Easy peasy in Europe, new contract for Eboue but no one wants Phil.

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So there you have it, we have got the easiest draw in Europe for once so we can take it easy and rest key players, in short we won’t or shouldn’t get post Champions league blues as we have had in the past, very little travel and no one of note to play, in fact they are even easier than Celtic.

The down side of that means we will buy no one of note, if anyone, I was convinced that Wenger would buy Numbchucks but as he still hasn’t left I expect a behind the scenes deal has been struck to get him for little at Christmas or nothing next year, bargain basement Arsenal continues it’s policy.

We will spend money on bolstering Gazidas’s team, and improving squad players contracts, so expect a big pay rise for Eboue, Denilson and Song, unless of course they already received them.

However, players that Wenger has had huge faith in over the last 7 years like Senderos, we can’t give away. We tried to offload him out to Milan, then we tried to sell him to Everton, no one seems to want him, well that will tell you something about project youth and persevering with players we all think will never make it at Arsenal.

So I suggest we have a clear out of players now that we know will never make it, players like Senderos, Randall, Fish head and unfortunately Simpson, and bring in some quality like Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Diarra(M) and Sakho and at least have a squad big enough and talented enough to go to places like Old Trafford and expect to get a result.

Those sort of players will make us a better team, we have enough talent not to even need a defensive midfielder but that I know goes against the grain of people that think we do.

We will never have a better chance to win the EPL and the ECL let’s not blow it Arsene, we looked vulnerable and boring on Wednesday, well until you changed it around we did and that was the Arsenal of last season, and that sends a shiver down my spine.

Arsene mentioned the average age of our team this week was 23.9 and in 6 months they will be even better, so what? I don’t care how old they are, are they good enough? Last season they weren’t. He is obsessed with age.

Anyone out there that thinks Eduardo should be banned should firstly look at a few clips of Rooney, Gerrard and Ronaldo, they made Eduardo look like he was hacked down and beaten with a stick, as for Scottish morality, didn’t they just let a terrorist out after only 8 years for killing 270 people? I’ll leave that there then.

Finally I think that Rosicky going off with the Czech squad is a unbelievable cheek, I hope he plays for us for once and that we see him at Old Trafford, well at least before he plays an International and gets injured all over again.

Have a great day Grovers, Arsene please get your cheque book out, you only have 4 days left.

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  1. wardo

    Reva…..Rugby is a slower game but, I can;t help but feel the refs are a little better, demand respect and more assertive…..but, they are better and spot foul play almost immediately

  2. Man


    I’d be pissd off with the ref and the authorities…as it has actually happened in the past. Picking on Eduardo will not suddenly make things better. I’d say we’ve been at the receiving end of more dubious decisions and punitive action by the authorities than other teams in the country and still hasn’t change the state of affairs…Why should we continue to be at the receiving end of this blatant unfairness? Why should we then make ourselves martyrs for a cause no one believes in? Pointless, absolutely pointless.

  3. Franchise

    rhyle u never know what to expect in a footie match

    u looking at it that its just celtic but up until the penalty over two legs we struggled to break them down

    at 2-1 up against birmingham in 07/08 did any of us expect to draw that game?

    imagine united getting a dubious penalty against burnley then eventually winnning the game they lost 1-0 would u say they would have won anyways?

  4. gazzap

    missing Dudu for 2 matches is not an issue – he can play in league games either side of the midweek. but the unfairness with which Arsenal are treated yet again feels like more of an issue.

  5. choy

    exactly the point gazzap.. it is much more than dudu, why are we as a club the first to be even charged with diving!

  6. Rohan

    There were a lot of relevant comments regarding real time video referrals both earlier today and yesterday. I’m all for it.

  7. Big Raddy

    Your right GG. Big game on Sunday, but it should be pointed out that “it is only 3 points” ™. Utd won the EPL because they won over 80 points from the non-Top4

    Still, 3 points at OT feels like 9 at Fratton Pk.

  8. Rhyle

    Franchise – you’re right that you can never say never but I think if you’re pragmatic about it you can see that even at Celtic Park they couldn’t carve out a scoring opportunity…they were never going to score two goals and their performance up to and after the penalty backs that up.

  9. Rhyle

    2-1 to us at OT. Their goal will be a dubious free kick won by a diving Rooney, scored by Nani. No one on Sky or in the papers will mention it.

  10. Man


    As for the term ‘misguided moralists’, from some of my posts I’m sure you can tell I’m quite moralistic myself but pushing morals in this case above self-interest, I feel is misguided considering the circumstance so ‘misguided moralists’. Its all relative bro!

