Arsenal blast Everton away as fans lose perspective in a big way.

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So my first thoughts were… jeez… Song AND Denilson in the middle? If our players are good enough, why do we need two to do one job? My concern wasn’t with the victory… I was confident of that, my concern was we had to sacrifice a player to accommodate for our lack of strength in the middle.

Arshavin interviewed before and said he didn’t think ‘Youth’ was a good excuse… it was time to step up and show the world what we’re capable of… here’s what happened…

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Denilson Song Fabregas
Van Persie Arshavin

Nik B got the nod over Eduardo, probably due to his height and strength, I was guessing that we were going to play a 4-3-3, even though a 4-5-1 with Song and Denilson holding made more sense.

Well, it turned out we played in a 4-3-3… Song anchored and Denilson and Cesc tried to create and support him. It worked pretty well… everyone mucking in defensively and everyone helping out going forward.

It was a bit of a mixed bag after kick off, neither team really dominating… Arsenal made a few poor passes but also held the ball quite nicely. The first real threat came when Nikki B picked up the ball wide right, tricked the Everton defender with a step over… drove forward… played it into Cesc who cut a quick side pass to the oncoming Denilson who curled it into the top corner. What a goal, what excellent build up play… dare I say Bergkamp would have been proud?

Everton nearly responded from a good corner… Vermaelen was beaten easily to it by Felliani… mind you, he is 6ft 6! It served to highlight that we have problems from set pieces… Hangeland probably would have dealt with it (Hint).

5 minutes later, Robin whipped a freekick into the box from a dead ball and who nipped in at the back post? The Verminator with a superbly angled header back across goal! The goal looked like it had been practiced in training…

A few minutes later, Cesc proved that they HAD been practicing set pieces. He fired an inch perfect cross into the box for Gallas to nod in! 3 chances, 3 goals! What a game so far!

I will say that regardless of the goals, we still looked a little shaky at the back. A ball was fizzed across the box and everyone missed it…Β  It made me feel slightly uncomfortable.

The half finished, Song could be proud of a superb half of man marking against the human microphone… and the boys could be proud of their finishing!

I was expecting a quieter second half… we don’t normally go for the jugular… and with an important game coming up, I thought we might take it easy.


Denilson played RvP down the line, RvP raced wide past his fulle back, laid the ball back… Cesc races onto it Freddie-in-slow-motion-esque and buried it through the keepers legs! I made that 2 nut megs on the way to victory!

Our next goal didn’t take long either, Fab picked theΒ  ball up on the half way line, ran 40 yards… jinked inside Yobo and buried it low and hard past the keeper! He ran over to dedicate his goal to the tragic Jarque. What a goal… Moyes was fuming… you would never expect Everton to bend ove in such fashion.

It wasn’t over though, Arshavin fashioned a shot late on that rebounded off the post… allowing Eduardo his first of the season. Adebay-who?

A rout wouldn’t be complete without a conceding a clean sheet… late on Saha scored a good goal to take away our perfect afternoon… oh well… we’ll still be top of the league for a bit!


Arsenal kicked the season off in exceptional style. Our finishing was clinical, our passing was crisp and our marquee players were quiet. The real stars of today were the players I thought had the most to prove.

Bendtner – Vermaelen – Song

All were superb, all deserve the praise they will get in the press. So if those guys can maintain their level this year, imagine what will happen when the others come alive? It could be amazing!

I still feel some perspective is needed (Song is the new Vieira…?). Everton offered nothing today… and I don’t think we were firing on all cylinders. I don’t think we saw vintage Arsenal today… which is certainly a good thing. We played well, but it was one of those days where everything went in…. that’s not a complaint… that is just stating fact. We capitalised on an extremely poor Everton performance. What did please me more than that goals is that we weren’t bullied off the ball, we were rarely beaten in the air… and we had that determination to go for as many goals as possible.

‘Character’ <- That is going to be one of the most important words this season… if we can show it week in week out, we could have a great year.

I did find it amazing how many AKB’s came out of the wood work celebrating that ‘Arsene knows’… how short sighted can you be? We were top of the league until February a couple of years ago and look what happened. Certain sections need to calm down and take it one game at a time… they also need to understand that any victory is a joint victory… we’re all Arsenal fans… we all love the club… we all love winning.

