We are top of the league and I’m gutted!

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Sitting pretty!

Sitting pretty!

So we beat Everton away, 6-1 on the opening day of the season and we did it without Arsene Wenger buying a defensive midfielder and a a big centre back, bollocks, Arsene was right and we didn’t get hammered, I’m so upset.

That seems to be the opinion of one or two fuckwits who occasion the nations favourite Arsenal blog, they seem to think that if we disagree with the boss and his player selection, that we actually want us to lose, unbelievable. What dipsticks.

So, we go to most games and certainly all the home ones, we write an Arsenal blog, 365 days a year and sometimes two or three on the same day, we buy all the shirts and run a ticket exchange for the poor sods who never get a chance to go to games and can’t afford to pay the mark ups, you couldn’t get bigger fans than us, why on earth would we want to see our beloved team lose?

Plonkers, those same people that accuse us never go anyway…

I still think we need two players and if we got them we could win the lot, so why wait? Yes Song played well and Denilson scored a cracker, but when they can do that on a consistent basis I will agree they are ready, but for me they aren’t and will cost us.

However, let’s enjoy the moment, we were superb, our finishing was as good as I’ve seen it, Nikki B had a blinder, Gallas and Vermaelen clicked, the whole team were awesome and the thing that pleased me most with the boss? He brought players on and mixed it up, he brought Eduardo and Ramsey on and that foxed the opposition, kept our players fresh and used the squad, which to me is what he should be doing, maybe we’ll get to see Jackie boy against Celtic tomorrow.

Arsene you’ve had a great start, it was wonderful to watch, we played with a swagger, we shut them down and we went for the jugular when the time was right, had we done that last year it may have been different, but getting rid of the trouble maker and bringing in new blood has made a difference, so don’t stop now, if we finish this month like we started it we can smash City , Celtic and the Mancs, then they would have to think about us as title contenders, like Tottenham eh!

Just kidding, but let’s bask in the glory of the league table published eh? Enjoy being top and for those of you out there that like to think we like to struggle, go and read another blog, you aren’t welcome here.

I guess we’ll be playing in blue tomorrow, how very fitting, let’s show the SPL what the Premiership is all about!

Have a great week Grovers, get this one over and we have two home games on their way.

P.S. Someone e-mailed in to say they are selling 10 old North Bank seats on ebay… click here to check them out. Also, if you have any spare Pompey tickets… don’t let them go to waste, I have people lining up to buy them in Le Exchange!

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  1. Rich from the North Bank

    Yes we Foooooooking Love you Arsene Wenger!!!!!!

    Song was fooking amazing on Saturday, made their midfield look like a bunch of Spurs reserves : )

    Can’t wait for the Celtic game, we are going to annihalte the jock straps!

    Oh To Be a
    Gooner!!!!!!!!!! : )

  2. Jerseygooner

    Morning All,

    have been away for a couple of weeks in a dark and distant place with no internet, no english papers and no TV!! its been hell on earth!!

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    Good post Geoff.

    The quality is there, but why not keep pestering Le Gaffer so as to make sure he leaves no stone unturned in an effort to win the league. We still should bring in a couple IMO, because of injuries later. After the performance on Saturday, the whole world would want to play for The Gooners.

  4. goonermichael

    Mornig Geoff, Pedro
    The mancs and bindippers both looked shit yesterday. I hope we do sign at least 1 more.

  5. Doublegooner


    WE WILL NOT SIGN ANYONE – At least until we’re through against Celtic.

    So says our head of youth, who when pressed last friday to a mutual friend cofirmed that.

    So Arsene, beat the Jocks with Pompey in between buy the 2 we need & I have a sneaking feeling we’ll beat the Mancs on the 29th which will set up a some real serious momentum.

  6. rob green

    Great result on Saturday but lets not get carried away. We all know arsenal can do that!! Everton were bad as well as us being good.

    The Team that worries me is Chelsea. We are still not good enough to finish above them and beat them in the big games

  7. bnsb


    thanks, I checked up – woohoo, will watch it, though i will loose my sleep literally.



  8. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    bnsb…i am not far from where u r too.


    well who who wants to sleep when we have a cracker of a match to watch…

    Wilshere will be Man of the Match..of the celtic game

  9. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Hey Wenger`s boss..

    very Smart name urs..

