coach to sort the back 4 out we wouldnt need either song or denilson in the line up and be still very solid …

    and be ultra attacking ….
    it would be a thrill to watch also !


    i agree theo has been off recently ..
    but if sagna stayed back i think it could work .

  73. A

    Stu of course they havn’t been tested! Everton are in termoil, Pompey likewise, and Blackburn and Wolves are shite!! We were their first proper test, and I wouldn’t say they beat us as much as we threw the game away against them. They’ve had one game against anyone half decent, and that was at their place on Saturday, their away form will be interesting this year. Still only time will tell how good they actually are, noone can know yet, the same with every single team in the prem! 10-12 games the league starts to take shape.

  74. ethangunner


    if your looking for some sort of bench mark , then after we continually beat the top 4 home and away on a regular basis , then we are were we need to be !

    anything less is unacceptable !

  75. A

    ethan no team in the world plays with purely attack minded players. Whether anyone deems Song or Denilson to be good players, or good enough for us is irrelevant, without one defensive minded player teams would just walk through us everytime they attacked, as City did once song went off, and those two are our only defensive minded midfielders.

  76. A

    Does anyone know how our loanees got on at the weekend? I know JET set up Blackpools goal and played 90, Lansbury 85, and Simpson 90 as well, but no idea how they actually performed??

  77. ethangunner


    more like whilst the walked right thru us when song was on , 2nd goal ?

    you cant say bert was pro – defender .
    or flamini ..

    they both in there day were very attacking also !
    i think you forget the days of old where we had a solid back 4 and a good keeper …

    of course it will work , it used too !

    the problem with our defense nowadays is everybody pushes up ! instead of remembering they are defenders for a reason !

    clichy often gets caught out in the middle of the pitch .. you cant expect to sprint back 100 yards and defend as a common occurrence ..

    also having 6 attack minded players who have good ball retention skills will stop any opposition from seeing too much of the ball …

    this is the way wenger trains them ..
    but for some reason i only see it in spurts nowadays , and i put that down too song – denilson – diaby and big al fucking up more often than not ! or LACK OF QUALITY ..

  78. ethangunner

    song was directly responsible for the 2nd goal and the change in fortunes !

    thats what im trying to say .. if he was senderos he wouldnt get another game !

    and thats a fact !

  79. ethangunner

    same can be said of almunia !

    jens got dropped for less .. only 1 clean sheet this season .. the guy needs to wear adult diapers the amount of clean sheets he ruins !

  80. ethangunner

    quite simply its a question of personnel !
    and if you care for cesc – AA or even RVP and dudu
    you need to surround them with a better quality of player of they will be off and we will be left with the crap who no one wants …

    like song – denilson – diaby – eboue – senderos !

    if they were really as good as you said they were they would have had offers from barca or RM ..

    or even AZ or bayern , anyone !

    the fact is wenger persists with them because as yet no one wants any of them ! and we are stuck with them !

  81. A

    Second goal Ethan Song did exactly what he was supposed to do – Clichy bombed up the pitch, lost the ball, and song covered clichy’s position. The big villain for their second goal was Diaby, he showed a complete lack of general understanding of the game.

    As a left mid, if your full back advances ahead of you, and loses the ball, then it should just be instinct to go back and cover his position, or if the defensive mid covers his position, as song did, then cover the defensive mid’s position. He just walked backwards, despite having seen clichy go past him right in front of him!

    Song having done well to cover really should have put in a better challenge, but he should never have been left one on one in that situation, and that was Diaby’s doing, and the reason they scored imo.

    Gilberto was the most defensive midfielder we’ve had at the club whilst I’ve been a fan, he had one season where he bombed forwards on counter attacks and scored a few goals, but my one criticism of him throughout his time with us was he was too defensive, and not good enough on the ball.

    Our defence has always pushed up, Lauren and Cole joined every single attack, and were much much better in attacking mode than Sagna and Clichy are! It’s just that the midfield wasn’t as excessively attacking, therefore there were players with the natural understanding and instinct to cover for them, especially Gilberto.

    Of course Clichy can’t be expected to run back when he loses the ball overlapping, that’s the job of the DM, and then Clichy himself or the left mid, depending on who’s in the better position. Generally when clichy or sagna bomb forward, if they lose the ball denilson or song will cover them, but once they’d both gone off, there was noone who had the natural instinct to do that, so they just ran through at will.

  82. A

    ethan what are you talking about “as good as you said”?! I never said any of them were good, in fact I said their respective ability is completely irrelevant, the point is denilson and song are our only defensive minded midfielders, and therefore one of them has to start. No team can play with purely attack minded players, and all our midfielders are attack minded except for them, they aren’t even just box to box centre mids, they’re all attacking.

