Calamitous Almunia fluffs AGAIN… Arsenal fall to pieces… Rooney DIVES!

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What a disappointing result… we played so well in the first half… we dominated in midfield, created chances and played very well. Arshavin put us one up after firing a 25 yard screamer into the top left corner of the goal… I really didn’t feel like ManU were going to be able to rescue the game… they had nothing.

The second half starts up… Rooney gets played in… Almunia rushes out needlessly and the trap was set… Rooney started falling before he was touched, then he hit Almunia… penalty. Is that not deception? Is that not fooling the ref? Regardless of the contact, he conned the ref… he played for the foul… which is the same mindset Eduardo had the other night.

He stepped up, buried the penalty… 1-1.

The second incident came from a Giggs freekick. He fired the ball into the area, about 8 yards out… Diaby, unchallenged… headed it into our net.

1) What the hell was Diaby thinking about on any defensive level. Was he trying to head it back to Almunia… was he trying to head it out wide… did someone from the Old Trafford mind control department fire a brain jam at him? It was a ridiculous mistake and one that at this moment in time, feels unforgivable…. I thought we were best friends Abou?

2) What was Almunia doing? Is there a keeper in the Premiership who wouldn’t have come for that? Is there a keeper in the youth team that wouldn’t have come for that? What has happened to Almunia this season? He fucked up in Hungary, he fucked up at Pompey and today… he fucked up twice. These type of incidents should not be happening to a keeper supposedly in his prime. He cost us today… and now we have to wait two weeks to make amends.

What I want to know is this… is Arsene Wenger a man of precedent? 2 years ago he dropped Lehamann after his two clangers at Fulham and Blackburn. Two years on, Almunia has opened the season with 3 clangers, plus a fourth if you include his horror show in Hungary. Does Wenger have the guts to drop his Spaniard for the often erratic… but talented Fabianski? Well… it’s no more a risk than dropping a very good German international for an inexperienced Spaniard… who could have also been described as erratic.

As for the team… well, it’s all very well playing good solid football when you’re winning… but jeez… did we fall apart after we lost our goals. We could hardly string a pass together, I think I counted one shot… we were a complete shambles.

Another gripe I have…and I mean no disrespect to Bendtner here… but when you’re playing ManU… you may only get one chance… so why stick Bendtner on? Why not Eduardo… the Crozillian is skilful, creative and clinical. Why did it take until 80 minutes to get him on the pitch? Crazy if you ask me…

I’m not happy with Arshavin and his limited contributions today… I’m not happy with Diaby and how chronically useless he was and I wasn’t particularly enamoured with Denilson and his very sloppy game in the second half. Football is about how you react when the chips are down… and today, I felt we collapsed. As for ability… I think we are sorted. We dominated ManU for a majority of the game with Nasri, Cesc, Walcott and Rosicky out… my only problem was the lack of character we showed after we conceded. Where was the urgency, where was the drive…?

I was pleased with Song today, he performed admirably in the middle of the park. I thought his first half was very solid… but his passing dropped with the rest of the team after we started losing. Eboue played pretty well, his work rate was right up there with the best and he was at the heart of some tidy moves in the first half. The back 4 can’t really be faulted bar the full backs poor crossing.

In conclusion, the defeat hurts because we handed it to United. We pretty much dominated without Rosicky, Nasri and Cesc… which is very encouraging. Lady luck had clearly been taking Brown paper bags from the Glazers today… and it’s not often I will put games going against us down to luck. Still, lets not beat ourselves up over this… we’ve just dominated possession against Premier League winners / European Cup finalists. Next up will be Man City… another very important game. Hopefully by then we’ll have everyone to choose from bar Nasri… that really is exciting don’t you think?

Chin up Grovers, we’ll smash them at home!