    I am from the most active IT/technology hub outside california…
    In Bangalore πŸ™‚

  10. tiny

    i think the main worrry about tomorrow is we dont pick any major injurys up….celtic will be a hard physical game, the lads made us proud on saturday song was outstanding

  11. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    I have been watching ESPN coverage in india for over 4-5 years..

    Its definitely Sleek and quality product here(presentation/pundits and fairness wise),and some of there ideas were copied by sky long time back for broadcast of football..that much is for sure

  12. Jon

    Well played to the gunners for that one. All I can say is I was suprised! Definetly in for a shot you can tell from the first game of the season who is gonna be close to the top. Arsen has got it wright imo and always has the players to do a good job although you might never have heard of them! As for us (Liverpool) I just dont know this year something is missing If its not us then its got to be the Gunners I think you deserve it with the kind of footbal they play.

  13. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    and one more thing..

    one of the pundits for coverage in india/asia here is SteveMcMahn…he still cries over anfield-89 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. Simon

    Sabeel, I thought it was very sleek, much better than Setanta, even better the Sky. I wassn’t too happy when Ray Stubbs kept saying ‘Victory’ at the half time interval….. Could have jinxed us πŸ˜›

  15. SharkeySure

    ‘Song played well’.

    Come off it Geoff, he was a clear man of the match for some/many people, even with Cesc’s two goal and two assists performance.

    That was a masterclass from Song on Saturday, and its not the equivalent of a stopped clock being right twice a day !!

    *Sharkey putting tin hat on, awaiting incoming flak*

  16. bnsb


    Since the time I started watching EPL telecast (ten years), it has been ESPN and later ESPN/Star in this part of the world. Presenters John Dyke, Andrew Leci and the team are legends in their own right.

  17. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    yes simon

    the presenters and pundits of espn.uk are different than espn in india/asia

    But u will defenitely like presenters like John dykes and pundits here like bsnb says

  18. Pedro

    Sharkey, he had a great game… but lets not go overboard just because he is Song!

    Comparisons to Paddy after one game are ludicrous! I want to see him put in performances like that all season before I start declaring him the solution… and remember, Wenger still sees him as a centre back. I wonder what will happen there?

  19. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    well said wengers boss…

    ur name is making me endorse a view that u r somewhere near where i am

    where u from wengers boss

  20. Maximus

    You are dead right, Geoff. We still need reinforcements. My concern is that he will do nothing, that this will lull him into a false sense of security. The worst that could happen is that we keep winning until the transfer window closes and injuries and bad form begin to bite. It happened 2 years back; it will probably happen again. Always nice to win, but we know Wenger’s form, don’t we?

  21. bnsb

    Sabeel, Steve M, his analysis is abslolutely top notch. True liverpoolean, but conducts himself with class. I really love the banter between him the betting guys in “Football Forecast”

  22. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Simon…even we have to put with andy gray and martin taylor..for games not broadcast by espn…

    espn have exclusive rights to only finite number of games just as sky has..

    and espn and sky share each others feed for matches which are exclusive for them and not with each other..

    thats how we have to put with andy gray and martin taylor

  23. BendyTheViking

    Idk who wrote this, Geoff or Pedro, but I doubt we will see Jack until Portsmouth. I just get the feeling Wenger wants to ease him in but suppose I could also see him being on the bench as Celtic if for nothing else to just take in the atmosphere.

    That being said I agree we need two more players but I will settle with one more now. Senderos looks gone and we need to get another defender in there to make sure Silvestre is as far away from the first team as possible. If we sign more more defender I would be happy enough. A defender and a midfielder, I would be estatic but I am realistic and one will do.

    I disagree in so much that I believe Song can be the man week in week out. Denilson I am much less sure about. If we win up at Parkhead tomorrow I believe we could start to see movement in the market. I honeslty believe the board is waiting to see if we get into the group stages and sure up the extra revenue from that before they loosen the purse strings.

  24. SharkeySure

    Ped…I haven;t made comparisons to Paddy…to me thats just as bad as saying ‘Song played well’ when thats plainly untrue.

    Geoff and I have had discussions about our differing views on Song on more than one occasion. we couldn’t agree on it, so now we have some evidence (not final) towards settling the disagreement

  25. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    bnsb yes Steve McMahn is true livepoolean but he is quite biased towards arsenal..

    one times he praises us for our football..other times..he just writes us off..and we prove him wrong…

    last week in his article..he predicts epl to turn out this way

    thats a little too biased for a liverpoolean to put liverpool in 2nd when there is a massive hole in centre of liverpool after alonso departure

    alonso departure will hurt livepool as much as veiras departure hurts us

  26. chozzer

    Thought it could have been the Scottish national team,too.

