We are top of the league and I’m gutted!

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Sitting pretty!

Sitting pretty!

So we beat Everton away, 6-1 on the opening day of the season and we did it without Arsene Wenger buying a defensive midfielder and a a big centre back, bollocks, Arsene was right and we didn’t get hammered, I’m so upset.

That seems to be the opinion of one or two fuckwits who occasion the nations favourite Arsenal blog, they seem to think that if we disagree with the boss and his player selection, that we actually want us to lose, unbelievable. What dipsticks.

So, we go to most games and certainly all the home ones, we write an Arsenal blog, 365 days a year and sometimes two or three on the same day, we buy all the shirts and run a ticket exchange for the poor sods who never get a chance to go to games and can’t afford to pay the mark ups, you couldn’t get bigger fans than us, why on earth would we want to see our beloved team lose?

Plonkers, those same people that accuse us never go anyway…

I still think we need two players and if we got them we could win the lot, so why wait? Yes Song played well and Denilson scored a cracker, but when they can do that on a consistent basis I will agree they are ready, but for me they aren’t and will cost us.

However, let’s enjoy the moment, we were superb, our finishing was as good as I’ve seen it, Nikki B had a blinder, Gallas and Vermaelen clicked, the whole team were awesome and the thing that pleased me most with the boss? He brought players on and mixed it up, he brought Eduardo and Ramsey on and that foxed the opposition, kept our players fresh and used the squad, which to me is what he should be doing, maybe we’ll get to see Jackie boy against Celtic tomorrow.

Arsene you’ve had a great start, it was wonderful to watch, we played with a swagger, we shut them down and we went for the jugular when the time was right, had we done that last year it may have been different, but getting rid of the trouble maker and bringing in new blood has made a difference, so don’t stop now, if we finish this month like we started it we can smash City , Celtic and the Mancs, then they would have to think about us as title contenders, like Tottenham eh!

Just kidding, but let’s bask in the glory of the league table published eh? Enjoy being top and for those of you out there that like to think we like to struggle, go and read another blog, you aren’t welcome here.

I guess we’ll be playing in blue tomorrow, how very fitting, let’s show the SPL what the Premiership is all about!

Have a great week Grovers, get this one over and we have two home games on their way.

P.S. Someone e-mailed in to say they are selling 10 old North Bank seats on ebay… click here to check them out. Also, if you have any spare Pompey tickets… don’t let them go to waste, I have people lining up to buy them in Le Exchange!

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  1. PDT

    I think we are making a bigger deal of Celtic than we should. Mowbray is an avowed admirer of Wenger, so I would expect Celtic to try to play more and foul less.

    We always post the biggest wins against the nice guys.

  2. AA23

    They think they can play so hopefully they will try that against us, we know what will happen if they do. If they start kicking us around though it could be a long night. some people were saying that they should go in hard on Bendntner early because “he doesnt like that”.
    Tom posted tonight about how he doesnt rate Messi very highly, no big deal,he defended his position against a few people. It’s up there somewhere if you can be bothered to scroll up he defends himself well enough, horses for courses.

  3. Pat

    I think its unfair to judge Diaby when we haven’t really seen him this season. He played 1 or 2 preseason games and 1 in which he looked a completely different player. The other, everyone was shit(if he did play against Valencia).

  4. Pat

    I don’t know what to expect tomorrow, to be honest. I hope we pressure off the ball like we did against Everton. Also hope we don’t underestimate them.

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    Pat, I can only go on last season with Diaby, & he was cringe material when he was in posession,a lot of the time, but, I have always hoped he would be the new Paddy V, so lets hope his off season has been a revelation in his development.

  6. Pat

    AA23, I thought that too, but did you see him in his 1 (or 2) preseason games? He passed the ball, a lot! 1 more season. If not, then he’s off.

    Bussaca is the ref for the game tomorrow(today). He was the CL final ref. I’m happy with that. He won’t let it get rough, expect plenty of free kicks.

    If we play a 4-3-3, Mowbray can counter with a 4-5-1 and we’ll be vastly outnumbered in midfield. Although our 4-3-3 is much like Barca’s and everyone drops back and helps, it seems.

    I’m so excited, yet nervous, for the game. An early goal for us would be ideal.

  7. Pat

    What a fucking cunt. I believe there are major flaws in LPool’s game as well. YOU’RE FUCKING BORING! This cunt has been talking too much lately.

    And BBC pundit Hansen believes there are major flaws in the way they play their game that will prove their undoing as the 2009/10 season gradually unfolds.
    β€œI still fully expect Liverpool to finish above Arsenal and Manchester City,” he said in the Telegraph.
    β€œArsenal have a long way to go to bridge the gap from fourth to first, despite their emphatic victory at Everton.
    β€œBigger tests will come and I still believe that there are flaws in the way they play the game.”

  8. ethangunner

    maceda’s one goal ?
    he got 2 in 2 games .. he came on and did a nik B.
    you will see him play minutes this season ..

    i dont think man U have ever introduced a young player into there ranks who doesnt make it ..

    i like him , i like him more than torres ..
    you will see heed my warning mark my words .. and all that πŸ™‚

    all you knob ends are just afraid ..
    at least i measure up the competition not just
    focus on the sun shining out of mediocre players asses just because they wear the red and white ..

    beating a piss poor everton is hardly enough proof,on day 1 of the comp , fuck me you lot are a delusional bunch ..

    if the EPL was a 1 game season i would agree with you ..

    theres 37 games left … lets see shall we ..

