Nunchucks next in but where is that midielder and that centreback?

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Morning all, I believe we will sign Wenger’s preferred striker today and that his club will take the money rather than have a disaffected player going for nothing next season. What worries me is we have not signed the beast we need in midfield, let alone the centre back we need.

Why were we not in for Aquiliani? Why are we not after Diarra? Why have we not re-signed Paddy?

Some suggest we still have no money, well if we don’t, we were massively overstocked last season then, weren’t we?

So if he is being a good housekeeper this season, was he a bad one last?

All our ex players are urging him to buy two more players, we saw in the Emirates Cup we still need two players and I fear if we don’t do so quickly, we will be out of the Champions league and the Premiership by September, then we’ll be screwed.

It was clear for the whole world to see, we are still suspect at the back, nothings changed there, we need to act now, one whilst we still have the money and two whilst we still can, two more Arsene and we’ll be world beaters, don’t do it and this season will be like last, lots of goals, unfortunately they will be at both ends.

There are players out there, they are available, you have the money, do it before it’s too late boss, please.

I am one of the few that think Nunchucks will be a great signing, so Arsene, I agree with you, but we don’t need a forward as much as we need a DM and a CB, really boss, we don’t.

Have a great day Grovers, I think Pedro has written some crackers this week, so well done that man.

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  1. David

    Pascal Cygan was a disgrace…where is he now? Reyes wasnt Wenger’s best moment of genius but he was adequately removed from the team….so should Denilson.

  2. Confidentgoner


    Lets not go overboard with stats but Dennilson is a class below Song or Fletcher or Carrick. He is still not strong enough to be an engine room (DM).

  3. Stu

    Ray, Arshavin got 6 goals in 4 months here, he will get more than 10 next season imo. And Bendtner will get more than 9 thats for sure.

  4. Sion De Freitas

    I understand where Matt is coming from with Denilson: He isn’t as bad as we sometimes make out. But the fact is, he isn’t quite up to scratch just yet. He has made mistakes in high profile matches that go unnoticed by the statistics of the good things that he does do.

    Yes he is young and still improving and we know that he is far from his peak. But he wasn’t exactly helping us win most of the time, and was a passenger in quite a few games.

    I think Denilson is an outstanding prospect, but a player of his nature should not be playing so much in such a high profile position when we need it to be more solid.

  5. Matt

    SUGA3: Reyes? The sub/reject from Athletico? Come on now…
    He was decent with us until his last year and even then he defended less than Bobby Pires.

    “I recall counter attack losing momentum due to his ridiculous ’safe’ passing – what is the bloody point?”
    1) FYI that was the common opinion about Gilberto in his last 2 years (and it ws true too).
    2) If you followed Denilson since his reserves or Carling Cup games you know he can play an offensive game. The day Wenger tells him to do so he will. He was nurtured as another Cesc so there’s hope his passing game will be more offensive.

  6. David

    Err….Samuel Eto o? Drogba?

    Essien wasnt unknown at all at 21….infact I remember when Nigeria beat Ghana 1-0 in 2002…he was 18 years and commanded the midfield for Ghana.

  7. SUGA3

    Matt, now you’re just trying to prove that the Earth is flat, come on…

    Denilson superb in the reserves & CC games – about his level, IMO…


    keep comparing to how so and so was at there age is bollocks,the fact is there here and now and are doing fuck all for us,we need to be winning trophy’s not fucking providing a creche for these cunts to learn at our expense.k.m.t

  9. David

    Matt Says:
    August 6, 2009 at 22:59
    He was nurtured as another Cesc so there’s hope his passing game will be more offensive.


    Are you insane? When have you seen Denilson Lead an Attack? Or make a final through ball? When have you seen a pin point pass?

    Even with a 14/15 year old Cesc….you could see massive potential…wtf…does Denilson do in the final third?

    Cesc can shoot the ball from anywhere….have you seen Denilson shoot before?

  10. Ray in SF

    Stu: I agree, I was trying not to put too much pressure on them

    also, I was trying to be at least a tad realistic and assumed a fair amount of squad rotation and reduced overall playing time per player

    so the estimate is 60% of their total if they had played 90 mins every game

    so Bendy and Arshavin would be nearer 15-16 if they played full-time, but that would be at the expense of other player who would have reduced playing time

    I was guess-timating a team total and the probable sources

  11. incesc

    haha stu

    history tells us that will happen

    wengers obsession is selling good experienced players and proving he can cope without them.

    its out of control

  12. David

    I mean we dont even have to think or imagine it too much we all saw what happened when Cesc got injured and Denilson ran the show.

    All i can say is….

    Thank the good lord above for Arshavin.