    I wonder what Adebayor thought of our little win at Goodison.

  27. bnsb

    I have a lurking suspicion that Senderos/Silvestre will play one day and do a Song/Denilson of opening day. Many will have to eat their hat on the day.

    Am I …….ing?

  28. nishanth

    Steve mcmahn is great as long as he doesn’t talk about liverpool.Otherwise he makes a lot of sense.But he is biased towards liverpool big time

  29. BendyTheViking

    Adebayor was busy talking about his former employer, Cesc and the Champions League he will not be a part of to watch our game at Everton.

  30. BendyTheViking

    I am so glad those scouse fucks lost, even if it was Spurs who got the win. After we were CHEATED out of the Semis two years ago by those cunts I have hated them more then any other team.

  31. wenger's boss

    i m from amritsar,punjab.

    else chamakh scored brace yesterday,he is now having 3 goals in 2 matches!!!

  32. dronawenger

    I am surprised by your opinion Indian Gunner. I am doubtful if I am seeing the same ESPNSTAR as you. The so called pundits never seem to consider Arsenal fairly. We are always given the stepmotherly treatment. I tend to mute their opinions always especially the guy who always never fails to mention he is a big friend of Walrus cunt Sam Allardyce (Paul Masefield)

  33. Pedro

    He did play well, he showed some great touches, made some nice interceptions… but he did that plenty of times against weaker oppo last season… we need it against the big boys, thats when we can start getting excited.

    The same with Vermaelen, Bendtner and Denilson… they need to show their mettle against the top players.

    Well, we’ve got a few weeks to wait before that happens, and I’m excited to see it.

  34. chozzer

    I never understand it when people decide this player’s shit or that player’s shit. Fair enough a player can have a shit game, but to decide that they’re shit and that’s the end of it seems a trifle absurd to me.
    Bendtner’s shit, Djourou’s shit……..

    Oh dear I think I’ve got the shits.

  35. Pedro

    haha, I know Toure lost his level a bit towards the end, but he was still a quality defender and an invincible… you don’t lose it all at 27…

  36. tiny

    pedro…no one comparing song to pat but come on this guy has improved so mush, and we have to give wenger credit because it wasnt long agao he got booed at arsenal, wenger believed in him and it looks like song can be the defencive midfielder were looking for. so nice to see dudu score.

  37. Pascal Cygan

    Morning all..what a way to start the season. It was the perfect way for the team to respond to all the Ade-doomsayers.

    However, Everton was off colour and our grit will be tested when we come against physical teams who park the bus and stifle ball play. We’re also still one mean CB and one towering DM short and I just hope that these deficiencies will not be tested soon.

    Celtic will be interesting. Do they have a good pitch or is it one of those buffalo watering holes where you cant string passes through ? Anyone ?

  38. BendyTheViking

    Yeah Pedro but it wont last. They played Rovers for ffs. Fat Paul Robinson cant concede fast enough. Plus Ade always scores in streaks. He will be off his game sooner or later and then dropped to the bench.

  39. nishanth

    Great performance but i am still not sure about this lineup.Still think bendtner should play upfront and RVP wide right.

  40. chozzer

    Ade was always going get off to a flyer, putting in maximum effort just as he was for us 2 seasons back. Interesting to see he wasn’t playing as far forward for Citeh as he did for us. Perhaps that’s Hughes’ cure for his offside problem.

  41. Pascal Cygan

    btw watched Scouse vs Spuds yesterday… the wankers outplayed Liverpool most of the time , Mr Redcrapp seems to be doing something with that team. Liverpool seened to have lost their mojo.

  42. Pedro

    Tiny, Arsenal Analysis have a story in the newsnow top stories list saying exactly that…

    If I go from not being able to walk, to being able to run the 100m in 22 seconds, that is a pretty amazing improvement… doesn’t mean I am comparable to Usain Bolt…

    It’s the same with Song… he was so bad, that when he now plays a game where he completes more that 60% of his passes… people go crazy because they use different benchmarks…

  43. SharkeySure

    Pedro. Song didn;t play ‘well’. Sagna and Clichy played ‘well’

    Song had good games against EVERY team we played from about Feb onwards.

    Thats my last commnet on it. But I will be banging on about Song’s performances all season, or at least until he gets the credit he deserves.

