Arsenal may need to sack defender / £125million bid rejected

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Good morning Grovers, I’m going to cover a few topics today… Crime, the NHS… then a spattering of footballing thoughts.

First things first… Arsenal could be in trouble defensively.

Armed robbery
R v Turner (1975) 61 Cr.App.R. 67

The Sentencing Guidelines Council is currently considering advice of the Sentencing Advisory Panel on this subject and is likely to issue a draft guideline during 2005.

Legislation: s.8, Theft Act 1968
Maximum penalty: Life imprisonment

That doesn’t make pretty reading from where I’m sitting… nor does this picture taken before the £40million jewel heist in London this week.

JD... what have you done...!

JD... what have you done...!

I’ll leave this one with the authorities… JD, I’m a little disappointed, especially as it looks like you’ve carried out the crime with Gary Neville…

Next up… I’ve been listening to the fall out in the US about Obama’s proposed healthcare reforms. Sarah Palin dubbed the NHS ‘evil’… Now I’m struggling to see how comparatively, a free health service can be classed as evil… yet the American system, of which 27% of people under the age of 65 have no access due to being priced out of health insurance… is some how ok?

Sarah, there is no doubting that I spent many special nights in with you over the election period… but I find it staggering that a great nation like a America can take someone as retarded as you seriously. Anyone who believes Africa is a country should be discarded from Politics immediately and sent to work the glamour modelling circuit over here.

I have a relative who has just had their life saved by the quick thinking of the staff at the NHS… and I’m backing them 100%, they do a superb job and we should be grateful of the hard work their staff put in everyday. If you ever wanted evidence that politicians are controlled by big business… just keep an eye on the propaganda coming out against the proposals… it’s so transparent it’s embarrassing.

So… onto today… and Arsene Wenger has finally manned up and stuck it to Barcelona,

‘I have made a bid for Messi and nobody speaks about it’

Well Arsene, I’ve just spoken about it… the bid was rumoured to be £125million. I’m proud of you boss, even if they rejected the offer. Geoff has always suggested we should do that when Barca come knocking for our players…

‘Yeah sure you can have our best player, but we’d like yours in return please’

It’s how we should roll. On the subject of Cesc, the coach has this to say,

“Cesc is committed to the Club,”

“He has told me that and told that to the press. We cannot master the noises coming out of Spain.

“They have the same problems in the newspapers looking for headlines. When they have no ideas anymore, they come out with a Fabregas story.

“He has corrected those stories. It is not him who encourages the idea. It is the press who encourages the idea. Where does that story come from? Does that come from Fabregas two days ago? It comes from Spain.’

So, that’s that… Cesc is staying. Hooray… we love you Cesc.

Wenger is also taking a sensible approach to Jack Wilshere. Whilst admitting that he will be involved this season, he wont be involved heavily due to his age. That is fair… he’ll be a great impact sub and a good back up player if injuries get on top of us. We wouldn’t want him burning out early now would we?

So today, it’s the first game back of the season and I’m on my second set of pants already due to the excitement… the sun will be shining over the dump hole that is Liverpool and I’m very confident our boys are going to dish up a beating to the boys in blue (Everton, not the police). We need to make sure we impose our game on them from the off and we need to make sure we have a sense of urgency right the way through the game. Here is how I think we will line up:


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Eboue Denilson Cesc Arshavin

RvP NikB

Here is how I’d like us to line up (How do you make a 4-3-3 look right on the screen?):

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
Merida Cesc Denilson
RvP Eduardo Arsh

I’m going for a 2-0 comfortable victory! Come on you Gooners!

Geoff will be back with his normal previews next week and I will return to my match reporting duties! See you tomorrow Grovers, I’ll have you a super exciting victory report waiting for you at 0900.

Happy Saturday!

P.S. If I see any name calling or petulance on the site today, you’ll get pulled secret police style and banned for a day… we leave all that nonsense for the other blogs.

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  1. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    sorry stu

    i was SO CLOSE…
    since start…

    but i am happy

    since 200304 4-1 victory..we have gone 2 goals more mashallah
    great performance thank god

  2. finestcuts

    Could we have got off to a better start to the season?? We’re gonna win the league……..prawn vindaloo on it’s way!!

  3. Sean - Liverpool

    Gooners, Having a soft spot for you lot I have watched some of teh stick Wenger has been given over the last few months with some interest. Hopefully, the small minority will get off his back now and start to believe in what he is creatin there. With those kids I saw at Anfield in the youth final and the ones in your first team you could be unplayable very very soon. Good result today and good luck for the season…

  4. I AM GOONER (Maq)

    of course dutchman. but a clean sheet would have excellent but I can forgive that goal
    at 6-0 up of course!

