Celtic Fans: Respect? I thought we were playing Plymouth! + Ratings!

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I’m not going to give you the highlights of the game, instead, I’ll give you the highlights of the comments sections yesterday.

Roddy Bhoy

I wouldn’t be so cocky lads. In over FORTY odd european games at home only barcelona (twice) and a glitch there a few weeks back against dynamo moscow were the only defeats. Parkhead is a fortress. We have beaten man utd and ac milan recently at home. DO NOT underestimate Celtic… especially in our own back yard. By the way, enjoy the greatest atmosphere of any ground you have ever played at. Good luck… you will need it!


Ha ha ha ha! I almost fell off my seat reading this load of tosh!

You certainly know how to set yourself up for a fall, don’t you?! One freak result against a second rate EPL team and you think you can walk all over a team that has lost just 3 times in 36 home European games. Better (and, significantly, much more experienced) teams than Arsenal have swaggered into Celtic Park, only to leave with their tails tightly tucked between their legs.

If Aiden McGeady and Shaun Maloney can dribble half as well as you spout drivel, then you’ll be back on the Prozac by tomorrow morning.

“We could beat Celtic with our Carling Cup side” you say… well, in the Wembley Cup Celtic’s second team (only 3 of those who started against Aberdeen) beat a Spurs side featuring 11 of the 14 players who beat Liverpool at the weekend. But, you may say, Liverpool aren’t as good as Arsenal. However, they finished some 14 points above Arsenal in the EPL last season!

It is some eight games since Arsenal managed to beat Liverpool, and five games since they beat Spurs. Celtic beat them both by 2-0 in their own cities the last time they played.

Good luck Goners, you’ll need it! Celtic 2 Arsenil 0

Kilted Bartender

Facts – Celtic do not need to fear Arsenal. They have played the likes of Barcelona, Man United, AC Milan etc in recent years and came away with victories or credible results. We have dealt with the likes of Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Pirlo, Inzaghi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry and Rooney so whats another side of multi-millionaires?

Some teams revel in the underdog status and Celtic is no different. Nice to see the usual clueless comments from English football fans in regards to Scottish clubs – how many times have you been made to eat your words? Hopefully it will be another case of you lot crying into your warm pints of pishy ale – I for one will certainly come back onto the site and listen to your bitching and moaning, being stiffled out by the greetin…


Anyway, unlike Arsenal, Celtic are not a selling club. Our players are revered and soiught after by EPL (and foreign) clubs. We are constantly bombarded by stories of teams wanting to sign our players: Artur Boruc (Bayern Munich); Andreas Hinkel (Hull City); Gary Caldwell (Spurs, Wigan, Burnley); Glenn Loovens (Birmingham City); Stephen McManus (Wolves); Lee Naylor (Portsmouth, Birmingham City); Massimo Donati (West Ham, various Serie A teams); Scott Brown (Spurs); Aiden McGeady (Spurs, Hull City, Bayern Munich); Scott McDonald (Hull City).

Of our first choice line-up that only leaves Georgios Samaras and Shaun Maloney that have actually been with us for more than a year. And they both left EPL teams because they wanted to play for a proper big club.

Oh how I enjoyed re-reading those bad boys this morning. To be fair to the Scots, there was a lot of good banter and it was quite fun watching the Grovers sparring with them yesterday morning

The game showed the gulf in class between the Premiership and the SPL. Tony Mowbray has clearly tried to implement his West Brom Blueprint of plenty of pretty football… not much product.

Celtic knocked the ball around very nicely to start with… but for me, it was kind of like watching the remake of a classic film… ok, but not quite as good as watching the original. The original, being Arsenal. We zipped the ball around at a such a frenetic pace, someone on the table next to me genuninely asked if the game was coming through the telly in fast forward. We didn’t carve out an amazing amount of chances, but posession wise we controlled.

The opening goal came from another excellently planned set piece. Cesc whipped the ball onto the back of William Gallas who expertly back-rolled it with enough spin to creep around the keeper. A truly magnificent goal! Song was having another blinder in the middle of the park. His positioning was excellent as he mopped up and distributed with…. yes… I’m going to say it… class and style!

Thomas Vermaelen and Denilson demonstrated some last ditch heroics… Celtic broke quickly… Denilson lunged in with a tackle that unluckily saw the ball continue into McGeady’s path… as the cross was looped in, Vermaelen covered the length of the pitch and got in front of his man (McGeady I believe) to get the block in. Kolo Toure, eat you heart out… the new kid on the block looks a bit special.

