Easy peasy in Europe, new contract for Eboue but no one wants Phil.

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So there you have it, we have got the easiest draw in Europe for once so we can take it easy and rest key players, in short we won’t or shouldn’t get post Champions league blues as we have had in the past, very little travel and no one of note to play, in fact they are even easier than Celtic.

The down side of that means we will buy no one of note, if anyone, I was convinced that Wenger would buy Numbchucks but as he still hasn’t left I expect a behind the scenes deal has been struck to get him for little at Christmas or nothing next year, bargain basement Arsenal continues it’s policy.

We will spend money on bolstering Gazidas’s team, and improving squad players contracts, so expect a big pay rise for Eboue, Denilson and Song, unless of course they already received them.

However, players that Wenger has had huge faith in over the last 7 years like Senderos, we can’t give away. We tried to offload him out to Milan, then we tried to sell him to Everton, no one seems to want him, well that will tell you something about project youth and persevering with players we all think will never make it at Arsenal.

So I suggest we have a clear out of players now that we know will never make it, players like Senderos, Randall, Fish head and unfortunately Simpson, and bring in some quality like Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Diarra(M) and Sakho and at least have a squad big enough and talented enough to go to places like Old Trafford and expect to get a result.

Those sort of players will make us a better team, we have enough talent not to even need a defensive midfielder but that I know goes against the grain of people that think we do.

We will never have a better chance to win the EPL and the ECL let’s not blow it Arsene, we looked vulnerable and boring on Wednesday, well until you changed it around we did and that was the Arsenal of last season, and that sends a shiver down my spine.

Arsene mentioned the average age of our team this week was 23.9 and in 6 months they will be even better, so what? I don’t care how old they are, are they good enough? Last season they weren’t. He is obsessed with age.

Anyone out there that thinks Eduardo should be banned should firstly look at a few clips of Rooney, Gerrard and Ronaldo, they made Eduardo look like he was hacked down and beaten with a stick, as for Scottish morality, didn’t they just let a terrorist out after only 8 years for killing 270 people? I’ll leave that there then.

Finally I think that Rosicky going off with the Czech squad is a unbelievable cheek, I hope he plays for us for once and that we see him at Old Trafford, well at least before he plays an International and gets injured all over again.

Have a great day Grovers, Arsene please get your cheque book out, you only have 4 days left.

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  1. charybdis1966

    So Franchise, you are saying that in a game where less is riding on it, there is no need for this kind of retrospective punishment to be applied ?

  2. charybdis1966

    REva @ 13.37 – Too bloody true, he’s right and whenever we do raise a similar issue the press say “oh it’s Arsene Whinger again”. The moment it’s something that goes for us it’s never “Whinging Celtic”.
    Quel surprise.

  3. Wenger's Sweeties

    Who actually thinks that UEFA will follow this up with others players doing the same thing though.

    And did Eduardo actually deceive the ref? did he run up to the ref screaming out for a penalty or did he roll around hold his leg?

    He got up as quick as he went down and didn’t even approach the ref.

    It all seems quite harsh to me. I’ve seen a lot worse and will again and I doubt there be the same punishment.

  4. patthegooner

    I can’t believe they charged him.

    Diving is diving and I want it out the game, but you can’t just suddenly decide to clamp down on it because it is an Arsenal Player. Fucking disgrace. There are a lot of jocks high up (God knows why) in UEFA, so I wonder if that had anything to do with it. And funny how nothing has been said about Ashley Young who dived in Villa’s game last night, oh yeah he is English so media man hunt, after all that was clever play not diving.

    If he gets a ban, I hope every time there is an incident in future, that Arsenal causes public outcry over it, and I am sure it wont be long before messr’s Owen, Lampard, Cole, Terry and Gerrard are up to their old tricks.

    Cunts the lot of them

  5. LeProf

    C.Ronaldo dives all the time. Can’t Platini just fuck it off for once. Worst of all Platini himself admitted he did it as well before. Talk about UEFA leadership eh?