    I also saw that Fran has officially annulled the term ‘DenilSong’. Thats a bit of credit.

  44. nishanth

    Myles palmer has written that this system doesn’t suit arshavin.Not sure about that.He just didn’t play well that day i thought.

  45. Pedro

    Again Sabeel… he looks a bit Eastern European and has a similar jaw line… other than that, I think it’s impossible to make the comparison until we’ve seen him play against a top team.

    He did look good though… but lets see him under pressure before we start going overboard.

  46. wenger's boss

    everton is not weakest of teams,last season they finished 5th.so i think we just cant take credit from our players citing they were playing against weaker opposition.

  47. nishanth

    Really can’t blame anyone for slating song last season beginning.Not only was his performance awful but his work rate sucked too.Hope he keeps improving

  48. chozzer

    I remember Justin Hoyte stepping into the breach away at Norwich (?) when one of our centre-backs got injured in the warm-up and he played very well. Then again perhaps it’s just my failing memory.
    He certainly ended up proving he wasn’t good enough for us though, I agree. Let’s hope Gavin can make the grade.

  49. Pascal Cygan


    i watched Big Sam all the time on ESPN when he was there.. and they also did a one on one interview with him and John Dykes. He spilt the beans on how Bolton had decided to get physical with Arsenal. It was disgusting.. basically he admitted that they could not stop us and when Arsene complained about Bolton’s physical approach they decided they will get physical all the time with Arsenal… managers like him should be sent to footballing concentration camps

  50. BendyTheViking

    The good news is we have a HUGE test coming up in two weeks. If Song, Denilson and Vermaelen can all perform well up at Old Trafford and again at Eastlands then we will know they can be the business this season. Like Cesc said. This was one game. A great game but lets not get ahead of ourselves. We will know what to expect from this team after 7 or 8 games.

  51. ekgooner

    I have got a feeling we will go with the same team for Tuesday. Maybe change the bench a little and get in Walcott/Diaby for Merida/Gibbs. The match is so critical, that we are sure to tread the safe path. Changes can come in when we play Portsmouth over the weekend!

    Sabeel, thanks for the info – i never thought the qualifiers would get telecast in India! I prefer the ESPN coverage to Ten Sports. I wish ESPN would buy the rights for Champs League as well.

  52. tiny

    pedro i must watch a different game to u mate because songs tackling and range of passing last few months has been great, he was in my opinion the only player who played well against man u in champs semis, if he continues to improve like he has done he will be a massive player for us this season. to be honest cant fault any player for saturdays result.

  53. RockStone

    Morning all…It was a fantastic performance and completely not expected. So called TV “experts” had us down for a draw…if we were lucky. That’s football though, it’s just one result but will do wonders for our young team’s mentality.

    We still need a complete nutter in defensive mid…and a giant center half….just to get a firm grip on things. I believe there’ll be some frantic last minute transfer dealings, and for that reason the big 4 will maintain their “Poker faces”.

    All said and done, it was a great way to start the season!

  54. nishanth

    Tiny..I don’t think anyone is saying song played badly on saturday.Saying that he needs to do it regularly.

  55. bnsb


    Song he was injured in or immediately after AN. He lost bit of his mojo after that πŸ™‚

    Kerala – yes, I live North of the Border – see 9.19

  56. Pedro

    Tiny, I can’t fault any player either… and I’m not…

    Song played well the second half of the season… but firstly, I want to see him in that role on his own doing the business… and secondly, I want to see him dominate a great team Paddy, Essiean, Yaya style… because that type of performance will win us titles…

  57. tiny

    do we need hangerland after seeing vermalean on saturday….do we need a striker with vela,nasri,rosicky walcott comin back, im not sure we do

  58. Geoff

    So if Song’s improvement has been so dramatic, what was he doing in the team for so long for when he was shit?

  59. nishanth

    A backup CB is a must if senderos is leaving.Also a new DM.Also i would like to see a utility player.Important to have one(NOT EBOUE).

  60. Pascal Cygan

    One thing that’s brilliant is that we seemed to be among goals again… even in pre-season. We were never the ones to gring out 1-0 wins and if we can keep scoring at this rate, well, who knows….

    question to all, when did we last see 3-0 at half time ? somewhere in 2006 ? πŸ™‚

  61. tiny

    true pedro…im not saying hes in same bracket as yaya or essien or paddy mate, but hes done nothing wrong, hes on the right track and do u think if he wasnt doing such a good job cesc would have had the confidence to go forward and get in those position to score like he did

  62. bnsb

    PC @ 9.54,

    Yes I vaguely remember seeing that conversation. To be fair many on this forum also argue that football is a contact game and we are too sissy at times for their liking.

