We were given a lesson in buying players, thanks Arsene.

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I am absolutely devastated this morning, I have a hollow feeling inside me that I thought I would never have again, the problem is that unlike Charlton Athletic who can’t get the best, we can and didn’t, again.

We don’t have the sort of money that Mark Hughes has at City, granted, but we did have the Β£40 million he gave us, but the manager in his wisdom decided that what we had was good enough.

This time last year when we got beaten by Fulham, I wrote a post called ‘The Emperor has no clothes on’ well 12 months on and nothings has changed, he still persists with players in the team that are just not good enough. One, Denilson can’t even speak English, how does that work then.

This team isn’t let down by the players that aren’t good enough, it’s let down by the man who seems to own Arsenal football club, and that hurts. I said don’t get carried away when we blitzed hapless Everton, then we played ManU and lost, now we played their half witted cousins and lost again, yest I know we didn’t have our best players playing but that will happen all season, thank goodness Man City had the same problem or it could have been a cricket score.

Our second string players should be better, there is no excuse, we had at least Β£40 million to spend and even though we knew we had lost Djourou for the season, chose not to.

Arshavin, Eduardo and Rosicky will be injured a lot, we should plan for that, we didn’t and through the belligerence of our manager we will now have a season of great one minute and shit the next.

I chose to write this today as yesterday I was very, very angry, today I am just fed up. I wont mark the whole team, but I will single our my men of the match.

Almunia 0 – He is simply a clown, never has and never will be good enough for the team, Jens had him right, why do we persist with such a hapless keeper.

Denilson 0 – Just not good enough for a team like Arsenal, can’t be arsed to learn English and that says enough for me.

Song 5 – Takes the credit for their second goal, I know he tries but again, he’s not good enough to be in this team. He makes too many mistakes where it counts just like Senderos did.

Diaby 3 – Another that flatters to deceive, one good game, 3 bad ones and at this level it’s not good enough.

Eboue 3 – An adequate right back but that’s all, too often a makeweight in midfield because the manager likes him, not good enough.

Clichy 5 – Bad game but so did Cesc, I think he’s a class act but too often his errors cost us goals, Wenger needs to have a word, or give the job to Gibbs.

I know a lot of our players didn’t turn up, a lot did and Rosicky had a blinder, but project youth has failed and it’s too late to do anything now.

Wenger has too much power at this football club, he’s a great coach, but someone needs to tell him to buy some decent players, because the ones he has are simply not good enough, I am getting too old to go through yet another season watching us compete for nothing.

I am still numb, I have been kind today, I will let the 3 people I yellow carded back on today but please understand we don’t want to be lectured to, come on and have fun, don’t come on and look for a row.

Have a nice Sunday Grovers, my weekend has been ruined.

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  1. Pat

    Anyone see who it was that pulled Ade away from the Arsenal fans? KOLO TOURE

    Ah well, sorry then Geoff. We’re not a bad team though. You wouldn’t see us hauling ass when we’re 4-1 down last season. Yesterday we had heart. Clichy needs to play more defensive or be dropped.

  2. redbearer

    Tip of the day… when life is shite just cook up a red hot curry using chilli’s stronger than Scot Bonnets! I’ve recently been given some Dorset Naga’s which are one of the hottest varieties of chilli.. just slice & dice an onion and mix in some mince add the chillis thereafter then tomato sauce with some kidney beans. Serve alongside some rice with a few cold beers and this fookin roasting hot chilli will in theory help you to forget your worries and how shite our football team has been… it’s the complete character building package!!

  3. cescfiberglass

    Also…what is the point of overlapping wingbacks – Clichy and Sagna, when they can’t do FUCK ALL. they are probably the WORST ball crossers in league. They are useless. Sagna is a great defender and has speed. HE should be considered to play in the DM ( as we do not have other options). He has determination and speed. No long ball ability or anything of that nature. He just needs to win the ball and pass it off.

    Overlapping wingers are useless in our system. They dont do shit and just leave us vulnerable in the back. And especially our wingbacks who have no offensive skill what so ever. beating one player and then whipping the ball into the next mans crotch is USELESS!!! this has been going on for YEARS..hate to say this but i miss A.H (C)OLE, back there.

  4. patthegooner


    Given Clichy’s current form, I would actually give Gibbs the chance in the Wigan game. We did the same when Cole stepped in for Silvinho, so why not now.

    Give Gibbs the chance, he will take it and probably end up going to the World Cup.

  5. Ramgun

    We are 0 out of 16 for trophies over the last four years. Arsene will leave at the end of this season, when we will be 0 out of 20, or at the end of 2010/11, when we will be 0 out of 24.
    Some folks seem to rather confused at the moment. They want Wenger out but they also want Dein back. Don’t they know that Dein is Wenger’s number one fan? What’s more, Wenger’s great (grate?) experiment started under Dein’s reign.

  6. cescfiberglass


    I see what you are saying. but again, Gibbs is more of an offensive natured player, he is still shifty in Def.

    He is still VERY young and really inexperienced. I would say play him on the wing. he has the natural will to go forward and actually has some offensive skills, maybe not shooting, but ball movement wise.

