Nunchucks next in but where is that midielder and that centreback?

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Morning all, I believe we will sign Wenger’s preferred striker today and that his club will take the money rather than have a disaffected player going for nothing next season. What worries me is we have not signed the beast we need in midfield, let alone the centre back we need.

Why were we not in for Aquiliani? Why are we not after Diarra? Why have we not re-signed Paddy?

Some suggest we still have no money, well if we don’t, we were massively overstocked last season then, weren’t we?

So if he is being a good housekeeper this season, was he a bad one last?

All our ex players are urging him to buy two more players, we saw in the Emirates Cup we still need two players and I fear if we don’t do so quickly, we will be out of the Champions league and the Premiership by September, then we’ll be screwed.

It was clear for the whole world to see, we are still suspect at the back, nothings changed there, we need to act now, one whilst we still have the money and two whilst we still can, two more Arsene and we’ll be world beaters, don’t do it and this season will be like last, lots of goals, unfortunately they will be at both ends.

There are players out there, they are available, you have the money, do it before it’s too late boss, please.

I am one of the few that think Nunchucks will be a great signing, so Arsene, I agree with you, but we don’t need a forward as much as we need a DM and a CB, really boss, we don’t.

Have a great day Grovers, I think Pedro has written some crackers this week, so well done that man.

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  1. tomstoned

    or dronawenger….just come out and be honest ??? if there’s no money well..ill be the first to back the team and the players we got….but to sometimes threat the fans like shite….well that will soon backfire….


  2. nishanth

    I hope denilson or song gets injured.Only that will force wenger to buy a new DM.I know its stupid to think in such a way but otherwise i can’t see him buy 2 defensive players.

  3. nishanth

    If we end up winning something it will be somecrazy attacking football that we are going to see this season

  4. Pat

    A CDM is priority. A quality CDM will make our defense look better. Its not who we have in there, its how they’re organized.

    Sagna-Toure-Gallas-Clichy were bloody amazing in 07/08 with a quality CDM ahead of them.

    I don’t see why Sagna-Gallas-Verm-Clichy can’t repeat that.

    Bring in Keown and I really do think its problem solved.


    wenger just confirmed it probably will be 6 weeks for tomas

    also said that hangelaand interests him but no contact made


    bbk looks like were gona start against everton with no new additions

    good old denilson will at goodison park chasing shadows

    cant wait


    “Usually the transfer market speeds up from August 26 up to midnight on 31st – especially in the last two hours.”this says it all

  8. Wenger's Sweeties

    Wenger also said he wants two more players, a defensive one and a attacking one. We still have 25 days to sign anyone.

    Maybe we should be patient and let Wenger pick the right player(s)

  9. leon

    i dont wera the rumour started that risisky is injured but there is no info on that arsenalwebsite and i would have thought it would have been posted on there if its true which i dought

  10. leon


    i dought that they have year play together its team effort lets be honest aat start of last season gallas/toure was not anything specail,both of there were pretty crap at start and everyone was calling gallas to go including me,i think about time fans stop using delinson-song as a skape goat,but you will never get be to believe that we went 21 games unbeaton without cesc by luck

  11. Stu

    Leon, we went unbeaten because the team sacrificed the attacking side for a more defensive approach. Denilsong, the defence and Eboue were all there for the unbeaten run.

    We may not have lost but we didnt win lots of games either. the 4 0-0s in a row speak for themselves. And a large reason for the lack of goals was a lack of creativity (ie denilsong at the heart of the team and neither able to control our attacks).

  12. leon


    being without cesc and thoe and risicky had huge part to play they had to defend as a team.these 2 are squad players there not crap silvest is crap song,delinson plus gallas and toure pulled there act together,being with risicky,fab that huge miss they got throught i feel we have alot more attacking option evon the 4-4 game song and aa were arsenal best playern in my played his heart out but its team effort the central defence as be on the ball as well but silvest is major problem not song/delonson they are good squad players

  13. SUGA3

    Denilson was easily the worst player on the pitch in both games in EC – I really rated him earlier, but his confidence is shattered and has plenty to learn…

    I think he wants to do more offensively, but the opposition midfielders bully the crap out of him…

  14. Matt

    What kind of “fan” wishes for players in his team to be inured?
    What kind of “fan” wishes for their team to lose?
    What kind of “fan” constantly belittles the achievements of their team’s young players?

