We were given a lesson in buying players, thanks Arsene.

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I am absolutely devastated this morning, I have a hollow feeling inside me that I thought I would never have again, the problem is that unlike Charlton Athletic who can’t get the best, we can and didn’t, again.

We don’t have the sort of money that Mark Hughes has at City, granted, but we did have the £40 million he gave us, but the manager in his wisdom decided that what we had was good enough.

This time last year when we got beaten by Fulham, I wrote a post called ‘The Emperor has no clothes on’ well 12 months on and nothings has changed, he still persists with players in the team that are just not good enough. One, Denilson can’t even speak English, how does that work then.

This team isn’t let down by the players that aren’t good enough, it’s let down by the man who seems to own Arsenal football club, and that hurts. I said don’t get carried away when we blitzed hapless Everton, then we played ManU and lost, now we played their half witted cousins and lost again, yest I know we didn’t have our best players playing but that will happen all season, thank goodness Man City had the same problem or it could have been a cricket score.

Our second string players should be better, there is no excuse, we had at least £40 million to spend and even though we knew we had lost Djourou for the season, chose not to.

Arshavin, Eduardo and Rosicky will be injured a lot, we should plan for that, we didn’t and through the belligerence of our manager we will now have a season of great one minute and shit the next.

I chose to write this today as yesterday I was very, very angry, today I am just fed up. I wont mark the whole team, but I will single our my men of the match.

Almunia 0 – He is simply a clown, never has and never will be good enough for the team, Jens had him right, why do we persist with such a hapless keeper.

Denilson 0 – Just not good enough for a team like Arsenal, can’t be arsed to learn English and that says enough for me.

Song 5 – Takes the credit for their second goal, I know he tries but again, he’s not good enough to be in this team. He makes too many mistakes where it counts just like Senderos did.

Diaby 3 – Another that flatters to deceive, one good game, 3 bad ones and at this level it’s not good enough.

Eboue 3 – An adequate right back but that’s all, too often a makeweight in midfield because the manager likes him, not good enough.

Clichy 5 – Bad game but so did Cesc, I think he’s a class act but too often his errors cost us goals, Wenger needs to have a word, or give the job to Gibbs.

I know a lot of our players didn’t turn up, a lot did and Rosicky had a blinder, but project youth has failed and it’s too late to do anything now.

Wenger has too much power at this football club, he’s a great coach, but someone needs to tell him to buy some decent players, because the ones he has are simply not good enough, I am getting too old to go through yet another season watching us compete for nothing.

I am still numb, I have been kind today, I will let the 3 people I yellow carded back on today but please understand we don’t want to be lectured to, come on and have fun, don’t come on and look for a row.

Have a nice Sunday Grovers, my weekend has been ruined.

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  1. Jaguar

    Abslotely agree with you Geoff.I wonder why the hypocrite doesnt want to realise the mistakes and accept that we wont win anything with this joke of his coveted players.

  2. Geoff

    Rico and Tony, I just feel numb, I really wanted to rip Wenger apart as I think he is killing our club, but I can’t be arsed to argue all day with the AKB’s

  3. tonyadamsisgod

    Tiny – We lost 4-2. We were 2nd best. We didn’t play well. Our players just wanted to hurt Adebayor and he made them look like mugs. Song was woeful. Fabregas was non existent. Eboue was Eboue. Diaby was Diaby.

    But don’t worry…..If Wenger says they will win the league then they must be good. FFS…..

  4. paul

    Geoff i dont always agree with you,but today i do.Just been listening to that cunt Darren Lewis from the mirror defending Ade.The only thing it hurts me to say is that he was very good yesterday.Thank God SWP and Ireland missed sitters

  5. rico

    That side should have won us the game Geoff, I am tired of them all saying how good they are, but the reality is they are not – we should have bought two at least, now make that three as our keeper is woeful. Numb yes, angry yes and very hurt by what has happened to this once wonderful team.

    Each match day I used to expect us to win, now I just never feel like that – it’s a sad time….

  6. sam

    same here
    i sometimes think geoff is abit drastic, but for fucks sake. the one team i wanted to hammer trounce us. and our team is full of useless little cunts. nice one guys

  7. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – I was talking to 2 of my mates last Saturday about this and I mentioned I am more than partial to the idea of replacing Wenger. You wouldn’t believe how blinkered they were in their defence of him. Its like their simply isn’t anyone else in the world that could carry this club forwards and that we should keep Wenger until he dies.

    How, after 5 years of this, people still cannot see that he is failing this club is beyond frustrating. He has far too much power and the board have let him become bigger than the club. He is there to make footballing decisions. Nothing else. He is not CEO, he is not the owner, he is not the Chairman. Based on his footballing results, the man is not good enough and it looks likely that he wont be any time soon.