    Cracking first game. Great shape, great energy without the ball and there’s something more mean about the back 4 too.

    Song I thought look very good and showed some great touches.

    A couple of signings after the Celtic games would set us up fantastically.

  5. raynor

    It seems the’glass half full’ gooners were right today. A wow start to the new season and great for our kids to boost their morale going into some important games in the next few weeks….Awesome

  6. Keyser

    Look, you fucking optimists, we haven’t done anything yet, we’ve got loads of games to go. Get back in your caves.

  7. Rhyle

    Has anyone seen the coverage of Bristol C vs Palace?? Can’t believe that goal wasn’t given but fuck me if the look on Wanknocks face wasn’t worth it!

  8. I AM GOONER (Maq)

    beat Portsmouth at home next week and hit Man City on the counter at their place as they’ll take the game to us and we could have 9 points from 9. That would give us great confidence going to Old Trafford.

  9. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    yes keyser u r right

    we MUST NOT get carried away…

    important games at celtic..which can define our season with the money from CL group stages confirmed for wenger to buy 2 players before window closes

  10. A

    Superb performance. Song MOM for me, special mentions to Vermaelen and Bendy too. Denilson pants until his goal and he was much better after that.

  11. nishanth

    The best thing about the game was that we were closing them down right until the end.Bad concentration as far as the goal conceded was concerned.But overall we defended as a unit

  12. Honest Bill

    The most encouraging thing for me, is that it was our midfield doing the bullying for once. They totally dominated.

    I was impressed with Fabregas and Arshavin’s work off the ball, they tracked back a lot and were very tenacious.

    We pressed them all over the pitch for an entire 90 minutes. Never gave them a moment’s peace, and all looked very confident.

    Song was brilliant

  13. SharkeySure

    Good shout A.
    Makes all that talk about Verms height quite ridiculous…he competes, end of story. He was quality.

  14. Honest Bill

    We now need to go to Portsmouth and put in the same hard work. It will be no good to go out there cocky and complacent. We must maintain that same work ethic and do so on a consistent basis

  15. Keyser

    Look Vermaelen did ok, but he got outjumped by Furlong dwarf star of ‘Willow’ in pre-season, lets not get carried away.

  16. Big Raddy

    Gallas was great today. Covered all across the defence and gave a masterclass to the Verm who looks some player.

    I am still in shock…..

  17. Swedish Gun


    Why are you ALWAYS trying to wind up other gooners?

    Do you really want us to fight eachother and call names??

    Is that not a spud or chavs job??

  18. LAzer

    Btw-I still feel we need some depth. Song will be off for ACN, we still need a DM imo. Also, god forbid but one problem at the back and we are looking at Silvestre. JD’s injury problems don’t seem to be ending and he doesn’t leave me with much confidence anyways.

  19. Honest Bill

    LAzer, totally agree mate. We need more cover, and a little bit of luck so that all of our players can stay fit for at least most of the season

  20. Swedish Gun


    you always challenge other gooners opinions

    you never say what you feel about the team and what you want

    always tries to put another gooner down

  21. Keyser

    Swedish Gun – I should be above it all, really, shouldn’t I, I feel childish and immature now, I apologise.

  22. Rhyle

    Keyser – can’t you leave it for a few days and just let those of us who want to enjoy a 6-1 away win?

    Really takes the piss to try and put the dampeners on a pretty special performance you miserable so&so…

  23. Honest Bill

    Swedish Gun. I don’t seee the problem with him doing that. At least he won’t go missing until we lose a game

  24. LAzer

    Totally agree Honest-
    We now need to go to Portsmouth and put in the same hard work. It will be no good to go out there cocky and complacent. We must maintain that same work ethic and do so on a consistent basis

    I feel the tough start may be a blessing if we can get through it well. It will make sure the chaps are focused and musn’t get over confident playing the smaller teams like last year.

  25. SharkeySure

    Can’t we get some criminal charges laid against Song in whatever country the next ACN is being held in so that he doesn’t go

  26. Honest Bill

    LAzer. yes hopefully that’s exactly the effect it will give us. It will build momentum while reminding us that the Premier league is a long campaign and you need to grind out results. They won’t all be that easy

  27. Rhyle

    Sorry to go on…but has anyone Freddie Sears disallowed goal?? How no one gave it is beyond me…that’s refereeing as bad as last years goal-when-it-was-five-yards-wide effort (which I think was a Reading / Watford game but sure someone will correct me…)

  28. Keyser

    Rhyle – Oh come on, for the last 3 months it’s been endless misery, i’m just teasing. I’m here when we lose, win or draw, yet some will just turn up when we lose.

