Arsenal may need to sack defender / £125million bid rejected

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Good morning Grovers, I’m going to cover a few topics today… Crime, the NHS… then a spattering of footballing thoughts.

First things first… Arsenal could be in trouble defensively.

Armed robbery
R v Turner (1975) 61 Cr.App.R. 67

The Sentencing Guidelines Council is currently considering advice of the Sentencing Advisory Panel on this subject and is likely to issue a draft guideline during 2005.

Legislation: s.8, Theft Act 1968
Maximum penalty: Life imprisonment

That doesn’t make pretty reading from where I’m sitting… nor does this picture taken before the £40million jewel heist in London this week.

JD... what have you done...!

JD... what have you done...!

I’ll leave this one with the authorities… JD, I’m a little disappointed, especially as it looks like you’ve carried out the crime with Gary Neville…

Next up… I’ve been listening to the fall out in the US about Obama’s proposed healthcare reforms. Sarah Palin dubbed the NHS ‘evil’… Now I’m struggling to see how comparatively, a free health service can be classed as evil… yet the American system, of which 27% of people under the age of 65 have no access due to being priced out of health insurance… is some how ok?

Sarah, there is no doubting that I spent many special nights in with you over the election period… but I find it staggering that a great nation like a America can take someone as retarded as you seriously. Anyone who believes Africa is a country should be discarded from Politics immediately and sent to work the glamour modelling circuit over here.

I have a relative who has just had their life saved by the quick thinking of the staff at the NHS… and I’m backing them 100%, they do a superb job and we should be grateful of the hard work their staff put in everyday. If you ever wanted evidence that politicians are controlled by big business… just keep an eye on the propaganda coming out against the proposals… it’s so transparent it’s embarrassing.

So… onto today… and Arsene Wenger has finally manned up and stuck it to Barcelona,

‘I have made a bid for Messi and nobody speaks about it’

Well Arsene, I’ve just spoken about it… the bid was rumoured to be £125million. I’m proud of you boss, even if they rejected the offer. Geoff has always suggested we should do that when Barca come knocking for our players…

‘Yeah sure you can have our best player, but we’d like yours in return please’

It’s how we should roll. On the subject of Cesc, the coach has this to say,

“Cesc is committed to the Club,”

“He has told me that and told that to the press. We cannot master the noises coming out of Spain.

“They have the same problems in the newspapers looking for headlines. When they have no ideas anymore, they come out with a Fabregas story.

“He has corrected those stories. It is not him who encourages the idea. It is the press who encourages the idea. Where does that story come from? Does that come from Fabregas two days ago? It comes from Spain.’

So, that’s that… Cesc is staying. Hooray… we love you Cesc.

Wenger is also taking a sensible approach to Jack Wilshere. Whilst admitting that he will be involved this season, he wont be involved heavily due to his age. That is fair… he’ll be a great impact sub and a good back up player if injuries get on top of us. We wouldn’t want him burning out early now would we?

So today, it’s the first game back of the season and I’m on my second set of pants already due to the excitement… the sun will be shining over the dump hole that is Liverpool and I’m very confident our boys are going to dish up a beating to the boys in blue (Everton, not the police). We need to make sure we impose our game on them from the off and we need to make sure we have a sense of urgency right the way through the game. Here is how I think we will line up:


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

Eboue Denilson Cesc Arshavin

RvP NikB

Here is how I’d like us to line up (How do you make a 4-3-3 look right on the screen?):

Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
Merida Cesc Denilson
RvP Eduardo Arsh

I’m going for a 2-0 comfortable victory! Come on you Gooners!

Geoff will be back with his normal previews next week and I will return to my match reporting duties! See you tomorrow Grovers, I’ll have you a super exciting victory report waiting for you at 0900.

Happy Saturday!

P.S. If I see any name calling or petulance on the site today, you’ll get pulled secret police style and banned for a day… we leave all that nonsense for the other blogs.