    We need STEEL back there. As Geoff just said, we would still get bullied back there as Gibbs is definitely weaker (though roughly same size) as Clichy..

  7. paul

    Clichy should not have been so far forward but as Wenger decided Diaby was a left winger i think it was the managers fault.Options available yesterday,Rosicky,Traore or Gibbs all capable of doing a job left hand side.

  8. finestcuts

    Adebayor should get the most sever punishment possible from the FA. Having caused Robin Van Persie to bleed through violent conduct, he also incited a potentially catastrophic incident. This is not the first time Adebayor has resorted to violence in a televised football game. This unsporting behaviour cannot be accepted as part of the game, and cannot be ignored by the FA.
    Once again we have a case which shows how useful video evidence is, and how it should be used during the game to help match officials make the right decisions.
    Also, the standard of match officiating and refereeing has to improve, the FA and other football authorities are far too casual and accepting of incompetent referees. It’s high time football adopted technology which helps match officials make difficult decisions. I understand that in the 1950s this might have been high tech razmatazz, but in a day where anyone can setup a camera in their own home and broadcast to the world it’s sub-standard to not employ the tech needed, anyone with a betamax video can do it.

  9. Sion De Freitas

    I didn’t watch the game live, but I had a friend send me the .avi link for it, I was disappointed with our first half display and the lack of discipline showed by our players tactically.

    Almunia, a player who despite being average I have long defended, is beginning to run out of luck, and I think it may be time to buy a new keeper until Fabianski is ready.

    As for Diaby, another player who I defend a lot, He is NOT a winger, yet Wenger persists on playing him there and it is terrible that he is being wasted. Having said that, he keeps playing poorly regardless, and its jarring.

    Denilson is a passenger. Nuff said. Need a more impacting player in such a game. Denilson is not that player, would have been better off with Merida in there or someone. Jay Emmanuel Thomas is doing a great job in the championship, we should recall him. Would be better than Denilson.

    Clichy made some major cock-ups, though I am confident he will bounce back from them.

    I think it is important to not jump the gun, I don’t think its over yet, even though we cannot make signings, if Wenger starts playing a team that doesn’t have people playing in weird positions, we may still be able to string some results together.

  10. Arindam@KOL

    “leon Says:
    September 13, 2009 at 15:25

    for it is all about consistantcy everyone has got one delinson song back but particualy when it comes to song he has been very consistant everyone has claiming the both vince kampany and de young are much better but that not what i say last season there defensive performace starting with midfield was abissmall which is why the went for barry,after manu game every body saying how good song and delinson are and now 2 weeks later they are worst players ever.”

    That post is a laugh fest ! πŸ˜€

  11. Rhyle

    I wisely took a break from Arsenal yesterday. I took my daughter to a party. It was fun. More fun than watching that shambles I imagine.

    My dad kept me up to speed by texting the score, although after 2-1 I got nothing and assumed the worse. I refused to let it fuck up my weekend and avoided MotD, blogs, football websites in general.

    I’ve been reading a lot this afternoon.

    Let’s start with us. What we all knew has been confirmed and the AKBs can firmly crawl back under their stones. This squad is too small to be winning the PL title – both in numbers and size. I’m not writing us off, it’s a long season and we’ve yet to see what Wenger does in January but I’d be surprised if a keeper wasn’t top of his list.

    The bottom line is that we’ve only had four games. Three of which were challenging on paper, two of which turned to out to be challenging at all. We won at Everton, we lost two away games to sides that are both very, very beatable. Just not good enough.

    I can’t comment on our performance yesterday but I can say that I think my opinion of some of Arsenal’s first XI aren’t good enough. I think the measure of a player is to start looking at other premiership sides and think about who’s first XI they’d get into. Think about that when it comes to Denilson. Almunia. You’re scratching around the lower-mid-table teams for these two, in Denilsons case he’d struggle to make the first XI of teams I’d tip to be there or thereabouts for relegation come the end of the season.

    Adebayor. Okay, yesterdays performance and result was the worst case scenario. It’s over now, let’s try and move on. He proved two things to us yesterday. Firstly is that on his day he is a good player and that we were right to get on his back for a lack of effort. How many times did you see the ‘whore putting in the reported kind of shift he did yesterday for the Arsenal? Secondly, with his behaviour, that he’s a classless fuck who doesn’t deserve our attention. I only wish that when he scored and ran the length of the pitch to celebrate that the gooners at the game had just turned their back on him. Scumbag.

    Yesterdays result hasn’t ruined my weekend, I’ve done my best to avoid all thoughts of it. Now I’m trying to not think about getting in the office tomorrow.

  12. djembo

    Ok Le Grove is for the pessimist. TELL ME WHO DO YOU WANT TO REPLACE WENGER????????????

    why am I so thick???? Maybe it’s because I know fuck all.

    What about Hiddink?