  13. Matt

    Anyway I’ll leave it at that: at 21, after a very good first season in the league both Song and Denilson remain excellent prospects for our future and both have excellent ethics/workrate. They’re still in the making and it’s possible that they won’t have progressed enough for the upcoming season. I agree it’s quite a risk that AW is taking (I think they’re both one year of experience/progression short) but then looking at their progression, their stats and their attitude this season, I can see why he his taking it.
    And I remember that 2 years ago most were clamouring for a new DM to be brough to the club because Flamini was not going to cut it and they were all wrong when Wenger was right.

    With the current available DMs on the market, my money is no one will come to Arsenal and I can live with that. Even if I could not, I would certainly not blame 21-year old prospects who run their socks off every time they’re on the pitch.

  14. Ray in SF

    also assuming that we had a beast in the DM position freeing up Cesc and the rest of the midfield from babysitting Denilson

    Sorry Matt, Denilson gives 100% and I like him, but he’s not yet ready for prime time

  15. SUGA3

    yet he could not keep Flamini due to his shit man management and being penny-wise-pound-foolish…

    we could give Flamini whatever he wanted – no funds? fuck that, sell Denilson and Diaby, don’t buy Bitchslap (another grrrreat move, btw),,,

  16. David

    I wish Wenger would stop facking talking about Mancity and Villa and focus on a new DM….tbh I dont ever want to see Denilson in the shirt again….he’s too slow and to dense to play for us.

  17. Matt

    Ray: With Gilberto or Petit as DMs, Viera was defending a lot. Whoever our DM is, Cesc will have to defend too if we’re to win something. Notwithstanding the fact that Arshavin is better than Cesc in a purely offensive role.


    the bottom line is there shit and as long as we have shite players like them at the club we will be winning nothing………..

  19. Matt

    Flamini left to make big money. Since he was on a free he could ask for uch higher wages that if Milan had to pay. The general opnion in the previous summer was that he was not good enough for Arsenal. And he was 23 that summer, late enough to believe he would not progress much further.
    With hindsight everything is so much more obvious…

  20. SUGA3

    now there is a difference in ‘defending too’ and babysitting another player…

    so it is Cesc’s fault, not Denilson’s?

    now I’ve heard it all…

  21. David


    Your general assumption is that Denilson will come good given time…while that maybe true for players like Bendy and JD at least we have ample cover in those areas….while we are forced to be believe because of some rudimentary stats that Denilson is the dogs instead of believing what we see…

    Vierra was a box-box player…meaning when he went forward he could do something with the ball…

  22. Matt

    Don’t feel sorry for me guys. 90% chances that our DM will be both Song and Denilson next season. I’ll be fine with it but it looks like you won’t.

    We’ll see in a few weeks with Everton, United and Citeh away in our first five games, it will take even less time than last year to assess the team’s potential.

    After those 5 games I’d say:
    less than 9 points => fail
    9-10 points => we’ll see
    11 => it’s encouraging
    13 or more => let’s not fuck it up because the title is ours to lose

  23. Matt

    SUGA3: What I’m saying is that if Song or Denilson were playing next to Vieira in his prime they would both play and look better.
    Inversely if Gilberto was playing next to Cesc, he would not look as good.
    Cesc does not defend as much as Vieira did. That’s a fact.

  24. SUGA3

    oh for God’s sake, you just don’t get it, do you?

    one builds his a badass team around good players (Cesc) not shit ones…

  25. SUGA3

    why not splash some dough and buy quality box-to-box player to compliment Cesc?

    is it cheaper and easier to buy someone like that or to get someone who would do what Cesc does and babysits Denilson a little more until he is ready?

  26. Stu

    Matt, its seems that you are forgetting that Cesc and Gilberto were midfield partners en route to the champions league final. As well as both of them playing during our FA cup winning season.

    So to say Gilberto would look as good/bad as Denilson does next to Cesc is wrong.

  27. Ray in SF

    what is clear from the discussions (at least to me) is how key the DM spot is considered to be

    for example, “Bendy has a bad day at the office and there’s cover for him”

    Denilson has a bad day and the team gets relegated

    where is this total football that was meant to relieve the pressure on any one individual?

    and btw suga3 i was kidding about Cesc, i’m glad we’re building our future around him and arshavin

  28. Matt

    I get it that you keep coming back to the same derogatory arguments. Song and Denilson are not shit. Maybe not good enough but not sit.

    And infinitely better than Matuidi or Vieira today.

  29. jules

    evening all and goodnight

    Matt ,

    if I passed the ball less than 10 yards , sideways or backwards 20 times my stats would look great as did david battys ,
    I like like batty , and Denilson are / were crap .

    if you think denilson is anywhere near , robson, davies , thomas , vieira , edu , petit , gilberto

    dream on , denilson is not good enough .

    i am now sick of wengers ifs , buts , maybe we will , maybe not , im so clever , so coy , what cunning fox , lies , bullshit .before pre season , we will assess after , pre season , yes , no , bollocks , 1 or 2 maybe etc etc etc etc .

    laughing stock in the transfer market .

    bidding pittance for b players when yet again we only need two fucking quality players to do the bizz but yet again we won,t buy them .

