Nunchucks next in but where is that midielder and that centreback?

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Morning all, I believe we will sign Wenger’s preferred striker today and that his club will take the money rather than have a disaffected player going for nothing next season. What worries me is we have not signed the beast we need in midfield, let alone the centre back we need.

Why were we not in for Aquiliani? Why are we not after Diarra? Why have we not re-signed Paddy?

Some suggest we still have no money, well if we don’t, we were massively overstocked last season then, weren’t we?

So if he is being a good housekeeper this season, was he a bad one last?

All our ex players are urging him to buy two more players, we saw in the Emirates Cup we still need two players and I fear if we don’t do so quickly, we will be out of the Champions league and the Premiership by September, then we’ll be screwed.

It was clear for the whole world to see, we are still suspect at the back, nothings changed there, we need to act now, one whilst we still have the money and two whilst we still can, two more Arsene and we’ll be world beaters, don’t do it and this season will be like last, lots of goals, unfortunately they will be at both ends.

There are players out there, they are available, you have the money, do it before it’s too late boss, please.

I am one of the few that think Nunchucks will be a great signing, so Arsene, I agree with you, but we don’t need a forward as much as we need a DM and a CB, really boss, we don’t.

Have a great day Grovers, I think Pedro has written some crackers this week, so well done that man.

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  1. David

    “Judge me in May”

    Err…No sorry “Judge me in 2 years time”

    In other words…feck this new season…

    – Arsene Wenger.

  2. Nigerian Gunner

    Real Madrid special adviser Zinedine Zidane has also told journalists that Arsenal bid £17m for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, but the Holland striker, also a target for Tottenham Hotspur, is closing in on a move to AC Milan. -daily mail

  3. gambon

    Rosicky injured again!

    If Wenger even tries toplay the 2unlucky with injuries” card i’m gonna track him down and hit him.

    We all know Rosicky will never play 10 games on the trot ever again, Arsene needs to plan the season around Rosicky not being available.

    ‘Like new signings’ – new signings are available to play Arsene.

    Oh and judging by PHWs comments we dont have that much money to spend, certainly not all the money thats been raised.

  4. ArsenalKenya




    If anyone is reading this blogg and has Red and White holdings address tell them to move fast and take over Arsenal…We are tired of being told how the team has matured, strong enough and can win titles, just have a look at Chelsea for example…………..

  5. LAzer

    17 mill for Klaas seems abt right, but wonder why Zidane would reveal that? Prbly cause they mugged Milan for more and want to tell the fans about it. Nowadays all our dealing are in the press, what a farce Arsene and the board have been reduced too. Lets face it, we won’t be seeing shit for signings as Wenger tries to bargain again. Bordeaux will prbly ask for more seeing as we have been bidding away higher amounts on other strikers as the window gets closer.

  6. gambon

    PHW said something along the lines of “at the emirates cup some of the youngsters didnt look out of place”

    Basically trying to deflect the idea that our squad is too weak.


    Yet again the board are stopping Arsene from spending, and hoping to scrape 4th so they can make £50m profit again.

    From an objective point of view Arsenal are one of the worst run clubs anywhere, its disgusting.

  7. Thomas Dan Bendtner

    Why does he not get the priorities in 1st? Mug. Clearly goal scoring is our problem not conceding goals

  8. dave

    I dunno about Numchuck’s hidden talent but I know he has a shit attitude and he’s a fucker who turns his back on his own club. For that, a definite NO for me.

  9. insidealbania

    Morning Grovers,
    I dont want to sound like I am writing my team off before the season has started, but if the CM/DM position is not filled and CD is not brought in then our season is going to be full of frustrations, and again we will continue to suffer at the hands of the minows. There is still time to buy and many think that he will buy but I am loosing faith and hope in AW with every day. I hope he proves me wrong.

  10. PDT

    Chozzer, we will get the team that’s furthest away so we get tired on the plane. That sounds like Timi to me.

    I would like to get Celtic, though.

  11. Pedro

    I can’t understand why people are moaning about Huntelaar… he is so average it hurts…

    I’d prefer Owen…

    I mean really people… who’d have been comfortable signing Hunter for £17mill when we have bundles of options already?