    Some people on this board should start to realize how bad they make themselves look.

  15. Matt

    You need examples, reallY?

    nishanth Says:
    August 6, 2009 at 18:19
    I hope denilson or song gets injured.

    Franchise Says:
    July 31, 2009 at 10:06
    here is to a 6-0 mauling by Atl. Madrid tomorrow

    tonyadamsisgod Says:
    July 31, 2009 at 10:08
    I really hope we get clattered by Atl.Madrid and even more so by Rangers

  16. Pat

    Sagna Gallas Verm Clichy
    Cesc Song Diaby/Denilson
    RVP Eduardo Arshavin

    Still pretty strong. i hope Diaby could have a decent season.

  17. Matt


    Sagna/Eboue Gallas/Verm JD/Senderos Clichy/Gibbs
    Cesc/Diaby Denilson/Song Rosicki/Rambo
    RVP/Walcott Eduardo/Bendtner Arshavin/Vela

    with appearances from Wilshere, Merida, Watt, Traore, Lansbury and other yoiungsters.


    Matt Says:
    August 6, 2009 at 20:13
    What kind of “fan” wishes for players in his team to be inured?
    What kind of “fan” wishes for their team to lose?
    What kind of “fan” constantly belittles the achievements of their team’s young players?

    Some people on this board should start to realize how bad they make themselves look.Some people should realize how bad these young players are

  19. Matt

    I hope Denilson, Song, Bendtner, Walcott and Vela all have an amazing season but then again I am an Arsenal supporter, what do I know?

  20. Matt

    They’re all younger or at the same age than Thierry Henry was when he spent a year on the bench at Juventus.

    They’re 3 years younger than Flamini before his last season with us when the blogosphere was clamouring for Wenger to buy a DM because Gilberto was on the wane and Flamini was not going to cut it.

    Most of them will come good, some this year, some later.

  21. Matt

    At 20, for their first season in the premiership both Song and Denilson have very impressive stats and Bendtner scored more goals than many established strikers (with Milan making a £10 million offer for him).
    Walcott had a blazing start then got injured.
    Vela is pure class, I hope we will see much more of him this season!

    One sure thing, they all look much much better than Flamini at the same age in his first season for us.

  22. SUGA3

    Matt, we are not a footballing school for Denilsons of this world, we are a football club, if he needs to learn he should be in the reserves together with his mate Diaby…

  23. SUGA3

    Matt, I don’t believe in bullshit stats (lies – damn lies – statistics), I believe my own eyes and I see that Song is OK, but ‘you know who’ is being played out of position and THAT is what is, ironically, killing him…

  24. Matt

    With all the major players injured for the most part of the season, the young players led us to a 22 unbeaten games streak, the longuest one at Arsenal aside from the Invincibles. If we start this season like we finished the last one I see no reason for us not to be contenders, ven more so since all the other top 4 teams look weaker.

  25. Matt

    SUGA3, no offense but I’d rather believe in stats than in your eyes. Stats are not the end anyway. I perfectly remember Flamini’s progression and both Song and Denilson are much closer to his top level than his starting one. Both seem to have bulked up big time during the summer so there’s even more hope of them coming really good soon.

    Diaby is 23 that doesn’t leve him too much time to establish himself. He’s the first one to announce he wanted to bulk up this summer which means he’s highly motivated and aware of the challenge. With all the youngsters coming through he will be sold next summer unless he has a good season.

    Boy: If we had started the season with 22 unbeaten games, we might have won a trophy.


    Boy: If we had started the season with 22 unbeaten games, we might have won a trophy.but we didn’t did we….
    SUGA3, no offense but I’d rather believe in stats than in your eyes.i seem to recall geoff saying the same thing.stats are bollocks

  27. Pat

    Ajax did it back in the day too. Ever since big spending became popular, youngsters haven’t won shit though

  28. Ray in SF

    Matt, I commend your positivity, but the 22 game unbeaten streak was not points-laden

    I forget what the total was, but take that average and expand it out over 38 games would not have generated a stunning total

  29. Bernard Baines

    The chat today has Brede back in our thoughts. I’d fucking love that ol’ Norwegian to plonk himself in our defense. Sign him right up arsene. I’ve been away from England all summer, and if we don’t sign 2 more players that I rate, then I might not come back. I’ll follow the NFL fanatically instead.

