We were given a lesson in buying players, thanks Arsene.

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I am absolutely devastated this morning, I have a hollow feeling inside me that I thought I would never have again, the problem is that unlike Charlton Athletic who can’t get the best, we can and didn’t, again.

We don’t have the sort of money that Mark Hughes has at City, granted, but we did have the £40 million he gave us, but the manager in his wisdom decided that what we had was good enough.

This time last year when we got beaten by Fulham, I wrote a post called ‘The Emperor has no clothes on’ well 12 months on and nothings has changed, he still persists with players in the team that are just not good enough. One, Denilson can’t even speak English, how does that work then.

This team isn’t let down by the players that aren’t good enough, it’s let down by the man who seems to own Arsenal football club, and that hurts. I said don’t get carried away when we blitzed hapless Everton, then we played ManU and lost, now we played their half witted cousins and lost again, yest I know we didn’t have our best players playing but that will happen all season, thank goodness Man City had the same problem or it could have been a cricket score.

Our second string players should be better, there is no excuse, we had at least £40 million to spend and even though we knew we had lost Djourou for the season, chose not to.

Arshavin, Eduardo and Rosicky will be injured a lot, we should plan for that, we didn’t and through the belligerence of our manager we will now have a season of great one minute and shit the next.

I chose to write this today as yesterday I was very, very angry, today I am just fed up. I wont mark the whole team, but I will single our my men of the match.

Almunia 0 – He is simply a clown, never has and never will be good enough for the team, Jens had him right, why do we persist with such a hapless keeper.

Denilson 0 – Just not good enough for a team like Arsenal, can’t be arsed to learn English and that says enough for me.

Song 5 – Takes the credit for their second goal, I know he tries but again, he’s not good enough to be in this team. He makes too many mistakes where it counts just like Senderos did.

Diaby 3 – Another that flatters to deceive, one good game, 3 bad ones and at this level it’s not good enough.

Eboue 3 – An adequate right back but that’s all, too often a makeweight in midfield because the manager likes him, not good enough.

Clichy 5 – Bad game but so did Cesc, I think he’s a class act but too often his errors cost us goals, Wenger needs to have a word, or give the job to Gibbs.

I know a lot of our players didn’t turn up, a lot did and Rosicky had a blinder, but project youth has failed and it’s too late to do anything now.

Wenger has too much power at this football club, he’s a great coach, but someone needs to tell him to buy some decent players, because the ones he has are simply not good enough, I am getting too old to go through yet another season watching us compete for nothing.

I am still numb, I have been kind today, I will let the 3 people I yellow carded back on today but please understand we don’t want to be lectured to, come on and have fun, don’t come on and look for a row.

Have a nice Sunday Grovers, my weekend has been ruined.

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  1. Arse&Nose

    What has speaking English got to do with anything?
    Once again when the going gets tough you resort to your xenophobic views, and show your true colours.

  2. Franchise

    possession, goals, passes etc are meaningless if u lose a game

    the most important stat is who wins

    and the team that can get the most out of that important stat after 38 games wins the league

  3. afc53

    In all fairness how long do we persist with the likes of Diaby,Eboue,Denilson they have had there chances and are not good enough its as simple as that.

    Bendtner & Song in a couple of years could be good but lets rebuild sooner rather than later.

  4. kelsey

    Sure the stats are there yet again, and if Ade gets a two or 6 game ban,we lost three points.

    i have harped on about Almunia ever since Lehmann left.i don’t know how much money is available,but to lose your number 2 keeper before the season starts until october and looking at not the easiest opening fixtures,I find it unbelievable we didn’t buy or loan an experienced keeper.Even james(who i know has his critics) was available for 2 million,and he would have jumped at the chance to join us,and try and get his International place back.

    Bedntner scored 2 great goals for Denmark during the week,playing as a striker,so where does he play yesterday, on the right wing.

    Clichy is a great player,but his form has gone downhill laterly,why not play Gibbs.

    Too many squad players to raise a serious challenge plus the fact we have so many injury prone players.

    Great to see Tomas back, something i honestly didn’t think would happen.

    Overall there wasn’t much between the two teams,except city were more clinical.

  5. geez

    to me, Almunia has always been a liability, not good enough for the EPL let alone Arsenal and yet AW still persevere’s with him, will someone please tell me why ??? I doubt lower clubs like Charlton (no offence) would even want him. Bloody useless.

  6. Mr Cee

    This theory of us being the better team when we lose gets on my nerves. We are not given points for artistic impression, we lost because the other team did what they had to do, simples!

  7. raynor73

    I’d say not speaking english means he can’t communicate as efficiently as someone who can. Does that make me a racist?

    Football is afffected by the talking on the pitch. How well do we do that?

  8. Geoff

    Actually arse&nose you are wrong, English speaking shows a) that he cares about where he is and b) he understands when his team mates talk to him.

    Calling me xenophobic is rude, ignorant and earns you a ban so bye, bye.

