£30million move imminent… Ponderos nears exit… Faziwho?

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… and a very good morning to you all!

Day 3, and Geoff has informed me via pigeon courier that due to a lack of summer signings he has taken it upon himself to do some pro bono scouting work for the club. At the moment he is tracking a 12 year old suit case stitcher from the Himalayas, I’ll report back on his findings.

Nawang Topkay insists he can replace Senderos.

Nawang Topkay insists he what it takes.

So, this morning we have awoken to the heart breaking news that AC Milan are looking to sign our dear captain; Cesc Fabregas, for £31million. There is no source bar the Sun newspaper… and no real effort in their valuation. If you could get someone to buy your paving slab for £25million, why would you then sell your diamond for £31million? Cesc is on a 54 year contract, so if Milan have dreams of luring Cesc… I think they should firstly up their bid to a number that isn’t insulting and secondly… look somewhere else.

In other less exciting news… we’ve canned off talks with Numbchucks. Arsene Wenger believes £15million for a player entering the last year of his contract is a little extortionate… I’d have to agree. Especially as it appears we don’t need him.

‘In five months, Chamakh will be free to talk to any club and Bordeaux won’t get anything. It’s over. I’m in no rush.’

At least we know who our next striker is likely to be, eh? One of our bloggers whose been correct with a few insider tidbits has informed us that rumours of a Kalou bid are extremely wide of the mark… I’m still unsure as to why we need another striker.

I’m also tiring of the ‘Eduardo fitness’ debate. He’s been running about since November last year, he’s had 4-5 set backs along the way… but the key is he hasn’t had a preseason set back. You could take the fitness argument wherever you wanted to… for example, I read an article a few years back by a sports scientist who said on average, a professional footballer will sustain a serious injury once every 2 years…. so on the basis of that, we should buy a world class left back to replace Clichy who has had two injury free years… no? Does that sound ridiculous? Of course it does. I think Eduardo has as much chance as anyone staying injury free this year.

On the defensive front, apparently the 6ft 5in Federico Fazio has rejected our overtures in favour of re-signing for Sevilla. In other news, I rejected the overtures of Megan Fox to commit to my girlfriend. Sorry Megan.

I’m also pleased to announce that Phillipe Senderos has nearly agreed terms with Everton and will be heading up North to try and resurrect his career with the Toffees. Phil, the last time I went to Liverpool to see Everton, I was nearly attacked by 5 blokes in a stolen Vauxhall Zafira for wearing gloves at a petrol station… good times. I’m sure you’ll love it up there!

On the subject of Big Phil, what is it with Arsenal fans and their poor memories? Senderos left us under a cloud of embarrassment after spending his final season demonstrating he couldn’t cut it at the highest level… yet this summer, I’m reading comments about him being our best defender. Are we talking about the same defender who broke down in tears after the West Ham game and had to be rested due to ’emotional issues’? Crying is for girls I’m afraid… not 6ft+ burly centre backs who want to be taken seriously. Crying… pffft… what a pansy!

The same with Eboue… ok, the guy has talent in the same way there is always a kid in Wembley doubles who is amazing… yet when they get out on an 11 aside pitch they can’t cut it. Eboue has never delivered for us, he has dived, time wasted and fluffed his lines more times than I care to mention. Even at right back he failed… because if he hadn’t, he’d still be our right back, wouldn’t he? Let’s stop worrying about players leaving who haven’t cut it… Wenger is usually pretty spot on about letting players go who no longer serve a purpose.

Finally, I’m getting pretty excited about the prospect of playing in a 4-3-3 next season. There are too many combinations to start picking out our best starting 11, which could be viewed as a bad thing, or it could signal that for once, we have genuine competition for a starting place. I’ve also been thinking about Theo Walcott a lot over the last few weeks (Not in a special friends kind of way). This is a major season for him… he has to prove himself, because Jack Wilshere is miles ahead of him for footballing intelligence and sadly, as a goal threat. Rosicky proved with his first touch on Saturday that he isn’t going to be a passenger this year, and there are a few other players who would be more than happy to give him a run for his money. If we can see the Theo we saw against Chelsea, but with a clinical edge… we could be in for a real treat!

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Here are a few snaps sent in of the training day. My thanks go out to Chary for sending them in!

Wenger watches head tennis with Jack, Theo and Denilson

Wenger watches head tennis with Jack, Theo and Denilson

Watching the penalty taking

Watching the penalty taking

The Verminator sprints past

The Verminator sprints past

The squad jog past

The squad jog past

Gallas,Bendy,Robin, Fishead jogging by

Gallas,Bendy,Robin, Fishead jogging by

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  1. David

    dennisdamenace Says:
    August 6, 2009 at 08:32
    has shown Wenger that we don’t need him!!!! Absofuckinglutely, haven’t we done ever so well against a bunch of also rans and pub teams!


    oh dear

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    …..anyway, The Arsenal are on notice. If the experiment fails by May 2010, heads will roll. Its an English tradition streching back to King Alfred etc, & would be more appropriate than wishy washy crap that Gordon Brown would use. Results, YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

  3. tonyadamsisgod

    Well fuck me sideways for believing Rosicky, of all people, got injured!!!!

    So now I will say I told you so!! This is exactly why we were warned not to buy him! Years of poor dieting has given him stupidly weak muscles and it seems to have reached the point of no return. These set backs will continue for as long as he is playing!!!!

