Easy peasy in Europe, new contract for Eboue but no one wants Phil.

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So there you have it, we have got the easiest draw in Europe for once so we can take it easy and rest key players, in short we won’t or shouldn’t get post Champions league blues as we have had in the past, very little travel and no one of note to play, in fact they are even easier than Celtic.

The down side of that means we will buy no one of note, if anyone, I was convinced that Wenger would buy Numbchucks but as he still hasn’t left I expect a behind the scenes deal has been struck to get him for little at Christmas or nothing next year, bargain basement Arsenal continues it’s policy.

We will spend money on bolstering Gazidas’s team, and improving squad players contracts, so expect a big pay rise for Eboue, Denilson and Song, unless of course they already received them.

However, players that Wenger has had huge faith in over the last 7 years like Senderos, we can’t give away. We tried to offload him out to Milan, then we tried to sell him to Everton, no one seems to want him, well that will tell you something about project youth and persevering with players we all think will never make it at Arsenal.

So I suggest we have a clear out of players now that we know will never make it, players like Senderos, Randall, Fish head and unfortunately Simpson, and bring in some quality like Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Diarra(M) and Sakho and at least have a squad big enough and talented enough to go to places like Old Trafford and expect to get a result.

Those sort of players will make us a better team, we have enough talent not to even need a defensive midfielder but that I know goes against the grain of people that think we do.

We will never have a better chance to win the EPL and the ECL let’s not blow it Arsene, we looked vulnerable and boring on Wednesday, well until you changed it around we did and that was the Arsenal of last season, and that sends a shiver down my spine.

Arsene mentioned the average age of our team this week was 23.9 and in 6 months they will be even better, so what? I don’t care how old they are, are they good enough? Last season they weren’t. He is obsessed with age.

Anyone out there that thinks Eduardo should be banned should firstly look at a few clips of Rooney, Gerrard and Ronaldo, they made Eduardo look like he was hacked down and beaten with a stick, as for Scottish morality, didn’t they just let a terrorist out after only 8 years for killing 270 people? I’ll leave that there then.

Finally I think that Rosicky going off with the Czech squad is a unbelievable cheek, I hope he plays for us for once and that we see him at Old Trafford, well at least before he plays an International and gets injured all over again.

Have a great day Grovers, Arsene please get your cheque book out, you only have 4 days left.

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  1. Arindam@KOL

    If I were AW , I would wake up at 5:00 tomorrow and slip in a copy of what Evra said about us after the UCL semis last season – Men Vs Boys.

    That would save him some energy , vis-a-vis pep talks.

  2. David

    Ryan Babel dived to take us out of the CL….Gerralds dove to win the CL….what the feck is this Eduardo shyte about?

  3. bk

    pat are you sure that fucker isnt round again? taut i saw his ugly mug last week.and they would deffinetly wheel him out against us

  4. Hurley Burley

    Tomorrow’s team


    Sagna / Gallas / Vermalen / Clichy

    Eboue / Denilson / Song / Diaby



    Result: Draw

  5. kenny smith

    The jist of it is this,

    Wengers points are

    1. There have been recent incidents on and off the pitch of which UEFA could have quite easily done something about and havent. So why now for Eduardo

    2. He argues whether it was even a dive.

    3. This is the FIRST EVER TIME IN UEFA HISTORY, where UEFA have not backed an officials decision even if it was clearly the wrong decision. for example (he doesnt say this but i thought id add it in) Darren Fletcher recieved a red card last season against us in the semi when he shouldnt have and UEFA still backed the ref and he missed out on the final.

    4. Now that UEFA have gone against the ref’s final decision that now means that every single ref decision should be able to be challenged and that the club in future will challenge every shirt pull that is made as its against the rules and is cheating.

    5. wenger has been calling for video technology for ages and UEFA refused to use it and now UEFA are going to use video technology to ban eduardo!

    he points out UEFA are changing their own rules for this 1 case

  6. Gunnersmith

    Rev seems we’re fucked in the middle then i see no body playing that central role i can only think of wilshere but then he’s more of a messi than a xavi

  7. ReVELAtion

    I’m going with:


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy


    Denilson Diaby

    Bendtner Van Persie Arshavin

    Bench: Mannone, Gibbs, Eboue, Silvestre, Merida, Wilshire, Eduardo

    Arsenal 2-0

    bendtner brace.

  8. David

    Lets restrospective ban Maradona for handball 1986 v England – and Ronaldo for getting Rooney sent off in Euro

  9. Stu

    Eduardo isnt being punished for diving. He is being punished because the ref bought it. How is it fair that he gets punished because of someone elses mistake?

  10. Stu

    Thw worst thing about this whole ordeal is that Eduardo is gonna come out of it all being labelled a diver.

