Update of the rules and what’s deemed offensive

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This is just an interim post before our guest one today, there was some debate late last night as to what we deem offensive, here’s a brief summary.

Any type of racist comment or anyone calling us racist because we have a pop at a player that happens to be black.

Take Ade, we are having a pop at him because he’s a lazy, useless disloyal, greedy ingrate, not because of his colour and racism is a two way street, so I’m putting the word racist back in the banned words list, if you use it, you’ll go into moderation.

If you want to have a dig at Arsenal, the management or the board, then that’s your prerogative, as long as none of the words you use slip into the above category feel free.

The big no, no however is when people use offensive language to other bloggers, that is bullying and I hate bullies, so disagree by all means, debate with each other all day long, but don’t call the guy you’re debating with a wanker, because if you do that you go in the bin. And debating’s Ok, but arguing stifles debate, so once you have made your point, move on.

I let on 17 new Grovers yesterday but had to bin one, so I can live with that, one guy I binned sometime ago came into moderation yesterday and said ‘Geoff you’re a cunt, why won’t you let me on’ well he answered his own question there didn’t he!

I do it so you can blog safe in the knowledge you won’t feel threatened, most of these cyber bullies are 11 years old having a pop at a grown up and trying to get away with it. This is a blog where we all get on, are all Arsenal fans and many of you span the globe, so we are truly International, and I’m very proud of that.

Finally we have a binned bin, that is for people who regularly come on and say nasty stuff, those comments are automatically trashed, so we don’t even read them, so for those of you out there that send them, you are wasting your time, they don’t even get read.

Let me finish by saying you don’t have to agree with me, the people that say that are people that used to blog on here but got offensive… the disaffected Grovers. They still read this blog though and they still talk about us, funny thing is they are all welcome if they can stop themselves being nasty.

I hope this clears up any grey areas, a football post is on its way soon.

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  1. reggie57

    Hear hear Geoff also there is a fair bit of cyber bullying from some grovers who use open ended questions to make people look small!!

    you Know who i mean!

  2. Geoff

    Morning all! No Tony and yes Reg.

    There was a bit of a kerfuffle last night about what was and what wasn’t and it’s been brewing up for a while.

    I had a bloke on here yesterday, and he called someone a wanker or such, I binned him and let him back on and he started again, it just spoils it for the others.

  3. Geoff

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Djourou, but he doesn’t get played much and we are trying to offload Senderos.

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    Has anyone heard about the British bush walker who survived 12 days sleeping under logs & eating bush tucker. What a champ he donated $100,000 to search & rescue, but @ the same time pissed off his greedy old man for not greasing his palm enough. & he said he loves this country(oz). See we aren’t all that bad.

  5. Geoff

    Ade said Terry will come to shitty, he said who would have thought 6 months ago that he and Carlos Tevez would join them.

    What an arrogant arsehole, he really rates himself doesn’t he!

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    City will need to strengthen their backs coz unmentionable is likely to stuff up @ the other end a fair bit.

  7. zak is bak

    my team for the season(nasri not included due to injury, once he comes, he takes nasri’s spot)
    sagna Gallas vermaelen clichy

    Cesc Ramsey

    Walcott Arshavin

    Rosicky will replace walcott in some matches along with nikki b replacing rvp or shawa.

  8. gnarleygeorge9


    Fully fit I think that Rosicky will start, & to be replaced by Theo. I really rate Armadaus

  9. zak is bak

    I think diaby will step up this year. Assuming we will buy no other dms i think he is the best fit. Better than song and denilson. Plus he can help us in counter attacks.

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    Diaby is hands over your eyes when he has the ball, but, he will mature & has the stature to be something IMO

  11. Geoff

    I rate him, if he can stay uninjured and pass the ball instead of trying to beat 8, I think he could be the one, but I said that last season as well!

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    Ok have a nice post I’ve got to do a Thai red curry now, & have a Crownie or 2 as well during the process. Life is good, especially when your team wins πŸ˜›

  13. zak is bak

    I am not sure about eduardo and rosicky remaining fit this season. They can play the champs league, but in PL, teams will try to crock them

  14. Geoff

    See you Gnarley.

    Morning Raif, too right, you do wonder what they do in life, me I write a blog on the side and try and have some fun.

  15. Cartman

    zak is bak Says:
    July 26, 2009 at 09:25

    Tu es une chein!
    Professor Cartman: its “tu est une chienne!”
    grammar mistake, wrong spelling, u FAIL! πŸ˜†

  16. raif

    Geoff. thats the Thing right there

    i call these people “Internet Trolls”.

    as they have nothing better to do then stalk the internets for low level amusement by crap talking to people on the net Bcos they think they are some kind of Jonny big bollocks. but 100% guaranteed they wont say Boo to a fly in the outside world

  17. TonyS

    I can see Diaby’s potential but I think this is defo a make or break season for him.His wild variations between genius and liability drive me bonkers.