  30. Matt

    I’m sure Wenger is not fool enough to build the team around Cesc. Even if we become the new Invincibles, he will leave for Barca or Madrid in 2 seasons tops.

    Back to the DM part: which player is currently available that would be better than both Song and Denilson (meaning looking better to you and having better/similar) stats?

  31. jules

    theres one called alonso that we could have got for 12 mill but we only offered 9 whose now gone for 30 who would have been ok

    theres a bloke called diarra at real who aint too bad either ,

    pay 2 k go to tenerife , shit , pay 4 go to the maldives

    quality .

    goodnight all

    maybe one year we will get the 2 / 3 quality players we are promised every pre season .

  32. SUGA3

    Ray, I’ve pretty gathered that from Ur earlier comments, no worries, mate 😉

    @ Matt

    Song is not shit, but Denilson just cannot cut it at this level with these expectations – he should develop his game in a mid table club where there is less pressure because they are expected to be mid table or reserves…

    more of a Cup player maybe?

    but defo not the first team midfield pairing, no way – no positivity, play-it-safe nonsense, etc.

    Denilson has no confidence (I know, fans don’t help, but I think he is yet to be booed) and should develop it in low profile games or feature last 20 minutes in ‘easier’ games…

    we really need a monster there and Denilson is able to fuck up as a back up to another of our players in one on one with Hannover players – Hannover, for God’s sake…

  33. SUGA3

    now you’re showing complete lack of ambition, Matt – what do you mean Cesc will be off to RM or FCB in 2 years time maximum?

    what kind of fucking nonsense is that?

    build a team which will screw everyone over, make them look like muppets – why would its captain leave?

    and make no mistake, we are 2-3 quality players away from that:

    – a pitbull-like DM
    – a tall CB
    – Chamakh as competition for NB not to let his ego grow like Ade’s

    but yes, let’s accept that Cesc will leave – make the team a better, stronger one than Barca or Real and he won’t leave until he is 28 or so…

  34. el tel

    I have seen Dennilson score a couple of long range shots and he also sets up chances (assists) as his stats shows. To say he isn’t creative would be a lie.

    He is a water carrier for Cesc but given the freedom could do much more.

    Some people on here would rather see a Fletcher or Scholes or even an Anderson but they are truly average players.

    The Mancs never thrashed us in the CLSF second leg by outplaying our midfield they hit us on the break. We were all over them till the second goal went in and we recovered later in the game too.

    In reality we need another CB and definately a decent striker as I remember the RVPs of this world when they had a barren spell and I can see that happening again.

    The only midfield that over ran us was the Chavs and Pool, they have stronger but not technically better players in thier Teams.

    In reality we should concentrate on beating the lesser Teams and doing what we do against our main rivals which in all honesty isn’t that bad.

    If we had a keeper who can make those match winning saves that win the tight matches it would be ideal but with my old mate in goal the games that are close will always be nerve wrecking.

    I said a year ago IMO Kolo wasn’t a CB and still think he is average and to get rid of one of the biggest cunts to ever play for our Club was a big bonus.

    We have the Players IF they stay fit to win the League but will Wenger throw games with poor tactics as he has done in recent years just to appease the young guys he has obviously made promises to?

  35. Pat

    I warned the Mancs that CR would leave in “2 seasons max” and he left after the 2nd season(after I said that).

    I think the same regarding Cesc. He’s gone in 2 years max. Next year definitely if we win fuck all.

  36. Matt

    Jules: on which planet do you live? Everyone is lauding Wenger for duping fools willing to spend 40 mils on Bayor and Toure. Sure with hindsight you or even my mother-in-law is a better transfer poker player.

    SUGA3: Song was really behind at the beginning of the season and finished ahead of Denilson. But remember how almost everyone was saying they didn’t understand what Wenger was seeing in Song last summer? Now Denilson is behind and a lot of people are on his back. It’s the same story, they’re both very young and progressing in spurts. All young players do.

    Realistically we won’t get a monster DM. Of all the names thrown around this summer only Melo qualifies and it won’t happen now.

    It’s sad to see so many people turning up against our young players and it’s infuriating at the same time because it encourages a negative attitude among sections of the home support and that’s is costing us in the end.

  37. Angelos

    Apparently Wenger and Vieira are going to talk tommorow according to The Sun. Whatever, doubt it’s gonna happen…even though it wouldn’t be the worst move.

  38. Sion De Freitas

    “It’s sad to see so many people turning up against our young players and it’s infuriating at the same time because it encourages a negative attitude among sections of the home support and that’s is costing us in the end.”

    I agree so much with this post. I get annoyed with the players, but I support the squad regardless.

  39. el tel

    I feel for Dennilson as the problem really is that he was partnering the midfield holding position with Song.

    They are both good Players but either would look better with an old head alongside them.

    Although Alonso is a great Player Liverfool didn’t win the League and his assists/goals ratio was not better than Dennilson. Maybe we can call Alonso a good cup Player for his part in winning the Champs League the other year.

