Have Arsenal football club lost their ambition?

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Add to the team now or be lucky to stay in the top 4. And stop bragging about losing as if we should be grateful.

After watching the Chavs and Mancs grind out a bore draw yesterday, I thought, well they haven’t improved, good. But at least they haven’t gone backwards and I think we have, with Nasri and Rosicky out and with Kolo and Ade gone we have gone the wrong way.

If he bought a centre back and a big midfielder in now, then we could win the league, that’s all we’re lacking, even Paddy in there would do the job. If however Wenger is determined to stick with what he has then please persevere with Wilshere and Ramsey and not Song, Denilson and Eboue, at least you can see those two will make it.

He also seems obsessed with Numchucks, I really think he would be a great signing, but do we really need another striker? We need a midfielder and a centreback, the whole world knows it except the boss.

Someone said yesterday they didn’t realise we had already lost to Celtic and Everton yet, well if we sign no-one soon, you can add City and ManU to that list, then our season will be over, in September.

That’s how confident I feel, and with all the money we have to spend, that’s all bollocks.

The latest boast is we got to 2 semi finals, well in the ECL we lost our group, beat a shit Roma side on penalties and a poor Villareal and then got humiliated by the Mancs, and the FA Cup saw us all the way to the semis without meeting a premiership side and when we did, we didn’t play our best player and lost, and what, that’s our new benchmark? Please!

If someone out there can tell me selling two and buying none makes sense when we were already two short, I’ll listen, but don’t call me negative, that title’s already been taken…

Have a great week Grovers! And no bitching today, that’s for the other blogs.

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  1. zeus

    Hey, I’m just wondering if anyone knows a website that is similar to justin.tv The jerkoffs over there went all legit and now u have to pay in order to watch anything on that site. Just checking if anyone had any suggestions for alternatives.

  2. dennisdamenace

    iceman – i don’t want to worry you even further, but the likelihood is that this scenario will continue for the unforseen future, in fact we could be looking at a decade of this shite, unless the club gets extenal investment…..

  3. iceman

    That’s worrying.
    Maybe we just lower our expectations.
    It’s better than hearing I believe in this squad only to have to buy a player in Jan who ensured we finish 4th. Maybe he’s past it. We need to accept that. He’s not interested in the football side of things but the business side.

  4. kelsey

    Morning all.

    Am I rght that the friendly between Holland v England tomorrow has been cancelled., and if so why.