  13. Sion De Freitas

    Djembo, although I empathise with you as I ultimately believe in Wenger and think he will come through for us, He has been way too cautious in the transfer window, and he did have money at his disposal, at least 40 million generated from the sales of Adebayor and Toure. It was good business selling them, however we could have improved on the squad further, given the back-up players squandering their opportunities and failing the team.

  14. Arindam@KOL

    I ‘ll love this , djembo.

    “We dont have the economical power right now to buy the best players”

    Check out Wenger’s interview given a few weeks back :
    AW :
    “We have an economic model that is easily explained. Now we have sold players there is money available to buy.”

    Now , who ever said anything about the best players ???
    No one here asked him to buy Buffon , Messi , Ronaldo , etc. We need able players. NOt morons who would struggle to make it to any self-respecting top side in Europe : read Almunia , Denilson , Diaby.

    Everyone recognized the need to buy a good CB before the start of last season. AW admitted as much. But , what did he do ? Sign fuckin Silvestre.
    Thats disrespecting the club , the fans.

    AW has become quite a spin merchant of late. The board want us to win , but not as badly as they want us to make profits on each transfer window.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1206363/ARSENE-WENGER-INTERVIEW-The-transcript-Martin-Samuels-fascinating-meeting-Arsenal-manager–II.html#ixzz0R0PXhXSJ

  15. Master B

    youve given…given me
    nothin but a shatered dream….shatered dream

    gutted gutted…..sunderland is above us in the table……guess who they bought Cana

  16. Sion De Freitas

    Also, more about Diaby.

    Abou Diaby is an extremely talented player, lets remember that before we label him as completely shit. He has the potential to be one of our best players. But his glaring flaws are making him become one of our biggest liabilities. And I think it’s time both Wenger and Diaby sort out what to do with him.

  17. Arindam@KOL

    Sion , talent and performance are quite different.
    If talent was all that mattered , the Harlem Globe Trotters would win the NBA each year.

  18. finestcuts

    Djembo, I can understand your frustration and much like you I don’t think the popularly expressed view of getting rid of Wenger is the correct one. But I can see why people feel that way. I don’t entirely agree with Wenger’s pre-season assessment, that he has the team capable of winning the title. You need strength in depth and after five seasons of having key players out for almost every match you would have thought that we’d employ a few more first team players and create competition for places as well as having adequately good cover for injuries. Some people feel that the only way to change things would be to get rid of Wenger. All that would do is de-stabilise the team, and the board would employ a like for like amanger fiscally. Can you see them bringing in a Harry Redknapp type who splashes the cash? No neither can I, and splashing vast amounts of cash would be a poor solution while the club is still in debt. But at the same time bringing in real quality like Arshavin and Vermaelen is the right way forward and we need players like these to compete at top level, and not buying players who are amongst the best in the league, not just best under 21 player in their position is what counts. Wenger is sometimes too afraid to buy a good player in case it de-stabilises the team, or takes away any credit from project youth, but it needs to be done to compete in the Champions league, and we all know it.
    The next six weeks will be good for the club, pre-Christmas, we have a forgiving fixture list, but after Christmas Wenger has too be prepared to do an Arshavin type deal or more to keep the team competitive.

  19. Sion De Freitas

    “Sion , talent and performance are quite different.
    If talent was all that mattered , the Harlem Globe Trotters would win the NBA each year.”

    Something I have heard so many times, and its still a true statement I agree. I am not enjoying having to defend Diaby so rigorously, especially when he keeps playing poorly, because I know he can be SOOOO much better.

  20. freduardo

    fabregas was very poor last night, as was clichy. these are tow of the players we look to as experienced proven quality.

  21. Master B

    Djembo! I used to like arsene, but honestly he has a sickening fasination with youth. Its not hes job to blood youngsters, the youth team manager gets paid for that. Arsene gets paid to build a winning football team and he isnt doing that. So if you want us to be honkey dorey about lossing go some where else.

  22. Geoff

    Ok Jonny yes, let me explain, first of all the strap line says where you can have an opinion, not get one.

    It doesn’t say you can call me or anyone else names, if you look at the ‘rules’ at the top, you will see in it what you can and can’t do.

    If I take the trouble to write a blog 365 day a year, I don’t need and won’t have a smart arse on my blog tell me I’m something I’m not, especially when they don’t know me, many that blog on Le Grove do know me and know that not to be true.

    Secondly, I don’t hate Denilson, that’s a very strong emotion, I don’t rate him and know that if he could speak English, he ought to when doing interviews on Arsenal.com and he doesn’t, so I assume he can’t.

    Finally the website is probably the biggest Arsenal blog out there, it’s certainly the most commented on, we have many thousands of great people with differing opinions and because someone doesn’t agree with me they don’t get binned, only when they are rude. Or being complete cunts.

    I hope this helps, you are of course welcome, as long as you don’t insult me or any of our Grovers.

  23. mayank

    Can anyone feel the pain of away fans when Greedybayor rushed to the end of the field to celebrate his goal.

    Can we have given the same shameless performance with Paddy, Henry, Bergkamp in the field..

    The problem with us is now we are fine with mediocrity.

