T-day 2009 – Whose coming in then… a striker, midfielder or defender?

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Good morning Grovers!

I’d like to sit here and tell you that we’re currently in talks with a tough tackling centre midfielder to compete with Song and Denilson, I’d also like to tell you we’re in for a young powerful centre back who can compete for a place this year… and maybe striker could come in.

Sadly I can’t… this could be one of the most miserable T-days of the last 4 years. There’s no one on the horizon… no leaks and no airport sightings. I think the only player who may have a chance of turning up at Emirates is Chamakh… but with Bordeaux playing hard ball, that seems ever more unlikely.

Last year I stayed up late with the Grovers to see if we were going to sign anyone… and we didn’t. This year, I don’t know whether I’ll bother. I still think Wenger is putting the season on the line with a bare bones squad again… I think he needs a defensive midfielder and a centre back… but if he has the confidence to roll with it, we’ll just have to bite our bottom lip and hope the performances continue as they have been.

Geoff told me someone high up at Arsenal told him that Arsenal were planning to be debt free within the next two years… could the millions we were paid for Ade and Toure find their way to paying off another chunk of the loan? We’ll see when the financials get released in October!

I do wish Arsene would stop whining about ‘anti-football‘… it’s a bit embarrassing when the coach of Arsenal complains that teams don’t play to Arsenal’s strengths. The English game has never been solely about one touch short passing… if you look through all the leagues, there is always an element of crunching tackles and physical play. I didn’t think Arsenal were bullied the other day and I thought the fact that we were the better team would have been enough for most fans to take away from the game. Now he’s brought up the bullying affair again and people like Ian Wright are jumping on the ‘Arsenal wimps’ bandwagon… which is completely untrue in my eyes.

In other news, Eduardo is to be hung drawn and quartered at high noon next Tuesday over his gross sporting misconduct last week. In other more hilarious news… McGeady was sent off this weekend for diving. Even funnier than that is Gordon Smith’s refusal to condemn McGeady despite rubber stamping Eduardo’s impending execution. What a hypocrite!

So, we’ve got two weeks of minimal news stories… I would guess 90% of what comes out of newsnow will be Adebayor related… we’ll have 100 excuses as to why he was so shocking last year, how it was the fans fault he fluffed his line, the fans fault he strayed offside 8 times a game, how it was Willy G’s fault he head butted Nik B and how it was the ball boys fault he ended up sleazing himself out to Milan for a whole summer… what a joyous two weeks we’re in for!

See you in the comments!

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  1. Arindam@KOL

    Sadly gambon , the league is beyond us. This team is not good enough to churn it out and win ugly when push comes to shove.

    PS : URe get VIlla

  2. Paul88

    I know alot of people are upset about almunia but if he gets injured we’re fucked. Mannone is terrible.

    I think 1-11 we are very good but the lack of depth in goal (with fab2 out), cd and dm is worrying. Not forgetting we still haven’t had a striker start a game in epl and score yet.

  3. Pedro

    I’m really struggling to understand the shock people have about us not signing anyone?

    It’s the norm these days!

    I’m confident we’ll challenge regardless.

  4. dave

    i guess we are all angry because we raked in 40m from the sale of adebayor and toure and only spent 10m on vermaelen whereas the balance goes into the board’s pocket.

  5. Honest Bill

    Pretty silly not to sign in my opinion. Fair enough we have a lot of class still to come back, but it can’t be ignored that we always have an inordinate amount of injured players. I don’t know the reasons for this, but i do know that it’s a fact.

    1 more signing would have seen us fairly comfortable. Now we are horribly exposed and we are dependent on being lucky with injury.. Which isn’t a good position to be in.

  6. rob green

    If song gets injured we are fucked
    If Almunia gets injured we are fucked
    If one of our centre backs gets injured we are fucked!!

  7. A

    Yeah rg – I would’ve likes us to have bought a sub DM, but we don’t NEED to to win things, I fully expect us to win the title this season. I’m still not massively confident about the ability of the team to handle the pressure in big games, so not sure about the Champs League, but we have far more ability than the other clubs in the top 4 to blow away every team outside of the big games, and that’ll see us win the league even if we lose EVERY game against the top 4!

