T-day 2009 – Whose coming in then… a striker, midfielder or defender?

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Good morning Grovers!

I’d like to sit here and tell you that we’re currently in talks with a tough tackling centre midfielder to compete with Song and Denilson, I’d also like to tell you we’re in for a young powerful centre back who can compete for a place this year… and maybe striker could come in.

Sadly I can’t… this could be one of the most miserable T-days of the last 4 years. There’s no one on the horizon… no leaks and no airport sightings. I think the only player who may have a chance of turning up at Emirates is Chamakh… but with Bordeaux playing hard ball, that seems ever more unlikely.

Last year I stayed up late with the Grovers to see if we were going to sign anyone… and we didn’t. This year, I don’t know whether I’ll bother. I still think Wenger is putting the season on the line with a bare bones squad again… I think he needs a defensive midfielder and a centre back… but if he has the confidence to roll with it, we’ll just have to bite our bottom lip and hope the performances continue as they have been.

Geoff told me someone high up at Arsenal told him that Arsenal were planning to be debt free within the next two years… could the millions we were paid for Ade and Toure find their way to paying off another chunk of the loan? We’ll see when the financials get released in October!

I do wish Arsene would stop whining about ‘anti-football‘… it’s a bit embarrassing when the coach of Arsenal complains that teams don’t play to Arsenal’s strengths. The English game has never been solely about one touch short passing… if you look through all the leagues, there is always an element of crunching tackles and physical play. I didn’t think Arsenal were bullied the other day and I thought the fact that we were the better team would have been enough for most fans to take away from the game. Now he’s brought up the bullying affair again and people like Ian Wright are jumping on the ‘Arsenal wimps’ bandwagon… which is completely untrue in my eyes.

In other news, Eduardo is to be hung drawn and quartered at high noon next Tuesday over his gross sporting misconduct last week. In other more hilarious news… McGeady was sent off this weekend for diving. Even funnier than that is Gordon Smith’s refusal to condemn McGeady despite rubber stamping Eduardo’s impending execution. What a hypocrite!

So, we’ve got two weeks of minimal news stories… I would guess 90% of what comes out of newsnow will be Adebayor related… we’ll have 100 excuses as to why he was so shocking last year, how it was the fans fault he fluffed his line, the fans fault he strayed offside 8 times a game, how it was Willy G’s fault he head butted Nik B and how it was the ball boys fault he ended up sleazing himself out to Milan for a whole summer… what a joyous two weeks we’re in for!

See you in the comments!

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  1. Honest Bill

    I will only be happy if we mount a serious challenge for the Prem and CL. It would be nice to win the CL as we’ve never achieved it before, and also it does wonders for the club’s global prestige.

    But the prem is the true test of our team, and if we don’t mount a serious title challenge then we can’t call ourselves the best

  2. ReVELAtion


    Good snippets about tonights reserve game and the quality we have in our reserve and youth set up…

    Funny, we do have an embarrasment of players waiting for a chance, but in todays football you really do need that quality and experience to win trophies blended with the youthful talent…

    Another problem we now have is that there are not really any trophy winners in our team to have been there, done it and to help lead us over the finish line. Vieira could have been a masterstroke thinking about it now even though i was heavilly against the move initially.

  3. SV

    I think the EPL is much easier twin than the CL. In the leaague, you cn afford to lose 4-5 games and to drow another 4-5 and still win. However, I do not see Chelsey losing points against the weaker teams. So, our best prospect is the 2 place, and I would take it now. Although improved, I do not think we are ready to win yet. There is still this mental instability. Is it due to inexperience which can be rectified or something deaper?

  4. A

    Reva it’s the same for every team though – Utd have to rely on Rooney, Vidic, Ferdinand staying fit every season, and Ronaldo previously, Liverpool Gerrard and Torres, Chelsea Terry, Lampard, Drogba, if any of those players had gotten an Eduardo/Rosicky type injury, then the last few years for them would have been a totally different story.

    Likewise Barca with Messi, Etoo, Iniesta, Xavi.

    No club has reserves who are as good as their best players.

    We now have massive attacking/creative depth though, more than anyone else in England, or Barca, and that’s where we’ve fallen short in recent years.

    Injuries to Rosicky, Eduardo, VP, Cesc with noone half decent to come in for them has buggered us.

    Now we need three times the injuries to put us in the same situation!