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    The Arsenal are now seen as harmless. That is the real state of The Club. The Club is no longer seen as a serious threat, from outside The Club.

  13. PDT

    Arsene always gets his man. Matuidi will come. As will a CB. And, maybe, Marouane.

    I hope Matuidi really is as awesome as Pedro makes him out to be.

    And I hope the CB is Subotic.

  14. Aussie Az

    pedro i think a main thing is we not signing no one in general!I like to add to a squad like u i wouldnt buy hunter 4 17mil but let this squad grow

  15. tonyadamsisgod

    Pedro – I’d take him only after we signed a CB, DM & RW. It would be a luxury signing. My point wasn’t that we need him, more that if Zidane is telling the truth and we did in fact want him then we have missed out because we dragged our heels like we do in nearly every transfer that we ever make.

  16. didee

    Hoooray! Geoff is baaack,

    Morning Grovers,

    I think a CB is in the pipeline somehow, he made a bid for ‘Fazinwho’ so that tell us to expect one, sadly we wont be getting a DM but the 4-3-3 formation might just deal with that problem.

  17. LAzer

    yeah…agreed. Who cares bout the hunter. Not me. I just want the glaring weaknesses addressed for once. Although I think we might if we’re very very lucky just get Chamakh and that’s that. Get reaaaaadddyy for Denilsong people!! You know its coming…

  18. Sabeel Indian Gooner

    the playoff is the Important Match prob for our future

    POT 1
    Olympique Lyon
    Sporting Lisbon
    VfB Stuttgart

    POT 2
    Atlético Madrid
    FC Timisoara

  19. BendyTheViking

    Aussie, the Rosicky bit was broken by TalkShite, so until someone real comes out and says he is injured, he isnt.

    Why not the Italian? 20m plus for a injury prone player who isnt EPL ready.

    Why not Diarra? A lot of money for an older player who hasn’t played in over a year who will, like Song, be gone during our crucial strech during the winter.

    Why not PV4? Because his legs are gone and we would be lucky to get 10 games out of him. (that being said I would still bring him back as more of a player coach role to help Song and grab the odd game).

    There really are not that many DMs out there for a reasonable price. Honestly, WHO IS OUT THERE? I haven’t got a clue.

  20. Pedro

    haha, cheers PDT.

    I don’t understand the nickname… and I’ve never partaken in martial arts, it would be like me making a rugby correction…

  21. Arsenal Tom

    is anyone really that surprised we havent done any meaningful (buys not sales) business this summer?

    either the board are taking every penny to put into the club fund or the debt so when we sell they get more cash, or wenger has lost his marbles

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    There are a lot of Indian & Paskistani gooners who blog on Le Grove. With a combined population of 1.6 billion plus why aren’t The Arsenal playing pre season games there?

  23. PDT

    I recommend the Bruce Lee films, if you want to see how they are used… I spent many hours of my youth hitting myself on the head with those trying to master the art.

  24. tonyadamsisgod

    Yeah we may not win any trophies this year and yeah we may lose all of our star players at the end of the season but at least we all have the Queensland Road property development to look forward to! Can’t wait for that!

  25. Ali Saljuk

    I think Chamakh deal will be done if not today then tommorrow.

    Zizou my mate if we did bid 17m for Huntelaar why are you then selling him to Milan for only 12m or so , its Melo part 2 , Zizou is just trying to put pressure on Milan to close the deal soon.

    I believe like the rest of us even after Chamakh we need a cb and dmf. Hangeland and Vieira will do for me.

    Please Le Boss do something now and we will be world beaters. Let this chance slip and we could be goners !!

    C’mon AW pull something out of your magic hat.

  26. Pedro

    Bendy, Diarra has been out since January… and I don’t think you stop becoming a good player in 8 months.

    Buying injury prone players is our speciality…

    Paddy would be a good stop gap…

    There are plenty of holding players out there…

    Keita, Flamini, Toulalon, Matuidi, Mikel…

    We don’t need reasonable prices… we have £40mill in the bank.

    You can sit there are write excuses for everything… the fact is, the world is a big fucking place and there are plenty of good footballers out there if you have the intent.