  8. David

    We didnt outplay the Mancs…they we’re just shite….we created Next To NOthing…Bar Arshavin.

    I fully Expect the Russian to be sold next summer.

  9. Pedro

    Lets be honest, who would we sign to cover our second keeper for a month and a half… who could we sign who is better than Mannone who’d accept that role?

  10. alex

    Oh yeah btw Arsenal reserves playing tonight. Apparently this is gona be the team:






    subs: Shea, Evina, Deacon, Freeman, Obed.

  11. gambon


    Exactly, we outplayed UTD.

    We played close to our best, they played distinctively average. And they won the game.

    – We have yet to keep a clean sheet. We are on course to conceed 50 goals. Most of the time when we go away to teams in the Everton bracket, conceeding 1 goal will stop us from picking up 3 points.

    – We were bullied all over the park, and rather than do something about it on the pitch we start whining after the game.

    – We had great team play, but individuals made errors – it is possible with good training methods to create a great team, but an average individual will always be shown up, cue Diaby & Almunia.

    – We create chances, but score nowhere near enough of these chances.

    Im sorry A but it makes perfect sense.

    Just because we had a decent start dont let that paper over the cracks. We beat an Everton team that were 2 weeks behind us fitness wise. We got lucky for our first 3 goals against Celtic, and beat a Pompey who are gonna finish bottom on under 30 points.

    Our problems havent changed, we just had a better preparation this time round.

    We arent a useless team, but we will be 3rd at best, 5th at worst.

  12. A

    David Clichy will go next summer, with Gibbs and Traore taking over from him, and being far better going forward!!!!

    IMO the one bonus from today is that Senderos has stayed, it strengthens our defensive options a great deal, imo he’s a very good third choice centre back

  13. Paul88


    we will challenge upto a point but we have no chance of winning it.

    Chavs will steamroller it, manure will improve. Citeh, spuds will really push us.

  14. LAzer

    The last time I will rant about this, Wenger you stubborn fuk, you should have added to the squad when you could. You are playing with fire here again, no excuses about injuries will suffice and the egg will be on your face if we string some poor results together. You will be solely responsible.

    All that’s left is to get behind the team now! Come onnnnnn you GUNNERS!!

  15. Pedro

    David, your views are so negative sometimes…

    I don’t know what you were expecting at the United game, but we created enough chances to bury that game and the fact is, Arshavin is our players… and if he is the main creative factor at the moment due to injuries, that’s fine.

    Cesc will be back in two weeks as will Rosicky and probably Theo. Then in a month, we should start to see Rosicky.

    Also, I don’t agree he is the only creative player… Eduardo and RvP also create, Rambo can create… so can Carlos and Jack.

  16. paul

    All those who brought season tickets in anticipation of a stronger squad say Aye.All those on the board who are now richer say Aye.

  17. tonyadamsisgod

    A – We’ll have to agree to disagree. At least with Barry he doesn’t need another DM next to him to play even remotely near well.

  18. Big Raddy

    So many negative comments. Anyone would think that we have major problems in the squad.

    We have a great squad, capable of winning the EPL

    To call AW a liar is ridiculous, he said a few days ago that it was highly unlikely we would be making signings. Why is anyone surprised that no-one signed?

    But I would have loved a decent GK…..

    HB. Where are we horribly exposed?

  19. gambon


    youve been fully expecting us to win every trophy for 4 years, during which time weve won fuck all.

    You are way too biased. Every Arsenal player is a god to you and all others are useless.

  20. rob green

    A – ”but we don’t NEED to to win things”

    6 years without a trophy is not good enough we do need win things!!

    Have proved wenger is a liar with my link from arsenal.com

  21. Pedro

    Paul, I don’t agree. We’re much better than City and Spurs… Chelsea are going to get hammered by the ACN… and injuries. If Drogba or Anelka pick up injuries, where are the goals coming from?

