Arsenal may need to sack defender / £125million bid rejected

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Good morning Grovers, I’m going to cover a few topics today… Crime, the NHS… then a spattering of footballing thoughts.

First things first… Arsenal could be in trouble defensively.

Armed robbery
R v Turner (1975) 61 Cr.App.R. 67

The Sentencing Guidelines Council is currently considering advice of the Sentencing Advisory Panel on this subject and is likely to issue a draft guideline during 2005.

Legislation: s.8, Theft Act 1968
Maximum penalty: Life imprisonment

That doesn’t make pretty reading from where I’m sitting… nor does this picture taken before the £40million jewel heist in London this week.

JD... what have you done...!

JD... what have you done...!

I’ll leave this one with the authorities… JD, I’m a little disappointed, especially as it looks like you’ve carried out the crime with Gary Neville…

Next up… I’ve been listening to the fall out in the US about Obama’s proposed healthcare reforms. Sarah Palin dubbed the NHS ‘evil’… Now I’m struggling to see how comparatively, a free health service can be classed as evil… yet the American system, of which 27% of people under the age of 65 have no access due to being priced out of health insurance… is some how ok?

Sarah, there is no doubting that I spent many special nights in with you over the election period… but I find it staggering that a great nation like a America can take someone as retarded as you seriously. Anyone who believes Africa is a country should be discarded from Politics immediately and sent to work the glamour modelling circuit over here.

I have a relative who has just had their life saved by the quick thinking of the staff at the NHS… and I’m backing them 100%, they do a superb job and we should be grateful of the hard work their staff put in everyday. If you ever wanted evidence that politicians are controlled by big business… just keep an eye on the propaganda coming out against the proposals… it’s so transparent it’s embarrassing.

So… onto today… and Arsene Wenger has finally manned up and stuck it to Barcelona,

‘I have made a bid for Messi and nobody speaks about it’

Well Arsene, I’ve just spoken about it… the bid was rumoured to be £125million. I’m proud of you boss, even if they rejected the offer. Geoff has always suggested we should do that when Barca come knocking for our players…

‘Yeah sure you can have our best player, but we’d like yours in return please’

It’s how we should roll. On the subject of Cesc, the coach has this to say,

“Cesc is committed to the Club,”

“He has told me that and told that to the press. We cannot master the noises coming out of Spain.

“They have the same problems in the newspapers looking for headlines. When they have no ideas anymore, they come out with a Fabregas story.

“He has corrected those stories. It is not him who encourages the idea. It is the press who encourages the idea. Where does that story come from? Does that come from Fabregas two days ago? It comes from Spain.’

So, that’s that… Cesc is staying. Hooray… we love you Cesc.

Wenger is also taking a sensible approach to Jack Wilshere. Whilst admitting that he will be involved this season, he wont be involved heavily due to his age. That is fair… he’ll be a great impact sub and a good back up player if injuries get on top of us. We wouldn’t want him burning out early now would we?

So today, it’s the first game back of the season and I’m on my second set of pants already due to the excitement… the sun will be shining over the dump hole that is Liverpool and I’m very confident our boys are going to dish up a beating to the boys in blue (Everton, not the police). We need to make sure we impose our game on them from the off and we need to make sure we have a sense of urgency right the way through the game. Here is how I think we will line up:


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Eboue Denilson Cesc Arshavin

RvP NikB

Here is how I’d like us to line up (How do you make a 4-3-3 look right on the screen?):

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
Merida Cesc Denilson
RvP Eduardo Arsh

I’m going for a 2-0 comfortable victory! Come on you Gooners!

Geoff will be back with his normal previews next week and I will return to my match reporting duties! See you tomorrow Grovers, I’ll have you a super exciting victory report waiting for you at 0900.

Happy Saturday!

P.S. If I see any name calling or petulance on the site today, you’ll get pulled secret police style and banned for a day… we leave all that nonsense for the other blogs.

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  1. David


    is one game out of the 5 years of nothing short sightedness?