    What do you think the refs are gonna remember more? Eduardo having his leg broken by a cunt or him going down without any contact.
    I wouldnt be suprised if the next few fouls on him went by without the ref giving anything.

  11. Pat

    Really Rev? Do you have a link?

    Also, if a Barca/madrid player dived we wouldn’t have any of this nonsense. UEFA will do anything to fuc over English teams. Now those are some cunts.

  12. Gunnersmith

    In Eduardo we have a complete striker and yet almost all the comments today dumped him on the bench and stuck pinkboots who can’t finish his diner we shout for villa Torres and all other tossers yet this guy offers us so much more than them

  13. Stu

    Smith, we pick Bendtner because so far him on the right has been working. Would you rather Eduardo on the right? A least Bendtner defends and can out muscle Evra and win headers.

    Eduardo is best in the middle, right in front of goal but VP will always play there so no point starting Eduardo because he would just be wasted on the wing.

  14. patthegooner

    SSN must be pissed with the response of the other PL Managers

    They have all been asked today and pretty much everyone has gone along the same line, in that Eduardo did dive but it is wrong to single out a player for it when it has gone on for so long. Some even backed the view that they were not convinced it was a dive or said it could not be proved to be a dive.

    I still can’t believe what the media have turned this into. I bet there are at least 5 similar examples of diving in the league this weekend, and yet none will be mentioned.

    And still no mention of serial diver Ashley Young from last night……….Strange that.

  15. Pat

    PTG, do you remember Gilardino’s dive against Celtic? He got nothing for it and it was much, much worse than Eduardo’s!

  16. Pat

    Also, why does everyone think Gray hates us? I was young when we were actually winning things(only 18 now), but I remember him singing our praises like no other. I actually used to think he was an Arsenal fan!!

  17. patthegooner

    Jesus that dive is ridiculous.

    Got to admit, agree with you there, Andy Gray is usually pretty good with Arsenal, he often raves about us on the final word on Sunday Evenings.

    It is the cunts on MOTD that are the worst, thank fuck they dont have CL rights, otherwise it would have been a MOTD special lasting about 10 hours. Hansen, Lawrenson, Linekar all wankers. I refuse to watch it now.

  18. Stu

    Gray is a cunt during the matches when we win. Other than that he isnt much of an arsenal lover. He jumps on the anti arsenal band wagen when things arent going well for us. Like saying we would fall out of the top4 this season and last.

  19. chozzer

    Andy Gray has certainly pointed out the idiocy of the decision, which is more than you can say for some people who seem to think it’s fair in some strange way.

  20. chris

    Pat – yes but the Gilardino dive didn’t get a penalty – and Gilardino got booked.

    So Milan didn’t benefit –

    The guys who say the penalty was important in the tie are right –

    If you had said to Wenger would you take a penalty and a retrospective Eduardo 2 match ban right now at 25 mins he would have bitten your hand off.

    1st goal for Celtic up to about 70 mins wouuld have been great for them (especially as they were only going to get about 2-5 shots anyway) so losing the first goal was critical and effectively put Arsenal in the group stages (and made Wenger’s team seecrtion gamble work out perfect for the harder but less important game on Saturday).

  21. kelsey

    Anuone here collymore on talkshite now.

    he advocates an 8 match ban for eduardo and wenger, and that wenger has made a complete prick of himself,especially just before a big game at o.t.

  22. Truth

    Evening all. Kelsey: I’m listening to the misogynist right now, the man is a complete and utter cunt imo. Earlier on today the other ginger headed pratt called Arsene anti-football because of his comments.

  23. Pat

    chris, doesn’t matter. It should get the same punishment. A dive is a dive, whether you benefit or not. Its the referees fault in the end.

  24. ReVELAtion

    Stu – spot re collymore, what a fucking pathetic human being..

    Shit at football and what a cunt for hitting ulrika.. We should phone in and tell him in eduardo is getting banned for 8 games then he should be sent down for 5 years mug!

  25. ReVELAtion

    I went a bit OTT there, I apologise if there are any young ones reading 😯

    Btw, what side is the barca v shaktar match on?

  26. stevo

    Exactly as David says, how on earth can a yellow card offence suddenly be turned into a two match ban?
    Arsenal must take this further than football,this absolutely stinks as they are making the rules up as they go along.

  27. Stu

    Its complete bollocks. Eduardo gets a 2 game ban which is basically 4 yellow cards (if you consider 2 yellows is a 1 game ban) all because the ref was poorly placed and gave a penalty.
    How is that fair?

  28. Stu

    Did Shakhtar start Chygrynskiy? Surely they didnt after Barca finalised a deal to buy him and asked that he not be played in the match.

    I ask because i just turned it on and think i saw him. Anyone know?