Almunia: Having a shocking opener to the season. If he were a pupil at school and I was his headmaster, I’d be on my second parent meeting of the term. I think it’s gone beyond the last chance saloon and he should be dropped. 4

Clichy: I thought he played well defensively, making some nice interceptions, keeping Valencia pretty quiet. His crossing was very weak though, you might as well not get in the box if you’re a striker. 6.5

Sagna: Did a very good job keeping the impressive Evra quiet… lost his rag a bit late on, but who wouldn’t if Mike Dean was reffing their game? A solid performance defensively, but when it comes to crossing it’s all a bit Sunday league. 7

Gallas: Continued to play well with the Verminator… but struggled towards the end when the midfield started to lose its shape and dicipline. He was also the man who was offside in the build up to RvP’s late disallowed goal. 6.5

Vermaelen: Everyone was looking to see how he would cope against top opposition and he didn’t disappoint. I thought he kept Rooney pretty quiet and did a good job over all in the middle with Gallas. 7

Denilson: I thought he had a reasonable first half, his passing was ok, he made some pretty good interceptions and helped Arsenal control the midfield. However, I was less than impressed with his second half contribution and his lack of pace really does get shown up against stronger opposition. His passing was very poor and his game went down hill very quickly. Watching Denilson under pressure is tough viewing… 6

Song: I thought he had a much stronger first half. Although he doesn’t always come out of a tackle with the ball like Vieira used to, he does enough to get in the way and make a nuisance of himself. He’s also started to read the game a lot better. However, he started making some rash mistakes when the pressure started to build… and asking him to be creative when you’re chasing a lead is like asking an accountant to write a bit of stand up… it’s just not going to happen. 7

Diaby: What a shocker this man had? The header was beyond a joke… you couldn’t put that down to anything other than being a retard. You wouldn’t expect that in a Sunday league…

‘Well, he is young and he probably didn’t realise that heading into his own goal was a silly thing to do…’

I’m sure we’ll be reading that on some websites today… but after trying to fathom what he was doing with my football team, we all decided that mistake was one of the most shocking own goals we’d ever seen. As for the rest of his game… inept isn’t the word. He was truly diabolical today… his touch was off, his speed of thought was that of a man who’d just come out of a 17 year coma and his threat to United was minimal. 4

Eboue: I actually thought he had another very solid game for us… he involved himself in a lot of the play offensively in the first half and he covered a lot of ground, burning up plenty of energy in the process. His dive was pathetic… if you’re going to make a cunt of yourself diving, at least get a penalty and at least dive well… what he did was embarrassing and led to fits of laughter where I was watching the game. 6.75

Arshavin: Plenty of people are saying that the Russians game is to do nothing then pop up with the goods… well, I have to disagree… he was a lot busier last season and had a lot more of the ball. He looked pretty disinterested, and bar the goal and a couple of half chances, he was anonymous. He did very well to dummy Fletcher, and the challenge was a stone wall penalty… but if we’d got the penalty… you have to cast doubts on whether Arsh would have been motivated enough to get his second. He’s got to pull his finger out and start imposing himself on games for longer than 5 minutes. 7

Robin: Not his best game for the club. His finishing was pretty poor today and due to his lack of confidence, he seems to playing with caution. Robin… start doing what you built your reputation on… banging it when the goal is in site. He takes an age to get a shot off and when he does, invariably it’s not on target or its a tame effort. He went close with a free kick that was tipped onto the bar, and Foster pulled off a fantastic save at point blank range in the second half to deny him… a goal is in order and pretty sharpish… he had one disallowed in the 95th minute which was unlucky. 6.75

Arsene Wenger: I don’t think there was too much I’d disagree with regarding the starting line up. If Eduardo was a fitness risk, I’ll accept that… and maybe Rambo is a year off starting against United. However, why Wenger chose to bring Bendtner on when we were chasing a game is beyond me? Surely you bring on your most clinical creative striker? Or perhaps you bring on your 18 year old super star in waiting who can create something out of nothing? It was a silly decision and had everyone baffled. If Eduardo wasn’t capable of more than ten minutes, then frankly… what was he doing on the bench? Wenger took far too long to make his subs… and when he did, they were the wrong ones. Fair play to his behaviour at the end of the game, he did a good job of mocking Mike Dean when he refused to go to the stands after being sent off for kicking and empty bottle at no one (go figure)… instead deciding to stand above the tunnel with the fans. That was pretty funny. 6.75

Mike Dean: What a piss poor performance from the referee. The most inept display I’ve seen in a long time… dishing out yellow cards for fun, missing handballs and tackles in the box that would make Vinnie Jones wince… it was a truly horrible day for the ref. 3

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  1. kelsey

    I may have left an occasional comment on arseblog, that’s because i don’t always agree with what others say, but i don’t go down the racist route, mate.leave it please,for the sake of the blog.Thanks.