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  1. ethangunner

    I’ll leave this one with the authorities… JD, I’m a little disappointed, especially as it looks like you’ve carried out the crime with Berbatov…
    looks more like Garry Neville to me 🙂

  2. wenger's boss

    good post pedro
    good u r thinking practically by taking denilson ahead of song,thats what wenger always do

  3. insidealbania

    ‘the sun will be shining over the dump hole that is Liverpool’ – Nicely put.

    And thank you for sticking up for the NHS, the UK should be proud of its health service. Its not perfect, but in life what is??

  4. wenger's boss

    breaking news
    arsenal bid of 124m for messi’s accepted,but arsenal backs off,bcz board says they dont have that much money (The Daily Crap)
    really sad

  5. VanDaManPersie

    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
    Cesc Denilson
    Arsh Bend Rvp

    2-1 to the Arsenal (Bendtner, Arshavin)

  6. SUGA3

    I know Friday is supposed to be the jokes day but:

    Q: Why are divorces so expensive?

    A: Because they’re worth it!

  7. ethangunner

    well reggie if you were female you could always get a job here in pattaya with those sorts of skills 🙂

  8. SUGA3

    well, I think he is more suited to needs – stronger, better tackler and has more presence…

    Denilson may be a bit more intelligent, but with his shattered confidence it counts for fuck all…

  9. The Killer Viper

    The midfield trio will be Denilson, Cesc and Ramsey or Song instead of Ramsey. I think Bendtner will start along with RVP and Arshavin

  10. SUGA3

    well, I think he is more suited to needs – stronger, better tackler and has more presence…

    Denilson may be a bit more intelligent, but with his shattered confidence it counts for fuck all…

    plus, playing Song leaves Cesc more freedom, as he does not have to babysit DN15

    Denilson will get raped by Toffees today if he plays on his own, mark my words…

  11. insidealbania

    Choy – I want to switch between tabs, but every time I click the tab it closes it. I know I can switch tabs using CTRL+1-9 but with the mouse it is not working like it does with firefox. Any clues?

  12. Dan

    Le ro-sicky list needs updating. it looks alot worse than that 🙁 but were back 🙂 now im gonna have to buy espn, bastards lol

  13. The Killer Viper

    Suga, I think he is more in place in the 4-3-3. Denilson’s positioning is better. He is a better reader of the game. Some people say Song is better at tracking back. But in reality, he just runs behind like a headless chicken. Denilson has more interceptions than Song. Almost 4 a game.
    But as you say, Song is more strong and a good tackler. Denilson will be top class if he bulks up.

  14. ManGoonian

    Any of u douche bags off to sunny Liverpool 2day?

    Arsenal 2-1 RvP and Arshy, no probs! Come on you crazy Goons!

    Need 2 go back 2 bed 1st tho

  15. Ad

    I just don’t see the big deal with merida. On the odd occasion that I’ve bothered to watch the reserves and expecially in the Emirates Cup he was horrendous. I think wenger should just give up attacking that dead horse with a stick and let him go. He’s like Fabregas minus talent and ability.

    On another note I think if we get a good deal for Fab then we should just sack him off. I just don’t see what is that special about the guy. He can’t score. All he can do is pass a ball. And we have those playwers coming out the other end to be perfectly honest. We need someone big and brave and bold to replace him mind and a good supporting DM and a CB and someone to replace Bendtner who is quite frankly embarrassing to behold. I will gladly eat a turd of my own creation if he wins the Everton game for us today.

  16. FredIsDead

    I’m happy to see Merida in your line up, I dont think he’ll make it in either. The two I am most uncomfortable with (after Ade) are Diaby and Walcott. They are all potential and no product.

