Injuries? Who cares, we could beat Celtic with our Carling Cup side.

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Ok, Ok, before you all get your knickers in a twist hear me out.

We’ve been told ever since the draw that Celtic are a great team and qualification will be tough, well lets be honest, if we were playing Central Park Junior school from East Ham they’d be saying that wouldn’t they.

Have you seen Celtic over the years? They are about as good as Port Vale, the only way they’ll get a result against us is if we gift them one, we should go out there and play them with the swagger our kids have in the Carling cup, show them respect and they will have a sluggers chance, just like when York beat us on Lee Dixon’s debut.

If we could have picked a team to play in this round… it would have been Celtic, now we’ve got them, people are saying things like, they will be tough and they will be up for it, well my friends, so would Central Park Junior school, and I should know, I played for them, and we could have beaten Celtic.

Add to that Celtic are managed by Russ Abbot who’s never beaten Arsene and I can’t see how they can beat us.

I expect Ramsey and Wilshere to figure tonight and I hope we see Vela as well, I hope he doesn’t tinker with the defence as that looked pretty good to me on Saturday but the midfield may see the introduction of Eboue in place of Denilson at the start, although as I said I would hope he lets Wilshere loose.

The best way to play them is to keep possession from the off and to hit them with our superior firepower, they haven’t got one player in their team I would want, Samaras will try and prove a point as we had a look see before he went to Man shitty but other than that I expect no problems.

We will no doubt be shouting ourselves hoarse tonight and for those of you going, take care, they’ll sneak up behind you! Seriously I hope you enjoy the game and you all have a safe journey there and back, it’s a long way.

I love the way that these pundits talk about the passion in football north of the border, I watched the Celtic game at Aberdeen, it was a top 4 clash and there were holes all over the ground, we don’t get that in our FA Youth cup games, some passion.

Tonight the boys are playing to keep their boss in a job so to speak, because if we lose this one, we may not qualify, tonight Arsenal we avenge Bannockburn, tonight Arsene becomes Edward, Hammer of the Scots, tonight Arsenal will show why Celtic would never survive in the Premiership, tonight we prove a point that this young team can go all the way, tonight we come of age.

Go Arsenal go, our hopes and dreams ride with you!

Final point, European league? Not a chance Arsene, there would be no away support and only the teams that spent big would ever win, that would be boring, not to mention the poor players would be tired all the time, sorry boss, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree there.

Have a great day today Grovers, another chance to see what this team can do beckons!

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  1. ethangunner

    totally agree luke,
    gallas seems to be revitalized
    both he and tomas make a good pairing so far , it will be interesting to seem them preform against man U or the chev’s

    its FOOLISH to say anyone looks too good currently i suppose .. even ade looks good V’s a championship side ..

    Im hoping we get a tough game soon prior to the window closing because you just know wenger thinks he’s won the treble already ..

    your always going to looked polished when playing lesser teams ..

    progression can only be measured against true competition .

  2. luke

    The only team im scared to play is chelski really. So much depth. Maybe man city just cuz they are an unknown. Man Utd did not look too hot, neither did liverpool. These are snap judgements though.

  3. luke

    I cant wait till we play Man Utd. Im backing us for a win, and if so, I cant wait till Wenger shakes Fergies hand

  4. A

    luke they’re the team i’m most wary of, but wouldn’t say i’m scared to play them as such! Agree about Utd and Liverpool, they’ve been gutted, and it’ll take them both a while to adapt their games.

  5. luke

    Liverpool needs some help IMO. Seems like the only option is a change in formation. Lucas is horrible, Babel never seems to play well for them. Torres was horrid against the spuds, and gerrard seemed to lack the influence he had all last year. Chelski has looked good. If we can stay tight in the back against them I think we can win. Theyre back four arnt too convincing for me…

  6. ethangunner


    liverpool played the spuds AT HOME, you have to say harry has done a good job with those players , they play like a team now ..modric looks the good now and has made all the difference to there distribution .. the spuds are not to be underestimated this year ..

    and its 1st game of the season everyone has got cob webs ..

    plus liverpool where in thailand only last week !

    they played quite a few games here and it might be a reason they didnt play to well opening game , it really is too soon to tell ..

    man U had a shit start to the season last year also ..

    judge nothing by the 1st game , you only look stupid like A if you talk too prematurely πŸ™‚
    most top 4 hate their 1st game of the season as the lesser teams try to get a result based on fitness not on talent ..

    no offense A πŸ™‚

  7. ethangunner


    not after reading yesterdays banter about me i dont , besides A told me the same thing the other day …

    so its just pay back ,

    but not only that A did tell me 3 weeks ago
    numchucks was just a fabrication and there was nothing 2 it .. we had a bet and no one likes someone who goes back on a bet ..
    he lost fair and square and didnt pay up ..

    then he tells me he concur’s with me 2 weeks ago that liverpool are the team he also tips to take the EPL , and now he has done an about face on that too … so i view ‘stupid’ as more of an ‘observation’ more so than an insult


  8. ethangunner

    and GS for the record i said YOU LOOK STUPID IF YOU TALK TO PREMATURELY ..

    i didnt say he was ‘ just plain stupid ‘..

