We were given a lesson in buying players, thanks Arsene.

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I am absolutely devastated this morning, I have a hollow feeling inside me that I thought I would never have again, the problem is that unlike Charlton Athletic who can’t get the best, we can and didn’t, again.

We don’t have the sort of money that Mark Hughes has at City, granted, but we did have the £40 million he gave us, but the manager in his wisdom decided that what we had was good enough.

This time last year when we got beaten by Fulham, I wrote a post called ‘The Emperor has no clothes on’ well 12 months on and nothings has changed, he still persists with players in the team that are just not good enough. One, Denilson can’t even speak English, how does that work then.

This team isn’t let down by the players that aren’t good enough, it’s let down by the man who seems to own Arsenal football club, and that hurts. I said don’t get carried away when we blitzed hapless Everton, then we played ManU and lost, now we played their half witted cousins and lost again, yest I know we didn’t have our best players playing but that will happen all season, thank goodness Man City had the same problem or it could have been a cricket score.

Our second string players should be better, there is no excuse, we had at least £40 million to spend and even though we knew we had lost Djourou for the season, chose not to.

Arshavin, Eduardo and Rosicky will be injured a lot, we should plan for that, we didn’t and through the belligerence of our manager we will now have a season of great one minute and shit the next.

I chose to write this today as yesterday I was very, very angry, today I am just fed up. I wont mark the whole team, but I will single our my men of the match.

Almunia 0 – He is simply a clown, never has and never will be good enough for the team, Jens had him right, why do we persist with such a hapless keeper.

Denilson 0 – Just not good enough for a team like Arsenal, can’t be arsed to learn English and that says enough for me.

Song 5 – Takes the credit for their second goal, I know he tries but again, he’s not good enough to be in this team. He makes too many mistakes where it counts just like Senderos did.

Diaby 3 – Another that flatters to deceive, one good game, 3 bad ones and at this level it’s not good enough.

Eboue 3 – An adequate right back but that’s all, too often a makeweight in midfield because the manager likes him, not good enough.

Clichy 5 – Bad game but so did Cesc, I think he’s a class act but too often his errors cost us goals, Wenger needs to have a word, or give the job to Gibbs.

I know a lot of our players didn’t turn up, a lot did and Rosicky had a blinder, but project youth has failed and it’s too late to do anything now.

Wenger has too much power at this football club, he’s a great coach, but someone needs to tell him to buy some decent players, because the ones he has are simply not good enough, I am getting too old to go through yet another season watching us compete for nothing.

I am still numb, I have been kind today, I will let the 3 people I yellow carded back on today but please understand we don’t want to be lectured to, come on and have fun, don’t come on and look for a row.

Have a nice Sunday Grovers, my weekend has been ruined.

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  1. ikon

    GG9, they have every reason to talk like that. We gave the the reasons.

    And Ethan the only reason our defense pushes up in attacks is that our attacks were coming to nothing against city that day. Ade on the other hand was just terrorising our defense.

    I could not help but notice how professional Vermaelen seems on the pitch. Gallas and Ade was a mismatch, hence Vermaelen decided to mark him in the middle of the game. It was still a size mismatch, but that guy Vermaelen was wining almost every fucking header. We need more Vermaelens in the middle.

  2. iceman

    Forget Denilsong/Eboue.
    We’ll win nada with that clown in goal.
    He’s a liability. Period!!
    We only got him coz some second rate Spanish club didn’t have money to pay us.
    FFS!! Why is he still on? Why is he still no.1?
    It’s plain ridiculous.
    And it’s sad that NOTHING can be done about it till Jan.

  3. ethangunner


    i agree , due to ineffective strikers ..
    you cant blame gallas pushing up, he feels he has more of a chance than half the strikers @ scoring ..

    but really!!! dudu on the bench and rosicky in well after half time ..

    wenger you might as well shoot yourself in the bollocks , naming that line up !

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    ikon, if The Club would let the Uzbek spend some of that har earned readies, then talk is all man city will have. Why won’t The Club let this Uzbek gentleman do what he is so desperate to do. Its got me stuffed.

  5. ikon

    More than having Dudu and Rosicky on the bench I think playing Bendtner wide didnt fire that day. Bendtner did absolutely nothing that day. Not to mention Fabregas looked lost too.

    But who can blame Cesc when he has to play with Song and Denilson and Diaby and not Rosicky, Arshavin or someone like Hleb and Flamini.

    3 goals were from counter attacks, had our defense not been so adventurous we would have not conceeded those.

  6. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    I do derived a lot of heart with our performance against Manure,without fabregas

    and when we were 4-1 down against city,we fought and created enough chances to level…that is heartening to see too,especially with so AA,nasri,walcott,vela out

  7. ikon

    Sabeel, the fact that it required us to go 4 down to get the urgency that we should have had from the beginning itself, speaks volumes about the self motivational levels of the current crop.

    A few simple steps can bring great improvements in the side.

    Train Bendtner to play in the middle, with the simple job of latching on to whatever ball comes his way, and hold on to it for at least the time when others join in attack. Another thing is his heading. While his heading in opp D is okay, his winning of long balls is aweful. I noticed for about 10 times he jumps up and the ball passes over his head when he comes down. His jump timings are aweful to say the least.