  8. rico

    The only positive’s…

    Robin hasn’t lost an eye and Thomas is back…

    No doubt though the FA will do Sweet FA about it…

  9. Kenny smith

    Although we were shite yesterday I think wenger got his tactics and team selection all wrong again! Why does he persist playing bendtner on the right? He players upfront for denmark on international duty and scored I’m both games! Also why play diaby on the left and leave eduardo on the bench??? It’s almost retarded!

  10. Geoff

    Well I agree with you all, I think if Wenger doesn’t watch it his legacy will be he screwed the club over for his experiment that is doomed to failure.

    Kenny playing anyone who is 6’3″ on the wings is just plain stupid.

    Bendtner and Diaby, it’s just stupid.

  11. tonyadamsisgod

    Kenny – A big reason for that is, like I have been saying for about 3 years now, is that we don’t have a single naturally right sided player in our squad!!!! So Wenger has to start playing people out of position. So you play, Bendtner on the right, which means someone needs to fill the middle. If that person comes from the left we have to fill in the left position.

    The bottom line is that we have too many square peg in round hole players under Wenger’s regime.

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    Bang on Geoff.

    Now its time to let the Uzbek spend some money.

    People, before you start with the “its not English to let a foreigner run things” Get over it. Its not like Ashburton Grove will be packed up & shipped overseas FFS. Dumb decsion making is costing The Arsenal, @ all levels. The fans deserve better.

  13. Big Johan

    Everyone’s disappointed – but look at the match stats (ok i know they lie but this wasnt a 4-2 game) – van P hit the post, we were denied a clear penalty (again – and not shown on MotD of course) – and direct some anger at Ade’s disgraceful behaviour…….(even MotD condemned him)

  14. tonyadamsisgod

    If you forget the obvious ‘marquee’ signings that City made and compare some of their transfers to ours you really have to question who is the better manager at spotting talent for the right price! Given £6m. Barry £12m. SWP £9m. These players, along with the likes of Bellamy, Ireland, Richards and Bridge are who we really lost to yesterday.

  15. tonyadamsisgod

    Big Johan – City were good enough to bury 4 chances. We were not. That is all you need to know. City will say they missed chances too. Had Adebayor gone down under any of the fucking crazy hacks by Bendtner, Eboue and Gallas in the box they would have had a penalty.

    Simply, City were better than us for more of the 90 minutes. We had spells of good play but that doesn’t often win you matches.

  16. Big Raddy

    Morning All,

    Hopefully that is the last time we see NB playing as a winger. He is clearly not, and contributed nothing yesterday.

    With Mozart and Theo back we have a balanced team, and no need to play 6’3″ wingers.

    I think he wants to start Dudu at home, and avoid the barrage of boos that are sure to occur at away grounds. Though that is at odds with AW’s statement that Eduardo is mentally strong.

    Bad selection lost this game.

  17. Jaguar

    For all you bastards slating Arsene for not signing anyone,he had signed a 16 year goal keeper for £1.2m,who will be shipped off to Barcelona in 2015 for a tidy profit.All the talks of we dont having money are bullshit.Who on earth would sign a kid for an amoung which is stil big considering his age,when we could have signed Vieira for even less.The hypocrite wont learn.

  18. afc53

    Heartbreaking never have I felt this way as a gooner when things didnt go well in the past you knew we had world class players that would eventually turn it around.

    Now I look around and all I see are youngsters without the experience,consistancy or talent to dig us out of this hole we find ourselves in.

    The only way forward is to spend but who sells there star players in January to a rival team?????

  19. AfriX

    Wenger doesn’t hav complete power, fans hav the power & it’s their inability to vote with their feet/eyes/ears & mouth that is sheltering Wenger. Project youth is a major FAIL, no question abt that. Yesterday when Giggs scored for the Mancs it made me ask why have we not kept the likes of Pires, instead we hav clowns like Eboue for back up? As 4 Diabolical& Aluminum, words fail me!

  20. Geoff

    Morning Raddy, he has been playing Nikki as a winger for 2 years now, he won’t change, he did it once with Henry and keeps repeating it, he needs to stop being so predictable.

    Gnarley we are already owned by foreigners, Kroenke is a sceptic and Fizman is South African.

    It’s time to bring Dein back, it’s no coincidence that since he left, we’ve won fuck all, it seems to me that maybe Dein was the real reason for our success, not Wenger.

    After all, who got Wenger in?

  21. wandarah

    what a ludicrous ‘analysis’, some of those ratings are bizarre.

    this reeks of dissapointed emotion. i can understand that – but i think if you look at that game again we deserved a draw.

    yes yes, it’s all wengers fault blah blah. i think youll find that 40 mil was takenin to pay off the debts sooner, and you’ll see so in the accounts this year.

  22. newton


  23. alfienoakes

    I have to say, I didnt fancy this game.. City are going to get better.. Thats a fact. It seemed playing them at this time of the season would be a good thing…

    We fell to exactly the same errors as last year.. great going forward, and then suckered.. again..