  9. afc53

    Arse&Nose in my opinion I dont see colour,Nationality or anything else for that matter id like more English talent at the club but I look at the whole picture and the likes of Diaby,Eboue etc are simply not good enough

  10. Gunner90

    I made comments on this site in July that this squad was not good enough and we desperately needed a new goalkeeper, a big commanding CH and a defensive midfield player ( who knows how to tackle and win the ball). I also said there were too many mediocre players in the squad such as Eboue,Denilson,Sivestre and Song. No money was spent on buying new players at all (even though Wenger knew before the deadline the extent of Denilson’s injury) and the £40 million has been used towards the club’s debt. The board keep lying to the fans and there is no way this present team will win anything again this season – they will have job retaining 4th position as well! I want Usmanov to buy the club – oust Kroenke and Fitzman and return Dein to running this club as it should be managed.

  11. rob green

    So adebayor stamped on van persie face and celebrates like that! He should get a bigger ban than eduardo!!

    To be honest i don’t know what to say i am so angry about adebayor and the result. Is it me or do i get the impression that wenger wont say anything against adebayor

  12. Geoff

    Raynor sorry you got stuck, the word racist is blocked, because of all the wankers that came on calling us racists for not liking Denilson and Eboue!

  13. BobbyW

    Im saddened to read that you have given up on the season already. What in gods name made you think we would win every single game this season? Man Utd have lost 6 home games in as many seasons. Thats one per season. Did you really think that it would be three easy points at Old trafford? Man City is one of the leagues strongest home teams. Atleast since Sven-Goran made his mark at the club. Many clubs will get beaten there and probably both better and worse clubs since you are convinced our team is shite.

    Im for one will not judge the team in September. That would be ridicolus. We were the better team against Man Utd and yesterday we had an offsidegoal ruled onside and a missed penalty when Barry used his hand in the penalty area. Instead of penalty they countered and scored. Thats how small the margins are in football theese days. 8-19 in shots, 3-12 in corners, 40-60 in possesion. Against a team that spent more money then we spent in last 15 years total. Money can´t buy class. Simple as that.

  14. afc53

    this sounds crazy to say as a fan but it might make the board reflect if we dont finish in the top 4!

    would that be the kick up the Arsenal that AW needs?

  15. goonerbah

    We r just a selling club, our team looks like a 2nd divison team in the french league…diaby, song, denislon, eboue!! makes me sick!!!

  16. Geoff

    Arse&nose you really are fucking stupid, I banned you because you insulted me, not because you disagreed.

    What part of you thinks it’s okay to do that you wanker?

  17. reggie57

    Gunner90 i also want usmanov to take over!
    what the fuck as stan the man done !
    the silence is deafening from him what does it take for him to say and do anything!!

  18. geez

    I agree with you Geoff, if Denilson cannot speak English how can he interact with the other players ? He has been with us long enough now to at least string some sentences together, so if he can’t then how can he understand the other players ?

    Anyway, I think banning arse&nose was a bit over the top as he was only airing his views like you and I, but you’re the boss….

  19. paul

    Fifa have just charged RVP with head butting Adebayors foot,and are saying that Eduardo told him to do it.Sky will now show RVP’s head butt every 15 minutes for the next four weeks.

  20. raynor73

    Bobby W. So would you be happy at the end of the season if we could all sit here and say we were unlucky to lose 30% of our games as we really did have more possession, its just they all socred more than us. Don’t be daft fella.

    Man City just made us their easiest win so far. Everybody here wants Arsenal to win just as much as you do. We aren’t perhaps as confident as you are. Results breed confidence. We just lost 50% of our leagues games. Not a top four start then!

  21. Geoff

    geez airing your views is one thing, calling me xenophobic is another.

    If he thinks my blog is xenophobic he should fuck off to a blog that isn’t.

    I wouldn’t go on a xenophobic, racist or AKB site?

    So why would he if he thought we were one?

  22. sharky

    Denilson, Diaby, Bentdner, Song, Eboue, all not good enough, can you names me any of the so called top 4 who have 5 players not good enough for their team…………………..

  23. rob green

    Look!! it doesn’t matter if we are the better team we lost like we did against united!! Chelsea and united are not always the better team but get a result as they have match winners!! We dont we just have good technical players!! Who might be ok in 10 years time!!

  24. chris

    Havbing said that and without goig back on it for a second I think it was a statement of the board’s selfishness to turn down the rights issue, saying we don’t need £100m+ cos we’re self sufficient and then sell players like trying to pay the debt down is the most important issue

  25. Jules78

    I agree with all your ratings Geoff, Almunia in particular. He’s let the team down again and he will do it again. he’s just shit.
    What annoys me most in Wenger’s approach is when we hear “I didn’t get anyone cause there was noone better than what we already have available” or “if I get new players to play ahead of the ones we have, they won’t develop”… then why does he not play them???
    Diaby and Bendtner on each wing is an insult to football. He should at least have the integrity of doing what he preaches instead of backing down each time we have injuries. If you have creative players injured and you don’t want to buy then why not give a chance to Ramsey, Wilshere or Merida even? We could have played Wilshere-Eduardo-RVP with Nik and Tomas coming of he bench. but no, that would be too simple, just leave your best goal scorer on the bench and play a your tallest centre midfield on the wing. FFS

  26. Odub

    Hacked off big time!

    Watched the game in full this morning just to torture myself I guess!!