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    If that geek Crouch & Mr Bean looking spud lennon have been proven to be not up to international standard already, why would they be recalled.

  3. dennisdamenace

    Sabeel – Nothing mate, it really is looking like AW will go into the season with what he’s got….

  4. Baxter Wall

    Kenny – you know i was just playing with you mate. Apologies if i caused offense, don’t see what i did for you to take up against me. But no harshness on my part at all.

  5. gnarleygeorge9


    It would be really, really, really great if Le Prof bought a seasoned goalie, like Buffon or of that ilk. The waiter is not up to it IMO.

  6. patthegooner

    PDT well said fella

    Got to admit, sometimes you login and see what is happening on Le Grove and there is a slanging match going on between two grovers so you just dont bother.

    Still the Best Arsenal blog around though….by far

    And whilst the rest slag this one off for being negative, I like the way that the majority whether negative, realistic, or positive will generally always put some substance into their reasoning.

    Lets face it, it would be shit if we all agreed on everything.

    Right come on Wenger get the chequebook out, I have heard that there is a flight booked in the name of Van Der Vaart from Madrid to London. I wish.

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    Speaking of “racism”, hey Sabeel how did Force India go in the latest F1 event. They must have been pretty happy to start the race on poll.

  8. Baxter Wall

    I think they mean you actually Kelsey. You reacted to a joke like i’d shot someone.

    I was mocking the attitude that some people have that Jews run the country. If you didn’t get it then fine, but don’t take the high horse when you nearly got banned the other day for acting out.

  9. paul

    PDT i would also like to see people on here not be so nasty towards Arsenal players,ie threaten to punch them if they saw them

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    No, he should just leave it alone, coz he will only be sirred for being a whinger. But manure were pretty bad. I mean skill wise, so all they could do was foul 🙂

  11. Franchise

    GG9 well well

    i watched Juventus ystdy and i must admit we missed out on a great player that is Felipe Melo

    forget his great goal, that guy is on steroids. imagine flamini, song and a bit of xabi rolled into one player

    good engine, strong, very good passer

    fiorentina were willing to do a deal involving eboue but unfortunately we live in a wenger world where nothing is ever straight forward

    a world where average age of team seems to be the benchmark of judgment

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    Anyway, I stand by my thoughts of getting a big wig in to stick it up the FA. The uzbeck has done nothing wrong to me, I love the colour of his money. Is mentioning colour of money racist slur on money.

  13. Rhyle

    Franch – can completely see where you’re coming with more unnecessary whining from Wenger bringing bad attention to us but…he has a point.

    Teams who kick us out of the game are ‘disrespecting the game’ a lot more than Eduardo. The Scottish FA representative conveniently forgot Celtic’s behaviour in the first leg. Yes, it’s a successful tactic and has worked against us in the past but repeated fouling? As they in cricket and in connection with diving in football – it’s not in the ‘spirit of the game’ is it?

  14. Franchise

    the defence seems good but what happens if we have to face a decent side without either gallas or vermaelen

    its not like we dont have the money

    seriously pissing me off

  15. Rhyle

    Franch – we did miss out on a great player but Melo repeatedly said he wasn’t coming to us and Viola used us to drive price up from Juve.

    Agreed that no Galls or Vermaelen = big problem. Can you imagine if both were missing? Nightmare.

  16. Baxter Wall

    its up to the ref to step in and stop it. I think the “they kicked us” has been over played. There was nothing outright dirty in that game.

    Wengers fault for not getting in players who can look after themselves.

  17. GultiGooner

    Arsene wenger being sent off is funny to you. Just funny. shame on you. You keep calling all the other gooners as fake gooners or plsatic gooners..That really shows how big a gooner you are..

  18. Paulinho

    Exactly. You never hear Liverpool or Chelsea complaining about physical tactics. It’s always Wenger.

    And then we wonder why we collapse under pressure time and time again. Pure molly-cuddlelisation.

  19. Rhyle

    Baxter I can name Evra as a repeat offender. Fletcher too. Let’s not forget Valencia’s elbow or Rooneys kick. There was plenty outright dirty.

