Easy peasy in Europe, new contract for Eboue but no one wants Phil.

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So there you have it, we have got the easiest draw in Europe for once so we can take it easy and rest key players, in short we won’t or shouldn’t get post Champions league blues as we have had in the past, very little travel and no one of note to play, in fact they are even easier than Celtic.

The down side of that means we will buy no one of note, if anyone, I was convinced that Wenger would buy Numbchucks but as he still hasn’t left I expect a behind the scenes deal has been struck to get him for little at Christmas or nothing next year, bargain basement Arsenal continues it’s policy.

We will spend money on bolstering Gazidas’s team, and improving squad players contracts, so expect a big pay rise for Eboue, Denilson and Song, unless of course they already received them.

However, players that Wenger has had huge faith in over the last 7 years like Senderos, we can’t give away. We tried to offload him out to Milan, then we tried to sell him to Everton, no one seems to want him, well that will tell you something about project youth and persevering with players we all think will never make it at Arsenal.

So I suggest we have a clear out of players now that we know will never make it, players like Senderos, Randall, Fish head and unfortunately Simpson, and bring in some quality like Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Diarra(M) and Sakho and at least have a squad big enough and talented enough to go to places like Old Trafford and expect to get a result.

Those sort of players will make us a better team, we have enough talent not to even need a defensive midfielder but that I know goes against the grain of people that think we do.

We will never have a better chance to win the EPL and the ECL let’s not blow it Arsene, we looked vulnerable and boring on Wednesday, well until you changed it around we did and that was the Arsenal of last season, and that sends a shiver down my spine.

Arsene mentioned the average age of our team this week was 23.9 and in 6 months they will be even better, so what? I don’t care how old they are, are they good enough? Last season they weren’t. He is obsessed with age.

Anyone out there that thinks Eduardo should be banned should firstly look at a few clips of Rooney, Gerrard and Ronaldo, they made Eduardo look like he was hacked down and beaten with a stick, as for Scottish morality, didn’t they just let a terrorist out after only 8 years for killing 270 people? I’ll leave that there then.

Finally I think that Rosicky going off with the Czech squad is a unbelievable cheek, I hope he plays for us for once and that we see him at Old Trafford, well at least before he plays an International and gets injured all over again.

Have a great day Grovers, Arsene please get your cheque book out, you only have 4 days left.

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  1. iceman

    Swiss Tone is decent back-up.
    Just like Eboue. Decent back-up.
    I’m hoping for Matuidi/Chamakh to be unveiled 2 Sept on arse.com 🙂

    I really want VdV too!!

  2. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – I posted this last night, after the ECL draw….

    dennisdamenace Says:
    August 27, 2009 at 21:36
    finest – AW & Co. will sit down tonight and Arsene will tell the board what they wanna hear, that this squad is good enough to get to the knockout stages of the ECL, therefore we don’t need any more players. The board will rub there hands at the extra income from the ECL and the money they’ve made on selling on first team players, and Arsene will get his financial pat on the back…..

  3. Rohan

    I really don’t mind senderos as 3rd choice or 4th choice. Him and JD are good backup. But I still want to see one more CB brought in, preferable young and right footed and who can hopefully replace gallas in 2/3 years ( yes I think wenger will offer him a new contract and he will stay for a few more years )
    If Robben and Sneijder leave, maybe VDV won’t leave as competition will decrease but I think a 10mill deal can be struck and should be.

  4. rob green

    If wenger doesn’t buy anyone and we don’t win anything then he has to go!! There is no excuse!! If he doesn’t buy anyone he is digging his own grave!!

  5. Geoff

    Morning all, I have to say I’m amazed that if Rosicky has been ruled out of the match on Saturday, how on earth can Wenger allow him to travel with the Czech squad, it takes the piss out of us, the fans.

  6. Chipo

    “at least have a squad big enough and talented enough to go to places like Old Trafford and expect to get a result.”

    That is exactly what i expect us to do on Saturday.

  7. Rohan

    Feck, i heard that Sylvie VDV has contracted cancer and that any decision on VDV’s future will be made with this in mind… then I guess we might be in with a good shout and that definitely puts Liverpool out of the question. 😀

  8. Chipo

    Geoff I actually think a bit of match practice will be good for Rosicky…

    Maybe he is ‘fit’ for saturday, but not up to match sharpness yet. If that is the case then an international match is a good thing.

  9. rob green

    I really don’t think wenger will buy!! I hope I am wrong!! I will be so angry if he doesn’t and we come up short again!!