    Each goal we conceeded could have been avoided, and can be traced back to an individual error. But ho hum, we domintes the stats and the game and were the better team which seems to do for many gooners.

    Bottom line is this, we havent got a team or squad good enough to challenge for the league. We finished 4th last season, replace Kolo with Verm and sell Ade. How does that make us better?!!! It doesnt. We’ll finish 4th again (if we’re lucky), worse if we’re not.


    last season was the last season wenger got away with scraping us into the top 4 this season will be very different

  28. rob green

    Almunia not good enough
    Diaby not good enough
    Eboue not good enough
    Denilson not good enough
    Bendtner not good enough

    I was ready to take a ban for hadley as i was about to ruin him!!

  29. nishanth

    I still think we will be there in the end challenging for the title and not fighting for the 4th spot.Whether we win it or not it depends on our trasnfer during january

  30. zorr0

    I see it is all doom and gloom this morning and a night’s sleep has not helped in anyway.

    Geoff, I really don’t think that Denilson not appearing to be very comfortable in English is an issue and I feel you are only picking on that because you do not like him at all. We could buy a top quality player who could come in and tear up the PL and you would not give a shit if he spoke it or not.

    There were some clinical mistakes made and those can be stopped (hopefully) and then things will look better. Most on here want Usmanov in, which is ridiculous, but only because they feel he will spend loads on players, which is exactly what citeh have done, yet people don’t take this into account when we lose to them, i.e. it was like we lost to bolton or some shite like that. Citeh will finish top 5, if not higher.

  31. skandibird

    Welshgazza; YES, but Manure have(hurts to say this) much better players than us, who are prepared to go that extra mile!!!! We are too soft; loosing 4-1 to Chelsea at the end of last season (I was there to watch the spectacle) , Fat Frank said it was like playing against children!!! I actually (again it hurts to say this)think he’s not that wrong. To win the League AFC can’t afford to loose any games; wins and draws only.

    Geoff; I feel sick and disappointed like you and everything that happened yesterday is as said in my e-mail to Mr ‘G’ and Arsene when complaining on lack of purchases in the transfer window (bar Verminator), glad I wont be there now at the Wigan game and on plane to Barcelona instead, should I bother to look at the English papers Sunday morning I wonder????? Anyway, I am off to do what girls like doing best of all; SHOPPING, maybe it will help a little bit.

  32. Geoff

    Zorr0 I have a house in Spain and find English people that live there and don’t speak the language as arrogant and offensive. And yes I can speak Spanish, not great, but enough.

  33. geez

    good point Geoff, but I guess he used that word in the heat of the moment.. of course he might be the biggest wanker ever but I don’t know the guy so I cannot give a fair view.. does he not want to apologise and then you could let him back in??

    Anyway, back to footy, agree with the many others that half this team don’t even deserve to be Arsenal players, they have had more than their chance to prove themselves and failed, now they can fuck off cos if they don’t we’ll end up losing Cesc and Arshavin etc, they joined this club to be in a team of winners, not also rans for five bloody years !!
    Bring back Dein he has more footballing knowledge than all those other old farts on the board… just look at who is on the board and then you’ll realise what shit we are in not just on the pich but off it too !!!

  34. Odub

    Nishanth are you ‘A’ in disguise?! 😆

    Geoff, been better, I refuse to let AW and his band of bumbling stooges ruin my weekend, I douby many of them are sat at home losign sleep over that defeat yesterday so I can’t be arsed either.

  35. rob green

    😀 cheers Geoff ha ha!!

    Honestly i know you are going to shoot me down but the spuds have really improved and city are getting results!! I think we will struggle to finish in the top 4!! I think we will but it wont be easy!!

  36. Geoff

    geez, it’s not the first time mate, I let him back, he behaves then after a bit he starts again.

    Pedro lets him back not me. I had over 30 new good people on board, losing an argumentative one doesn’t bother me.

  37. nishanth

    Odub-Like every single arsenal fan out there i am really pissed at wenger.But pretty much like man utd did we could go on a run.I will wait for atleast another 8 matches in the PL.I still think we have the quality to win it.Need to change this system though.Or atleast not play RVP as a CF.Also diaby has had enough and more chances to prove himself.He just doesn’t contribute

  38. gooner786





  39. reggie57

    The reason i want Usmanov to take over is then David Dein will return as chairman and then maybe perhaps we will return to being a football club again not a property buisness, WE are Arsenal fc not barrets

  40. rob green

    Geoff – Liverpool have Gerrard and Torres two big match winners i think we are more likely to drop out of the top 4 than them!! They would also be willing to splash some cash in jan if they struggle!! Wait until gallas and verminator get injured!!

  41. BobbyW

    No, i will not be happy but we are still in September and we played one home game and three tough away games (Everton was a tough one last season anyways).

    My guess is that we will pick up the wins from now against the lesser teams and when 30th of January to 9th of Feb comes we will see if we can win something this season. Thats when the league will be decided with all the big games there.

    I said before start of this season that 5-6p in the four first games would be ok start. We have 6p and i am dissapointed with this. Thats how fast things turn around with some results coming your way.