  6. Rohan

    Well Fucking said Wenger. He said everything that needed to be said and said it well. I’m starting to understand why he is called the Professor and a highly intelligent man. He has made a statement of intent that we won’t take this lying down and the team will be more than up for it tomorrow… Top management !!!

    Wenger for PM!!!

  7. tonyadamsisgod

    gg9 – why is it a witch hunt? The media are reporting that some people want him banned. Its simply the truth.

    I can’t help but laugh when I hear the words ‘witch hunt’ and ‘conspiracy’…….

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m on the sauce :P; I’ve been caught up in all this diving shit 😉 But if you ever needed a galvinising thing to band the brothers together going to Old Cow Paddock, then I would say our prayers are being answered.

    Manchester United 1-2 Arsenal

  9. tonyadamsisgod

    pat – “but you can’t just suddenly decide to clamp down on it because it is an Arsenal Player”

    Furthest thing from the truth! They suddenly clamped down because a club finally fucking complained!!

  10. Rohan

    Andy Gray’s comment soon after the penalty. “He has fooled the referee.” or something along those lines. Now, would he ahve said the same if Gerrard were the offendor. My mind tells me yes but my heart says no. Say what you want, but I believe that the majority of the media is biased agaisnt the arsenal. You might say that I am wearing Arsenal-tinted glasses but a few chav and manc fans have also said the same.

  11. gnarleygeorge9


    Because its like it is always with The Arsenal, as soon as we are a threat, it becomes open seson on The Club from out side The Club. Now is the time to stand up. & this wek end is that time.

  12. Stu

    Taig, its a witch hunt because an arsenal player dived in a game that we would have never lose and its in the media for days, we get reported to uefa and everyone is calling Eduardo a cheat.

    What about all the other divers, why dont they get reported, why arent they being lambasted in the media? Thats why some think its a conspiracy.

  13. Mayank

    To all those saying Wenger should have made different comments, look at the comments section. The support for our club by the fans hasn’t been this passionate for a while(bar a few). What the papers write will have a positive effect of the team’s mentality. Also i expect the atmosphere to be better.

  14. ReVELAtion

    TAIG – How is it not a witch hunt?

    There have been plenty more other incidents, worse incidents might i add that could have been called into account. Clubs have complained before, but nothing has been done..

    So, to say just because celtic complained about it is a giggle.. Who are they?

  15. Franchise

    Andy Gray is a cunt

    Chary the game was of massive significance for both clubs and if the Scots chose to moan on and on about being cheated by that dive i dont blame them

    i would do the same

  16. Rohan

    I believe a major factor in Celtic reporting Eddie is the media uproar and the pundits discussing it on end.
    If Gerrard did the same, they probably would have brushed it off saying that it was momentum or some other bullshit. Now, people are acting if Eddie hadnt scored the resulting penalty it was a certainty that celtic would have gone through.

  17. Rohan

    This incident is going to pull the fans and players together and will prove to be a catalyst for a great season. Wenger has shown us that he will stand by this team no mater what and has his players and Arsenal’s best interests at heart. I want to see a top, top atmosphere next home game.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    People of the Gooner faith. The reason that all this shit about diving is being focused on The arsenal is because we are putting the shits up the oposition.

    In short we are scaring the rest of the turds coz they are fearing that we could actually be fucking superb. But if we don’t win this weekend, then they will get what the want.IT MUST NOT HAPPEN, WE MUST SHOVE IT UP THEIR COLLECTIVE NAUGHTS.

  19. Franchise

    Rohan its the other way round

    when i got home from the game the first thing i saw on SSN was the director of communications moaning about the dive and how the player should be banned for conning the referee

    its not the press that has made us go into seasons unprepared or short in numbers and quaeta

    all this reminds me of booing gate and how the fans are responsible for us finishing 4th last season

  20. ReVELAtion

    I don’t condone or defend diving, but it happens.. It’s happened to us and we’ve done it…

    To make a fuss now when before there were players such as pires, klinsmann, robert etc who had all mastered the art is just baffeling….