  29. LAzer

    If we get Chamakh at 6-7 mill like Wenger’s valuation I’ll take him. He’s an option as a big man apart from Bendtner and I think he can play on either wing up front.

    Geoff you emailing ATVO ppl??

  30. Colonel Mustard

    great stuff….but hopefully Le Boss will strengthen the panel…..many tests ahead but lets enjoy it for today….

  31. Rhyle

    Keyser – fair enough, guess my sarcasm radar is off.

    Chamakh is a good option, it seems like our interest in him has lit a fire under his arse!

    Honestly people you’ve got to watch SSN – wait to see Warnocks face…what a prick.

  32. LAzer

    Well…I don’t want to talk smack, but you know Keyser it WAS a bit suspicious BBK surfacing when we concede after 6 goals. Ultimate glass half empty fellow he seems. But in the end, regardless of anything anyone says, ALL of US are Gooners so am sure everyone feels just as happy with a win and just as depressed with a bad result.

  33. Keyser

    LAzer – Exactly, heh, it’s a blog, I’m not going to hold what anyone says against them, unless it’s completely over the top, I’m just happy.

  34. LAzer

    Sure hope so Faceman. AW and Cesc have both said what everyone knows is true, its just one game, lets not get ahead of ourselves but what a bloody good feeling to start of the season like this.

  35. Honest Bill

    What a strike by Den though wasn’t it. Haha, even those of us who see good in him would never have expected him to do that. What a belter

  36. Keyser

    I’m as optimistic as anyone, but I’m still a bit shocked today, we’re probably going to have to discount this a bit because it’s something I don’t think anyone predicted.

    As long we look as organised as we were today against Celtic, even if the result isn’t as emphatic. Celtic actually play football the way we do, they should be much tougher than Rangers or Everton.

    Mark Lawrenson had us losing this 2-1

  37. LAzer

    Yeah good for the team to see Den contribute am sure. He really came on well after the goal, goes to show what a bit of confidence will do. He needs to push on more though and be confident in his abilities even when the going is tough. Seems to me Song is slowly aquiring that trait of consistency.

  38. Stu

    Hahahaha is anyone watching the x factor good and bad thing. Some people are tone deaf and blind. How these people think they can sing is beyond me.

  39. Honest Bill

    LAzer. yes Song has really come on a lot. He showed today throughout the game, the same thing he was showing at the back end of last season. He was winning headers, making tackles, intercepting. beating players with confidence and passing forward with accuracy. A very complete performance

  40. AA23

    I think its fair play that some on here get a hiding now and then, they are happy to take a shit on any comment that say anything positive about any of our players. Be prepared to have some back once in a while.
    6-1, we’ve had worse starts…

  41. LAzer

    I like Mowbray, he has good footballing principles and honest manager imo. What he doesn’t have is the genuine technical skill in his squad so although they will come out to play I think we may be a bit tough for them to handle when we start stringing passes together.

  42. David

    For the first time in years….we’ve scored for Set Pieces…we’ve scored from counter attacks…and we’ve scored from Long Range shots….that has been missing from our attack forever.

  43. AA23

    Leon we were good mate. Everton didnt get a chance to do much. No doubt people will be saying they were awful, we made them look awful.
    Verm was very solid defensively and scored a lovely header.
    we fucked them simple as that.

  44. David

    Chamakh scored again today with a header for Bordeaux i think we get him…the Set pieces mystery will be solved.

  45. LAzer

    Everton was genuinely suprised by us doing the pressing I think. They didn’t expect that, its something that usually happens to us, but we caught them off guard and never looked back. I don’t know which game the commentators were seeing cause before Den’s goal they were going on about Everton dominating. Cheeky gits.

  46. Keyser

    LAzer – Thats it though, I think we’re underestimating Celtic a bit, they’ve got some good players, I don’t know if Nakamura’s still there, but McGeady, Flood and a couple of others, who can run at us with pace and skill, it could be tough, especially at their ground.

    Celtic played a lot closer to the sort of football we play than Rangers last year and Mowbrays tweaked it quite a bit, they’ve looked good in pre-season.

    We still haven’t got the sort of passing going that we had the season before last, we were retty clinical today though.

  47. Stu

    Didnt we score 2 set piece headers today. And we were great going forward today because of the fluid movement. We dont need chamakh.


    top top result
    vermaelen looked good, egar to denfend and good in the air
    song was solid and very good in possesion

    never got out of 3rd gear and tore them apart

  49. patthegooner


    Fucking Excellent Arsenal.

