Arsenal may need to sack defender / £125million bid rejected

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Good morning Grovers, I’m going to cover a few topics today… Crime, the NHS… then a spattering of footballing thoughts.

First things first… Arsenal could be in trouble defensively.

Armed robbery
R v Turner (1975) 61 Cr.App.R. 67

The Sentencing Guidelines Council is currently considering advice of the Sentencing Advisory Panel on this subject and is likely to issue a draft guideline during 2005.

Legislation: s.8, Theft Act 1968
Maximum penalty: Life imprisonment

That doesn’t make pretty reading from where I’m sitting… nor does this picture taken before the £40million jewel heist in London this week.

JD... what have you done...!

JD... what have you done...!

I’ll leave this one with the authorities… JD, I’m a little disappointed, especially as it looks like you’ve carried out the crime with Gary Neville…

Next up… I’ve been listening to the fall out in the US about Obama’s proposed healthcare reforms. Sarah Palin dubbed the NHS ‘evil’… Now I’m struggling to see how comparatively, a free health service can be classed as evil… yet the American system, of which 27% of people under the age of 65 have no access due to being priced out of health insurance… is some how ok?

Sarah, there is no doubting that I spent many special nights in with you over the election period… but I find it staggering that a great nation like a America can take someone as retarded as you seriously. Anyone who believes Africa is a country should be discarded from Politics immediately and sent to work the glamour modelling circuit over here.

I have a relative who has just had their life saved by the quick thinking of the staff at the NHS… and I’m backing them 100%, they do a superb job and we should be grateful of the hard work their staff put in everyday. If you ever wanted evidence that politicians are controlled by big business… just keep an eye on the propaganda coming out against the proposals… it’s so transparent it’s embarrassing.

So… onto today… and Arsene Wenger has finally manned up and stuck it to Barcelona,

‘I have made a bid for Messi and nobody speaks about it’

Well Arsene, I’ve just spoken about it… the bid was rumoured to be £125million. I’m proud of you boss, even if they rejected the offer. Geoff has always suggested we should do that when Barca come knocking for our players…

‘Yeah sure you can have our best player, but we’d like yours in return please’

It’s how we should roll. On the subject of Cesc, the coach has this to say,

“Cesc is committed to the Club,”

“He has told me that and told that to the press. We cannot master the noises coming out of Spain.

“They have the same problems in the newspapers looking for headlines. When they have no ideas anymore, they come out with a Fabregas story.

“He has corrected those stories. It is not him who encourages the idea. It is the press who encourages the idea. Where does that story come from? Does that come from Fabregas two days ago? It comes from Spain.’

So, that’s that… Cesc is staying. Hooray… we love you Cesc.

Wenger is also taking a sensible approach to Jack Wilshere. Whilst admitting that he will be involved this season, he wont be involved heavily due to his age. That is fair… he’ll be a great impact sub and a good back up player if injuries get on top of us. We wouldn’t want him burning out early now would we?

So today, it’s the first game back of the season and I’m on my second set of pants already due to the excitement… the sun will be shining over the dump hole that is Liverpool and I’m very confident our boys are going to dish up a beating to the boys in blue (Everton, not the police). We need to make sure we impose our game on them from the off and we need to make sure we have a sense of urgency right the way through the game. Here is how I think we will line up:


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Eboue Denilson Cesc Arshavin

RvP NikB

Here is how I’d like us to line up (How do you make a 4-3-3 look right on the screen?):

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
Merida Cesc Denilson
RvP Eduardo Arsh

I’m going for a 2-0 comfortable victory! Come on you Gooners!

Geoff will be back with his normal previews next week and I will return to my match reporting duties! See you tomorrow Grovers, I’ll have you a super exciting victory report waiting for you at 0900.

Happy Saturday!

P.S. If I see any name calling or petulance on the site today, you’ll get pulled secret police style and banned for a day… we leave all that nonsense for the other blogs.

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  1. David


    I have my own opinion thanks…and Myles has been right more than he’s been wrong…sure he says alot of weird things….but the fact that he’s made so many predictions about my club….as i said the Kolo incident a full week before it happnd….as well as Adebayor..the Arshavin incident…Inside information with David Dean and the Lady Bracewell Smith….where else do you find it?