    Even tough, i agree with most of you. Diaby was a mess last night and Bendtner refuses to score for us. He scores twice, and good ones for Denmark but here is a completly different person.

    And having good backup players cost alot. And not just money. How long do you think it will take before Robinho, Bellamy, Adebayor, Roque, Tevez will get frustrated with the lack of playtime?

    And one more thing. Sorry for my bad english. Im not for a english speaking country =)

  42. rob green

    why is wenger defending adebayor like he still an arsenal player!!! It would be nice if wenger backed the fans a bit more!!

  43. Odub


    I couldnt agree more mate, i do however have a few issues which make me believe we wont be close.

    1. Shit goalkeeper
    2. 2 CBs under 6 foot and bugger all back up
    3. A manager who refused to strengthen even tho everyone could see we needed to.
    4. A manager who feels the need to keep playing players out of position just to see ‘how they adapt’!
    5. Players that arent good enough to be first teamers.


    reggie57 Says:
    September 13, 2009 at 11:21
    BBK A said hes still confident that we will win the league
    i think a has to be the most deluded arsenal fan around

  45. nishanth

    Odub-Don’t agree with the second point.Every fucking goal came from clichy’s side.I think he is a big problem.Might as well play sagna left and eboue at RB.Going forward clichy’s contribution is nil and defensively he is always a liability.Either like i mentioned play sagna there or give gibbs an oppurtunity

  46. jayhitman

    gutted, fucking man city made us look like mugs, and wenger a mug! problems i see yesterday games
    1. 433 does not work away from home, we are not barca
    2. bendtner right wing wtf, canoot beat a player and go line. should b central vp to the right side or left side of 433 as he does for dutch
    3. No pace, rvp , bendtner, song , denilson diaby, fabregas in the same team does not work u will never get in behind
    4 Wenger – team selection

  47. Franchise

    this is why i say wenger has lost it

    1. believes in too many average players and ends up not signing needed players
    2. tinkers with his team selection too much and ends up doing the unexpected and unfathomable

    double whammy

    unfortunately no1 cant be rectified until January

    however if he used his players as he ought to then we would be more robust

    i dont rate bendtner that highly but putting him wide right makes him twice as less effective as he would have been through the middle

    i just dont know anymore. we spent all pre season playing vp in the middle was it worth it?

  48. AfriX

    What did Denilson do so badly yesterday besides being hesitant in defense & nowhere in attack? At least he was OK with positioning. No suprises we conceded the 3 goals when he was off, because strolling Diaby was not covering.

  49. Carlito


    I reckon there’s a good chance that we will lose to teams like Burnley & Stoke, where our lack of character will again be apparent.

  50. nishanth

    4-3-3 could work

    Song Nasri


    Arshavin Rosicky

    Maybe a bit lightweight but better than putting someone like diaby there.It was really stupid of us to try play 4-3-3 without arshavin yesterday

  51. Franchise

    A has been telling me that VP’s priority in the new formation is to create goals how does he come up with stuff like that?

  52. Big Raddy


    I hope it was because he realised he played a shit game. DeJong is an average player , yet he marked Cesc out the game. Fab created SFA yesterday, and if he isn’t pissed off with his performance , he should be.

  53. raynor73

    I’m not a pessamist but expecting us to be in the running to win the EPL is just stupid. We do not have either: the best defence or the most dynamic (prolific)attack which I’d say are pre-requisite to win such a demanding competition. Yes its very early days, but you can already see a pattern forming. Man city have won all games, chelsea too. Neither have let much in, and they have in all games scored more than the other team.

    We have been erratic. Scoring at will against lesser teams (though the ones you expect have been unusually quiet. AW has already started playing his love children, out of position against better opposition. Bendtner scores freely for Denmark, so AW plays him where he clearly is shit.

    We leak at the back like no other top team. We regularly have concentration lapses or are more fatigued than other teams with the same or more international players. We’re already being hustled and outmuscled.

    I would love to see us win the next batch of games, but it won’t happen because the depth of our squad is lightyears away from being good enough. With a team full of 5’8′ players weighing 11 stone you are going to have a reasonable amount of injuries at any one time and then we play the usual suspects way too often. And really when have any of them ever been a match winner except Diaby (the enigma) when the real one turns up (which is what, once every half dozen games!).

    I love the Arse, but to think these can win anything. Thats just being over optimistic. We should have been ‘realistic’ when it mattered and bought the 2-3 players needed to make us contend. That’s all, 2-3 players to make us a whole lot better. Instead we’ll see another season of perrenial under-achievment.

  54. rob green

    I am off!! i am to angry to be on here today!! thanks to wenger he has put me in a bad mood!! Adebayor then just rubbed it in my face!! They are both C*nts!!

    The team is not good enough and will never be good enough until we spend some cash and wenger leaves!!

    have a good day grovers

    its time to start waking up AKBs

  55. ethangunner

    Wonderboy Says:
    September 13, 2009 at 09:52

    I’m not even angry, we were outplayed, outclassed by a much, much better team. Good luck to them in our top four spot.
    what a fucking turn coat , wheres the optimism now ?

    what a gimpiod !

