We’re going to spend a BILLION!

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How boring is all this money getting?

I said it a couple of years ago… there will only ever be one Chelsea in my opinion… there will only ever be one team who can buy there way to success in the fashion Abramovich did because he was the first.

I’ve just read the headline about Pompey using Maradona to lure Aguerro, Eto’o, Villa and Silva… apparently he is the going to quit his Argentina post and head to Portsmouth.

Firstly… Maradona, a gun totting coke head from Argentina… ambassador for a Premiership team? For me, that would be the corporate equivalent of making Fred West the face of Marks & Spencers… Pompey are making a mockery of the word! Secondly… what sort of man turns his back on his nation (David Bentley aside)? Thirdly… what type of player is going to go and play on the South Coast in that tin pot stadium for a club with no history? It’s getting ridiculous now… there is so much money in the game at the moment, it almost neutralises itself.

Mike Skinner wrote these lyrics,

When you’re a famous boy
It gets really easy to get girls
It’s all so easy you get a bit spoilt
So when you try to pull a girl
Who is also famous too
It feels just like when you wasn’t famous

I feel like Portsmouth are going to get similar treatment… I can just imagine Al Fahim walking into the Premiership Chairman’s Gala dinner, dressed in a white suite, bottle of Cristal in one hand, a wodge of fifties in the other, a necklace with a spinning diamonte Portsmouth crest round his neck surrounded by a bevy of blonde beauties… hoping to be acknowledged… only to be told to leave at the door…

‘Sorry Al, you’re so 2007… piss off.’

How to win friends and influence people.

New Chairman get up.

Being a billionaire is only cool when you’re the only one… Admittedly, you still need to spend to keep up with the Jones’s, or the Sheiks… but if you want to compete in the top four… I’d guess you’d be looking at spending at least £500million before you could get close. I think the point about Arsenal spending some money is that we don’t need to spend a tremendous amount to challenge for the league… and it seems stupid to compromise a top 4 space over £20million… but I honestly think that even with all Cities flashness in the transfer market this summer, I still think they will struggle to make the top 6. I mean look at Madrid… £300million+ talent on display the other night and they only just managed to beat Shamrock Rovers! Money buys you great players… it doesn’t bind them.

Hopefully UEFA will be able to do something useful and push through their proposals to force clubs to live off their own means.

So following on from Geoff’s post yesterday, I am starting to believe… I had a bad start to the week… I was a little disappointed to read that we wouldn’t reinforce in the middle of the park… but you get over these things… you get that bug back after watching your first full game and then you have no choice… Faith or a damn miserable year! I am extremely excited about the new season… Diaby looked great the other night, and maybe his presence in the midfield is the reason Wenger hasn’t bought in the middle? Rambo looked fantastic… he is quite powerfully built already and Nik Bendtner looks like he could be in for a good year.

If Wenger can rectify the ridiculous problem we have from high balls and we can concede less goals this year, we could be a genuine threat from the off. That really is what it’s all about for Arsenal… when I read people talking about anything other than winning the league, I pity them… if that is what is acceptable to you as an Arsenal fan, I really feel for you… Thierry quite rightly points out,

‘What I know about Arsenal from my time there was not about finishing in the top four — it was about winning the league.’

Nice to see Thierry is part of the ‘I want it now’ generation.

If the fans start accepting second best, or fourth best… what will the players think? Lets not worry about how they feel when they receive criticism… because if winning didn’t run through the fans veins, would the players want to be there? I feel like there is a section of the fan base who probably champion kids sports days where there are no winners… you know the type.

'It's the taking part dear...'

'It's the taking part dear...'

Alex Ferguson has taken aim at us early doors… perhaps he sees something threatening about our team? Cashley Cole has taken a break from being a guniea pig at Nokia’s vibrating ringtone R+D department, specifically to wish bad things upon us… Cashers, stick to vomiting over two bob slag hairdressers in the back of cabs… I sit here safe in the knowledge that for all your money… you’ll never be happy, because no one likes you… that’s a hard thing to stomach, especially when the fame dries up.

So to sum up… We’ve got most of our players back from injury, the most exciting player in the Premiership on our books, we’ve just done the best bit of business in our history, we have a new leader in at centre back… and a group of players who are about to peak… oh, and did I tell you if things stay the same we’re about £26million up on the summer…

Exciting times or what?

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Last but not least, here is a picture of our roving reporter; Bud, papping Ken Friar. Ken you’re a legend, Bud… your cheque is in the post!

Mr Ken Friar!