  2. A

    Stu you might be right actually, Hreidersson partnered Distin at one point I think?? Though that was in emergency times, it wouldn’t ever happen out of choice, because percentage wise managers believe it puts them at an immediate disadvantage

  3. Stu

    David, in fairness a lot of us realise that Ade and Kolo would leave and the Arshavin saga went on for a month. Out transfer activity is anything but secret nowdays. I dont doubt that he has some inside info but in those particular cases he wasnt the only one who saw it coming.

  4. A

    David I agree – With the behind the scenes stuff he’s right more than wrong, with the football stuff he’s wrong much much more than he is right. He just parrots the negative drivel of the tabloids, trying to dress it up as his own extensive analysis.

  5. David

    I dont know that there is anyone who thinks we’d have finished 4th without Arshavin….if we did we’d have done it just barely.

    The team was miserable without him….FA Cup/CL semifinals?

  6. Angelos

    Hey everyone.
    Some really good performances today from back to front.

    It’s great to come on here and see so many people happy. The only thing that was a bit off was the ‘rub in the face’ nature of some of the posts.
    People need to remember…it’s not a question of doom-mongerers or AKB. From what I’ve seen there’s just so much passion amongst the fans on this blog but the difference is simply in how some express themselves. Some believe positivity is of greater help and some believe a more negative analysis of our situation will do the trick.

    Either way, we shouldn’t get too carried away after this performance and just enjoy ourselves this season.

  7. A

    Yeah David I said it improved us, but we wouldn’t have finished a whole 9 points better off if we hadn’t signed him

  8. Stu

    Us getting 4th was more down to Villa embarrassing collapse than Arshavins influence. But thats not to say Arshavins arrival wasnt helpful. He was a big help to getting 4th.

  9. Angelos

    Myles Palmer does his best to frustrate me sometimes.
    Remember his almost vendetta like nature against Van Persie?

  10. Rhyle

    David – I should have a bit clearer but I was pointing to his ‘knowledge’ of Gazidis. It all came from his contact from the International Herald who, sometimes, he’s happy to link to. As for Toure – he was going about how we’d left him @ home when we went to Austria. Only we hadn’t. So he, like many people, is wrong as often as he’s right.

    At no point did I have a pop at you fella so no need to get defensive…

  11. Honest Bill

    A. yeah i understand what you’re getting at, but since it’s generally considered good defensive practice to force your opponents outside as it’s safer than showing them your inside, then surely it would be more logical to play Gallas left and TV right, as that way you protect your inside. The way we have it now would leave our inside exposed, particularly if your playing against a lefty striker who plays left and righty striker who plays right.

    It all seems a bit wrong to me

  12. David


    yes…but the timing was spot on…

    Myles comes up with an article that…”Kolo Toure would be sold this week”

    And what do you know…he’s sold a couple days later…

    Yes we know he’d be sold…but he couldve been sold after today…or on Aug 31.


    You are right…i guess you have to take Myles selectively and with a pinch of salt….

    I didnt fully understand the situation with our depth and our stadium until Myles explained it….and for Fizman to come out and say that we pay a fixed rate of 20million quid and make 30 Million extra on the Stadium after Myles had said something similar…it sealed up his credibility with me.

  13. A

    Yeah undoubtedly we were better once Arshavin arrived Stu, but he wouldn’t have made 9 points difference in the games he played.

    Yeah Angelos, he really hates VP for some reason, and loves Sagna to an irrational level!

  14. Angelos

    A, he also makes it out as if Arshavin is almost above us or something. He needs to get real with his analysis regardless of how on the pulse he is regarding the clubs finances and (occasionally) transfers.

  15. Test

    I cant remember feeling better at the end of the first game of any season ever.

    The Good:

    Work rate, everyone put it in today.
    Commitment, we fought for the ball. Every arial ball was contested, nothing fucks me off more than seeing someone like Drogba pull the ball out the air on his chest and turn because of space. Vermin and Willy, even though they didnt win every ball, contested every ball.
    Song, he is getting better. I cant think of anything he did badly.
    Cesc, the kids back.
    25-1 denilson first goalscorer, yeehaa, you know its your day when that shit happens.
    11-1 next goalscorer on Eduardo, yeehaa
    My 200-1 on eduardo top goalscorer Arsenal champions is looking half decent.