    Song or Den have to start because they’re the only players in the squad who play that position, I never said they were good.

    It’s like claiming that Theo should play in goal because he’s better than Almunia, and someone saying nope Almunia has to play because he’s our only keeper, and the retort being “If Almunia was so good he’d have been wanted by Real Madrid or Barca”, it makes no rational sense whatsoever

  83. ethangunner

    and that isnt acceptable to me , this club cannot survive as ‘top flight’ with those sorts in our line up regularly ! just like ade ruined our attacking game by his continual offsides and poor 1st touches , average personnel with no role models at the club to look up to are just as damaging !

    there is a reason all these players look up to arsene so much , and thats because they have no role models like db10 or TH14 to look upto anymore ..

    how can you expect song and alike to have composure when things are going poorly without guidance on the pitch , cesc is still a boy …
    the whole thing its too weird for my liking ..

  84. A

    I agree about almunia though, he was poor, it’s a real pity Fabianski isn’t fit, because if he was i’d expect him to be between the sticks, and starting out on course to become one of the greatest keepers of our history! Pity for the team too that Almunia lost confidence as he has just when Fabianski is out, because there’s noone to replace him with.

    Still, we should pick up alot more points over the next 8 games, and hopefully have sorted out the minor issues, and be turning the dominating performances into dominating victories.

  85. ethangunner

    listen song was in front of the attacker ,
    and he just walked around him and left him for dead .. songs defending was woeful , look again at the replay in slow motion .. he left song for dead and got around him with ease ..

    if he was half as good as you make out he could have cut that drive off no problems .. yes clichy is just as responsible technically but song was in front of an attacking player and couldnt stop his attack .. which lead to a goal.

    the attacker should have never been allowed to take up that position on the pitch and move so freely within the box , and song was directly responsible for giving him space ..

    like i said if it was senderos , you would never see him again !

  86. A

    yeah he did ethan, song should have done better, but he should never have been in that position in the first place.

    Seriously what on earth are you talking about “as good as I make out”, I have repeatedly said that how good he is is totally irrelevant, and said that it doesn’t matter if he isn’t even good enough for us, comments like that make you sound silly and undermine the point you’re trying to make.

    Clichy isn’t responsible, I never said he was! Diaby is, more so than Song!!

    Song did his job, but got beaten one on one because the attacker was better than him.

    Diaby didn’t even start to do his job, and if he had then the goal would NEVER have happened. Everytime a man has the ball out wide like that up against one of our players, there should be someone doubling up on him, so they can control which way he goes, it’s simple defensive tactics, but left one on one song was never going to have the agility to deal with someone nippy.

  87. ethangunner

    thing is A we both want whats best for this club , no point in arguing about players ..

    some are class :- AA cesc dudu gallas verminator
    rosicky nasri even RVP … but the rest bring us down ..

    and until we get a defensive coach or better squad players we will be always left wanting on the big games ..

    these games prove if we are good enough or not .
    and to fail these tests we are obviously not good enough ..

    blaming injuries or bad ref calls are irrelevant, your always going to get that its part of the game ..

    to learn from these mistakes and prevent them from happening is what the club is guilty of ..

    we play in 4 major comps , EPL – C.L – F.A – C.C our squad should have more talent and more depth and experience , until that changes we wont win anything ..

    the fans need to unite and show our dissatisfaction about the clubs attitude and lack of endeavor, not keep defending averge players ..

  88. Pat

    Song was on a yellow though. I thought Verm was a bit naive for SWP’s goal, but then again that’d leave Bellamy wide open, i think.

  89. Core MacDonald

    I agree with everyone who says that we need to buy players, not 16 or 17 year olds who will me good in a few years, players that are established and now how to play the arsenal way, for Arsene, i think we should give him time. Hes made mistakes but come on, hes gotten us theo, wilshire, fabregas, Norvd. He’ll pull through hopefully. And i hope Ade. gets shitted on next game

  90. ethangunner

    A Says:
    September 14, 2009 at 02:59

    yeah he did ethan, song should have done better, but he should never have been in that position in the first place.
    well yes and no , he is a DM for a reason to float in front of the back 4 and aid them ..
    clichy was brought down really , and song did track back and got in front of the attacker ..
    outside the box …

    he has played as a CD before , no excuses really …. he let the guy dance around him ..
    effortlessly ..

    it was the goal that broke the teams back ..
    at 1-1 you felt we had a chance to go 1 up …

    but that goal was the straw that broke the camel’s (arsenal’s back ) after his fuck up ,

    we were lost ..

    you know it , and i know it ..