  9. iceman

    iceman Says:

    August 18, 2009 at 09:25
    0-2 tonight

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Yeah baby!!!
    Spot f**kin on!!
    Where’s all those muppets from yesterday now?

  10. ethangunner


    good pick ..
    i would have been happy with a draw and then done the business at the Emirates but 0-2 works too πŸ™‚

  11. ethangunner

    i mm just a bit concerned over the striker partnership of nik and RVP , they dont appear strong enough , either one with dudu would be ok .
    but together it shows we lack the depth ive been talking about all summer .. 8 goals in 2 games NONE scored by this partnership ..

    wenger recruit now as the injuries are racking up

  12. iceman

    Yeah Ethan…
    Let’s smash them at THOF now.
    Give all the Carling Cup kids a run out in the 2nd half of that game.
    Good times.
    Now for the signings Wenger!!
    Matuidi/Hangeland/Van der Vaart and I cannot lie I might cream!!!! πŸ™‚

  13. Pat

    Anyone catch the Mowbray interview? He said we’ve obviously been working on our pressure/movement off the ball cause we were excellent and they couldn’t string passes together. I love the work rate.

    iceman, VDV gives us too many options there although he can play 2nd striker.

    We should get Chamakh and move RVP to the RW where he is at his best.

  14. iceman

    He could play RW and as you said supporting CF.
    Chamakh is another option but AW might have a word with him and say stick it out in France for now son and join me in the summer for nada!!!
    You know that’s how our miserly manager rolls.
    If VdV is going for 6m we’d be foolish not to recruit.
    He is class and would fit in our style of play perfectly!!

  15. Pat


    VDV, Nasri, Rosicky, Cesc, Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey, Wilshere all fighting for 2 spots.

    Song and cesc are guaranteed starters, so that leaves 1 spot in CM. I love VDV, but unless we offload Diaby or Rosicky is finished, then I don’t see it happening.

    I would love it though. No one is denying the rumors and he said he knows which club he wants to play for, in England. Although he hasn’t revealed who.

    We should hear some transfer news from Wenger soon, unless he’s still not sure about us going through against Celtic.

  16. iceman

    All I’m saying if I had a choice between Chamakh and VdV then I know who I’d pick.
    If he is brought in be assured it will not be as a CM.
    He will be played on the wings or up front in the much debated 4-3-3.

  17. Evo in Oz

    gday all,

    how are all the Denilson haters going since the season kicked off, ive been meaning to drop by and find out?

  18. Evo in Oz

    Sabeel – he was on the bench buddy, wenger only made the 1 sub, i reckon he will start against pompey on saturday!

  19. kelsey

    I hate to be proved right but Wenger outwitted Mowbray,as I half expected.No doubt both our goals were slightly fortunate, but considering Celtic have beaten Barcelona,juventus,AC Milan and United at home, we made them look quite ordinary,and furthermore I can’t really remember much of a threat except once with Gallas making a timely intervention.

    The media in general just put the emphasis on Celtic being of a lower standard than the majority of top PL teams, also we didn’t play well, we had nothing to beat and Mowbray has only just taken over.Yet 24 hours before it was suggested we would have a really hard time just to get a draw.

    There is more urgency and pressing by our midfield and defence,team look sharp and a special mention for Vermaelen,who had an outstanding game(regardless of his height.)Looks like another good acquasition.

    I agree with others, about Cesc.considering he was only 50-50 to play he was literally kicked off the park,and I would have taken him off as well.

    I feel we may have some battle sore warriors this morning, and on an unrelated theme, I just can’t get used to us playing in this blue kit, it doesn’t look right to me.

  20. Evo in Oz

    I concur kelsey, i think Wenger must have so many thoughts going through his mind at any one time and i too thought he should have used all the subs before the game was out. But i tried to 2nd guess the situation before i finalised my thoughts and came up with the scenario that hey probably wanted each player to get a tough full 90 minutes under their belts to hold them in good stead for more and more games to come.

    Wenger flogged them on the training track in pre-season it has been said, but there’s nothing like a physical work out of 90 mins in a cup tie atmosphere type game!

    Well played, well coached and bring on all comers!

  21. Pat

    VDV has a very impressive scoring record for a Attacking midfielder.

    Another reason we should get him: to see Sylvie Van der Vaart at the Emirates every week!!!

  22. Baxter Wall

    Saying Song spent all game on the floor is how stuff gets twisted. He was pulled down (literally) 3 times. He was a wall tonight. They couldn’t get around him.

    I hate him and Denilson but credit where it is due, they did everything we’ve asked of them, fight for the ball, win it and then pass accurately to one of our better players.

  23. Ali Saljuk

    Apparently Eduardo has a minor injury before kick-off hence JW was present in his place.

    I can see why AW is insistant on getting a striker , frankly we could do with someone like Chamakh much better than with someone like VDV but i’d take anyone.

    Another positive aspect last night was that with CL most likely secured , AW will now dip into the transfer market.