  56. Jules78

    No wonder Cesc doesn’t look happy:
    1. Diaby to his left
    2. Bendtner to his right
    3. Song and Denilson in center mid
    = Cesc stuck in the middle of a mess
    Not a lot to play with.. I don’t blame him

  57. rob green

    sorry just to add

    raynor73 – its not early days mate the same problems have been around for 4/5 years!! 😀

    i am off now!! see ya!!

  58. hitman

    Director of Football, anyone??
    The last 5 seasons have shown that Wenger has got his transfer policies all wrong. He has made too many mistakes in the personnel department. He should have sold Ade last year for £32mil and have kept one of Palacios, Flamini or Diarra. We should have bought Shay Given last season. He has too much sentiment for his players to the detriment of the Club. He isnt ruthless with the deadwood and his judgement is suspect.
    We need a director of football to force him to buy players. Its clear to everyone we have needed a central def and midfielder for last two season so why hasnt he bought anyone? This is negligent management. Gazidis needs to sort this out. You cant be a top club without quality players.

  59. raynor73

    De-jong for an average player had a blinder. He cut out everything and stiffled nearly all our attacks. I don’t rmember him once giving the ball away needlessly. Now compare that with Denilson. That’s what a good DM display should look like you ask me…

  60. ethangunner


    wenger has to start nik-b on the FUCKIN BENCH!
    he was always better as an impact sub , problem with wenger is he will keep persisting with him for the sake of losing a grip on the season …

    same can be said for many others in the team …
    and Big Al , all i can say is i told ya so ..

    we should of got given for 3 mil !
    where were you on that one wenger ?

  61. Big Raddy

    I don’t blame Cesc.

    But ….. he is our Captain. He is meant to lead the team particularly when things are not going our way.

    I didn’t see any leadership .

  62. raynor73

    Rob, you didnt read my post. I think the pattern is forming mate. More of the same to come this season is what I’m saying. EPL winners, no chance, we’re fighting for 4th this year and looking at the competition I’m not outting a bet on us yet. Not until I see something I haven’t really seen yet. And forget Everton, they were sixes and sevens before anyone asks and so are Portsmouth.

    2 top teams, 2 losses.

  63. Franchise

    we were all impressed with verms defending and thought we had turned our defensive fortunes around but considering the sides we have faced it pains me we have only kept one clean sheet.

    defending as a team must remain a priority. lack of natural wingers means our full backs always have to support the attack and cos we are a possession team that is hardly incisive with the ball switching the ball from one flank to the other means that we could get caught up defensively with both full backs high of the pitch

    we need to be more tactical football is more than passing beautifully.

  64. Pete the First

    The I,m pissed off this morning site gets active!

    The capitulation yesterday is worrying. The traits of the past few seasons are showing agian..sluggish start..lack of shots..too many touches.

    We missed Rasputin majorly. Almunia has looked awful this season (where’s the cover), Clichy was caught out a lot yesterday (Gibbs?), Denilson is not up to the job, Diaby was useless again, and what the f@ck is Bendtner doing crossing the ball in to nobody?

    Mind boggling stuff. Man City looked ordinary, and we gifted them the goals.

  65. zorr0

    Why do people claim there are AKB’s here? Geoff fucks them off, so you must be speaking to the likes of A and me who don’t think

    Wenger should be sacked.
    Usmanov should be in.
    We are shit and will not finish top 4.
    Our greatest ever manager deserves to be called a cunt, prick as he was yesterday because of the last 4 seasons and 2 games.

    That does not make us AKB’s. We see the errors that are made by AW and we agree on comments about certain players, but don’t slag us off because we have stand at a different point on the same scale as some of you guys.

  66. kelsey

    cesc was only 50-50 for the game.eduardo isn’t fully fit, rosicky definitely needs time, arshavin played wednesday while injured, and we are only 4 games in.

    The walking wounded will only aggreviate their injuries more, as we don’t have squad depth of quality.Same story every season.

  67. patthegooner

    Enjoyed the post Geoff, agree with some it but not other bits. either way the passion shown in that shows how much you care about this great club.

    I can still see a difference between last season and this. Last year we were losing games against the likes of Man Shitty and worse Hull Stoke and Fulham, without really looking a threat in the game nor showing much effort. I do think we have improved on that, and deserved something from the game yesterday.

    The Scoreline flattered Man Shitty, but it also highlighted a problem that Arsenal have not shook off from last season. Playing players in the wrong position. Every time Eboue or Diaby play in a position that is not RB or CM respectively it is pure proof that we needed more players in the Summer, and for it to be happening 3 games into the season (Man Ure) and yesterday is inexcusable.

    The other thing that bothers me is the ease of getting into the team and holding your place in the team. Gael Clichy was at fault for at least 2 of the goals yesterday and Almunia could have done a lot better with a couple of them (Especially the first) yet you can bet your life savings that both will feature again next week, likewise Diaby and Denilson who were woeful. People will point at Cesc as well, but Cesc has earnt his weekly start, Diaby and Denilson have got theirs through dead man’s shoes (Correction: Wengers Transfer Policy).