    We are all happy with the win…there is no need to come on here and sound like a cock.

  2. Pedro

    Slaz, it’s incredibly emabarrassing to read comments like that after one game.

    I’m not a Wenger hater… more of a realist… but even if I was an AKB, I certainly wouldn’t be crowing like an idiot after one game of football.

    Will you be back if it all goes Wrong… not a chance… the same happened last season. Fair weather supporters.

  3. leon


    i think wenger will make signing but after the centic game,plus senderos will leave he had made it clear he wants to leave,i keep on hearing from pundits on sky that song and delinson would not evon make the bench in the villa team,and most of arsenal players would not make it in manu squad and they wont evon make the top 4 and i know its still early days but when i look at players like cesc,aa,risicky,rvp,edwardo,wiltshire,ramsey,nasri,theo i realy try get me to believe none none them will make the manu team sorry this just needs abit more depth in defence and mabe midfield and not only can we finish top 4 we can win the prem no question

  4. David

    Fuk me…that was a well planted goal…why the fack didnt he do that at all last season?

    The kid must like being underrated then?

    He looks like he’s not a threat moving forward at all!

    When the ACN comes i still want a solid box to box CM

  5. Confidentgoner

    I don’t know about you, but two things struck me about this team that has changed. The first is the heading from spot kicks and the shooting philosophy. Players now take shots from outside the 18 yd box. Brilliant. Now if you make 3 more signings, we are done and dusted.

    a) Brede 12mil
    b) chankha 8mill max
    c) Vierra Free

  6. choy

    Verm looked very good in the air…

    And team bonding and understanding looks brilliant.. all these goals and arsh didn’t have much of a say.. what happens when he is fired up?

  7. Mayank

    Pedro i’m not getting this… “if it all goes wrong”??? You mean if we just win the PL and the Fa and not the CL..
    Also i really liked the system today. Defensive responsibility is on everyone. Wonder where Eduaordo fits in though..

  8. Honest Bill

    He wasn’t his usual penetrative self, but i think people have underestimated the work that Arshavin put in today. His work off the ball was great and he was pressing players very tenaciously, didn’t give the Everton defence a moment’s peace.

  9. Truth

    Confidentgoner- Agreed, I was also very impressed with our workrate and the way we closed them down, we’re back to looking like we’re playing with 12 outfield players!

  10. Mayank

    Agree about the Berede and Vieira shouts but not sure about Chamakh. With Vela, Rosicky, Edu, Nasri still to come back into the team with the possibility of JW i wonder if Chamakh will actually cause problems.

  11. freduardo

    i am chuffed but would be a wee bit concerned that wenger will see us so dominant, and feel squad strengthening is not needed. i still feel a couple of bodies are needed.

  12. Rhyle

    tbf – not too many analysts and pundits have tipped us to drop out of the top four, but I suppose there has been a couple. They have been a bit eager to write us off as title contenders though…and as we proved coming close a couple of years ago, writing us off is a bit much…

  13. Mayank

    Portsmouth at home is a must win after that if we can get points at OT the confidence will get us through City. If we manage 10 points after 4 matches i think we’ll be in top gear to spearhead a challenge.

  14. ManGoonian


    Oh gawd! What if we only beat Pompey by 4 goals? That’ll mean today’s rout was just a flash in the pan. We better get realistic and see that the glass is half empty and stop being so fair weather in our support.

  15. David

    yea but Rhyle the way people were routing for Villa to take 4th spot from us was disgraceful. Seriously….and when we sold Ade there were even more so adamant about it.

  16. Big Raddy

    It would be disappointing if AW didn’t strengthen what is clearly a decent team. As has been said another CB is essential,

    but for tonight …… f’ing great.

    Right, off to beat the wife

  17. Mayank

    Oh come on David, you have to agree a negative atmosphere even on a blog is counter-productive. And constantly berating our own players is bound to irritate some gooners.

  18. Pedro

    ManG, don’t act like an idiot.