  63. nishanth

    I think song can do well against everton type teams.Against teams who play more open football,technical stuff he might struggle a bit.Its because his positioning is still not that great.His passing has improved a lot and is using his physical ability well.But positionally he is still not good

  64. timao

    tiny – yes we need a big striker like chamakh – to support bendtner who can’t play every game and we need two centre backs probably because vermaelen might not able to play every match either

  65. Pedro

    Timao, not many managers would get 3 seasons to prove their point.

    This is the same manager who said Song doesn’t have the fitness to play in midfield… who wants him to be a centre back.

  66. Geoff

    So what he plays him for 3 years when he’s hopeless to have a good game against Everton, mmm he must be clever then, at least Flamini had a whole good season when he did that. Let’s hope Song can.

  67. GoonerAmaan

    c,mon sabeel wat ru talking about, I agree that pundits in espn asia are good but I hate Shebby singh.
    Most of the time they are busy licking SAF and manures arse.I am from Bombay Sabeel and been a gooner since 1998

  68. ekgooner

    @Nishant regarding bendy on the right and RVP up front, I had posted my interpretation in my blog. Here is a ctrl-C, ctrl-V of that piece:

    β€œThe other quirk we have noticed in pre-season is Wenger playing RVP down the middle and Bendtner on the right. I feel Wenger is doing this because (a) Bendtner is better in running at people than RVP and (b) RVP is a better player with his back to the goal and has the ability to release a tasty pass every now and then. RVP is a explosive player – with his back to the goal, I expect him to score a few where he traps, shields the ball, turns the defender with a cute trick and fires a howitzer into the top corner. However, he does not have either great pace or a great physical stature to play well if he gets isolated. Wenger believes that the likes of Arshavin and Walcott won’t let him get isolated. Chamakh on the other hand would be able to handle a 4-5-1 much better than anyone else in our team.β€œ

    One other potential reason why Bendy is being played out on the flanks could be his height. In spite of what media might say, the long ball up front has always been an Arsenal variation (a Plan B as some may call it). Usually it is played in to the tall man up the middle, as it was with Adebeyor. But Wenger possibly feels that it may be more effective against a full back. Why? Because fullbacks are are usually shorter and less commanding in the air and the striker often needs to contend against only 1 full back as opposed to 2 central defenders.

  69. Pascal Cygan


    Agree. But what Big Sam said was like “i told the boys to stick it to ’em ” and if you recollect Kevin Davies elbowing people in the face and getting away without a card you will agree that’s not football. i don’t think it’s that we can’t take a fair physical battle.

  70. Jerseygooner

    Just a thought – Lets say that hypothetically we have a new DM and CB who’s getting dropped and why?

  71. SharkeySure

    Pedro… you do realise/remember that my original comment you decided to respond to was cos Geoff said ‘Song played well’.

    So you’re arguing with me whilst agreeing with me, that ‘played well’ doesn’t get him a nine. ‘Played well’ gets you a 6 maybe a 7 tops.

    You could have just left it to Geoff to respond in his own time.

    My final comment is that running 10m in 22secs wouldn’t put you up there with the best in any country in the world. Songs performance on Saturday, would have pleased the manager of any team in the world.

    So instead of the ‘lets see him do it against’ stuff, lets have a hearty ‘more of the same please Alex and Nik’

    Both statements are asking for the same thing but one of those two statements isn’t tinged with a slight expectation of failure

  72. timao

    pedro – we are fortunate that we have the solidity at arsenal that does allow Wenger to work the way he does – i’m not getting carried away after saturday, but if anyone is going to take on man city and real madrid in the future it won’t be by out-spending them. wenger is offering the only credible alternative. and if it starts to deliver trophies it will match anything anyone has achieved in football

  73. nishanth

    Ekgooner-Will work against okay teams.I am not sure about bendtner facing a top left back or RVP coming up against really physical CB’s.I might be wrong.We will find out when we play man u

  74. tiny

    well said timao….geoff maybe wishes we got paddy back…defo not good, i can remember when pires took the ball of him when he was at juventus and we scored fom it, what postion does van de vart play? think we will see some players come in only when we beat celtic and qualify for champs league

  75. RockStone

    I used to think Flamini was shite, and couldn’t understand why the boss played him….then he stepped up. Song has to step up. As good as he was against Everton, he still needs to prove himself. He needs to play like that for the next 5 or 6 games, and if he does, I’ll definately take note.