  20. test

    Wengers point is bollox.

    The players arnt responsible for spoiling the game, the ref should clamp down on persistent fouling. If as a player the ref is letting you foul on the halfway line again and again you will continue to do so.

    A dive is cheating, cheating the game, cheating your fellow proffesionals and cheating the result.


    Earlier this summer people were saying, on this blog no less, that Melo was a waste of money

    “why buy him at £20m when he doesnt represent value for money”

    “Arsene cant afford to but Melo, if he spends £20m on one player he cant just improve us he has to make the ultiate difference”

    I am not even joking this was and if you were anal enough to scroll back the last week you would no doubt see still is the arguent for not spending money.

    So now we have £150m in the bank, we are one injury away from Sylvestre, have a clown in between the sticks, are reliant upon denilsong and dont have someone who can lead the line.

    Oh but wait……Rosicky is like a new signing


  21. Franchise

    and i agree BWall there was nothing really malicious in the game

    we got our fist 2 or 3 yellows cos of badly time tacckles

    rooney was a pen whether he played for it or not is irrelevant

    fletcher on arshavin was a penalty.

    IMO the referees officiating wasn’t that bad to make us loose the game we lost cos of our own making

  22. KM


    day off every1? 🙂 PDT gr8 comment above abt idiotic / abusive grovers. I salute u!

    todays the last day of the window….it does not look like anything will happen 🙁

    btw i read an article that Arshavin has been carrying an injury since the season started but has still played on. Hence why he is not 100% involved in the game yet.

    Why do we get so many injuries?? i was looking at the difference in the physiques of ManU and Arsenal players. The majority of ManU players are well built and look strong while the Arsenal players are very lean and slender. I guess thats why our players feel the challenges more than other teams and tend to get injured.

    I also had a chance to watch Chelsea. Imo these lot are the team to beat, esp. with them now deploying Anelka and Drogba as the front 2. Their diamond is very fluid and their midfield players are popping up from everywhere – i dnt think Lampard will get as many goals as before because he has to do some dirty work now in this new system. In the last few seasons Chelsea were called strong but now i think they have become more creative as well.

    We need a fully fit squad asap. Nasri is back in October(?) and Rosicky is back in training so chin up boys. oh yes forgot Walcott & Vela, who are also due back soon as well. does anyone when these players are due back?

  23. Franchise

    test i was told on here by many that Melo was no better than Song and many were judging him based on Confed cup where he wasnt anything spectacular but was still good enough to be in the team of the tournament

    the guy is so strong and he is mobile (regarding velocity, acceleration). song is strong but seems to flat footed at times and many of the fletcher fouls wenger complains about song does them all the time

    song would have been a good backup for Melo

  24. Honest Bill

    The problem was not Man Utd’s physical tactics, after all we’re just as guilty of it. The real problem which Wenger is wisely skirting around, is that the referees allow Man Utd to do whatever they like.

    Although if he’s honest, he’ll admit to himself that this had no real impact on the result. Nor was it a lack of experience as he has remarked. It was a lack of intelligence and common sense that gifted Man Utd the game.

  25. AngeAusArsenal

    Gnarly will you join me in a petition to sign Schwarzer? Among us aussies we should be able to get about 6 may be our only cnace to see an Aussie in the red and white

  26. KM

    Baxter Wall @ 11.09. i agree our dependency on Cesc showed in the MANU match. however if we had Nasri/Rosicky fit he would played the AM with DEN & SONG either side of him. we were just unlucky that we had no ‘quality’ replacements for him as we had a lot of injuries.

  27. ikon

    Franchise, agree with the point that we lost because of ourselves. No argument over that one. But fletcher tackle on Arshavin was a clear penalty and a yellow for him. The yellow to Fletcher would have made a big difference to the match outcome. Try and defend this point.

    I can imagine Fergie rubbing the champions league red card on Fletcher to motivate him. He would also have make the ref Dean aware of the fact, that the “lad is due some luck, make sure you give him some”.

    Fucking disgrace of a club.

  28. test

    Franchise 😉

    SORRY MATE!!!!!!