    2 years ago we had Hleb, Rosicky, Cesc, Ade, Eduardo who could start and perform at the top level

    Last season we had Nasri, Cesc, Ade, Theo, Bendy, VP

    Now we have Cesc, Nasri, Rosicky, Arshavin, Theo, Vela, VP, Bendtner, Eduardo, and Wilshere, Ramsey and Merida aren’t far away from being able to make a big difference, I’d say they’re at the level theo and bendy were 2 years ago, not starting but able to make sub appearances and make an impact.

    Our depth now going forward is like nothing we’ve had before, it would take unprecedented amounts of injuries to leave us fucked in that department as we have been in recent seasons!!

  5. Metal Gear

    I hate hearing people go on about Wilshere, Merida and Vela as 2 justify Wenger not signing any1. Wenger plays his favorites and always has done Eboue, Denilson and Bendtner are his lovechildren there is no strength in depth cuz Wenger contradicts himself by saying he has faith in his young players but when there are injuries he not only refuses 2 play his most promising young talents but when he does play the likes of Bendtner he plays them out of position.

  6. simon mcmahon

    The problem i have with today is that wenger has missed the boat again , yes we will have options in two weeks time but that is in the attacking third.
    A DM is neede what happen in january even if song plays a blinder in every game he will go to the ACN , then what diaby, !!!!!!!!!!!!
    please he demonstrated his lack of a football brain with his performance on saturday this is becoming a habit one week playing like PV04, the next like Robbie Savage.
    AT the back this is where our weakness’s lie , the normal starting back four , GOOD the verminator excellent , COVER BLOOODY HELL injury hit JD 20 , THE SONG PROJECT ,Brainless EE,Gibbs is a STAR,
    and the SPANISH WAITER M.A.. who on saturday taking the not penalty out, was an accident waiting to happen , wandering around the Penalty Box,
    JOKERS !!!!
    They continue to take the mickey!!
    HILL WOOD TELL US THAT THE Money wasnt spent on the loan .Of the Grove .

  7. A

    Somehow missed out VP from 2 years ago, but the point is the same, we’ve really got a hell of a lot more depth than we ever have done before in those areas.

    Even defensively we’ve got more depth than we ever have before!

    Gallas, Vermaelen, Senderos, JD, Silvestre, Song

    The invincibles just had Cygan as the 3rd choice centre back, then a geriatric Keown who was silvestre like and couldn’t run, and tavlaridis or stepanovs!

    Eboue and Gibbs/Traore to come in at full back too!

    The only position that injuries would really cripple us is at DM, that’s somewhere we couldn’t cope

  8. A

    simon mcmahon i’m guessing that if cameroon qualify for the African Nations Wenger will use the time in January before it begins to buy a DM. Unless Coquelin is so incredible in the league cup he shows he’s ready to step in

  9. ReVELAtion

    A – You really do need a strong spine to your team to win and think we still lack that…

    Almunia is a moot point for many. I still think we need a top class international keeper. Almunia is by no means a duffer, but in those really tight games can he keep them out if we can’t score to kill the game off or under the cosh?? I tend to sway more to the no than yes variety.

    Then depending on how you look at it Cesc or Song.. Cesc being the heartbeat of the side, we’ll go with him for arguements sake. To his credit Song is doing a fine job in breaking up play and laying it off (Vastly important in a 4-3-3) also IMO.
    If you are going to play him though you need better than Diaby and Denilson pulling the strings going forward as Song will not do any of that.. Nasri and Rosicky kind of nullify that arguement and then with all that quality we don’t really have a problem..
    Unless you still think we should have better then Song (Which some still do). Personally i’m happy for him to continue his development, but we need someone else there then who can do his job. Diaby, for me, is not a consistent performer and let’s himself down on too regular an occasion meaning we need better in there.

    Up front is a strange one. Van Persie i’d say was our focal point now, but it isn’t working, for me anyway. As you have already stated earier it allows him to drop deep and play others in which the 3 assists thus far vindicate. But generally the focal point up top is your goalscorer. is he that now with the 17 from last season, his most prolific to date? I dunno…
    There is Eduardo also, but he isn’t a confirmed starter, although it could just be he is being eased back in gently.

    Do i think we need another striker? As with previous title winning team i’d like to think we have a striker that scores 25+ a season. Do we have that now? Over to you Ed…

  10. Metal Gear

    A your confusing quantity with quality I agree the full backs are fine however Senderos, Song and Silvestre 4 CB back up you’re having a laugh son. Maybe DJ just maybe.

    DM no fukin way would I trust Denilson 2 protect the back 4 Song is good enough but if he gets injured then what? And in January he’ll be off 2 the ACN and the fact Gooners rarely mention Diaby when it comes 2 DM role says it all.