    And for those who think this is going to be some sort of precendent are deluding themselves and just believe in that karma bullox as they think we’ll be on the end of a dive FFS…

    The 1st and only incident was 2 years ago featuring scotland, 2 years later it involves celtic, the next time will be 2 years and 7,800 dives later involving rangers or hearts.

  21. tonyadamsisgod

    Stu – Whether we win or lose has nothing to do with it. besides, before that pen, Celtic in all honesty still had a shout. Just because we were 2-0 up on agg our players should be allowed to dive??

    Other incidents have gone unreported because at the end of the day it was a big match between on of England’s finest against one of Scotland’s finest. That is what added the tension and created the media buzz. It was what was at stake that built this up – a £25m cheque for the winner!

  22. kevin

    If ueafa want to play this game then lets do this. Ronaldo should be banned as well. For his dive that lead to the free kick he scored against us.

  23. Rohan

    Sorry, Franchise but I didnt really understand the logic in your last comment. What does being unprepared or short in numbers have to do with the spirit and togetherness that the team will ( ? ) have ?

    I’m off though. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun on LG in a long, long time. I’ll be back soon.

  24. Rob green

    Wenger needs to use this to motivate the players for tomorrow. Not that they should need it!! The world is against us now lets go and smash united and show them how good we are!!


  25. Wiseman

    Wenger is like a good friend when you get in to a fight, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the wrong, he still sticks up for you.

    UEFA better watch out because their post box is going to be over-flowing with complaints in the next season.


  26. Franchise

    we have suffered as a result of dives we have also benefited. on a whole i welcome that all cheats be punished.

    its funny that arsene thinks the situation is debatable whether it was a dive or not.

    from the 101 diving youtube video posted yesterday i would say that is a sniper dive

  27. Rohan

    You turned to SSN way too late, Fran. During the match and the review period that was all they talked about.
    Like it or not the media has had a huge part to play in this whole mess.

  28. Rohan

    Another question . Would the English FA stand up for us if we were in a similart situation like the Scottish FA did ? I’d wager that the answer is no.

  29. insidealbania

    Hello Grovers,
    Its about time we got a player who is willing to do what it takes to win. I dont care about sportsmanship and all that crap if we are the only club out of the big four who play fairly. Look at the Manks, chavs, and pool, they all have divers and cheats and they between them have won how many trophies in the last 5 years????
    Its about winning no matter what the cost, I see no difference between having a ‘diver’ in the team or a ‘nutter/beast’ as many on here were saying we need (Cana anyone?).

    And I will leave you with a few words from Platini himself about diving:

    “I know why players do it, I’ve dived myself. We did it because we knew the referee wouldn’t see it and because there were no cameras. However, with our plan to bring in five officials, you will be spotted.

    “It was always my dream to dive and get a penalty in the 1982 World Cup semi-final to make up for how Harald Schumacher fouled Patrick Battiston outside the penalty area. If I could have done it, I would because I hate injustice and I wanted to put things right. I just couldn’t get into the box to do it.”

    And he has form for this sort of thing too. After a UEFA meeting in June last year, Platini said:

    “I’m not saying that simulation should be allowed, but you get involved in a very difficult (punishment) mechanism. I don’t think one should overturn actions taken by the referee.”

    And that’s not all. In a rather curious interview with L’Equipe in the same month, Platini criticised the French FA for banning then Bordeaux midfielder Johan Micoud for fouling an opponent, then claiming it was he who was fouled and thus winning a penalty.

    “It was wrong to suspend Micoud,” Platini said. “It was the referee who cocked up.”