    I forgot the fucking classic,

    “We dont need Melo what we need is an understudy to song”

  29. Gunner8

    Well I knew that it would be a tough test and unfortunaty the team did not pull through when it mattered wiping out a perfect start to the campaign… …we always seem to loose a game b4 the international break which kind of sucks arse!

    Anyway I demand a hammering of citeh

  30. PDT

    I will sign the petition to get Schwarzer. I proposed it last year, but everyone said that Fulham’s defensive record was due to Hangeland, not Mark…

  31. gooner786

    Why doesnt Wenger just go and splash big money on new players. When Ferguson, Benitez and even Redknapp like a player they put a bid in and get their man, even if it means paying that extra million quid or two.Arshavin has proved that if you pay good money then you get quality.

    Wenger should do a Ferguson and get a couple of £30 million pound players in.

    It’s not his money after all is it?

  32. PDT

    Test, you can’t have heard it here…the “understudy to Song” comment sounds like it’s from another blog.

  33. KM

    If i was a neutral fan and heard Wenger complaining abt United’s anti-football, i would ask myself how many yellow cards did Arsenal get and how many did ManU get? However i believe if it was Chelsea playing ManU they would have weathered the tough tackles and the hustle bustle. I dnt think we have that mentality yet because we played them off the park but could not adjust our game to their physical approach.

    We were very dominant in the 1st half and i think if we had finished them off then we could slowed the tempo of the game down and close up shop. my point = PUT THE KNIFE IN WHEN U’V GOT THEM BY THE THROAT!

  34. Franchise

    ikon the arshavin thingy was fucking strange probably he thought fletcher’s contact was with his foot not his hand

    it was a pen on two counts, he took the player down and it was a hand ball

    but i would be fair to u when i saw it live at first i thot it wasnt a penalty until i saw replays

  35. Gunner8

    I just watched the Bayern/Wolfsberg game and have to say Ribery/Robben is a sick combination and what we hoped for Rosicky/Nasri/Arshavin.

  36. KM

    Paulinho – i dnt think Melo actually wanted to come to us. if he did he would have been in talks with us not Juve. I agree with u though he is gr8 DM. Btw Juve have got off on a good start – they’v bought in 2 top notch players – MELO & DIEGO

  37. gnarleygeorge9


    Yep Schwarzer would have been an ideal, bargain signing. & is one of the best stoppers going around.

  38. KM

    ikon @ 11.19. i think the referee DEAN was absolute crap. he should have kept of the game much better. I sometimes think the EPL is a bit too physical hence why we have so many teams like Bolton, Blackburn, Stoke – need i go on? As long as the focus is on ‘We’l rough them up’ i dnt think we’l get a good stream of technical English players coming through. There’s only a handful of English players who are comfortable on the ball which is a shame really. I’m not saying we should become like the Spanish La Liga but we need a good balance which will allow open, flowing football.

  39. KM

    w/s Gooner786. oh right – my bad 🙂 there’s a rumour going around that we’r gonna get Chamakh & Veira. not sure abt that though. However i think we need a striker like Chamakh – someone who is fast and direct, and can run behind defences and feed off the through balls from creative players. He also has gr8 aerial ability which is a plus.

  40. PDT

    Guys, do you remember Pires’ breakthrough season – the one where he hurt his knee?

    This season will be like that one for Rosicky. Say what you want, but Rosicky on song is way better than Diego.

  41. Franchise

    KM we have heard that too many times regarding different players. we are not a smaller club than juventus why would melo not consider joining us?

    comon players in the calibre of D.Villa, Ribery etc hace expressed desire to join us several times in the past, what happened?


    really on a general footballing note including transfers, brand of football, winning mentality, trophies etc i hope we get a new manager soon

    wenger is doing my head in seriously

    say if guus hiddink came in would he go into a season with the squad we have or would he look to bring in more players?

    we have somewhat of a good foundation but the building blocks arent good enough

    any good manager with arshavin, cesc, rosicky, nasri, vp, gallas, verm, clichy, sagna, walcott, JW, eduardo, vela, song, ramsey has a good bunch of players to start to work with

    wenger is great but with his current transfer policies i dont see us winning the league and CL. trophies he claims are his priorities

  42. KM

    Gunner8 – agree he is class. I saw him in the UEFA cup last year – brilliant player. However he’d be too expensive for us which is sad but Fabregas is playing in the same position as him this year – AM.