    Zak is back: You have left out the most natural finisher since Ian Wright out of your side. A man with a domestic & international strike which is superior to Torres.

  18. Baxter Wall

    The Toure stuff is weird isn’t it. How can we have agreed a transfer fee?

    If a fee has been agreed and personal terms have been agreed then surely the sale happens immediately and is announced.

    But if Citeh have agreed terms with the player without agreeing a transfer fee with us first then surely we can report them for tapping up?

  19. raif

    man city was after toure last season so it makes sense they might be after him again..

    if it is a reported 15mil i would sell sell sell and bring in Hengeland..

    who knows maybe even try and get richards in a player swop and some cash

  20. Baxter Wall

    But if the fee had been agredd then wouldn’t City hav announced that like they did with Adebyewhore?

  21. paul farrah

    10m + richards for Toure
    eboue out 8mill in
    richards back up RB/CB.
    Hangeland in for 12 mill
    total cost of 2 mill ??

  22. Baxter Wall

    I don’t think we’d be able to pull off the “sell them a shit player twice” trick raif!

    Although if Toure goes there maybe we have! He’s been pants for 18months!

  23. Mike

    Sorry Cartman. I think chien is masculine so it would be “tu est un chien”. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

  24. Chrissie Greeno

    This season will see Song become one of our top players…this lad is special !! Hope Eboue stays as we need his penetration and pace too…

  25. redbearer

    Morning… nice to see a blog with some strong standards which essentially makes this the best gooner blog to blog on! πŸ™‚

  26. nishanth

    Selling adebayor to city did not strengthen them selling toure will make them a lot stronger.Still if we are willing spend with the xcash we get then i don’t mind

  27. redbearer

    Yes Zapata would be a great addition… but his club will probably get him to sign an extended contract within 24 hours of us declaring our interest!!

  28. Julian Jackson

    What’s teh verdict on the Cattermole rumour? Bullshit? Good potential? Real deal now? You have to love him for nailing Barton I suppose but is he good enough to play for the Arsenal? I never saw this one coming and dont know how I feel about it.

  29. nishanth

    He is much better than what they have got baxter wall.And if he plays alongside a big defender he is really useful.I don’t mind selling him.But i am not sure whether we will use that money

  30. Baxter Wall

    maybe nishanth but i just think he’s past being the sort of player that helps you win titles. He costs goals now.

  31. Lou

    The great dilemma with the Internet is that people can become whoever they want to be. It’s a kind of Walter Mitty situation. You post a picture of yourself looking suitably moody, holding a guitar and hey presto you are a superb musician. It also gives people a voice who wouldn’t be taken very seriously in a face to face situation so one needs to develop a sixth sense and that takes time. I enjoy most of the posters on here but the single-topic people who repeat the same mantra relentlessly invariably have less credibility. As for the millions of words written about Adebayor, our late striker, I think it has been largely overlooked that he was and is a fairly average player who achieved some sort of notoriety for having one good season and for being quite tall. The other thing is that he is at Man City for one reason only and that is that Wenger did not really want him at Arsenal, despite the platitudes to the opposite. You don’t deride the thing you want to sell. I imagine those reasons were to do with football and his personality.

  32. Chrissie Greeno

    Still want that experiencd, quality DM player and with Song as back up and learning, we have a future super star….he was looking great in the latter half of the season. Not a bad CD either….

    If Wenger does sell Eboue, Toure and Senderous, Then we should have 60mil to spend I reckon…Blimey, he could get a quality CD, DM and a World Class Striker (even Villa)…but will he spend ?

  33. Marko

    Read today we’re linked with Huntelaar and Vucinic. Now that the scum seem to be close to Crouch it looks as if it’s down to us or Milan for Huntelaar and he’d love to go the Premiership so thats got to make us favourites.

  34. ricardo

    Well said Geoff

    Personally I’m less inclined to read posts from people that appear incapable (or too lazy or stupid) to comment on what is written (comments) from the person, i.e. call the comment poor or stupid – but to make a statement the person is stupid has no validity. Calling people c^nts on a forum is very poor and racism (bullying etc.) well that needs to go back under the rock from which it came (I think I just contradicted myself – so feel free to correct my muse but appreciate you don’t call the father of my kids a complete twat or a w^nker.

    Be glad when the football season starts.