I’m still sticking by my guns… we need a defensive midfielder and a centre back before the window closes… today changes nothing…Β  because the problem isn’t the summer, it’s ten games in when we start picking up injuries to key players. Le Grove have stated all summer that we are two players away from domination… lets hope he buys them.

Enjoy the moment, savor the fact that we’re in fantastic shape going into the Celtic match… and keep the faith that Wenger is going to sign Hangeland plus one… I’ll start to believe in our league campaign if that happens.


01 Almunia: I thought he has a solid game considering how little he had to do. He distributed well, dealt with some tricky crosses admirably and looked calm between the sticks. 7

03 Sagna: The commentators believed our right back was the weak link in the team today. I thought he was ok, his crossing is still a bit dodgy but at least he showed the desire to get up and down that line. 6

10 Gallas: A solid performance and a matching goal. He looks a lot calmer since losing his captaincy and he showed great desire to nod home his goal. Our season hinges on keeping him fit becasue he really is our best defender by a long way. 7.5

22 Clichy: A good performance from our roving left back. He whipped in a few duff crosses mixed with a few good ones. His passing was good and he looked tenacious as ever. 6.5

04 Fabregas: A pretty quiet first half… but he came alive in the second. He bagged two goals and an assist, and he looked very pleased to do so. He looks focused this year and he looks like more of a man in the middle of the park. I’m looking forward to great things from him this year… he is our heartbeat. 8

05 Vermaelen: A top class debut from the Belgian. He looks big, scary and powerful. He dealt well with the aerial onslaught early on and only lost out on one header and that was to the tallest player in the top half of the table. His goal was a real peach and he clearly does read the game well. The jury is still out… I’d like to see him against top class opposition and see how handles real pressure… but all in all… a debut to be proud of. 8

15 Denilson: Started off very poorly misplacing passes like they were going out of fashion. He scored a great goal though… In the second half he upped his game a little… and overall, he did ok. 7

17 Song Billong: My man of the match today. He imposed himself on the middle of the park, making tidy interceptions, reading the game well… he also out musculed anyone who dared challenge and he looked very accomplished on the ball. A top performance… now he’s set the bench mark… the question will be about whether he can maintain it? Wenger keeps threatening to send him back to defence… on todays performance, he might struggle. 9

23 Arshavin: A bit of a nothing game from the Russian which kind of pleased me… 6 goals without our main man being involved. So when he inveitably comes to life, we’ll be a huge threat. 6.5

11 Van Persie: No goals, but two assists and some lovely link up play. I’m always surprised to read articles when people try and convince you that Robin isn’t a team player… can I just reiterate that Robin was top assiter in the league last year… and this season he started off with another two? More goals is what we need Robin. If we can get 20 from you this year, we’ll have a very complete striker on our hands! 7.5

52 Bendtner: The usual moans and groans came when he was spotted on the team sheet… but not from me. Bends played very well, mucking in defensively and sparking to move from the first game. I’m hoping for an Ade like transformation from him this year… and 20 goals. 7.5

Have a great day Grovers…. football is back and I couldn’t be happier!

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  1. luke

    Top- its true. The gold cup sucked. THats such a joke of a tournament too especially to waste time on. He just looks like an arsenal player when he plays for mexico. I want him back!!!!!

  2. luke

    A really? I must have not been paying close enough attention. I know in atleast 2-3 interviews Wenger omits him.

  3. TopGoon

    Luke, I agree, he looks like the perfect Arsenal player. Quick, classy, can pick a pass and boy can he finish!!!

  4. A

    ethan aquilani is very talented, but he’s more injury prone than Rosicky, and he’s come to a physically tougher league! If he starts ten league games this season it’ll be a miracle, he’s only managed it once in the last three seasons in serie a.

    He’s not better than cesc though, different.

    Torres could be stale in his third season, likely to have less chances etc. He’s top class but I certainly wouldn’t say it’s guaranteed he’ll even score as many league goals this season with alonso gone, let alone more

  5. A

    Yeah luke, he mentioned him in the interviews or press conferences at the weekend, in pre season he didn’t a couple of times but I reckon that was just because he wasn’t around. He could be a big player for us this season, massive fan of his, just hope Mexico don’t have a game for a while!

