T-day 2009 – Whose coming in then… a striker, midfielder or defender?

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Good morning Grovers!

I’d like to sit here and tell you that we’re currently in talks with a tough tackling centre midfielder to compete with Song and Denilson, I’d also like to tell you we’re in for a young powerful centre back who can compete for a place this year… and maybe striker could come in.

Sadly I can’t… this could be one of the most miserable T-days of the last 4 years. There’s no one on the horizon… no leaks and no airport sightings. I think the only player who may have a chance of turning up at Emirates is Chamakh… but with Bordeaux playing hard ball, that seems ever more unlikely.

Last year I stayed up late with the Grovers to see if we were going to sign anyone… and we didn’t. This year, I don’t know whether I’ll bother. I still think Wenger is putting the season on the line with a bare bones squad again… I think he needs a defensive midfielder and a centre back… but if he has the confidence to roll with it, we’ll just have to bite our bottom lip and hope the performances continue as they have been.

Geoff told me someone high up at Arsenal told him that Arsenal were planning to be debt free within the next two years… could the millions we were paid for Ade and Toure find their way to paying off another chunk of the loan? We’ll see when the financials get released in October!

I do wish Arsene would stop whining about ‘anti-football‘… it’s a bit embarrassing when the coach of Arsenal complains that teams don’t play to Arsenal’s strengths. The English game has never been solely about one touch short passing… if you look through all the leagues, there is always an element of crunching tackles and physical play. I didn’t think Arsenal were bullied the other day and I thought the fact that we were the better team would have been enough for most fans to take away from the game. Now he’s brought up the bullying affair again and people like Ian Wright are jumping on the ‘Arsenal wimps’ bandwagon… which is completely untrue in my eyes.

In other news, Eduardo is to be hung drawn and quartered at high noon next Tuesday over his gross sporting misconduct last week. In other more hilarious news… McGeady was sent off this weekend for diving. Even funnier than that is Gordon Smith’s refusal to condemn McGeady despite rubber stamping Eduardo’s impending execution. What a hypocrite!

So, we’ve got two weeks of minimal news stories… I would guess 90% of what comes out of newsnow will be Adebayor related… we’ll have 100 excuses as to why he was so shocking last year, how it was the fans fault he fluffed his line, the fans fault he strayed offside 8 times a game, how it was Willy G’s fault he head butted Nik B and how it was the ball boys fault he ended up sleazing himself out to Milan for a whole summer… what a joyous two weeks we’re in for!

See you in the comments!

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  1. Arindam@KOL

    “If Drogba or Anelka pick up injuries, where are the goals coming from?”
    If Gallas gets injured , where are our goals gonna come from ?

    “All we’ve lost is Adebayor… who was awful last year”
    You mean to say he was not awful the year before or this year ? You are surely being generous to a “shit” striker like Ade.

  2. David

    Yes we all know the reason why Eduardo wasnt started…but id have taken Eboue off much sooner than Arsene did…You have to understand that Eddy played alot of minutes against Celtic as well so there was a bit of rotation there imo…

  3. Honest Bill

    David. True but he hadn’t even played a full 90 minutes prior to that. Some players had played the Celtic game and were still ok. So why not Eddie?

    I’m fine with rotation, but of all the games to rest arguably our best attacker, Man U away is the wrong choice in my opinion

  4. Honest Bill

    We are already much stronger than last year. We are playing with hunger and drive and tenacity. We will challenge this year i believe

  5. Big Raddy

    Choy. You know I have love and respect for you BUT…..

    it is unlike you to be so negative. Of course we want clean sheets but the Celtic and Pompey goals were silly, as were the two daft mistakes on Saturday. They will be eradicated.

    Why shouldn’t Mozart regain his form and fitness? Diaby broke his leg, Dudu his ankle, Pires his knee, all cam eback …. why not Sami?

    No-one can replace Cesc – he is irreplaceable, but we can win without him.

    I have already explained why we don’t need back-up for Song – who 10 games ago was considered a total waste of space.

    The players we sold ….. I was delighted when they both left. We have signed a far better defender than Kolo. & Dudu is a much better player than ADe.