  10. iceman

    To say it’s a good thing is an understatement mate 😉
    I woulnd’t have been able to come back had I missed it!!

  11. Rohan

    Has rosicky been ruled out on Saturday. Isnt it walcott who is ruled out and didnt wenger say a week ago that rosicky could possibly be fit for saturday.

  12. GunnerShabz

    id love to see chamakh, matuadi and van der vaart and am sure we will have an excellent season.

    but buying van der vaart we holding progress with the players like denilson, diaby, ramsey, merida

    i just want him to strengthen but i honestly cant see it happeneing

    we really need a defensive player next week

  13. Geoff

    Dennis too true, but Rob, did you not know the average age of the team was 23.9 on Wednesday? It matters not what we win, but what Wenger earns and the average age of the team, it’s all that counts.

    Oh and the irritating condescendingly way Gazidas talks, it makes me laugh, he’s been here 5 minutes and talks like he know Arsenal inside and out.

  14. Rohan

    If we are in a winning position I would love to see rosicky given a run-out for 15 minutes and then see him strike a screamer from 30 yards out. 😀

  15. Chipo

    Rohan – pretty sure rosicky is just rusty and not ready for a game like United yet.

    It’s Cesc i’m more concerned about – if we get him fit we should win this one.

  16. Pedro

    Wow… we managed to get over 600 in the fantasy grove this year!

    Oh… and I’m in the top half of the table… get in…!

  17. Dan

    Geoff, wenger doesn’t really have a choice if he goes internationals or not. He’s training so he’s not injured so they can take him. It is a piss take though as we pay his wage but don’t actually get to see him play for arsenal

  18. David

    Geoff if you havent learnt by now the more experienced and class you are the more Arsene refuses to play you…Im sure if he didnt get the stick he got last year he’d drop Arshavin to try and make a point.

    PS…Did anyone see Wenger Celebrate when Arshavin scored when he came on after just 2 minutes?

  19. GunnerShabz

    I do think this is the best time to play united they think they good and am sure we can do them over at old toilet

    but we have to sharp and put in a really good performance not like last seasons semi final defeats

  20. Pedro

    Fucking hell David… that really is digging deep to have a pop…

    The way some are going on here this morning, you’d have thought we’d lost the first 4 matches…

  21. Rohan

    Ok, cheers Geoff.
    I don’t think it is that he is unfit, he probably lacks sharpness. Maybe a debut at the Eastlands ?? or maybe at home agaisnt Standard Liege. Can’t wait to see him back. He would add so much to our midfield and is someone the younger players can learn from immensely.

  22. Geoff

    Dan he bitched about Capello over Theo. David I agree, Pedro you should have put Gazidas in there for employing 3 more septics. And for his irritating accent.

  23. rob green

    I think we will beat united on Saturday. I think we will have a good season and go far in all competitions. I think it will be same as last year though. We will come up short against the big teams in the games that matter. E.g. Chelsea semi Final

  24. Chipo

    David don’t believe the tosh that Myles Palmer writes. He didn’t celebrate because the tie was already wrapped up. Were you expecting him to do a Mourinho down the touchline? come on…

    Pretty sure he celebrated all 4 times at Anfield.

    Don’t get sucked in by that sensationalist twat.

  25. Pedro

    Oh the irony…

    UEFA president Michel Platini claims Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has approached him demanding laws to stop Manchester City’s mega spending.

    While UEFA admit the new rules could be difficult to enforce, it is Platini’s desire to see clubs that spend more than they generate banned from European competition – even clubs with owners as rich as those at City, who have spent more than £100m in the current transfer window.

    “City can spend £300m if they want to but if they are not breaking even in three years then they cannot play in European competition,” said Platini. “I haven’t spoken to Manchester City about this and I don’t remember meeting their owner but I’m sure I will.

    “I have, however, met with Roman Abramovich.

    “He is a football person and is passionate about the game. He loves football. But he has come to me and said that we must do something about this. It doesn’t matter if one team doesn’t agree, because this is what the clubs want. I have spoken to Silvio Berlusconi at AC Milan and Massimo Moratti at Inter Milan, as well as Abramovich; all agree we have to do something.”

    Platini said an independent panel would be set up to judge whether clubs have broken the new rules.

    “Abramovich, Berlusconi, Moratti, they do not want to fork out any more,” he added.

  26. Geoff

    Pedro you’ve fallen for the hype, win 4 games and everything is papered over, don’t forget this team is young, blah, blah.