  30. SUGA3

    all the injured players? you mean Rosicky & Eduardo?

    or do you count disinterested Adebayor as well?

    right, squad looks pretty strong attacking-wise, but defensively we are weak and we will be leaking goals from set pieces without a tall CB…

    I really liked this Sakho dude from PSG – he would do…

  31. Matt

    Ray: you’re right from a mathematical perspective but if the team had reached boxing day undeafeated they’d have had a sky-rocketting morale for the second half of the season.
    Instead of that we had a few distastrous games very early on and the entire team played with the brakes on for way too long.
    I’m ready to bet we won’t make the same mistake twice.

  32. incesc

    im fed up with arsenal

    fed up with arsene

    not buying a season ticket this year and not buying espn

    might go to a couple of games…

    wengers comments today have just switched me off completely.

    hes so blase, and obsessed with not spending money, or doing things for cheap and creating a challenge for himself.

    We should have been bullish this pre season, taken advantage of the money we have made, cemented the squad early, made up for the huge failings last season.

    Instead we are now weaker with wenger looking to make a cheap deal midnight on August 31st

    fuck him

  33. incesc


    squad looks strong??

    with rosicky and nasri we will be stuck with denilson, diaby and eboue in the team

    fuck that

  34. SUGA3

    Matt, Denilson had millions of completed passes that did fuck all good, usually back to where they came from/sideways/back…

    zero creativity, occasional opening pass, not enough strength, etc.

  35. incesc

    hes carried on this way for 4 seasons

    his lost his mind in his own experiment and has lost sight of the big picture.

    i cant watch any more i just want a fresh start.

    hes has good as said we wont sign before everton.

    we will be playing Man u away with silvestre in defence

  36. Ray in SF

    Matt: Agreed

    Just done the arithmetic, we would have gotten 82.9 points scoring points at the same rate over the entire season that we did during the 22 game unbeaten run

    which, while being 11 points more than we actually got would have still put us in fourth place

    It was the five score draws where we were leading and lost the lead

    and the five scoreless draws that we dominated but didn’t score

    that cost us 20 points…

    and given one of the scoreless draws was against united…

    Arsenal 92 United 89

    correcting our draw syndrome would have helped enormously

  37. Matt

    Yes the squad looks strong even with Nasri and Rosicki injured. Just an example:

  38. Ray in SF

    Hey Pat regarding Dein

    as best I remember it, it was something like

    “Why don’t the board come forward and ask Arsene, “How much would it cost to win the Champion’s League?””

  39. SUGA3

    ever since Dein left, we went into decline, imo…

    without him we became pushovers in the transfer market – Wenger is not exactly in the same league and neither is Gazidis, imo…

    someone mentioned that Stan became successful in the more regulated US sports – Ivan comes from the same environment, it is a tad different in Europe…

  40. incesc

    matt that team is shit

    rvp – takes 3 touches to get it on his left foot, surrounded by defenders chanve over

    denilson – crap

    ramsey – too young

    djourou – maybe in 3 years

    clichy – liabilty in defence, cant cross

    eduardo – wont last season

    if we lose gallas to injury swap him for sivestre (definately will happen)

    plus we get constant injuries so add diaby, eboue and song to that team

    all of the above happens constantly

  41. Ray in SF


    Responding to the suggestion that Arsene Wenger would not spend big money, Dein said: “He’s never had the luxury. Is it strong enough to compete with the likes of Barcelona and Milan? Compared to Manchester United, we are in the Stone Age.

    “Have they [the directors] ever said, ‘Arsene, don’t have a conscience over the cost. We’ve gone past that stage now. We’ve got to be brave and bold in the market. Just tell us, how much do you need to win the Champions League?’ ”

    Dein’s remarks were published in a new book, Arsènal – The Making of a Modern Super Club, in which Lady Bracewell-Smith also gives a detailed interview about the reasons behind her controversial departure from the board last year.

  42. Matt

    SUGA3: “Matt, Denilson had millions of completed passes that did fuck all good, usually back to where they came from/sideways/back… zero creativity, occasional opening pass, not enough strength, etc.”
    Same remarks apply to Gilberto, Makelele and Flamini until his last season. Denilson is only doing what Wenger tells him to do because in the Carling Cup and reserves games he had a much more offensive games. And despite that he had more assists than Carrick, Ballack, Alonsoor Nasri last year.