    Ade was always going to be up for this.. The stamp on RVP was a disgrace.. The celebration.. so what.. I would have done the same thing..!!

    We will struggle against big strong forwards, and teams that compete physically in midfield.. There are only about 4 – 5 teams that will do that this season, but unfortunately, they will probably all finish ahead of us this season.. unless we have a huge change in quality / luck / personnel…

  24. Geoff

    Blimey if you believe that, our debt would have already been paid off, we’ve spent nothing for at least 5 years (against what we’ve sold) we’ve earned tons in revenue, tons in TV money, had £100 mil in from Emirates for sponsorship up front.

    All that and we still have a £350 mil debt, what a load of rubbish.

  25. newton


  26. Baxter Wall

    I agree with most of it Geoff, but you are wrong about Denilson speaking English. He does quite well.

    Whether he’s good enough to play for us is another matter.

  27. luke

    great goal from robin. Hope we bounce back. I am so sad to see denilson and diaby in the starting eleven. I feel bad for song, but he really got destroyed by richards. It wasnt even shaun he has to do better there. Out-denilson diaby. In-toulalan, and matuidi.

  28. Kenny smith

    How can u still defend wenger? He moaned we lost too many games early on in the season last year to win the title and we have played 4 and lost 2 already. And saying we deserved something out of both those games doesn’t actually bring points back does it?

  29. Geoff

    Alfie you say Ade was always going to be up for this, wwell why weren’t we?

    Why weren’t our team up for showing Ade and Kolo they made a dumb move because Arsene knows best?

  30. Arindam@KOL

    After the rage subsided , I watched the goals again and this is what I gathered :

    1st goal – Fab giving the ball away needlessly upfield and then Sagna fouling Bellamy when Bellamy was not posing any threat whatsoever. That gave away the freekick.
    Then Vermy getting outjumped by Micah.

    2nd goal – Clichy outmuscled upfield , Song making a stupid mistake by letting Richards through
    . But more shocking perhaps was to see the midfield trio of Diaby , Fab and Rosicky ambling down to help. The fuckers should have been busting a gut or two.
    Sometimes, I doubt how many of the players really LOVE the club. The love that Gerrard has for Pool , Shrek for the cunts , perhaps RvP for us.

    3rd goal – Clichy again landing on his arse to let SWP through.
    Vermy caught ball watching and Cuntbuywhore left unchallenged in the box . Criminal.

    4th goal – Clichy again dispossessed up field!!! From then on , it was 4 Vs 3 .

    Clichy cost us the game , not the clown.
    Also culpable were Fabregas , Sagna , Vermy and Song to varying degrees.

    So next game , I w’d drop Clichy and play Gibbs.
    Drop Denilson and play Sicky.
    Drop Diaby and play anyone else with a brain.
    Play Eduardo up top and shift RvP to the right.

    PS : I can’t even say drop Almunia. That’s the sad joke this club has become.

  31. Maximus

    The shambles with Adebarndoor is very convenient for Wenger right now, as it deflects from the tragedy which is unfolding before our eyes. And before anyone says that Adebardoor lied apropros of his reasons for leaving Arsenal, let us not forget the constant barrage of lies that Wenger has inflicted upon us. You can’t have it both ways. As far as I’m concerned, they are both LIARS. We got rid of one, how the ***k do we get rid of the other? Time for the fans to get gnarly.

  32. Geoff

    Baxter go on Arsenal.com and listen to Denilson’s interview, like always he does it in Portuguese, all the others do it in English. Enough said.

  33. Kenny smith

    Look at chavski. They won again yesterday by the skin of their teeth. But they are pulling it out of the bag when it matters most. And that is what makes u championship contenders

  34. Supergunner07

    I agree about Denilson not being able to speak decent english, how is the midfield suppose to even commnunicate with him, its pathetic [I was shocked that he couldnt do interviews in english]. Having good communication on the pitch is important and thats why i think our engliash academy product will be important for future of the club

  35. Kenny smith

    I have to agree with geoff. I have watched many an interview with denilson and his English is woeful! Just like his passing!

  36. alfienoakes

    because we dont have any “nasty” players any more..

    can you see veira letting ade get away with that..? Or keown..? Nope.. We dont have those type of players anymore..

    They are all technically gifted, but it seems to centre around the pure football now.

    Im not jumping on the “arsenal weak” bandwagon.. but song doesnt really look like a snarling PV04 does he.

    We dont look like we have a real fight in us anymore.

  37. Geoff

    Jaguar, the accounts are in the side bar mate! I am a shareholder and get the accounts sent, this club has no money worries, it’s all bollocks and the minute the flats are sold, we’ll be debt free.

    This crash has actually helped, because when they do finally sell, they’ll sell for more.