    The Bad:

    at halftime I had 7-0 at 100-1, muthafuckers, cant win em all.

    The ugly:

    Its the first game.
    This teams fundemental problem isnt quality or ability, what has happened to several of Arsenes teams is that a setback isnt nipped in the bud the next game but left to rot in the teams collective moral. When we see how they deal with a loss is when we will know what they are about. From last season we know that we can beat united or chelsea, what will be most important is when we lose how long it takes to get back to winning.

    The liverpudlian rat face called it a big three on sky this morning. I actually want spurs to win tomorrow. I still believe they are the most vunerable to dropping out the CL and after that cunts comments I want Citeh to take it off them.


  16. David

    Rhyle no harm done mate.


    I think our success and our backing 3 points after 3 points put the pressure on Villa all the more…if we were losing games like they were theyd have gotten some confidence to improve imo….

    The fact that Arshavin helped us win games and score goals for fun….especially early on to kill teams off…was a signal of intent and i bet Villa crumbled because we were just the more confident team and they put too much pressure on themselves.

  17. Franchise

    6-1 to the arse who saw it coming?

    knowing our luck with injuries i wouldnt mind 2 or 3 more faces

    if not then we need to pray

    2007/08 season repeat would hurt like a motherfucker

    we looked hungry today

  18. Rhyle

    I think I need to clarify my opinion of Palmer.

    He’s a lazy egotist who is happy to write ill-informed opinion pieces because he has an audience. Quite often these days he comes off as a Rowley Birkin Q.C type, sitting his armchair pissed while reminiscing about the good old days…although I may be reaching a bit there…

    Look at the feedback he responds to – it’s all sycophantic drivel, the honest critique is hidden and in no way does he try to involve the people who don’t agree with him in discourse.

    Angelos point about his vendetta against RvP is valid – yet no worse to any of our comments on Denilson, Song, Eboue, Bendtner, Ade over the last year or so but bearing in mind, unlike this place, he has no total control of everything that is displayed on his site. A little one sided, no?

  19. chozzer

    When Moyes said in his pre-match interview on ESPN that a few years back they lost 4-1 to us in the opening game of the season and finished 4th in league, that he would take the same again, i thought, yeah baby, so would I.

  20. A

    Yeah Bill, it doesn’t make 100% sense to me either, just trying to analyse and explain why managers seem to believe that two left footers simply can’t play together at the centre of defence unless there’s no alternative

    I think it’s relatively easy to show someone outside, and when they’re on one side of you you want your strongest foot to be the one they’re having to deal with, but I do agree, logically it would mean that if someone was running right through the middle of two centre backs it would seem they’d both be on their weak side. Maybe that’s why there are so many partnerships with two right footers??

    Yeah David, with the shares and everything else I didn’t (and still don’t) get it, but he has a good grasp of it and explains it pretty well it would seem.

  21. A

    Very true Angelos. He completely lost touch with the football side of things a long time ago, it’s really annoying, because he used to be a good football writer

  22. Angelos

    Definitely Rhyle. Even though I don’t agree you can sort of see where people are coming from on Denilson, Bendtner and for different reasons Ade…but Van Persie?? Really??
    He’s one of the most talented players we’ve had.

  23. Rhyle

    Angelos – ok…but not quite my point with Palmer. He’s entitled to his opinion on RvP but he presents it as fact and there is no opportunity to put your side or opinion across – what Myles says is presented as the only fact. Unlike this place where David can come in and say that Myles is cool. Which is also fine. If, IMO, wrong.

  24. David

    Test Says:
    August 16, 2009 at 00:35
    I cant remember feeling better at the end of the first game of any season ever.

    The Good:

    Work rate, everyone put it in today.
    Commitment, we fought for the ball. Every arial ball was contested



    IT was just beautiful…so much so that our 5’5 russian was contesting a ball against Lescott, Fellani…anybody see that!

    QUALITY! 😀

  25. Stu

    Arshavins 5’8”

    Oh and i will be the first – hi Frannie….havent spoken in ages….still got the wierd avatr tho…Henry looks a tad strange with the tasch.