    Ray: Indeed all the draws did us. Adebayor’s demotivation cost us a lot last year.
    But this is what give sme hope, lessons have been learnt the hard way. This year the team will not wait until the 80th minute to attack…

  43. xeeez

    ..why is Arsene confirming that he is a blatant liar?

    now he says we might buy if Senderos goes.. !damn he promised us a tall CB last season and got sylvest..WTF..he said before the window that he wont sell I’m happy with the two guys who left but come one use that money to fix our weaknesses..i guess ppl are right, we are skint!

    Rosick is gone for another 6 weeks..he is never gonna stay injury free..

    come on Arsenal..go buy Hangeland, Matuidi and David Silva..

  44. Pat

    Not sure exaclty, but he said something about Wenger not being given the funds. He said it 12-24 hrs. ago.

    BBK, that IS still a strong squad. Only question mark is on the midfield imo.

    The midfield usually decides how good our defense is. Same goes for any team that plays possession football

  45. Matt

    Xeez: If Rosicky has an impact this season it won’t be before the second half anyway. His injury doesn’t change squat.

  46. Pat

    incesc, wtf makes you think Eduardo can’t last a season? You’re clueless, thats all I have to say.

    I guarantee you were saying that about RVP as well.

    Also, who cares that it takes 3 touches to get the ball on his left when he scored 75% of his goals with his right?!?!?!(RVP we’re talking about here).

    RVP’s goal of the season happened to take 3 touches to switch from his left to his right

  47. SUGA3

    Matt, without Rosicky we lose plenty of creativity and wow factor – Denilson is so bad, I’d rather play 10 men…

  48. xeeez

    Matt. Walcot is not gonna have a consistent impact IMO (hopefully he does). So who are u counting on bar Arshavin..and we can’t be sure rosick will be there in the second half, can we?

  49. Matt

    David: Denilson level of play was all over last season, he had excellent games and poor ones. Logic dictates that this season he (and Song) will have more and more good games.

    And a big improvement this season is that despite the sales of 2, maybe 3 players, we have much more competition for starting spots. Denilson and Song will compete more against each other and that will bring the best in them.

    Last thing: for me last season the major problem was the front line. I can’t remember any Arsenal team (even pre-Wenger) missing so many opportunities. Hopefully with Eduardo, Arshavin and Vela it won’t be the case again this season.

  50. SUGA3

    let’s be serious, shall we?

    Denilson competing for places with Song? please…

    he should never have started countless games last season, at 21 he is no more than a Carling Cup player – Wenger doesn’t like older players because they take no bullshit…

  51. incesc

    clueless pat??

    leave it out

    im going by the long term injury to diaby and the long term injury to rosicky

    both are suffering setback after setback…


    why should eduardo be different, he alreaady has suffered setbacks last season

    our team this year will include silvestre, denilson, song, bentdner, eboue and fabianski

    no doubt about it.

    We needed 3 players this summer at least.

    weve sold 2 first teamers and bought one player.

    so we need 4 players.

    ade and toure were first teamers before everyone says they were shit.

    do you not remember the man u semi final cos i do?

    wenger should go, hes already left it too late

  52. Matt

    SUGA3: we can’t have a team of forwards and offensive midfielders only. We need one DM and a DM’s game is generally not exciting nor creative. Gilberto was an amazing DM for us and he didn’t have an ounce of creativity. Macherano or Mikel don’t make defense-splitting passes nor are they expected to. They grab the ball and pass it to the next midfielder.

    It’s off the mark to blame a DM on creativity or wow factor.

  53. bk

    matt thats a joke,denilson and song competing for one of the most expirenced and important places on the team.oh and gamble again that this will be the year…what odds are you giving

  54. Matt

    Xeez: They can’t all be injured all the time 😉 And yes I totally expect Walcott and Vela to come good this year.

  55. Pat

    Toure wasn’t in the starting XI anymore. He’s chaotic and makes the whole defensive unit bad.

    Ade was a starter, but now we have Eduardo who, when presented the chances Ade was, will score more than him.

    Not to mention he could create his own chances.