  38. Baxter Wall

    You do realise i hold you to blame for this anyway Geoff.

    If you EVER make a fucking prediction again i’m going to fucking kneecap you, sunshine!! 🙂

  39. Kenny smith

    To be honest this usmanov takeover can’t come soon enough! He has already said he will clear our debt and give money for players. And I hope he tells wenger to spend the money or he is out!

  40. Wonderboy

    I’m not even angry, we were outplayed, outclassed by a much, much better team. Good luck to them in our top four spot.

  41. Arindam@KOL

    The same old crumbling under pressure , the same old dodgy defending , the same old average players playing… We dont like change . Do we ?

  42. Rich

    At the game yesterday and I come away for the 2nd time not knowing what went wrong apart from the substitutions (and I’ll come back to them).

    The newspaper reports will always be written for the victors but this is another one that feels it slipped away rather than being outplayed. We dominated for the first twenty mins, then conceded an offside goal (no mention of that in the reports) then did as little as City. Second half we again dominated and scored until the stamp incident. After that Song got himself booked trying to enact revenge on Ade and that directly contributed to the second goal as he didn’t put a proper challenge on Richards.

    But we were still in it only to be written off by removing two players who had helped to keep the ball in Arsenal hands. It was madness and within minutes the game was over.

    I don’t care about the age old argument about spending money because until January and more likely June its totally irrelevant to our fortunes. What I do care about is how we can start putting games away when we were on top? How we can get the best out of the players we have and actually put RVP & Nik round the right way.

    For now, I stand completely lost as to how we turn these types of loses into wins but I hope it comes soon – I’m not sure I can take another ex-player running the length of the ground to rub it in our faces!

  43. Kenny smith

    We are at a stage where all the big clubs in the league can massively out spend us.! And buying great players will bring u success. There is no doubt about that. If u buy a great player he suddenly doesn’t become shit over night!

  44. Big Raddy

    One of the things I love about LG is the different viewpoints.

    & today is no different !

    We are not shite, nor are we capable of winning the EPL. But we will finish Top 3 (IMO).

    Not playing Eduardo was the real reason for our loss. Well, that and some defensive lapses….. Oh, and having a clown for a keeper.

    Over the past 2 seasons I would love to see his shots per goal ratio. Almunia is just not good enough. How many times have we lost points when the opposition has 2 shots in a game? Yesterday – 5 shots on target – 4 goals.

  45. Geoff

    You just said it, play the players in the right positions for one, don’t play the shit ones for two and maybe buy more than we sell each year and not the other way around.

  46. afc53

    I dont want to critiscise our players but lets be honest we are carrying passengers week in week out

    Diaby,Eboue,Denilson,Song,Bendtner,Almunia, all of these are not world class and within a team of better players you can carry 1-2 but not 5-6

  47. Joel

    I feared that this game would be a defining one and unfortunately was correct in that assumption.The tactics were all wrong;the shape of the side was wrong;the team still has an inability to defend set pieces and cover back when the opposition break forward;and no real cutting edge in front of goal.What happened to the new tactic of pressing the opposition high up the pitch.Time and time again Citeh were able to break forward with impunity.It was the opposition who were squeezing us!
    If Monsieur Wenger can’t realise that Almunia is a liability and that Diaby and Denilson aren’t good enough then there is,unfortunately,no hope!The forward “line” is frankly a joke.Our best finisher is on the bench because he “can’t play” with our best player.Whatever the pros and cons of Bentner -one thing is certain he shouldn’t be playing “out-wide”.
    Luckily the opposition who follow are all highly beatable so the cracks will be papered over for a few weeks.Unless,of course,like last season,we fail to beat these lesser teams again!!!

  48. neville

    Aw is a cunt ….it cost me houndreds to go upppp there yesterday as soon as. I saw the team sheeat I know we would losse…man city have better players and play as a team….cesc.arshaven will leave end of the year and I don’t blame them…this team will win nothing

  49. Big Raddy

    Kenny Smith.

    I have to diagree…..

    Shevchenko at the Chavs

    Ronaldinho in Italy

    Hernan Crespo ??

    Sebastian Veron ??

    Michael Owen?

    I could go on. All great players who went shit overnight

  50. Kenny smith

    Agree geoff. But I still think if he plays players invtheir correct positions and picks the right te then we wud of won yesterday. Bit I can say without a doubt that every time we have lost a game in since the turn of the year wenger has picked the wrong team. And he seems to keep on getting it wrong. Every one of thokse games we have lost u can come on previous posts here and see people moaning like fuck when we see the team sheet.

  51. charybdis1966

    Devastation and doorblisation abound this morning. That result has pissed me off no end today and it’s ruined my weekend too Geoff. Perhaps I was better off at Pedro’s tree hugging festival so I could get away from the middle eastlands debacle.

