We are top of the league and I’m gutted!

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Sitting pretty!

Sitting pretty!

So we beat Everton away, 6-1 on the opening day of the season and we did it without Arsene Wenger buying a defensive midfielder and a a big centre back, bollocks, Arsene was right and we didn’t get hammered, I’m so upset.

That seems to be the opinion of one or two fuckwits who occasion the nations favourite Arsenal blog, they seem to think that if we disagree with the boss and his player selection, that we actually want us to lose, unbelievable. What dipsticks.

So, we go to most games and certainly all the home ones, we write an Arsenal blog, 365 days a year and sometimes two or three on the same day, we buy all the shirts and run a ticket exchange for the poor sods who never get a chance to go to games and can’t afford to pay the mark ups, you couldn’t get bigger fans than us, why on earth would we want to see our beloved team lose?

Plonkers, those same people that accuse us never go anyway…

I still think we need two players and if we got them we could win the lot, so why wait? Yes Song played well and Denilson scored a cracker, but when they can do that on a consistent basis I will agree they are ready, but for me they aren’t and will cost us.

However, let’s enjoy the moment, we were superb, our finishing was as good as I’ve seen it, Nikki B had a blinder, Gallas and Vermaelen clicked, the whole team were awesome and the thing that pleased me most with the boss? He brought players on and mixed it up, he brought Eduardo and Ramsey on and that foxed the opposition, kept our players fresh and used the squad, which to me is what he should be doing, maybe we’ll get to see Jackie boy against Celtic tomorrow.

Arsene you’ve had a great start, it was wonderful to watch, we played with a swagger, we shut them down and we went for the jugular when the time was right, had we done that last year it may have been different, but getting rid of the trouble maker and bringing in new blood has made a difference, so don’t stop now, if we finish this month like we started it we can smash City , Celtic and the Mancs, then they would have to think about us as title contenders, like Tottenham eh!

Just kidding, but let’s bask in the glory of the league table published eh? Enjoy being top and for those of you out there that like to think we like to struggle, go and read another blog, you aren’t welcome here.

I guess we’ll be playing in blue tomorrow, how very fitting, let’s show the SPL what the Premiership is all about!

Have a great week Grovers, get this one over and we have two home games on their way.

P.S. Someone e-mailed in to say they are selling 10 old North Bank seats on ebay… click here to check them out. Also, if you have any spare Pompey tickets… don’t let them go to waste, I have people lining up to buy them in Le Exchange!

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  1. Mayank

    Regarding the Messi thing I think he’s great. It’s a delight to watch him play. HE’s selfish but that’s ’cause the coach has probably asked him to be, haven’t seen him let a goal op go because of selfishness either. IMO he’s much better than Ronaldo.

  2. David

    Is it confirmed we’re going for a 4-1-3-2???

    Id much prefer we do that than a standard 4-3-3

    Van P and Arsh are being seriously wasted.

  3. Chippy

    Goonerpress, If we beat Celtic he will defo sign one or two im pretty sure he knows we need the extra assurance in a couple of areas was also very impressed with verm thought he had a teriffic debut and him and gallas looked a proper partnership which was good to see, Especially impressed with our harrying in midfield i was concerned that cahill fellini and co would cause us no end of problems but we fronted them up and then let our passing tear them to bits,
    Mayank totally agree hes the most complete player ive seen in years and tho only small has great strentgh on the ball and is an absolute delight to watch i could watch him for hours and not get bored i also like the fact he plays with a smile on his face and actually looks totally in love with the game,

  4. Gunnersmith

    Tom, A, i dont agree with your point about messi not a team player he’s Barca’s driving force the team is built around him though he might be a little bit selfish, but then you should know that’s part of the qualities of a good player that is what Hleb is lacking you have to be selfish sometimes for the good of the team

  5. the dude abides

    Seems Cesc is rated 50-50.
    Celtic will try and make a battle of it and play at high tempo, but if we can keep the ball long enough our class will tell. They aren’t a big physical team and Mowbrey likes to play football so that should play into our hands
    As I live in scotland it is VITAL we win this one, otherwise I have to go into heading for the next few years…

  6. Pat

    Its on Arsenal.com now. Sounds like Cesc will probably play

    “Theo Walcott is not fit but Abou Diaby is with the squad here,” said Wenger at his pre-match press conference.

    “From Everton we have Sagna who has a knock, we will make a decision about him tomorrow. We have some uncertainties about Fabregas and Denilson as well but we will make a decision about them tomorrow as well.