  43. Franchise

    i thought ppl (ppl = A 😀 ) said Van persie’s role in the new formation is to create for midfield runners to score

    what nonsense? he was dispossessed almost everytime by vidic and wes brown when he tried to hold up play, didnt have the pace to stretch vidic.

    wenger obviously doesnt trust bendtner to play the CF role if not he would play it as he has the best physical attributes to play it

    so if u dont trust bendy as a CF and if VP cant play the lone role as he ought to then who is meant to play this role?

    i anticiate 07/08 season all over again if he doesnt sign a decent CB and CF or DM

    we would run out of gas

  44. Franchise

    with all the flurry of fair skillful brazillians that have been in the game in wenger’s era it is hard to fathom why he hasnt laid his hand on one

    we only end up with the dodgy brazilians

    edu was very decent but im talking about the kakas, robinhos, ronaldinhos, diegos etc

    attacking team like arsenal has never had a defence splitting brazilian 😀

  45. KM

    btw did anyone watch the BURNLEY keeper JENSEN against Chelsea?? The guy was immense!!!! i cant remember howe many times he stopped Chelsea but what a keeper – gr8 shot stopper. I would mind us putting in a bid for him.

    FRANCHISE – Melo knew we were interested in him. Him and his agent were aware we’d watched numerous times but i think Melo was comfortably settled in Italy. There;s not many good Brazilian players in the EPL, bar Robinho who wanted to escape frm Madrid and Denilson & Lucas who were recruited at a young age. The S.Americans prefer playing in Spain, Italy, Germany and THEN the EPL. why – maybe its the way of life or maybe the other leagues and clubs are more popular in S.America than the EPL.

    I can give u an example of Edin Dzenko – we were after him but once Milan came, he had eyes only for them and he said in an interview that the Italian league is the most watched league in Eastern European countries hence why there are so many of them in Serie A.

    Wenger was asked in the summer -what if u dnt win anything this season? He said that there would have be a massive overhaul of the team and at the club. Does that mean he will go as well or he will spend on top notch experienced players? i really don’t know. But i agree with u if we had HIDDINK as manager he would bring in the players. But i have a nasty suspicion that we are skint and therefore not many managers can work their magic with an empty purse – unless they sell first.

  46. KM

    GUNNER8 – if only! Diego and Fabregas with Song holding would have been a wet dream come true 🙂

    i think Diego is a mixture of Fabregas & Arshavin – that is a hell of a combination.

  47. Franchise

    here we go again skint is mentioned 😀

    u dont say, with all the CL revenue, gates, merch etc we cant put aside at least £20m every season for new players

    add the sales of key players something we have done every year since 2004 we should have money to spend

    its wenger just trying to force his ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ moment through

  48. KM

    FRANCHISE – I am with u on this one. RVP annoys/irks/frustrates/pisses me off big time. He just cant score – he needs to get laid bigtime. If Eduardo was fit i would play him everytime ahead of RVP in that CF role. Also i dnt think we need RVP in this system – only as a substiute imo. we need Eduardo / Torres type striker – who can skin defenders and get behind defences, not wait an age until the defender tackles you.

  49. Franchise

    wenger would rather sign a nasri for £15m with a bit of a risk factor regarding his development than a player like diego who is more established and experienced

    ask me why? i dont have a fucking clue

    is it to do with age and how much he reckons he can mold the players or is it just an ego thing

  50. ikon

    I hope wenger gets Viera and Chamakh today.
    I will be delighted.

    Also I think Sczesny (the goalie) should be in the first team as a sub. Sub Almunia in the middle of a comfortably won match , and Almunia will wake up from his slumber. That goalie Sczpqwead… looks the most impressive of himself, Manone and Fabianski.

  51. KM

    FRAN – i have no idea abt the clubs actual financial problems. i really don’t and there’s so much crap in the media abt this that i have no idea whats right and whats wrong. look what Ferguson said – he knows more than you and me.