    Rohan he looked sharp enough to me in pre-season.

  27. charybdis1966

    Has Eddy been banned for life yet?
    Iit’s no more than all the “right thinking” footballing world demands.

  28. Geoff

    Pedro, that’s what we employed him for, for fucks sake it’s Arsenal football club, not Microsoft! I could and would do it standing on my head.

  29. David

    Maybe it was a bit strong…but Arshavin came on and scored after only 2 minutes…and i didnt see Wenger celebrate his funny fist pump.

    I fully expect to see Denilsong in the midfield. With bendy and Diaby.

  30. Pedro

    I haven’t fallen for anything… I would still like to see a couple of decent players signed to bolster out the squad, but I think we’ve got a pretty good squad already.

    The only position I’m worried about is centre back. If Willy G gets injured, that leaves a massive great hole at the back that I think we’d struggle to cover. Oh… and in the middle of the park… I’d still like to see someone with a bit of athleticism in there.

    If any teams need bolstering it’s ManU and Liverpool…

  31. Dan

    Geoff you’re right he did bitch at capello about theo and theo still went and still hasn’t played for us since. So as I said he doesn’t have a say if the players fit

  32. Pedro

    David, if you were looking out for that I’d be very surprised. It sounds like you’ve been hanging out at ANR a bit too much if you’re taking insignificant factors like that into account…

  33. rob green

    Wenger celebrated Arshavin’s at Lverpool. Don’t read too much into. He has praised Arshavin a number of times!!

  34. David

    Chipo its hard…i fully expect a result at Old trafford an by that i dont mean a draw…but i cant fuckin believe we were in this same position last year…and its looking like Dayshavuuu all over again.

  35. arsenalised

    Plattini is the biggest joke in Uefa.cunt.
    Damn the girl that was presenting the draw yesterday is hoooooot

  36. GunnerShabz

    blaise matuadi and mourane chamakh

    thats who he will sign next week

    he will say song can play centre back

  37. Geoff

    Chipo I wouldn’t drink beforehand. The Golf buggy thing was a footballing injury, blame Arsenal for that not me.

  38. rob green

    Pedro 9:28 – Completely disagree. We have lost two experienced first team players. Wait until the African nations starts and we have a few more injuries to the likes of Gallas

  39. Our year 9/10

    We must buy another forward, Bendtner even with his new found confidence,will not be able to run that front line,week in and week out,VP just does not do enough for me,if he didn’t take all those free kicks he would be quite insignificant in most games,he seems to get into petty niggles,and is overated.A forward is a priority,we looked at OFEMI MARTINS ANOTHER Headless chicken,but a better player would be Kenwyn Jones,he works tirelessly for the team,the height is there,as he heads a ball well,something we lack up front,Edwaurdo seems a bit light,although brilliant,another big forward like Jones would be a great foil for him especially.

  40. Pedro

    So it was REDaction who laid out the scarves for Arsenal? Was it REDaction who paid for them?

    Rob… we’ve lost a problem child in the dressing room and an underperformer… we’ve lost a centre back who was appalling last season.

    We’ve gained Vermaelen who is looking like a superb addition… and we’ve got Eduardo back who is quite frankly, emabarrassing Ade for quality.

    We’ve also got Arshavin from the off, Rosicky hopefully returning to fitness and two full backs who look like they are returning to form.

    I don’t see how you can think we are worse off?

  41. Geoff

    Rob even a blind man could see that, I’m amazed Wenger can’t, 4 straight seasons of massive injuries would tell even the most stubborn of AKB’s to see that.

    If not then that makes him wasteful for having those two players in and highly paid when we didn’t need them.

    He can’t have it both ways.

  42. Pedro

    Well David, by then we’ll have Rosicky and Nasri back… and I know Geoff thinks Nasri can play that holding role. I also think we’ll sign a player before then anyway… and maybe Diaby can step up.

    Plus… that’s not until January… and if we’d kept Kolo and Ade, where do you think they’d have gone?

  43. Chipo

    rob green your argument defeats itself. We have lost two African players. When ACN starts we will be a good position. I reckon we will bring in DM cover for Song in the Jan window.

    Look at Chelsea they will lose Essien, Mikel, Kalou and Drogba. That leaves them Anelka up front and…… literally no one. Leaves them with no DM.

    I am worried about 2 positions. CB cover and DM cover. The squad is more than good enough in every other area.

    If we signed one more defender before the window shuts, and then add Matuidi in the window i will be happy as Larry.