  52. Kenny smith

    Big raddy. Obviously there are some exceptions to the rule but wud you also like to make a list of all those players that moved club and continued to be great players? I bet that list will be bigger than yours

  53. Franchise

    guys i dont even know what to say anymore. well ive watched football for years and i strongly understand how things work i dont need to have a uefa badge to know when a manager is going wrong.

    ppl have accused me of being too negative. i keep advising supporting ur team doesnt neccessarily mean u have to be any less objective

    the day i think denilosn is good enough to be reliable i would be the first to tell u. i dont berate players for the fun of it but hey arsene knows

  54. alfienoakes

    have to agree about formation as well..

    For a manager who is supposedly so good, some of the team choices / positioning is unbelievable.

  55. Arindam@KOL

    Raddy ,
    Sheva wasnt a bulldozer of a striker. What can a virtuoso do in a team of workers, to put it mildly ?

    Ronaldinho had issues with the management , weight issues , etc. He isnt crap , yet.

    Crespo was excellent for nearly a decade. Age happens.

    Veron never adapted to the English game. HE is still a class act in Argentina. Was player of the year , me thinks , last year.

    Injuries took its toll on Owen. Playing for Madrid , he did pretty good actually. Moving to an average team didnt help.

  56. simon mcmahon

    geoff spot on i said it last night , how can a manager on £4 m a year persist in playing, players in the wrong posistions.
    not only is thIS arrogance it’s not even what sunday league mangers do running pub teams.
    what really hurts me today is that realistically the league has gone for us for another year .we will win fuck all , and people will say that we play great football , I’M SICK OF THIS , i want us to WIN!!!!
    And finnaly i’m sick to death with people saying we were dominating the midfield in the last two games and were unlucky, you do get points for artistic expression, you get them from grinding and fighting out for results.

  57. Joseph

    Better team lost,what load of rubbish ?a better team fights against all odds and wins,like Manu and what were the hugs at the end of the game about ,i hate all the pussies in the team ,the overpampered cu,,nts should never win a thing,a wenger Eboue is no center forward is isn`t evena fucking right back ,and only god knows what diaby is ?what a load of nonsense in the name of beautiful football,or in the name of shit players ,the season is going to be another shitty one,thanks MOnsieur and oh i read that Arsenal are the third richest club in the world,ah making money out of fans pockets and precisely giving them nothing to cheer about!!

  58. Theo

    Personally, I’d rather not win anything for a few more years than have any mercenaries or prima-donnas playing in our team. I’m happy for the players who represent my team, and therefore me, to do their best for the club I love and for each other. I supported Arsenal because they were the club on my door-step, not because I wanted to win trophies. I’ve been blessed to have seen all our successes since the late 70’s, they would have all been meaningless had we not had to work so hard for them. We all know our team has some short comings, but it will improve. We will be back soon, I’ve no doubt!

  59. zigzag

    I think You are absolutely right about Dein, Goeff. We should petition to get him back. He loves the Club and is the right person to look after our interests.
    As to Wenger I disagree. It’s a bit harsh what you guys say. OK we lost when it mattered to us but that’s something that happens to Fergusson, Ancelotti, Murinho and the rest. Arsene is stuburn, true but who would we replaced him with? Sure, he’s nor the only one but find me a better one available. Wenger strong point he’s looking into future (and that includes our finances) perhaps that’s why he seems to overlook the “right now”.

  60. Geoff

    fuck i just looked at the stats, 22 shots to their 10 – 12 corners to their 3 and 60% possession, and we still couldn’t win.

  61. afc53

    I agree with the critiscism of the formation if he wanted to play that way we should have don it last year with Adebaywhore as the lone striker and RVP on the left.

    We are desperately short of players now to play that formation.

  62. Geoff

    We pay enough money to watch to expect our manager to spend it on decent players, you know like other teams do that win things.

    If you don’t want to spend our money Arsene, then give it back and lower the prices.

  63. GunnerShabz


    what pisses me off, we got money but somehow we have the 2nd or 3rd highest wage bill.

    we dont have many superstars but we got a high wage bill.

    it doesnt make sense

    i think he spends his money on contracts

  64. Franchise

    zigzag wenger is almost 60 we would have to replace at some point. the way that ‘who would u replace wenger with’ question is asked u would think he has won the league every year since he arrived and won the CL 5x.

    continuity is an advantage but not for us cos the wise has started to think otherwise and is now proving to be unwise

    its hi time wenger is given the boot. he has had too many chances already. the guy doesnt want to buckle to his set ways.

  65. woody

    i would if i knew how so geoff how about starting a petition to get AW out and notify all the other sites.

    AW has become deluded like most people with too much power. if you complain he calls foul and condemns the fan. The board are happy for now as get into the CL and keep funds coming in to reduce the debt. But that will stop this season i reckon, and with AW contract nearing an end, then the fans just might be able to force an earlier decision. A new manger in for jan, a few buys and we might just resurrect our season

  66. afc53

    Geoff the thing with AW is I dont think he realises how f**king heartbreaking it is to see these average players play week in week out and make the same mistakes over & over if we in the working world did this where would we end up job centre anyone????