    No-one will leave unless AW wants them to. He will not make the same mistakes he made with Flamini.

  6. David

    HB which is why i was saying that with 1-0 up at half time id have started Eduardo for Eboue…I am not sure if it wouldve changed the outcome of the game…but we’d have been more creative upfront but you have to understand that Eboue is a decent back up…especially with the kind of treatment the ref and united players and fans were going to give Eduardo.

  7. Lou

    The transfer deadline seems to have become a weird kind of focal point for Arsenal supporters as it has bought many emotions to the fore. It seems to me that one can criticise yet still be 100% behind the club and that much criticism is born of frustration. Some of us have our personal whipping boys who we blame for everything and some of us can see the golden light shining at the end of the tunnel but we all want the same thing. My personal feeling is that Arsene is on the verge of loosing the plot as he talks a lot about analysing what we need but then does nothing about it. Why sell Adebayor and Kolo if you are not going to use the money to strengthen? If you admit that you really like a player (Chamakh) then why not pay what you believe is a little over the odds for him when you have charged Man City way over the odds for Kolo who was in his last year? Why not address the shortcomings of last year that you said you had identified as surely Vermaelen cannot be the whole answer? Why establish a quality directorial and management staff if you are going to be the club’s accountant as well as the manager? Arsene has left himself wide open to it this year although he will probably buy in January which is exactly the time when he always says it is the worst to buy.

  8. Mayank

    I’ve said this many times and i might be sounding repetitive but we can’t have a backup player for every position. If we do they’ll do a Diarra if their man stays fit. Can Chelsea cope w/o Lampard, Man U w/o Rooney or ‘Pool w/o Gerrard. Injuries do hurt us more but to counter that we cannot be expected to have 2 separate squads of equal strength.

  9. GunnerShabz

    niko kranjar at £2M is not bad business am suprised wenger did not go for that

    john heitenja would of been a useful addition to our team for £6m

  10. David

    Lou Says:
    September 1, 2009 at 18:33
    Just as I like a full back who can primarily defend I also like a centre forward who can hold the ball up and bring midfielders and wide men into the attack. I don’t see RVP as being this man myself. Just behind the CF yes and I think he is at his most dangerous there but I suppose Bendtner is now the only player at the club who is strong enough to take the battering one customarily receives from C Halves these days. The problem with Nic is simple. At the moment he is not good enough. He can’t control a ball, has little composure in the final third and doesn’t when to hold the ball or release it, which is one of the marks of a good player. I admit I am very naive but I think that a club of Arsenal’s stature need a world-class centre forward. We had one for years and I remember how dangerous we were whenever we moved forward


    Two things.

    1. A standing ovation for this comment. I could cry.

    2. I just felt like reposting it again. Its that quality.

  11. Arindam@KOL

    I have gone on my time machine again. This is what AW says in May ’10

    “Injuries hit us hard. 3 matches a week was a bit to much for the players.
    We had Rosicky out for the whole season and I can tell you that he is truly World Class.
    At other times , we missed Gallas , Cesc , Robin , Eduardo , Diaby and Song for various reasons.
    But I am optimistic that with all of them a year older and available next season , we will dominate.

    You must take into consideration that the average age of the squad is 24. We improved upon our points tally in the league . The team that played Madrid yesterday had an average age of 23. And for long patches , we looked the better team. The fans know that this is a special group.The trophies will come.

    We will look at 2 or 3 experienced , mature heads to bring in over the summer. Because , I feel we missed a bit of experience this season. That is something I will look to address.

    Arshavin and Cesc ? You have to ask them if they want to stay. For me ,they are both Arsenal players.”

  12. choy

    I know you do BR.. the same holds true for me as well:)

    Diaby was injured after every 3rd or 4th game after his injury, same with dudu.

    I think it will be the same for rosicky and nasri, rosicky especially.

    He played against barnet and against rangers and he was out for what a month?
    The above two games cannot be even compared with the pace of the PL!

    We will miss Song… and the daft mistakes hopefully will be corrected!

    Fingers crossed!

  13. Honest Bill

    David. Yeah he’s a decent back up for fullback, and even midfield but i would never play him as a forward just to spare Eddie’s feelings. I think Eddie would have just tried harder to silence the mancs.