    Mayank… I’m saying that we’re always here regardless… will the people posting those comments be back if it goes wrong?

    Of course not…

    Why would anyone think that people would be upset about a victory?


  19. Mayank

    Huh? I hope you’re being sarcastic Mangoonian. I’ve never held the glass half full approach neither have i slagged anyone off.

  20. Big Raddy

    Please don’t start this extremely dull slagging of each other

    As a very old hand on LG. I can say that we are all Gooners, and all wish the best for our team (even BBK!).

  21. Honest Bill

    Yeah it works the other way too Pedro. Some people only come on to post when there’s something negative to say. won’t show up when we are doing well.

    These people are also allowed to dig people out and act in a completely vile and belligerent manner. yet if someone does it to them from a positive perspective, it’s as if it’s a crime

  22. Stu

    I think we have a right to criticise the players amoungst ourselves but when the matches are on and amoung fans of other clubs we should always suppost our players.

    But there is no point in everyone being all smiles all the time. Because keeping things bottled up isnt healthy so we use the blogging world and here specifically to vent our frustration. Am i close?

  23. Pedro

    Well said Raddy… some people slag of player… other praise them… it’s the people who bang on about support that do my head in…

    Let enjoy the victory… dissect it a little bit and look forward to spanking the hoops and the toffees!

    Sitting here talking about who was right and who was wrong after one game seems pointless regardless of which way the result would have gone today.

    I’m just glad we’re off to a win… we’ll beat Celtic, Pompey and City… then the big one… can we beat United?

  24. incesc

    fook me its handbags on here tonight!

    2 more signings and rosicky getting fit and staying fit and we are right back in it. I tell ye

    How good was fabregas today. He wasnt himself after the injury last season but hes right back on it now.

  25. Mayank

    The only thing i think is wrong is that people are allowed to berate our players. Not criticise but come up with statements like “denilson is shit he’ll never make it”. It’s the equivalent of someone saying “Wenger is a genius he can’t ever be wrong”. Such comments are just to get a response and they do. I’m not condoning outsider who come on here to slag off Le grove btw.

  26. Confidentgoner

    Lets not get too excited.. I mean excessively excited. Other teams will simply not play such an open game with us. Moyes is a brave man. He probably took a cue from our last match which was really close.

    The EPL is a long journey. One game does not win you the title. We need Chamkah, we need Brede and we need AN OTHER in midfield. Every player will get games. Look at our historic injury record, and tell me what will be different? We need the bodies!

  27. Pedro

    HB, please don’t act like everyone is of the same mindset on here… or that we restrict freedom of speech.

    Don’t be so over the top… who digs people out in a vile manner?

    If someone comes on here abusing… it’ll be moderated.

    There is something wrong when the first thing you want to do after a victory is have a pop at other fans.

  28. incesc

    if we buy hangeland

    we will have gallas vermi and hangi

    we look pretty good there

    song looked great today

    upfront rvp aint lone striker but with arh and eddie around him things could be looking up

    swap rosicky for denilson


    sorry for the ultra positivity but ive been pretty depressed about arse recently and today has given me a massive boost!

    up the arse!

  29. SharkeySure

    Pedro you also have to acknowledge that the ‘others’ would havve been screaming ‘I told you so’ at the tops of their voices if we’d lost, or drawn/won playing poorly…

    They’ve been banging on about how shit we are and you’d think we had no decent players to listen to some of them.

    No offence Ped, but cast your mind back to the comments post the Valencia ‘debacle’.

    By ‘others’ I mean the minority of notorious doomomngers that DO frequent this blog.

    For those of us sick of bieng called an AKB every time we try to defend an LG scapegpoat, todays a bloody great day, for one more reason than the six reasons (goals) that ALL gooners are happy about.

    Songs 90min performance and Denilsons screamer were like a 7th goal for the so called ‘AKB’ crowd

  30. Pedro

    Mayank… both statements annoy me… if you’re going to lambast a player… say why… if you’re going to say Arsene Knows… say why.