    To say there aren’t any good players, lets give up… is weak.

  27. BendyTheViking

    ardent, that would be really the only option. Inler doesn’t want us, neither does De Rossi. Veloso is rubbish. The Hammer is rubbish as well. The problem is there are just very few dms out there to bid on.

  28. Tom

    By not replacing/strengthening the midfield & centreback , AW & the rest will have another reason why we fail for another reason ha…. Having thin squad is another good one… As Arsenal supporter, we should get used to it!!

  29. PDT

    GG9, the Arsenal coaches who come to Singapore to the Arsenal school say they visit India very regularly and do all kinds of football promotion there.

    Our most loyal fanbase is in Austria, so we spend most of our pre-season there.

  30. Sabeel Indian Gooner


    that is what gazidis was talking earlier..

    Arsenal FC needs to spread its wings to place like india,asia etc..

    I am from india and i can personally tell u the craze that is there here for Arsenal…

    if pre-seasons r held with proper infrastructure here, even 1% of 1 billion in india alone can make a lot of money

  31. Pedro

    LAzer… I went to watch England… bar the beer in the stands, it was very dull.

    TAIG, that is a pretty apocalyptic vision there… we’re one player short… even if we go into the season one short, I’m still confident of a top 3 finish.

  32. gnarleygeorge9


    The combined population of Asia is 4 billion, Austria has 15 million. Its this Gordon Brown style penny pinching mentality.

  33. BendyTheViking

    Pedro, I am not saying lets give up be be realistic. Is Wenger going to blow his whole load on one player (other then Denilson). Bottom line is he will pay 15 TOPS for a holding player. Going on and on about these great players we could buy for 25-30 does nothing because it will never happen. it just makes us upset when it doesnt. So other then MAYBE Toulalan and Matuidi, who could we get under 15. And the reason I wouldn’t buy Diarra is the ACN. If we buy a DM we need one who will be at the club for the part of the season that will define our season.

  34. Pedro

    My god… cattermole… that really is desperation… why don’t we sign Kevin Davies while we’re at it?

  35. BendyTheViking

    tiag, Cattermole would be another option but Wigan don’t want to sell and the price it would take to secure him is one Wenger wont pay.

  36. Aash-avin

    denilson= no trophies, top 4 position under threat,badly. Does anyone else wonder what this kid was thinking choosing to become a defensive midfielder? Maybe he was banking on gaining weight-shoulders broadening puberty stuff but it never came? Am considering joining football now becoming a defensive mid and presenting myself at the Grove to play for free coz of Wenger’s blindness to denilson’s mediocrity! I can’t do worse than denilson,can I?

  37. Pedro

    Bendy, if we’re not going to sign Diarra because of the ACN… why are we signing Chamakh…?

    £15million is enough to sign a decent holding player… however, £40million isn’t enough if you have no intent.

    There in lies the problem.

    No intent.

  38. Arsenal Tom

    gnarley, he goes to austria as a training camp not as a tour… i think theres no time difference so it doesnt fuck with the players.

    its a strange one though… we havent won anything for ages so it obviously doesnt make that much difference and the clubs primary concern is money… im surprised we dont spend all season touring and just pop back to england for the PL matches!!!

  39. dennisdamenace

    Right, I’ve spoken to my man, and there is no press conference this morning.

    Rosicky has pulled his hamstring and will be out for up to six weeks. Think about it, why would any club feel the need for a press conference to announce a player’s injury!!

    Ian Wright = Clueless Twat

    Also, the Vieira deal is all but dead and get this, the reason is based purely on the fact that the performances of the team during pre-season has shown Wenger that we don’t need him!!!! Absofuckinglutely, haven’t we done ever so well against a bunch of also rans and pub teams!

    There you go Grovers, he’s so happy with his team there’s no need for reinforcements, you can almost hear Fizsman and PHW spark up another couple of Cubans, as they pat their backs and congratulate each other on £40m+ banked……..