    However on the other hand u could be right and maybe Wenger wants to perform a miracle by trying to win the title with this squad 🙂

  52. Franchise

    IMO arshavin has been wenger’s biggest profile signing in terms of how established they were before they joined us

    even henry was having a bad time at juve when we went in for him. he likes going for such players

  53. Franchise

    the simple truth is winning the league is harder than it was in pre 2004 and now that it is harder we have lost our squad mojo

  54. KM

    IKON – how abt Jensen, the Burnley keeper. the guy has been performing miracles since the season started.

    i tell u one though – Fabianksi gives me the jitters sometimes. Alumnia is a ‘safe’ keeper but not outstanding like Reina and Given who i think are two of the best keepers in the EPL.

  55. KM

    yes Fran v.true. Since 2004 L’pool, Chelsea and esp. MAnU have raised the level bigtime.

    Did any of u watch the RealMadrid game the other night? So much talent but there were so many greedy players trying to steal the limelight. I wonder if the coach can make them into a TEAM.

  56. KM

    Gunner786 @ 11.43. wow – that Diego goal was amazing!!
    i can see him getting a world player of the year gong. he is special.

  57. ikon

    Given is an amazingly consistent player. The consistency which he has shown over his long tenure is unbelievable really. Same with Harper.

  58. KM

    do u guys think that ManCity will do us over with us missing Fabregas? Btw when is Rosicky back? wasnt he in training last week – this is getting ridiculous now.

  59. gooner786

    KM, former players always seem to score against their ex clubs, I have a feeling Adebayor will make it 4 out of 4 against us. Not sure if they will win though.

  60. patthegooner

    I think Fab might be back by then KM, but that fixture does worry me.

    They havent looked that great but they are churning out results.

    Strange as it sounds this early in the season, but that game is a must not lose.

  61. Faceman

    i really fancy us against city

    they dont really have players to kick us

    they will fancy their chances at trying to actually beat us at football ( note the use of football ), which even teams like utd fear playing against us.

    any team in the land that wants to have a proper game of football with us will lose.


  62. Paulinho

    “Football is unpredictable. I believe in this team we lack some calmness, maturity and experience when we were in moments where we were not under panic at all. We assessed wrongly two situations. The first one, Rooney was no danger to score, there was no need to panic. And on the second one as well. There was not one player of Man United around our players. So it’s lack of communication and still little bit I feel in these situations that we might be lacking a little bit of experience.”

    Not, this is not from 2006 or 07, this a comment from Arsene at the start of the 20090/10 season.

    Here’s an idea Arsene. Why don’t you BUY some experience? Ever thought of that?

  63. patthegooner

    I think a couple of players might come in tomorrow.

    I think Wenger is playing hardball for Matuidi and Chamakh. He alledgedly got it wrong last summer with Alonso, and I dont think we will make the same mistake.

    I think Chamakh is the most likely, and if he can’t get Matuidi, then I think Vieira will be a last min signing.

    I think we need Chamakh too. We are playing with 3 front men, so you need some cover on the bench and no doubt you will always have a couple of the Strikers out so why not Chamakh.

  64. KM

    i think once Nasri is back he should take over from Denilson in midfield with Fabregas slotting on the other side and Song behind them to mirror Barcelona’s Iniesta – Toure – Xavi

    with Arshavin – Eddy – Rosicky being my preffered front 3.

  65. lc

    I blame you Arsene Wenger, not Flecher. What’s about Patric Viera? He wasn’t always winning balls fairly. You’ve made my belove Arsenal an easy praw today; that’s why we will still lose against teams like Hull, Stoke, Fulham, Chelsea and even the current Spurs of Harry Rednapp. You listen to no one; only your own hype. We are in the fith year of a wrong policy that keeps Arsenal very weak. You’ve made us far too easy to bully, because with Denilson, Fabregas, Ramsey in midfield, any team is hungry to have a go at us. Can you please, AW admit for once that you are wrong? It doesn’t work. Why can’t you have the courage to admit this? Our current problem is not so much about, we don’t have the money to buy experience players; it’s more to do with your personal EGO that having small men on pich will deliver fast flowing football; which in ideal world, is not wrong; but we are in a real world where one plus one is not necessarily two. You’ve got to take account of the overhall team dynamic with your opposition of the day.
    How long are you going to keep challenging the genal opinion on this Arsene?