    And are you really comfortable with this above average GK and worst then that an erratic young Fabianski I’m sorry you’re being far 2 optimistic and I find it difficult 2 tolerate.

  11. A

    I dunno Reva, I don’t think we do – the way in which we’re playing now is pretty much total football, I think we’ll score more goals altogether than we have in the last five seasons, but I don’t know if there’ll be any one striker who’ll score 25+ goals, but VP, Bendtner, Arshavin, Eduardo will all get around the 15-20 mark, and Vela, Theo, Cesc, Nasri will all get 5-10.

    I wouldn’t have minded another Chamakh, as a squad player to join the rotation, but I really don’t think we need a prolific striker, unless we could find an Henry who could be prolific whilst also being a superb all round player, and I’m not sure there are any of those around!

    I agree about the strong spine thing to an extent, Almunia certainly doesn’t instil confidence as Lehmann and Seaman did, though Vermaelen/Gallas are superb, and Song is really growing into his role and will be good foil for Cesc, and although I think VP is working well in a team sense he isn’t someone you’d include in a strong spine.

    That spine isn’t a problem though in the smaller games, and those are where I expect the title to be won and lost, and that’s why I expect it to be won by us there – we’ve just got too much going forward for the rest to handle! A spine is important in a real battle, the big matches, and that’s another reason I’m a little less optimistic about the Champions League.

    I agree about the pulling the strings, Song with Denilson and Diaby just won’t work in that sense, because there is noone who’s capable of pulling the strings there. All three can function with others in a good midfield mix, but not together.

    It is a rarity that we’ll see it though. If any of Nasri, Rosicky, or Cesc had been fit it wouldn’t have happened, and I also really believe that in 2/3 months, or even now at home, or in a game against anyone outside the top 4 Ramsey or Merida would have started to do that job, but just this early in the season, in that situation, they weren’t quite ready.

  12. goonermichael

    Isn’t it weird when we lost at ot last year almunia was m o m and kept it to 1 nil and this year he cost us the game probably

  13. simon mcmahon

    A, Thats a massive gamble , what happens now if song gets an injury,
    denilson cant do it!!!!!

  14. A

    Metal I rate Senderos and Song over JD.

    Look at the invincibles squad – Cygan was the first sub if anyone got injured, after that Keown who was completely done! Our current back up is far far superior to that imo!

    I’d have Senderos/JD/Song over Evans at Utd too.

    Again though in the big games it would worry me those players, which is why I’m dubious about us in the bigguns, or champs league, but they’re more than good enough to play and win against anyone outside the top 4, which is why I’m very confident in the league.

  15. ReVELAtion

    Talking of Coquelin. He must be close to training and being involved with the first team surely. Another quality performance today. Merida was superb aswell. Surely he has got to be sniffing about for an inclusion instead of Diaby..

    Some might say that is harsh, but for all the good things Diaby does he does an awful lot of things poorly like trying to dribble out of trouble in dangerous areas and going off on a wander when we need to stay compact. He doesn’t offer any creativity in a pass or final ball and doesn’t offer a goal threat regardless of the 2 against pompey.

  16. A

    simon coquelin is developing at a scary rate, he isn’t far away in terms of his physicality. We’ll see that in the league cup though. What’s up with the caps lock?!

    Denilson can do it, but he isn’t going to dominate against the big boys, though more than adequate to beat the smaller clubs. If both he and Song got injured I even think Diaby would be capable of doing that role against the smaller teams.

  17. A

    Reva Diaby is a real enigma, gotta disagree about the goal threat, his power offers a goal threat against absolutely anyone, but his lack of tactical awareness, and decision making, shocking passing etc will prevent him ever fulfilling awesome early potential. I do feel that Merida must be getting closer and closer to really being involved with the first team, though he has Ramsey to contend with as well as Wilshere!

  18. ReVELAtion

    A @ 00:20 – *thumbs up* Spot on there. You really are Mr. Arsenal mate, backing the boys to do well to the hilt. Although some find your positivity often grating i’ll say it’s refreshing to the mild cynic that I am.

    I hate international breaks & transfer windows, gives some a chance to have a right old whinge, but 4 games in, a luvly CL draw and returning stars it’s all still nice vibes without any signings at arsenal baby, yeah. Hopefully we can banish all the eminating downcast mood again with a storming performance against City. Until then I bid you adieu.

  19. A

    I wouldn’t go that far Reva – I consider myself to be very objective and rational in my analysis, rather than a propaganda machine!

    I agree about the international breaks and transfer windows, now the reserve game’s done with there’s nothing for 12 days! Very frustrating, though hopefully Wilshere will get an u21 run out, though unlikely with pearce managing!