    And when asked if Micoud should have been congratulated instead, Platini said:

    “No, as Uefa president I can’t do that. But football has its … things. Maybe I’m too old school. People say I’m a romantic, but I prefer to say I’m a traditionalist. When I was a player I simulated to help my team win. Everyone said to me: ‘well done’. Referees were getting things wrong back then too.”

  30. Mayank

    If SAF sticks by his player accused of something he’s being ‘a great support and a brilliant manager’ When Wenger does it he’s harbouring a fugitive! All this is really riling me up for the Man U match.

  31. Franchise

    Like i said earlier ive met all sort of fans from differrnt cluba and they all say thatthe press witch hunt them

    sometimes these cunts say the truth but we cant accept it cos we hate hearing the truth all the time

    last year no pundit gave us any chance to win the league is it because they hate us or cos they truly dont rate us.

    they were right to an extent anyways we still finished top 4

    but for a club of our stature and recent history we had no business to go over half way thru the season in 5th position

    i have noticed that the press are a bit biased towards the english national team players when it comes to reporting negative stories

    but gerrard’s assault case was big and ugly in the press and i can bet u at that period that liverpool fans felt they were witch-hunted

    i also bet they feel that way over the last week or to

  32. Keyser

    Franchise – He’s talking about ‘intent’ and how hard it is to prove, he gave two examples of arguments they could use in defence, one that there was definite contact – however minimal and two that because of his injuries in the past Eduardo could ‘maybe’ have been trying to avoid the on-rushing goalkeeper.

    How do you prove that he intended to cheat rather than the others ?!

  33. Franchise

    remember cris ronaldo in the press after euro 2004, now that is a witch hunt

    if we didnt play a ‘local’ side i doubt the press would have giving the dive any coverage

    but celtic are quite big news in the land. they just lost out on the CL group stages to the hands of another mighty local club.

    Over both legs the talking point had to be the penalty decision if u cant see it then phhhhhh 8)

  34. choy


    I am not defending diving.. but I am defending our club and dudu.

    We don’t even know if he dived to be honest.

  35. Lou

    Was there notification from UEFA that video evidence would now be used retrospectively to change referee’s on-field decisions? If not, then we can only ask if Babel will be charged for his cheating against us 2 years ago. When Kuyt pulled back Van Persie in the home leg of that CL match the referee said that, after he saw it on video, he realised that he had been conned and that the penalty should have been awarded. Will Kuyt now be charged? The evidence is still there, on video for UEFA to examine. This is a witch-hunt that will follow Eduardo through the rest of his career. How can someone judge what was in a players mind when they watch a replay after the match? What sickens me is that we all know there will be many other contentious incidents this season in Europe. There will be goals that will be given that were offside and vice versa. There will be dubious penalties awarded and vice versa. Will other players be condemned? I doubt it. This is a rush to judgement by UEFA that is ill thought out and taken to it’s conclusion will, as Arsene said, make every on-field decision questionable at a later date. I can even see a case where the results of finals might be decided in a court of law months after the event if chairman and boards are litigious enough. Even after the ref had seen the Eduardo incident on video, he still thought it to be a penalty. I don’t agree, but that’s football for you and we’ve had to swallow enough dad decisions in our time. So, Eduardo will get a 2 match ban for being a cheat when Taylor who almost amputated his foot got a 3 match ban. And the world keeps turning.

  36. Keyser

    The only reason Eduardo was probably singled out is because it happened against Celtic and the Scottish FA have made it a policy to make the most of such incidents to try and highlight diving, a Champions League qualifier and the fact it’s between a Scottish and English team is high profile.

    The media have made a deal of it because simply they can, it makes headlines, the fact that we’re not United or Chelsea or that Eduardo isn’t English just makes it easier for them.