  44. Pedro

    I don’t believe Arsh was forced on anybody… can you imagine someone as stubborn as Wenger taking that after Gazidis was a month into the job?

  45. David

    If last season told us anything is that the 4-5-1 is rubbish…we need a deep squad….and Nasri cant play the holding role

    Nasri is the new Zidane

  46. Chipo

    lol Pedro i don’t know why i bother writing any comments as yours are always identical and about a minute before mine!

    Great minds eh

  47. Geoff

    Chipo Wenger massively rated Ade, he trebled the cunts wages, how can he think he can lose him and not replace him???

    The went he sold him, he blamed us, the fans, now he’s taking the credit for getting rid of a troublemaker, have you lot been suckered.

  48. Dan

    About arshavin being forced on arsene. If it’s true arsenal fc wanted him rather than wenger I don’t think we would of left it so late to sign him. if arsenal wanted the price wouldn’t of mattered. I also don’t think wenger would stand for players being forced on him

  49. Rob green

    Pedro you sound like Wenger. Rosisky and Eduardo are like new signings

    The way I look at it is that we lacked depth in squad last season and we have lost two players and brought in one!! It doesn’t make sense to me but it’s the same every year.

  50. arsenalised

    No body forced him to buy arshavin!! Its wenger who wanted 2 buy a world class player at £500,000.cheap bastard.


    mmm lets get sjneider in to replace simpson
    van der vaart to replace randall

    great idea

    lets get messi in to replace sanchez watt and while were at it lets get vidic in to replace kyle bartley

    get real

  52. tonyadamsisgod

    Why on earth do people want VDV? He isn’t exactly amazing and we have an abundance of creative players of can take play forwards: Arshavin, Fabregas, Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott (not creative I know but can move us forwards), Ramsey, Wilshere, Merida.

    What we need is a bit of half decent quality to back up Gallas & TV and a real quality DM! We need a DM that can hold us together on their own. Song and Denilson only look capable when they are together, hence ‘Denilsong’! And that is because they are simply average players currently performing well.

  53. Chipo

    What is all this ridiculous guff being spouted by people about wanting us to sign Van Der Vaart?

    Everyone knows we have a squad full of dynamic creative midfielders, so why add one who is not even as good as most of the ones we have already?!

    Makes absolutely no sense.

  54. Geoff

    Pedro it wasn’t Gazidas, he hasn’t got the power to get the towels in the toilets changed. IMO.

    I think it was Fizman, that’s why Wenger keeps leaving him out, he never leaves Song, Denilson or Eboue out though does he, now tell me who’s best.

  55. Big Raddy

    If the rumours about Anderson are true, then it’s odds on that MU will sign a big name midfielder.

    They have the money, Hargreaves is injury prone, Giggs & Scholes are finished, Fletcher is wank……

  56. Rohan

    Personally I think it is unfair to say that arshavin was forced on wenger. No one has any concrete evidence to say the aforementioned. He bought him and that’s all that counts.
    you are not giving wenger any credit for buying an experienced star player and doing the same if he buys a young player saying he should have bought an older player, that situation is hypocritical if you ask me.


    get real because

    van der vaart and sjenider would not get in our starting 11 and would not settle to be squad players

    neither would sakho
    and seeing how well vermaelen has started, we aint gona sign anyone to play ahead of him, and on a world cup year, players will not tollerate being understudy if they are already playing 1st team football

    van der vart wouldnt even make our bench

  58. ikon

    I still think Chamakh at 7.5 millions is a steal
    And a defensive mid is a must, more so coz of the good start we have had this season.

  59. Big Raddy

    AA was on AW’s radar the summer before he signed. There was an interview with AW at the Euro’s where he specifically said how much he admired AA.

  60. Rohan

    However I think vermaelen is the best summer signing as long as value for money is concerned. I’m planning to buy the 3rd kit with his name on the back.

  61. charybdis1966

    Actually that’s enough of talk about that – let’s turn over the Manks at old Cowshed. That will make me sit up and take notice.
    Regarding the “Was Arshavin forced on Wenger” theory, I’ve said in the past that this has some substance although when I said it there were hoots of derision form various posters here.
    The main reason I think so is because Wenger is a man who has a degree of provide and arrogance that means he likes to see things work out HIS way – primarily when youth players work and a youngish side does well, witness his “they played well and their average age was 23.9years.
    He gets a kick out of that and when rough diamonds he acquires blossom into quality later.
    What is the satisfaction for him when a proven quality player merely proves what we already know about him on the field? I get the feeling Wenger is mainly interested in coaching youngsters and he finds it easier to delight in the Carling Cup team over turning an experience side than the first team winning a trophy. This, I feel, is what has happened in the last few years.