    Re Eduardo. You really are clueless! Diaby and Rosicky had an awful injury record(especially the Czech) before their major injuries. Eduardo rarely got injured for Zagreb and his first injury for us, I think, was the leg break. He got injured soon after he got back, which is a normal muscle injury.

    This preseason, he’s 100% fine so far. How the hell do you consider him an injury prone player?

  56. Matt

    BK: They both had excellent games last year and they will progress even more this year.
    When we had Gilberto (or Petit before him) Viera was a mean enforcer in midfield too. When Flamini came good, Cesc defended much more than last season. Who heped Song/Denilson last year: Cesc much less, Eboue much less, Nasri a little., Diaby a little.
    If we adopt 4-3-3, the other midfielders will have to participate more in defending than last year. Add that to some progress from Song and Denilson and we’re contenders.

  57. David

    Matt Says:
    August 6, 2009 at 21:52
    Last thing: for me last season the major problem was the front line. I can’t remember any Arsenal team (even pre-Wenger) missing so many opportunities

    First off Wenger teams have never been prolific and Wenger admitted time and time again that we were very soft in the middle. Who plays in the middle? Denilson…not song….he started every facking game for us this season….telling me that logic dictates he will be better…while i dont disagree….better logic dictates that we buy a world class DM

    Matt Says:
    August 6, 2009 at 22:00
    Gilberto was an amazing DM for us and he didn’t have an ounce of creativity.


    False. Gilberto had a wicked outside shot. He almost never lost the ball

  58. incesc

    toure was first choice with gallas last season pat

    what planet are you on

    ade was always in the team when fit

    i love eduardo and hope he stays fit, but im not counting my chickens.

    plus rvp is injury prone, we need a top class striker brought in to replace ade

    especially now we know we cant expect the rosicky goals we hoped for.

    wenger is a failure

  59. SUGA3

    Matt, comparing Gilberto and Denilson is a blasphemy – Gilberto was a man with balls and Denilson is a little scared wimp and that is not the body, it’s the head…

  60. incesc

    denilson isnt a little scared wimp

    when hes 26 and in his prime he could well be as good as gilberto

    right now he should be in the reserves

  61. Matt

    Some of you guys are getting too excited, you’re losing your objectivity.

    Attempted Tackles:
    Palacios 132, Denilson 128, Barry 125, Mascherano 124, Parker 124, Kompany 112, Mikel 97, Alonso 89, Song 76, Lampard 69, Carrick 68, Cesc 54, Gerrard 53, Diaby 53, Nasri 50, De Jong 45, Ballack 41, Anderson 27, Essien 24.

    Tackles per game (mean):
    Mascherano 4.6, Parker 4.4, Palacios 4.1, Denilson 3.6, Alonso 3.3, Kompany 3.3, Barry 3.3, Song 3.0, Mikel Obi 2.9, Diaby 2.9, De Jong 2.8, Carrick 2.7, Cesc 2.5, Essien 2.4, Anderson 2.1, Fletcher 2.0, Lampard 1.9, Gerrard 1.8, Nasri 1.8, Ballack 1.7

    Essien 83.3%, Barry 81.6%, Kompany 78.6%, Scott Parker 77.4%, Denilson 77.3%, Mikel 76.3%, Cesc 75.9%, Mascherano 75.8%, Song 75.0%, Diaby 73.6%, Ballack 73.2%, Nasri 72.0%, Gerrard 71.7%, Alonso 69.7%, Palacios 67.4%, Lampard 65.2%, Fletcher 62.0%, Anderson 59.3%, Carrick 58.8%, De Jong 57.8%

    Denilson 155, Mascherano 85, Barry 85, Palacios 83, Kompany 75, Parker 72, Song 69, Mikel 65, Cesc 57, Carrick 53, De Jong 49, Nasri 49, Alonso 42, Diaby 39, Fletcher 35, Gerrard 34, Lampard 33, Ballack 27, Anderson 26, Essien 18

    Interceptions per game (mean):
    Denilson 4.3, Mascherano 3.1, De Jong 3.1, Song 2.8, Parker 2.6, Mikel 2.6, Palacios 2.6, Cesc 2.6, Barry 2.2, Anderson 2.2, Kompany 2.2, Diaby 2.2, Carrick 2.1, Nasri 1.8, Essien 1.8, Alonso 1.6, Fletcher 1.4, Ballack 1.1 Gerrard 1.1, Lampard 0.9