Mr Ken Friar!

BREAKING NEWS: Liverpool have just announced two new Italian signings in the last hours. It’s believed the £25million pair will fit nicely into Rafa’s style of play and hopefully kick them on to title glory. Their names? Nikmota and Robbatelli.

… I am to humour what Jesus is to Christians.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Stu

    You know what BBK, you seem to have a reputation as someone who is always negative and always have an empty glass but compared to Jimbo you are like an AKB.

    Cana isnt that great, i realise that now. I mean when someone is available for 5m and sunderland win the race to sign him then he mustn’t be as good as once thought.


    for me there is only one player that is taylor made for arsenal and that is yaya toure the guys power is immense as he showed once again tonight against the scum…

  3. Jimbo

    Stu, that’s kind of like saying Felipe Melo can’t be that great, because he cost £5m and went to Fiorentina.

    Well, look at him now.

    We have one of the worst first choice central midfielders in the league in our team, and only because we’ve got a complete imbecile for a manager.

    I really, really would love Wenger to be forced out by the fans this season, and I think it’s almost certain to happen. I can’t wait!

  4. A

    Yes, essien would definitely go to someone like sunderland….

    matuidi led st ettiene a tiny club to a 5th placed finish, he won’t be staying there either because they’ve already signed a replacement.

    Have to just wait and see what happens, but i’m glad cana is coming to england, i wonder if everyone basing how good he is on his youtube video will still point to that when he’s distinctly average in the prem

  5. redbearer

    Evening fellas.. I’ve been out speaking to some fellow gooners tonight and the general opinion is that we will struggle against these money rich clubs unless a miracle formula is produced… maybe Wenger holds the key but ultimately I hear that we require a DM and a striker because few are convinced by Bendtner although Milan are reportedly willing to bid 10 mil for the player, he aint quite ready yet!

  6. Stu

    Jimbo, who is the worst midfielder in the prem in our midfield?
    And Melo didnt sign for Fiorentina for 5m. He cost well into doube fiqures i think.

  7. A

    Stu sunderland didn’t win the race to sign Cana, there was no race!!

    so with all your french football watching knowledge jimbo, when exactly did Cana captain them to the title?!

    Jimbo do you realise just how ridiculous you sound?!

    You’re on the blog that’s reknowned as being one of if not probably the most negative arsenal blog, and you’re seen as ridiculous for how negative you are, yet you think other fans share your opinion and will force wenger out?! you really are living in cloud cuckoo land!!!!

  8. Jimbo

    St Etienne signed a replacement because Matuidi wasn’t up to the job last year – they almost got relegated, and it wouldn’t be the first time he got relegated either.

    He’s not a terrible player, but he’s pretty ordinary. But I don’t really know why we’re even talking – he’s not signing for Arsenal.

  9. Jimbo

    A, I couldn’t care how I ‘sound’ – the fans will force Wenger out, because almost all of them can see through his bullshjit now, and if this season goes tits up, you think the boos, and the criticism won’t be 10 times what they were last year?

    Wengker’s days as Arsenal manager are almost over. I’m delighted.

  10. redbearer

    Matuidi is the one but maybe Wenger is waiting for the retail value to be reduced… In the January Sales!!


    if it wasnt for wenger we would not be seeing the likes of denilsong every week imagine that no denilsong’s to talk about where would we be

  12. A

    lol jimbo, you shouldn’t say things when you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about….

    Matuidi was their best player, but they relied upon him so much that when he got injured they slipped towards the relegation zone….

    He also played so well that if he hadn’t gotten injured he’d been pencilled in for the next French squad….

  13. Jimbo

    Oh, and sorry, I meant that Cana captained them into the CL, not to the title.

    And Denilson is one of the worst midfielders in the Premiership.

  14. SUGA3

    well, Sunderland do have a few decent players there, Kenwyne Jones is a fine example – I’d have him as replacement for Ade in a snap…

  15. Stu

    Jimbo, why are you delighted that arguably our best ever manager and still one of the best in the world is close to leaving.

    You dont think the next manager will ask for 50 or 100m to spend on building a new team. money that we dont have. Then we will fall further down the table.

  16. Jimbo

    Lol @ A.

    Whatever. Matuidi was hopeless last year. Average player.

    He’ll stay at St Etienne this summer, because nobody will want him.

    Wait and see – that’s your motto, right?


  17. A

    It is a fair bit more indeed stu.

    Incidentally Jimbo “i watch loads of french football” Marseille last won the title in 91/92, so unless Cana was one hell of an 8 year old I’m pretty sure he’s never captained them to a title….