  11. Mayank

    Fran, united were 1-0 down not 2-0 up. You’re missing the point you’re going out of your way to prove that we are wrong. Was it a penalty. No. Did he dive. Debatable. It wasn’t a very obvious dive and neither did he appeal for it. You ban a player for falling while trying to avoid a collision? 2 matches w/o Dudu in our group isn’t something that worries me. What does is that Eduardo is being treated as the first person to have dived when it isn’t even conclusive that he did.

  12. izham

    i applaud UEFA’s decision to eradicate diving and punish the guilty player..however TAIG u mentioned that unless the club or the FA lodged a complaint to UEFA then it’s deemed to be investigated.

    How about Ashley Young’s case?? twice he dived and if
    Rapid doesn’t complaint then UEFA doesn’t have to act?? That’s bulllshit, a dive is a dive and UEFA have to be involved.

    What if in the group stages and the last match day, the losing team player dived and the winning team didn’t complain and yet both went through to the next round at the expense of another team who were hoping that the winning team didn’t win. Won’t UEFA have to intervene??

  13. Dutchman


  14. Rohan

    imo, UEFA have dug their own grave. I can see every dubious decison being appealed against.
    A diver should be punished regardless of whether he is part of the winning/losing team. Hence, they will have to change the current system of the victimised club reporting it to the footballing body. If that happens, Eduardo’s case cannot be described as anything other than a farce, a witch-hunt as wenger put it.

  15. izham

    dutchman – doesn’t matter if fab4 is playing or not, cos we’ll lose to a diving Carrick..and the media won’t even mention it though it’s more blatant compared to eddie’s..

  16. patthegooner

    I dont think anyone is defending the diving Pedro.

    I am all for retrospective bans for divers, but it has to applied to all and not just to Arsenal. It has already been proved otherwise as Ashley Young has not even been mentioned despite diving last night.

    What I think people are pissed about is that the next time the likes of Gerrard, Rooney, Owen, Lampard, Young etc etc do something similar (and probably when the game is on the edge) nothing will be said or done about it.

    And it is a media witch hunt, jesus I have had SSN on for the last hour and it seems SS have asked every manager for a comment on it.

    But and this is where I take some pleasure. People are worried about Arsenal again, and that can only be a good thing.

  17. Dutchman


  18. Rhyle

    Pat – spot on mate…couldn’t have put it better myself and in fact have failed to do in 20 odd posts what you’ve done in one. Thanks for that…

    People are worried about us. People don’t look at us as the one most likely to drop out of the top 4 anymore. There is a lot of crow being eaten by a lot of people who spoke too soon close season – maybe it’s this that’s driving some the negative sentiment towards Arsenal at the moment?

  19. patthegooner

    I think we will win Wenger’s Boss

    Man Ure have some players out and not Ronaldo.

    No doubt Rooney will score but I think we will edge it 2-1.

  20. Rhyle

    Dutchman – a few of us have said the same. midfield of those three is our strongest for me. Of course, Ramsey picked up a knock against Celtic but it’s not much of a deal if you replace Ramsey with Diaby for me.

  21. patthegooner

    I think Arshavin should take Cesc’s role tomorrow, but I reckon he will go with Diaby, Song and Denilson in Midfield, and that is why I would still like to see another CM player brought in.

  22. Franchise

    was away for a few mins

    mayank scoreline is irrelevant whether its 1 or 2-0 b4 the pen

    the same way we scored two freak goals at celtic park we could have conceded.

    if the better team on paper is always going to win why bother play the match

    2-0 after first leg, conceding a dubious pen on 25 mins in 2nd leg if i were a celtic fan i would have felt hard done and wanted justice. if u cant understand sentiments of the scots then u r just being unreal

    i await ur reactions if the reverse happens to us

  23. Dutchman

    exactly patthegooner, i think wenger will do but it will be a fault he must go for a player as fabregas. Merida,ramsey or wilshere. With diaby,denilson and song you don’t have enough creative players. And with that midfield we lose with 3-0 in eastland.

  24. wenger's boss

    i think we will miss fabregas severly,and we dont have any player right now who can deputise for him,really sad.

  25. patthegooner

    Franchise again, I can fully understand the feelings of the Celtic fans, and hey we have been in that situation a few times in recent years. It is swings and roundabouts as there is no (Correction was no) retrospective banning for divers.