    Anyways, toodles

  20. Jimbo

    Fuck the team, frankly.

    Well, not all of it, but a good fucking portion of those cuntbags can fuck off and play for Atletico Madrid or whoever it is will take them off their hands.

    Frankly, we’d be better as a team if we sold Denilson, Eboue and Diaby without even replacing the cock-bags. Those three are a fucking liability when they’re even within sight of the pitch. I actually hate watching Arsenal when those three are playing.

  21. Jimbo

    Honestly, it’s hard to get excited about any of the youngsters when you know that:

    a) Wengker will sell a major player to accommodate them (I’m thinking Arshavin will go next summer so as not to ‘kill’ Wilshere). Fuck knows who else, with maniac Wenger.

    b) No matter how good they are, they’ll only ever play in half a team, because the cunt Wengker will still be obsessing over playing one of his fucking favourites instead of actually picking on merit.

    We’ll always be 2/3 of a side under Wengker the Wanker.

  22. Ja_Gunner

    Well A I think thats what Wenger plans to do when Song goes to the ACN….

    Its obvious Denilson alone cant manmge for so many weeks..so he will probably use Diaby as another DM option til Song comes back…..

    Maybe u see lineups like this



    As long as DIaby does not go off strolling too far……he would be an imposing figure for opposing midfielders to get around……

  23. Zorr0

    Jimbo, how did he look like a cunt? You really can be a twat at times!

    Looks like no sense will be talked from now on, so au revoir!

  24. luke

    Im not bummed we didnt sign anyone out there. There wasn’t really anyone I wanted except for subotic but he was 18 million and definately not worth it for a backup. Think senderos and djourou will do fine as backup, unless verym and gallas get hurt…let us pray. Chamakh didnt offer us anything we didnt already have…a tall striker who isnt clinical and good at build up…sounds like nikki to me.

  25. Jimbo

    How did he look like a twat?

    What, you think he looked cool standing on top of the tunnel? What a prick, thniks he’s bigger than the game, and can’t even manage his own club semi-competently.

    The sooner he fucks off, the better it will be for everyone, and if he takes cuntbags like Silvestre, Eboue, Denilson, Almunia and Diaby with him, to ruin whatever club is foolish enough to give this moron the opportunity next, then frankly it will be like all of our christmases have come at once.

    Fuck off Wenger, you arrogant fucking prick.

  26. luke

    Jimbo-he looked fucking punk rock up there. If officials are going to kick him out for kicking an empty water bottle with 30 seconds left in a game, and tell him to “go to the stands” what would you have him do. He had every right to be pissed…rooney went down easy, we didnt get a penalty, diaby (need I say more). I was proud to see him up there. If anything, it was solace for our loss to me. How is that arrogant? Did the officials really expect him to walk all the way around the field to the tunnel, or go in the stands?

  27. Jimbo

    Proud to see Wenger stand up and be laughed at by the entire footballing world? Ok then, well, whatever gets you off.

    His antics, as ever, are a disgrace to football (which, co-incidentally, is exactly what we said about Mourinho when he engaged in similar sorts of antics), as are his nonsense speeches about hard tackles. He’s full of shit, and needs to be removed from the game.

  28. Jimbo

    Anyway, never mind, I’m very, very confident that we’ll be able to force the imbecile out at the end of this season. A few more dodgy home performances, and Wenger will get his monstrous fucking ego booed out of town.

    Cannot wait.

  29. luke

    Agree to disagree there. I would hardly put Wenger in with mourinho. I dont see how you call Wenger’s actions “antics”. He had nowhere to go, and it was a satire on the refs, who fucking couldn’t hate us more. They told him to go to the stands and he fucking went, he didn’t care if he would be mocked, and that is what a man does. I am saddened by the loss, but I still think we have a chance this year. Utd looked horrible and we all saw how poor utd did with the top 4 last year and how far ahead of us they finished. If we can continue our good form against lower level teams, we have a good shot this year.

  30. goonermichael

    Jimbo he got an apology. How funny to see you back after we lose and the window’s closed. who’d have thunked it!

  31. A

    lol Jimbo is like the village idiot, he is to le grove what father jim is to father ted

    ja I dunno if that is what Wenger is planning, I reckon it’s more likely that he’s waiting to see if Cameroon qualify first, which is far from a foregone conclusion, and if they do then come January he’ll have seen if Diaby can cope with the Song role, or if not there’s plenty of time then to bring someone in.

  32. Marv Tha' Gooner


    I have figured out where all our transfer money is going……

    It’s financing the perpetual HALF PRICE sale at DFS!!!!