  62. Big Raddy

    Well said Mark.

    Who is going to sign for us without a guaranteed start. Perhaps Taylor, but Matuidi, Sakho – no way

  63. Rohan

    Yes, Big Raddy. Wenger wanted Arshavin albeit for a cheaper price and he got him and I believe that we should give him some credit for that.

  64. Chipo

    “Chipo Wenger massively rated Ade, he trebled the cunts wages, how can he think he can lose him and not replace him???”

    Ummm, well Geoff, if you think about it really really hard then you’ll realise Eduardo was out for the whole season and we needed to hang onto Ade for an extra season. The only way to do this was to offer him a contract. It actually amuses me that people think we still need a striker when we have RvP, Eduardo, Arshavin, Bendtner, Walcott and Vela, when a club like Chelsea has Kalou, Anelka and Drogba.

    The went he sold him, he blamed us, the fans, now he’s taking the credit for getting rid of a troublemaker, have you lot been suckered.

    No we haven’t been suckered, we just have a shred of common sense.

  65. ikon

    and yes Arshavin was forced on Wenger.
    Wenger had to make one signing to keep the fans happy and he chose Arshavin (so glad he did that)

    Arshavin’s goal against Celtic was pure class, nothing flashy. He took the ball, started going one way, knowing the goalie would go with him, and just placed the ball in the opposite corner. Never raised an eyelid during the whole play.

    He is the best thing to have happened to the club for last 4 years. We get Arshavin at 16 million, and city get Lescott at 24. Thats how real wenger is and how unreal the world is.

  66. Geoff

    Rohan go back into the archives, we said after the Zenit Munich semi in early 2008 Wenger should buy Arshavin, had he done it then before Euro 2008 he would have cost fuck all, then I would have given him credit.

    When he bought him every cunt knew him.

  67. Carlos

    I’m worried what a defeat would do to us on Saturday. If we do go there and win, which would be some achievment, things are looking good with a string of easy games coming up. . . Could get quite a health lead.
    Let’s wait till Saturday evening. . .

  68. dennisdamenace

    I have it on good authority (again) that Hargreaves is finished, that ManUre will be pursuing a massive insurance payout, and that’s why there’s been no announcement about the player retiring….

  69. Arse&Nose

    Why is there so much negativity ahead of the man utd game?
    Surely we are the team in form, and should be favourites for this!? Yet all I’ve seen and heard are comments about us being beaten.

  70. Rohan

    Lets not forget that Zenit are a rich club and had no intention of letting Arshavin leave. Arshavin had to push the deal to fulfill his ambition of winning the Champs League etc. the circumstances concerning his potential transfer were different.
    I don’t think he would have cost fuck all either. Zenit are backed by Gazprom ( i think ) and have no need for money and they probably would have quoted an exorbitant price.

  71. dennisdamenace

    I know i posted this earlier in the week, but fuck it, it’s Friday after all………

    Who will be West Ham’s player of the season?

    I’m gonna take a stab at Callum Davenport!!!!

  72. Chipo

    “had he done it then before Euro 2008 he would have cost fuck all, then I would have given him credit.

    When he bought him every cunt knew him.”

    Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Fucking ridiculous.

    You spend most days on here imporing Wenger to splash the cash, then when he finally does you have a go at him because he was too late and could’ve got him cheaper. And to top it all off you’re now saying that it wasn’t even his idea?

    Are you fucking joking?!

  73. Rohan

    Hence, to say that arshavin was forced on wenger without any concrete evidence is hypocritical to say the least when we complain that he never buys any ready made stars. Jsut my opinion.

  74. Chipo

    “if that were true Chipo why treble his wages? He still had 3 years left on his contract”

    I feel like i’m having a debate with one of those pre-recorded telephone systems.

    PRESS 1 for irrational comment about contracts

    PRESS 2 for irrational comment about Wenger

    PRESS 3 for ridiculous player signing suggestions

    PRESS 4 for sensationalist conspiracy theories

    PRESS 5 for an explanation as to why all stats are shit.

    PRESS 6 to speak to someone with common sense.


    “I’m sorry, your call has been disconnected.”

  75. Impishwee

    Wenger has said in his interview that it is very unlikely that any business will be done, in or out, before the deadline.

  76. Pedro

    Geoff, you tell Arsene to buy a lot of players… and not all of them turn out that great.