    I still maintain a bit of faith though, we are better than we were last season, but we need to iron out individual errors, play the right players, and drop people if they are consistently making mistakes or playing poorly. I would rather see the likes of Wilshire and Ramsey (Who you can see real potential in) learning from those mistakes and getting better with experience, than seeing Diaby, Denilson playing game after game without improvement.

    I would also like to see Gibbs come in next game. Punish Clichy for his performance. Almunia needs to be dropped too, and if that means Mannone then so be it. At least at his stage in the game you can excuse the odd error, but for a 32yr old experienced keeper, you have to question whether he is good enough (Has he ever been?)

    As for a takeover, well results like these will only further play into Usmanov’s hands. I am not against Usmanov at all. People question his past, but I could not give a fuck about his past as long as he delivers on the pitch. What I do know though is that the current board are not delivering, and the current Manager is not delivering. This has to be the last chance saloon for Arsene. I love the guy and still think he may pull something out of this season but if he doesn’t then you have to call time on Project Youth. It is a Bit like sticking with your Betamax Video Recorder at the moment. I know the “Well who else would you replace him with?” question comes next. It really depends on who is available. Hiddink? I cannot believe that with the funds that were/are available no other Manager could guide Arsenal into a 1/2nd place challenge (with the same 5yr timeframe). I guess it is a bit like Wenger saying that he will only buy players that will improve what we have got. I can’t believe they are not available either!!!!!!

  68. ethangunner


    regardless of taking points of minnow teams we are still left wanting when facing a reasonable team …

    that doesnt represent advancement . it still puts us well under the mark , when you think spurs are looking better and man shitty also ,villa spent 39 mil this season we could well be playing better but still not matter at the end of the day due to the advancement of others ….

    we had 40 mil and didnt spend it ..
    there’s only the club and its management to blame .

  69. gooner786

    Reggie57, we need a Director of Football to sort out players contract. If we had Dein Flamini would still be playing for us!!..It takes a lot off pressure off Wenger’s shoulders.

    Gazidis is rubbish, he is nothing compared to Dein.

  70. ethangunner

    you cant blame cesc for song not defending the 2nd goal or clichy’s fuckups or alumina’s

    how can your sore like an eagle when surrounded by turkeys ?

  71. Dutchman

    People who think therre is no money in arsenal, LOOK!
    – wenger said before the season that we have money and he will spend it.
    – When adebayor was sold he said that he can spend the money of adebayor
    – The offer from usmanov(the 100 million) what we don’t accept because we have money and a good plan to do with our debt.
    – The things who wenger said about our players(that they are good enough)

    There is one man who is ruining arsenal and that’s wenger. Yes he has won some trophies here,but now he is lost it. Why play diaby instead of Eddie(our best striker) Why Bendtner on the wing,why RvP as lone striker?? Why not play Wilshere or ramsey(maybe merida) Why not buy. All the choices of wenger,because he will prove people wrong that you can win things without buying and he will prove people wrong that diaby is a good player. Agree with this???

  72. Franchise

    barcelona are a very intelligent possession team arsenal are not.

    tom romford u dont need to have a uefa badge to understand a game u hhave watched all ur lfe

    if u think so lowly of ur understanding of the game then fair enough

    what would the dutch coach or danish coach think when they see wenger playing vp thru the middle and bendtner on the right?

    converting players is a wenger obsession but common sense tells me that what u r normally better doing something u are used to or experienced at

    VP joined us as a winger from feyenoord and at best for us has been a good striker when he had a partner, he plays as a right wing forward for the dutch and has got most of his 40 caps playing there

    bendtner is a CF. he is the most complete CF we have at the club now in terms of power, pace, size etc. eduardo would also fair better as a lone CF than VP cos he is very intelligent player who is content with playing off the ball why wenger feels VP is the best candidate for the central role still amazes me

  73. Rich from the North Bank

    Well gutted today… but we knew what was coming.
    I saw our line up, and saw theirs… looked at our bench… and looked at theirs…..

    Don’t know what’s up with Almunia. I mean Jens said ‘how can you give the job to someone that didn’t play first team football till he was 30???’…
    I have been first to defend him, but alarm bells are seriously ringing.
    We’ve got a cracking center back partnership developing, and his gross errors are just going to spoil that. I’m worried.

    Totally agree, standard: one man in, one man out. We’ve lost Ade… and we knew what was coming.

    I actually thought Song did ok yesterday, but Denilson and Diaby were… diabolical. The Man City midfield destroyed us, and that’s where they won the game. Winning the ball, pinging it over the top and destroying us with pace… and good finishing.

    Somethings got to be done, i can see us winning 19 games this season, and loosing the other 19!!!!

    More to the point…. we are behind… T**tenham… that must be recified soon. Every game is massive now. And i mean EVERY game.

    And i’m bricking it…

  74. raynor73

    AW is certifiably mad if he really thinks we can win anything of any note with Diaby, Song, Denilson and Bendtner. They MAY get better, likely will, but to win the EPL you need real, proper world class players of which none are. They are not Rooney’s or Giggs even, or Berbatov, or Gerrard, or Lampard, or Drogba or go on and on and on for countless other players. As much as I hate him, they aren’t Ade either. We cannot win the league, its actually impossible.