    If people can justify what they are saying… I don’t really care what they have to say… it’s when they start abusing.

  31. Honest Bill

    I agree Pedro, there is also something wrong if after a defeat that’s all you wanna do.

    It is quite clear that people are allowed to say whatever they like to somebody who is defending Wenger, can call them any name they wish, All these people will be told is to “play nice”

    But if somebody who is defending Wenger and the Arsenal players does the same, then they are moderated

  32. Pedro

    ManG, I actually didn’t realise I’d spammed all your comments… but as you seem to have gone against all the rules after I did it… I’ll leave you in there till you have something constructive to say.

  33. SharkeySure

    Sorry Ped, you say its madness, but I’d put money it that there’s blogger son LG who’d happily throw a few games if it A) got rid of Wenger, or B) got him to change in some way that THEY want him to.

    Did Jimbo think that wishing that Den broke his leg would help us win the game that Den broke his leg in..

    Lets be clear that I;m talking about a notorious minority

  34. incesc

    “Songs 90min performance and Denilsons screamer were like a 7th goal for the so called ‘AKB’ crowd”

    apart from the goal denilson was a bit shit

    im pleased for the lad but we need someone better sharkey

  35. Mayank

    Exactly my point Pedro, both statements are equally provocative. But the fact is most of the time only one type of statement gets an almost universal disapproval. Abusing, i agree, is always taken care of and that’s why so many people come on here to blog.

  36. Mayank

    No denilson before the goal was shit. After it he got the confidence to go forward and did well. Imagine Fab’s good friend Rosicky there instead. I think we’ll have our own xavi+iniesta.

  37. Pedro

    HB, I totally disagree… I’m not going to sit here and debate how the comments section functions over here… look at the number… it clearly works. If we all agreed, the comments wouldn’t even be half.

    Sharkey… Song played very well today… I thought Denilson scored a great goal, but the rest of his game was a bit off compared to how I saw him play last year.

    The whole team looked sharp… bar the marquee players… which bodes well for the next few weeks!

    Why are we not talking about the game… that is what I want to know?

  38. SharkeySure

    HB, I;’ll sya it for ya cos you’re beating about the bush, but I do kind of agree with ya.

    Pedro…he’s talking about Ethan. You guys seem to let Ethan get away with murder.

    I’m no fan of BBK but when we fall out we keep it half civil, Ethans a fucking nightmare (at times). There I’ve said it and its off my chest

  39. Confidentgoner

    Is anyone watching madrid? Ronaldo played a free kicked that resulted in a benzema tap in.

    that’s why a player is worth 80mil. madrid were not really threatning

  40. David

    Quite genuis

    You call people doom mongerer’s…you pick out a quote from an actual blogger and then say you would protect legrove….LOl.

  41. Pedro

    … and that’s the point Sharkey… Jimbo is the minority… because he is pretty much on his own with his outlandish comments. He also makes a lot of valid points and despite the barracking he gets… he never ever reacts or abuses.

    On the flip side… you have A… he enjoys watching Bends play outwide… he is extremely pro Wenger… and he never ever abuses or reacts…

    That’s how is should be…

  42. Honest Bill

    Pedro, I’m not saying everybody has to agree, i’m saying some people are allowed to disagree more vehemently than others. But that’s fine by me, it’s not my blog, and i’m not in the habit of insulting people anyway.

    As for the Marquee players, do you mean Arshavin? because as i said previously. I think he did a lot of hard work that went unnoticed. He tracked back well, as did everyone, and his pressing and tenacity was confounding the Everton defence and Midfield for the whole game

  43. David

    Ethan, BBk….are passionate supporters that call it as they see it. If you disagree with someone…we can respectfully do so…instead of coming on here and pointing fingers after one game…its a tad bit funny.

    Benzema scores….All that money and a tap in goal is what they can come up with?