    So, if we believe all the reports, the gossip, the pre-season games etc etc Arsene Wenger has spent his summer so far buying one (not so tall) Centre Back and flirted with yet another relative nobody from the French league in the shape of a striker, Rome burns while Nero fiddles, by his own fucking words our major failing last season was defence, so we lose a CB with not only EPL experience, but a EPL winner too and get a ‘replacement’ from a lesser league, so once again we’re not strengthening, we’re replacing, treading water, while the coffers are bumped up again and again, only this time it’s been fucking blatant, it’s been in your face the willingness not to spend football generated money, what an opportunity missed, Chelsea, ManUre and the Scouse are all potentially weaker than last year, but let’s be honest as it stands right now so are we…….

  40. Sabeel Indian Gooner

    yes does make lot of sense…

    other clubs are going to asia to make lot of money and make it a global brand…

    Arsenal is also a global brand…everyone knows it here..but what is lacking is Tapping the interest already present…by making it into money for Arsenal FC,and Joy and excitement for fans here and everywhere…
    its win win situation…

    i think gazidis will do somethign abt it..becos he has been talking abt tapping interest present for benefit of club.

  41. BendyTheViking

    We sign Chamakh because first off, he is cheap and secondly, we are absolute stacked at that position. I believe we don’t need a striker, not before a DM and CB at least but I can see Wenger’s reasoning for signing him because he is signing him in an already deep position to be a squad player.

  42. LAzer

    There are no good players available……………..for below 6 mill. Not that I would want Aquilani but Liversht in typical fashion paid over the odds but got a replacement in quick. Not that we should follow that example but it is possible to buy players no doubt. So to say there are no players is very narrow minded.

  43. tonyadamsisgod

    Pedro – Don’t be so blinkered. What because he came from Middlesbrough through to Wigan he is not good enough. But Matuidi from St.Etienne is? Cattermole is only an emerging talent right now hence Steve Bruce constantly trying to bring him to Sunderland. He was one of the best players at the U21 Championships – this from the official UEFA site under an article titled ‘New stars emerge on Under-21 stage’:

    Lee Cattermole (England)
    The burley No4 mixed craft with his trademark graft to emerge as the driving force of the England midfield. Opened England’s account with a goal against Finland and was their best player in the final, skimming the bar with one drive and having another effort cleared off the line.

    We don’t need someone with flair or a special passing ability. We need aggression, work rate, tenacity etc. All he is there to do is break down the oppo’s attacks and give the ball to Cesc. We have enough creativity going forwards in our team already.

  44. gnarleygeorge9

    Fellas I’m with you. But if the stadium debt is what holds up signings, there is plenty of readies in Asia to help pay it off. India, for example, has a middle class of about 500,000,000.

  45. Pedro

    David Gill:

    “We’re not in the market for paying a lot of money for players who are 27, 28 or 29. We don’t think it’s good value. That would be their last contract and at the end of that contract they won’t be worth a lot of money. We’re happy to pay significant sums of money for players up to the age of about 25.”

  46. Angelos

    Whoever believes that we bid 17 mil for Huntelaar is either deluded or borderline retarded. It looks like Zidane is maintaining a long and proud tradition of great ex-players retiring and then promptly talking shit…it’s a shame because he was my idol.

  47. bnsb

    There are a lot of Indian & Paskistani gooners who blog on Le Grove. With a combined population of 1.6 billion plus why aren’t The Arsenal playing pre season games there?

    Cricket is “the religion” in this part of the world.

  48. PDT

    Sabeel, did Arsenal do some training camps and contests in India? I was told they sponsored some kids to London…???

  49. 90percenttrue

    I have this fantasy that that the Sendaros deal hasn’t gone through yet because Wenger is trying to offer him plus money for Lescott.

  50. Duke

    ardnt, because he is top quality and Lyon would not sell him for anything less than £25 mil.
    gg9, Queensland Land, we building more houses instead of buying players…

  51. iceman

    So we should sign Cattermole than if not Matuidi.
    Can’t we get any leads FFS!!!
    Wenger sort it!!

  52. Arse&Nose

    Morning grovers,

    So I wake today with the news that Wenger obviously does have money for players!!

    otherwise we wouldn’t have bid 17m for Klaas

  53. Sabeel Indian Gooner

    Yes PDT,

    It was held in Bombay,and kids from bangalore.