  22. David

    Pedro there is a difference between Negative and Fact.

    Bar Arshavin there was no creativity. Fact.

    If…when’s…can’s….maybe..if only if….and all those are irrelevant. Come match day the team is expected to perform regardless.

    Look at what Burnley did to United FFS!

  23. Pedro

    Raddy, glad you noticed as well… you’d think we’d lost our opening games and were out the Champions League.

    I can’t believe how many people are making conclusions this early in…

  24. Mayank

    Can’t say i’m completely happy with no signings, but i do think our first choice team is the best in the league overall. It’s the backup for Gallas and Song that worry me.

  25. gambon

    Senderos isnt a bad squad option as far as CBs go, only problem is he takes weeks to get up to speed with his sharpness.

    He should really be playing reserve football to keep him sharp.

  26. A

    gambon are you genuinly trying to claim that we played close to our best against Utd?! We played very solidly, with half a team! We played well for the players available, but were less than half of what we are at our best!!

    You saw a game completely different to me, we weren’t bullied at all in my eyes, they only managed to intercept the ball off us 8 times in the entire match!! our midfield passed the ball around with ease, whereas we bullied them and stopped them stringing any passes together!

  27. Paul88


    If i’m honest i’d be very worried about playing city and spuds at the moment. If we’re lucky with injuries i think we’re a match for anyone. It’s never happened that way tho. In fact we’re struggling with them already. Luckily they haven’t been in key positions yet. (in goal, defence).

  28. Pedro

    David here are the facts:

    Robin bagged 13 assists, the most in the Prem last year. He is creative.

    Arsenal were without Theo, Rosicky, Nasri and Cesc… yet we still dominated United and lost to two extremely lucky goals.

    Those are the facts… so your rambling about Arshavin being our only creative force is a bit lost on me.

  29. Mayank

    David you’ve been repeating the same things since the Utd match. We had all our creators not playing. Fact. Even with our 2nd string MF we dominated Utd. Fact. Utd were playing a defensive formation at home. Fact. We had a penalty not given. Fact.

  30. A

    Pedro it’s laughable, I really think it’s the mentality that people have been brainwashed into by too much football manager/fifa and reading the tabloids/watching the gutter sports news channels like ssn!

  31. rob green

    We will win fuck all this season. We have some good cup runs and maybe get into a Q final S final at the best. We will then lose to the likes of united and Chelsea in the games that matter. As we lack what we have lacked over the last 4 years!!

  32. tonyadamsisgod

    For me we the same problems still exist from last year:

    1 – TV looks like he can head the ball but we are still to vulnerable at defending set pieces.

    2 – Song & Denilson are still not good enough to steer us to the EPL title.

    3 – We still don’t have a natural a wide right player in our squad.

    4 – Diaby and Eboue will continue to get more of a look in than the like sof Vela, Wilshere and Ramsey and when they are added to the equation the chances of fuck ups (like Diaby’s own goal) are 10 fold!

  33. abnet

    I couldn’t agree more nishanth specially on Valencia if we had been on their foot we definitely lose all of our top players AA and cesc

  34. Doublegooner

    rob green Says: @ 17.41

    ‘If Almunia gets injured we are fucked’

    At the moment if the dozey cunt plays we’re fucked !

  35. Pedro

    Rob, I don’t get why you keep repeating that?

    It’s such a nothing statement… it’s like you want it to be true?

    Why not wait until we’ve played at least 10 games before you start saying that.

    So far this season, the football has been better than I’ve seen in a long long time… am I the only one seeing that?

  36. rob green

    A – My opionions have from the last 4 years and the fact that wenger does f*ck all about the problems!! Making one signing is an absolute joke!

    Dont forget united were without Rio and always start slowly!!

  37. tonyadamsisgod

    A – By your own admission, having more quality in our squad would mean that we didn’t have to play Utd with only ‘half a team’. Now tell me what is wrong with that? And you cant tell me that Song and Denilson having zero competition ofr their places is a good thing! No wonder they are both probe to switching off.