  44. SharkeySure

    Incesc…agreed – sort of. Den started poorly, improved abot after his goal. Beyond that I didn;t really notice him. But you just can’t ignore that he was part of a midfield that dominated Everton, so he must be doing something right.

    Simply saying he was shit is harsh, and doesnt really explain what he did wrong either.

    But yeah, all in all we do need someone better NOW, although in time Den will improve, thats not a FACT, just a hope/belief.

    I really hate when people state opinions as FACT…lol

  45. Mayank

    Ronaldo took an indirect freekick? or was there a scramble. Not many agree with me but i think Ronaldo will be found out this season. That is of course if he doesn’t get the amount of protection i think he’ll get.

  46. Pedro

    Sharkey… the problem I have with Ethan is firstly… he blogs late at night, so we can’t moderate… secondly, he is always provoked because people know they’ll get a reaction… we’ve e-mailed about it… and we have banned him for a period of time before.

    Ethan is a mega passionate fan, and I wont lie, I do enjoy his writing… like I enjoy a host of others… what I will say is he’ll always justify what he is saying, and yes sometimes his language can be strong… but like I said, I’ve spoken to him about it and hopefully, like last year… the flair ups will stop now the season is under way.

  47. Mayank

    Ronaldo’s freekicks aren’t special either conversion rate-wise. He get’s a lot of chances because he dives so much. I’m not a fan of his brand of hit and hope freekicks, i like the old-school curl it around the wall technique better.

  48. Joel

    Great game. Great comments on health care, Pedro. Americans who oppose reform and want to keep paying too much for too little have their heads you-know-wear: at White Hart Lane.

    Everyone played well — our commentators said that Sagna was the weak link, maybe playing too far forward and leaving space open behind — Eboue on wing improved defense, tho Nik tracked back great today, and brought fresh legs. Hail Almunia’s Assist to Cesc.

    Interesting to see Tuesday’s starting line-up: not sure we saw the “real” starting 11 today, since there’s another game in three days.

    Song was a monster. But without Arteta and Jagielka, this was not the Everton everyone fears — still, 6-0 against anyone, even the likes of Wolves, is a statement.


    ok to everyone who i have pissed off im sorry its just my passion for the club some might not see it like that but hey were only human at the end of the day,IM SORRY

  50. Faceman

    players like den and song need a couple of strong performances on the trot like today’s and then the confidence, coupled with fan support, will flow and they will get better and better.

    wenger is not a fool, he makes mistakes like all humans, but he must be sticking by song and den for a reason.

    lets all stick together as gooners, the rest of the press/media is against us as it is… we need to fight the good fight TOGETHER.

  51. SharkeySure

    Pedro…fair play to you & Geoffs work behind the scenes, I was just calling it as I saw it. Fingers crossed its behind us….

    No more arguing the toss from me….peace

  52. Mayank

    I don’t think we’ll go 442 unless we have to. 442 offers width which we don’t use, 433 is much better for us.

  53. Mayank

    Pedro in Song(new and improved version), Fab and Rosicky we have 3 players who think giving the ball away is a crime. With them as the MF 3 we’ll play some possesion football the likes of which we haven’t seen for months, or dare i say years.

  54. Faceman

    thinking ahead to the celtic game… i can see eboue coming into the starting line up, maybe eduardo aswell.

    could we see the same 11 start again inside 3 days?

  55. Mayank

    I knew BBK was an armchair fan. LOL
    I didn’t realise the time havta sleep.
    Pedro can’t wait for the report. Night all

  56. Rhyle

    Pedro – you and Geoff have always seemed to run the site fairly but you’ll just have to appreciate you’ll never please all the people all the time…

    Take it you’re from Essex mate? You ever get down to the Cherry Tree in Brentwood for the Arab TV games?

  57. SharkeySure

    BBK…I’m with Pedro on this one. No apology required, the worst you’ve ever called me is a prick. I’ve had worse.


  58. Confidentgoner

    One thing with Madrid: EGO!!

    I doubt if pelligrini is the man to manage the ego war that will be on between Ronaldo, kaka and homeboy or madrid god Raul.