  26. Angelos

    Yeah, I get it Rhyle. But like I said, Myles is good for the occasional inside info snippet he produces every once in a long while but in terms of football analysis…god, i’d rather not say.

  27. SV

    Test, I’ with youon this one. It would make me glad to see Hansen’s face if Liv fell out of the top four. Also, if anything, Manu 4 defeats last season and the title show that it’s not about not losing, but about responding properly to losses. Something that we still have to prove we can do.

  28. SV

    It’s interesting how the “Everton were poor” narrative has developed in the press. From what I’ve seen, the first half was pretty even, and it’s Denilson goal and even more the two headers that changed the game. Everton did try to came back with three substitus in the second half. We just dealt with it more profesionally than last season.

  29. A

    to be fair choy villa were shite WITH barry once they’d decided they could actually play rather than just trying to nullify oppositions! Delph though is a hilarious signing if they think he could play for them regularly in the prem now.

  30. Rhyle

    Everybody is pretending not to notice that at 1-0 Everton actually had a header cleared off the line by Denilson.

  31. A

    true Rhyle, could’ve made it very different. Though it should have been a foul on Vermaelen anyways so wouldn’t say we were lucky really.

    6-1 flattered us on the balance of play, possession and such like, but it was our ability in front of goal, and professionalism that resulted in the scoreline

  32. SV

    Yes, Rhyle, it’s not noticed because it does not fit the story of poor Everton and lucky Arsenal. But I’ happy with story.

  33. Rhyle

    I’m not saying we were lucky, look at my earlier posts I noted how poor Everton were, but by the same token was not taking away from how good we were.

  34. Rhyle

    The problem is everyone writing us off as serious contenders – listen to the football focus pundits earlier, none of whom tipped us as title contenders. Now, while I don’t think any of them were proved wrong today…at least not YET…giving the Arsenal the credit they were due today would be a major piece of humble pie to eat this early on. Especially for some of the wankers on MotD. Hansen I’m looking at you with the EVIL EYE.

  35. A

    Yeah Rhyle, that’s exactly it. Let alone writing us off as title contenders, most of them said we were going to finish 5th or even 6th, so none of them will be prepared to give us any credit

  36. reggie57

    Great performance from the boys today though everton were suposidly poor, who fuckin cares how poor they were? it was good to see us put a team to the sword just like the good old days.

    sorry about the spelling as i am pissed!

  37. Stu

    Everton being shit has nothing to do with it. We made them look shit by keeping the ball well, being sharp and not letting them settle. Its all down to the new us no matter what any “experts” or “pundits” say.

  38. David

    A Says:
    August 16, 2009 at 01:11

    to be fair choy villa were shite WITH barry once they’d decided they could actually play rather than just trying to nullify oppositions! Delph though is a hilarious signing if they think he could play for them regularly in the prem now.


    I agree. Which is why set pieces are soooo Important.

    Chelsea crippled us with it!

  39. reggie57

    Watched the game on ESPN really enjoyed the coverage soo much better than sky more balanced opinions good touch having two ex players of the teams as co presenters makes a change from biased twats like redknob and hairy keys loved rebecca the pecker as well!!

  40. Rhyle

    yup…Anelka ruined us that day. He…*through gritted teetch* ruined us.

    Jamie Redknapp is the Joey of football pundits. Girls think he’s pretty but there’s more between his ears him than in a sodastream.

    And…I waste my best joke at ten to fucking two in the morning. Awesome.

  41. ethangunner

    A bit angered by the lateness of the game !
    well being here ! I FELL A GODAMM SLEEP ON THE COUCH FOR THE 2ND HALF .. !

    butttttttttttttttt ! thattttttttttt is something to shout about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. ethangunner

    6 fucking one …

    its early days yet but the verminator looks good in the air ! , and i didnt see the 2nd half so i cant say if the forwards did there job up front .. and im not sure how many goals denilson or our 2 cds will score on a regular basis …

    but it was a AC milan effort last night ..
    and i will play catch up by watching the 2nd half re-run

    the boys were visibly up for it last night
    lets hope they keep the right mental fortitude thru out the season ..