  91. Pat

    Clichy needs to be dropped or given a talking to. Too offensive and lacks intelligence regarding WHEN to attack. Evra learned after his average 07/08 season. When will Clichy?

  92. David

    Ade is the lost child…the prodigal son…the black sheep and took his frustrations out on Arsenal’s most beloved player.

    Ade I have defended you for ages. I stood up for you when nobody did…heck right up till kick off time i was venting about how stupid it was to sell you and replace you with Nikki Bullshite. Now Im glad you are gone u sack of shite….this is the light up Arsenal FC Arse we’ve been waiting for.

    So many angry fans…will bring change. We NEED CHANGE!

  93. Ray in SF

    David, I don’t know that we need change in all caps. When we have confidence and play with commitment we play well.

    Granted there could always be improvements, but with the personnel and the formations/tactics we put out against the Manchester teams we could reasonably have come back with all six points.

    More consistent and competent refereeing.

    Better finishing.

    Better concentration.

    And stronger commitment and we would all be gloating.

  94. ethangunner

    pat there are a few like that , AL needs to be dropped desperately .

    and clichy , even sagna has looked poor the past 2 games ..

    i think the problem lies in our whole team trying to push forward .. if our wing backs/CD’s remembered they were defenders and not attackers we might have adequate cover

  95. ethangunner


    More consistent and competent refereeing.

    Better finishing.

    Better concentration.

    And stronger commitment and we would all be gloating.
    and yes to achieve that in football you need better players ..


  96. Ray in SF

    If that’s the case, David, then just sticking in Subotnic (sp?) and Matuidi won’t immediately solve any problems.

    Even sticking in Silva and Villa won’t solve the problems??

  97. ethangunner

    you remember that bullshit about 2- 25 year old players in the dressing rooms that gallas was talking about .. about one coming up and complaining about another team mate

    it was obviously ade V’s RVP

    it might give some insight into why it took place and the seriousness of the feud !

    but what a prick of a thing to do !
    he raised his knee to stomp RVP’s face ..
    the more i see it the worse it looks ..

    A – grade asshole !

  98. Ray in SF

    Ethan, don’t know where you stand on Cesc, but even tho I’m a big fan, I wouldn’t say he had a terribly commited day against City.

  99. David

    Ade was pushed out of the club because of Wenger’s failures. Much like Cesc would be sold in the same manner. Cesc is suffering because the player around him are all shite. Seriously. They are. There is only so much he can do…Ade was a rockstar when he had hleb to feed him the ball on a silver plate like a dog…but he was effective…take away hleb and replace with injury prone VAnP or a trotting fairy like Nikki Bullshite…Ade scored 1/3 of his goals.

    Cesc is having it even worse. I am not convinced denilson wouldve changed the course of the game at all.

    Infact as soon as Rosicky came on. We scored.

  100. Ray in SF

    I remember a statistic that Ade scored once every six chances. His goal total reflects the scoring ops created and not necessarily the quality of the striker.

    We created a bunch of chances in the City game and should of had a better balance between storming the City goal and defending against the counter.

  101. Ray in SF

    I think banning a player is a bit problematic. He was misbehaved against Arsenal, but if he gets banned, it benefits United next week and whoever City play after that.

    We in a sense were the ‘victims’, yet other teams benefit??

    He shouldn’t have been on the pitch when he scored or when he blocked on the goal line. How does banning him help US?

  102. David

    Again Ray it all boils down to tactics…

    When we were 1-1 we shouldve slowed the game down and pulled shitty out of their defensive shell it is so stupid and infuriating because EVERY team knows what we like to do so they counter attack and if they have so much as a decent DM they’d kick their way to a win.

    Much like the United game when gibbs slipped and it was 2-0 on aggregate we shouldve been tempered and looking to work patiently to get a goal not rush..crash and then burn into million flames….that only comes with experience and maturity or with proper coaching.

  103. Ray in SF

    I think you are right. If a player is banned he shouldn’t be allowed to play in the return fixture (and if there’s no return fixture because of relegation, then maybe he should miss the first game of the next season or whatever.) But the team offended against should be the beneficiary, not the arbitrary next team.

  104. David

    It is not so much helping us it is punishing the player 12 match ban without pay? He’d never try it again.

    To be fair when i saw it live tv i thot VanP was faking an injury it happnd so fast when i saw the replay i was truly disgusted.

    Ade will get better in his finishing. He is a late bloomer. But fuck him. I hate him.

  105. Ray in SF

    Was writing instead of reading so we’re a little out of sync. I agree that we are a little ‘naive’ tactically as well as defensively.