  40. SUGA3

    three words, Matt:

    Not. Good. Enough.

    I never rated or liked Melo, he has the same facial expression as Denilson only a bit dumber and his game is too similar to our own Brazilian…

    I always rated Song and I thought he will make it, I watched him playing for Cameroon in the ACN and he was a monster there…

    I would get a hardman from South America, someone in the mould of Battaglia – we were linked to him last summer as far as I remember…

  41. Matt

    Do you think Ferguson did not know that Ronaldo was going to leave? He knew it the same way Wenger knows that Cesc will leave one day and the sirens of Barca and Madrid won’t relent until he joins one of them.
    Last year Cesc had a very poor start of the season (after the Euros) and then injured himself. He’s our best player but that does not mean we whould leave ourselves exposed to his departure or dip in form. If we want to see the best of him he needs competition too.

    We would always be better off with really good players. But I don’t see which monster DM is available that would do so much better.

  42. el tel


    I agree totally regarding Cesc mate, he will be off but as long as we hold on to the Magnificent Arshavin we will have a Player coming through who will be closer to Cesc if not better than most realise. Little Jack can be that man and I may be wrong but he won’t run off to Spain in a hurry.

    Lets build on this Team then give the incoming kids the platform to take it on for many years.

  43. SUGA3

    oh yes, now I get it…

    let’s build a team around Denilson who will defo never leave for the simple reason that no one will ever buy him!

    now that is just pure genius…

  44. el tel


    Your hatred of Dennilson seems personal as mine is with Almunia mate but the way they look isn’t the reason for them being good or bad.

    I understand the dislike of Dennilson but personally I think he will be the business.

    Maybe if PV or someone with experience were to play with either Denny or Song things will improve.

    The fact that the great Theo played many games in the area Denny had to cover is also overlooked. Theo is a sad joke when it comes to covering the defence and thats where we need to improve imo.

  45. el tel


    I never said build the Team around Dennilson so please read before commenting. I meant that if we win a trophy or more then let Cesc go we can thank him and give the youngsters the momentum to go on.

  46. Matt

    Battaglia was a half-flop at Villareal and he wasn’t keen on life in Europe. We’re touching the heart of the problem. There are not that many DMs that are available (at least for the amont of money that we’re willing to pay) and at the same time better than Song and Denilson.

    The’re not perfect but who would be the solution?

  47. el tel

    Does anyone not see that we haven’t won jack since that Clown has been in our goal.

    The problem is if he gets injured we have not got decent cover as Fab 2 is probably 3 years away from being very good.

    Almunia it seems is undroppable very shit and for all our defnsive problems he never gets taken into account for me this is the new Arsenal Stadium mystery.

    So the CB’s get beat in the air then tell me why the 6’4″ Almunia can’t take the high stuff?

  48. el tel


    You are right and even if we do find the right Player who is to say the Club wants to let him go. This is reality and not Football Manager.

  49. Matt

    Viera is the shadow of his former self. He was on the decline already when he left us (another wonder deal just at the right time by Wenger) and 4 years later he’s totally spent. I’d love him to come back in a coaching position though.

  50. el tel

    There is a chance for me to be shot down in the early part of the season as Van Der Sar is injured.

    If the Mancs carry on looking good in defence I will get done for saying that he is a great Keeper and that Keepers are important however if they have a shit start and flop I will Lord it up with my Keeper theory.

    The best signing those cunts made in the last 3 years was Van Der Sar.

  51. el tel

    Me too Matt, It would be sad to see PV4 look a shadow of his great self. I too wold like to see him get on the coaching staff as I have called for Wenger to bed in his eventual replacement since writing on this great site.

  52. el tel

    I will take a break as it looks like just me and you Matt.

    I will get some work done.

    Maybe the Southern Hemisphere Gooners will be waking up soon.

  53. SUGA3

    it is not about the club wanting to let the player go or not – just shock everyone, make them an offer they cannot refuse…

    el tel, it was not a direct dig at your post, honest 😉

    as for the goalkeeper issue – Almunia is decent enough, Fabianski will never make #1, mark my words – Szczesny will be #1 sooner than him, this guy is da shit 😉

    and I really liked Denilson, but he was ‘killed’ by Arsene – wish AW could read this…

    we suffer from set pieces a lot, yet we are left with one tall CB (JD) – now that is insane…

  54. Evo in Oz

    The only way i reckon Vieira will be in is if we sign these alleged other 1-2 first and then Vieira is announced after them!

    This pre-season has been another fuck up in my opinion. I love Wenger, but some of his methods leave a bit to be desired. I wish he would just say nothing at all, rather than say “we will keep the whole squad together for the upcoming season” – then Kanu jnr and Toure go out along with whoever else and then we only sign 1-2 replacements.