  75. reggie57

    you think i dont know that Gazidis is crap?
    read back thru the posts i have always wanted Dein back as chairman!
    what the fuck has dein got to do with being a director of football
    AW would not like anyone else coming in with more power then him anyway!!

  76. hitman

    Wenger has been getting it wrong for the last 5 years!! When is he going to get it right. The same old problems persist.
    Mark Hughes did what very other team does against Arsenal these days- score early then defend defend defend and then hit us with the sucker punch. The only difference is that Manc City have better players than Hull & Stoke & Fulham. This tactic is nothing new. Wenger set the team up all wrong. Its clear we dont practice defending.
    Some of our player have not improved. Take example of Clichy. Has he learnt nothing from his mistake against Birmingham? Repeated against Spurs last year in the 4-4 game. And three more shocking ocassions yesterday where he had the ball robbed of him. Did he not learn after the first time? Thats whats wrong with some of our players – talented but no football intelligence – Clichy, Diaby, Walcott, Song (wot a stupid tackle), Eboue, even Almunia.
    And when will Sagna ever learn to cross a ball?
    Its not that we are unlucky. 2nd rate players make more errors. Fact. Thats why they are 2nd rate! That why you have a transfer window – to enable you to buy better players. A window Wenger refuses to use.
    Surely the path to ‘getting things right’ for Wenger to make sure his players can do the basics or buy players who can. I dont see any sign of that happening anytime soon.

  77. Franchise

    this season in 6 games eboue has played as a forward, midfielder and defender

    what the fuck is that all about and wilshere has only made sub appearances in one or two games?

    how versatile can a RB be?

  78. patthegooner

    I dont know Ethan, I have seen enough in the Man Ure and Man Shitty game to see that there is some improvement.

    Look I am not happy we did not buy the extra couple of players, but unfortunately there is not a lot we can do about it now. I am also gutted we lost both games, but maybe the difference is we could and should have won both.

    I am going to hold out until the Chavski game. We are playing the kind of teams that you should take 3 points off every week. There are 24 points to play for until Chavski, and I think I will see how many of those points we pick up and how we play at that point. Those are the games that hurt us last season, too many draws and too many defeats against the shitter opposition.

  79. Franchise

    fergie took a risk selling his best player and not bringing anyone close to matching his talents in… at least he brought in owen, obertan, valencia in

    wenger sold ade and toure to a potential rival and brought in only vermalaen that is taking the piss

  80. test

    Arsene never learns
    Arsenes teams never learn

    Whats going to really suprise you guys is how much bendy plays right side when Theo is fit.

  81. Jules78

    Not playing wilshere at this point in time is nonsense to me… with Theo, Nasri and Arshavin and Vela out, Rosicky only coming back… Isn’t it the reason why Wilshere is in the team? to bring attacking flair when these guys are out? and what about eduardo not staring as well..

  82. raynor73

    Even fans on other fora are calling us lightweight, and saying we can’t win anything if AW doesn’t change his ways. so it’s not just gooners noticing. Too blind to see it…

  83. Danish Gooner

    Simply put there are no more defense for The Arsene Knows brigade because he has lost all his marbles,how on earth can he fail to strenghten in midfield when numbnuts like Diaby,Denilson and Song are running around is beyond comprehension.This team is uncapable of winning though games they simply dont have it in their DNA,where the INvincibles soon got a trophy this team have nothing but losing on their agenda,some of the players like Arshavin and Cesc are brilliant but to many of them wouldnt make it in to Hulls first eleven and the consistent whining from Wenger and players like Van Persie just smacks off desperation,yes Adebayor tried to hurt you and we all know that he is cunt but will you please stop whining like a little spoiled brat you get 80000 quid to play the game do you think the opposition will pull out the red carpet and let you have it your way,fucking spoiled ponce.When someone tried dirty tricks with Ljungberg he got up and got even then they knew they shouldnt mess with him again,period.This Arsenal team is full of whining cunts and manager that whines as much as the players………Wenger you are the weakest link………..GOODBYE !!!!!!!

  84. Carlito

    Take example of Clichy. Has he learnt nothing from his mistake against Birmingham? Repeated against Spurs last year in the 4-4 game. And three more shocking ocassions yesterday where he had the ball robbed of him. Did he not learn after the first time? Thats whats wrong with some of our players – talented but no football intelligence
    Absolutely nailed! We just do not learn from our mistakes. Every time we have a complete nightmare I console myself with the fact that they’ll learn from it & improve, but they never do. Wenger will never learn not to keep using players out of position either.

  85. tomstoned

    Afternoon All..

    Today Geoff im going to say youre right my man,very good post and i haevc the same cold and empty feel too.,…

    Still there is somthing to take from this..we lost ok…did we play bad..yes..at least in the first half..did we invite manc into the game ..yes we did..we where on top for 20 min…

    i think Our players where lazy…and not before th fact that a loss where obvious..they managed to get busy…

    ill say this once more We have the best team in the premier..thats a cold fact,,,but we have to go out blasting at all cylinders….a sort of maybe like yesterday wont do..who’s to blame easy the Players…get a grip and grow up..