    Just for the moment you AKB’s should feel the passion that we had as a Arsenal team at the time of Tony Adan, Paddy , Parlour …and compare that to the passion of this team. They would have raped Man shitty if greedybayore did this…What this team does..well of course they compalin as does their mentor Wenger.

    Fuck off wenger ..just leave this football club alone!!!

  24. Rhyle

    Mayank…good post mate.

    Don’t think the problem with us (especially on Le Grove) is that we’re ‘fine with mediocrity’ though.

    It’s more that we’re given shit and asked to call it Champagne.

  25. Rhyle

    Oh…and for all his faults I still can’t blame Wenger. The problems at this club run deeper and through all of our veins. The board, the manager, the players and even us as fans have to take some responsibility for the current situation. We’re all playing our part.

  26. Samir

    I really do think Wenger is coming to the end of his time… He’s done a great job here! So well done Wenger…. Now’s the time to retire and spend some time with your wife!
    A new manager would get these players off their arses…. Wengers to soft…
    A Capello kind of manager would be good! The players should be scared of the manager not pissing all over him….

  27. Stu

    Wenger wont retire from the club. When he (eventually) steps down as manager he will get a place on the board. And even then he wont let the new manager spend over the odds on players. So it will be more of the same in that aspect. Lets just hope the new manager doesnt stick with the shit that Wenger has so nicely allowed to play for this club.

  28. Master B

    So you think Arsenal can achieve their aims with the current financial structure, without inviting people like Alisher Usmanov in from outside?

    Yes, we have an economic model that is viable as long as we stay at the top. In six or seven years time, it will be very easy financially, but it is not my job to be involved in that. A company works best when everybody does the job he is paid to do.


  29. Rhyle

    What do we need to sort this club out? One man in charge. At this stage I couldn’t give a fuck if it was Kroenke or the fat Russian but we’re fucking rudderless. Gazidis was meant to come in and sort out our transfer dealings, as Dein did before him. Arshavin was a massive coup and gave me a lot of hope for our dealings in the future. We’ve had borderline fuck all since. One decent Belgian defender and a bunch of kids. Big change.

    We’re too negative in everything we do (off the pitch) and in everything we say. That has led to negativity from the players and negativity from the fans. It’s no fucking surprise that after a couple of bad results a lot of people are calling for blood.

    No one has taken responsibility for our last two results apart from Diaby. He’s the only one to have put his hands up and say ‘I fucked up. Sorry’. Everyone else is making excuses, changing the story. This bollocks about Adebayor should not detract from the main focus of yesterday: the result. Things need to change.

    Excuses don’t change that.

  30. Samir

    If Usmanov were to come in I would not give a crap to be honest…..
    As long as he gives us the money and does not want it back…
    Just imagine what Wenger could do with 100M……

    I can’t wait 7 years that’s the problem!
    7 More years of this stress (Watching Almunia,Denilson,Song,Diaby etc)
    I reakon it would end in quite a high number of suicides lol!

  31. Stu

    Exactly Samir, Usmanov is just going to give us 100m and want none of it back.

    And Wenger with 100m said he would give it back didnt he (probably jokingly but you never know).
    With 100m he would buy 20 kids for 5million each.

  32. Master B

    I mean I am sick and tired of Wengers Bullshit. For once admit the Team isnt good enough and do something about it. If your worried about the confidence of your players, well loosing isnt realy helping that either. Soon our better players will leave to be replaced by shite.

  33. Stu

    Well the fans made it clear to Bendtner and Eboue that they thought they were playing shit. It helped them get better didnt it? Why doesnt it work with the other players.

    A bit of constructive criticism never hurt anyone.

  34. Jay20h

    Watching The last word on sky sports. wonder if they mention thats cunt celebrating in the way he did. Sky: Anti Arsenal wankers.

  35. Master B

    Im not sure Ryle. In the current climate probably yes, but if we get an able replacement, the players will give fuck all about a manager who promoted them to the first team but doesnt seems capable of anything more.

    Look at chelski they have held on to their best players, as long as the players know the club(and thus their career) is going places they will give fuckall about the manager. I hope you remember the shows of unending love between wenger and henry.

  36. Stu

    While it would be nice to have someone throwing all that money at the team i am not in favour of a shiek type coming in. We are already in dept that seems to never get any smaller and someone taking out loans on the club to buy it would put us into even more debt.

    I want success as much as the next gooner but not at the cost of the clubs stability.

  37. Nightman


    PURE SHIT….both gave the ball away at least 9 times and probabaly completed a grand total of 3 passes

    Fucking pathetic….I thought we were a team built on passing and movement…


    If the werent playing we probabaly would have won (replace those clowns with EDUARDO and ARSHAVIN)


  38. Stu

    Wenger used to have players that he could respect and respected him. Now he just has a lot of players that he probably feels sorry for and knowing they arent good enough for most good clubs he has decided to give them a chance to become decent footballers. It just so happens that most of them are shit and will never be great players.

    And the ones who are in danger of potentialy being great dont even get a look in. Its not project youth at all because the good young players dont play. Its project shit.