  38. Big Raddy

    Pedro. I would like to take issue with you over yesterdays post. (You would expect me to…..)

    And today is a perfect example. Us oldies don’t moan – we don’t refer back to the “good old days”. We take todays situation and compare it to recent seasons. We don’t say we will support the Chavs because we haven’t won a trophy for 4 years. We don’t slag the best manager in Arsenal’s history because he hasn’t signed a player, or because he has faith in Song (Geoff excluded!)

    Age has nothing to do with it —– mental attitude is. Some moan,some don’t. It is not a question of age !!

    Though as a young whippersnapper, I don’t expect you to agree with me 🙂

  39. Bernard Baines

    I’m so baffled by this Eduardo business. I hate diving as much as the next man, but sadly it has become a part of the modern game. . it happens too frequently to single one player out like they have.I also see Wenger’s point that his easy fall might have been due to his fear of bad injuries. If he has been given a 2 game band, shouldn’t greasy Ronny have a life ban by now. Disgusting.

    If we buy anyone today I’ll be amazed. If we buy Hangeers I’ll shit my pants.

  40. patthegooner

    I dont think it is laughable at all A

    It is just people stating their opinions. some dont think we have done enough to maintain a challenge for the whole season. It is not just the gutter press, Wenger himself has been saying in recent weeks that he was looking to strengthen.

    We have got off to a great start in the PL (despite the loss) but can we keep it up. I hope so, but just dont think we will.

    What I will say is, I really hope we do, it would be the ultimate achievement for Arsenal to win the PL with the money they have spent. But what I can’t accept at any point this season is excuses for poor performances or defeats based on injuries or international duty, in-experience or suspensions.

  41. David

    Mayank we scored 10 seconds after the penalty not given. Were we going to score again 10 seconds if it was given?
    I dont think so. Our 2nd string midfield? Do Burnley have the kind of “quality” we have in Song, Denilson, Diaby and Eboue?

  42. rob green

    Guys we are having these injury problems after 4 games!! Wait until all the competitions starts and gets into the winter!! Its only going to get worse!!

  43. Lou

    I’ve been asking an accountant friend what “covenants” Arsenal could have on the loan that would prevent them from investing in the team. The Spurs supporter here has mentioned them more than once so could he please enlighten me as to exactly what he means by the term and what he believes them to be?

  44. Mayank

    People keep saying we’re a club not a financial institution, but at the same time they seem to forget that a team wins trophies not the no. of signings made in the transfer market. It’s not the end of the world that we didn’t sign anyone.

  45. LAzer

    An OG can happen to anyone, just like any one can fluff a penalty to lose a game. I don’t think your assessment on Diaby is entirely fair Taig. For me he needs to stay injury free, improve his positional sense, improve his passing and develop his footballing brain further. There ar legitimate concerns for him but to bash him on an OG is over the top imo.

  46. David

    Which statement do you take issue with Pedro

    The fact that he’s playing in a different role?

    The fact that he’s playing in a different position?

    Or the fact that he’s playing with less experience?

  47. Pedro

    Raddy, you’re not the age I was talking about!

    I wasn’t going to post it originally… I just wrote it out as an after thought after sitting in a few different places this year and having gangs of retirees going mad!

    We all like a moan… some just more than others 😉


    evening guys

    well spent all day refreshing newsnow hoping for a miracle that never came

    senderos staying is definatley better then him going and not being replaced, hopefully silvestre wont see any action this term apart from maybe the odd cup game

    we have 3 left backs 2 right backs 6 possible cbs
    10 midfielders and 6 attackers

  49. Doublegooner

    Rob Green:

    Our style has been far superior to last year but we are still liable to stupid mistakes & lack of steel.

    Saturday was so damm frustrating because the Mancs were a shadow of old & yet we gave them the game.

    Even with Ferdinand missing they’ve lost something now & obviously cannot spend like they have. This time their slow start will not turn to the degree where they’ll win the title.