    But until now there has been no justice, and even after Eduardo gets his 2 match ban, there will be no justice in the future.

    I am happy if Eduardo is banned, but only if everyone else recieves the same treatment moving forward. Unfortunately we all know that wont happen.

  26. Rhyle

    Franch – going to have to agree to disagree on this one. For me Celtic were never in the game and if you’re using ‘freak’ goals from Celtic to back your point…well, as I said never say never. Think we’re losing the point of it a bit though. If we were 4-0 down and Eduardo dived for a penalty I’d still not be happy and still expect him to be booked on the pitch by the ref. I wouldn’t expect a media circus and UEFA bowing to pressure from the SCOTTISH FA (!) and charging him.

  27. Rhyle

    my point being that it has nothing to do with CELTIC complaining it was the Scottish FA.

    Even Mowbray admitted the penalty incident had no impact and he wouldn’t to move on from it. Class act.

  28. patthegooner

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we had Van Der Vaart in reserve for tomorrow.

    Unfortunately though it is just really bad timing, if Nasri or Rosicky were fit, we would not miss Cesc too much tomorrow.

    Could Merida step up? Has looked good in pre-season. I would rather his creativity than a Song, Denilson and Diaby line-up.

  29. bnsb

    The Celtic boss said: “I haven’t given it a second thought.

    “I have seen the incident again but it doesn’t matter, we are out of the Champions League.

    “The bigger picture is UEFA want to clamp down on simulation, to make a mark and if they feel they need to do it, then so be it.

    “Sometimes there has to be a fall guy.

    “But it is not my decision, I don’t want to condemn anybody.”

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/scottish/mowbray-shrugs-off-eduardo-charge-14473266.html#ixzz0PUWDL6I0

  30. timao

    if uefa are introducing retrospective bans – why can’t they go back further and ban all players that have ever dived on camera. retrospective means past – so how far into the past should we go – i say let’s look back over the whole of last season and give a one-match ban for every dive we can find. nice, complicated, time-consuming bit of legislation, uefa should love it.

  31. raif


    i would have liked to have ramsey in there but i dont think his fit enough as i didnt want a Song,Denilson, Diaby line up either but i guess we will have to make do with them i guess

  32. Mayank

    imagine united getting a dubious penalty against burnley then eventually winnning the game they lost 1-0 would u say they would have won anyways?

    I didn’t bring the scoreline into it. I was just responding to your statement. I think it should be a level playing field either all dives deserve bans or none. Yes even the ones Ronaldo makes.
    Why is the dive debatable? because you can’t know for sure that with the position he was in if he went down to get a pen or if he fell to avoid collision. To me he wanted the pen. But that’s my opinion not fact that can be proven.

  33. gazzap

    the way I see it we have 6 midfield and attack positions to fill because the defence picks itself.

    the players available realistically are Eboue, Diaby, Song, Den, Arsh, Eduardo, Bendtner and RVP. so thats 8 players to choose from. they all have a good chance of playing.

    RVP was rested so he must start. Song and Arsh are shoe ins I would have thought.
    I think wenger will go with Nik B for his physicality. I dont think Eduardo will start this one but will come on later in the game. Depsite Eboue’s good form I also expect him to sit on the bench.

    Diaby is the worry for me. His form is up and down and i think he could get sidelined in a game like this. I hope not.

  34. Mayank

    Also if it happened to us i would be outraged. But if we were 2-0 down with 2 shots in 180 mins would i say it cost us the match no. would i ask for the diver to be banned. Not exclusively. And that is the point, exclusivity.

  35. ReVELAtion

    gazzap – Diaby has had his 1 good game in 7 against Pompey… Celtic was the 1st poor one.. Six to go before we see another stormer.

  36. Rhyle

    Mayank – even I have to say that you have to be pretty blinkered to say it wasn’t a dive or even possibly not. Never in a million years is there enough contact to put him on his arse. The intent to con the ref is harder to prove.

  37. tomstoned

    Afternoon All..

    Today my day started with a phone call to the Official Norwegian Arsenal Supporter Club,and was pleased to hear that we back here will do what we can both publicy and in privat to support Dudu,a formal letter including video evidence of the fall …further more a letter to All newspaper desk’s in britain..a formal letter to celtic..furthermore we will include video evidence of mr McGeady’s assault on Diaby…demanding action being taken against him…
    at last but not at least we will brake off any official contact between us and celtic..over the years we have helped arranged for celtic supporters back here travels to watch celtic…

    finally i will suggest that every incident containing diving will be reported by Us if no one else to FA..demanding action being taken…

    Have a great Weekend all Gooners and Grovers alike…we’ll smash manu to pieces tomorrow ….