  39. Rohan

    To be fair we haven’t really struggled to score goals this season like last. it is our defensive stability and the team’s performance as a whole that has been debatable this season albeit their workrate has improved??……
    I would reserve judgement on our season after watching the next 5 games…
    With walcott back, Bendtner wouldnt start on the right and we could see us stretching teams again and getting in behind them which will give us an extra dimension. Nasri and Rosicky will also offer us some extra fluidity mobility and dynamism in midfield…
    Admittedly Clichy has been poor, but is Gibbs that much better defensively. I don’t know but i’d still have Clichy there.

  40. Geoff

    Hey Jonny, you forgot to add that he was also the best paid and we are charged more than any other fan in world football for the privilege.

    Though I don’t expect you actually have a season ticket or you may share the views of many on here.

    I think you would find it more beneficial to visit some of the blogs that share your view. You’ll be happier.

  41. Nightman

    99% of their passes are so lazy and inconsiderate.

    We are a team based on considered team play. They are not team players and are NOT brilliant enough individually.

    Bendtner reminds me of a manager’s son on a youth team who isnt good enough to be on the team but is starting because hes the son.

  42. Master B

    Stu I was reading a study, and it stated that the big four wont have a problem with debt as long as they keep winning. Imagine you dont finish in the top four this year, as is seeming increasingly likely, thats atleast 20mil gone from your income, how are you going to handle your debt then.

    On the other hand you invest prudently, say 20mil and endup winning something, you would have earned the amount you spent a little over. It can only be win win.

    Ive gone to the middle east and i tell you these shieks arent dumb, they way they are using their oil money is a lot more clever than most westerners.

  43. Stu

    I’d rather Gibbs there tbh. He is more comfortable on the ball, better going forward and doesnt seem to make as many costly mistakes (though admittedly thats because he hasnt played even nearly as much).

    And considering the full backs will now play a bigger role in the 4-3-3 Clichys inability to contribute to attacks will become more apparent.

  44. cescfiberglass

    Does anyone remember recently when Arsene said,

    “The market now is a world market, so you can always find good players. There are only a few players who have a price which we cannot reach – maybe 10 in the world but, for the rest, we have access to the market.”

    now obviously those players include Kaka, Ronaldo, Ribery, Ibra, Messi, prob -Gerrard, Torres, Essien and a couple of others.. maybe the list could slightly be modified.

    But the point is Arsene “KNEW” he needed a DM and a Def – which he clearly stated, and attempted to go after (Melo), so then why did he not find an alternative. If we are in the market for all the rest of the 99% of the players in the world, why didnt we sign a De Rossi, Hanglaand, Metzelder, Toulalan, or any other DM and Def specialist, or 2? We obviously DO have the funds.

    I can admit Wenger is Loyal to his policies. But NOT loyal to his words. “We will sign 2 or 3 players”, and yet comes in with 1 Vermaelaan. He has become a SPIN doctor and has disregarded the fans and the actual needs of the team, solely to meet his objectives-which is to make Arsenal a stable Business.

    It is a good idea to have a solvent and vaible business, dont get me wrong, but if your not winning trophies, your business will not be profitable as you will have any customers (fans). Spend money in the right places and you will see the right return. As an economist and business man, Wenger should know – It takes money to make money. Spend money and you will reap in return from those purchases in form of trophies and more fans.

    Wenger should become a politician. He can talk all the talk in the world..but when it comes to producing results where it matters – on the pitch- it has seemed he has lost the plot… He should either stick to coaching, or move into a senior position-and hand the coaching of to someone whose sole objective is to win on the pitch.

  45. Rohan

    Bendtner is a team player and is intelligent enough imo. If Walcott is intelligent enough then Bendtner probably has an IQ bordering on Einstein’s!
    I haven’t been too disappointed with him this season and has performed adequately when played out of position. The intl’s showed us how good he really is when played centrally.
    He really is a hate figure for many but I like his attitude and you can’t really fault his work-rate. Perhaps a few appearances off the bench would do him some good.

  46. Nightman

    On a positive note….Rosicky is back…Theo and NAsri coming back

    Arshavin coming back in a few weeks

    RVP showed some really neat touches in the first half that opened City up…with Dudu and Arshavin in there with him they might have become goals

    Bendtner and Diaby are DONE…..stop being fooled by their occasional moments of brilliance because they are so infrequent and of such small stature compared to the negative aspects they bring to our play

  47. Stu

    Thats probably true Master B. But only 1 team can win the premiership. The FA cup and CC probaby dont pay much in comparison and with so many teams vying for the CL already its unlikely we would win something every season.

    Liverpool are winning nothing and also in massive debt. Proving that being bought doesnt guarentee money for the manager. But their case is surely different to ours.

  48. Rohan

    I still think that the board has something to do with the whole transfer situation that is being held undercovers.
    But that doesnt excuse his baffling team-selections and his insistence on playing a few sub-standard players.
    Diaby really is an enigma isnt he. At times, absolutely unplayable at others,, a sunday league player…..

  49. Stu

    Bendtner and Diaby are hardly comparable. Bendtner has now been widely accepted by the majority of arsenal fans.