  33. luke

    im back…cant live w/o my grove. I kind of wish we sucked it up and bought the hunter. It might not have been the most efficient buy, but we really like a scary CF. He is tall, and clinical and finds the back of the net. He was overpriced though. Has anyone seen him at milan?

  34. A

    He does make some incredible saves Pat, if only he wasn’t injury prone he’d be top class and playing for a decent side, rather than the Scottish league’s David James.

  35. Metal Gear

    A sorry I came off the computer during that discussion I’m willing 2 continue this discussion by first addressing your point earlier about Cygan being back up during the invincible era as 2 justify Senderos and Co being o.k 4 back up first and foremost the league was not as tough as it is now and secondly the Invincibles we’re a much much better attacking team then this current team.

  36. Metal Gear

    As 4 your recent point on Diaby that’s the whole problem we don’t have time 2 experiment whether Diaby can cope or not and what if Song gets injured? Wenger as really put himself on the chopping block this season.

  37. A

    The invincibles were a better attacking team, I wouldn’t say much better though let alone much much better! I’d rather have our back up defenders that Utd’s, and they won the title last year….

    We have backup centre backs who could certainly play and we could win the title, but they aren’t at a level which would necessarily fill me with confidence in a champions league knockout game, or against the big boys if a couple of them had to play together.

  38. Pat

    A, Boruc is almost always fit. Milan and Bayern wanted him after Dida lost form and Kahn retired, but Celtic valued him at 15 million pounds which is a lot for a keeper. He has had 1 bad season in his career. Take that out and he’s consistently one of the best keepers in the world.

  39. A

    Metal talking about the African Nations we have plenty of time, we’ve got 5 months! Denilson is good enough to play for the first half of the season anyways if Song got injured, we’d still beat the teams outside the top 4 comfortably with him in the side.

    James makes spectacular saves, but has horrific moments as well, there aren’t really any good keepers in the prem now though.

  40. Marv Tha' Gooner

    What makes me laugh is how many Fantastic Arsenal “Managers” there are out there.

    They seem to have GREAT personal insight into the workings of AFC and make great suggestions as to whom Wenger should sign, based in what some twat suggested on a blog.

    Always bleating the same names…Chamakh, Matiudi etc…

    Just cuz the media says we need to sign players dont mean we have to.

    Are they actually GOOD enough/priced right in Wengers opinion?

    There’s a great saying. Just cuz you put a turd in the oven. Dont make it a biscuit.

    Its AMAZING that when Wenger sold Henry how many people suggested a replacement called EDUARDO.. Erm NONE..

    Strange that….

  41. A

    Pat if he was close to one of the best in the world then he wouldn’t be at Celtic. They aren’t a club who could hold onto a top player if big boys really wanted him, Larsson only stayed because he built up such a rapport with the club, and they stood by him with his injury etc. Celtic don’t have the financial backing to reject a big offer for any player

  42. luke

    Marv- agreed. Chamakh didnt offer us anything that bendtner didnt give us. Matuidi is quite young and unproven. Those were really the only 2. I guess VDV but that was never going to happen.

  43. Metal Gear

    A I still don’t agree Senderos is just a liability the fact that no 1 wants him speaks volumes as 4 Silvestre well remember his performance against Liverpool? And a t

    A team that’s gone a whole season unbeaten compared 2 a team that has yet 2 win shit is enough 2 suggest the invincibles were a MUCH MUCH better attack team. When I write on blogs I honestly try my best not 2 exaggerate as I personally find it extremely agitating when I read shit that’s over the top.

  44. luke

    I miss nasri so much. Think he is my fav gooner currently. realising last year was his first season and how well he did, I cant wait to get him back into the starting eleven. Really think RVP has to move out to the right. Arshavin is a menace when he plays centrally and hangs outside the box.

  45. Marv Tha' Gooner

    @ Luke – VDV would had been good if we needed another Midfielder. I agree we could benefit a world class DM but they are in short supply.

    Song/Denilson/Diaby can do the job.

    Defensively, we have enough. Senderos, Silvestre, Djouro, Traore, Eboue.etc.. But another WORLD CLASS defender? Again, in short supply.

    I’m HAPPY we didnt take HANDYMAN from Fulham. He’s overrated and to slow for AFC football. Senderos is much better.

  46. A

    Yeah Metal Silvestre is a liability, Senderos was superb for us time and time again, he had mares against Liverpool and was raped by Drogba a couple of times, but people forget that and just focus on his bad games. The last season he was with us he was imo our best centre back, better than Toure and Gallas, up to the Liverpool game. He’s more than good enough to play in the league, but again would be a worry in the big games.