  29. reggie57

    Its Pratinni whos driving EUFA he fuckin hates us soo much and will do anything in his limited power to get one over Wenger, and dont start me on that cunt durham what a toss-pot he is another one who deserves a crack over the nut with a pp9 battery in a sock jeeeeeeeessssssss

  30. kevin

    Utter bull shit from collymore. Im pretty sure he has pulled someone’s shirt to prevent them from getting past himself. IS THAT NOT CHEATING.

  31. chris

    I’ve had me tea –

    For many a yellow is a perfectly good punishment for someone who doesn’t get a penalty when diving in the box –

    For someone diving pointlessly in midfield playing on is often the best punishment –

    It’s a quaestion of whether you think diving itself is wrong or gaining from diving

    Here Arsenal benefitted from the dive and a retrospective yellow/red/2match ban for Eduardo doesn’t affect that –

    maybe if you had a first offence yellow, then red then 2 match ban but you’d still have to sort out every dodgy incident in the game or find some sensible means to differentiate between them.

    Incidentally, I was thinking that it might actually encourage diving – if referees think that booking or sending someone off for a second yellow when they could be wrong is more of a risk than giving a penalty that could later be “sorted out” retrospectively. Just an idea…

  32. reggie57

    collymore is the biggest hypercrit going, how on earth can a dogger,woman basher,drug addict cunt pass judgement on Eduardo and AW !! You could’nt make it up!!

  33. Gunnersmith

    Everytime i watch the gilardino’s dive i laughed my eyes out of the sockets ha hahh hah ah ah hah ahah ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!

    He musta tought ‘oh what i my doing i should be on the floor’ after 3 or for minutes afer the tackle

    That is just a disgrace to his personality

  34. leon

    i feel its important to remember that edwardo has not been baned yet he has been charged and wenger will fight this all the way.in any case i am done talking about ufea edwardo will hopefully start for manu game,aa looks very sharp.in the middle of the park and change of system which i think they been working at all summer looks to realy helping the defence and the teal look to have alot more steel and both delinson and song look realy good as does ramsey and diaby looks realy good at times,buth both vern/gallas look exttremly solid thats what has impressed me the most

  35. Gunnersmith

    The Media like making ‘BIG DEALS’ out of arsenal players so called ‘misconducts’ i could remember how the fabregas spitting saga went on and on, they set a trap and once any of our player falls in its the end of the world

  36. PDT

    To all of ou who are condemning Eduardo, here’s something I learnt at dinner last night.

    We were not talking about football or Eduardo. ONe of the gentlemen at dinner mentioned that he had broken his femur when he was a teenager. I asked him if he has any memories of that incident and whether they change the way he behaves? He said yes, and then he said something which gave me some insight into what it must be like.

    He said “Have you ever sat in the front passenger seat of a car and had your leg involuntarily go out to brake?” That’s how he feel forty years after his femur healed.

    So for all of you who are branding Eduardo a cheat and a disgrace, go sit in the passenger seat of a car being driven rashly.

  37. Maciek

    It will be tough without Cesc and with Eboue, Diaby, Denilsong in our midfield I can’t see us winning. Sorry guys, but I will go for 2:0 for United. Hope I’m wrong. I would love to see us trashing them.

  38. Maciek

    Dave, It could have been worse if Your favorite Danish player will be played as a winger, and knowing Wenger…

  39. Gunnersmith

    From the reports i have Dave Rosicky won’t even travel to manchester but i dont think we need to make a big deal about the united thing i’ll be happy with a draw tmr and hopefully we’ll have our stars back before the shitty games at eastlands

  40. Gunnersmith

    the shitty game will be our real test as the media will be on our tail any thing other than a win will authomatically tell the whole world we’re out of the top 4

  41. David

    happy with a draw? Maciek predicting a loss…WTF PEOPLE COMMON WE ARE THE ARSENAL FFS!!!

    Lets hope Diaby and SOng have a blinder…….i know Denilson and Bendy aree juss shite…but maybe they’ll have an off day….

  42. Gunnersmith

    Nah Dave i’m just saying the worst we could have is a draw. even though i might not be very happy with it i wouldn’t be devastated

  43. Maciek

    Dave, I would LOVE to see us trashing them. But with Denislon, the pass master, and Bendy it will be hard. Hope I’m wrong.

  44. A

    If we lose tomorrow I’ll be absolutely devastated, and shocked. It could all come down to Diaby, I expect Song and Denilson to completely nullify their midfield, and Vermaelen and Gallas to piss all over Rooney, but we need Diaby to play well as a driving force in midfield, and to make good runs from midfield. Bendtner playing right side will destroy Evra, taking down every long ball and he and VP will make space for midfield runners, or even Arshavin drifting in from the left, but we’ve got to take our chances.

    Either Diaby will play well, and we’ll really dominate, or it’ll be a really nothingy game with no team having any real control of the game, and then it’ll depend on individual moments to create a goal, or an individual fuck up to cost a team a goal.