    Diaby has been here almost 4 years and is yet to have 2 consecutive good games. He costs us points a lot more than Bendtner has ever done.

  50. Rhyle

    Stu – pulling the trigger a bit soon on Gibbs. Good player, will possibly be great but not yet. As for costly mistakes – two in the biggest games of last season (CL semis, both legs…)

  51. Master B

    True, Stu but at the moment, if these players play the majority or even half of the season, we will end up finishing outside the top four and it can only be down hill from there.

    Even if you get to the quaters in the CL you can make up to 30mil. so thats 20mil for the signings and a bit leftover.

  52. Stu

    Well if Wenger isnt getting much money to soend (assuming its all the boards doing) then he should be wiser with it. Instead of wasting the money we do have on shit players then why not spend it on a better calibre of player.

    I would rather 1 great player than 3 average ones. And im sure everyone else would.

  53. Rohan

    Most people judge Bendtner on his 1v1 spectacular misses on MOTD. But he has so much more to his game and was arguably the only player on the team last eyar who was on the same wavelength as Arshavin nad he has played a large role in a lot of our attacking play – almost Hlebesque imo….
    They also seem to be forgetting that he has been playing out of position all of this season. I think we are too quick to damn him. He’s only 21 and is progressign nicely imo. With Walcott Nasri Vela back we will see a healthy competition up front which can only be good.

  54. Stu

    Agreed Rohan. Bendtner bashing went too far and still is.

    Last season he and Arshavin struck up a nice understanding together. Better than anyone else did with the little russian.

  55. Rohan

    At Anfield 4-4 their second…..
    Should have got a red against Wigan for a last-man challenge I think…..
    He is an excellent prospect but I don’t think that he is better defensively than Clichy just yet…

  56. Samir

    Wenger did’t have the right players yesterday to play a 4-3-3….
    He should have played a 4-4-2.



    Bringing on Eduardo for Bendy and Rosicky for one of Traore or Wilshere…..
    Im Sure that team would have done a better job!

  57. ReVELAtion

    That’s bullox.. Ashley cole was thrown in the deep end when we had sylvinho.. That turned out just fine other than the contract wrangle…

    TBH Cole is english and if your an english club and your players can’t speak english after they’ve been there longer than a year it’s a disgrace. How can the language on use at arsenal be french.. I have no problems with having a team packed with foreigners if they can all speak english.. If they can’t/don’t want to.. Fuck off!

    Gibbs should be starting now.. Diaby and Denilson should be sent to the reserves, but with the form the reserves are in they don’t need them. Wilshire & Merida should be included now instead of them both.. Ramsey is another, but he looks like a rabbit in head lights whenever he’s come on in the prem.. I’d rather see talented kids, then over rated 3-5 year in pieces of shit who were never nor never will be good enough..

    On the bendtner issue.. leave the kid alone.. He plays as a striker.. he scored 2 goals on the international break as a striker.. he returns to arsenal and get’s played on the right.. Doesn’t make any fucking sense.. Only Arsene would do that. NO OTHER MANAGER BAR CRAZY INJURIES!

    BRing back the 4-4-2!

  58. cescfiberglass

    fuck Eboue, Fuck Diaby, Fuck Denilson, FUCK Song. NOT STARTING MATERIAL for ARSENAL!.. I thought at the beginning of the year- give them a chance. The proved well against sub-par teams, but when it came to equivalent or higher caliber teams- they just couldn’t step up to the plate..

  59. Samir

    Thanks to Wenger I’ll have a shit day of school tomorrow…
    All the shitty fans and co taking the piss…..
    Haven’t decided on our excuse yet?
    Think it will have to be another…
    “Ohhh shut it. If we didn’t have all our players injured we would have battered ya”…

  60. ReVELAtion

    4-3-3 would have been fin yesterday…

    Almunia (Mannone is not an option)

    Sagna Verm Gallas Gibbs

    Wilshire Cesc Song Merida

    Van Persie Bendtner/Ed

    The only thing wenger got right yesterday was leaving rosicky (who wasnt ready to start) on the bench and giving him 35 minutes..

  61. Stu

    We should have played:

    Almunia (unfortunately no other choice)
    Sagna Galas Vermaelen Clichy
    Fabregas Song
    RVP Bendtner Eduardo

    Take Rosicky offearly in the second half or at HT for Wilshere when the game is already won. Eduardo off for…..idk who else was on the bench.

    My point is that we should have started the strongest team possible to win the game early and not have to worry about the oppositions performace because us with our best team is unbeatable against a footballing team like city.

  62. Stu

    Samir, you’re gonna have to say “oh yeah? Well in 7 years time we will rule the world. And at least we are financially stable and although we dont win trophies we play pretty football”.

    That ought to put them in their places. cunts.