  76. Pedro

    Jersey, no one needs to be dropped.

    You could put that another way… just say Rosicky and Nasri get fit next week… who gets dropped and why?

    If we sign Hangeland… we have 3 good centre backs… if we sign Matuidi, we have someone competing for that holding role.

    Competition is good…

  77. KM in WALES

    Hi folks.yes gr8 result for us on saturday.and yes i agree with many here that we need a DM & CB.My point however is about Ramsey.Maybe i’m wrong but he wasnt v.involved in the game when he came on as a sub.However i’m pleased that he’s getting more gametime,he needs that to grow as a player.I’m hoping that Wenger gives the ‘special’ kids like wilshire & merida a run out at the end of the games.i liked Moyes thinking – after 4-0 he knew the game was over so he threw on the kids so they can have gametime – would any other manager have done that?i was also pleased with Denilsong.Song played like Melo does for Brazil,always harrassing/tackling and Denilson looked more composed,assured and relaxed in the Gilberto role – his forward passing was v.good.My question is whether Denilson can repeat that performance against the big boys.I’m still not sold on RVP as the sole striker,he takes too long on the ball – it’d be interesting to see him on the right – but as i’v said Rvp even for Holland spends 90% of the match in centre – 2nd Striker role. Positive sign – Bendter looked alright on the RW & EDUARDO looked sharp when he came on.we need to build a winning momentum for the 29th when we play ManU πŸ™‚

  78. Holohoax

    A hard tackling tenacious midfielder and the squad will be well equipped for an assault on the league,I expect this type of player to arrive after we beat Celtic.

  79. Pedro

    Sharkey, I’m aching pretty bad from playing football yesterday… maybe that’s why I’m being argumentative…

    I’ll yellow card myself and head out to a meeting…

    Timao, we don’t need to outspend City to compete… we just need to bolster our ranks for when the injuries come.

    Rockstone, Flamini was a bit mad… but I always rated him as a player… he reminded me of Ray Parlour… 100% all the time! He was fast and mobile as well… and he did an amazing job at full back on our run to the champs league final.

  80. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Salaam Amaan

    Amchi mumbai..cool..

    Yes agree with u and nishanth…i dont like shebby sign too..

    Do u guys know..shebby singh is spurs die-hard fan..
    no doubt he talks about arsenal sarcastically with lot of puns

    But hey..in a presentation panel and pundits panel of any channel..who doesnt like a little bit of villians from our rival sides…
    We can have all the rival pundits views plus our arsenal pundits views too..

  81. gnarleygeorge9

    If we signed Hangeland, the rest of the comp would shit themselves coz they would know then that The Arsenal mean business…….& that we would top up in January πŸ™‚

  82. Pedro

    Simon… holding players play on their own in that position. Gilberto did, Makelele did… and so should Song. Last year he played with Denilson a lot… we shouldn’t need two defensively minded players in there… and when Rocky comes back I don’t expect there to be…

    Right… off to my meeting, have fun!

  83. goonermichael

    I just saw a premier league supplement from the times and they have a big 3 on the cover (No Arsenal) I think it’s good in some ways to be written off. Hopefully it will motivate the players (and manager) I also think it’s good to have a difficult start to keep the focus. Shearer and hansen are still cunts.

    BBK are you here?

  84. nishanth

    There was difference between playing flamini and song.If flamini didn’t perform gilberto or diarra were there.If song sucks denilson will have to come in and thats not a good sign.Definitely need another DM.

  85. tiny

    one great thing about saturdays result was 5 different players scoring….to do well this season we need few goals from defenders and midfielders..lads this was everton we played im sure most of ya expected a draw if ya be truthfull……not saying we should get carried away but lets enjoy what the team did and the way we did it

  86. gunnersthestunners

    Morning Grovers,

    It feels awesome to be at top of the table but it will change in mid-week cos the other lot are playing their 2nd game and our game against Bolton was postponed cos of Celtic tie. Although, we’ll have that game in hand but probably won’t play until mid-December.

  87. KM in WALES

    i’v spotted a change in SONG frm last year.He has become more tenacious and is always harrassing the opponent in the middle of the pitch which is exactly what we were lacking last year. (also why is my font bold?)