  14. Lou

    Arindam. Thanks for reminding me of those comments. That’s what I mean about Arsene. He really doesn’t need to say all that if he isn’t going to do anything about it. Make the signings and then make those comments. Cynics will say that it is because the board want the season ticket renewals in. If I bought into that I’d be even more upset.

  15. incesc

    do you reckon they will refund my 20 quid membership?

    not really investing your own money in arsenal any moe is it they wont invest in the team…

  16. Rohan

    Why so many negative comments ? We’re as good as any of the contenders for the title. If I were a United or a ‘pool fan I’d be scared shitless.

  17. tomstoned

    Evening All fine Gooners and Grovers…transfer deadline has passed..

    lets now start to enjoy the great team we have,put aside our own wishes and just stand firm behind the Greatest team in the World…Our Beloved Arsenal…

    im telling You all this will be a magical season 🙂

    even the reserves are rockin 🙂

    have an absolutely great evening All…

    well back to work…


  18. Honest Bill

    Rohan. United fans are shitting themselves. They know their team is looking poor at the moment.

    I dunno about Pool fans though, i would imagine they are typically vehement that this is their year

  19. A

    HB – there’s more unrest amongst liverpool fans currently than there is at the emirates! Chelsea are the only contented ones at the moment

  20. Zorr0

    Evening all!

    I must admit I am disappointed that we have not brought in any players, as I feel with losing Toure and greedybayor we lost 2 experienced quality players from the squad and I do not feel our squad was big enough or experienced enough that we could do so without bringing someone in.

    Especially given the 40 million we brought in and the wages saved (particulalry Ade). I read somewhere, ANR I think, that a percentage of the money brought in from player sales had to be re-invested in new purchases, as this was written in by the banks lending us the money for the stadium, to prevent a fire sale of assets(players) if things went wrong. Seems to have been bollocks then!

    However, it is done now, wo I will give the boys and AW my support. Song getting injured may mean Denilson in that role, which may be ok as it is about his limit in the 433 I think. When he goes to the ACN it will be January, so perhaps we move for someone then?

    We have lots of players who can score goals, especially when they all get used to the system. What does worry me is an injury to TV or Billy. At the moment the back up is fish face and he can fuck off!
    I hope JD gets fit quick!

  21. Dutchman

    Shit, wenger has the money to spend! And theres no excuse for that wenger! If you fail this season then it’s your fault, mister i know everything!!!!! You must win something this season and wenger can fail and he must step up then!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Rohan

    Liverpool have far more reason to be scared imo. Lately Torres does not look interested and seems demotivated. I may be wrong but I think he is already looking to leave Pool next summer.
    they seriously lack creativity in midfield and denilson seems like a footballing god compared to lucas. Kuyt Babel and Riera are not going to contribute more than 15 goals between them. I really don’t see where the goals are going to come from. I might even put some money on city taking ‘pool’s place in the CL next season.


    coquelin will definatley make it, just like you could see cesc and jackie make it, i see the same in cocquelin

    watt has really developed in last 6 months

  24. Mark C

    Shame we did not sign anyone.

    Would like to see Wenger come out and explain what he was doing today, were we in for any players today?

    The only concern I have is DM, hopefully Djourou can cover, or even Senderos.

  25. ReVELAtion

    Hang on a min… 2 weeks ago everyone was saying eboue is only fit enough to be fill in for sagna now some are vindicating his selection on the right of a front 3 at the expense of bendtner, wilshire or eduardo!!! Leave it out..

    Eboue did alright against celtic fair enough, but that’s because that 2nd keg tie was a gimme.. Wenger played him there just because he couldn’t justify dropping him after failing to get the 10m+ he coveted for him…

    Another one of wenger’s tactical masterstrokes.. We’ll be seeing senderos in DM when song goes off the the ACN and i suppose that’ll be fine too so long as he puts in a performance against minnows in a cup.

  26. patthegooner

    Not watching the game, had an Arsenal TV Subscription thrown in for free with Virgin Media, but not going to pay for the online version.