  67. Gooner Don

    Alan Hansen hit the nail on the head.No other team is more vunerable when they are leading or level than Arsenal.We just do not have the players who can close a game out.I have lost count of the numbers of games we have thrown away over the last few seasons when we have been the better team
    But Wenger keeps saying this team has great”Mental Strength”.No they havent they are bottle jobs

  68. arsenal

    i feel the same way i am frustrated that wenger hasnt bought any players im really angry as well all my friends call arsenal a joke and that pisses me off this year is going to be the same as last year we will be fighting for fourth place

  69. simon mcmahon

    There is no where to hide now wenger, you said that this team learned from last year and has grown together and will fight together for the title.
    the events of the last fortnight proves you are wrong,
    you have replaced legends at our club with overpaid nothings .
    AND to cap it all of you give them a pay rise and extend their contarcts.

    even in the old days of the 70’s when i started to watch games, even during our wilderness years the team tried to have some connection to the fans , they would scrap and fight even if they were no match for their opponents .
    this lot like the rest of the management, and board , dont care they will take the supporters money galdly and then tell us that they no better than any one else.


  70. Gooner Don


    Recent Chelsea managers have been Mourinho,Hiddink and Ancelotti.All CL winners.How can they get good managers and we cant? There are many top managers who could replace Wenger, Hiddink and Rijkaard to name a few

  71. afc53

    Id like to ask a question if Jessica Alba said I like you would you ask her for a date??

    David Villa states he would sign for Arsenal before the Euros what do we do watch his status grow as he gets all the plaudits in the Euros and not do anything about it.WTF

    God I love this club but its so frustrating!

  72. joe

    Nothings changed, we still aint good enough, the manager still hasn’t realised that we desperaly need to buy players. its gona be anohter long slog of a season, full of disapointment and under achieving on our battle to get 4th place.. oh yeah and adebayor is a cocksucking motherf***er who looks like a cross between a circus act and a ladder, what a prize winning C**T

  73. Geoff

    GunnerShabz he spends it all giving his kids huge wages, that’s why they stay, it’s like blackmail, that’s how we got Theo and Ramsey.

    Woody trouble is most of the other blogs support whatever Wenger does, you’ll get shouted down.

  74. Maqitlarge

    Were we really outplayed? We controlled much of the game but got hit on the break. We lack defensive nouse. We lost control yesterday. The players were trying to hurt Ade and lost focus of the game. That all happened just after the stamping. That run by Ade wasn’t brilliant as MOTD were trying to say. They all dived in and made it easy for him. That makes our players unprofessional as well as Ade. Conclusion. We lack defensive quality and desire to defend in midfield. That’s where we need investment and that where we will continue to get exposed. So to say we were outplayed is wrong. We simply cant protect our goal. And we knew that in the summer. Solution: David Dean.

  75. anicet

    The best solution for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger , is for Arsenal fans no to go to watch football match to Emirates because that is the reason why Wenger is becoming more and more stupid and sueet of the money he is making for himself and the board. So, if after one or two games when they loose money Arsene Wenger may understand that he needs goods players.

  76. Mike

    @ Geoff

    The stats are there, we were clearly the most positive team in the match since they were always playing with 9 players defending deep. What cost us the match was our OVERwillingness to beat Citeh. We were playing full attack without caring if we concede a goal. That was at 1-1, then it became 2-1, then 3-1 and then 4-1.

    Another thing that cost us the match was clearly the lack of 2 proper wingers. If we had Arshavin and Walcott playing their 2 WB wouldn’t overlap and create the chances they created because they would be more careful controlling the electric pace, creativity and killer instict of our wingers.

    Whatever…you all know it…SHIT HAPPENS…let’s just forget the last 2 matches and keep playing good football. Nothing has been lost, let’s just keep winning!

    P.S: Adebayor is coming to Emirates in January. The ground is going to shake by the BOOOS! And this time no one is going to forgive him for clattering or kicking our players. Revenge is sweet 😉

  77. Eatton

    Whilst I understand all the frustration and negativity, lets get some perspective. We have had an extremely tough start. What we’ve learnt is that we can hammer weak teams like Portsmouth, Celtic and an off-form Everton. So imagine we’d had Chelsea’s opening fixtures. I think we’d be on 15 points too if we’d started against Hull, Sunderland, Fulham, Burnley and Stoke. Let’s see how many points Chelsea get away Man U, Man City and Everton this year.

    Have we lost to Burnley this season like Man U? Or to mediocre Villa and Spurs like Liverpool? No, we’ve lost at the champions who we outplayed and were plain unlucky, and to City which could’ve gone either way.