  37. ReVELAtion

    We all know he went down easily had a bit of a dive, simulation whatever you want to call it…

    The only problem i have is the coverage this particular dive has got and the overturning of the referee’s decision, the future punishments handed out on a regular basis which will not happen and the referee who after watching video evidence sticks to his guns on awarding the penalty…

  38. Rhyle

    Choy – I can see your point – I love Eduardo as a player to bits. Think it takes some creative interpretation to get ‘no dive’ from what I’ve seen and I can’t defend his actions because of it. I’m the first to give players who dive against us grief and I can’ be hypocritical about it.

  39. charybdis1966

    TAiG – an example of witch hunt, in the ½ hour of the programme left after the game finished on ITV, they spent half of it, showing, re-showing in slo-mo and super slo-mo THAT incident. They only showed McGeady following through and trying to kick Diabys foot off ONCE.
    How many minutes did ITV devote to showing the Babel dive the other season, 3 minutes, 4 max? So why the inconsistency?
    The Vidic punch to the Wigan player –glossed over. So what they are saying is that violent play is not a priority but simulation(whether proved beyond all doubt or not) is a bigger issue.
    Some of you saying that we can only complain about incidents that go unpunished from this time onwards, but why does it take an instance where Arsenal profit (in a minor way as I don’t believe 2 shots on target over 180 minutes shows that one less goal conceded and Celtic would suddenly be on top) before action is taken? Because only the media drive the punishment/retrospective action agenda – so what we are saying is that if Skysports make a big enough fuss UEFA will act.
    Talk about tail wagging the f***ing dog.
    What about Ronaldo’s dive for the free kick that led to their 2nd in the CL semi final? Did we complain to UEFA for that, the press would have got the typeset for “Arsene Whinger” onto their headlines straight away. I don’t think it’s conspiracy but it’s certainly inconsistent treatment and bias – from the press here and Platini (who has an personal issue with Arsene undoubtedly) in a seat of power that a meglomaniac like him should never have been given.

  40. Mayank

    ‘Eduardo da Silva had performed one of the more shocking pieces of deceit even at a time when such behaviour has become almost standard.’- James Lawton
    One of the more shocking pieces?? LOL If this isn’t a witch hunt i don’t know what is?

  41. patthegooner

    So does anyone think we will sign anyone else before the deadline?

    Not sure myself, I think he might get Chamakh if Bordeaux have a change of heart, but if not then I think he is going to go with what he has got.

    That will be a shame for me, we could really go for the throat with another couple of classy signings. The Premier League is there for the taking and we have the funds available to take it.

  42. Franchise

    Reve the referee’s decision wasnt overturned and can never be. its FINAL

    the player is getting punished for conning the referee into making a wrong decision

  43. Rhyle

    Chary – Platini has a bigger issue with Wenger than he does with English football and that’s saying something!

    This incident plays directly into Platini’s view of how football should be played. In earlier articles and interviews – that I admittedly can’t quote and can’t be bothered to look for – he comes across as someone who wants the game to be borderline non-contact.

  44. Keyser

    Nothings going to be done, I bet Eduardo doesn’t even face a ban, they won’t single out players in the Premiership unless it makes headlines, but at the end of the day they won’t want much to be done about it, because football is entertainment, having muppets like Brown single out players live on national tv gets ratings.

  45. goonermichael

    I’m really enjoying this anti Arsenal stuff. It means we’re back and it will make us stronger. Football journalists are lazy cunts. I met one from the sun he was a wanker.

  46. wardo

    TAIG….refs will now not give him a pen when he is fouled in the box !!its had more media attention than any previous bad pen decision !!!

    Even though we all hate this situatino, would anyone have LTFAO if it was vs Spuds ??

  47. gnarleygeorge9

    All that matters is 3 points from Old Trafford. They are there for the taking, go get’em Mr Wenger.

    P.S That will be the sweatest type of victory.

  48. chris

    I hate diving and think it would be good if divers (including Eddy) got retrospective bans but it’s about fairness and consistency.

    It’s been happening for ages so why introduce it now rather than the start of the season (or the season before or the season before that)?