    Well Metal that is an exageration! You can’t say how much better the invincibles were until the end of this season, whether or not this team has won anything yet is completely and utterly irrelevant, the season’s only just started so we couldn’t have won anything so far, and this isn’t the same team as last year!

    I expect this side to score a similar number of goals as the invincibles did.

  47. Pat

    Chamakh is a much better target man than Bendtner. There isn’t anyone better in the air thna Chamakh imo. He’s probably better than Morientes was in the air.

  48. Marv Tha' Gooner

    LUKE – See my point. The best DM’s are like rocking horse shit.

    SONG is rapidly turning into one. Then watch the “Managers” jump to Wengers defence.

    All aboard… LOL!!!

  49. A

    Pat Given is a good keeper, but not THAT good. He makes more mistakes than people think, but people forget about them. Remember when Mourinho’s research notes were leaked before the game against Newcastle – they pointed out Given as mistake prone and a weakness.

    He is one of the best in the prem, though there aren’t any really good keepers in the prem so that isn’t hard. All of the keepers at the top end of the prem are much of a muchness, so they havn’t played for top clubs because the top clubs didn’t need them, and they would’ve cost a lot.

    The best keeper in the prem currently is Reina imo, but he’s far from amazing.

    The last top keeper in the prem was Cech before his injury, and before that Lehmann

  50. luke

    fabianski looked great at valencia. He saved david villa s PK. too bad hes hurt! Think I would rather him than Almoooonia in our goal

  51. luke

    Really though…


    Subs: Senderos,Gibbs, Ebway,Rosicky,Nikki/Vela/Eddie, Diaby

  52. Pat

    Marv, never sia dChamakh was profilic. In the air he is, but not on the ground. We cross the ball a lot so he’d benefit.

  53. Pat

    Luke, Nasri ahead of Rosicky?!?!?!?!?!?! Rosicky is back. The injury he had now was expected and it not part of his constant injuries around the tendon area

  54. Marv Tha' Gooner

    LOL@ Luke’s team…. SAGNA is good but can he play on BOTH wings at the same time?

    @ Pat All good bro. I hear ya.

  55. luke

    I would be tempted to play Nasri ahead of Rosicky, depends on both of their form…Why does it look like were selling the russian?

  56. David

    Hasri is a first teamer…if Denilson can start every game then so should Nasri….he’s going to be our best player for a long time….better than Cesc…and Cesc will be off soon soo….

  57. Marv Tha' Gooner

    People really can’t see Wenger’s pattern. He buys who fits the team PERIOD not the other way around.

    EVERYONE in the media was saying VERMINATOR was not good enough. Too short, coming from a weak league.

    Wenger proved em wrong.

  58. luke

    David-100% agreed. Nasri is my fav gooner right now. Cant wait until he is back. Last year was only his first season and he was our best midfielder. Cant wait to see him play again.

  59. David

    What i dont like is that i didnt see us creating alot of chances despite us dominating the United game…maybe it had something to do with Diaby or Eboue playing but even when we played pompey it did take a bit of magic from Eduardo to get past his man and slide in a killer for diaby to finish off.

  60. Marv Tha' Gooner

    I think Wengers pulling and ARSHA and Get Chamakh on the cheap in Jan. He’s a free agent end of the season Bordeux will bottle it for some cash.

    Us or the Hammers? No contest..

  61. A

    David obviously Wenger rates him as a target man, in terms of holding the ball up, and his aerial ability, I can’t think of many better in the prem, Berbatov perhaps, Drogba though he’s better at scoring in the air rather than holding the ball up, bout it. We don’t play with a target man though so he isn’t played as a target man

  62. David

    yea luke i freaking love Nasri…i have a thing for 2 footed players….my only problem is that when he played in france he played without fear and could beat his man with his technical footwork…but he played overly cautious this first year i dont know why….maybe it has something to do with our training?

  63. David

    Lol A,

    Even Pedro would take issue with that statement…because whenever Bendy has played target man he’s been nothing short of embarrassing. Hence the fact that Wenger no longer plays him there!

  64. luke

    I didnt mind that so much. He probably wanted to get accustomed to the league. I would expect more of that this year as he knows what he is up against.

  65. A

    David I think it has to do with the Prem requiring more power than the French league, I think he’ll adapt and this season he’ll be better than last season. Pires was the same when he first arrived, didn’t really go past people in the same way, until he’d developed that power. I expect the same with Nasri

  66. luke

    David- he isnt a target man, but I like Bendy out right so we can play long balls into him, and he can pass it off. Worked really well in the past.