    Our main issue is the squad depth is always rubbish, i reckon we will get caught out again this season! If 1 of Gallas or Vermaelen get injured, we’re gone – unless 1 of the new signings is good enough to kill it in the first team right from the word go.

    Sicknote is on the sick list again, that should show Wenger that injuries can easily happen and he should sign!

  55. Evo in Oz

    i reckon Man Scum could have signed a better keeper than Van der saar, he is ok, but nothing world class!

    i believe their main reason for good defensive showings is Ferdinand and Vidic, more so vidic!

  56. Evo in Oz

    Denilson’s tackling and stripping opposition players of the ball is 2nd to none just about, its his passes that have taken a dip in form.

  57. Stu

    The worst thing about stats is that they only show the positives and what the player does on the ball.
    It doesnt show how many times Denilson lost his man, or what missed tackles were costly and such. How many battles he lost (due to lack of physicality etc).

    His, and other peoples stats often just have what they do on the ball. What you do off it can be just as important.

  58. Matt

    Gday in Oz!

    Stu: Yes stats are not all in all but they show some things. For example Denilson has an excellent positional awareness which allows him to lead the league in interceptions by a very wide margin.
    I’m sure that if we had stats on the last third of the season only they would show how much Song has progressed too. He’s got very decent stats despite a poor start last year.

    More than a DM we need:
    – less injures than last year, we were done at the start of last season by not being able to play the same team twice in a row, we could never develop automatisms and understanding. It will change a lot of things if Arshavin, Cesc and the forwards are given time to develop their game together.
    – a flying season start. Once we lost 2-3 games last season, we were toast. Morale was in the boots and after those losses the team didn’t try to win any more, only played to avoid losing. We have a tough start this season and that may be a blessing in disguise. Last summer we were complacent at times but the schedule won’t allow it to happen again.

  59. Matt

    PAT: Hell yes! I can’t believe it! Without Essien, they’ll be really weaker and we would be really stronger.
    I believe it’s BS though, I can’t see why Milan would want to hold on Pirlo who’s past 30 with Essien plus money on the balance…

  60. Matt

    We may not be at the level we’d like to be but on a knockout round we can get past any one of them. Some can be treacherous (Stuttgart) but with 50 mils at stake we won’t be caught sleeping.

  61. Pat

    Matt, I don’t think we can draw Stuttgart. Its between Celtic, Timi…., Anderlacht, Fiorentina, and Atletico.

    Celtic could be tricky. Remember the 3-2 loss to United and a 1-0 win in the group stages?(both against United)

  62. PDT

    Denilson is a very good DM. Don’t let his lack of physicality fool you. He does an excellent job of “WINNING THE BALL BACK”. Looks at the number of interceptions he makes. That’s the only stat that is relevant for a DM. If he is making more interceptions than anyone else in the whole damn league, he is the best DM in the league.

    Get over your need to see Sean Connery play DM for us…aint gonna happen. Efficiency trumps flamboyance every time.

  63. Matt

    Pat: My bad, thank you for pointing out. Celtic could be tricky and of course there’s always a danger when playing any decent team like Athletico and Fiorentina included. 40% chances of an easy tie and of the remaining 60% I would not lose sleep over it.
    My favorite part about it is that we only have 2 weeks to wait before our first CL game!

    PDT: 🙂

  64. Evo in Oz

    im confused that Milan could be taking Huntelaar for 13 mil, yet it was allegedly confirmed we put in an offer of 17 mil?

  65. Matt

    Huntelaar is paid 90K/week at Madrid so he does not fit our wage structure. If he were to be paid less Madrid would have to pay the wage difference.

    Plus given his style (think Trezeguet) the italian serie A fits him much more than the premiership or primera liga. It was an obvious choice for him.

    Madrid have a lot of players to offload so they can’t be too picky either. Now perphaps we could snatch M.Diarra on the cheap towards the end of the window with Madrid feeling the pressure to sell (primera liga has a limit of 25 players per team).

  66. LAzer

    what’s up folks? Have we signed anyone yet? Wenger wants to do the buisness from the 26th to the 1st then. Nothing changes. I don’t even know why everyone bothers with all the gossip talk all summer when we know it’ll always come to the last few days….and we’ll get Silvestre.

  67. Pat

    LAzer, we’re going to get Chamakh very soon, I think. The defensive player will be bought (tried to be bought) on deadline day

  68. LAzer

    Hope you’re right Pat. I think Chamakh will turn out well if we get him. Sounds like what we need in the squad. Him and Bendtner can fight for a spot in the first 11 then.

  69. LAzer

    Its amazing how Wenger said one line about Hangeland and the gossips are running all sorts of stories. And his one line said we had a look at him, that’s it. Tough business being a top level manager, every word is misconstrued.

    Media doesn’t ever seem to hang on Fergie’s tripe though. Maybe its rose tinted of me but in my book Wenger always gets a rougher ride then any of the other top 4.