    Bendtner you say u are great prove it..eboue come on man u can do better…cesc..youre not on holiday..get a grip and focus…Almunia superb save followed by a bit of hard luck…youre not to blame…Glichy its time ti wake up dude,,,youre bad…Wenger mate do play the best team…dont fuck it up nomore !

    we’re in for a great week and looking back this will be the fuel we need…we’re gonna rock all week

    in my heart forever Our Beloved Arsenal…lets stand firm ….


  86. jules

    Alright guys ?

    no , me niether .that fact that we are dicussing Nik B
    as a winger sums it up , laughable .

    what manager sell two of your first team to your compeitors and fails to replace them with the money he got for them ??????????????????????????????????


  87. test

    Another point to make is that Arsene is never publicly critical of his players and I am starting to believe that he is never privately critical of them either.

    I am reading through the posts from today and I see this repeated theme of how easily we are going to beat the so called lesser teams over the next couple of weeks. Funny.

  88. Carlito

    Doesn’t Wenger realise that whining about the internationals just makes us look pathetic? Citey, Manyoo, Chavski & ‘pool all managed to deal with it.

  89. Danish Gooner

    Why are we not learning from our mistakes because it is the same players it is beacause wenger never ever gives a good rollicking to these spoiled brats,he always defends them to the hilt even though THEY know how useless they have been.

  90. arctic gunner

    hah of course he has to play RVP upfront cause
    he chose him as henrys successor years ago and gave him a couple of payrises! who is best suited for the job is irrelevant dont you guys see….

    and it was really funny when I saw the game cause
    once andrey got injured everybody thought that eduardo
    would be the obviously perfect replacement on the left
    but on the same time everybody was certain that
    wenger would play instead diaby cause he happens to like the guy! what kind of bullshit is that 😐

  91. jules


    I said ( obviously ) it was only good to sell those two if you re invest the money , we havent and look what happens . Cesc will go next summer

    Lastly , COMPARE , Vierra / denilson . bentner / henry . diaby / pires . ….. team 04 / team 09

    uhmm …….. no where near my friends

    backwards in a big way . only one person to blame for that ,



  92. jules


    its one excuse after another .

    bottom line is you had 40 mill to spend and you did,nt (even though yousaid you would, again!)

    so there can be no excuse !

  93. Bradys right foot

    “I have been kind today, I will let the 3 people I yellow carded back on today but please understand we don’t want to be lectured to, come on and have fun, don’t come on and look for a row.”

    As one of the people you gave a yellow to Geoff i’d like to say only Mike Reilly gives softer yellows. I simply asked if Sharkey was going to get banned for doing nothing, he simply posted his opinion in a completely inoffensive way then why run the blog. Not looking for a row yesterday hurt and it hurt alot but thats enough from me. I’ll not be posting again to be patronised by the guy running the site thanks for your kindness Geoff but i’m okay thanks. I’ll do you a deal m8 the only time you’ll hear from me again is at the end of the season if your right about this time, i’ll pass on my congratualtions to you. If your wrong about this team i’ll not be coming on to gloat life is far too short. I know were i stand and thats 100% behind the Arsenal its my club Geoff this is your blog.

  94. tomstoned


    ther is a stupid thing to do…go blame Wenger.??? dint you watch the game .?? who let us down…yes Our players did was it there for the taking yes of course…did we own the match yes we did for 20 minutes,,,,then we’re all going down,,,sleeping didnt wake before a loss was around the corner…to feckin late….we proved we’re the best but too late..

    anyone who’s trying to blame Wenger for this one is a feckin moron…the players let us down…who was bad?? really doesn*t matter as a team effort.. this was not good at all….


  95. Danish Gooner

    Wenger and his team has underperformed for 5 seasons now going on the 6th,we are shipping goals like we did five years ago,we cant defend simple set pieces,we are horrible at creating chances on corners or set pieces,we keep losing key players and fail to replace them year in year out,wenger keeps saying one thing in off season and during something completely different,wenger keeps telling us that this year we will win it all and bla etc.Man do i hope Guus Hiddink is available after the world cup or maybe even Capello a proper manager that can actually focus on winning and not finances.

  96. Geoff

    Tom, I’m blaming him, he picks the team, plays them out of position and buys no one because he thinks players like Denilson and Eboue are good enough.

    Mmmmm who should we blame then?

    So I’m a moron eh?

  97. nishanth

    Its a combination of both tomstoned.You can’t blame wenger for cesc having a bad game yesterday.But you could blame him for sticking with the RVP as CF and bendtner as a winger combination.I have had enough with diaby getting chance after chance.Ramsey or wilshere should play instead

  98. Honest Bill

    I do agree that we should play our most talented players whenever possible, and Wenger does like to litter the teamsheet wit complete jokers while players like Eddie are benched wondering “what the fuck do i have to do for my place?”

    But i still don’t feel the problem yesterday was down to the personnel. It was tactical naivety.

    Do not push everybody forward and play Gallas and Clichy as strikers while we are at 1-1 and in complete control of the game against a dejected team at their own ground.

    No patience, no discipline, concede numerous goals, simples

  99. Danish Gooner

    Yeah and then let us all be blind bats like you Tomstoned that is really gonna get us somewhere, you are as fickle and stupid as wenger.