  67. A

    David we don’t have a target man, we don’t play a target man, so noone will play there!!

    Bendtner’s link and hold up play has never ever been embarrassing, it’s the rest of his game that has! His hold up play against Utd last season was absolutely exceptional, but the rest of his game was atrocious, and as such he was slated, even though imo the big difference between us holding on against utd, and failing to against pompey, was because when the ball was hoofed away bendy held it up, drove into the opposition half, before missing a sitter, or kicking it off the pitch, whereas against spuds everytime the ball was cleared ade could never ever take it down or hold it up in any way!

  68. zeus

    Every1 should just relax. We can’t do anything about transfers now. Right now we should all just become emotionally detached somewhat. We live in the real world; a world where we have to make mortgage payments and student loans, where our significant others a pains in the ass that we can’t seem to live without, where no matter how hard you work you can’t seem to get ahead. The rich gets richer and we get poorer WHILE the players make tens of thousands per week, and Arsene make 4+ million pounds per year. If he aint worrying, then fuck it, I have my own problems to deal with and the frustration from Arsenal won’t help my cause.

  69. freduardo

    am i correct in thinkin that eduardo will be suspended for our game with S liege but Witsel is eligible to play?? if so, what a world we live in, what a sport we love, and what a pile of shite waste of time uefa is.

  70. David

    We dont play with a target man in the 4-3-3 but these players have been so used to playing it with Ade that they sometimes do it in a match to VP and it fails consistenly.

    One thing I like about you A is that with the players you like you seem to have a very short memory when they perform absolutely atrociously.
    Yes. I would admit Bendy had a good game against United. That was due to the fact that he got into good positions behind the defenders even though he couldnt and still cant score to save his life. Diaby and Cesc ran the show…and Nasri scored the goals. It is easy to look good when the whole team is playing well. As far as holding up the ball at the top man Bendy is absolutely swipe garbage. He cant do it. And has failed consistently. Against United he didnt hold the ball up well he dropped deep much like he plays for the International team and passed out wide…

    When we played in the 4-5-1 last season…you will discover that the team suffered when Bendy played in the lone striker position. So many examples….Boro away when Ade came off the bench for Nikk to score 2…Liverpool away when NIkk was the lone striker he was absolutely atrocious…so much so that Wenger decided to start playing him out wide since then….

    I obviously think he is shite in everygame he plays…he might make one or two good passes but the boy cant score to save his life….You dont have to take my baised opinion about what ive written up there tho even tho ever word of it is true…Read the match reports..


  71. zeus

    @ David, sadly I couldn’t agree more. And is it just me or iss it that he can’t manage his own body weight? Whenever I think of Niklas, my mind instantly goes back to the CL vs Liverpool when Cesc toepocks the ball goalwards and he couldn’t get out the way.I look at some of the big guys in the game, Ibra, Iaquinta, Edin Dzeko and i just can’t get why Bendtner is so cumbersome.

  72. David


    In all fairness he has improved abit but at a very slow rate…He is still missing chances after a FULL SEASON…he hasnt gotten much better in that department..so im going to be patient and ride it out and just wait for him to prove my point. These people will still make excuses for him tho.

    That game is particularly painful for me. It juss sums up the boys over general awareness to stop a sure goal at the touchline.

    I wanted a striker so badly now we have to deal with this idiot as a first teamer.

  73. zeus

    Bendtner’s supporters need to understand why he has so many detractors and skeptics. You look around at the young players in our squad and you see Wilshere, Ramsey, Vela, Fran Merida and you think how rapid their development progresses and then there’s Bendtner whose progression is very sluggish. I’ve no doubt that Vela given as many opportunities would would fare much better than Niklas anytime.

  74. zeus

    Hehe…..He got more games because his physical frame makes him more prepared for the rigors of the league. Ironically his body type makes him less suited to our style of play since he is so cumbersome, a double edged sword if you will.

  75. nishanth

    On the night, the referee awarded a penalty and he stood by his decision when questioned later about the incident. Yet UEFA’s disciplinary inspector ignored him and, instead, spoke only to the referee’s observer before issuing the charge last Friday.

    It actually goes against a FIFA ruling which states the referee’s word is final if the man in black says he has already dealt with the incident – something we have seen so many times when the FA have declared themselves powerless to act because the match officials had seen it for themselves.