  70. Pat

    I think he will be a good signing too LAzer. I had my doubts at first, since I thought we might have trouble scoring goals, but with this 4-3-3 we look a much different team.

    Chamakh’s hard work and team play won me over in the end. Great at headers too. Awful finisher, but so is Nik. Great technique as well.

    I hope Wenger tells him to stop diving though. Although I wouldn’t call it that. He does abuse the rules and will go down if there is contact.

    but hey, Giggs did it against Everton when Pienaar stuck out his foot.(90th minute) to win the penalty. Sometimes you have to be an asshole to win something. We’re too nice of a team.

    Also, it annoys me when Stu says he doesn’t like Chamakh b/c he dives. I’m sure he loved Pires!

  71. Matt

    Huntelaar: €3.7million per year = €72K/week
    That’s with 25% tax as opposed to 40% I believe.

    I was sure he was earning 90K/week, I wonder where I got that number from. Thanks for the correction.

  72. Matt

    United fans are up in arms because it’s the second statement by Ferguson that their summer spending is over. Quite funny actually.

  73. Matt

    Nothing against Chamakh (I know very little about him) but I hope it will not hinder Vela’s development. Of all our youngsters this is the one I believe could become the greatest. Class, speed, technique. He has it all.

    David: M.Diarra AND not selling Senderos.

  74. iceman

    AW’s making all the right noises.
    If Senderos stays, no CB.
    If he leaves, we can look forward to a new CB.
    Chamakh should be official in a matter of days.
    Still leaves the DM slot open. No solid links yet.

  75. iceman

    Sometime I don’t quite understand Wenger.
    After the Emirates Cup, don’t pressure Wilshere..he needs time then calls him the next Rooney? :S

  76. LAzer

    Yeah sounds like a more developed Nik B to me, so should be good for the squad. Plus Nik will have to fight hard for a place which should push both guys. The diving doesn’t worry me much,Wenger wud put a stop if it was too much. Although a few shrewd plyers wudnt harm us either.

  77. David

    Nikki B needs to learn his trade from a right footed striker like himself….i like the sound of Chamakh…but end product is what we need at Arsenal…who knows…maybe he’ll be the next G.Weah

  78. patthegooner

    Well it has been another groundhog day Summer!!!

    Wenger is truly testing my patience,

    I just dont trust a word our manager says anymore.

    It makes me wonder if the Vieira rumblings this time last week were a weak effort to deflect fans frustrations away from him at the Emirates Cup.

    Then he says he will sign one or two this week but the door shuts at the end of it.

    He then says he has looked at Hangeland!!!!! How fucking stupid… Not that he has looked at him, but that he is looking at him after being cup-tied. If you are going to buy him do it before he is cup-tied. We all know Senderos is off, and the shear fact that he is being touted around says that he is not in Wengers plans anyway.

    Everything is Reactionary with him and not proactive.

    If he honestly thinks we will win anything without 2 additions then he is very very wrong.

    And finally he talks about a big 6 now instead of a Big 4. This my fellow bloggers is setting the stones in place for an excuse for coming 5th next May.

    Instead he should be buying the players to ensure that we are challenging for 1st. We should not care who comes 3,4,5 and 6th then.

  79. Ray in SF

    It is so strange — avoiding the obvious buys…a beast of a DM and some height in central defense

    I hope that we eventually find out what, if anything, has been going on this summer

    if it’s been nothing I will share the anger that many have expressed

    at the moment I’m still hoping against hope that there’s some subtle but productive strategy that’s being played out

    and not just some greedy directors covering up for some bad real estate decisions, like Highbury Square

    We are so close to having a truly competitive team that could ride out our usual bad luck and injuries and still be winners

  80. ArsenalKenya

    ARSENAL could face a Battle of Britain clash against Celtic.
    The Gunners will discover their Champions League play-off opponents in today’s draw in Switzerland.

    Arsenal are one of the five seeded teams and will face one of Celtic, Fiorentina, Atletico Madrid, Anderlecht or Romanian side Timisoara.

    The matches are over two legs on August 18 or 19 and a week later.

    Meanwhile Patrick Vieira, 33, is due to meet Gunners chief Arsene Wenger tomorrow before the friendly with Valencia.

    The Inter Milan midfielder wants to talk over a possible return to his old club.

  81. Ray in SF

    me too Pat

    I like Senderos and hope he matures into an excellent defender

    he seems very bright and has a lot of skills, but his bloopers are what most people remember him by

    I wish him well, particularly if he stays

  82. ArsenalKenya

    Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal have yet to step up their bid to bring former captain Patrick Vieira back to north London.

    Gunners boss Wenger had hinted he may make a move for France midfielder Vieira after the Internazionale star expressed an interest in returning to the Premier League.

    But Wenger, who ended Vieira’s nine-year stay in England when he sold the Arsenal legend to Juventus in 2005, has made little progress towards completing a deal.

    “Not at the moment, no,” Wenger said when asked if they were close to signing Vieira.