    “It is more than 50 per cent that Cesc will play, much more. He has a tight hamstring, I took him off at Everton because of that. Denilson has a groin problem.

    “We will play the best possible team tomorrow, the team which I think has the best chance to win the game. It is a very important game for us because we know what is at stake and we know how difficult it is to play here.”

  7. Ali Saljuk

    Expect Diaby , Sing and maybe ramsey to play if Cesc and Denilson dont make it. Obviously Eboue comes in for Sagna. As long as we are solid at the back and clinical at the front , we can come from this game with some sort of result. Better not to risk Cesc as we dont want him out for a long period!!

  8. Gunnersmith

    Our current squad is lacking his type of player a driving force someone who can win a game for you singlehandedly i’m happy with our squad especially with Fabregas and Arshavin but if i were to swap 21 years old Denilson for 24 years old messi i wouldn’t hesitate

  9. the dude abides

    DDM how ya diddlin?
    Got my tickets for the match tomorrow but the traffic is gonna be bad cos U2 are at Hampden so will have to leave Edinburgh at 4pm.
    You know how great it will be if we stuff it to Celtic and their ridiculous fans – but I’m sure you also know how bad it’ll be if we screw it up over 2 leagues. This is Celtics cup final and like all matches against English teams they are well up for it.

  10. dennisdamenace

    dude – not bad fella, finish up with Euroclear in just over two weeks!

    I got a feeling that this will be quite an open game, which will suit us down to the ground, although i’m getting fucking tired of players playing one competitive game and falling injured….

  11. the dude abides

    yeah, espcially since Saturday was a bit of a stroll without any bad tackles – questions need to be asked of our trainers and fitness coaches.
    I don’t think Celtic will play openly, they know they’ll get hammered if they do, I think they’ll try and close us down and nick a goal from a freekick or a corner. We should beat them, but at the same time we’ve lost to worse teams….

  12. gunnergetyou

    tomorrows most likely line up.






  13. chozzer


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  14. raif

    hello boys.. how we doing tonight??

    i hear cesc is a doubt for tomorrow..

    some people think its a little fishy, asif he could be sold if we dont get through but i think its RUBBISHHHHH!!!!!

  15. raif

    everyone in the media and Sky the main one. are hyping up this celtic game asif arsenal will get a shock of a life time.

    i cant wait till we Cream them off the park and shut them all up for the 2nd time in less then a week.

  16. gooner786

    We will lose 2-1 on aggregate, and get knocked out of the CL. Then we will lose our best players one by one starting with Senor Fabregas.

  17. dennisdamenace

    Ooooerrrrr, nothing serious i hope old chap!

    So, i suppose the Chav game is equally of no use to you either??

  18. ReVELAtion

    Evening all,

    What’s the word on these injuries.. Fabregas, by the sound of it should make it and diaby will probably start in place of him.. Sagna, Walcott, Djourou, Rosicky, Nasri missing also… Might get a bit of pre-emptive doom talk in the rags tomorrow but with a line-up of:


    Ebowie Verm Bill Clichy


    Fabregas Diaby

    Van Persie/Bendtner Eduardo Arshavin

    Bench: Mannone, Gibbs, Silvestre, Ramsey, Wilshire, Vela/Merida, Bendtner/Van Persie

    Still should, hopefully, be able to come away with a result… We’ve been to anfield, the san siro, stadio olympico, old trafford, the bernabeau, mestailla etc. SO i can’t see the crowd being anything other than a twelve man taking celtic up a level..

    An early goal for us and it really will take the wind out of their sails!

  19. ReVELAtion

    hope so choy…

    386th, damn! But a few of my players play midweek… Rooney hat trick against burnley away and a torres brace against stoke at home and i’ll be right back up there 😛

  20. A

    lol bbk, what was your prediction for saturday?!

    I’m going for 3-1, same score predicted at the weekend, hope i’m underestimating us again!

  21. ReVELAtion

    A – Of course i want them to lose but burnley away and stoke at home are ones i won’t be pinning too much, if any, hopes on.

    They are capable of scoring at home, but we are more than capable of scoring at any ground in the world..

    I’d be more impressed coming away from scotland with a 0-1 that a 1-3.

  22. A

    why reva? we want away goals, it’s much more important to score than to not concede….

    Yeah stoke are shocking away from home, never know though, Steven Fletcher could score a couple against Utd!