    Eduardo must be wondering if the world has gone mad. After all, what punishment did Martin Taylor receive for breaking his leg? Oh yes, that’s right. A three-match ban.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1210573/Matt-Lawton-Stamp-diving-make-sure-right-man.html?ITO=1490#ixzz0PuixvxSX

  76. nishanth

    Well transfer window has closed and wenger has not got the players we all wanted.Should forget about it and get behind the team.We should get back with a win against city.Otherwise all the negativity will creep back again

  77. lagooner

    To all of you who are bashing Arsene for not signing anyone, do any of you realize how short-sighted you are all being?

    This club has been around for 120 years. Fortunately, Wenger is the finest custodian of this club we have ever had. If any of you own a home, you should at least know why it might just make a little sense to pay down the debt and thereby reduce both our debt and annual interest payments.

    Miraculously, Wenger has been able to bring in 40 million from the sale of Kolo and Ade (let’s not forget that he made us about an 800% profit over what he bought them for) and he has still managed to pull together a tremendously talented squad that looks almost certain to improve over the next three seasons.

    We have signed a player in Vermaelen who looks like he can be our defensive leader for the next 7-10 years, and he’s joined in defence by a resurgent Gallas and two full-backs in Sagna and Clichy who should stay as the best full-back pair in the league for the next 5 years.

    In Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs and Vela we have the most talented under-21 quintet in world club football.

    We have two superstars in Arshavin and Fabregas and an established supporting cast (Van Persie, Eduardo, Nasri, Bendtner, Song, Denilson, Eboue, Djourou and Senderos) who continue to improve together as a unit.

    We have missed Rosicky, but most teams have had those setbacks over the last few years (for example A.Villa with Laursen, King for Tottenham).

    The negativity from some people on this blog is staggering. This is a very good team with a sound long-term future. Has Arsene really spoiled some of you that much that you can’t survive a quiet transfer deadline day?

  78. patthegooner

    Abnet, had all of those feelings at 5pm yesterday, but you have just got to go with it.

    There are positives as I said last night.

    1) Arshavin is here all season. I honestly believe we would be sat here as FA Cup Holders if he had played in that Semi.
    2) Song is now as good and has looked better than any of the DM we were linked with in the summer. We do need cover and I feel this is the major Gamble. If he gets injured we could be in trouble.
    3) Rosicky will be like a new signing. I hate that saying but it is true, he was not available all of last season and by having him around, once fit it should put an end to playing the likes of Diaby and Eboue on the LW and RW. He also brings a bit of experience to a Midfield that fell apart all too often last season.
    4) Cesc has regained a bit of form, lets hope he keeps it up
    5) Eduardo will be a 20 goal a season striker, but only if we stop pissing around with RVP. He may well be our most experienced player, but he is not playing that well. Put him in his preferred position and play Eduardo through the middle.
    6) Vermaelen is fast becoming a bit of a legend. Toure was no loss, he did not really do a lot last season, so to get 14m for him was great business. Verm is his direct replacement, and Senderos, Djourou and Song are in my mind better defensive cover than any other club in the PL.
    7) There can be no arguments in Jan. If we have not performed or in need of a boost, we will have 30m to spend. Maybe Matuidi or Chamakh in then for the final push.

    dont get me wrong, Wenger has taken a lot of risk in this strategy. If he gets it wrong, not only will the fans be right on his back, but so will the agents of Cesc, RVP, Arshavin, Sagna, Clichy etc demanding moves as the club are failing to match their ambitions.

    If the on-field performances had been poor up til now, then I think I would be a lot more pissed off, but the transformation in the way we play and the effort put in by the players is excellent. If we keep this up, I think we will iron out the sub-standard efforts put in against the likes of Villa, Hull, Stoke, Sunderland, Fulham and the points and confidence picked up there by both the players and the fans will put us in good stead against the top boys.

    I went into games against the top four last season, with a weird sense that we would beat them, but more down to luck and a hope that they would not turn up, but this season, having seen what I have from the rest of the PL, I dont think we have anything to fear going into any game……

  79. ArsenalKenya



  80. Confidentgoner


    Good formation you have put up there. Am convinced that wenger did not buy a cover for Song because he has lined up Senderous to play in the DM position when Song goes to ACN.

    These guys (Board and Wenger) are running the club on the cheap. Its really not fair to guys who pay a lot to watch Arsenal. And to think we rejected a proposal for equity injection?? wtf??? The Board’s only ambition is to b 4th and wenger thinks that with his current team he can get that, so why spend?

    Lets all hope that Lady Nina sells her holding to Usmanov to jumpstart a takeover. Once that happens, you will have a proper footy club and all nonesense will stop. Saly Stan has shown us that he is not the man to clean up Arsenal.