    AA23 – a – Gs make sure you hang around until the end of the season …

    A- TH14 was a fucking accurate striker ..
    i think his spot kicks showed you that ..

  9. AA23

    I saw him Pat I still think he’s crap.
    A nice goal or two early on to shut their fans up and we can get down to the business of killing the tie off and breaking some more hearts.

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    The best way to handle the Hansens/Collymores of the world is to win The Title, then they have nothing to base their arguement on. Don’t get bitter, get better πŸ˜†

  11. AA23

    Ethan I’d love to reply with some amusing comment about Macheda being better than Pato, Bojan and Torres but I’m too busy crying with laughter.
    Do you write for the Harvard lampoon?

  12. David

    The worst thing about Collymore is that he tries to sound like a nice guy…”i hope they win silverware”…while simultaneously writing off our chances…”we will not win the league”….You have to wonder..these people juss cant get enuff of fergies arse ey?

  13. Pat

    ethan, judging by some of your comments, it seems you don’t watch the games. Macheda did fuck all against Sunderland and was awful. The ball deflected off his foot and went in. 1 goal, against Sunderland.

    He was awful in the FA cup. Danny Welbeck looks much more impressive.

    Fuck me, I’ll take Lippi’s judgement over yours, no offense meant. He’s nothing special and you’ll see that soon. Aquafresca, Giovinco, Balotelli, Andrea Russotto, Alberto Paloschi are all miles ahead of Macheda. FFS, Rossi was better for United at that age.

  14. David

    ethangunner Says:
    August 18, 2009 at 04:32
    beating a piss poor everton is hardly enough proof,on day 1 of the comp , fuck me you lot are a delusional bunch ..


    i believe macheda debut was 1 day as well innit? And was his second goal on day 2 anymore impressive? Nope. It was sheer luck….what happnd the next game when he played?

    Why am I talking bout Macheda at this time?

  15. AA23

    Ethan I just had the simpsons writers on the phone, is it ok to give them your number?
    ha ha ha
    funniest shit ever.
    I cant fucking breathe…
    please say some more stuff Ethan

  16. Pat

    4 apps. for United. 1 actual good goal. 3 shit performances against Sunderland, Everton, and Boro where he came off in the 60th minute.

    Oh yes, he’s better than Bojan and Pato. FFS, who are you calling delusional?!?! lol

  17. Pat

    Macheda is world class. he has a goal every other game!! (2 in 4)

    This is one of the most ridiculous/pointless discussions I’ve ever had.

    Even the Manc fans rate Welbeck higher than this Italiano. At least Welbeck has a style about him, something that sets him apart a bit. He did say Henry was always his favorite footballer and he does play somewhat like him

  18. AA23

    And Torres Pat, He’s better than Torres too.
    Judd Apatow just mailed me Ethan he wants to produce your next script

  19. Pat

    David, why an Arsenal fan. As a striker, I looked up to Henry as well. I’m in Welbecks generation and I think Henry is THE most complete striker that I have ever seen. Arsenal fan or not, no other striker has more impressive numbers of goals AND assists. its amazing how many assists he had.

    He actually has more career goals than fat Ronaldo, who is supposedly the best striker of his generation. yea right.

    Most of my manc friends loved Henry as well and were gutted when he left the PL as they grew up watching such an amazing player, albeit it was against their own team.

  20. Pat

    For a washed up player, he still has some 31 goals in 59 games for Barca, along with plenty assists.Just an absolute fucking legend. Some say he wasn’t as good at international level. Well, tell me how the hell he holds the goalscoring record for that as well.

  21. David


    Slow down Pat Henry wasnt the best heading the ball….and he did miss some easy sitters by his standards….our biggest game of our history in the CL finals come to mind…never the less he is Legend…and he always made it look too easy.

    Id rate Welbeck as the best youth prospect ahead of the lot….id love to see him in the shirt…I can only wet meself thinking about a Welbeck…JW future.

  22. Pat

    True David, but he still scored vital goals with his head. Everyone misses sitters David. He had a pretty tight angle against barca, did he not? I know it was from Valdes’s left-hand side but not sure

  23. David

    It was do-able…he’d scored there plenty of times…then there was the free header he had in the second half…Still I cant argue with that. There’s a reason why he’s voted the greatest Arsenal player ever..because he was/is the best player on the best Arsenal Team ever.

    Im going head to sleep…Sleep will bring the game quicker…

    See you lot at kick off. πŸ˜€

  24. SUGA3

    Henry WAS the most complete striker of his generation, end of πŸ˜‰

    anyway, fack all that shite…



  25. gnarleygeorge9

    Le Gaffer must read my comments, coz this is what I said on another site a couple of days ago.

    Well for my next press release.

    “Le Gaffer should go & get a top up for the squad if The Arsenal are to be champions, or dare I say it, win the treble”.

    Arsene Wenger believes financial demands will mean there will be no Champions League in a decade because there will be a European Super League.

    The Arsenal manager is preparing for Tuesday’s first leg of the Champions League play-off against Celtic, with the winners going to the group stages.

    Wenger said: “Maybe in 10 years you will have a European league.