We are top of the league and I’m gutted!

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Sitting pretty!

Sitting pretty!

So we beat Everton away, 6-1 on the opening day of the season and we did it without Arsene Wenger buying a defensive midfielder and a a big centre back, bollocks, Arsene was right and we didn’t get hammered, I’m so upset.

That seems to be the opinion of one or two fuckwits who occasion the nations favourite Arsenal blog, they seem to think that if we disagree with the boss and his player selection, that we actually want us to lose, unbelievable. What dipsticks.

So, we go to most games and certainly all the home ones, we write an Arsenal blog, 365 days a year and sometimes two or three on the same day, we buy all the shirts and run a ticket exchange for the poor sods who never get a chance to go to games and can’t afford to pay the mark ups, you couldn’t get bigger fans than us, why on earth would we want to see our beloved team lose?

Plonkers, those same people that accuse us never go anyway…

I still think we need two players and if we got them we could win the lot, so why wait? Yes Song played well and Denilson scored a cracker, but when they can do that on a consistent basis I will agree they are ready, but for me they aren’t and will cost us.

However, let’s enjoy the moment, we were superb, our finishing was as good as I’ve seen it, Nikki B had a blinder, Gallas and Vermaelen clicked, the whole team were awesome and the thing that pleased me most with the boss? He brought players on and mixed it up, he brought Eduardo and Ramsey on and that foxed the opposition, kept our players fresh and used the squad, which to me is what he should be doing, maybe we’ll get to see Jackie boy against Celtic tomorrow.

Arsene you’ve had a great start, it was wonderful to watch, we played with a swagger, we shut them down and we went for the jugular when the time was right, had we done that last year it may have been different, but getting rid of the trouble maker and bringing in new blood has made a difference, so don’t stop now, if we finish this month like we started it we can smash City , Celtic and the Mancs, then they would have to think about us as title contenders, like Tottenham eh!

Just kidding, but let’s bask in the glory of the league table published eh? Enjoy being top and for those of you out there that like to think we like to struggle, go and read another blog, you aren’t welcome here.

I guess we’ll be playing in blue tomorrow, how very fitting, let’s show the SPL what the Premiership is all about!

Have a great week Grovers, get this one over and we have two home games on their way.

P.S. Someone e-mailed in to say they are selling 10 old North Bank seats on ebay… click here to check them out. Also, if you have any spare Pompey tickets… don’t let them go to waste, I have people lining up to buy them in Le Exchange!

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  1. A

    apparently we were/are Stu! When I switched the commentary on to find that it was him not Afellay, they were going on about Wenger being a big fan!

  2. Honest Bill

    Come on then everyone. let’s have your transfer predictions. Will Arsenal sign anyone with two weeks left? and if so, who?

  3. Stu

    If we are to sign a defender i would want someone a little more experienced that Subotic who, at such a young age, would need to play regularly to get better. I mean isnt JD supposed to be our young defender?

  4. Hat-trick Hero

    Honest Bill,
    I reckon we will sign 2. Maybe a CD Hangeland/Subotic, and a DMF i dont know who though. But i like the look of Sissoko and Sessignon.

  5. A

    I don’t think that much of JD Stu.

    Stu imo we need someone who is playing regularly for their current side, so more than ok to come into the side if there are any injuries, but still young, so happy to sit on the bench, and will still improve loads and take over from Gallas at the end of the season, developing an unbreakable partnership with Vermaelen that’ll last for years!

    Early 20s who’s a regular at their current club, same as Vermaelen

  6. A

    Bill I’d be surprised if a DM didn’t come in, just because of the African Nations, I really can’t see Wenger leaving it with just Denilson as cover, then us being buggered if he got injured

  7. Honest Bill

    A, yeah i see your point, but i’m wondering if Wenger will trust internal solutions to do the job. Maybe Nasri.

  8. Stu

    But Vermaelen IS gonna play regularly for us so its not the same. A young good defender wont be happy to jus sit on the bench and i wont be happy to let them learn to defend in the mean time. I would rather someone that is ready and would be pushing for a start now.

    I know you dont rate JD but Wenger clearly does so there isnt much point in buying someone else like him.

  9. Hat-trick Hero

    Idk ,he probably is. But i like his speed and power.
    You know Wenger, he’d create new postion for him.

  10. A

    Nah Bill, certainly not Nasri, people just took those comments the wrong way. He could never be an actual proper DM, and would never try to be! Diaby is a possibility though, that would worry me!