    Denilson 2533, Alonso 2473, Mikel 2368, Lampard 2307, Gerrard 1708, Kompany 1677, Parker 1619, Barry 1619, Cesc 1619, Mascherano 1610, Carrick 1567, Ballack 1361, Fletcher 1361, Nasri 1348, Palacios 1254, Song 1176, Diaby 954, De Jong 879, Anderson 600, Essien 589

    Passing Completion
    Mikel 90.0%, Essien 88.3%, Nasri 87.9%, De Jong 87.6%, Denilson 87.3%, Song 87.1%, Fletcher 86.2%, Ballack 85.7%, Carrick 85.6%, Parker 85.0%, Alonso 84.8%, Anderson 84.2%, Lampard 84.0%, Diaby 83.5%, Mascherano 83.5%, Palacios 82.8%, Cesc 80.5%, Gerrard 80.3%, Kompany 79.1%, Barry 77.1%.

    10 – Lampard
    9 – Gerrard
    8 – Cesc
    7 – Denilson
    6 – Barry

    5 – Carrick
    4 – Alonso, Ballack
    3 – Parker
    2 – Mikel, Nasri, Diaby, Scholes
    1 – Kompany, De Jong, Mascherano
    0 – the rest including Song, Fletcher

    16 – Gerrard
    12 – Lampard
    6 – Nasri
    5 – Barry
    4 – Carrick, Alonso
    3 – Denilson, Diaby, Cesc, Fletcher
    1 – Song, Ballack, Kompany
    0 – Anderson, Mikel, Mascherano, Palacios, Anderson, Fletcher, Essien, De Jong, Rosicky

  62. Pat

    Gilberto was also almost 6’3. he was at least 6’2 for sure.

    incesc, thats because we didn’t have anyone else. Verm was brought in to replace Toure in the starting XI.

  63. Matt

    Gilberto was playing next to Vieira and they were both defending. Denilson and Song would look much better if they were playing next to a Vieira in his prime.

  64. ReVELAtion

    stats mean f-all. I’d rather judge with my own eyes. By that account denilson is better then essien pfff…

  65. incesc

    statistics mean nothing

    united owned our midfield in the 2 biggest games of the season.

    they were champions

    give me a title of a good percentage any day

  66. Stu

    Am i reading this correctly? Comparing the great invisible wall Gilberto Silva, the man who guarded Brazils defence on the way to lifting the world cup, the man who shielded our defence during the invincible glory, the same man who captained the team for the majority of a season and did so admirably…comparing him to Denilson?

    Jesus crisps! Complete and utter bullshit! Gimme a break!

    Matt, you can hide behind your stats all you like, Denilson isnt one of the best DMs around. He may be on paper but watch with your own eyes and he is far from it.

  67. ReVELAtion

    who said anything about scholes and anderson? I’d be getting excited about nari this season if he wasn’t on the treatment table..

    The less said about thomas rosicky the better… Over to you Mr. Walcott.

  68. SUGA3

    yeah, Matt they probably would, problem is there is no player of such genuine class for this position in our squad atm, so they will continue to look shit playing alongside each other…

  69. incesc

    i personally like denilson, i dont like wenger

    denilson is an honest player who doesnt hide with the potential to be a good solid player.

    right now hes not dominant enough and doesnt rise to the big occasion or take the game by the scruff of the neck when it matters

    matt im not excited by scoles and anderson, but they have the most important stats: titles won

  70. ReVELAtion

    Wenger in the sky sports interview said if he is bringing anyone in it’ll be in defense or attack.. That DM isn’t coming then

    I’m not sure what’ll be worse. Chinese water torture or having to watch denilsong, eboue and diaby in midfield again.

  71. Matt

    Stats don’t lie, they don’t tell the whole picture but they point the obvious.
    And the obvious is that your hate is misplaced. Denilson and Song had a terrific first season and stats prove it. Maybe you think X or Y would do a better job but then that’s Wenger’s fault not the kids’ who both could not be faulted for their workrate and attitude last season.

    Stu: stop posturing please. Boards were full of complaints on Gilberto in the last 2 years before he left, he was too slow, he was making us less offensive etc etc. If Denilson/Song was playing next to Viera, they would look much better than now when they have to play next to Cesc.

