Gossip grows, Kolo and Eboue off? Huntelaar and Cattermole in?

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The rumour mill is wild today with reports saying that Kolo is off to Man City, Eboue off to Italy and we are to sign Huntelaar and young midfielder Lee Cattermole.

Kolo at his age has one year left on his contract and the ACN coming up may not be bad business. He has lost some of his spark since he got malaria and he doesn’t get on with Gallas so maybe there’s some truth in it, I love Kolo but I won’t be devastated if this one is true and for Β£15mil, well I guess that represents good business.

Eboue on the other hand is a great right back and unless Wenger sees him as a midfielder I don’t see that as a great move, also that will make three departures and for a manager that said no one was going I have to cast some doubt on that rumour.

However, if all three are replaced properly and not from within, I wouldn’t be too upset, for instance if we got in Huntelaar and he did become that goalscoring machine it would be a shrewd move, if he replaced Kolo with a big strong centreback like Sakho or Zapata that would be a good move and if he brought in Cattermole for Eboue as a midfield replacement maybe that would combine his youth bit with the tenacious midfielder we crave, I just don’t know, but Cattermole did impress me at the under 21’s and he is a rising English star, dare I say it, but in the Nobby Stiles/ David Batty role.

Then we should think about selling Senderos and Silvestre as we will have more than enough cover with Djourou and Song in there.

You may all shout me down with Cattermole but this boy could be just what we need. Maybe this team is getting a bit stale and maybe replacing the trio of Ade, Kolo and Eboue makes sense.

We know Huntelaar can score, as he got the first ever goal at the Grove and we had Vieira, Henry, and Bergkamp in that game, maybe he needs the challenge after his nasty rejection by Madrid, what is clear is we do need a big lump at the back and maybe Kolo has run his course.

I just hope we do something, this team needs a change, we the fans are in need of some new faces to cheer on and maybe this will push us over the line to win the EPL this season. We will be fusing youth with experience and with Huntelaar, Vela, Robin, Theo, Arshavin and Bendtner around we won’t be short of goals, at least Huntelaar knows the offside rule.

I’m looking forward to the game tonight as hopefully we’ll get to see Eduardo, Arshavin and Rosicky in the same side, we won’t have Theo and Cesc back until the weekend so that will give him another chance to play Wilshere, Ramsey and Diaby, if Diaby can manage another game without an injury maybe I’ll start believing, he had a great game last time out so let’s see if he can continue tonight, Ramsey looked on fire, that’s for sure.

Watching YaYa at the weekend showed us what we could have had but there you go, we can’t dwell on the past, we need to bring in replacements for whoever we sell and if Kolo and Eboue go as well then we should have around Β£38 million left after the Vermaelen purchase, more than enough to bring in the fab three I mentioned. And leave some change over to help pay the National debt.

We’ll know more this week as I’m guessing all the transfer business will have to be concluded by the weekend when we host the Emirates cup.

Until tomorrow Grovers, enjoy tonight.

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  1. Geoff

    Morning all, I thought Senderos was better and more assured in the DM role than Denilson or Song.

    Though I have to say if Wenger is getting rid of Senderos, what’s the point in playing him there, it is a little humiliating not being centre back any more don’t you think?

  2. Rohan

    sczeceny is already better than almunia πŸ˜€
    or maybe in a few years…..
    i expect fabianski to take over from almunia as arsenal’s no.1 mid-season…

  3. Dutchman


  4. tonyadamsisgod

    Song – Not good enough to play DM for Arsenal FC.
    Denilson – Not good enough to play DM for Arsenal FC.
    Senderos – Not good enough to play DM for Arsenal FC.
    Diaby – Not good enough to play DM for Arsenal FC.
    Toure – Not good enough to play DM for Arsenal FC.

    Its that simple. These guys have varying qualities but at the end of the day they are not good enough to play defensive midfield for Arsenal FC, a club that should be mounting a serious challenge for all trophies every year!! Anyone that disagrees is just happy to settle for less in my view where I am not.

  5. ikon

    Senderos is a very intelligent player. But he is yet to toughen up mentally if he wants to do well. Pre season games should not be taken as measures for first team, carling cup maybe but not first team.

    Senderos might look good in the middle against Zombies, what would he do when pitted against Lampard, Ballack and co.??? Imagine that. It will be mayhem.

    Personally I think we are still a bit thin with our squad. 2-3 signings and the fans will be geared up, and the fans are tired of blaming the manager coz he is not the one to blame except for his delay and suspicion in making signings.

  6. Geoff

    If Kolo goes and we don’t replace him with a world class centre back then I will lose the faith, we should use the Ade money to buy a world class DM and if we don’t then we should use the money to reduce the cost of the season tickets, because my friends we are being ripped off.

  7. Geoff

    It’s Pedro’s post match report so it will be boring.

    Kidding but it won’t be of a controversial nature you can put your money on that Tone!

  8. dennisdamenace

    I have a feeling we will not get a replacement at CB, because AW will say i now have Vermin and Song!!

  9. ikon

    AM I the only one who feels this season might unfold in the same way as the one in which we absolutely rocked the footballing world with our flowing football with the trio of hleb, flamini and cesc.
    So much so I can remember Kaka, Villa, Buffon succumbing and accepting that they would love to play in our team.

    I think the present crop of first teamers are much more single minded. I cant help but feel Ade’s departure has helped.

  10. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – Pedro playing it safe again whilst you get your hands dirty….has the man no shame?

  11. iceman

    It’s weird how all the Hangeland stories that we’re in full force end of the season have now dissappeared.
    Maybe we just ask for Richards plus cash then?

  12. Dutchman

    What grimandi said about” the squad is full” that is the truth. You can see that we sell kolo and buy hangeland, and from adebayors money we buy a striker!! That is it. We don’t buy a DM because of that!! That is the truth!!

  13. tonyadamsisgod

    Mark – I know, don’t get me started. It got nipped in the bud quite early on and Rohan seems to have left in shame!

  14. Rohan

    taig, i’m still here you know…was cooking up my breakfast..
    and i had just woken up and the last memory I had of the previous day was of senderos playing as a Dm πŸ˜€
    i’m not that daft to think that he is the answer, what i meant to say that if we can play denilsong, hwy not senderos…

  15. Dutchman

    For sure DDM, because of he is under pressure and he will buy hangeland. This is his numer 1 target and we will buy a striker too! If he buys not i don’t trust arsenal and arsenal will miss out of the top 4 but he will buy!


    senderos is not better than song
    denilson yes, but then again so is every other DM in premier league

  17. Dutchman

    But the rumour of gallas is shit. O yes we will sell gallas,senderos and toure and buy hangeland and vermealen!! Yes this report is shit!!! What a bullshit!!

  18. Geoff

    I am better than Song! If Wenger or Gazidas sell Kolo and don’t make Richards part of the deal then they need their heads examining.
    They will never get a better opportunity.