    We have 5 games against easier opposition coming up, during which time Chelsea will have to play some decent sides. So all I’m saying is lets be fair to Arsene and the team and judge them in 5 games time, not after 3 tricky away games out of four.

  78. raynor73

    Someone mentioned we have no fight! So true, when was the last time you saw any Arsenal player brawl, ala PV4? We are a small team of lightweight players who are just asking to get kicked off the pitch. Fottball is a physical game and only VP and perhaps Verma and Gallas can hold there own. Even Song who is a bit of a lump seems to get bullied on the pitch. We oughta start feeding them raw steaks and fucking with their heads to make them a bit tough. We ARE a team of fucking pussies. Not one player when RVP went down did shit. ADE would have been butted if PV4 was still here, and I would have like to have seen Roy Keane’s reaction if he was still playing….we’re gonna be a little out of sorts this year again, as football has gotten tougher and as soon as we cant play our unique brand of pure ‘crab’ football our game is up…

  79. Through and Through

    Notice that we haven’t won anything since David Dean left?

    Dean is an Arsenal boy, whatever you may think of him. He would not have let Wenger keep £40m in the bank without buying superior replacements.

    He was the only one with the backbone to challenge Wenger and that is partly what made Wenger sucessful.

    None of the current board care about anything except their future buyout plans. And while this is the case we will continue to be half the team we were.

    As for Ade, he has shown his true colours – no respect. I never liked the c*nt.

  80. Mr Cee

    Eboue, Denilson, Song, Diaby, Bendtner, Alumnia etc are examples of players if we really want success at the club shouldn’t be there or squad players at most. If we are in money trouble and can’t buy I would like to see the likes of Merida, Wilshere, Ramsey, Vela and Gibbs given more opportunities.

    The likes of Eboue and Co have been at the clubs for years and have made no real impressions or inroads to suggest they will make it at the top top level, so why not move them on and give others the opportunites as Wenger has tried with these players for years and have not rewarded him. Wenger has placed too much faith in these players in my view and when we have spent big recently on Nasri, Arshavin, Eduardo and Verm they have added what we need.

    At the club I feel we have in parts what we need but we need to buy 2-3 players and promote from within for those additional squad players to maintain a good balance.

    Its not all doom and gloom my fellow gunners but I just hope Wenger address these little issues and we , as for Adebayor’s reaction to the goal it was expected to be honest but the stamp on Van P along with the excess goal celebration should hand him a 5 game match ban.

  81. Gooner Don

    This sums up how mad our manager and club are.We give Bendtner a 50k a week contract.What the fuck has he done to desrve it????????

    Wenger should have resigned at the end of last season.He has taken the club as far as he can.

  82. raynor73

    Another thing I noticed watching thr MoTD highlights yesterday was compared to the top 6 teams (spuds included) our football has become far less direct recently. Even when we get in advanced postitions its like we just aren’t sure what to do. Other teams are far more direct going forward, we seem to overplay even more noticeably this year. Citys goals were what we did a few years back on the counter. We havent done that for a while, and we we get a counter someone always invariably fucks it right up by dithering…

  83. Theo

    Last season up at Man City we were really shocking, it was one of my all-time lows as an Arsenal fan. Yesterday was very different. Yes, we made some individual mistakes but we were incredibly unlucky and had some awful decisions go against us. Adepayoff should’ve been sent off for at least 2 yellows on Cesc, that’s even ignoring what he did to RvP. We we more penetrative than we have been, created clear chances, hit wood work, goal line clearances, deflected near misses and a stone wall 100% penalty for hand ball my Barry not given at a vital time in the game. Don’t judge us only on the result, the best team doesn’t always win and this was one of those occasions. Judge us at the end of the season, I have no doubt we will show an improvement on last!

  84. Franchise

    why do our defenders get so excited and attack when we are chasing a goal

    i like gallas but sometimes i think he overdoes his goal hunting exploits

    how about our full backs? what annoys me is with all their attacking exploits there is no end product

    wenger is a tinkering manager at the moment

    what is the point having a fully fit squad when he keeps playing players out of position or leaving 1st teamers on the bench

    if barry, gallas, toure (with more miles covered to Africa for intls), sagna, bellamy etc can play 3 games in one week why cant eduardo who had a full pre season under his belt?

    eduardo didnt have to fly back after wednesday’s game it was at wembley FFS

  85. chris

    Just wanted to say Ade looked world class yesterday but the game wasn’t lost at DM (where I thought Song did very well, making a lot of must win tackles) or CB. RvP’s goal was just class as well thank god.

    I think the full backs need to up their game but the whole side was flat going forward and falling apart defensively chasing the game towards the end – but City have looked good on the break all year

  86. Geoff

    Sorry for the wait new people, you’re all welcome and free to blog.

    I have let on 15 people today, wow, it shows you how pissed off we all are!