    BR, do you think Coquelin is ready now? Got to admit I have high hopes for that lad, he looked very good last year. Is Merida playing? Maybe he is the player that convinced Wenger that he does not need anymore strength in midfield this year!!!

  27. ReVELAtion

    Every time i read that “anti-football” bullox wenger came up with the more i’m convinced we’re not going to win anything..

    In his eyes the team with the best technique and pass completion should win… There should be no tackles, shoulder barges or long balls…. That’d work if we were playing basketball, unfortunatly this is the premiership.

  28. patthegooner

    I am actually delighted that Senderos is staying. I hate Silvestre even getting on the bench so if Phil can keep him off it, I am over the moon.

    Also still think Phil could be something special, if he gets the chance.

  29. Pat

    Rev, Wenger was just fed up. if anything, it seemed we bullied United much more. RVP had just as many fouls as Fletcher and he’s a forward!!

  30. A

    lol Reva you really do see things completely differently to me, I’ve hated anti-football for ages, and the way teams systematically foul is organised cheating, and much much worse than an entire team of divers

  31. A

    Raddy I’ve got high hopes for Coquelin, developing very quickly, certainly gotta be a league cup player this year, though couldn’t see him in the prem just yet

  32. Pat

    Also, if Arsenal played like Bolton I wouldn’t support them. Simple as that. What bolton do is not football. I’m a football fan, not a rugby fan.

  33. patthegooner

    Anti-football is bollox Reva, Managers are paid to deliver success for their clubs and whether that means delivering trophies or avoiding relegation, I can have no qualms about how they do it. If it involves dirty play then that is what the ref is for.

    I am going to get right behind project youth now. What is important though is that they continue to deliver performances like they have so far. I know we lost against Man Ure, but it was still a performance that was a lot better than last season. Last year we did not strengthen enough but we also did not deliver on the pitch in effort or quality. This year we have not strengthened enough but I have seen a marked improvement on the field.

    I have to look for the positives and they are there. Vermaelen and Gallas is the hinting at being the CB Partnership we have missed since Campbell and Toure. Song has developed ten fold, Arshavin (Once fixed) will be here all season. Cesc showed desire and quality again. Eduardo will be our 20 goal a season striker, but only if Wenger stops fucking around playing RVP up front and chooses the more clinical Eduardo (Would like to see Arshavin, Eduardo, RVP). Rosicky is like a new signing (I suppose) Nasri can only get better. Surely Fabianski will be no 1 when he is fit.

    It is not all doom and gloom. I am not happy that we did not sign more players, but I can’t do anything about it, so not going to bother being depressed about it until Jan………as long as they continue to deliver on the pitch.

  34. kelsey

    i just heard on Radio 5 live, that the big name signing nearly came off.Wenger wanted Samuel Eto, BUT he wanted him to have a year loan deal with us,before deciding.We did have first option to buy him, though no price was disclosed.

  35. Pedro

    Back it unless it fails I say… there is no point going in with the mind set we’re going to do badly… because you wont enjoy the season.

    This season is reminiscent of the the season before last… if we get some good luck with injuries, we could have a real crack at it.

  36. ReVELAtion

    A – The fact he said we were bullied by repetitivefouls stunk the place up. Yes Mike Dean could have given out more cards to united players, but that’s about the jist of his arguement.

    What is anti-football, exactly? Systematic fouling on star players, commiting fouls in less dangerous areas so the team can regroup, when playing against teams with better technical players?

    Being the stat man you are out of the 10 man utd and arsenal players who commited the most fouls we had 8 of the 10 last season…

    All that rant did was soum wenger up.. His collection of small, young, gifted players is all well and good in europe and one off games.. But there are opponents and games where things need to change to suit the situation. This is the premiership, not la liga. Wenger is tactically inept IMO and if the formation/way of playing he sets out with doesn’t work, he cannot and will not change it to suit the situation intuned with going against his footballing philosophy.

  37. ReVELAtion

    We’re talking man utd here not bolton, pat… Bolton just play long ball, another form of football to best suit the players they have.. And they have players who are looking to avoid relegation.

  38. Pedro

    Reve, I think anti football is any style of play that stifles our game.