  43. reggie57

    Ethan the boys had a good team ethic looked really up for the challenge ahead even when 5-0 up we was still pressing high up the pitch could never imagine adeshitcunt doing that but hey who fuckin cares!!

  44. Stu

    Vermaelen was magnificant. i dont know how he didnt get man of the match. He won nearly everything in the air and on the ground. Made no fouls (that i can think of) and looked so comfortable.

    Everton are one of the best aerial teams going forward and he had them in his pocket for the most part. Song helped too but Fellaini was the only one to win anything against him. Cahill and Jo got nothing off him.

    If Vermaelen can continue in this vein then we have a nice defender on out books.

  45. Test

    Everton were a bit shit but we kept them down to one chance in the first half. Anyway who gives a fuck, Everton will be a harder proposition for other teams at goodison and weve beaten them, bottom line.

    One of the benifits of teams thinking youre shit is that they try and beat you. Everton didnt play to their strengths (two banks) it was like injury time in the cup final from about the 20th minute onwards. Cescs goal sums up the space in that game.

    I woke up at 7 this morning excited like a little kid and I am still fucking buzzing. I cant wait for tuesday, I cant fucking wait.

  46. Rhyle

    I’ve just put a pony on Spurs getting relegated. I may have let the fact we won 6-1 go to my head. Either that or the copious amounts of stella and wine I’ve consumed.

    Still…can’t help but think gooooood things for this season!

  47. Stu

    How much is a pony? Not the pony that little girls in america always as their rich father for but the pony that you just referred to Rhyle…

  48. PDT

    Don’t discount the amount of luck we had on our side yesterday. Three of the goals were gifts (2,3 and 5) and almost all of our shots on target went in. With the luck we had last year, the final score would have been 1-1, 1-2 or we might even have lost 2-1!

    I hope it’s an omen for the season and hope Lady Luck doesn’t desert us till May.

  49. ethangunner

    yes stu

    well if you take into consideration of the 1st half only Vermaelen was MoM in my books ..

    did our forwards get any goals ?
    did eboue make an appearance ?

  50. Rhyle

    PDT – let’s not play down the fact that we were there to score them. 2, 3 were good headers and 5…there was no LUCK with 5. Maybe someone should have closed him down but it was still a hell of a finish.

  51. Stu

    Eduardo scored the 6th Ethan, it was a tap in. And of course Eboue came on, for Bendtner, doesnt he always. I doubt a game goes by that Ebowie is fit and doesnt play.

  52. ethangunner


    yes , they looked done on the set pieces ..
    the 2 headers were gifts which normally should have been cut out if it was well into the season ,
    but denilson’s strike was class ..

    he was the most likely to make it in my view this season .. i mean out of all the 3 stooges he possesses the passing technique to survive as an arsenal player over the long haul …

    also wenger could have used his team to make a statement after all the flak he has been getting about lack of transfer activity ..

    i hope its not the case , because if they played that well yesterday only to prove a point then this form might be short lived .

  53. Stu

    We scoref the fifth because of quick thinking and a some luck.

    Sagna gave the ball away and i thought that was a bad thing, but Fellainis shit shot gace Almunia the ball. Fellaini was out of position and Cesc has the whole middle of the pitch to run with the ball. Thats why he was allowed to run so far with the ball un-opposed and able to score. Otherwise we wouldnt have scored.

    Luck was on our side today and imo a lot of preperation.

  54. Stu

    Yep, they got nothing. Although both played well. Neither scored but both played big parts in the goals.

    Nik with the first and VP’s free kick. But you saw the second half so you already knew that.

  55. Rhyle

    2.30. It’ been a good day. I’m hoping that tomorrow brings nice 3-0 wins for Brum and Liverpool. Then we go from a good weekend to a nigh on perfect weekend.

  56. ethangunner

    no only saw the 1st half and thought they didnt look good enough to score …

    and people wonder why i said a clinical striker is a paramount purchase this season ..

  57. Stu

    A perfect weekend would be a loss for the mancs and a draw between the spuds and dippers. As well as lots of injuries all round.