    2ndly please dont play all of Diaby, Denilson, Song. Song looks the most intelligent in terms of reading the flow of the game, and Diaby looks the dumbest.
    Denilson is a bit of both, he is an enigma. The only thing I can think of which is keeping him in this side is the stats that Arsene has with him. I would not play him if Song is fit and playing.

    Maybe Senderos would give an option in the CDM role. Although he is error prone, him playing a little up front than back four will enable him to cover lost ground, and I think he will come pretty good in this position. Arsene played him in that position in the pre season games, and I think he looked pretty good.

    Finally, please pray that Nasri, Rosicky are back and stay fit for most parts of the season.

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    Sky Sports

    Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor does not believe he should be banned following his behaviour in Saturday’s victory over former club Arsenal

    Ha ha 6 of the best for you dumbphuck. Whos laughing now!!Squeal like a pig you renagade 😆

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    ….the good thing about this Arsenal reject is that his brain dead acts will shift the focus from Eduardo. Ha Ha Ha!!! The idiot has done us a favour.


    Now send the scouts out Le Gaffer & bolster the squad, coz the focus is still on you with most fans 🙂

  10. gnarleygeorge9


    It could be 2009, but more likely 2010, but you can bet that as soon as he is fit, we will lose AA23 or Cesc for 3 months. God its a battle to stay calm about this squad size 👿

  11. LAzer

    I spent the rest of the weekend trying to drown the pain of Friday, what a miserable nightmare that has been. I think probably nothing will take it away apart from coming on here and sharing thoughts with you all fellow gooners.

    Some observations from the game for me:

    RVP had an absolute crap game until his goal really. He could not hold the ball up and was physically not strong enough to hold off CBs. His link up play was woeful, we must have Bendtner in the middle of the attack upfront (and I think they sort of interchanged to that in the 2nd half). Problem is his pace is too slow to play on the wings as well so not sure where to go from there. But what he has in abundance is a penchant for the brilliant at times and at least he opened his account.

    Almunia is having a ‘mare of a start to the season, and it really goes back to preseason if everyone was paying attention, when he foolishly let a silly goal in vs. training team. His concentration levels are horrendus at the moment, I am losing my very little faith to being with fast.

    Wenger’s substitutions were timely but drastic I felt. I did not think it was wise to replace three defensive players, two in midfield, against a strong counter-attacking unit.

    Also, Adebayor was clearly able to get under our skins. Song tried to lash out at him after the RVP incident and earned a yellow (good to see teammates fighting for eachother but at least foul the chap properly) but then for me lost all concentration in the game and allowed Micah Richards to set up the 2nd goal shortly after. That’s very naive in my opinion. The likes of Veira would never allow that to happen, he may get his revenge but would not lose concentration like that.

    Diaby was not all that bad for me, but his learning curve mentally I must say is very slow. He has the physical aspects and can boss the park but can’t make a decision to save his life on the pitch nor a simple pass usually. But I think in this game we cannot lay the blame on the usual suspects. Song, Denilson and Diaby were not so guilty for me, RVP had a very poor game upfront, Bendtner is toothless as a right attacker in a 4-3-3, Cesc was jaded and did not create much at all, and big Al pretty much single handedly cost us the tie.

  12. ikon

    Wenger talked about putting the fire Ade was on. We might have just did that, albeit in not a way we would have liked. But the twat was playing till now only to prove “a point” to the fans. He did everything he had planned for.

    1. Step on Cesc’s ankle
    2. Step on VP face.
    3. Score a goal
    4. Celebrate in front of the Arsenal fans.

    His whole season is over in just 90 minutes. It will be interesting to see how he motivates himself now. I bet he will be running in dry patches now.

  13. Geoff

    I believe in this squad, it has great spirit and it doesn’t get enough credit, someone told me the average age was 23.9 and that’s why I sent Arshavin to play for Russia, to get the average age down to 20.3

  14. lc

    Eboue had nothing to do with that defeat. I know what Eboue will give us going forward if he had a chance to start. Song was our best player even if he failed to stop Wright Philip. He wasn’t the last defender. Clichy was responsible of at least two goals, losing the ball when there was no danger in losing it. I said this and I will always said it; we will never win a game like this with Diaby in the team. He has no football brain. He doesn’t even know how to cover his full-back. He was a repeat of the game we’ve lost to Liverpool by the same score two years back, the same Diaby being selected ahead of Rosicky. Our game had got better; but when you are shasing a game with a man like Diaby who has no positioning sense, you are running higher risk in conceding more goals, and it’s what happened.
    But I blame 100% AW. His substitution helped City seal the win. Diaby should have been off, not Song. Denilson was playing well; Fabregas was the player who was looking like he had no energy to frighten City going forward. But, yet again, the lightweight issue was loud and clear on Saturday. Goals change games. If you, Arsene you don’t know this, I think you are in trouble in keeping playing RVP ahead of Eduado most of the times. Eduardo needs only one or two chances to score while RVP needs four or five before scoring one. It’s been two to three months now until he had to score one Saturday. How are we going to win anything with a striker like that? Many fans have been blaming our defending, but you have no one up front to score a goal, you give a big boost to your oponent to have a go at you. Our current strikers don’t scare any defender.
    We’ve played against United with Eboue and Denilson you are burning right now and we’ve dominated the game; but we’ve lost it as the result of Diaby’s own goal and Almunia stupid rush to give away a penalty. Fabregas is becoming a concern in my opinion, as what happens on Saturday remembers me the same thing that happened toward the end of last season when he came back from injury.