    “We can still make do with one or two players more. One could be in the defensive areas, and one in the attacking areas.”

    Wenger added: “We make a few enquires for players, but we are nowhere near to signing anybody at the moment.

    “Usually the transfer market speeds up from August 26 up to midnight on 31st, especially in the last two hours.”

    Inter boss Jose Mourinho said they had not been approached by either Arsenal or Tottenham for Vieira. Spurs coach Harry Redknapp has also expressed an interest in the 33-year-old.

    “If they want him, they have to tell us. At this moment I have to say neither Arsenal or Tottenham has contacted the club,” said Mourinho ahead of Saturday’s Italian Super Coppa final against Lazio at Beijing’s Olympic Stadium.

    “Vieira will start on the bench on Saturday. We have 24 players in the squad and each team is only allowed 18 players for the match. When Vieira is on the bench, he is an option.”

    Meanwhile, Czech winger Tomas Rosicky could miss the start of the season after suffering a hamstring injury in training just weeks after returning to action following his 18-month injury lay-off.

    “Six weeks ago I did not know how strong Eduardo would come back or how strong Rosicky would come back, despite the setback he has had,” Wenger added.

    “I believe they will play an important part in our season.”

  83. gnarleygeorge9

    I tell you what, if AW doesn’t get in Hangeland & the supposed offensive option, he will be letting a great opportunity to really blow the PL apart, slip. I just watched AA23 & JW19’s goals for the 1st time. The quality is there for all to see.

  84. LAzer

    Hodgson latest:

    He said on Sky Sports News: “When a bigger club is interested or connected with one of your players, of course it is a source of worry because Brede is a very important person for us.

    “I sometimes have admitted to being interested or admiring certain players, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are always going to go and sign them.

    “Because to sign the player would first require the club taking contact with us and then making certain everyone was happy with any deal that could be struck.

    “I think we have got a long way to go before that happen.”

  85. LAzer

    Seems like he is gearing up to be negotiating with Wenger at some point (probably in the last two hours). We all know what a pain in the butt that can be.

  86. Sabeel Indian Gooner

    WE NEED to be that hopefully we get players at real value not at floaded prices becos on real and mancity

    there is a risk then that we do not lose our targets too,if we do our business in that late mode…

    who can forget arshavins trasnfer…man that was so mind exhausting…..

  87. Jaguar

    Sabeel,Is it that you overlooked the inherent sarcasm in the article or that you are such an optimistic person?

  88. LAzer

    Yeah we got real value for money last year Sabeel. This whole argument doesn’t make much sense, and none of the big clubs really follow it. Value for money is when you can adjust a player with minimum fuss so he is ready and settled for the start of the new season and not friggn cup tied like Hangeland will be if we go in for him. This is a stupid policy, and all we get is bargain basement tripe from it, never a world class player.

  89. tonyadamsisgod

    I wonder if it will be Fizman or Gazidis that represents us at the CL draw. I guess it should be Gazidis now he is there but it used to be Fizman.

    Would have been good to see if Fizman had his usual ‘if Arsene wants money for transfers, its available’ line.

  90. Sabeel Indian Gooner

    thanks tony

    as CET = GMT + 1 hour

    hence 12 CET = 11 GMT

    hence draw is at 11GMT i.e. 4.30 IST 😛 🙂

  91. tonyadamsisgod

    Lazer – Plus it limits the pool of players you have to choose from! We need that midfielder and at present, let alone deadline day, Barry, Cana, Aquilani and so one have already got their new clubs. I’m not saying we wanted those players but I’m just saying that the longer you wait, the less players that are still available.

  92. dennisdamenace

    Gents, let’s not deceive ourselves anymore. While our club is being run (down) like this AW is right, there is no Big 4 anymore, it’s now a Big 3, and we ain’t in it…….

  93. tonyadamsisgod

    Also, leaving it till deadline day could force the selling club to drop their prices but on the other hand it could force them to increase their prices as they know the buying club could well be desperate.

  94. Sabeel Indian Gooner


    but last time we got a world class player like arshavin

    but i agree to ur point, arshavin`s was a rare case

    most times we will NOT get a world class player in this bargaining game at last moments

  95. Sabeel Indian Gooner

    tony they can only increase if the target is NOT entering his/her`s(:)) final year of contract in the season to start

  96. tonyadamsisgod

    Sabeel – They can do it to whoever they want. If chamakh repeated his performance for Bordeaux he is worth more to them than £7m. I wouldn’t cut his price just because he had one year left. If they win they league again and therefore qualify for the CL then they will make a hell of a lot more than £7m!