  59. Honest Bill

    This may be my selective memory, but i don’t recall hansen ever lavishing praise on Kolo Toure when he played for us….


    damn forgot to get that in face my bad,i like this comment from an everton blog,Everton started the season with a comprehensive 6-1 home defeat at the hands of Arsenal. What makes it all the worse, is that Arsenal really weren’t that great.

  61. SharkeySure

    Faceman…yeah Pelleg is tops, but I;m not sure he’s ever had egos this big to deal with. At Villareal he had older players grateful for contracts(?), plus some with a point o prove ie Rossi, Riquelme…

    This RM Project is possibly a wholly different challenge

  62. Pedro

    Rhyle, I’ve never been there… primarily because I didn’t know it showed the games!

    I’ll have to shoot down there!

  63. Honest Bill

    BBK. Admittedly i was very disappointed at that, Perhaps we are just perfectionists. But we got the three points, that’s the important thing

  64. I AM GOONER (Maq)

    anyone see MOTD?
    We were up first but all they spoke about was how shit Everton were. Shock.

    They also couldn’t say enough about Toure and Ade. TBH Ade looked pretty good but I expected that. He’ll give them a decent first season at most, then he’ll get complacent again and get lazy. But right now he seems to be running around for his £120k a week.

    I’m just so happy we don’t have to look at that fool every week anymore. Perhaps no coincidence the whole teams workrate was exceptional today. Laziness breeds more laziness so we’ll well shot of him!

    Fuck me, that first Wigan goal was a scorcher!

  65. Honest Bill

    I AM GOONER, Yeah i noticed that. Didn’t wanna focus on our good performance. But that’s ok, it makes it that little bit sweeter in my opinion

  66. I AM GOONER (Maq)

    what I really liked today was that in the first half the game was a scrap for large periods. The team accepted that we had to battle and the won the right to play football. Towards the end of last season I was pulling my hair out as teh team seemed to have no fight, and when they occassionaly did they couldn’t stand up for themselves.

  67. Honest Bill

    Agreed mate. That is the biggest positive from today’s game in my mind, we dominated Everton physically, which is something none of us could have predicted

  68. SV

    Guys, I’m happy that MOTD did not concentrate on our performance. This is exactly what we need to continue being focused on the next game and not being carried away. Hansen will never like days when we win because it does not fit his narrative about an Arsenal in crisis. Should we care about him? No.

  69. A

    True Bill

    Song really was absolutely superb. When Nasri returns I’d guess he’ll take Denilson’s place, and that’s a very strong midfield three. Still think we’ll sign a DM though, Matuidi would fit in nicely.

    Vermaelen looks like one hell of a defender too

  70. Honest Bill

    Yeah A, I agree we still need a DM and a CB. I don’t trust our defensive cover, and an extra DM, will be needed for when Song’s off in Africa

  71. A

    Exactly HB. Wouldn’t mind Chamakh coming in as well. Be happy enough if Myler Palmer was right, but seeing as pretty much everything he writes nowadays is complete bollocks I wouldn’t bet on it.

  72. SV

    I’m not surprised about the perfect performance of Everton. He did wvery well against valencia before being substituted. i like his vision and creatively he offers more than just a DM.

  73. Honest Bill

    I don’t mind which CB we bring in as long as he has pace and is physically commanding.

    Yes SV i agree, he has performed like that in many games towards the end of last season too. Really growing in to a good player, and i think that will finally get the recognition, providing the team is doing well

  74. A

    I’d just like someone relatively young HB, someone Vermaelen sort of age, at a point where they’re more than capable standing in if necessary right away, but at an age where they’ll be around for a long while, develop a really good understanding and partnership with Vermy, and improve a fair bit as well. Just wish Sakho was right footed, thought he’d be a good signing

  75. Honest Bill

    A, yeah i’ve heard really good things about him. Not sure if it’s of major importance which is his preferred foot. Gallas after all, can play on either side. I don’t see that it’s particularly important since all you need to do is get a foot on it, you don’t really need the accuracy of a striker

  76. Rhyle

    Here’s the thing with our CBs and what I think we need.