  87. afc53

    Geoff dont get me wrong the guy is a great nurterer of talent but Diaby,Eboue,Denilson,Bendtner,Song,Almunia would struggle to get in Boltons team but they make our 11 regularly.

    Its not good enough we deserve better

  88. simon mcmahon

    ALL the akb sites and wenger love in shows will tell you that there is no arsenal without wenger.
    that’s there seeling point to the lemmings akb’s it scares them to death .
    i wonder whats the worst thing to happen if he go’s
    he takes his love children with him.
    and more ironically we dont win any trophies for a couple of years ,
    some one please tell them that the emirates cup is not classed as a major trophy.
    this five year expirement must now be abolished either we spend money in january on class players like AA, OR at the end of the season WENGER IS GONE .

  89. Stu

    A bit of an over-reaction here to be honest…

    Arsenal were the better team for large portions of the match and up until the 74th minute, they were the only team that looked capable of winning.

    There was some poor defending, also some bad finishing, but once again a huge slice of bad luck. Adebayor should not have been on the pitch by the time the 2nd goal was scored.

    1 – Lunge on Fabregas = Yellow
    2 – Stamp on RVP = Yellow, possibly even red.

    So he should have been off the pitch with the scores at 1-1. Once again the ref bottled it, he didn’t even get booked for either of those, quite how I’ll never know.

    Even their first goal had a huge slice of luck.

    I’m not worried. We’ve had a very tough start, 1H 3A games, two against top quality sides and yet we’ve been the better side in for 165 of those 180 minutes.

  90. Vincent

    When a coach starts thinking he knows it all, is the time to get rid of him. If clubs like Stoke and Sunderland are spending good money on players, why not Arsenal. Platini called AW a bizman, may be he knows something that we don’t. Another side is that he might still buy the players and not play them. Otherwise why is he not playing Wilshire especially when AA is not playing. Arsene knows-nothing, sorry, little.

  91. Franchise

    raynor crab football has returned unfortunately

    VP goal at about 60mins mark was our first real goal threat from open play

    same against manu. lot of possession but very little chances created until arsh took the initiative and cracked one

    VP is to feeble to handle 2 CB in a 433 that is why he likes to drop deep

    433 has existed for years wenger is trying to act like its something he created playing players out of position

    well well arsene knows that fans are too forgiven and fickle

  92. Welshgazza

    Take a chill pill people.

    Arsenal are nowhere near as bad as you are making out. Citeh won the game but had quite a bit of help from the referee and the footballing gods.
    OK…… So we lost two games on the bounce, but both were away from home at quality opposition. We weren’t disgraced as some “fans” seem to think.
    Winning or losing the league depends on our results against the so called lesser clubs. Just look at Manure last season…… had the worst record against the top four but STILL ended up as Champions

  93. rob green

    I hope the people on here who defend wenger, the buying policy, song, denilson, diaby will now realize we are not as good as you think!! I am so pissed off!! wenger is a c*nt!! thats all I can say!! I am to angry to even talk about adebayor!! AKB’s when will admit than wenger does not know best!! We already have injury problems and lost two games!!!! and we have only played 6 games!!

    Its a fucking disgrace!! Wenger will never change!! SACK WENGER

  94. Jay20h

    Wenger has until may to turn this around. We need some steal in the middle. Some of the players we have in this project youth make me ill to watch at times. They are simply not good enough. Denilson is the foval point of my anger. I dont know what wenger sees in him,i really dont. Same with eboue (decent right back not midfield!) Diaby will never be consistent enough for a big club.

  95. Franchise

    stu are u serious?



    after all the we are stronger after 2 sales to potential rivals talk and refusal to spend the money we get thrashed by the same very team in a game that was deemed to be a must bounce back

    are ppl that easy to please nowadays?

  96. mark

    your so right in wot you say the only way this will get sorted if the manager goes or the board sell out and money is put back in the team…

  97. raynor73

    I agree we did play better for parts of the game, but they scored 2 more than us. We keep saying individual mistakes, but the same mistakes keep happening, over and over. Didn’t we lose against Manure for individual mistakes? Are you so confident we won’t do this against lesser teams like last year. I’m not!!!

    We don’t have strength in depth. Remember Citeh had 2 key players out that retropsecvtive would have terrorised us and they should have scored 2 more that were bigger sitters than anything we did. RVP created a chance out of nothing with his post effort.

    We had more possession is all. where it counted, which is attacking, they battered us, and anyone not accepting that is just waering arsenel tinted glasses

  98. Geoff

    Reggie if I got them this board and Wenger wouldn’t know what hit them.

    Gazidas and his team would be out that door as quickly as I could get Dein back in it.

  99. simon mcmahon

    a chill pill really what have they been watching the past couple of years ,
    overeaction well i guess if seeing the demise of our club and speaking out about this is an overeaction then i’m guilty .