  50. rob green

    Pedro – I don’t want us to do bad. I have just had enough of wenger. I have had had enough of project youth and him trying to prove people wrong all the time!!

    Yes we have played some great football but results are what matter and I don’t think we will keep it up. I just think we will have a similar season to last season!!

    Wenger has said we have money and yet he chooses not to spend it! We have not won anything for 5 years. I think he is digging his own grave!!

  51. Mayank

    That’s pseudo-logic right there David. Burnley beat Utd so now every team that loses to Utd is lesser to Burnley?
    I can’t believe you fail to realise that we did well in that match. You seem hell-bent on proving that we were bad when we weren’t. This is the last i speak of this with you.

  52. Big Raddy


    This is where I strongly disagree. I think JD and Swiss Phil are the best back-up CB’s in the EPL.

    The DM is not really an issue with our new 4-3-3. The improvement of Song, the strengthening of AR and Denilson, plus Cesc undoubted abilities as a tough tackler make it less important to have a holding DM. Rosicky is a tasty tackler when fit, plus Nasri says he fancies the holding midfield role.

    I think the only area of concern is GK

  53. Stu

    Playing with less experience isnt true imo. Who is he missing from last season to play with? Adebayor? Hardly…Ade didnt help VP in any way.

    And experience isnt everything…Silvestre is experienced and i think we can all agree that he is the worst player at the club.

  54. David

    AH yes…because Rosicky that hasnt kicked a ball in the EPL in about 2 years and will slot straight into the starting 11 just like Eduardo has done right now and play all 90 min just like Eduardo has done right now…with VP?

    You know Bendy is first Choice right?

  55. gambon


    While i agree there have been some improvements to the team, Arsenal fans are definately getting ahead of themselves.

    – Weve played 3 league games and only kept 1 clean sheet. Youll never win the title doing that.
    – Everton may as well not have turned up on the first day. That game was no yardstick.
    – We went one up at OT then capitulated, and you cant blame it on luck, it was individual mistakes that are inevitably made by sub-standard players.
    – Pompey are the worst team in the league.

    So while i see there are positives i dont think we should let ourselves get carried away by a good bit of form.

  56. Pedro

    Exactly Stu… if anything he’s playing with more experience this year…

    Eduardo is a far superior striker to Adebayor, Arshavin is starting with is this year… Cesc isn’t injured…

    All we’ve lost is Adebayor… who was awful last year… and Toure, whose been awful for 2 years.

  57. Ali Saljuk

    Frankly i am not too bothered about our lack of activity , I believe with the window firmly shut , we should put our faith into this current crop and focus on the next four months of challenging for honours.

    Secondly ticked off about the Eduardo ban !! Uefa just opened a pandoras box there..

    Cheer up fellas , chin up, tommorrow is another day and it will be better for you and arsenal if you just let go of the anguish about lack of players coming in , we cant do anything about it.

    Relax !

  58. Stu

    IMO Chelsea have the best back ups in the prem. Alex and Ivanovic are arguably good enough to start for every other prem club and they dont get a look in because of Terry and Carvalho.

  59. patthegooner

    Club Statement ref Eduardo

    The Club is disappointed with Uefa’s decision to suspend Eduardo for two Champions League matches starting with Standard Liege on September 16.

    We have been informed that we will receive a “reasoned decision” from Uefa by Thursday of this week. Once we receive Uefa’s rationale, we will make a decision on the next steps.

    We have been deeply frustrated by the perfunctory and apparently arbitrary process that Uefa has followed in this instance. We believe it is imperative that Uefa’s explanation for its decision provides clear and comprehensive standards that will be consistently enforced. It is also critical that Uefa provides specific details of the processes it plans to adopt in reviewing all games under its jurisdiction.

  60. Honest Bill

    I just can’t believe Wenger started Eboue at Old Trafford ahead of Eddie and Bendtner. That one has really got my head spinning. Ok maybe they were tired, but Eboue and Diaby are just not intelligent enough. They are accidents waiting to happen. I’d stick Wilshere in regardless of his age. What is the problem with playing a youngster other than he lacks experience to make the right decisions?