    I am trying not to get carried away, but fucking hell, I saw more promise, desire, skill and effort in that performance today than in any game last season.

    And if Song plays like that regularly this season, then maybe his exceptional talent visa was spot on. That was his best game in an Arsenal shirt today and only Cesc’s 2 assits and goals takes the MOTM off him. Well done though Alex, you were and I cant believe I am saying this, Fucking Excellent.

    What impressed me most is that we battled, we stood up and won the midfield battle, we chased everything and that effort paid off as we won nigh on every challenge. And they were still doing that in the 90th Min. Fucking Awesome.

    Also pleased with Vermaelen’s debut. It looks like his partnership with Gallas is already starting to gel, they covered each other well, and again Alex Song dropped into cover when needed.

    Bendtner was very good too, all round excellent performance, and I even include Denilson in that and he grew into the game following a very shakey start.

    Still think we need the signings though, that was not far off the best 11 there today and still would like some class to back that up. Hangeland in for Senderos (He can go no we have played them) and Chamakh and Vieira to cover and I am one very happy gooner.

    I just wonder if the absence of Adebayor and Toure in the dressing room has made Arsenal a better place to ply your trade.

    Everton were shit, but we made them look shit.

    Keep it up Arsenal,

  50. Keyser

    Rhyle – Heh, I was guessing, I just remember a couple of pacy wingers, McGeady and I think the kid they bought from Villa, and they’ve got another Japanese player ? to Replace Nakamura ?!

    Who knows, just don’t know what to expect from the team right now, or Celtic for that matter, Everton just continously lumped balls forward today, Valencia the other week showed us how quick passing can hurt us.

  51. kevin

    We need to start pressing teams then. As lets face it all the other 16 teams outside the top 4 bar city and the spuds have inferior technical ability to the extent that they are unable to make 5 passes without a long ball.

  52. LAzer

    leon mate-Song was terrific the whole game imo. He bossed the midfield, broke up play, was good enough in the tackle when needed without a lot of fouling and did well with headers. His positioning I felt was better than usual as well so maybe he is reading the game better now.

    Denil was a bit disappointing for the first 10 mins or so, his short passes were a bit light and I think he may have lost the ball a few times. He more then made up for it by scoring a corker from outside the box with a layup from Cesc and then turned up on the line to deny a header from Felliani a few minutes later. He grew in confidence as the game went on and I would give him a 7, Song an 8.

  53. The Fabster

    Absolutely delighted. What a way to shut the fucking critics up. It will all be Arsenal for the title after this, which also isn’t true.

    Is it worrying that Alex Song is starting to look like Patrick Vieira?

    Vermaelen looked beast like. People worried about his height should no longer be. He just seems to love heading the ball. Every time it was in the air, he met it. He reads the game fantastically well and has a good leap on him. So does Alex Song apparently. Out jumped Felaini a couple of times. As individuals, he and Gallas oozed class. The partnership could do with a bit of work though. Weren’t always in sync. We’re still light in this department though, one injury and You Know Who plays.

    I can’t wait to see this team with Walcott’s pace and Nasri’s guile. The shit is out of the squad and there seems to be a real team spirit going on there. Players are working so much harder and 4-3-3 seems to be giving our defence more protection, with Andrei Arshavin in particular, tracking back quite well. Shava looked a bit off pace at times, but that’s when his experience and class just kicks in. He still managed a solid display and had a hand in 2 goals.

    Cesc Fabregas is back in his natural role and I’m loving it. Nice touch with the Jarque salute as well

    Denilson is a bit of an enigma. Looked absolute shit before his goal – which was very taken – and though he stepped up a bit after that, I don’t think he should be anything more than a backup. He lacks pace and strength and his passing is fairly weak. Sooner Nasri and Rosicky come back the better. Thing is, we’re quite light in the center. Song is our only proper DM and once he’s off at the ACN – not far from squeaky bum time – we are fucked. Unless a decent back up is brought in.

    Another thing I noticed, is that we started to look a little bit more like the Arsenal of last season when Cesc and Robin came off. Too much passing, not enough end product. It’s a bit worrying. Are we still over reliant on key players?

    I’m trying not to get over excited, because that display was as close to perfect as I could have hoped and our attacking options genuinely excite me. It was a proper team effort. But we had some good results early on last season as well , winning emphatically at Newcastle and Blackburn.

    P.S Clichy and Sagna’s crossing is still shit.

  54. Keyser

    goonermichael – Heh, I’m quite content right now, I’m sure my hate for Lawerenson will re-ignite as the season goes on.

  55. SharkeySure

    PTG…Song was a fucking monster today weren’t he?? Imperious performance from him.