    A little while ago people were moaning that we lacked a plan B offensively, that we could only play one way. We bought in Adebayor as a target man and brought through Bendtner to back him. We had our plan B.

    I still think AW’s vision of the game has prevented him from buying a Plan B defensively. He likes small, compact, ball playing central defenders – not physical, less mobile competitors. Vermaelen and Gallas did very well today. But what about against teams who are going to look to play deep and batter us on set pieces? Stoke springs to mind…it’s going to worse defending Delap throw ins with Beattie trying to get on the end of them! Bringing in a player like Hangeland gives us a plan B defensively and options when trying to tactically beat teams.

    Interested in other opinions on this…

  77. Honest Bill

    Rhyle. Yeah i think as far as set pieces are concerned, we have players like Bendtner, and i think this may influence Wenger’s decision to continually play Diaby in the side. Gives you that bit of height. Djourou, by all rights, should be great from set pieces. Unfortunately he is tactically naive at playing a defensive line, and he gets caught on his heels

  78. SV

    Rhyle, I think Everton tried to bombard us with high balls – it just did not work due to our discipline in defence. But I agree that tactically we had an easier game because Everton were not behind the ball. It’s interesting to see how we are going to cope with weaker teams behind the ball at home. Last season it cost us many points in goalless drows.

  79. A

    Bill it’s not a major importance if you have two right footers, but you’ll never ever find a centre back partnership with two left footed players, unless one of them is very two footed. A left footer and a right footer is perfect for balance, two right footers is ok, two left footers is unheard of, because you can’t have two players who’s weaker side is the side the majority of players will try and beat them on.

    Rhyle Vermaelen isn’t massive but he’s powerful, Everton did kinda batter us in the first half hoofing balls up into the box, but Vermy beat Jo and Fellaini the vast majority of the time, and they’re as big as anyone we’ll come up again. Song too, very strong in the air. There aren’t many teams physically bigger than Everton, and we showed today we’ve got more than capable of dealing with it.

    Stoke will be difficult, as it is for every team, though Beattie isn’t the problem at all, he’ll be a piece of piss! It’s the likes of Faye and Shawcross who are near impossible to deal with, but noone can deal with them, and I don’t think it would be worth signing Hangeland purely for the game against them!

    Even again them Vermaelen could be able to handle them, he’s got a great leap on him and is a real fighter, Jo and Fellaini offer a bigger aerial threat than 95% of the Premiership

  80. David

    A Says:
    August 15, 2009 at 23:33
    Exactly HB. Wouldn’t mind Chamakh coming in as well. Be happy enough if Myler Palmer was right, but seeing as pretty much everything he writes nowadays is complete bollocks I wouldn’t bet on it.


    I think he was spot on…..about Kolo TOure and Ade transfers…the Clichy Injury…the fact that Rosicky was injured….the Lady Bracewell discussions…All before the general media came out….

    I for one hope he’s right again.

  81. Honest Bill

    A. as most players are right footed, surely they are more likely to try to beat you on your left side.. And even so, i don’t think which foot is your preference is particularly important. You don’t need to get your best foot in for a tackle, it only really affects your accuracy of passing and such. You can hoof it out just as effectively with your weak foot. I don’t see why it would be that detrimental.. Although i do concede that i can’t think of a double lefty partnership, However I always put it down to the fact that far fewer people are left footed

  82. A

    David basically every article he’s written recently is wrong, he writes articles with so many factual errors, it’s pretty obvious that he’s just pretending to watch the matches, but still writes to keep people on his website to keep publicity for his book, even though his heart isn’t in it anymore and hasn’t been for a while.

    Writing a whole article saying that Vermaelen couldn’t have built up an understanding with the defence when he only played the first 45 minutes, when he actually featured in each of the first three matches, so was around for a good while.