    But Diaby and Eboue both lack that anyway, so why not play the lad who is a technical wizard, and tactically clever too?

  61. Mayank

    Project Youth is so last season.
    This isn’t exactly project youth. Our backup is young and that’s expected with one of the best academies in england.

  62. gambon

    Big Raddy,

    While i almost agree about JD & Phil, Cesc as a tough tackler….just no!

    Th ewhole reason for this new formation is that Cesc wasnt strong enough defensively.

  63. Pedro

    Gambon, such a negative way to look at things…

    We beat 5th placed everton by 5 goals… We stuck 4 past Pompey… and we lost to ManU from a freak own goal and a poor keeping mistake.

    Almunia was one of our most consistent players last year… he was hardly substandard.

    You could make anything sound negative if you wanted to…

  64. tonyadamsisgod

    Lazer – That wasn’t a dig at Diaby alone. What I meant was that when you have all four of those guys on the pitch the quality and consistency does drop and I really dont think that can be argued. Besides, Diaby has not proved anything in the three and half years he has been here so why should I expect him to be a superstar all of a sudden. He’s not good enough. I good game, 4 bad games, 5 out injured! Story of his career!

  65. Honest Bill

    Big Raddy. The thing is that Song could be missing for the whole ACN, and he’s the only one who can play that role in my opinion. I’d have to disagree with you about JD. He is a flapper, until he addresses this he will always be a liability at the back

  66. Paul88

    If fabianski is out until mid oct-nov that is worrying. Mannure is terrible, i don’t know why he’s still with us. There was a rob green rumour earlier.

  67. David

    Nicklaus Bendtner is first choice.

    Eddie and Rosicky will be super subs…hence VP playing with less experience. Its quite simple really.

    Rosicky will be used sparingly….So will Eddie…There was a game that he didnt even feature at all last season despite being 100% fit….ARsene said he wasnt needed.

  68. LAzer

    But Gambon I think the point is not who we have played or when we have played them, the point is the way we have approached the games as a team and the football we have displayed in those performances seems to me a big big improvement on last term. I don’t see how anyone can deny that.

  69. Lou

    Rob Green. If not actually digging his own grave perhaps he is playing a little fast and loose with the club’s future. He himself described both Kolo and Adebayor as “great” players. So we have lost 2 great players by his admission and bought in what looks like a very good defender who may or may not turn out to be great. By my estimation this makes us a bit weaker than last year. The “extra year older” argument doesn’t quite work for me either because the young players are really only 3 months older. If any of us are feeling frustrated then it’s perhaps understandable especially as the move to the Emirates was supposed to provide us with the opportunities that are now being spurned. If nothing else happens I would really, really like Arsene to cut back on the promise to strengthen after having identified weaknesses and the moaning when we loose. A bit of silent dignity would not go amiss because I myself am beginning to find his spiel a bit embarrassing and this only reinforces a negative view of him which I am trying my best to avoid.

  70. Pedro

    HB, I can… Eboue is better defensively and he had a blinder in the previous match.

    Eddie had played too many games to merit a start…

  71. Pedro

    David, Rosicky and Eddie wont be used as super subs this year. Why would you think players of their calibre would be super subs?

  72. Stu

    We lost to United because of fuck ups. We played better football but their players know what it takes to win (not saying they meant for diaby to score an og but you know what i mean).

  73. rob green

    I hate this we are a year older line!! Every other team is getting a year older and getting another years experience!! Football fans shouldn’t have to wait for team to get old and grow up or get experience how every you want to put it

  74. Paul88


    is it likely that cameroon won’t qualify for the acn?

    I heard they weren’t doing that well.

    I still think we should have brought someone else even if song doesn’t go.

    Maybe he’s waiting until jan?

  75. Pedro

    Mayank, during the season… I’m always as postive as I can be.

    What would be the point in going if I didn’t think we could do something?

    I don’t get the negativity… we’ve played well so far this season and people are trying to down play the results? Or trying to say that mistakes like the two at united are regular occurences with players like ours… those mistakes aren’t regular in Sunday league let alone with our players.