    Even if you did start now is it for every dive or just “important” dives that occur in big games on TV and that change the result –
    So does Young get off because Villa lost?
    Do dives in the middle of the pitch where clumsy midfielders/defnders have lost possession and the ball is beyond them and they’re just hoping for the best (BUT THEY’RE STILL DIVING) get off because they look stupid and their team doesn’t get any advantage?
    Or does it need to be the subject of a complaint and if so is it just from the losing team? What good would it do Celtic in this case? It wouldn’t have done Arsenal any good vs the Babel dive in the CL so why bother complaining?

    IMO it needs to be done by a central body on a consistent basis so everyone knows where they stand – and it must be implemented consistently and comprehensively.

    I’m not making excuses for Eduardo but he was doing what most strikers do and on the other hand players who stay on their feet often don’t get pens (e.g. Bendner rode a challenge a few minutes later that clearly involved contact). The solution needs to be from the FA/ UEFA not players/managers especally not acting individually like the Independent suggested that Wenger could have done as “the prime exponent of the beautiful game” or something – probably the same reporter will jump on the team when it starts losing some games saying they need more steel/ prgamatic professionalism etc.

  49. Mark C

    Hi Guys,

    2 points on the diving thing.

    Wenger is spot on when he says it will be hard for UEFA to prove that he meant to dive and con the ref – intention is very hard to prove.

    The other point is the rest of the rule where is states something about trying to cheat the ref.

    So if two players are near the byline and the ball goes out for a throw, what happens? Both players claim it is their ball. One of them is in theory is trying to cheat the ref, and they would be banned for 2 games too.

  50. gnarleygeorge9

    We shall not, we shall not be moved
    We shall not, we shall not be moved
    Just like the team thats going to win the Football League
    We shall not be moved

  51. Man

    PDT, I think not having Sky is an advantage as some on here seem to be contaminated with the garbage they watch/listen to…
    I’d hold my peace today for fear of being repetitive. As for tomorrow it should be close we might win 3/2 – 1.

    Gotta get back to work, laters.

  52. Lou

    Keyser. I hope you’re right because Wenger is bang on when he talks about a door being opened that can’t be shut. Platini himself has even admitted that he dived. There is no consistency.

  53. Mayank

    I don’t care if the British dailies write “Arsenal are a bunch of diving cunts” on the front page if it helps the team get closer and Dudu inspired to score a hat-trick at OT.

  54. Franchise

    Mark C

    for starters with intent

    was there contact or not? its all about contact

    going down easy is a different thing. if there is illegal contact then its a penalty

    that is why non contact sports are easier to judge

  55. ReVELAtion

    Fran – I know it hasn’t been overturned, but the referee’s decision has been challenged after he has seen video evidence and stood by his decision…

    Therefore Managers can now show video evidence to the appropriate governing body in hope that decisions, cards etc can be overturned/get the appropraite action… Whether the referee is wrong or right..

  56. Gunner8

    Grovers, I have a serious question;

    I get two CL games a year from the wife one b4 xmas and one after, this year we have Liege, the Dam, and Athens. I am taking off the weekend after the liege game so that rules that out and leaves me with an overnight in the Dam in rainy October or a mild day in December in Athens?

    I am leaning towards le-Dam

  57. Mark C

    Wardo – I disagree.

    If this rule is applied, Refs will give more pens as they have nothing to lose. If they get the decision wrong the player will get a two game ban.

    It TV evidence proves no contact the player gets a 2 game ban, more harsh than a yellow if the ref spots it.

  58. Pascal Cygan

    Morning all…

    BTW, Eduardo never claimed a penalty. He fell, got up and the ref blew. If it was a Rooney, he would have slammed the grass, made faces and gestures to the heavens till the ref blew for penalty. No melodrama here, even if there was no penalty it was the ref’s call – he was under no pressure whatsoever.