  23. Erichero

    Ha-ha. “the nations favourite Arsenal blog” Gotta love it from GKB. I think Myles’ pessimism is only beaten by Geoff’s (or is it BBK?), but ANR is still the biggest Arsenal blog. Personally, I think Young Guns are doing a great job and Jamie clearly gets a great kick out of what he is doing.

    Agreed, we all love the team. I just fear that some fans sound like the Geordies, sacking their manager because they are only coming fourth. One day you wake up and realise that you were missing some of Arsenal’s best years while you were whining. You can’t control the team, so why not relax and enjoy the experience?

    I simply loved being in a Champions League semi-final. When Wenger’s contract is up and Tony Adams takes us back to the bottom half, I’ll tell my kids about the glory days that I was privileged to be part of. It’s not so much a case of AKB, it’s more a case of: this is all you’re going to get, so wake up and smell the roses.

  24. tomstoned

    heey ..

    i cant believe what im hearing..it will be a walk in the park and the bhoys will never know what hit them….8-0 over the two legs …


    yeah it’s been such a privilege seeing us finish 3rd and 4th every year not to mention not winning the champions league great days

  26. David

    You loved being in the CL semifinal only to humiliated? Fair play to you friend…we’re sorry our standards of success are a little higher than that.

  27. Pedro

    Erichero, what a idiotic comment.

    I’d hardly call ANR a blog… no comments, not on technorati…

    I don’t even want to credit the rest of your comment with a response… I will though… because it was ridiculous.

    Looking forward to someone taking us down into the bottom half of the table? A real fan there… clearly one who never goes… probably only been a fan since the Arsene days… tut tut…

  28. Pedro

    BBK, I don’t hope anyone stops supporting Arsenal… but I hope we bring in a manager as good, if not better than Arsene when he leaves… I would never wish failure on my club to prove some sort of point… what satisfaction would you take in that?

    A bit masochistic…

  29. Stu

    Why do people love Wenger so much. I have known no other manager apart from him at arsenal and i dont love him half as much as others seem to.

    Dont get me wrong, i appreciate and thank him for everything he has done for the club and all the success he has brought but he isnt the only manager in the world. What happens if he dies tragically all of a sudden and we have no manager. Should we just go into administration and go support another team? I dont think so…

  30. tomstoned

    No need for that BBK mate…

    we do accept opinons..all opinions i hope…but i must say erichero..was out of line..that said…even if we differ in opinions it doesnt have to mean some are great Gooners and others not…we all are true Gooners i hope..and im rather proud to be a Grover too 🙂


  31. A

    Pedro I don’t see him say that?!

    He’s saying when Wenger goes we could quite easily move backwards, and wish for the days when we were getting to the last 4 in Europe, and playing Champs league regularly. He’s not said he hopes for it to happen or he’ll be happy if it does!

    The attack on le grove is completely uncalled for though, and is a very silly thing to start off with, but the second and third paragraphs, whilst not carrying the same opinion as many on here, isn’t ridiculous at all.


    when wenger goes we might move backwards but certainly within these last 4 years we have not moved forwards either

  33. Pedro

    I simply loved being in a Champions League semi-final. When Wenger’s contract is up and Tony Adams takes us back to the bottom half, I’ll tell my kids about the glory days that I was privileged to be part of. It’s not so much a case of AKB, it’s more a case of: this is all you’re going to get, so wake up and smell the roses.

    A… he isn’t saying we COULD go backwards… he is saying we WILL go backwards… unless I’m missing something from that last line?

  34. Pedro

    BBK, we wont lose any fans… well, fans worth having anyway.

    We’ll get an excellent replacement and we’ll all back him… I would imagine by the time Wenger leaves we’ll have more debt paid off and the job will attract all the best managers in world football.

    We certainly wont ever recruit Tony Adams or David O’Leary, I’d imagine it will be an elite coach.

  35. Pedro

    A… that sounds like a pretty smug comment about something that wont happen… kind of like ‘I told you so’… I’d say he’s taken pre cog satisfaction.

  36. A

    Stu re Wenger – it’s because Arsenal never competed as high up on the league on a consistent basis until Wenger arrived. We won the league, we won cups, but we were a yoyo club to an extent, competing for a couple of seasons, then mid table for a couple of seasons, even with the occasional fear of relegation, although obviously we’ve never been relegated. Sixth place was sometimes quite an achievement for us after a couple of seasons lower down.