    Yeah reggie but there was no African Nations last year. If there was no African Nations them I’d expect him to think that Song and Denilson are two options there, so a DM isn’t a necessity, though last year he did try to sign one. This year with Song off to the African Nations we’d be left far too short in that month and a bit, unless someone comes in in January I guess?!

  11. A

    Stu a young defender like Vermaelen isn’t like JD though. JD has never played regularly for us, he’s just had one season on loan, and could do with another imo. JD is the same age as someone I’d be happy to come in, but it isn’t age that matters, it’s time on the pitch, and players who’ve had a couple of years playing regularly for their side will be much more capable of coming into the side when needed.

    As you say someone who’s gonna be pushing for a first team place, that’s what I want, the same sort of player as Vermaelen, who’s young so not gonna throw a tantrum at being on the bench, but gonna push Gallas and Vermaelen all the way, and be very good when he comes in. As Skrtel/Agger are/were when they signed for Liverpool, that sort of thing.

  12. Honest Bill

    A. I don’t know, It sounded as if Nasri really believed he could do it, and maybe he could, let’s not forget that he would only be a stand in, in case of an injury to Denilson, and that would only be for the duration of the ACN. Wenger might just take a gamble on that one. It wouldn’t be unlike him.

  13. A

    Nah HB, if you listen to the full interview, Nasri says the whole reason he went on about playing there is because it means he can get on the ball more and influence the play. He says obviously doing the dirty work isn’t his strength, but he feels he’s capable of it. He’s talking about the Pirlo or Alonso role, playing deeper, sticking a foot in when needed, but playing alongside a more defensive DM. The role he was talking about was a deep lying playmaker, but because he described it as defensive midfielder people thought he’d play alongside Cesc, which isn’t the case.

    Getting on the ball deep and dictating the play is Cesc’s job, or Nasri’s job, they couldn’t be a partnership

  14. Stu

    I meant someone like JD not Vermaelen. I know what you mean but i dont see it happening unless JD goes somewhere.

    Skrtel and Agger were different also. Skrtel was bought and played fairly regularly. Agger was bought when he was about 20/21 and was on the bench for most of the time.

    Do you mean like Agger or Skrtel. Vermaelen is more like Skrtels situation so i’ll assume you mean like Agger.

  15. Honest Bill

    Ok A, i hadn’t seen the whole interview. i’d just seen a snippet where he said he could play DM. But i still think Wenger might not fork out for someone just to have as an option in case Den gets injured during the ACN. He might just be banking on Den staying fit, and if worst comes to worst he’ll stick someone else in there.

  16. Bradys right foot

    Honest Bill, for me I see Nasri as the replacement for Fabregas when he evetually leaves in a few years time. Nasris clearly a creative central midfielder who could be the team fulcrum in the future,slightly more in the Scholes mold than Fab but if he even becomes half the player that Scholes was/is Fabs eventual loss wont be too devastating.

  17. Stu

    No way incesc. If Rosicky is fit he would start damn near every single game. But obviously since he wont always be fit Nasri will play when he isnt.

  18. A

    Stu I think JD could stay as 4th choice centre back.

    I mean like either of them, neither came in as first choice, Agger came in when Carragher and Hyppia were the first choice pairing, so was in and out of the team for a bit, then Skrtel came in and agger would have been first choice, with skrtel in and out of the team, but agger was injured all the time.

    Both of them are pretty similar situation, similar to Vermaelen, couple seasons playing regularly as first choice, so capable of playing when called upon, but young enough to be prepared to sit on the bench and fight for a place, rather than tantrum at not being in the side.

  19. incesc

    Stu i agree when fit rosicky should be in there but wenger likes nasri (frenchie) and rosicky lets face it could be finished.

  20. A

    Maybe HB, that’s what I’d worry about, as I really don’t like the thought of Diaby in there. Maybe Ramsey will have toughened up to play there by then though!

    incesc I agree, apart from it’ll always be VP central, Eduardo or Bendy wide, and Nasri will rotate with Rosicky.

  21. A

    Of course rosicky isn’t finished, he’s already returned! Just because he got injured now doesn’t mean he’s finished, it’s nothing to do with his previous injury

  22. incesc

    plus nasri had a very good first season, i like him a lot.

    A agree djorou should be 4th choice. We wont win anything if him and silvestre have to play together.

    Wenger needs to be ruthless

  23. Stu

    I dont think VP will play centrally when Eduardo is playing because so far when Eduardo has come on he has played through the middle.