    Wenger shouldn’t have said what he said because for me… it wasn’t true.

    We’ve seen some awful brutality over the years… Saturday wasn’t one of those games. I didn’t even notice the fouls.

    I noticed a lot of fouls from us in dangerous areas though…

  39. kelsey

    here’s a quick summary of Mr Mike Dean’s career…

    In 2005 he was suspended from being a ref because he was involved with a betting company. His official crime was “breaching the terms of his contract”.

    He was then reinstated and appointed to referee the 2006 FA Cup Final but the FA then unappointed him after it was suggested he might be biased in favour of norther teams, given that he lives in Wirral.

    reference:Untold Arsenal.

    Here’s Walter’s letter…

  40. patthegooner

    Fucking Hell Guys

    Will you stop bigging up the reserves, I am on the verge of Subscribing to Arsenal TV Online.

    So of those playing tonight, who might make an surprise impact in the first team this season?

    Sunu? Merida? Coquelin?

  41. ReVELAtion

    I’m not annoyed we haven’t signed any players as i fully expected it. I’ll back whatever we have, for as long as we have them but it rankles that the deficiencies which cost us last season have not been addressed…

    A good start to the season is all well and good and has generated some much needed optimism amongst the faithful, but banking on 1 signing (who has done immensely well thus far) and a group of players (last season who deemed shit/not good enough) to have made big big strides is a massive risk in a 5th season since we last won a trophy IMO.

  42. A

    lol pat well it’s injury time so i wouldn’t do it right now!

    imo coquelin and merida are a class above the rest, sunu next. Can’t really judge bartley in this game as he’s had fuck all to do, but lovely ball for the 4th goal.

    Coquelin and merida should be regulars in the league cup side

  43. A

    yeah they did actually paul, though birmingham basically didn’t have the ball, we completely dominated them! coquelin is nuts when we lose the ball, he closes down so quickly and covers so much ground, it’s like he’s on fast forward

  44. Zorr0

    I would not expect any of them to contribute to PL or ECL this year, but the CC most of them should play and maybe in the FA Cup, dep on oppo the 3 A mentions may get a look in, and Traore.

  45. Zorr0

    I think Coquelin will prob get a couple of reds in his early career as he is a mentalist and sometimes you can see the red mist come down!

    I like Bartley, reminds me of a young Rio at wet sham.

  46. A

    yeah pat, played alongside eastmond today!

    zorro i think merida could get prem and champs league sub appearances as the season goes on, coquelin second half or towards the end of the season perhaps, when the title’s sown up!

  47. patthegooner

    Got to admit, I was pretty gutted when it was reported that Merida was off on a Season long loan again.

    I think Barca had higher hopes for him than they did for Cesc.

  48. Zorr0

    lol A, yeah, maybe the odd few mins here and there, when games have been won. I just hope that we are not looking to them to turn things around!

  49. A

    who would be doing that zorro?! though actually i wouldn’t mind the likes of merida and wilshere coming on if we were struggling to break down a team, both could come up with that bit of magic. The depth we’ve got this year though, assuming arshavin and eduardo start there’s gonna be one of nasri and rosicky, theo, vela, bendtner all there ahead of them as offensive subs to bring on and change things.

    I do think though that should nasri, cesc and rosicky not be available in non-huge games the likes of ramsey and merida will start prem games as the season goes on

  50. A

    Freeman only came on later on and by that time the team had relaxed really so didn’t have a chance to do anything.

    Gilbert was ok, quick and solid enough though wasn’t tested. Everything we did came down the left side or through the middle, gilbert and randall on the right weren’t involved much

  51. Zorr0

    Gilbert the enigma! Can’t be many players in the reserves who have been dragged to the North Bank in a LC semi to take the adulation of the fans!

    The back injury v west ham may have ended his Arsenal career, as he lost his way and seemingly his discipline after that!

  52. Sparrow


    Just got my weekly newsletter sent to my mailbox, and the following quote was given by Le Boss about united’s 2 goals….

    “In the first one, Wayne Rooney was in no position to score, so there was no need to panic. And on the second one as well when Abou Diaby scored an own goal. There was not one player of Man United around our players. So it’s a lack of communication and still a little bit I feel in these situations that we might be lacking a little bit of experience.”