The second half was a bit more casual from and Arsenal perspective. Celtic were still doing their best to ‘Out muscle’ us… it’s a shame the only way they could do this was by petulantly fouling at every attempt.

A player came on for Arshavin… I seriously had to ask who… apparently it was a bit a Clark Kent moment… the player I was asking after was Abou Diaby… who had grown hair! Diaby receieved a lot of flak from people on Sunday’s guest post… someone said they call him ‘Diabolical Diaby’ down at the grove… that is my best freind you’re talking about… and a load of old bollocks. Diaby is going to be a top player this year and those who disagree shall be known as ‘Diaby Deniers’… a criminal offence in blog land… anyway… Diaby came on, took a fantastic touch in front of him to take it past McGeady… ran 40 yards… played a delicious ball into Clichy who crossed into the box, which McGeady unluckily touched past McGeady… Own goal… 2-0 to the Arsenal… hopefully the tie is dead and buried.

So to conclude… another encouraging performance against a top (Snigger) European side. I loved watching the team defend as a unit and attack as a unit. I think the 4-3-3 is still a touch alien to our more attacking player… but it certainly seems to be working from a defensive point of view. Arshavin, Nik and RvP don’t seem to be enjoying the formation at the moment… but that will come I’m sure.

The defence looked superb last night and I thought Sagna had improved on his Everton opener. Thomas Vermaelen and Gallas look like a partnership made in footballing heaven. Gallas sweeps up at the back organsing things… and finally… we have a defender who attacks balls coming into the box like Kerry Katona attacks lines of cocaine at house parties. I still think we need to add to our defensive ranks. A holding midfielder and a centre back need to be top of the agenda… because having a decent starting 11 doesn’t win you titles… it’s how you cope with injuries that does.

The big question this morning will be whether Wenger is confident enough of progression to delve into the transfer market early? I hope so… we’ve got to fill the next 4 days with something!

Player Ratings:

Almunia: The first clean sheet of many I would hope. He didn’t have much to do bar mopping up in the area. His distribution was sound as ever. 7

Clichy: A good performance from our pocket sized frenchman. He made a very nippy intercption late on which could have caused us problems. His awareness to danger is his best asset… I’m hoping with that with better players in front of him this year, he can return to his form of old. 7

Vermaelen: The beast from the East… Technically, the Belgium is East of England, so that works from me… you try rhymming something with Belgium! Anyway, the guy looks immense… he has dead eyes, like a serial killer… but he also has redeeming features like buckets of pace, ability in the air… and a cool head under pressure. I like this guy… I like him a lot… maybe a little too much, but we’ll talk about that later. 9

Gallas: Willy G (I always sing Willy G, to the tune of Billie Jean… you really didn’t need to know that) has turned his Arsenal fortunes around inside a year. He looks the consummate professional out on the pitch and he looks like he is enjoying his football once again. His defending was spot on and I think Verm is the ying to his yang. 8

Sagna: There has been concern among many people that our beaded Frenchman might not be able to recreate his form of two seasons ago… tonight went some way to dispelling that myth. Like Clichy, he just needs someone playing in front of him who can hold the ball up if we really want to get the best from him. Still needs to work on crossing though… 7

Cesc: Geoff mentioned that Cesc didn’t look particularly happy the other day, and I have to concur… I think the death of his buddy may have hit him for 6. However, he is playing with more focus this year and he looks like more of an athlete. He even managed to get a couple of shots out from under his feet. A solid performance from the Captain. 7.5

Denilson: I thought he made some very good interceptions and I think he looks like he HAS in fact been down the gym this summer. I can’t work out whether it is gym or the new kit actually… our home kit isn’t exactly flattering is it? Anyway, he did what he did well last year, got in front of his player… hussled McGeady’s, cut out angles… his passing seemed a little off at times, but he seems to play better when he gets a little bit more freedom to roam. 7

Song: In my eyes, he had a stormer… he was everywhere, cutting out passes, clattering into people, controlling the ball, waiting for the right pass… the man had a top game… his second on the spin. People might say he fouled a little too often… I would say to them look at PV04’s record of cards and tell me that he didn’t do the same? Same with Gilberto… A very solid performance from a man who know’s he has to take his football to the next level this year if he wants to carve out a career. 8.5

Arshavin: A much better performance from the dimunitive Russian. He was tricky, agressive and a nuisance for most of the night. His pace and power on the ball are a pleasure to watch. He didn’t really deliver too much bar a diallowed goal… but his time will come, and I’m going to stake a pound that it’s when we play the Mancs. 7

Bendtner: Not his best game for the club, but he did his fair share of defensive donkey work and his control was quite good. He is struggling a little bit with the new formation, but again… Rome wasn’t built in two games. 6.5

RvP: Not up to his usual high standards, but he had a fairly decent game. I’m not so bothered about the strikers at the moment because I know that the attackers will come good. The fact we’ve got the defence working is far more pleasing. We’ve still got Theo, Vela, Rosicky and Nasri to come back into the team… and that my friends is a mouth watering prospect! 6.5

Have a great day Grovers!