    Now it’s unthinkable that we aren’t putting up a title challenge every season, and if we come 4th a couple of seasons on the trot it’s a massive failure, despite the fact that throughout the club’s history there are very few periods of 4/5 years we’ve come in the top four consistently!

    Wenger has lead the club to a level that it’s never been before, and as such he’ll go down in the history books as one of if not our greatest ever manager.

    However once reaching the levels of the invincibles, and creating that expectation having achieved such a high level of success, it’s difficult to accept our dropping down a level, even if that level is still higher than we’ve been the majority of our history. It’s whether Wenger is to blame for taking us down a level, and whether he’s the man to take us back up there now. I still think he is, but if things fall apart this season, that’ll be it, and it’ll be interesting what’ll happen when he does leave.

    Wenger could be holding us back, and we could step up a level when he leaves, we could stay as we our when he leaves, or he could be the man resulting in us overachieving, so we could drop down further when he leaves.

    Noone will know until he does go.

  37. A

    Pedro I didn’t read it like that at all, but the first paragraph was totally unnecessary and soiled and left a bad taste in the mouth for the rest of his comment.

    I’m not so pessimistic that I believe it’s guaranteed we’ll go to shit when Wenger leaves, but I think it’ll be much harder to find a decent replacement than people think. I’d hope for a Bergkamp, Vieira, or maybe Bould to come in as Wenger’s assistant, be groomed in the role, then take over when he retires.

    That’s if we win things this season, the team grows as hoped, we dominate everything for a couple of years, then Wenger steps down with us at the top. If everything goes to shit this year, and Wenger leaves, then we’ll need a clean break, someone totally new to come in.

  38. Honest Bill

    So who will play Cesc’s role against Celtic?

    What’s everyone’s opinions? Merida? Ramsey? Apparently Denilson and Sagna are doubtful too. What’s everyone’s predicted lineup?




    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Van Persie……………

    What do you guys think of that team? Are there any better options?

  39. Pedro

    A… it’s always going to be hard to replace a legend… and no one thinks it’ll be easy… but I’m confident the board will make a good decision.

  40. stevo

    There is nothing wrong with Cesc,but I would put my house on him not playing tomorrow.You can bet your life Arsenal have been ordered by our parent club not to cup tie him.

  41. choy

    diaby’s backkkkkkkkkk… :mrgreen:

    they face late fitness tests… so i think they will play, wenger and his mindgames.. i reckon.

  42. Keyser

    Pedro – You sound surprised, there’s plenty of sadists on here, why can’t we accomodate some masochists aswell ?!

  43. Honest Bill

    Stevo. I hope that’s not the case. They may be waiting til the transfer window shuts in case Barca make a substantial bid for him…. That would be a real downer on our season

  44. Honest Bill

    Me too Choy. We all know he’s capable of a stormer on the odd occasion. Hope his workrate matches that of everyone elses on saturday

  45. stevo

    Bill,Im afraid thats the way Arsenal operate nowadays,
    only money matters,football and our hopes are a very distant second.

  46. A

    So am I Pedro, with it being such a massive decision, the board will take a long time over it, and hopefully make the right decision. I am sure however that it’ll depend on Wenger’s success, whether a new man is brought in to follow his blueprint for success, or whether we need to start totally afresh.

    HB – Cesc is going to be absolutely fine, it’s just silly sky sports blowing up a story! Wenger said Cesc is more than 50-50 to play, he’s just got a tight hamstring therefore sky run the story “Cesc is a MAJOR doubt and only 50-50!!” He’ll be absolutely fine and Celtic won’t have a clue how to deal with him.

    stevo I’m sorry but that’s bollocks, it’s immediately completely disproven by the fact we have our pre season in Austria, rather than the far east or the states. We’re one of the few clubs who do concentrate on the football, rather than they celebrity and money aspects that dominate the sport nowadays.

  47. stevo

    Bill,it doesnt matter,Wenger will always dance to Barcas tune,they are our governers,remember Overmars,Petit,Henry&Gio?

  48. A

    lol Pedro, it’s not even a tabloid rumour, on account of just how ridiculous it is, but just the odd blogger on here is saying it, don’t worry, it isn’t even a proper rumour!

    It’ll probably be blown up by the Daily Mail though who’ll cotton onto it on here and run it in tomorrow, so Cesc will have to say for the umpteenth and onth time that he’s staying, Barca will have to say AGAIN that they aren’t interested in him this summer, and Wenger will have to say that he’s going nowhere

  49. Pedro

    haha, funny you should say that… i was wondering if the mail read out comments then print stories based on what we’re interested in… Subotic springs to mind… Dzeko… Cana…

  50. A

    Gooner786 because he speaks complete and utter bollocks when it comes to the football side of things, and writes articles based on things that are completely untrue.