    “lacking a little bit of experience” = Still no signings!!! = NO COMMENT!!

    Anyway, we are going to challenge this season!!!


    after that shite we went through this afternoon without no explanation wenger needs to deliver,if he thought the abuse he got was bad after last season wait untill he delivers f.a again then he will know what abuse is

  54. Jay20h

    Straying from Transfers for a second…. I would like to to just say that UEFA are a big bunch of c**nts. A two game ban for eddie makes me ill. Yes he dived, but if its was John terry, Gerrard or Rooney, (more household names) would they have got a ban??!! No of course not. Platini, you are scum. There will be more dives the coming weeks in th UCL that will of course be brushed over by the media.

  55. Pat


    Eduardo gets a 2 match ban, Gila gets nothing other than a yellow. It seems players are punished more if the referee is incompetent. Shouldn’t the ref get punished there as well.

    When players clear off the “line” when the ball was actually over, do they get 2 match bans? Its fooling the referee and according to the words of the book that should be a 2 match ban as well.



    it doesn’t get more frustrating then this,first of all we make no signings then to top it all off eddy gets banned for two games,we will not win nothing again this season and i am very fucked off with what we are having to put up with yet again

  57. bk

    Wenger tells the fans that his priority is keeping the team together and then sells our best players.Wenger and the Arsenal board only care about one thing…PROFIT £40m for the board this season Wenger..WELL DONE


    the start to this season has deceived quite a few people saturday should of brought you back down with a bump because that is what we are in for again this season,play well and still lose,you can point to the absentees of players but it will always be the same old with this injury prone lot

  59. Bradys right foot

    Pedro Says:
    September 1, 2009 at 20:39
    This season is reminiscent of the the season before last… if we get some good luck with injuries, we could have a real crack at it.

    I agree m8, but i would say that the team is actually better than two years ago. Everybody agrees were short a Centre Half for cover. Djourou just hasn’t come on as I thought and average Als form isn’t great at the moment. But if the rest of the squad were fit and availible this team could go very close.

  60. Hat-trick Hero

    Good Evening Guys.

    Once again no signings, FFS Wenger sort it out. Whats wrong with the man? All we needed was 1 or 2 player and we could have dominated this season.
    Oh well, now is the time to get behind the team. I just don’t wanna hear any excuses from Wenger, if things start to fall apart.

    Come on you GUNNERS !!

  61. bk

    the season before last flaming leahman got dropped after just two clangers.Al has had 4 in as many matches.apparently we tried to buy rob green today…bit late to realise what a liability he is

  62. A

    lol bk, sell our best players?! he sold one defender who was a great servant to the club but a shadow of his former self, and a pri-madonna forward who was surplus to requirements and didn’t fit into the system we want to play!

  63. A

    bk i don’t think we’ve ever sold our best players, we sold vieira, henry, pires, ljungberg when they were certainly past their peak, and last year we didn’t have a choice with hleb, who granted was absolutely integral to our side still.

  64. bk

    and its the fact the money isnt reinvested that gets to me,i know ade had to go but i was thinking of the 2 players we should have got for him

  65. A

    i dunno bk – i only really see space for a sub dm. I’m pleased senderos is staying, gives us more and better depth imo. I’m very happy with the squad now, but just dunno what you happen if song got a lengthy injury

  66. gnarleygeorge9


    If The Club are debt free in 2-3 years that would be absolutely sensational.

    The Eduardo ban is a disgrace.

    So no new 11th hour signings. In view of this fact, IMO the squad is good enough to win The League, unfortunately though there are too many injuries to players @ the one time, i.e if Cesc played instead of Diaby for instance, Manure would have been our manure, but time & time again important cogs in Le Gaffers machine are missing & so the squad is not big enough to be successfully implement the Wenger Plan.

    But all in all, The Arsenal aren’t going to get me another investment, aren’t going to get me my next deal, aren’t going to stop me from getting sick. Why spend all the time stewing over a bunch of overpaid wankers who would stab “the fan” in the back just coz £100,000/week isn’t enough.