  17. Sam

    Long time reader first time blogger I personally feel that this will be our team


  18. ethangunner

    well i just hope we dont start with eboue ..
    but im sure Le boss will ..

    has he learned anything from last season ?
    we got great players like jack in the wings yet we opt with mediocrity , who cares if jack burns out ?

    and besides .. if he does get fatigued then REST HIM ..

    and if he doesnt we are better team for it ..
    if rooney can start his career at 17 im sure
    jack at closer to 18 is more than up for it ..

    and besides if the kid is bursting with talent why smother him and bottle his natural talent ,
    you can do just as much harm NOT playing him ..

    i think wenger did the same to theo and look whats happening to theo now ..

  19. Honest Bill

    raif. Yes I have a feeling there will be a considerable amount of outrage, but that will all be forgotten if we win

  20. skandibird

    Pedro, your recent posts (dare I say it, in the absence of Geoff?)are well written and fabbadoose; thanks for ‘upping’ the NHS, (as some you may know I recently attended Charing Cross Hospital for an operation to ‘wire’ back bone to elbow and the staff were fantastic so I for one is glad it happened in the UK and not ”good old USA”)…. also, did I read somewhere that Merida has been loaned out to a Spanish club for the season? To-days game – feeling the nerves, but, if we get off to a good start and win, could be the beginning of the challenge to the title.

  21. SUGA3

    TKV, thing is that good reading of the game counts for nothing if you get outmuscled by oppo players each and every time and can’t tackle to save his life – the last good sliding tackle he made must have been in this Nike ad…

    running like ‘headless chicken’ does it – in our system DM must be a nuisance for the opposition…

  22. redbearer

    Good pre-match spiel Pedro… I like that you mentioned the NHS.. they saved my father with a couple of Ops in recent years and the Yanks clearly don’t know WTF they are talking about so they should keep their gobshite traps firmly shut which in itself would endorse world peace!

    Re today’s impending kick off.. I would dearly love to see Wilshere come on and provide a match winner against the toffees because Rooney did it once to us and such justice would be sweet or a just a belated bout of karma!!

    Come on you Gunners

  23. kelsey

    Good post and quite amusing.

    By the way anyone know where Senderos is and furthermore does he feature in our plans this season.
    1-3 to us today, RVP and Eduardo to score a brace.

    Most importantly no more injuries.

    NHS is a very emotive subject and depending where you live in the UK the standards vary enormously.As a family we have experienced the good,the bad and the ugly.

    I hear Adebayor was behind the heist in Bond Street,in case things go pear shape at City.

  24. LAzer

    Here’s some more Palin-ism for you Pedro-

    “Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending soldiers out on a task that is from God. That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God’s plan.” –Sarah Palin, on the Iraq war

  25. gooner786

    Morning Grovers,

    We will lose 2-1 today, and also we will finish 5th this season due to the lack of spending and injuries.

  26. SUGA3

    I had a dream tonight and we drew 2:2…

    2 up, then conceded 2 in quick succession in typical Arsenal manner – corner and counter attack after our corner…

  27. skandibird

    Dan, glad to hear/read that, as I do rate him, would be good to see him play in some of the games, even as a substitute. Does anyone know what’s happened to Jay Simpson? Haven’t read anything about him for ages, another player I think deserves a chance, maybe he’ll be used in the Cup games?

  28. Ali Saljuk

    Its the football that counts today , no more analysis or good v/s bad. Its my beloved Arsenal out there today. I am excited , nervous and my heart is pounding now. C’mon you Gooners !!!

  29. Faceman

    that is it ali – for once lets ALL drop our differences… and get behind the team

    they could suprise the footballing world.. i know they will.

  30. BASSEM

    Is it me or was anybody else furious to see Eboue’s name at right midfield. I thought we were selling the bloke?

  31. Gunner90

    Very depressing that we are looking at another season with Denilson and Song being our main defensive midfield options. They are both not and never will be good enough for Arsenal if we still want to be considered for a top four spot in the league. I cannot imagine they would have any chance at all of playing for Liverpool, Chelsea or Manchester United. I am still praying that Wenger will buy another striker,defensive mid-field player and a really tall imposing centre half before the deadline – otherwise no trophies at all this season or champions league the next season.