  24. A

    Stu VP and Eduardo played together once in pre season, and Eduardo played right, VP centrally. VP is going to be the central striker whoever else is playing, as he has been in every pre season game, and was last year when we played the system towards the end of the season.

  25. incesc

    eddie has more speed to run onto balls and get behind defenders.

    his link up play is good tho, it would be good to see him and rvp interchanging a bit

  26. Stu

    Well if VP is our central striker then prepare to be annoyed with him missing. He isnt a bad finisher but usually opts to just put his foot through and more often that not that doesnt work.

    And compared to Eduardo he is wasteful. But compared to Eddie who isnt šŸ˜‰

  27. incesc

    i hope so hat – trick but i doubt it. I think he will start on saturday and rvp will start tomorrow.

    Arshavin will score tomorrow! unless wenger decides not to play him.

    right im off to bed.


  28. A

    dunno HTH, possibly not, keep the same front three as on Saturday, and Eduardo can start against pompey, along with wilshere!

  29. A

    True Stu, but the central striker doesn’t necessarily get more chances than the wide men. Players starting wide means they can run from deep, with VP holding the ball up and playing them in. Eduardo will get a lot of chances from starting out wide and making intelligent runs, and score alot of goals

  30. Stu

    But playing in the middle means the ball is more likely to come your way. And who better to be there than the most clinical striker in europe?


    guys im very worried about the game today,if we lose we will be in for a lot of flak, that i feel will not help in the slightest…….

  32. raif

    BBK,, we always get flak before and after kick off. it wont be nothing new

    the doom mongers will come out and say 4th spot long gone and all that other blah blah talk

  33. A

    Not necessarily Stu. I think VP will get less chances centrally than Eduardo and Arshavin, or Bendtner when they play. It isn’t identical to Barca, because Barca play with Etoo spearheading the attacks. With our system although VP is the central striker, more often than not he drops deep, and the two wide strikers will run ahead of him, and become almost like VP is playing deeper than them, and they’re a front two, centrally, although he’ll start off more advanced with those two deeper and wide.

  34. A

    As in the starting formation will be



    but alot of the time when we’re attacking it’ll turn into



  35. Gunnersmith

    I think it will be a waste of talent playing Eduardo on th wings he’s really a central striker RVP does well for holland on the wings i don’t really know why Wenger keep playing him centrally

    And if cesc isn’t playing tmr them i’ll prefer Diaby to Ramsey.

  36. TopGoon

    Smith, not sure I’d agree with you there. Ramsey is much more similar to Cesc and would therefore prefer him. He has a range of passing that Diaby just does not possess and so in place of Cesc, Diaby just wouldn’t work

  37. luke

    Cesc, Denilson, Sagna, Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky, and we’ve played one game. Considering im doin fine I suppose but man, why are we unfortunate with injuries. Oh yeah, Fabianski too.

  38. A

    Smith it’s because Holland play a different style of football to us. Eduardo isn’t wasted out wide, in our system he’ll get more chances to score starting from out wide, and as such, more goals!

    gnarley no, cesc will be fine!

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    Bloody hell luke thats bad, but thanks for the update. If Le Gaffer ever needed evidence that he needs to bolster the ranks, its a list like that.

  40. A

    No TopGoon, he’s definitely out. Cesc had a tight hamstring today, but I’m sure he’ll play, diaby is back too, Denilson and Sagna will have fitness tests tomorrow, but could well be ok

  41. A

    Yeah luke, so he’ll be fine I’m sure. Den and Sagna who knows, but not massive problems there anyways, I’m happy enough with Eboue and Ramsey or Diaby playing

  42. TopGoon

    Luke for central midfield, I expect Ramsey to start ahead of Jack, who I see as a player higher up the pitch in the right winger position

  43. luke


    Ebway Gallas/Silvestre Vermy/Silvestre Clichy/Gibbs

    Cesc/Jack Song Ramsey/Denilson

    Bendtner/RVP Eddie Arshavin

  44. A

    yeah agree topgoon

    luke I’d imagine it’ll be the same front three against Celtic, and if it was Eduardo then he’d play right with VP central anyways!!

  45. A

    Where’s everyone gone?? Nah nothing on transfers luke, reckon may actually stay quiet until after the second leg of the Celtic tie, or even after Utd!!