  58. ethangunner

    i think in a scoreline of 6-1 it would be impossible to say the forwards looked poor ,
    but the proof is in the scoring …

    how about ade scoring … ???
    you just knew it didnt you …

    he is all ego and once he gets complacent he will be back to his off sided best ..
    but he will play out of his skin until December

    he is following the same pattern as he did with us in 07 .. he will get lazy once he becomes a starter ..

    you can be assured of that !

  59. David

    I freakin love Arshavin….5 goals in 1 game…to beat his record last season…..You are Legend….Wish Wenger Bought him 3 years ago.

    What happns when Arshavin Rosicky and Cesc play together….hehehehehehhehe…


  60. ethangunner


    i never doubted dudu’s skill only his ability to play out a whole season ..

    if he does he should be nick named the man of steel !

  61. Stu

    I had the city match on…didnt pay close attention but watched a good bit of it. The only time i saw Ade sprint was when city were on the break. Other than that he ws up to his usual tricks, straying to the left wing, thinking he was a footballer and making sloppy passes.

    He may have scored but his performance wasnt that good at all.

  62. Stu

    I wonder who will play where if Rosicky and Arshavin are both fit because it seems both are left siders. Arshavin has played on the left for us mostly and so has Rosicky so which will play there is a good headache for Wenger to have.

  63. ethangunner

    dudu and RVP/theo

    would be my best combo currently ..

    maybe even dudu – vela

    but if dudu does break down
    i think top class quality deserts us in that event …

    i hope wenger still gets another striker as a contingency plan .

  64. nishanth

    When nasri comes back from injury denilson will probably go out.Maybe even rosicky can be used there.His work rate is really good

  65. Stu

    I think the best combo atm is Eduardo – Bendtner but thats going on theirn games together and nothing else.

    Or Arshavin and someone else because he will probably bring the best out in anyone else.

  66. nishanth

    Even though performance was great today i don’t think this lineup can work against the very top teams.When we play united i am not sure how much of an impact bendtner wiill have against evra.He will dominate phsyically but otherwise he might struggle.Even RVP up against vidic/ferdinand or skrtel/agger is not a good idea.

  67. nishanth

    Will wenger play both song and denilson in the home leg against celtic?Really hope we will finish it off at emirates

  68. David

    Ofcoarse we need Chamakh…If Bendy is coming in from the right and crossing the ball…who the feck is he crossing it to?

  69. ethangunner

    i agree AA and dudu could be a killer combo ..
    providing wenger can get over himself to play AA in the dennis role .

    i think vela – nik- theo are works in progress ,
    (much like song denilson and diaby last season)
    im inclined to agree stu with chamakh

    id prefer a guy in the zone like villa or even someone like santa cruz or anelka who has been around the EPL a few seasons and is a reliable scorer ..

    but getting wenger to see that point of view is impossible .. its a nice bonus for the midfield and defenders to score , but that wont happen every game ..

  70. ethangunner


    i agree , in some ways it would have been nice to play pool – man U or the chev’s to expose the areas of weakness ,

    you know this resounding win will give wenger balls of brass , he might even believe his team has enough quality not to even buy this transfer window ..

    he might hold out until jan , and restock then .
    i think id of preferred to see us address our positional weaknesses by playing tough competition than hear wenger drone on about the quality he’s got ..

    sure as eggs this resounding win could almost be a bad thing from a recruitment perspective

  71. Stu

    David, you know this already, Bendtner doesnt cross because he knows arsenal as a team dont cross (excet the full back but they seem to be thick in that aspect).

  72. ethangunner

    but we looked far more solid without ade in the side , no final 3rd disruptions and the team for all intensive purposes look far more capable without him ..

    back to the ways of scoring 4 or 5 or 6 a game
    because we dont have to put up with ade-barn-dor
    fucking up possession in the final 3rd , and more importantly the midfield isn’t looking to pass to him as a preference

    thank fuck 🙂

  73. David

    Thats my point Stu…which is why we need Chamakh

    Except Wenger plays Pink boots up top centrally and i doubt it because he’s not good enough to hold the ball up yet…

    But as it stand we are playing short passing from the wings…if we bring In Chamakh we can do both!

  74. ethangunner

    we only crossed in a lot because of the ade days of camping in the box , in season 07-08 it was mildly successful ..

    now we dont have any campers in the box , you will find a return of directness and the give and go ..