  97. LAzer

    Gazidis can pull that line for us now TAIG. You know it will come from somewhere sooner or later. Arsenal FC is so predictable now its boring. Just for that I hope Viera comes in and shakes things up on the pitch atleast. Probably what Gallas was trying to do, teach the youngsters to fight every single minute, but totally went about it the wrong way with the media. No more aimlessly floating around the pitch for Denilson, Song or Diaby. Someone said earlier it might be a blessing in disguise we have a tough start so no room for complacency like last term. Although this may be true, I find it quite frankly pathetic for any player playing for us to be complacent for anytime on the pitch against any opponent. You never see the model professionals do this, the Viera’s and Bergkamp’s of the world and that is what we need more of. Now that barndoor is gone, I hope the youngsters learn a thing or two and fight for it more.

  98. Jaguar

    By the end of this season,Chamakh will be a free agent,and he will fetch Bordeux ZERO transfer fees,if he doesnt sign a new contract.

  99. tonyadamsisgod

    Lazer – Agreed mate. Lack of winners. Lack of fighters. Lack of heart. You couldn’t say that of the team 6 years ago!

  100. LAzer

    The saddest part is, we all knew it would come to this. We knew they wouldn’t do fuck all for the summer and then put the usual spin on it and everyone else would fall in line and agree with the policies. We would then convienently “just” fight for the top 4 and mention injuries, youth, and players coming back as new signings throughout the season and that’s your 09/10 in a nutshell people. Have a greatfucking day!!

  101. dennisdamenace

    TAIG – Sad, but very true my friend. And, the sooner the so-dcalled AKB Brigade get their heads outta their arses, the sooner they will all realise that currently this club is heading in the wrong direction….instead of bleating on about how well he/we’ve done in the past……

  102. tonyadamsisgod

    Jaguar – Correct. But his 14 goals and however many assists could carry them to the Ligue 1 title again and automatic CL qualification. The prize money for that is a hell of a lot more than £7m.

  103. tonyadamsisgod

    DDM – It amazes me how people can defend Wenger on past glories!! Every single manager will reach a point in their career where they lose that touch to get the best out of the team. Yes he had some glorious years, gave us some of the best football we have ever seen, been opur best manager ever and changed the way the English play their football BUT he has been consistently average for 5 years now, made some basic errors and failed to make the small changes needed to give the club the best possible chance every year.

  104. ethangunner


    totally agree me old’e mugglar ..

    i dont like coming on bloggin very much any more .
    its full of sad delusional fans buying into another season of WE ARE ANOTHER YEAR OLDER …

    or look at all the talent coming thru …

    FUCCKKKKKKKKKKK… yes i saw it come thru last season too ..

    song – denilson – diaby – eboue ….

    wenger wouldnt play his talented players like jack etc , for fear he would have them courted again …

    whilst i agree we are better off than last season if you put arsenal ONLY under the microscope .. NO ade … !

    you cant help but feel other teams have recruited better than us …

    ade – toure-senders – eboue out … and 1 defender in !

    looks like the start of last season to me !

  105. LAzer

    Yeah TAIG. What really gets me going is how everyone simply forgets how shit we were, we stank it to high heaven with those 5 fucking eggs in our face vs. Fulham, Hull, Stoke etc..!!! What the fuck, strolling around the park like they were all stoned on the bus ride over. Then we get more injuries in a single season to more starters then ever and done and dusted, there’s the season. But no one remembers how shit we were even with our full squad in the beginning.

  106. LAzer

    And this whole formation change crap, it’ll bitch slap us in the face when we have 10 men behind the ball scoring for fun on a counter with our shit tracking back and horrid defence. This is England, not the touch my shirt and I call a foul Spanish la liga, our players will get bullied and out muscled and Wenger will go back to playing 5 in midfield like a pussy. Then we will have a 5 game stretch without scoring a goal.

  107. David

    I agree we dont have the players to play a 4-3-3.

    We should prob stick to the 4-5-1.

    But we’ve waited all summer…surely we can wait another 2-3 weeks?

  108. tonyadamsisgod

    Lazer/Ethan/DDM – What gets me most angry is that this team only needs 2 or 3 adjustments to turn us into serious contenders. Unfortunately those areas that need addressing are key areas like DM and CB. BUt it wouldn’t take a lot to fix. We do not need the millions of City or Madrid. We just need to spend around £20-£30m. And I am 100% convinced that if Wenger actually wanted that money he would get it. I don’t believe its sitting there in a bank ready to be spent but the board would jump in front of a bus if he told them to. But its Wenger’s ego that is the problem. He is so hell bent on proving people wrong that these kids can make it that he wont budge. Most of these crap players we talk about are gonna be in their 4th season for Arsenal. If they haven’t met the standard by now we shouldn’t be investing any more time in them. Song, Denilson, Diaby etc will never ever be EPL winning material. Never. They can do the odd job as back up but that is all.

    This is the whole reason that Wenger turned his ‘judge me in May’ comment into ‘judge me in 2 years’. You cannot get a more clear indication of Wenger’s intended approach to this coming season. Why people got their hopes up for big name transfers is beyond me.

  109. tonyadamsisgod

    David – Why do you think we will sign more players and if we do, do you honestly believe they be first 11 quality? Because that is what is needed!