  46. David

    I dont understand why Arsene keeps playin pink boots on the right…but I think he thinks Bendy will become like Bobby P

  47. A

    David it’s because VP slows down the attacks and doesn’t really fit out wide. Bendy is out there because he’s good on the ball, intelligent, and it gives him the run on defenders when the balls in the air. Every Almunia gk or kick out is aimed right, Bendtner wins every single one without fail and flicks it on to VP! Works very well.

    Bendtner is currently part doing what Hleb what so good at to an extent as well- he’s very good at getting the ball, holding onto it, and attracting defenders, which opens up space for others, then either passing the ball through, or beating the man, so there’s a dominos effect and someone ends up free and with a chance. You saw it a few times in pre season, and for Denilson’s goal on Saturday.

  48. gnarleygeorge9

    That movement by Little Nicky šŸ˜ˆ to help set up the 1st goal was the best, most assured I’ve ever seen him. Well apart from that header he scored against spuds 2 seasons ago after he came off the bench šŸ˜€

  49. A

    Also David I don’t get what you mean about Wenger still playing Bendtner on the right, he played there on Saturday in the only competitive match of the season, and imo was the third best player on the pitch, behind song and vermaelen

  50. Pat

    David, I don’t think he really wants Nick on the right, but he has this vision that RVP should be central a la DB10. Well, thats my opinion. It CAN work out, we’ll see. He draws plenty defenders and can pick a killer pass. 3 assists against Hull last season when he played lone striker, yes?

  51. ethangunner

    pat cannot concur ..

    our 2 forwards couldnt bang in a single goal the whole game (in a goal fest of a game).. it took dudu to come in and poach off the scraps of an Attacking midfielder to score …

    if you rely on your 2 cd defenders to score every game and your midfield it will be a lean season .

    dudu should have started he is clearly the best we have ..

  52. A

    Yeah gnarley, it was a good example of why he’ll be effective on the right. The other example is the first goal against hannover, he attracted the defenders to him, vp went into that space created by bendtner dragging the defenders out of position, made the space and flicked the ball over to him beautifully, and then vp slid in cesc to round the keeper. Bendtner didn’t score the goal, nor get the assist, but he was the most central player to the goal being scored, without his contribution there would never have been a chance, exactly the same thing Hleb did time and time again, hopefully Bendy can do it all the time as well!

  53. David

    Bendy played better than Cesc?

    Arshavin and VP are wasted in this formation….we kept going through bendy on the right when we shouldve been attacking thru Arshavin….fair play to the boy he did well….but i still dont understand it because i think he’s being wasted on the right as well….i dont think its a coincidence that none of the 3 strikers scored.

  54. A

    ethan he didn’t start because he played 90 minutes in midweek and can’t play two games in 4 days just yet. Be interesting to see if he starts tomorrow, I reckon not as he’ll start at the weekend against pompey, and again he still can’t play two games in a week

  55. David

    Yes Pat

    but against the big teams…chelsea, pool…uptop by and even against everton he had his skating boots on again…he cant do it…and to play in the DB10 role we need Henry on the left….which is why id go thru Arshavin

  56. gnarleygeorge9


    talking about lean pick’ns. SAF is demanding Rooney to score 20 goals for manure. I think they could be the one to drop out of the top 4.

  57. A

    Yeah David, imo Bendy played better than Cesc, though Cesc scored two goals obviously. I don’t think either are wasted in this system, Arshavin has loads of freedom in this system, and he’s playing in his best position really, but he was disinterested when we got a few goals ahead!

    VP is central to bring others into play, he drops deep and slots in the wide forwards and midfield runners, I like the way he fits into the system.

  58. ethangunner

    yes maybe we have the most offensive players as a team , but thats like stating bacon and eggs is for breakfast ..

    wenger has always been attacking in his mind set , thats why defending frailties should never have been high on the agenda , a clinical striker duo should be ..

    it is no coincidence we stopped winning accolades the second Th14 left …

    come up with all the wenger rhetoric you want..
    but wenger fucked up when he put his faith in ade to do the business …

  59. A

    Yeah Pat, that’s gonna be something teams will have to think about. There isn’t a left back in the country who could deal with Bendtner in the air, or physically, so every long ball will be flicked on or taken down by him.