  106. Jonathan

    And there I was before the game thinking that we will prove Adebayor and ManC wrong. Looks like I was a fool for that…

    Not only that, Adebayor ravaged our players physically and got away with it. Damn, how my blood boils! And to see our team losing simply because Arsenal were piss poor doesn’t help either. In my opinion, if we lost despite playing well, it’s a lot more acceptable; but our overall team performance before TR7 came on was absolutely appalling! All our players displayed no flair on the pitch and that is just saddening.

    Le Boss, hear the plight of your fans and start picking the right line-ups AT LEAST, since you’re not gonna spend a bloody dime on quality players to strengthen our present squad.

  107. nazeer

    arsenal cant play 4-3-3 they must play 4-4-2
    wenger must sell all useless player s in the team
    buy gattuso,pirlo.del piero ,green, hangeland ,
    it will great for the team


    sagna gallas thomas clichy
    ces gattuso pirlo arshavin
    pierro van

  108. gnarleygeorge9

    How many more sleeps till January. Le Gaffer has no choice, he has to replace Song/Denilson/Diaby.

    Like Geoff says, how can AW expect Denilson to succeed if he can’t speak English. Take Newcastle for instance. They speak Geordie a language not understood out of Tyneside & look what has happened to them 😆

  109. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m afraid all lack of drive to win The Cups is becoming more & more boring as each season slips away. If all The Club is concerned with is finishing top 4, then obviously near enough is good enough.

    I mean, what if Captain Cook had taken that attitude when he was out here discovering Australia “near enough is good enough” he probably would have ended up discovering South Africa or New Zealand.

  110. gnarleygeorge9

    It looks like the noose is about the tighten around the head kickers neck.

    Won’t it be great when adeheadkickor goes on a lean run, then is replace by Tevez or Robinho. I hope they have the camera shoved firmly in his face when he’s doing time on the pine. Give us all a laugh. Then the tantrums will start, & 1 million Gooners will have the big 😆 @ him. Oh, its coming alright.

  111. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    We gotto wait till october to have Fabianski back….

    In this stupid form of Almunia,i will Fabianski over him eyes closed

    Till october we need to hand on,and hope for the best

  112. ikon

    Having gone through a few of the post, I almost fully agree with Ethan here.

    Song was directly responsible for the 2nd goal. I was furious while watching it on TV. Just before Richards (imagine…. not Ronaldinho, Richards!!!!) turned him over, I knew he would cut inside. Any average footballer or any sensible person would know that it would be always better to cover the inside rather than the outside. Gosh, everyone defends in Fifa like that. Now although this is not Fifa, this is not much different.

    And yes Song was suppossed to be marking Bellamy in the center, but since he was engaged at the left (or so it seems), Diaby was suppossed to cover in the middle. Diaby’s work rate is one of the lowest I have seen in the premier league. Even Arshavin who is an out and out attacking player, intercepts more than Diaby.

  113. ethangunner


    denilson can speak english just not confidently .
    im sure its good enough for the football pitch however ..
    the problem is how many times have these guys came out and said we need to lift our game be more committed and not buckle under pressure (the players i mean ! ) , cesc RVP denilson nasri AA ,ade in the past and then you get the same old, same old results ..

    nothing is going to change whilst we have eboue – song – senderos nik b denilson and diaby as starters .. oh and big AL (how can i forget ) my new ade 🙂

    its EPL suicide !

    wenger should have a clear out , sell them all and with the proceeds plus the 40 mil have a huge spend up !

    keep gibbs – jd -jack – rambo – vela ,even nik(as plan B )
    and get 4 or 5 new faces in to freshen up the team ..

    morale will change , the formation will no doubt change and hopefully the class of player will change ..will it change things ?? who knows , but we have more of a chance doing this than keeping things as is !

    its the old mix of experience and youth if you ask me ..
    the defense needs to sit back and we need a better goal keeper desperately .

    every team knows to hit us on the counter as our wing backs and CD’s always push up !

    often leaving them with only the keeper to beat ..

  114. gnarleygeorge9

    Just been checking out other blogs. All of a sudden man city people are talking as if they are a bigger club than Arsenal. Shit is that how bad its getting now. The club that rose from the old 3rd Division expect us to kiss their arse.

    Until it hurts those directly involved with the day to day running of The Club, i can’t see things getting better quickly. It would appear that it hurts more to the powers @ Arsenal to not do well in a financial deal than to lose a game of football 2 weeks in a row 😉

  115. gnarleygeorge9


    Le Gaffer might soon be known as Le Gaff, if he continues with some of those names you mention. I seriously think he should go & get a well seasoned world class keeper, coz the one(s) we have couldn’t organise a bingo night let a lone a set piece.