  59. Franchise

    video evidence is the way forward but it woul dramatically slow the game down

    i can imagine at OT United 1-0 down to Blackburn, 4th official walks up to the pitch with his board showing 24mins of extra time 😯

  60. Big Raddy

    This talk of a witch hunt is off beam – Beckham in 1998 after the WC, That was a witch hunt. This is just a wind up before the MU game.

    We should just take the ban and move on. Trouble is that any possible penalty we may get will be double scrutinised by the ref. which in the long run is going to cost us far more than a 2 match ban for Dudu

  61. gnarleygeorge9

    Now that diving is seen in the same light as murder, we could win 3 in a row. Up yours Rooney you diving cheat 😆

  62. Mark C

    Franchise, the ref made a mistake, nothing more than that.

    Would all of this blow up if we were playing Wigan next?


    ashley young (last night)

    good ole english boys, who would never dream of diving

    the english media have well and truly shown their true colours,

  64. Mayank

    For me video technology should either be applied fully i.e. for every decision or not at all. Under the current scenario powerful bodies like the SFA will be the only ones benefiting from the technology.

  65. ReVELAtion

    lol@fran – Come on a 4th/5th official can just review an incident from a couple of angles and radio to the ref’s ear piece it’d take 1 minute tops. whether it be an “over the line incident” or a dive in the box…

    If the referee isn’t sure of the peno he can do “the box drawing” like they do in cricket and we then call look to the board in the stadium awaiting the peno (try) or no peno (No try) decision ala rugby 😆

  66. Man

    For the misguided moralists,

    “On and off the pitch things have happened where no action was taken. This is the first time since I’ve been in football that the judgement has been made by the referee is not accepted by the football bodies.

    “Usually a situation that has been assessed and judged by the referee can’t be touched again. Now every single decision made by a referee can be challenged. So for me they’ve opened a very dangerous door here.”

  67. Franchise

    reve Uefa rep said that refereeing decisions is final only in the overturning of bookings for mistaken identity.

    remember fletcher last season against us?

  68. Pascal Cygan

    I am convinced now that the English press want Wenger to fail. They will not stop at anything to prove that his way of football, his methods and his refusal to bow to the mindless spending habits which are breaking clubs all over ( the Argentinian league collapsed )are wrong.

    He has shown the world how a club can be run profitably without spending vast sums on players, can play good football and stay in the top flight, without playing overtly physical football. This irritates the press-agent-owner-player machine because he does everything right to prove all of them are wrong. It also clashes with the old English view that football is a physical game where you have to mix it up all the time.

  69. ReVELAtion

    i think video evidence should be used just for goal line incidents and dubious peno’s.. Anything else is just silly..




  71. ReVELAtion

    A 5th official’s job can just be to review an incident from a couple of angles and radio to the ref’s ear piece it’d take 1 minute tops. whether it be an “over the line incident” or a dive in the box…

    If the referee isn’t sure of the peno he can do “the box drawing” like they do in cricket and we then can all look to the board in the stadium awaiting the peno (try) or no peno (No try) decision ala rugby…

    Having 2 extra bodies behind the goal is off putting for a striker IMO, they’re in the way…

    and can you imagine giving a job decsription of a 5th official..

    What is it you do?

    Stand still for 90 mins and assist refereing decisions 😆 They’d still get decisions wrong IMO.

  72. Franchise

    reve do u watch rugby? sometimes they have to watch an incident over and over again. it takes forever

    Man Wenger was wrong there it has happened before in 2007. Arsene didnt know that one 😀

  73. Mayank

    I for one am not for the video thingy as it only works when the ref stops the game. What about a player rushing into the box held back by a shirt puller which the ref doesn’t see. The game continues. The refereeing is okay the way it is. What the FIFA should do is try to produce better ref’s so there are lesser mistakes. But even if it continues it is part of the game.

  74. Pedro

    Man, misguided moralists?