  75. Stu

    But David, we dont cross anyway, regardless of who is playing so buying Chamakh just so we can cross would be pointless. Buying him just for that would be just like when we started pumping long balls up to Ade.

    It totally goes against the free flowing football philosophy.

  76. ethangunner

    Chamakh can play on the wing , so id have him even from that stand point .. but i havent really seen enough of him to comment ..

  77. David

    I feel like if we dont cross from the wings…we will too one dimensional imo….i mean we do alot of crossing with our full backs…when Gibbs/Traore play…they are not bad at crossing the ball…From what i hear is that Chamakh is good at build up play….so it would be another dimension to our attacking…if anythin today proves that our set-piece goal scoring is crucial…and apparently this guy is just the stud in the air…

    Sorry bout the slow response guys…my pc is acting slow for some reason.

    Yea Ethan…you are a hopeless raysist.

  78. ethangunner

    id still prefer wenger to buy someone like huntt’s or benzema – villa

    if he can throw 29-30 mil around he might be able to land one of them ..

  79. ethangunner

    david ..

    wash your mouth out !
    why would you say that ?

    because my wife is black ?
    or because gallas is one of my favorite players .

    its people like you who are too fragile ..
    i disliked ade because he was a crap player !
    i loved TH14 because he was an arsenal great ,
    if i cared about skin colour would i be here in thailand ???

    i mean for fucks sake man !
    why would a white extremist go live in a country of NON – whites !

    hell i even still like ian wright !
    so i suppose you can use the racist card any time you want david cant you ??

  80. Stu

    I best be off to bed lads.
    But i will leave ye with this. Adebayor has ruined my Christmas, or december to be precise(sp). The idiots who made the arsenal calender for 2009 clearly didnt realise (even if every gooner in the world did) that Ade would be leaving and they promptly but Ade as the player in the december picture. Now i have to go without december and i will never kniw the date. I hope he is happy 😡

    Anyways…night David, Ethan, nish and any lurkers…

  81. ethangunner

    or live in Thailand because i hate black people !
    if i was a white lover don’t you think i would choose to live in my country of origin !

    i hated ade because he was crap ! crap with a capital C …

    i love Th14 because he was the best player of the current age to put on the red and white ..

    you need to get over yourself ,
    if you aint happy in your skin and have
    paranoid thoughts then the problem is yours !

    NOT MINE !

    if ade could beat a player 1 on 1
    or pass effectively
    work as a team member
    not get offside 10 times a game
    or kick straight

    i wouldn’t have a problem with the kunt .

  82. David


    Ofcoarse i was joking.

    Who you calling a twat you twat! Get a grib with yourself mehn…this Ade hatred is getting silly now since he’s not even an Arsenal player anymore bruv!


    I do agree that our build up play has dramtically but i have my doubts as VP as the target man.

  83. nishanth

    I doubt wenger spend big on a CB after watching vermaelen’s performance yesterday.I knows its just 1 match but he looked really impressive yesterday.We still need another CB though

  84. Gunnersmith

    Vermy really put in a great performance yesterday and after seeing hangeland game against Pompey i don’t think i like his style i’ll rather have Subotic as a back up if necessary

  85. luke

    Evenin Gooners! What a day! Lets hope to add some depth and keep up the good spirit, form, attitude, and determination we had today. and…

    # ethangunner Says:
    August 16, 2009 at 03:13

    but we looked far more solid without ade in the side , no final 3rd disruptions and the team for all intensive purposes look far more capable without him ..

    back to the ways of scoring 4 or 5 or 6 a game
    because we dont have to put up with ade-barn-dor
    fucking up possession in the final 3rd , and more importantly the midfield isn’t looking to pass to him as a preference

    thank fuck 🙂


    Ive been thinking that all day.

  86. luke

    After today, my opinions on signings changed a lot. I think depth is the key now. I would love to see Edin Hazard come in and get accustomed to the EPL early because he is no doubt one to watch. Dont think we need Hangeland especially for 15 million. Gallas is gone next year and I want a ready replacement. I think either Sakho or Subotic would be great. Subotic is 20 I think so he would be one for the future and one for depth this season. And for midfield, I would love either MAtuidi or Viera. We have the money, we need the depth. I cant see why Wenger would not go for signings like these except maybe it would disrupt the team.