    Chamakh , Matuidi and Hangeland would do nicely.

    BTW we were awesome last night , the goals were lucky but the performace was good. We looked solid at the back and Cesc , Song and Vermaelen were immense.

  24. ethangunner


    he was back to his same old same old last night

    for all these song lovers do yourself a fucking favor and watch a re-run of the game …

    count out of how many 1st touches he had V’s passes completed .. his 1st 4 1st touches were at 50 % ..

    giving away possession in the midfield is worse
    than any other crime on the pitch .

    if it wasnt for the verminator tracking back like lightning in the 1st half due to songs poor foot speed he would have been exposed then and there !

  25. Geoff

    I counted he had 4 touches at the end that all went to Celtic players, then Pedro told me he was awesome, I just don’t understand???

  26. ethangunner

    song is OK , back up at best ..
    people are comparing him to utter shit which he was last season ..

    yes if you view him in comparison to last season sure he is better .the whole year was a right because of it …but he made a few good challenges but he also got raped a few times and simply threw away possession A LOT !

  27. CHIPPY

    You can always count on Ethan to give comical value to a post Song spent all the game on the deck did he? Wind the hatred in Fella he was one of the best players on the park last night and if you couldnt see that you need help mate, Thats 2 in a row hes played bloody well, Oh and is Barry not the one that played the blind pass against Holland less than a week ago that cost us a goal if Song had done that you would spew venom for weeks at him!!!

  28. ethangunner

    i was the same , i paid close attention to him at the start , because after Everyone saying he was AWESOME V everton i had to see for myself what all the BS was about .. because i thought during everton he played ok , but he wasnt a STAND OUT

    the verminator YES ! ..
    what a great player he looks like …
    and the best part is he and gallas seem to work well …

    but then again ,
    have we really been tested yet ?

    ill jump on your band wagon geoff , as i cant ade bash anymore πŸ™‚

  29. PDT

    Vermaelen and Gallas are doing a great job together. But I still think we need a backup along with JD, and I think we still have a chance of getting Subotic.

    I thought Song played well, Ethan and Geoff! The boy is becoming quite a good player.

  30. PDT

    My guess is that we will get Subotic and Matuidi on deadline day.

    If we are lucky, we might get Chamakh and van der Vaart also.

  31. ethangunner

    chippy watch the game ..

    without your beer goggles on !
    the guy coughed last night more than a lung cancer victim ..

    He was slow ..
    and whilst he wasnt a total screw up , he lost more possession than anyone else last night !

  32. Wonderboy

    …yes if you view him in comparison to last season sure he is better…

    Isn’t that how comparisons work?

  33. ethangunner

    mark were you watching the same game i was V celtic ? 2009 ?

    watch it again and see how many turn overs he made !

    count them !

    you can bet your life once ive downloaded it ill be telling you all …

    what was he quality at protecting the back 4 ?
    if he did such a great job why did gallas and the verminator look so good ?


  34. Ali Saljuk

    Geoff buddy i know you have your opinions on Song but you have to cut him some slack. Even you have to admit his performances during the last two games have been better comparing to the earlier exploits.

    Everyone had a few missed passes , even Cesc and Arshavin πŸ˜› !

    Song was very good last night , judging by Song standards !!!


    ok ethan u are correct and all the other fans and pundits who said he was good are wrong

    think u need to watch the game again

  36. Rizzy

    Song did not lose possesion last night, nor was he slow.

    Ethan – Song played one of his best games in an Arsenal strip, your analogy that Gallas and Verm were busy so Song failed is stupid and in my eyes takes much credit from any further you will try to make about Song.

    We kept the ball well, he was one of few Arsenal players who kicked Celtic harder than they were kicking him.

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    I thought Song was good for the 1st hour but started to put in some wayward passes, which is a critical time when you are 0-1 up. & Diaby was up to his old self again good & bad. But all in all it was a good result.

    Any Hoops or spuds been on yet to tell us what is not right with The Arsenal πŸ˜†

  38. timgreen

    Hi Gunners! Celtic Bhoy back as promised. Not exactly overwhelmed were we? One in off the backside and an OG! Neither keeper really tested and we held our own in midfield. OK, you did enough to win but 2 was cruel. We’re not done though and I bet Arsene (top man, by the way) will want his best 11 out again next week. We have nothing to lose.

    Credit where it is due – your boys have added a bit of grit to match their undoubted skill and you should do well in the CL (if you scrape through next week!). Vermaelen is a quality act and MOTM last night and I thought McGeady was our star.

    Met a few Gunners at the match and in town and they were enjoying the sporting atmosphere and welcome, even after you beat us. Remember, Celtic fans welcome every challenge and treat opposing fans with respect. All we ask is respect in return. We’ve travelled throughout Europe trouble-free for years and won awards from FIFA and EUFA for the fans’ behaviour.

    Both teams play the game the way it should be played but you guys have all the resources. We are a very big fish in a very small pond.

    Can’t be at the Emirates next week but I’m sure a good number will be there! If you have any sense of sportmanship you should giveus an OG after 2 minutes!