  72. ReVELAtion

    “If Denilson/Song was playing next to Viera, they would look much better than now when they have to play next to Cesc.”

    Are you for real?

  73. David


    Essien was out injured 3/4 of the season…and he scored 2 fantastic goals in the CL on his return back to Chelsea…

    Mikel, Anderson…dont have half of the starts/oppurtunity denilson had…so stop flattering yourself

    Dejong came in january….Palacious is shite…

  74. Matt

    The point of the stats is that Denilson and Song are not half as bad as the most vocal people make it sound. Remember Flamini’s progression? They are both learning much faster than him and way ahead of wher ehe was at their age.

    They may not be there yet but they have the right attitude and they have promising stats. They don’t deserve the hate with all the lies to make them look bad. They’re 21, they deserve our support and certainly not boos.
    We had much worse players at Arsenal even under Wenger. Remember Pascal Cygan? Remember Reyes falling over and over?

  75. Stu

    Im not posturing Matt. I wasnt one of those criticising Gilberto so why should i not be allowed to say he was better than Denilson? Which he clearly was.

    I dont hate denilson, never have…but for you to claim he is one of the best DMs around is far from accurate. His passing stats mean fuck all to me because he is a defensive player. Who gives a shit how many passes he makes, most of them are nothing passes anyway.

    Someone on here gave a stat that he has one of the lowest accuracy with passing in the final third. How about that for a fucking stat!

  76. incesc

    If Denilson/Song was playing next to Viera, they would look much better than now when they have to play next to Cesc

    all the spanish players look pretty good next to cesc

    all this denilson hate is pointless

    blame the manager, he is inept in the transfer market, he is an utter cunt

    People forget, our beloved manager brought in Silvestre last season, mikael fucking silvestre.

  77. Pat

    Rev, learn to comprehend. Wenger never said anything about getting a defender or a forward. He said 1 offensive and 1 defensive player.

    David, I don’t recall any Gilberto screamers. i do, however, recall a deflected shot that went in during his last season. That was outside the box =D

  78. Ray in SF

    08/09 09/10
    RvP 11 —> 12
    Ade 10 —> 0
    Chamakh 0 —> 9
    Bendy 9 —> 9
    Arshavin 6 —> 10
    Eduardo 0 —> 9
    Rosicky 0 —> 6
    Nasri 6 —> 6
    Denilson 3 —> 3
    Diaby 3 —> 3
    Eboue 3 —> 3
    Cesc 3 —> 6
    Gallas 2 —> 2
    Silvetre 2 —> 2
    Walcott 2 —> 6
    Clichy 1 —> 1
    Song 1 —> 1
    Taure 1 —> 0
    Vela 1 —> 6

    (94 + 6 oponents’ OGs) 100’s our goal tally for this coming season

    should comfortably take care of business…if we can get our act together at the back

  79. David

    If Denilson had a terrific season why did Wenger say we are soft in the middle? And why does the world of football think we need to buy a DM?

    Go and give those stats to an uneducated CHav….who doesnt watch this team play.

    Denilson has the most passes and most pass completions because he passes sideways…..

    Where is the stat on losing the ball??? Our being outmuscled off the ball???

  80. SUGA3

    come on Matt, Reyes is 10 times the player Denilson is and that is it – I wish he was not so openly bullied by Henry et al…

    with Denilson in the middle we will win fuck all, end of…

    I recall counter attack losing momentum due to his ridiculous ‘safe’ passing – what is the bloody point?

  81. Pat

    Rev, Wenger did the same with Arshavin and nasri. Also with Chamakh. If anything, it means he’s actually interested in the player.

    Who the hell rates Palacios? The guy was chasing shadows against our youth

  82. incesc

    we were crying out for quality last summer, we lost 4 top players and wenger brought in MIKAEL SILVESTRE

    the season ended in disaster

    wenger has reacted by selling yet more first team players

  83. Matt

    David: Essien is the best African player right now, he is one of the world top XI. No one compares to him right now.
    At Song/Denilson’s age, he was an unknown playing at Bastia.

    Anderson is not a DM. He’s not much more than a prospect right now.

    Stats alone don’t tell you that a player is among the best (at least not these limited ones) but they prove that a player is not “the worst DM” or something like that.