    I heard some kids were going to be taken to london for more training.

    latest i heard they have even invited a 15 yr old from here for trial..

    lets c,atleast a proces shas started,in future it will grow i am sure,primarily becos of gazidis future ideas

  54. Doublegooner

    Hola Geoff,

    I was told yesterday that Wenger will not spend ‘big money’ until we’re through the qualifying round of CL.

  55. Sabeel Indian Gooner


    Cricket is religion,but specially for Urban centres in india… EPL is also a religion..

    There are millions of fanatic arsenal,manutd,liverpool,chelsea,Newcastle fans to say the least here in india and asia

  56. Pedro

    TAIG, please say you aren’t using Steve Bruce to justify us signing Catermole?

    You’re just jumping on whatever players you can…

    We don’t need to sign average players… I’d rather stick with the average ones we have than lay out £15mill on new ones.

    If Cattermole was anywhere near half decent… he’d be at a better club than Wigan and he’d be getting chased by a better club than Sunderland.

    The same goes for Cana… and I’d bet that if an experienced manager was in charge of Milan… no one would be in for him bar Spurs.

  57. Pedro

    A&N, we didn’t bid for Hunter, the same way I’d bet we didn’t bid for Melo.

    He is just trying to push his value up so someone will buy him.

  58. LAzer

    Happyfuckindays friends. As expected we won’t be getting shit…lets just face the music right now..and we won’t win anything again. If we come agonisingly close Wenger will have his usual words and gooners the world over will blow there lids and he’ll be off to Madrid. You heard it here first, so haveahappyfucking day Grovers! Drinks are on me.

  59. didee

    Thanks Aussie, and i agree with you 90% but Diarra is a bad idea…just back from injury with ACN is not good for our season, we might well buy no one. but i trust AW will come out with something good since he still shoppin, it when he is not shoppin that i have a problem

  60. BendyTheViking

    Logically Wenger has to spend. If he fails to spend in the areas all fans are begging him to spend the gig is up for him and the board. I refuse to believe they are so short sighted. After making all of this money, not spending it and having another shit season would mean the fans woul riot and the cunt Usmanov would be empowered. I refuse to believe people who can run a large business as well as they run Arsenal are too stupid to understand this.

  61. gnarleygeorge9

    I really think that The Arsenal should play pre season games in India/Asia. The fan base would absolutly skyrocket.

  62. Muzzammil

    We are not gonna win anything every1knows that if we donot buy any world class player. matuidi is in same bracket as denilson and song. we desperately need centre backs and it was quite evident against rangers match.if we defend like that against the bigger teams then definitely expect the worse.fazio,hangeland,subotic whoever we need to buy someone from these three. matuidi, viera as a dm. viera is my choice. because i think song can be a good dm. he needs a mentor. huntelaar and chamakh. any1 from them. i think is far more better but expensive as compared to other option so u can expect our thrifty coach to but the cheaper one.
    i think wenger knows everything but sometimes(majority) he sacrifices class in terms of money. it should be opposite.we would have ribery, ronaldo,torres, ibrahimovich. all the players which i can remember arsene wenger made bids for but couldn’t get them for the money he was offering them.btw ibrahimovich didnt arrive at he trial so it was not for money.

  63. insidealbania

    DDM that is some depressing stuff for a fan to hear. As things stand with NAsri and Rosicky, we will be out of the PL race by september as Geoff predicted.

  64. Arsenal Tom

    wengers, proabably waiting till jan when song fucks off to get a new player so he doesnt ‘kill’ him

  65. Pedro

    Bendy, he isn’t spending because he believes his squad is good enough… he doesn’t think it will fail… he’s thought the same for the past 3 years.

  66. gnarleygeorge9


    By the way Indians are into 20/20. With all due respect, thats not cricket, what England & Australia are playing is cricket. 5 days mate, not hit & giggle 😆

  67. didee


    I dont we stand a chance of getting lescott i think AW is waiting on a replacement for big phil b4 he lets go

  68. dennisdamenace

    ATom – Sorry fella, just telling you all what i’ve been told, mixed in with a bit of my own brand of personal angst……