Nunchucks next in but where is that midielder and that centreback?

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Morning all, I believe we will sign Wenger’s preferred striker today and that his club will take the money rather than have a disaffected player going for nothing next season. What worries me is we have not signed the beast we need in midfield, let alone the centre back we need.

Why were we not in for Aquiliani? Why are we not after Diarra? Why have we not re-signed Paddy?

Some suggest we still have no money, well if we don’t, we were massively overstocked last season then, weren’t we?

So if he is being a good housekeeper this season, was he a bad one last?

All our ex players are urging him to buy two more players, we saw in the Emirates Cup we still need two players and I fear if we don’t do so quickly, we will be out of the Champions league and the Premiership by September, then we’ll be screwed.

It was clear for the whole world to see, we are still suspect at the back, nothings changed there, we need to act now, one whilst we still have the money and two whilst we still can, two more Arsene and we’ll be world beaters, don’t do it and this season will be like last, lots of goals, unfortunately they will be at both ends.

There are players out there, they are available, you have the money, do it before it’s too late boss, please.

I am one of the few that think Nunchucks will be a great signing, so Arsene, I agree with you, but we don’t need a forward as much as we need a DM and a CB, really boss, we don’t.

Have a great day Grovers, I think Pedro has written some crackers this week, so well done that man.

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  1. LAzer

    But the question is why has Wenger waited so long? Just to get a bargain at a shit player? All the big clubs have already added what they needed for the most part. We are the only ones haggling over a million here a million there. What the fuck for? Pay the price, do the business and get the squad ready. I am so fucked off with the whole last two hours crap. Wenger has turned us into a farce. Every club president must have a right moan up when contacted by Arsenal, its like alright here we go again with these cheap bastards harrassing us till we drop.

    And finally before i stop moaning…Alonso is a prime example of why this doesn’t work. Simple as that. You can be a real shitbag sometimes Wenger, we would have had genuine quality for once if you would have gone the extra mile for him.

  2. timao

    can’t believe why people always bring up alonso – if he was really available, why did no-one else buy him? Liverpool were never going to sell him – so in what way did wenger miss out?

  3. timao

    According to LAzer you either spend more than you earn (eventual outcome = certain bankruptcy) or you’re a cheap bastard.