    Chipo, I don’t understand why people would want VDV… his signing would be illogical… I think we’ve got more than enough clones of him… the same with Sneijder. Who do you oust, we’ve already got more than enough quality in that area.

    Rob, I don’t think anyone can deny that having Eduardo and Rosicky back this year will be like new signings. I’m not really holding out too much hope of Rosicky staying fit… but taking him out the equation, you’ve still got Vela, Rambo and Theo to come back. Where does Hazard and all the other attacking players we’re talking about fit in?

    I don’t understand the addition of Chamakh either…

  77. dennisdamenace

    I will be reserving my possible positivity about the game on Saturday until i see the Nutty Professor’s team sheet……

    However, i have already laid out 50 buns on an Arsenal win, fucking medication’s not working again!!

  78. Chipo

    Team for Mancs:


    Sagna Gallas TV Clichy

    Cesc Song Denilson

    Bendtner Rvp Arshavin

    I reckon Eduardo will be used as an impact sub. Nikki will give us some good height against Evra. Maybe the same tactic as him on Baines?

  79. wardo

    Morning all,

    good post Geoff. I blogged yesterday about Rooney being agressive and strong on the pitch until he gets in the pen area……he goes over like a dog on roller skates !! As does Gerrard and Ronaldo…..I know Pires did something similar a few years back but, cant remember another pen that we were given like this……altho, can remember a couple the Manure and Lpool have “won” !!!!

    …and Platini the cnut !!! he can f off! fcuking little pr1ck !! The EPL is not the worse league for this sort of behaviour….he should look at the Italian, Spanish and Pork and Cheese league first…..how currupt is the Italian league anyway…..match fixing also goes on and this is fact.

    Sick to death that this shit happens loads (alot against us) and when it goes for us we get hammered !!!!

  80. Rohan

    Would anyone be tempted to play eboue instead of denilson in a midfield 3 of cesc and denilsong ?
    I wouldnt to be honest.

  81. KM in WALES

    !! BREAKING NEWS !! VanDeFART has just been released ! …..best way to start ur morning 🙂 yep i agree with most of u that we need 2 players at least to ‘challenge’ for the title.i still think our midfield is a bit young & inexperienced especially when they’l be up against midfields like CHELSEA, BARCA,MADRID.

  82. Pedro

    Rohan… on form you’d have to say so… He’s got more pace than Denilson and I think that’ll be important tomorrow. However, I think Wenger will go for his love child…

  83. Rohan

    The Bundesliga is a pretty clean and professional league imo with excellent family atmospheres and cheap tickets when compared to other leagues.
    I think their model is sustainable and pretty efficient and profitable.

  84. gazzap

    I am beginning to get nervous that wenger is not going to sign anyone. wenger is getting complacent. he said yesterday he has enough midfielders and defenders and he doesn’t want to kill Ramsey etc. OK i accept we dont want to kill quality players, but Arsenal do not have a single other player in the squad to play the Alex Song role. when he goes to ANC, Den cannot play that role for 6 weeks. Den is a decent player but is slightly more attacking, and can only handle the DM role in ‘easy’ home games like we had last week with Pompey.
    If wenger does not supplement the DM role with another signing Arsenal will not win anything this season. We get so close to being perfect and then let ourselves down over such a stupid thing – and we definitely have the money.

  85. Rohan

    Pedro, I think it would/should be Diaby.
    It all depends on which Diaby turns up though. If ManUtd allow him space which I suspect they will given they will be targeting Cesc he could be absolutely lethal..

  86. Pedro

    Gazzap… I’d like to see Rambo get a chance there… 18 is a touch to young for that role… but he earmarked Nasri for that job early in the summer didn’t he?

  87. Rohan

    I don’t know, Eboue in this mood couldnt be much worse than denilson. He would give us some much needed mobility in the middle of the park though. If he stays disciplined he could work. He could make darting runs and earn us freekicks in dangerous positions which rvp/cesc could exploit with verm and gallas up front.

    I have a good feeling about RVP tomorrow. I can see him scoring an absolute screamer.

  88. wardo

    Geoff…..how are you feeling today? Better I hope.

    There is only one thing I slightly disagree with in your post. You wrote that we will never have a better opportunity to win the EPL and ECL.

    Think you may be correct about the EPL but the ECL has a very decent rep from Spain this year in Real Madrid and Barca……think recent season has just been barca but now RM are there with a new squad, i think winning this comp had actually become harder than last year.

    unless I missed the point in your statement, would you agree?