    I’m assuming you’re going to be fine with diving if it happens against us?

    I can’t believe people are getting slatted for defending the game…

  75. ReVELAtion

    Fran – That’s because in ruggers there are alot of factors to assess.. knock ons, grounding the ball, feet over the line, offsides etc..

    In football it would just be a case of was he fouled or not…

    Handball incidents should purely still be at the referee’s dicrestion…

  76. Big Raddy

    True Reva. Just look at tennis. Umpire, 6 linesmen and they still have to use video technoloy.

    Extra refs will still screw up

  77. Mayank

    Pedro no-one is defending the diving. The only thing that is irking most here is the ‘special treatment’ being handed out to us.

  78. Big Raddy

    Pedro. As I said before, I am with you on this. He cheated, got caught and there is a price to pay. End of…..

    The repercussions for AFC are unpleasant. How many grounds will we hear “Same Old Arsenal,always cheating”, which really pisses me off.

  79. Pedro

    I can’t imagine there would be too many incidents a game that needed reviewing anyway.

    I’d rather refs get the decision right and an extra 5 mins went on the game, than sit here arguing the toss all season about bad decisions.

  80. gazzap

    Franchise if each team was allowed maximum 2 or 3 challenges per match, then you could never have 24mins added time. teams would not use their challenges willy nilly for fear of not having a remaining challenge when they really need it at the end of the match.
    when the ball goes out of play, these decisions can easily be made in the time it takes the keeper to take a goal kick. like when you are watching on TV and they show the replay and come back to the game and the keeper has still not made the kick.

  81. choy

    Its not defending the game pedro.. its defending arsenal..

    when was the last time UEFA charged a rooney or a gerrard or a drogba for diving?

  82. Man

    Franchise, the word he used was ‘usually’ and 2 incidents in 2 years backs him up. How many other cases have been reviewed before 2007? How many cases, apart from the Eduardo one, have been reviewed in the Western Europe, the big 4 footballing countries in Europe…?

    I’m disappointed you and some other gunners take the stance you do but you are all welcome to it

  83. gnarleygeorge9

    If we are still chewing over a penalty that happened 2 days ago, the how can we be focused for the most important game of the season, so far.


  84. chozzer

    B.R. But there isn’t usually a ‘price to pay’.
    The ‘always cheating’ chant is sung anyway. It’ll make no difference at all.

  85. Pedro

    Mayank, calling people ‘misguided moralists’ insinuates there is something wrong in defending the rules of the game.

    I’m sure UEFA wont give him a 2 game ban because of the knock on effect it’ll have and all the challenges people will make moving forward…

    It’s funny, when I used to slate Eboue for his antics, certain sections of the blog used to ask if I’d do the same with other players…. most certainly… cheating is disgusting regardless of who is doing it… just like high 2 footed challenges are.

    Like Raddy pointed out… jeers of ‘same old Arsenal, always cheating’ aren’t going to be pleasant this year.

  86. chris

    It’s about consistency –
    It’s no good if it starts with some lithuanian in Scotland in 2007, that rangers guy last year and there’s no other cases until Eduardo and then there’s no more till 2011

  87. Franchise

    cos it has not being reviewed very frequently doesnt mean this incident is treated specially

    at 0-0 celtic were still in the game, its easy to say we would have won anyway but they had the right to complain and UEFA did well imo to take action

    up till date small clubs still cry that they dont get decisions against bigger clubs and its true.

  88. Rhyle

    Franchise – I really don’t believe the penalty affected the game. Celtic hadn’t had any real possession let alone chances at that point and were 2 away goals down. It’s moot to say the least to say they were still in it.

  89. chris

    PS I don’t think it’ll hurt the team at all

    Having Eddy miss two midweek games coming back from injury wwill porbablt beenfit him and the guys who come in in the CL – a bit like missing midweek games helped Arshavin and the push for fourth place last year (imo)