P.S. The Parkhead atmosphere was real scary… especially when most of it must have been outside when you were all leaving with ten minutes to go… tut tut!


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  1. Franchise

    if u wanna read back past posts then u wld see my views on theo mate

    u r jumping the gun here stick to the topic at hand

    what has english players got to do with this for cgrists sake?

  2. el tel

    I never said you wasn’t a fan I actually said the opposite, I also didn’t claim to be the best fan. I was making a point that I see most of all home games in the past 16 years as I work there as a Steward. I was also going on the North Bank from 1969.

    Anyway, If Palacios was on trial for us and failed then obviously Wenger didn’t see a way of improving him.

    Vieira was going or gone when he had that trial and Gilberto and Flamini werent guaranteed a place in the side.

    Palacios was not my argument either as I couldn’t care less what any Spud can or can’t do.

    I just see Dennilson as a decent Player.

  3. Franchise

    if u cant care less what any spud can or can not do how can u be objective?

    im not one of those ‘kill he spuds’ fans

    ill tell u things as i see it

  4. el tel


    You are getting angry and miss my point. There was things written about Dennilson being out muscled so thats where my rant about England came from.

    Do we want all the teams to beat the shit out of each other or try playing football.

    The Theo thing stems from all the support at the Stadium not you as they all chant his name for any little thing he does but they are quick to boo others of foreign nationality.

    IMO you are very lucky you don’t have to make that bet.

  5. el tel

    Spurz are irrelevent to me sorry if you can’t have that.

    OK I spelt his name wrong but you knew who I meant anyway.

  6. el tel

    Who said I am going ga ga over Denilson. Does having an opinion on here that doesn’t go with the flow mean I am raving about the man.

  7. el tel


    I know you are out of here now but if you read this when you return mate let me say I never have wanted to kill anyone and I hate it when we sing stand up if you hate Tottnumb.

    Not because I am a steward but because I prefer stand up if your Arsenal. Singing about them is just raising their profile as without being our logisitic rivals they would be a Bolton of this world.

  8. A

    el tel i agree about the spuds songs, i really dislike them, and very rarely participate if ever. As you say they’re an irrelevance, they don’t deserve any song sang about them, because they simply don’t matter.

  9. PDT

    El Tel, enjoyed your comment about Spurs being like Bolton, if they didn’t have is to elevate their profile.

    I wish they had been relegated last year. Without the EPL revenue, they’d never find their way back up again.

  10. ethangunner


    what does A stand for ?
    first letter or your name ?
    asshole πŸ™‚ ?
    the grade you always give yourself πŸ™‚ ?

    just asking πŸ™‚

  11. ethangunner

    hey PDT el tel ..

    so what do you think of the song debate ..


    because people on here have been blowing his trumpet .. and i think he doesnt look that great when you think of the poor competition weve had over the 1st 2 games ..

    i think people are looking to justify wengers decision to not buy more so than thinking he is the ducks nuts ..

    you know me TRUTH OF THE WORLD !

  12. Confidentgoner


    HΓ½a mate?

    Denilson needs to get stronger. He is easily bullied of the ball and his heading is a bit weak. Otherwise his strenght is in his interceptions and his reading of the game.Lots of Grovers underestimate him.

    What do you think of our 433? Should VP not play on the leftand allow a 2 legged striker like Arsh or Eddy to play centrally?

  13. Confidentgoner


    You gotta admit the Song has grown in leaps. His slowness and misplaced passing pissed me off especially early last season but since the middle and later parts the boy has improved beyond belief. He is strong on the ball, hardly beated in the air and on one on ones. Watch Liverpool against us at home (we were a man down). He has 2 main weaknesses now

    a) He needs to take more shots
    b) He needs to run faster.

    For b) he can only correct by positioning. I watched him against Essien at the nations cup and he did quite well, same as in the Junior world cup.

  14. Stu

    Ethan, “A”, i believe, is the first letter of his name but i wont tell you what it is. If he wanted people to know then he wouldnt have it as “A”

    I actually prefer Song to Denilson now. Probably because he is just as capable when passing (probably because Denilson doesnt pass forward much) and he is better able to compete because of his strength and ability in the air. Both tho are pretty slow but i still would pick Song most of the time if it was between the two.