    He just writes constantly to get hits on his website to publicise his book, he doesn’t have any interest or insight anymore when it comes to football, or the football side to Arsenal, though he’s pretty informative when talking about the shares and such like.

  51. A

    ha pedro yeah it is a funny one. I do wonder whether they trawl the blogs, see which rumour was doing the rounds and would take in the most gooners, then run it the next day

  52. stevo

    Ok,fair enough,I hope Im wrong and Cesc plays then the whole saga is dormant for twelve months,good,but you obviously trust the whole Barcelona circus more than I do.

  53. reggie57

    Stevo how the flipping heck are Barca our masters you are talking piffel coz we sold them a couple of over the hill players ie Overmars,Petite injury prone van bronkhurst henry on his way down? I don’t believe so old boy…

  54. test

    Reggie not that I agree with the “masters” thing but Silvinho, Gio and Henry have all gone on to win the champions league with barca “on their way down”

  55. A

    stevo i don’t trust the barca circus, I trust cesc, and wenger, and the fact that it would make absolutely no sense for Barca to pay silly money for cesc, when he wouldn’t start for them, and Cesc wouldn’t want to go there now for the same reason.

    Yeah reggie, the only player we lost really against our will to them was Hleb, and he was a disaster for them!

    I’d be happy to lose Hleb for the sake of nicking Cesc off them anyways!

  56. gooner786

    Reggie my main man, if a club like Barca came for one of our players we cant do anything about it.

    Barcelona will always be bigger and more attractive than us.

  57. A

    true test, but they weren’t exactly integral players for us when they left. silvinho was shipped off because he had dodgy paperwork and cole was coming through, van b was nothing more than a squad player, and henry was crocked when we sold him.

    786 it depends on the player. Some people’s heads can be turned, but Cesc could have gone this summer if he wanted to, I’m sure Arshavin could as well. If they come in for someone, and that player wants to leave, then there isn’t that much we could do, however it’s far from guaranteed players would demand a move, we’re still a very attractive club to be at.

  58. test

    A –

    Yeah mate just making a point, they werent on their way to Boro for a quick pay day.

    The truth is in between two polarised views, as is the case in most things in life.

  59. stevo

    Exactly gooner786,we are a stepping stone club now,thats why we have Cesc,Merida,Walcott,Wilshere,they will make the club millions in the near future,Arsenal are in clover.

  60. Stu

    Just watching some Bundesliga. Elia and Berg, who both signed for Hamburg this summer, each contributed to a goal. Berg scoring anf Elia setting one up.

    Also, Hildebrand pulled off some amazing saves…as did Adler.

  61. David

    JA Gunner

    Used to rave about Elia over and over again…and I believe that if we got him he’d have been sexy in the 4-3-3

    Berg is a beast…i think that was a double miss there.

  62. A

    786 I was watching PSV-Ajax yesterday, had the commentary on mute and I was blown away by a player I thought was Afellay, but it was actually Dzsudzsak, hell of a player!!

  63. reggie57

    Tony no teeth mowbrey said he is gonna try the physical way ie bolton blackburn as we have trouble playing against them, check back last season you halfwit 3-0 tomorrow and silence will be golden!!

  64. test

    Hopefully we will get a ref that blows up for every little thing.

    Hopefully Ghandi will be the man in black tomorrow!

    Anyways, I will see you people after the victory.

    Have a good evening gentlemen.

  65. A

    No he didn’t reggie – He said that works against us, but when you look at the likes of Maloney and McGeady they aren’t gonna be able to get physical with anyone, so they’ll have to adapt a different approach!

  66. Hat-trick Hero

    I’m good mate. Its been and all smiles day for me mate. loving the victory and getting hyped for next one

  67. A

    Yeah stu, some absolute screamers though! Can’t remember to be honest, think the commentary was just too annoying!

  68. Stu

    Some screamers indeed… Dzsudzsák tore Ajax apart. If it wasnt for Isaksson it would have been a lot more comfortable for them.

  69. Stu

    Celtic arent really a physical side tho. And especially under Mowbray they will probably try to play football. His WBA team gave us a slight scare at home last season and Celtic are definately much better. We will win but it wont be easy.