    For me, cos he did it from minute 1 to 93 he edges Fab for MoM…but either way its happy days.

  56. Rhyle

    Celtic are an above average side who will make life hard but they are more than beatable. It’s going to be tough at their place but just as well that the first leg is there.

    It’s tough because they will graft and make us work for our opportunities. 4-1 aggregate score. 2-1 at their gaff, 2-0 at ours.

  57. LAzer

    Yeah I hear you on Celtic Keyser, but although they will be good on the attack and have some pace and are adept at passing (will play football the way we know Mowbray likes) I feel we may be of just that higher level of technical skill going forward and it will hopefully be too much for them to handle.

  58. Rhyle

    Oh…and anyone with Sky+ – there is a documentary on Anytime called Essex Boys – it’s about the success of Essex footballers – Adams, Parlour, Fat Frank, Beckham, Ince, et al…worth a watch.

  59. patthegooner

    Leon, he has won me over.

    I dont get that shiver down my spine when he is named in the 1st 11. In fact, I have actually started to hope he starts.

    Can’t give him enough credit today, he bossed a very good midfielder in Feillani.

    I think Alex Song is well on the way to becoming a fans favorite, which would have been impossible to believe this time last year. He has been good since Arshavin arrived and today was a performace that would get the likes of Essien, Carrick and Gerrard rave reviews.

  60. Keyser

    Stu – Heh, dunno, just saw a couple of pre-season games, and I’ll probably just reading to much into it, they walked over Tottenham and the commentators kept saying it was their reserve squad or something.

    Rhyle – Hopefully, it’ll be good to see how they handle the atmosphere, we’ve shown our inexperience at times.

  61. Swedish Gun

    I really liked the teams attitude today

    we were ON from the start

    we didn’t play pretty but we battled everton every yard

    we didn’t do that last season so this is very promising

  62. LAzer

    Right I’ am off fellow goons…ENJOY IT!! I know I’ll be tossing a few back shortly. Peace, love and UP THE ARSEnal!!

  63. David


    Absolutely agree. Song was MOTM our best player today…he’s come on on leaps and bounds….i still think we need a signing….because of the ACN….and because what happns if Verminator or Gallas gets injured….

    How facking excellent was VErmalean today! 😀

  64. patthegooner

    Cheers Sharkey, I am just over the moon as I get to write good positive things about an Arsenal Performance. Honestly happier with that performance today than any last season, and that gives me a real buzz, not felt that about Arsenal for a long time. Sure we had a few good results last season but usually as a result of some individual brilliance, but today was somehow different.

    Team Spirit was the thing that impressed me most, it just was not there last season, we seemed to have too many playing as individuals. Too much disharmony with Gallas losing his Captaincy, Toure throwing his toys out the pram, Adebayor thinking he is the chosen one and bullying Nic, and Cesc losing all his mates.

    A result like that unifies the fans as well, and that is a real plus going into the season.

    Anyone missing Ade?


    vermaelen looked the business
    song and cesc were quality

    rvp shouldnt be playing up top in the centre of the triangle, niki b shd like you saw for the first goal he has the ability to win the ball from the air and kepp possesion and a good taget man
    walcott nasri diaby rosicky wilshere ramsey vela all midfield options that never started today
    get senderos out and replaced along with the pacy direct chamakh and a dm and we are in dream land, 6-1 amazing result but lets not be complacent but strengthen in positions where we need to within our suad

  66. Bradys right foot

    From waste of space to midfield monster my you have come along way on le Grove Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong. Home of the Song bashers, full of experts telling all the interweb that a 21 year old is useless.

  67. Honest Bill

    Vermaelen did look solid today, and scored a great goal. But let’s wait till we have seen him under some real pressure. I think he has the composure to be able to deal quite well with it, but it remains to be seen

  68. patthegooner


    Sorry but Song was useless this time last year. This is one hell of a transformation.

    he got bashed last year, but he was rightly bashed last year. Fucking well done to the lad though, he took the bashing and he should now quite rightly take the praise and heaps of it.

    Personally I am over the fucking moon to be eating some Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong Pie……

  69. choy

    chamakh would be a great squad player.

    he can also play any one of rvp, arsh or nikki b’s positions.

    hangeland and maybe a DM and we’re good to go

  70. Confidentgoner

    for a while I thought we were Barca. the work ethic was terrific. We now need to put this type of effort match after match and not get complacent.

    I hope Song has convinced everyone today? But we still need reinforcement at the mid and center. Vierra, and Brede plus Chamakh, anyone?


    nah got to hold my hands up on that one,and say well done i nearly fell of my chair when i seen that fly in