  32. Faceman

    ffs the negatives fook are out and we have not even played the first game yet

    just get behind us FFS

    start the bitcing AFTER the game… if you need to 😉

  33. Mayank

    AAAH the PL starts today… I can’t believe i’m excited about the Chelsea match.. Watching PL will be like peeing after a long time… The relief.

  34. tom weight

    i agree with Ad aswell i will also eat a turd if bendtner plays well because he is even more s**t than adebayor. its RVP arshavin and eduardo and they are the only choices…we should fob him off to some other s**t club and use the money from adebayor toure and him to buy someone quality who could link well with fab and make him a better player

  35. tom weight

    i agree with your team lineup to be honest but i believe that song could prove a good holding midfielder and we should push cesc a bit further up front i would also agree with your defence selection but i think we should line up like this

    sagna gallas vermaelen clichy


    rosicky eboue


    arshavin RVP


    post back on how you think song would fare in that role and how you think cesc could push up front and veen RVP and arshavin those wonder balls that we know he can give

  36. Mayank

    The only thing i wished of the window was to get a team for which i can predict Arsenal 4 – Shit FC 0. Not Arsenal 4 – Shit FC 2. Oh well.

  37. paul

    Faceman you stole my thunder,i do not know why some people bother when we have so many positives in this team.For F’S sake stop moaning.

  38. Faceman

    exactly, paul

    this constant bitching even before a ball has been kicked this season proves a lot about the mental stability of some so called “gooners”

  39. tomstoned

    Mornin All…

    Thx for the post Pedro ..

    everton-Arsenal = 1-2….thinking this might be a make or brake match..and i hope we can get a result and a good start to the season….


  40. Faceman

    gooner – silvestre is back up.. in the squad not in the team

    Hope this helps… lift yourself man, we have a genius leading this club… never doubt him… for there will never be another in another 5 lifetimes.

  41. ardentgooner

    Nice post !!!!

    Finally Wenger has put his foot down…Thats the way to react to rubbish from other clubs…If Only he could have reacted that way to Hleb’s exit talk !! What say??

  42. tomstoned

    gooner 786 mate..

    i believe we will fihgt it out with chelski this season…manu..not sure….and the reasons are Arshavin…Eduardo..Cesc form the start this year..Rosicky will be available off and on i think..Wilshere and Vela seems to be ready…and we got rid off the chicken man,,,which already have paid off in team can feel the optmism..and determination among Our players…its great..

    we have the talent all we like anyone else needs to win the league is a good start and some pure luck..


  43. Pedro

    Simon, if you’re referring to the fact we pay for it with taxes… fine, technically its not free. However, the fact that everyone is covered and there is always someone to see you regardless of economic background puts the States to shame.

    What system would you prefer to be on?

    Guys… lets keep it friendly… the game hasn’t even kicked off yet!

  44. Pedro

    What was that?

    Paul… he’s worked on his PR and effort over the last year, I hope he is well received this year…. and I really hope he can bag 20 goals.

  45. Truth

    Good morning fellow Grovers, Well, today is the start of a difficult run of games for us. We need all the positivity we can get. I’m predicting a fantastic season for The Arsenal, in spite of all the negativity out there. Hopefully we’ll leave Ponderous up at Everton after beating them 0-2. C’mon you Gunners

  46. KM in WALES

    morning guys.bloody raining which usually means a quite day in my business hmmm ne1 know the weather forecast for this evening?

  47. Faceman

    easy life to berate everything about the club.. if things don’t go right you give it the old

    “i told you so nah nah naaah”

    however… if things go bang on… then its suddenly

    “and its arrrrsenal, arsenal FC, we’re by far the…..”

  48. fr@nky

    and so it begins! I’ ve got a weird feelin about today, im thinkin we might tie this one but i also think this season some kids ar egonna step up and give that extra push required so ill still go for the 1-0 or 2-0 victory!
    come on ya gunners!!!

  49. Pedro

    KM, it’s beautiful and sunny where I am!