    You slag the Australian national football team off for being a bunch of sunday leaguers. Maybe they are when it comes to club footy, but when they stick the Australian shirt on they become superhuman. Thats the sort of team I want to follow, a team of goers, not a pack of spoilt brats who just can’t get no satisfaction.

    Football is an overpriced form of entertainment, & you’re buying.

    And just for the record, I reckon Arsene Wenger will go down in history as the modern day Herbert Chapman, the man who took The Club to the next level. He is loyal, he has a vision, and plenty of integrity. Sure he wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to stuff like “anti football”, but @ the end of the day is he wrong, no ofcourse not.

    Imagine where the English national team would be today after 12 years of the Wenger system. They wouldn’t be a pack of 2nd string, over paid losers, plus a granny shagger they are now. Think about it.

    Go Go Gunners, forever. I love ya’s all.

  67. Hat-trick Hero

    That is what I was thinking A. Who in our squad is gonna replace Song if he gets a long term injury? Is there anyone in the reserves that could fill the spot for a while?

  68. ReVELAtion

    I wouldn’t say adebayor was surplus to requirements. He was a bad influence and had to be sold after his fall out with some of his team mates and the fans.. He was our best striker and expcting Van Persie to have the same season as the last whilst relying on Bendtner and Eduardo to muster 25/30 goals between them in all comps is, again, a huge risk…

  69. bk

    thats the thing there will be injuries and then the pissing and moaning will start.song will be gone for 3 matches against the big 4 anyway

  70. A

    I’d guess it would be Denilson HRH, or maybe Senderos will play the role he did in pre season?!

    Coquelin will get there sooner or later, but not just yet, unless he plays in the league cup and REALLY impresses

  71. ReVELAtion

    I still can’t believe all of a sudden it’s become who is going to replace song.. I’ll admit he has made strides in his improvement but 5 years in at our club and he is never going to be a player that takes a game by the scruff of the neck and make a difference at the highest level.

  72. A

    fair enough if you think that reva, i didn’t see ade as our best striker at all, i saw him as someone who was holding the team back in purely footballing terms, before you talk about his attitude off the pitch.

    Adebayor scored 10 league goals last season, 16 in all comps, i don’t think it’s a huge risk to expect arshavin, eduardo, bendtner, and vela to contribute those 16 goals and then a fair few more whilst playing the 37 additional games between them that ade would have played going on last year….

  73. ReVELAtion

    A, That is 16 goals in a season we finished 4th by some distance.

    He scored 30 when we threw it away, so it’s safe to say we’ll have to aim better than his 16 don’t you think?

  74. A

    of course reva, but i expect the team to score much more goals as a whole with ade being gone, in the season before without him i believe that the team as a whole would have scored more than those 30, even though no individual player would have scored as manY!

  75. Hat-trick Hero

    does anyone know how long it will be until Nasri is training again? And what is going on with Theo, when is he coming back?

  76. bk

    A did you expect anymore signing before today? because i taut that was the whole point of getting rid of the boys to city.we didnt even spend the 13m budget we started with.I really tuat when i saw wengers face near end of the man u cl semi he knew what he had to do

  77. A

    I’d guess that Theo should be back for city, nasri end of september/start of oct

    bk kolo and vermaelen were swapped, and ade went because we had signed arshavin and had eduardo back, and vela and bendtner needing more game time.

    I did expect a sub dm to come in though, that surprised me a bit in not happening, a matuidi or someone

  78. ReVELAtion

    I hope so A. I must admit i’ve had a bit of a rant today, but i just want to look at it at an unbiased Point of view..

    We have added only 1 of note and were way of the pace. We’ve sold an asrenal stalwart who had been poor for 2 seasons granted, but Adebayor (loathe him or love him) is a highly sort after centre forward, regardless of the bids pouring in for him or not. The start has bred some optimism and that’s good because a bad start would have just made things unbearable..

    But what annoys me is the sudden change of heart about certain players. I remember last season having to put up with a midfield/starting 11 of denilson, song, diaby and eboue. It wasn’t just me who whined about it, it was pretty much everyone.. Even now that will win us fuck all if they play 80+ games between them.