    Despite saying that tho i would still prefer us to buy a quality DM and neither of them start.

  15. el tel


    Had to go for a bit as I was writing to myself.

    A= Arsene πŸ˜‰

    I do think we need a good solid DM for the winter months but Denilson is not a crap player, yes he is slow and can be bullied but that tosser Scholes got away with it for them Mancscummers. Song can be the bully boy in midfield.

    I think we get weakened when Walcott plays as he can’t cover anybody when play breaks down.

  16. Stu

    Yeah El tel…i agree on both counts (walcott and denilsong).

    But with Denilsong wouldnt it be better if we could just play one DM capable of doing what Wenger thinks it takes both of them to do.

    Instead of hem 2 playing to do the defensive midfield job i would much rather have 1 DM and free up another soace in midfield.

    What happens when Rosicky and Nasri are fit and want to start? Will Denilsong continue to play so we can have a DM that can pass and be physical?

  17. el tel

    Hi Confident,

    I think denilson is on a par with Mascherano yet he gets lauded by all and sundry, he isn’t tall or that strong but he can play and he works hard.

    Song as our destroyer. IMO unless there is a better player available then he has to be.

    Song is tough as nails but he makes mistakes, maybe if he is more consistent we won’t need to replace him.

    For me we need a Keeper another CB and a goalscorer who is proven as we have scored 8 goals with only 1 coming from a forward.

  18. el tel


    you are right but only the Master can answer that one. Could we get away with Nasri and Sicky with Fabrigas sitting deeper when all are fit?

  19. el tel


    I think The Master πŸ˜‰ sees Song as a jack of all trades filling in at CB and moving around in midfield when needed.

    Don’t you think we have a problem fitting in all these Players who surely want first Team action. Diaby,Ramsey,Merida,Willshere,Vela,Eboue, Eduardo,walcott. There are many more who could all win a permanent place in the Team.

  20. el tel

    I reckon Wenger will win his battle for Chamack and add 2 more Players before the window closes. We have started fantastically but surely he would have learned from the past that we don’t do well in the winter months.

    Thermals for all I think.

  21. Stu

    El tel, wanting a place and deserving one are different things tho. Diaby doesnt deserve to start sp shouldnt, same for Eboue and Walcott imo.
    And then the others dont deserve it either but only because of their age.

    The midfield 3 imo should be Fabregas, Rosicky (or Nasri) and probably Song because i think he is better than Denilson.

    But i do worry still that Wenger sees Song as a defender so basically all we are left with Denilson and im not happy with that at all.

  22. ethangunner

    i thought song looked pretty fragile against celtic ..

    he was on his bum half the night ..
    if thats getting the better of your opponents you wouldnt have hit the deck 3 times that i counted !

    his passing was way ward and then every fucker in the world gives him an 8.5- 9 !

    its got me fucked .. sure arshavin had a shocker too ..
    but the player ratings reflected it ..
    song almost was responsible for a goal
    how the fuck he had a sterliing MoM game is beyond me …

    the verminator on the other hand !!
    well he was all class ..

    yes confident .. song is too slow to be in the center of the park .. time will find him out ..

    im sure of it ..
    we need better so arsene get out the check book …

    A or arsene , get out the check book πŸ™‚

  23. Jaguar

    Denilson at par with Mascherano?Even Arsene wouldnt think so.Denilson is truly a round peg in a square hold,and cant be succesfully deployed as a natural DM,unless he has cover in the form of Song.Statistics wont tell you the truth.If you are talking of a pure defensive mid,Song is far better than Denilson.

  24. iceman

    Well let’s hope he works for it.
    But it’s a little beyond me how these things happen.
    Pires was class and he DID have the extra year in him.

  25. ethangunner

    i like bendtner , hes far better the monster that left us .. i just dont think he works well with RVP ..

    and wenger will play this paring to death ..
    recently wenger is asphyxiated on a tall striker
    being in the team .. HE IS A PLAN B ffs !

    if the passing game aint working or its getting too physical bang on the big man ..

    this is the problem i have with wenger , my biggest gripe with the man !
    his refusal to experiment with the strikers combo’s

    mix it up until something clicks ..
    bunging on RVP and nik to watch them be unproductive for 90 minutes a game is wasteful and pathetic ..

    now you can see why i was begging for a striker!

    we need someone who is more clinical ..
    ill say MORE clinical because apparently everyone i mention isnt clinical !

    so wenger get in someone who can finish !