  60. A

    ethan wenger never put faith in ade, ade just came in as a plan b, and injuries made him a plan a. Wenger put faith in eduardo and vp to do the business, not ade

  61. David


    I dont like VP up top alone by himself…he’s being bossed around…and pushed over….did he have 1 strike on goal appart from a set piece? Its not making sense…If you watch the first half very closely before we started puttin our setpiece act together VP was still very high up top and was basically playing the Ade role…kept gettin pushed over…in the event we have to play the long ball counter attack it wont work…except when he drifts out left or right…like we did on Cesc’s 4th goal

  62. Pat

    ethan, Eduardo said Wenger didn’t want him starting 2 games in 4 days(croatia in midweek). I think he will be a reg. starter.

    Also,we didn’t create that much for the forwards. We were clinical.

  63. ethangunner


    dont laugh but owen seems to be going well ,
    4 goals pre season and looked pretty quick
    for his minutes ..

    and you just know SAF is a lucky jamming fucker !
    if we had picked him up he would have been playing cards with rosicky all summer šŸ™‚

    berbatov – rooney (who looks better without ronaldo) and owen .. then you have wonder boy maceda <—— whos is impressive as hell!

    he is better than bojan – pato combined

    they have been out of the top 2 for a loooong while

    it would be madness to suggest they finish 6th šŸ™‚


  64. David


    if there is anything we know as Arsenal fans…no matter how good youth are…they are bound to feck up soon….SAF will discover this either in Dec or in April

  65. Pat

    Ethan, what are you talking about? Macheda is nowhere near as impressive as Bojan and Pato lol. Its hype.

    Lippi said there are plenty of talented Italians that age, more talented than him.

    He is shite. The hype stems from ONE game.

  66. A

    ethan i wasn’t being serious, obviously.

    owen is done, he can’t score goals anymore, i don’t get the point of him?! just because there’s a myth about his being clinical because he was 4 years ago doesn’t mean he still is! For Newcastle last season he was horrific, if he didn’t miss so many easy chances they would never have gone down.

    macheda is ridiculously hyped because of his one goal, to say “he is better than bojan ā€“ pato combined ” is simply laughable, it’s even more ridiculous than saying aquilani is better than cesc, or kalou is better than vp!

    he could well go on to become a very good player, but currently he isn’t at a level where he could even play in a title chasing team regularly, let alone win anyone the title.

  67. A

    Good point Pat – that’s the one thing that stood out from the Everton game, we were unbelievably clinical as a team!

  68. David

    I really want the window to close now. I dnt want anyone else to strengthen except us…wont mind keeping Senderos and tryin him out as a DM at this rate.

  69. A

    I’d be happy if we keep Senderos as a backup centre back David. Still think we need to bring in Matuidi or equivalent as a DM, as even if Song keeps developing, we’ll be very short when the African Nations comes around.

    Really hope Chelsea and Utd keep to their words about not spending as well, and Liverpool have spunked all their money on Aquilani the crock and Johnson

  70. AA23

    tomstoned was saying that he wouldnt have Messi at Arsenal earlier on as well, he doesnt rate him.
    The worlds gone mad.
    I wouldnt mind some of what Tom is stoned on though, it must be the strongest shit ever.

  71. Gunnersmith

    Spot on david i think i’ll agree with you our right wing is so so paralyzed all our Midfielder are right footed bar Arshavin who uses both but still his dominant foot is right we need a decent left footed wing/Midfielder all this Wenger experiment of playing player out of position ie bendtner on the right will get us noting imo

  72. Gunnersmith

    Its 2 40 in the morning and i’m still up discussing arsenal i’m going to bed now i’ll dream of up winning tmr’s tie, the FA cup, EPL and of coarse the CL i’ll give you the details tmr or later today about how cesc lifted the trophies ……yawn. Anyway goodnight everyone.

  73. AA23

    Tom is definitely entitled to his opinion, doesnt change the fact that he’s whacked off of his masher on smack pipes.

  74. AA23

    went on a celtic site earlier, they are pretty confident of battering us,m ost of them are anyway. They reckon they are as good as anyone in Europe.
    Fair play to them, got to love that spirit. I reckon they could give us a hard time up there.

  75. AA23

    They are also spouting the usual “kick them up in the air early on”
    and “they dont like it up em”
    some of them even type like trainspotting
    well hard

    to read

  76. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m sure Celtic will be a worthy opponent, & will provide some physicality about them. Maybe thats why Le Gaffer is considering Diaby to start.

  77. gnarleygeorge9

    …….take the sting out of the game, then bring on eddy, etc & hit’em on the counter. Bang! Bang! & its off to The Emirates.

  78. gnarleygeorge9

    He worries me too, especially the way he turns the ball over, but I’m only trying to understand why AW would start him. Apparently he has beefed up.