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    Why the fuck is Wenger being allowed to get away with this???? Why isn’t anyone questioning this? I have always said I would like it if Kroenke took control of the club but right now I think I’d even except Usmanov’s advances!!!!

  5. Pedro

    Chamakh is not Ade reincarnated… just a few know alls who’ve watched his youtube vids have said he is. The guys has pace, he is good in the air, his touch looks fantastic and he has a lot of skill. He is nothing like Ade and he is 25… so he’s not a kid… he a Champion of France.

    Matuidi might be very young, but he’s played a lot of games in France, he is fast, tough and tenacious… what more do you need of a holding player? He doesn’t need finishing composure… he doesn’t need bundles of skill… he just needs to be what we don’t have at the moment.

    DDM, that is disappointing… the first year it is clear Wenger has money and he doesn’t spend it… my guess, he’s had money for at least the last 3 years… this year his bluff has been called.

    Lets hope 4-3-3 works a dream.

  6. dennisdamenace

    For the first time since the end of last season i am SERIOUSLY worried about how our club is being run, and the true motives behind these decisions. Can players like RvP and Fab4 truly be happy going into next season with the current squad, because i’m not. I will however, wind my neck in for the moment as we still have time in the transfer windwo, but the signs are not good at all………

  7. Pedro

    I have a great piece that I will share with you in September about Arsenal and their injuries… you’ll be shocked because it is some very juicy information.

  8. Pedro

    Well Gnarley, whatever happens we know one thing for sure…

    The new manager will have a substantial war chest…

  9. tonyadamsisgod

    DDM – Yep, I’ve always, always said that Wenger has my support until the 1st September at which point if he hasn’t done all he can to improve this team I will be calling for his head as loud as I can. No more signings will completely prove that he has become a completely clueless and talentless manager. If he cannot see the most fundamental failings of this team and fix them then he should not be managing a club in the EPL let alone Arsenal FC!!!!

    I am 100% convinced that if someone were able to get close enough they would find that Wenger gets a bonus that relates to how the club performs financially. That is completely the wrong motivation.

  10. Abnet

    why is we get the same oh same fucking summer every year as even the pools have spent 20mil on a crook why Arsen why
    morning all

  11. ArsenalKenya




    If anyone is reading this blogg and has Red and White holdings address tell them to move fast and take over Arsenal…We are tired of being told how the team has matured, strong enough and can win titles, just have a look at Chelsea for example…………..

  12. dennisdamenace

    Simon – That part of it was just my bitterness, but for every transfer window like this one they are the ONLY winners, so my guess (and it is only my opinion) is that they are over the fucking moon with the current situation………why buy a top quality CB when you can play that mug Song there instead, why buy a title winning class CDM when you can play that one-dimensional Denilson there…..

  13. David

    The worrying thing about that DDM is that we played hopeless teams and the one test we had in Athletico…Arshavin saved our skins…

  14. tonyadamsisgod

    Pedro – When I said Adebayor reincarnated I meant his personality not his ability. I haven’t watched a single video of him. All this talking to the press EVERY day, slagging off his employers, his petulant comments about not trying if he stays at Bordeaux. He sounds like another destructive personality with an over-inflated ego that thinks he is better than he really is.

    And as for Matuidi, he can do all those things you say but it doesn’t mean he’s good at them and he cant use them if he is injured all of the time. 27 appearances. It would be interesting to know how many were starts.

  15. dennisdamenace

    When the new post is up i will re-post my information for the ‘benefit’ of all the not-so-early-bird Grovers…..Happy Fucking Days!

  16. tonyadamsisgod

    DDM – Really cant say I’m surprised! Wenger is being more stubborn than ever before. In fact I’m not even sure if that is the reason any more. Its gone so far that I can only presume he does somehow believe these average players are world class footballers. I think he is really losing the plot.

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    I guess when people look back in history @ The Arsenal 2006-2020 it will be seen as the period when The Club went trophyless to pay off the Stadium. We can all tell our grandchildren “the reason you are winning so many trophys now is coz our era bit the bullet for ya”.

  18. Duke

    Morning all,
    Is Rosicky really injured? I know it’s in the Sun, but surely it would be a new low to lie about and injury when it didn’t happen…

  19. Pedro

    TAIG, Diaby, Sagna, Arshavin all agitated for a move away…

    If you know that this might be the last chance to make it in the big time, wouldn’t you do the same?

    He’s 25… if he doesn’t move to us… he might end up at Sunderland… I’d be pretty fuming, especially if I was in the last year of my contract.

  20. dennisdamenace

    So, if we believe all the reports, the gossip, the pre-season games etc etc Arsene Wenger has spent his summer so far buying one (not so tall) Centre Back and flirted with yet another relative nobody from the French league in the shape of a striker, Rome burns while Nero fiddles, by his own fucking words our major failing last season was defence, so we lose a CB with not only EPL experience, but a EPL winner too and get a ‘replacement’ from a lesser league, so once again we’re not strengthening, we’re replacing, treading water, while the coffers are bumped up again and again, only this time it’s been fucking blatant, it’s been in your face the willingness not to spend football generated money, what an opportunity missed, Chelsea, ManUre and the Scouse are all potentially weaker than last year, but let’s be honest as it stands right now so are we…….

  21. Pedro

    Top ranting DDM.

    I was going to write a post earlier in the summer to say that we never really add to the squad anymore… we only seem to replace the departed.

    For me, that season we nearly did something… Ideally we could have done with Arshavin and Nasri to compliment that squad… that’s how we should roll…