  6. A

    To be fair I’m pretty sure when comparing players ethan lives in opposite land, he said kalou is better than vp too

  7. luke


    In the following season he was expected to be one of the best players for Roma. He was awarded the no.8 shirt previously worn by Matteo Ferrari. Unfortunately an injury forced him to stay away from the game for several months.[3][4] Aquilani returned to the field in May 2007 and featured in three games toward the end of the season, including the last two.


    He also played in the UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid, where he had an excellent game.[citation needed] He scored two long range goals in the first two matches of the 2007-08 season against Palermo and Siena. Although he was injured in October 2007[5] he came back to squad in January 2008.


    Aquilani was injured on 22 October 2008 against Chelsea.[6] He came back to the field on 11 January 2009 against Milan but picked up another injury in February 2009.[7] Although he played against Arsenal as a last minute substitute on 11 March 2009,[8] he did not play in the rest of the season.

    On May 26, 2009 Aquilani signed a new contract with Roma until 2013, added three more years to previous deal.[9][10]

  8. TopGoon

    Wow – that is actually shocking. Sky quoted Benitez today saying that they got him cheaper as he was injured

  9. Gunnersmith

    Ethan your 00:40 comment is kinda funny saying an injury prone player who plays in italian league is better than your club captain funny isn’t it

  10. TopGoon

    Luke, thats the thing. Rafa has not won anything for 4 years and throws cash around like no mans business!!! Of their CL winning squad only 2 players remain – Stevie Me, and Carragher

  11. Gunnersmith

    Rafa is one deluded confused manager saying he got aquilani cheap because he was injured for 20 million wow its like the chavs saying they got Rosicky cheap at 20 mill

  12. Gunnersmith

    Yes topgoon this is his 4th year and i don’t see the press ever writing stupid article about how their top players deserting them

  13. A

    luke you’ve just gotta look at his stats to see it’s even more ridiculous than wiki says!

    league starts

    08/09 – 7
    07/08 – 11
    06/07 – 9
    05/06 – 20
    04/05 – 14

    That’s basically his serie a career, he’s started enough games to play just over one and a half seasons!

  14. A

    to be fair raif he’s pretty good when he has played, but for someone with that sort of appearance record to cost Β£20 mil?! ridiculous

  15. Gunnersmith

    I had the privilege to see some of his games i wouldn’t argue him as a good playmaker and he has an eye for long ranges but he’s too injury prone to rely on

  16. raif

    12 – 15 mill would have sounded about right..

    surly rafa or any other potential buyer could have used that as a excuse to drive down the price when trying to buy him

  17. A

    Yeah good cheers smith, delighted with yesterday, great performance. Scored 6 goals and none of our starting from 3 scored, shows how many goals we’ve got in the side now! Looking forward to Tuesday as well, a similar result would go down a treat!!

    What about yourself?

  18. ethangunner

    oh yes they paid 20 mil for a player who is crap ..
    thats more than arsenal have EVER paid for a player but yes he’s injury prone and crap , he had surgery thats all ..

    they paid 20 mil for him !!!
    ok A your the master that is all BS πŸ™‚
    ill believe you πŸ™‚

    in fact its a safe bet in saying what ever you think the opposite will occur πŸ™‚

    no offense πŸ™‚

  19. TopGoon

    Ethan the fact that is more than we paid ever has nothing to do with it as Wenger can spot a player and will not pay more than what he is worth! Aquilani is a good player, but 20 mill? Thats a lot of money, more than TH14 and AA!

  20. A

    ethan he didn’t just have surgery – his entire career league starts are

    08/09 – 7
    07/08 – 11
    06/07 – 9
    05/06 – 20
    04/05 – 14

    as people have said he’s a good player, but he’s never going to play! He’s played less games for Roma than Rosicky has for us, it’s like someone paying Β£20 mil for Rosicky, apart from he’s proved himself more than Aquilani has up to this point in his career….

    Aquilani has once in his entire career started half the league games in a season!

    How is any of that BS??

    I’m not saying what will occur, I’m stating factual information from events that have ALREADY occurred….