  38. Mayank

    I never said that it wasn’t a dive. I’m saying the intent is impossible to prove. And that is what he has been booked for.

  39. Rhyle

    Right I’m off. No internet at home at the moment (broken router) so here’s to a good result and a good performance.

    But mainly to a good result!

  40. Dutchman

    Wenger must not be stubborn because diaby,denilson,song doesn’t work! He must play ramsey,arshavin,merida or wilshere in cesc position! What a bad luck rosicky,nasri and fabregas out!
    I read a comment at arsenal-mania where he says that wenger can go and playing this

    v persie

    IT CAN BE!! OH NO!

  41. ReVELAtion

    blazon i’m trying to find one.. Someone posted a link earlier but it’s only 3 mins worth..

    Misses the controvesional bit about the english media not bringing up english divers vs. us and in general but round up on eduardo.

  42. patthegooner

    That is the problem with Diaby

    He could be MOTM tomorrow or he could be the villain, you just dont know which one is going to turn up.

    If he could find consistency in the better part of his game, he could be a great player.

    But how long do you give him, he is not a youth player anymore.

  43. kevin

    greed dutchman. When all of diaby, song , and denilson play they look shocking. But when a player of sublime technical ability plays with them like merida, or cesc they look really good.

  44. blazon


    lay off your outlandish sweeping generalisations of Scotland…

    i don’t knock your country, don’t you knock mine…

  45. Mayank

    With Diaby i don’t even understand what get’s him to click. There have been no patterns visible to me for me to say ‘well Diaby won’t do well in this sort of a match’. He’s a mystery

  46. timao


    compare the media reaction to the Eduardo incident (in which no arsenal players even claimed a penalty) to what they were saying after the incident above. the first shows arsenal are cheating scum, the second shows they are not strong enough to cope with having their legs broken and losing points to last minute penalties won by diving brummies. we maybe even lost the title due to this dive but i don’t remember ever seeing it reported as such -just that arsenal were somehow too fragile to cope. there is a huge bias against arsenal in the media.

  47. leon

    i dont think there is any point worrying about uefa i dont have much faith in there backwards wase,i prefer to think about the manu game,yes we will be without cesc but also good to see how well this team performs without him,i feel we need keep up with pressing playing high and with weakend midfield we can get a win but i would be happy with apoint

  48. blazon


    i’m a huge diaby fan but i agree he can be a mystery…my belief is he usually will be UNLESS he is played up front behind the striker…there he is terrific, i just hope we see him there tomorrow…he is NOT a good defensive player…

  49. kevin

    There is no way eboue should be allowed to play. Do you really expect him to get in the united box and produce a moment of quality. However he is good at getting past players from deep positions.

    However lets face facts. Diaby will play alongside denilsong. And the RVP, arshavin, and bentdner will be upfront.

  50. Dutchman

    yeah kevin it will be that! Really sad, I hate the stubborn thing of wenger you always know how he plays with those 3. But with that midfield we lose 3-0 of city! We must play ramsey or merida! I think that merida is the next fabregas, his vision,long balls,shot. He is very good.

  51. blazon


    re eboue getting in the box…

    did you see the second goal on wednesday?

    … also the second on Saturday?

  52. ReVELAtion

    it’s not stubborn by wenger…

    Why should he play merida, wilshire or ramsey at OT?

    Don’t be silly, i’ll go with a team of:

    Back 5


    Denilson Diaby

    Bends/Eduardo VP Arshavin

  53. leon

    well it looks as if song delinson and diaby will play or maybe ramsey and they will have to very disaplined which this team have been which has suprised the seam hussle and there work rate has been extremly high, and with the attacking options we have i still think we can win this match

  54. kevin

    Blazon so you expect eboue to get in the penalty area and score at ot. When denilson song, diaby all play it makes me sad. When they are with cesc, they look sublime. Hence the reason we need a technically superb player for tomorrow. The only one we have who can play in cesc position who i think is good enough is merida. But i no arsene.

  55. Arindam@KOL

    It would have made more sense not to have declared that to the media. Keeping red-nose in the dark about his availability. We lack the cunning , at times.

  56. blazon


    aren’t you tempted to play Ramsey in place of Denilson?

    stronger, more physical, better in the air, better tackler i would say, and he can shoot…

  57. SharkeySure

    Rammsey has no discipline. In the final third he’s great, middle third, not too bad, in our own third he’s a real liability ! OPINION (copyright Rohan!)