  63. Rohan

    Has anyone actually considered the fact that Denilson might be uncomfortable speaking English… I really don’t have a problem as long as he is able to communicate with his teammates in English ( English is the official language in the dressing room and the training pitch )( I have seen training videos of Wenger instructing players in English ) It may be just me, but anything to the contrary that French is spoken in the dressing rooms is unsubstantiated to say the least….
    That’s just me though…

  64. Rohan

    I ahve been living in the Arab world for 4-5 years now, and I can just about manage decent Arabic albeit grammatically incorrect. But if someone interviewed me, I wouldnt be too keen on Arabic.. DOn’t think you can use that as a point to bash Denilson. You don’t really have any solid proof.

    That’s jsut my opinion though…I’m off.

  65. ReVELAtion

    Only players so far this season that’s come away with any credit are Gallas, vermaelen and Van Persie…

    Van Persie isn’t a lone front man, but he’s fucking dedicated to the cause.. 3 assists and a goal sums him up.. IMO he should be captain.. Cesc needs a kick up the arse.. When the chips were down our captain went missing again!

    Rosicky pretty much summed up how shit denilson and diaby are by playing his 1st 35 mins for us in 18 mths and doing more then they have done in all their time combined on the pitch.. Anyone mentioning denilson’s stats will be hung, drawn and quartered..

    Clichy needs to be on bench duty.. I was under the impression gibbs had a fantastic back end of the season and was quality in the u-21’s run to the final.. Clichy get’s fit and is automatically put back in? Bullox..


  66. Stu

    Rohan, do you have tutors available to you though? Denilson surely has been provided with an english teacher or something. And he has been here quite a few years too.

  67. ReVELAtion

    Rohan don’t talk bullox.. he’s been here over 3 years.. Gilberto learnt english in 1 year.. Don’t make excuses for lazy, over payed kids..

  68. Geoff

    Well Jonny, now you know what it feels like when someone makes speculative judgements against you.

    Why are you still reading Le Grove? Very odd.

  69. Stu

    Vermaelen should be captain.

    IMO the best captains are the aggressive, vocal ones. Cesc is anything but that. Im not sure what kind of captain he isw really. Really just captain because he is our best player (or was when he got it).

  70. ReVELAtion

    Fucking looked like a bunch of whinging kids yesterday… Weern’t up for rolling their sleevs up and getting stuck in.. Fabregas for all his qualities with a football is a shit captain.. yeah I said it…

  71. Rohan

    Good point though… I flunked Arabic as a subject 2 years ago before I dropped it. English has the same/similar script to Portugues so that should help and has a lot of common aspects and roots. Arabic is a completely different language…
    I think it is more to do with being shy and uncomfortable than anything else… you don’t really know if he isnt abl;e to communicate with his teammates or is unable to speak English…

  72. Stu

    Geoff, either this Jonny fella is in moderation and you arent letting him out or you are mental and seeing comments that noone else can. I’ll give you the benefi of the doubt and go for the first one.

  73. Rohan

    RVP for captain..
    You may be right, but all I’m saying is that you don’t know for sure that he doesnt know any English… that is just an assumption based on his interviews.. he hardly seems confident in his own abilities does he..

  74. ReVELAtion

    If I lived in brazil for over 3 years, you’d be able to interview me in portuguese and minus a few gramatical errors it’d be pretty spot on…

    I work full time and don’t have the “free” time footballers have. So any excuse for not speaking english is bullshit..

  75. ReVELAtion

    Van Persie is for me Stu.. Should have got the armband when they took it off gallas..

    Giving to fabregas was just pure bullox… He doesn’t deserve it.

  76. Stu

    Forwards make shit captains imo because all the play goes on behind them so they cant really communicate with the defensive players. Midfielders are generally captains because they are always in the middle of things. Or defenders because they can see everything going on ahead of them.

  77. Rohan

    RVP for captain. Hard bastard with a nasty streak..
    Remember when he was the only one to console Gibbs after the slip…
    Cesc seems to put his head down and isnt vocal enough imo. Then again, anyone’s better than Almunia..
    Ramsey/Bendtner/Lansbury could be future candidates though…

  78. Stu

    One of the reasons Cesc got it was probably the same reason Gallas got it – to stop him leaving. Thats why Henry got it aswell but obviously it didnt really work out (whether him leaving was the right or wrong decision is irrelevant).

  79. ReVELAtion

    How do forwards make shit captains? That’s just a wild assumption stu. You should know better…

    All that defenders and midfielders see the game etc is bullshit.. Teams don’t rearrange their shape because of the captain.. The Manager does that from the sidelines..

    Captains lead by example.. And robin van persie is a perfect example…

  80. Rohan

    Why not Bendtner though.. he is confident, pretty vocal and imo could be inspirational…
    But then again I’m a Nicklas fanboy..

  81. Rohan

    RvP wears his heart on his sleeve and will be a great captain imo. Cesc has never really convinced me. But captaincy also involves a lot behind doors of which we know nothing about. team spirit etc….