  21. ethangunner

    Aquilani can thread a pass , has better ball retention skills and is looked at as the TOP talent in Italian football …

    but yes he’s crap ..

    liverpool have lost nothing ..

    HAHAHAHA A .. just one week ago you said liverpool would win the league and now you put them out of the top 4 πŸ™‚

    sorry you change your mind to quickly ..
    pool will still finish above us ..
    if you gauge that everton clash as a ‘turning the corner moment dont’ wenger needs at least 2 more top talents to even stay in the top 4 this season ..

    Evertons defense looked like ours last season
    and its obviously down to lescott in the dressing room ..

    you can start you optimistic delusional party once we have got some bigger scalps , remember arsenal just came from a loss from valencia they had something to prove .. Everton are on a downer … mix those to factors together and you get 6-1 ..

    1. Arsenal
    2. Chelsea
    3. City
    4. Everton
    5. Liverpool
    6. Utd

    hahahahha man U 6th .. hahahhahaha !
    sorry it shows me how little you know about the EPL ..

  22. ethangunner

    Aquilani is Liverpool’s second major summer signing after England right-back Glen Johnson joined from Portsmouth.

    Benitez targeted the Italian on Wednesday just hours after the Reds sold Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid for Β£30m.

    “We had to think about players who could make a difference for us,” said Benitez.

    “He is a very good player on the ball, and hopefully he can produce the sort of passes that we missed last season. Certainly at home against packed defences when we could only draw important matches.

    “Alberto has a winning mentality and great experience in both Serie A and the Champions League.”

    Aquilani, has played 11 times for Italy and has been with Roma, the club he supported as a child, since he was 16, making his debut as an 18-year-old under now England boss Fabio Capello.

    “Aquilani has long been recognised as a top class talent in Italy, captaining his country at both Under 19 and Under 21 levels before establishing himself in the senior national side,” said Benitez.

    The Italian had an operation on his ankle injury in May after struggling with injury problems which restricted him to just 14 appearances for Roma last season.

  23. Gunnersmith

    Yes A if Wenger makes a good team selection at parkheed we might be in for a shout but i know he’ll go back to his ole 4 5 1

  24. ethangunner


    lets just hope he doesnt start with eboue and co .
    id still prefer to see a more experienced line up .

  25. raif

    i think we will have celtic at there ground. and play them off the park. but you know how it goes. wenger will have a tactical Spasm and make live alot harder for us..

    but after the everton win we will go into that game with great momentum

  26. Gunnersmith

    Ethan point of correction being optimistic is not being delusional they are different word and have different meanings

    And we had virtually our second tier team on when we played Valencia you can argue that but don’t get of wrong i’m not saying we don’t need anymore signings but judging by our re season performance and the one exhibited yesterday the team are ok and are doing just fine

  27. Gunnersmith

    Ethan point of correction being optimistic is not being delusional they are different word and have different meanings

    And we had virtually our second tier team on when we played Valencia you can argue that but don’t get me wrong i’m not saying we don’t need anymore signings but judging by our re season performance and the one exhibited yesterday the team are ok and are doing just fine

  28. ethangunner


    saying man U is finishing 6th is not only optimistic , its also delusional πŸ™‚

    see they can work together πŸ™‚

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    ethan 1.40
    “Everton are on a downer”

    Before we played Everton we were written off.

    Two big sporting things came out of the weekend. The Bolt of lightening that smashed the 100 metres world record in Berlin (Ja_gunner would be πŸ™‚ ); & the bolt of fork lightening The Arsenal shoved up the football world.

    And I’m loving it, Chamoneeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! πŸ˜†

    P.S I’m 100% sure that Everton are on a downer now though.

  30. iceman

    I hope the Van der Vaart stories have something to them.

    I’d rather him than Chamakh anytime!!

    Right so when do we tear Celtic a new one?

  31. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    ONLY word…WOW…

    but we can do better defensively for sure

    In particular i was not please by the defending by our Full backs

  32. hog

    If Van der Vart actually is for 6M, I bet Arsene could buy him now and sell him for like 15M or so in January and make a profit on it. lol

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    I must admit Dan that goal that we let in was irritating, especially so late. But, all in all, a most enjoyable 90 minutes of viewing.

    “Don’t cry for us Kolo & ade, the truth is we don’t really need you”