    I’m confident for the season.

  76. Stu

    Eboue shouldnt have started after a good game against celtic. There was no reason to start Eboue in that match. It was working just fine with Bendtner there so why change it.

  77. abnet

    We’re best equipped to dethrone the champions
    this is what he has to say before two days after the mancs defeat imagine how stubborn he is we actually lost the game against the champions

  78. Honest Bill

    Pedro. Yeah Eboue might be ok defensively, but when during the game did we see him track back. In fact he didn’t even go out right very much, he just wandered around.

    He did play a blinder against Celtic, which was a game with a lot less pressure. But Bendtner is quite good defensively and would have pissed all over Evra in the physical battle.

    I don’t really see how Eddie had played too much. He hadn’t even played a full 90 minutes before that

  79. Mayank

    Did the same people who are judging the team based on one loss against Man U think that we were better than Man U and CFC when we beat them in the league last season?

  80. David

    Asides from their long spells with injury?

    I dont know…Rosicky plays in Midfield? Last i checked he wasnt a striker like Bendtner…and thus wouldnt play along side Robbin.

    Eduardo will only be used in some certain games like i said when he was fit last season Wenger left him out of a game where he was 100% fit.

    He cant play the central role…because he’s too small..and he’s not going to take Arshavin’s place.

  81. Lou

    Pedro. You’re right. Negativity is contagious I think and we must ignore our inner demons and think positively. Sometimes though Arsene sends confused messages.

  82. rob green

    I just cant believe how peoples mentality’s have changed so quickly after 3 league games one of which we lost. Yes we did play better football but they beat us!!

    If your happy paying the most expensive season tickets in the league and not having a trophy for 5 years and then your manager selling more players that he brings in each year then fine. But I’m not that’s why I am having a good b*th 😀

  83. Stu

    Rosicky will take Denilsons place when fit and share it with Nasri when not.
    And Eduardo will start left probably and Arshavin will go right.

  84. Mayank

    True that Pedro, even i don’t get negativity in the name of objectivity.
    My manc and chelsa supporting friends are more positive about our season than most here.

  85. Pedro

    HB… he made 50% of his passes from within our half, 3 interceptions in our half, 2 clearances in our half… he did plenty… he played well I thought.

  86. LAzer

    Right I see your point Taig. I agree on both fronts, no doubt the overall quality, creativity and incision drops when we have Denilson, Song, Diaby, Eboue playing and Diaby’s past record is not really much to go by. I just felt he was being hammered for an OG which I feel is unfair.

  87. David

    Thats not going to happn Stu…these players have been out for a long time…I expect Arsene to ease them back into the game slowly and Certainly not play them for the whole 90 min.

  88. alex

    Blah blah blah, david we get the point. What ever you say about Bendy as long as he wants to stay with us Wenger will NOT sell him. Wenger bought him as a 16 year old and has seen him progress through the youth and reserves and watches him every day in training. So Bendy is here to stay so start supporting him.

  89. Lou

    Stu. Got it. You see though my negativity crept up on me and forced me to pick up the point. As Dennis Bergkamp said “A few new faces can really lift a club”.

  90. kingsley

    how long do you guys think it will take for us to get linked to stephen appiah in an ‘outside the window’ deal? lol

  91. Honest Bill

    Really Pedro? Perhaps i may have been focusing on his attacking. But to be fair, he was played in the front-line. I think Bendtner would have provided better balance there, just as he did against Everton.

    The problem with Eboue is his decision making in the final third, as it always has been. I wouldn’t have started him,

  92. Pedro

    HB, he wont be in there when Theo and the rest of the injured gang are back…


    I wouldn’t have picked him there, but I can understand it… he was quite good up top… he has pace and power Nik doesn’t have…

  93. David

    I have to say it will be interesting to see what Arsene comes up with in playing Eduardo…one thing i know for sure we cant keep crossing the ball like we do with the full back we might as well just pass it to the defenders.