  82. Franchise

    Rosicky should be captain but how many games can he feature in?

    captaincy aside, i like cesc as a player but he is no steven gerrard or frank lampard

    if rosicky plays 50 games in central midfield for us he would defo get 15-18 goals and 10 assists

    cesc is getting too one dimensional for my liking

    he needs to add goals to his game

  83. Rohan

    hmmmm… Rosicky is a great shout… more like Stevie G…

    I understand what you mean Fran, Cesc is turning into an Alonso not into a Xavi-Iniesta hybrid which is where I want to see him…

  84. ReVELAtion

    I can’t handle anymore french players at arsenal now…

    I want to see gibbs, walcott and wilshire more often..

    I don’t want to see anymore of denilson & diaby.. They spell out all that is wrong with the current set up.

    Eboue is a good back up right back. Nothing more..

    Almunia is shite, but who do we put in? Fabianski, Mannone? No thanks…

  85. ReVELAtion

    Fran, Rosicknote as captain? he’s played less games in 4 years than denilson did last season. sweet lord jesus.. He can’t stay fit, but i suppose he has the experience.. Van Persie for captain all day long.. There is no one else.. The only other captain we have is gallas and he’s already been stripped of it (rightly)..

    When almunia is the captain i’m always a bit sick in my mouth.. Arshavin has been captain, Eduardo etc.. Wenger treats it like a fucking game of pass the parcel..

  86. Gunnersmith

    I don’t like how Cesc fails to turn up in crucial games but i don’t blame him i blame the manager for playing shit players like denilson along side him the good news now is that we have Rosicky back and denilshit can fork* off

  87. Franchise

    cesc would always have that soft streak about him

    hes not a tenacious player and i dont see him getting any much tougher

    arsene places too much emphasis on technique.

    one reason i liked hleb was that he has steel to mix with technique just like yossi benayoun. they look fragile but they are toughies

    maybe as cesc gets older he would toughen up but considering the significant steps he has made in this area in the last few years i doubt there is too much room for improvement

    strength like pace comes mostly naturally. there is not enough u can do to improve it

  88. ReVELAtion

    Team THAT SHOULD PLAY for wednesday. If we are going to stick with this 4-3-3 bullshit:

    Shit Al

    Sagna Verm Gallas Gibbs


    Fabregas Rosicky

    Van Persie Bendtner Eduardo

    bench: Mannone, Clichy, Eboue, Senderos, Merida, Wilshire, Walcott

  89. ReVELAtion

    Senderos does a better job in midfield than denilson.. Denilson doesn’t offer anything at all other than a high success rate of sideways passes..

  90. ReVELAtion

    Stu – Szchesney needs a C.Cup run before we get carried away based on a few pre season games… Although from the looks of it he’s the best we’ve got.. he’s 19, how depressing!

  91. test

    Its really come to something when your regretting the fact that your team didnt purchase chamack in the summer, especially as I dont even really know who the fucker is!

  92. Gunnersmith

    yeah Reva i think the stupid 4-3-3 is just too rigid till we have all our best players available 4–3-3 will continue to expose us we don’t have the right players to play this what Arsene and the lads fails to realise is that a 4–3-3 is a complex formation and players need to stick to thier positions for it to work at one point yesterday i was thinking is this 4-3-3 or the stupid ole 4-5-1 diaby kept drifting in and when we finally had the ball there is no one upfront to give the ball to so until we have Arsh Rosicky and the rest all fit we’ll never win big games with the formation IMO

  93. ReVELAtion

    test chamackh would have been a luxury.. We wouldnt have a prblem scoring goals from the forwards if:

    A) we played 2 upfront which is how we’d best utilise the strikers at our disposal.

    B) Stopped playing them in alien positions that only wenger thinks works.. The only thing in my mind that justifies bendtner on the right is a corss field high ball where he can beat the full back in the air.. Is that enough to make it a regular occurance in the premiership? Is it fuck.. Wenger just keeps taking the piss..

    When did eboue become a defender, midfielder and striker rolled into 1? When arsene didn’t want to/couldn’t sell him for a stupid over inflated fee so has to include him somehow.

    What must merida, wilshire etc think seeing clowns like diaby and eboue playting on the right and left of a foward 3? I know what I think…

  94. ReVELAtion

    Those who keep saying diaby is talented and has the potential to become a great player for us needs their heads examining… He’s a fucking dopey moron…

  95. test

    Im with you mate and trust me I know very little of Chamakh other than he looks like he could spearhead a 433.

    I dont buy into the bullshit about RVP leading the line, for me Barca could get away with anyone leading the line because:


    is slighter better than:


    Just slightly mind πŸ˜‰

    When the 433 becomes a 451 as it can easily do I doubt that Bendy can lead a line based on his past performances.

  96. ReVELAtion

    RVP is at least giving it his all up there. You can see he gives a shit, even if/when it isn’t going for him. But putting the “class that’s made of glass” uptop against two centre halves is just asking for trouble.. Nasri won’t be back in the first team until the end of october.. Vela will be back in contention end of the month..

    I’m not attratced to megan fox.. Those tattos and the fact she looks like any other page 3 bird doesn’t entice a man of my intellect 8)

  97. Batch

    all i can say is FUCK IT!!!!

    not surprised at all… we knew what was gonna happen this season…. now lets see what happens when injuries start kicking-in in defence!!!