    Writing match reports talking about Bendy playing centrally and VP right, when that never happened.

    All his analysis of things actually happening, the formation, matches, wenger is all just bollocks now, and simply more articulately written parotting of the tabloid bollocks.

    Still, he may still have contacts inside which mean he knows things others don’t, but that article seems more like his opinion than going on any sources he’s got info from. I’d be happy if it was true

  83. A

    HB I promise you, I can’t think of a centre back pairing with two left footers ever….

    If a player is left footed, facing someone right footed, the right footed player is more comfortable kicking the ball with the inside of his right foot, so right to left, whether dribbling, or passing.

    It means that any left footed defender is weaker on his right side, which is why you don’t see any partnerships with two left footed players, you can’t constantly stretch right with your left foot, it makes you less agile, and slower to get across.

  84. Rhyle

    A – couldn’t agree more that Palmer’s heart isn’t in it any more. Still comes up with the odd gem but 90% is rubbish. Oddly, keep up with his music posts. Worth a read if you like a good tune.

  85. A

    It’s also why there are less left footed centre backs, than every other position, because as a defender, being left footed means that your weaker foot is on the side that most players will go on. Although that can be ok, and can even bring good balance, you can’t have two of them.

    It is annoying, I do really like Sakho, what I’ve seen of him anyways

  86. A

    lol Rhyle, very true. It’s weird how he pretends to deeply analyse things, I remember an article he wrote about a confederations cup game, making out he was doing a deep analysis of Brazil’s system, and two of the players he said were central to that game hadn’t even played.

    I used to be a massive fan of his writings, but he’s just completely lost interest, but feels that he needs to keep churning out articles to keep publicising his book

  87. Honest Bill

    A, but why can’t you just put your weak foot in, all you wanna do is tackle them. Besides, what if you partnerships with two righty players comes up against a lefty strike force.

    Most attackers are able to cut inside or outside the defender anyway. I don’t see the logic

  88. David


    I dont read Myles Palmer for March reports thats what Pedro does every so well…(except when it comes to rating Walcott)

    However….Myles gets it right factually with ins and outs of the club…and the stuff he writes about Gazidi’s before Gazidi’s actually came to the club…it was revealing. Exposing the fact that we have been underachieving on the Global commercial front…he’s been spot on about the finances as well….he even predicted we will finish fourth if and only if we signed Arshavin.

  89. Stu

    I dont know what ye are talking about because i didnt read back far but i remember Pompey playing a whole back 4 of lefties. Cant remember how they did tho 😳

  90. Rhyle

    David – he just churns out the stuff his mate at the International Herald tells him. He’s a hub, not an opinion of himself. Nothing more than a parrot for other peoples points of view or their news. Which is fair enough, but try not to dress it up as something fresh, original or insightful.

  91. Stu

    Strangely it seems that left footed players arw worse with their right than righties are with their left. Has anyone else ever noticed this?

  92. A

    There are much fewer lefty strike forces bill, but that’s why there are more lefty attackers than there are defenders, because they can have that strength and attack the weaknesses of most centre backs.

    You can put your weak foot in, but a player who’s left footed is going to be weaker on their left side, have worse control both in intercepting and tackling, and generally turning that way as well, as it isn’t as natural.

    Most attackers are right footed.

    If you’re right footed then you’re more likely to pass, dribble, and turn from right to left.

    An attacker passing/dribbling/turning from right to left is doing so onto a left footed centre back’s week side.

    That’s the logic I believe.

    I don’t fully understand it either, it isn’t a categorical proof by any means, but football managers seem to treat it as such.

    David how was that last bit proven?! I believe we would have finished 4th regardless of Arshavin, despite Arshavin making us alot stronger. In fact the Arshavin stuff is something he speaks bollocks about, saying the board forced wenger to sign him etc. Complete and utter tosh.

    I agree though, in terms of the board and behind the scenes with gazidis, he does have a good grasp of things. It’s just when it comes to the football side he’s lost the plot