    I see absolutely no way that Utd will dominate the play though

  45. Gunnersmith

    The grove is unbelievably silent tnight well i know it’ll be bubbling tomorrow after we thrash United we can only hope the fate lies in the hands of the pass master and his sidekick

    i’m of to be now here is hoping we beat United tmr a 4-1 will do for me gnight everyone

  46. ethangunner


    your totally delusional if one thing happens that you explain ill be utterly shocked myself !

    then it’ll depend on individual moments to create a goal
    if it comes down to that man U will win ..
    I do expect us to win also ..
    however this will be the test ..

    no one can predict a result on this game
    its totally uncharted waters .
    man U have changed personnel and we have changed players and team formation .

    i will be pissed off if we dont attack man U with our 3-3-4 , if we revert to 4-5-1 in fear
    we are doomed ..

    wenger’s direct choices will influence the game
    and also his player selections until either is known you can banter on all you want ..

    its irrelevant

  47. bk

    you wouldnt normaly expect phil brown to be the most honest of people,but his opinion of eddiegate storm is by far the most honest ive seen

  48. Ja_Gunner

    Song is really trying to improve….

    Song calls himself the “first defender in midfield” and clearly has a considerable appetite for self-improvement.

    When Paris St Germain were among the visitors to Arsenal for the pre-season Emirates Cup, Song specifically studied their matches against Rangers and Atletico Madrid.

    “I watched Claude Makelele very carefully. He is very intelligent, always in the right position. A great player. I saw some things that I try to do the same.”

  49. Ja_Gunner

    But when Song is gone to the ACN we need some one to come in….does he expect Denilson to do that role by himself for over a month..playing twice a week?

    Or maybe he will use Diaby there as well…..with Cesc and Nasri/Rosiky flanking him…and maybe he hopes that Diaby can restrain his instincts in those matches?

    Well if Wenger buys no-one I hope Diaby can play the role for a few matches…..Hopefully he is intelligent enough to undertsand that in those games..he is playing a diff role….

  50. bk

    ja really like him.wish he was abit meaner thou,what would you think of him denny and ashavin in midfeild tommorow?

  51. David

    Asked if he expected to be busy working on transfer in the final week, the French coach responded on Arsenal TV Online:

    “At the moment, it’s very unlikely, I must say. In or out.

  52. Ja_Gunner

    Well I am not sure if Arsene will put Arshy in midfield….

    I think it will be

    ………………….back 5…………………




    I hope it works……

    Eduardo will come on………if we are are winning maybe he will bring on Merida/Jack or maybe Eboue will come on as well….

  53. bk

    pdt what do you think of this eddie shit? i think he got clipped,its not like there was no contact from the fat polack

  54. Ja_Gunner

    Maybe he will put on Eboue ….after Bendy has tired Evra out..then Eboue can come on and finish him off by running out his daylights hopefully….

  55. Ja_Gunner

    Well bk he was rested against Celtic..that means he will start….thats just how it is…..and Wenger even said the whole diving controversy might cause him to keep eddy on the bench………but I think he will feature in the game though……..

  56. bk

    no you got me wrong,if we are playing 433 i would put vp out wide like he does for holland.eddie should play,hes not the type to be affected by all this shit.if anything he would shove their chats up their ass…same old arsenal always cheating

  57. Ja_Gunner

    bk for Jamaica…. the match is 11:15 AM

    The Chelsea match is 6:45AM…….I cant wait for the match either..oh how I would love for us to beat them 3-0

    RVP(freekick), Arshy, Bendy(header..cross from clichy)..the scorers

  58. nishanth

    If there was a time for diaby to prove himself then it is today.He can make the difference today.I hope we we fucking thrash them

  59. luke

    I coudlnt agree more nishanth.Same with Denilson. Had a great goal at everton, hopefully he walks out of the tunnel with confidence. Same with all our midfielders really. Its their first real big test, and I think they’re up to it. Dont think United’s defence is sound without the Vidic-Ferdinand combo. Im hearing that evans wont be fit tomorrow too so thats good. Plus, their midfield just does not scare me without ronaldo. Let us pray

  60. luke

    I think another player to watch tomorrow is Arshavin. He has looked flat and lazy (compared to himself last season) the first couple games this year, and I think this is his game to dictate, especially without Cesc.

  61. nishanth

    Yes Luke.I am sure they are all up for it.They can’t ask for a better chance to prove that they are capable of playing against the best.I hope wenger has someone like Wilshere on the bench.

  62. Mayank

    I’m going to be different and predict a 1-0 to the arsenal. If we can keep them out at OT which with the Verm Gallas partnership i think we can we should get some credit.

  63. Mayank

    Most Man U sites are predicting a draw(I’m not including Sun and Daily Mail in this I mean blogs). Seems like we are the stronger team going into this and they know it.