  87. Pat

    Just noticed that Myles Palmer post. Hope its true and I hope this victory won’t trick Wenger into changing his plans.

    Matuidi, Chamakh, and Hangeland would make us a very, very deep squad.

  88. nishanth

    Agree pat.And when nasri or rosicky come back i think they will take denilson’s place which will make us a bit more stronger

  89. luke

    I would love to see either Matuidi or Veira, preferably matuidi as I dont think we need a return to the old but rather to pave the way for the new. On Hangeland…with Gallas leaving next year, I would rather get a CB around Vermy’s age, so he can grow into the team. Hangeland is already in/past his prime and wouldnt stay with us more than 2 years, 3 max. I would rather buy a young starlett for a long term. Subotic, Sakho etc. Chamakh would be welcomed, as any depth is good. I hope Vela gets much deserved playing time. As an american, watching him play against us is truly magnificent.

  90. ethangunner

    ok david thank fuck you were only joking ..
    ive really had enough of people calling me a racist !

    if anything im fed up with the whites 🙂

    women that is 🙂
    like the old saying goes once youve had black you cant turn back 🙂

    is that too much info 🙂

    LUKE ..
    i know we looked like a different team …
    i also fear RVP is very one dimensional ..
    he played really well with TH14 ..

    he is a striker that needs someone to create a bit of space for himself to operate ..

    he is a hitman .. because he loves to shoot flat footed and i think someone like AA would be a good partner for him …

    wenger has to get the partnership right now ..
    he has to work out who plays well upfront with who ..

    and to be honest nik and RVP didnt work , and i could have told you that before the game started …

    nik can only play well with dudu or vela ..

    possibly AA … but i still think nik B needs some more time ..

    He should be used as the PLAN B … not a starter … well not this season anyhow …

  91. luke

    # ethangunner Says:
    August 16, 2009 at 03:13

    but we looked far more solid without ade in the side , no final 3rd disruptions and the team for all intensive purposes look far more capable without him ..

    back to the ways of scoring 4 or 5 or 6 a game
    because we dont have to put up with ade-barn-dor
    fucking up possession in the final 3rd , and more importantly the midfield isn’t looking to pass to him as a preference

    thank fuck 🙂


    Ive been thinking that all day.

  92. ethangunner

    anyway davo you sure have a funny sense of humor .
    i just hate people using the above card on me ..
    i love black …. women 🙂

    if anything i hate whites more 🙂

    white women 🙂


    and yes if ade is an own goal , just wait until
    ade is in the team as a regular for over 6 months …

    he will turn from an own goal into 25 million dollar baggage 🙂

  93. ethangunner

    man shitty this time next season will be trying to find a club more stupid than them to buy ade off of them for the same money ….

    good luck with that one ..
    i dont think a more stupid club does exist …

    maybe AC milan 🙂

  94. kelsey

    Naturally, another fluke result by the written off Arsenal, mainly because Lescott’s transfer request earlier in the week totally disrupted the whole team.Pretty even first 25 minutes,then Denilson totally miss hits the ball,and we go 1-0 up in the 26th.minute.What do some of the Everton faithful do ?. They leave the ground.Moyes then suggests that the defence plays like Arsenal and defend as badly at crosses and set pieces,and subsequently concede a further two goals.Half time and many more home supporters leave.Second half begins, and Fabregas,who apparently is leaving to join Milan on Monday,ups his game into second gear and scores two further goals.The Lescott effect is making more people leave and with half an hour left,the ground has more away fans than home support.Wenger decides to make changes,as at 5-0 the game is never safe,and he wants our defence to go back to the old ways and give the toffees a chance,as he is a nice man.No such luck,Arshavin miss times his shot,and as luck will have it,Eduardo happens to be in the right place to slide in the rebound off the post.6-0 and now there are150 people left in the ground,and Wenger goes completely mad in the 92nd minute as Saha out of all people scores a goal,which might in the long term help Everton avoid relegation on goal difference. 🙂 🙂