    The south west is a nightmare for rain…

    Right, I’m off to the gun house… play nice and start getting excited! Only 6 and a half hours to go!

  50. tom weight

    lets all get behind our team im sick of doubters we can do it with the players we have people keep saying we should buy experience etc but look at the likes of ronaldo and rooney how old were they when fergie saw there potential now just look at fabregas and van persie especially world class players we need faith in wenger he is god and the best manager arsenal have ever seen and faceman you are correct he is once in a lifetime

  51. paul

    Guys have followed the Arsenal since the sixties and believe me i have watched some dross.However at the beginning of every season i believe we will win the lot.Thats what makes this game so great.This is a very exciting team not perfect i know but be positive.

  52. Pedro

    Faceman, you should spend more time talking about football and less about other peoples positivity/negativity…

  53. tomstoned

    Pedro mate…

    a question ? theese romours last year..about Wenger’s statement..being forced to sell players for 30M,,every year for was it 5 years..any truth to that..?

    and Faceman mate..i would say we would win it by a mile this year..but including the injuries i think we will have to grid down a fight for it…and i think we can do it..we are much stronger this year…i think by christmas we will rock’n roll..:) chelski for me looks like the strongest contender..manu could be…l’pool no way..aston villa ..nope.manc..nope..everton just maybe..i like them..and i hope Barnsley will do ok..


  54. goonermichael

    good luck everyone. here we go again. I’ve just had a spud telling me we’re a selling club. same old bollocks. Fuck them all. Chavs spuds mancscum bindippers all fucking shit. death to the infidels

  55. SUGA3

    Faceman, I am being realistic and I seriously think we can mount a title challenge, subject to:

    – playing the right players in the right positions
    – focusing on getting results rather than proving some nonsensical points
    – right team selection
    – injuries

    as for Silvestre: backup? what backup? waste of space, no more…

  56. KM in WALES

    w/s are things? Watch any movies l8ly? I seen Love Aaj kal that was ok going to watch KAMINEY nxt it looks r.good

  57. incesc

    i hope eddie starts today hes in my dream team!!!

    just ordered espn, woohoo its on!!!

    anyone seen arsenalnewsreview today?

    matuidi, hangeland and chamakh

    sounds good to me

  58. leon

    i feel the most important player for team will be gallas,which last season once he lost the captains armband just kept is head down and let performances do the talking and preety much showed what a top performer i would offer him 100k to stay if i was wenger i realy would without dought 1 of the best defenders in europe,as for vern i think he is good defender and from what i have heard he far more agresive player than toure so i think he will fitt in well and at 23-24 he is ta the right age

  59. Pedro

    Tom, I don’t believe so… it’s not feasible to have to sell £30million worth of players every year to compete… the banks wouldn’t allow a business to function in that way… especially as the transfer market is so volatile.

  60. KM in WALES

    pedro – whats the gun house? Tom – i think wenger should give the likes of ramsey,wilshere,barazite a run in the squad because our squad strength is inferior to Chelski & Mancs. I want to believe we can win it but for me we need a CB & DM.

  61. Pedro

    Incesc… it’s not snobby, it’s childish and smacks of someone whose only watched SINCE the Wenger era.

    I was raised on the George Graham years and there was nothing more enjoyable than singing ‘one nil to the Arsenal’ loud and proud at Highbury and watching our players lift silverware on a regular basis.

    I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Faceman, you can come back when you stop acting like an idiot.

  62. tom weight

    i think we all need to get a grip were all arsenal fans and we should be standing by our team our manager and most importantly ourselves am i the only optimist on this blog?!?!?!?!

  63. el tel


    This is what we have waited a long time for, this is the day.

    I think we will win today but unlike your 2-0 I will take 4-2.

    I just think with this Keeper it is going to be a goalfest evety match.

    Arshavin and Bendtner are going to have a storming game.

    Lets hope we cane the Scousers arses.

    Come on you Gunners.