  94. Honest Bill

    Pedro. I appreciate that he won’t start there every game. But of all the games you could have asked me to put him there. Old Trafford would not be the one i would choose.

    I don’t agree that he has power that Nick doesn’t have. He has more pace and is a better dribbler, but like Diaby, He can beat 4 players with great dribbling and then kick himself in the face when it counts. He seldom picks out the right pass in the final third.

  95. Lou

    Just as I like a full back who can primarily defend I also like a centre forward who can hold the ball up and bring midfielders and wide men into the attack. I don’t see RVP as being this man myself. Just behind the CF yes and I think he is at his most dangerous there but I suppose Bendtner is now the only player at the club who is strong enough to take the battering one customarily receives from C Halves these days. The problem with Nic is simple. At the moment he is not good enough. He can’t control a ball, has little composure in the final third and doesn’t when to hold the ball or release it, which is one of the marks of a good player. I admit I am very naive but I think that a club of Arsenal’s stature need a world-class centre forward. We had one for years and I remember how dangerous we were whenever we moved forward.

  96. David

    Lou Says:
    September 1, 2009 at 18:33
    Just as I like a full back who can primarily defend I also like a centre forward who can hold the ball up and bring midfielders and wide men into the attack. I don’t see RVP as being this man myself.


    Thank God. Finally somebodi else see’s it. Especially in a 4-3-3. But what do i know..i guess i’ve been playing Championship manager. Whatever the hell that is.

  97. Honest Bill

    Little over-simplified David. I could have played that ball in to Diaby myself. How often does Eboue make the right choice in that situation? ordinarily he would dribble psat two players and give it away

  98. Big Raddy

    Lou. Good stuff from you this evening.

    Gambon, I agree about the Chavs CB’s, but we aren’t far off.

    Anyway., we have the squad we have, so let’s get behind them.

    I was away for the w/e and had to watch the match on video. There was so much to be positive about. We dominated the EPL champs and CL runners-up. Compare that to the capitulation in the CL last season. With the Dippers looking shite, we are going to be there at the season’s end. (IMO)


    i will soon be posting the email address to ivan gazidis, feel free to post your views to him regarding transfers and lack off atmosphere at the games,


    yeah the club were quick to release a statement about eduardo but not a fucking thing why they didn’t spend,cunts

  101. David

    HB Eboue and Diaby work well together…Villa park Last season….

    His decision making is decent. And id have played him given the injuries and given Bendy’s shocking display against Pompey.

  102. choy

    I think we’re not good enough to win the league, it is just an assessment, an opinion one may say:

    We are still letting in goals, however stupid it maybe, we all know how we fared when gallas got injured last season, we just can’t seem to keep clean sheets, man u won the league last season with many 1-0 scorelines.. We need at least 2 clear goals to win, sometimes 4 is also not enough.

    Depending on rosicky is like believing in santa claus, he will have niggling injuries as he has just come back from almost what 18 months or so? I think he will find it very difficult to find his stride.

    Same with nasri, he has just fractured his leg, it is not easy to come back to the top flight and play the rest of the games remaining, he will have niggling injuries.

    We have no direct back up for cesc, he is the heartbeat of the team.

    If we lose song, again we do not have any player who is defensive enough to protect our erratic defence.

    Hence, we will come close maybe.

    I would love to be proved wrong, but wenger has taken another gamble, once which didn’t need to be taken.

    We sold 40 mill worth of players and just brought one in for about 12 mill.

    I fear the top players will leave if don’t win anything this season.

  103. Samir


    Wenger has done it again hasn’t he……..
    If we don’t win anything this season then you know who I’ll be holding responsible! He said a few weeks ago he had money and was going to buy!
    What a bloody liar, a great one at that! He fooled everyone! Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha………….

  104. Honest Bill

    David. Ahead of Eduardo too?

    In my opinion Eduardo is our most dangerous player. I believe he was only omitted from the squad to protect him from the meanies trying to boo him. I would have started him, no question about it. He’s more likely to create a goal, or score one than Eboue will ever be