    I cannot go with the concencous that in about 3 months they have gone from improving squad players to important first team members looking to win trophies at the highest level. I won’t agree with that..

    However well we think we played at Old Trafford the result is that we lost. You can blame it on the referee, due to some bad luck and strange Wenger selections playing players out of position again but it’s like he (Arsene) has learnt nothing in 4 years.

    I’m not demanding he spend 80+m when it’s quite clear we don’t have to, but surely a dominating player in the middle of the park, top cover at centre half and a better quality of goalkeeper were priorities going into a 5th trophyless season…

    I cannot say i am dissapointed as we are only 3 games in and there is plenty of time to improve and come away with a trophy. However, by not buying Arsene had made his bed and if we win fuck all he will have to kop the immense flak that will come his way.

    I’m in the belief it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to end that way if he’d made the right signings. Only time will tell..

  79. bk

    All summer he has said things like I want to keep this squad together, I will only sign players if we sell. Wenger has toyed with the Arsenal fans all summer and hinted that he would bring in 1-2 players and he had the money to do so.

  80. chrisutd07

    i think it’s great that an arsenal fan sees the ‘anti football’ comments like you do. good on you for being honest. it is refreshing to see for sure.

  81. A

    Reva we weren’t way off the pace at the end of the season though – it was at the start we were way off the pace. Song is a first team player now imo, he’s the only one who is, and will be, unless diaby can replicate the very best he has and stops the very worst things he does, which is unlikely. Since we signed Arshavin we’ve done better in the league than Utd, and just a tiny bit worse than Liverpool and Chelsea, so take away the first half of the season and in terms of the league we’re on par with the rest, without vermaelen, and whilst they had ronaldo, tevez, alonso, all of whom are MASSIVE losses.

    I’m still a bit worried about the big games, not because of the quality of our personnel, not because of the system, or team selection, but simply because we still seem to make individual errors in big games, which cost us.

    Song is dominating in the middle of the park since the second half of last season, and is improving all the time, he dominated livepool and utd, and held his own against essien last season, there are few who i’d swap him for now, and he’s still improving with every game he plays. If he gets injured though i’d be very worried.

    Even if we bottle the big games because of individual errors, that isn’t where titles are won. I really expect us to win the title this season, because of the creativity we have to break down the smaller teams, and how solid we seem with vermaelen in there, and the new system. The league will be won and lost against the smaller teams, and with cesc, nasri, rosicky, arshavin, theo, vela, vp, eduardo, bendtner i really think we’ve got an incredible strength in depth, and variety to break down all the smaller teams. all the other three will struggle much more than us in those areas though, and that’s why i see us winning the league.

    The champs league though is a different story, because of the potential for individual errors

  82. A

    David there aren’t many players around who could have fitted straight into the team who were available. There was one in Melo but he wanted to stay in Italy in the end so rejected us. Yaya is another but as Barca didn’t get Mascherano he wasn’t going to be sold. Anyone else who’s good enough would cost silly money, if they were even available at any price.

  83. Lou

    The only reason not to spend is if there are no weaknesses. I think Arsene missed an opportunity this transfer window to strengthen and I can’t think why he did that.

  84. ReVELAtion

    That’s a very well put counter arguement A. One from a obvious red tinted spec arsenal fan nonetheless 😉

    I can agree with the majority if not all of that, but to meet somewhere in the middle there, for me are still alot of ifs surrounding the squad as a unit to deal with the rigors, of what nowadays is a high intensity 50+ games a season. And that is if you’re even a half decent champions league side. And we are better than that.

    I, at the moment can’t just look at it with the hope that “if everyone stays fit and competing for places we might have a chance of a fantastic season”… That’s just one if in a long line of many and my expectations aren’t that of a stoke, burnley, barnet or tottenham hotspur as i support the mighty arsenal.

    And i do not say that in an arrogant way as if i were a stoke fan and we finished 10th i’d be over the ****** moon..

    Comes with the territory i suppose though and maybe i expect to much. But, any trophy (not incl. C.Cup) and an improvement on last season’s 4th (to be at least be mathematically battling for the title in may) and i’ll be happy.