  26. ethangunner

    i think nik plays better with a small pacey forward like vela- dudu

    and RVP needs someone more experienced next to him …

    and if you concur with me , youll understand why these 2 fail ..

    because i dont think RVP respects nik and i dont think RVP is creative enough or pacey enough to feed off nik ..

    RVP played a good back seat to TH14 ..
    dudu and RVP might work ok …

    but will wenger ever let us see this combo in action ?!??!


  27. ethangunner

    Roddy Bhoy

    I wouldn’t be so cocky lads. In over FORTY odd european games at home only barcelona (twice) and a glitch there a few weeks back against dynamo moscow were the only defeats
    dynamo moscow ?

    is that some russian washing powder ?

    theres your problem right there …

    your only as good as the last game you played .

    and if you got carted by some Cossack nobodies
    how on gods green earth do you expect to combat
    a team of our caliber ?

  28. ethangunner

    well we are lucky ade isnt barbies old boyfriend .
    she would come complete with bruises to the face πŸ™‚

  29. luke

    I cant wait till Vela is fit. I would love to see Vela and nikki play together. I agree with you about the striker situation Ethan. I think RVP would get on with dudu, and Nikki with Vela.

  30. Victoria III

    Why we have not a title since the Invincibles:

    Adebayor belittling Bendtner

    Gallas v Toure bust up.

    African players private celebration dance – which started with Adebayor and Henry doing their private post-goal celebration dance to the exclusion of all other players.

    This was the first sign of dressing room politics and where matches are lost.

    I remember Fabregas once jokingly said that he was sick to death of all the African drumming in the dressing room.

    So long Adebayor AKA Jimi Hendrix.

    As far as Toure and Gallas were concerned I wonder if there was a religious divide as well?

    I love it when all Arsenal players celebrate a goal not just one or two doing an African voodoo dance.

    Now they can be won in the dressing room.

  31. gnarleygeorge9

    Cesc is off today, well its been 24 hours since the last article about him leaving, so today must be Cesc off day πŸ˜†

  32. ethangunner

    yes luke,

    there are just some combination’s that dont work well together and wenger try’s the ones that dont WORK more often than not ..

    maybe i would feel we had enough depth in the striking department if we struck the right combo , and saw some results..

    but all i see is 2 individuals who dont work together , ive seen it for 2 seasons ..

    and im getting tired of this area being overlooked ..

    arsenal are an attacking team with 2 ineffective strikers .. its like having an M24 snipers rifle with no bullets !

  33. luke

    Hopefully dudu will start playing a bigger role once he eases back in to playing regularly. Walcott and Vela are there too, with MUCH more experience. There are a lot of ifs here, but I think Wenger will postpone buying a striker until the latest he possibly can to see if he really needs one. I think Chamakh is not the answer. He seems so similar to Nikki. Great head, great build up, lacks in finish. I would much rather we get someone like dudu. Good eye for goal, clinical, great positioning. Hopefully wenger will pull another good signing off. WOnder if he’ll strengthen midfield after what he’s seen though. I reckon he will buy a CB when senderos leaves and maybe a striker. Time will tell though, and after all, it is Wenger

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    Good points you make Victoria. That song “………give him the ball” disrespected the other players as well IMO

  35. iceman

    Barbie was apparently NB’s Nick name towards the end of last season with the whole pink boots fiasco.

    Dynamo Moscow a washing powder. Lmao!!

  36. SUGA3

    well said, Victoria…

    it is all about the team spirit and togetherness if all the other elements like skills, stamina and desire to win are there…

    when you look at it, our club motto sounds like a cliche…

  37. nishanth

    I would have been super confident of beating united with nasri or rosicky available.It would be a really interesting match

  38. SUGA3

    luke, they are a big team nevertheless (yellow card duly accepted) and tend to step up when it comes to big games when down – they will produce, and we will have to be at our best to go there and win no matter what for they were on against Burnley…

  39. Wonderboy

    The thing that i’ve seen since the start of the season is a TEAM performance, and it’s breathtaking – Victory Through Harmony. Now if we could stop people on this blog calling each other assholes…

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Its Cesc is Off Day……..again πŸ˜‰

    Gunners captain Fabregas, 22, is on Barcelona’s hit-list for NEXT summer after Spanish media yesterday reported a Β£30m deal has already been struck.

    How come barcelonely set the price they pay for a player worth 3 times that?

  41. gnarleygeorge9

    I know Tom won’t like me saying this, but, I reckon barca are missing the real deal, its more like Messi to The Arsenal.