  58. ReVELAtion

    Blazon, No Way!!!

    Ramsey is not better in the air or a better tackler.. All he has over denilson atm in time is a better shot.. Denilson has much more big game experience and has started the season very well.. To leave him out for ramsey would be insane.

  59. Stu

    Unless we play Arshavin in Cescs position then we really have no choice but to play Denilsong and Diaby. There is no other way with Ramsey being injured, Rosicky apparently didnt travel and Nasri is still out.

    We cant play Merida because all he has so far in the first team are sub appearances when we had basically already won the match. Playing him at OT isnt a possibility.

  60. Stu

    Almunia (despite his poor form so far) will definately start because he is supposedly our best keeper and Fabianski is injured.

    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
    Denilsong Diaby
    Bendtner VP Arshavin.

    Maybe Eduardo will play but thats what i think we will start with.

  61. Stu

    Arshavins best position (according to him) is in the middle so i dont see why Wenger cant play him there. Have the defence and Denilsong behind him with Eduardo, VP and Bendtner ahead of him.
    No holding back…just attack attack attack against the mancs (minus Rio and probably Neville at rb).

  62. Metal Gear

    No Fab eh Wenger an already injured Fab (The lynchpin of our midfeild) against Pourtsmouth knowing his next PL match was against the English Champions was beyond ridiuclous.

  63. Stu

    Metal, to make that worse Wenger said after the pompey game that Cesc was already a little bit injured going into the game but played him anyway. How nice is that. Playing someone who is injured and make them worse. And people wonder why we have so many injuries.

  64. Arindam@KOL

    This is what we will put out tomorrow :

    ———–Average Al





    Maybe , Eboue will slot in instead of Nik.

  65. blazon

    denilson will get knocked about tomorrow…

    he will have a target on his back and they know he can be brushed off the ball, no sweat…

    do you fancy him over 90 minutes against Anderson?

  66. Arindam@KOL

    Diaby , on the other hand , if focussed can boss the MF against any of Fletcher , Anderson , Holes , Carrick.

  67. bk

    listening to talkshite,i cant unerstand where all this has come from,itv would be my guess.they talked about nothing else in the match that night even robbie earl in the highlights

  68. Pat

    LJW would relish playing at OT. He’s not just any teenager. He’s not phased, but personally I wouldn’t risk it. Wenger will look like a fool if it doesn’t work.

  69. Stu

    Wilshere should start at OT because of what happened to Reyes. Not saying they are the same but Reyes got targeted in that match and he hasnt been the same since.

    Wilshere might be able to over come it inlike Reyes. But i would still rather not watch Wilshere get kicked about…regardless of whether united would get punished or not (and they wouldnt because they are united at home)

  70. Arindam@KOL

    If we cant beat Manu tom , we would have let ourselves down bigtime. I really fancy us against this United team. They cant string together 10 passes at the moment. The MF is really lacking( esp. if Carrick and Anderson dont play).

  71. ReVELAtion

    I know eboue has played well as of late but starting him uptop in the forward 3 instead of bendtner is nuts!

  72. Arindam@KOL

    Stu , its about balance. The team that I listed would be better suited with Eboue on the right than Nik. Getting the overall balance right.

  73. blazon


    he’s paid to take courageous decisions when they’re called for…he showed earlier today he’s not afraid to do that…

    JW tomorrow is a classic example…the easy thing to do, the safe thing, is to sit him.

  74. kenny smith

    Evening. Ive just watched wengers press conference today and i have to appluad him. He is going fucking mental over the eduardo charge. He has basically called UEFA retarded and accused them of changing their own rules when it suits them for this 1 case

  75. blazon


    yes,very sad…i was a big reyes fan…seeing him come on for Atletico right at the end yesterday was hard to take…

    BUT…if as a result of that episode we never again start one of our special talented youngsters we have given in to them, haven’t we? the bully boys have won then.

  76. Arindam@KOL

    We aint getting any pens tom , no matter how blatant.

    PS : Its our defence that will decide tomorrow’s match , imo . Keep Rooney quiet and half the battle’s won.

  77. Big Raddy

    Away in a summerhouse for the weekend – no TV. So, I will be willing and praying….

    Come on you rip-roaring Gunners …..

  78. bk

    ya g smith i mean attacking midfeilder,making things happen which i cant see song denilson or diaby doing all match