    Stu Says:
    July 25, 2009 at 01:40
    Yeah because getting 4th or CL is the same as leading them to the title.are you talking about wenger now

  19. Jimbo

    No manager will ask for, or need £50m nett to spend on the club. Don’t be daft.

    And Wenger’s an awful manager these days. Absolutely shambolic – living on past glory, and an enorous ego.

  20. SUGA3

    and as you may notice, all the ‘big’ clubs have a decent DM or two, what about us?

    yup, we will be fed crap about signing ‘qualitee’ and daft ideas like playing brittle boned midget Nasri as DM…

  21. A

    Pretty sure he was voted their best player last year, but can’t find a link for the moment, you are making yourself look very silly saying that they signed Fernandes because he wasn’t good enough. They’ve said they’ll let him leave if one of the top ten teams in Europe comes in for him, that’s all.

    And Comolli, a former Gunners scout and Spurs director of football, has revealed that although St Etienne are loathed to let go of their prize asset, they may have no choice should a big club make a move for his services.

    “He is not for sale. We are not looking for an offer,” he said.

    “However, it would be difficult to prevent him from leaving if a top 10 European side came in for him.”

  22. SUGA3

    Jones ain’t cack, Stu – with the service from our mids he would shine as well as draw defenders on himself to allow Time Bandits to nip through…

    he’s excellent in the air and has good attitude…

    he scores roughly 1 in 3 games on average playing for shit teams…

  23. Jimbo

    Yeah, just like Cana said he wanted to go for CL football, or like Chamakh wanted to sign for Arsenal A?

    What’s going on with those boys?

    Matuidi’s ordinary. Better than Denilson, but otherwise nothing special. We aren’t signing him anyway, so not really bothered.

  24. SUGA3

    if you think about it: Jones & Cana that is quite a spine for physical league like Prem…

    watch this space…

  25. Stu

    In other news Mathieu FLamin doesnt look likely to be open to a move after being given the no.5 shirt by new coach Leonardo.

  26. redbearer

    Chaps.. let’s face facts… we are so fookin tight, tight enough that we wait and wait until the price is favourable of Arsenal FC and there will be a fookin lot of waiting done until our next signing comes unless the player morally fancies playing for us! We are unable to compete with these cash rich clubs so it entirely depends on the player.. Does he wish to play for us? If he does then thats all that matters because his principles are greater than Cashleys or the Ades of this world can ever be! More or less… more means more when the player knows what it means to play for Arsenal FC, and less when the player doesn’t care less!

  27. SUGA3

    Terry said Jones was a tough fucker to play against and despite all this crying antics he is no wimp, is he?

    Jones could be miles better than Ade for us, imo…

  28. A

    ah ok suga3, that makes sense – sorry i thought you were saying we should sign jones!! i actually like jones for sunderland, but obviously he would never be good enough to play for us, exceptional in the air and ridiculously strong but that’s about it. I really thought he’d have a great partnership with Cisse last year but it never happened

  29. nishanth

    Some fiorentina right back is saying that is not afraid of eboue.If the offer is 10 million i think wenger will take it

  30. redbearer

    Nope Huntelaar, Matuidi & Hazard will do but no one listens… every other club seem more ambitious atm!

  31. SUGA3

    I think Jones would do OK for us, especially that for some reason we are through with the slick passing on the floor and we just run and cross – he could be a good ‘Plan B’ type of player who could do well against shit opposition…

    both Cana and Jones would come here for some £15M combined and would not command too high wages…

  32. Stu

    Well Sunderland said Jones would be 20m last summer. Nothings changed.

    And we have Bendtner for the shit opposition according to some. And he is arguably our best headerer of a ball so Jones would be a pointless buy.

  33. SUGA3

    so did Marseille about Cana, right?

    trouble is, we don’t have any more strikers that would be reliable injury-wise, so Bendtner is practically one of first choice strikers if you take that into account…

    if Bendtner is for shit oppo, who is to play upfront against top teams then?

  34. redbearer

    WTF Jones.. cruddy crud crud… not worth even mentioning in the same sentence as any worthwhile Arsenal greats imo!

  35. Stu

    Exactly SUGA. You said buy Jones for against the shit opposition. Therefore you would have Bendtner against the good opposition. But clearly you dont think he is good enough. So you want 2 strikers especially for shit opposition. Thank god your not the manager. 😆

  36. SUGA3

    well, Bendtner can play against any team and do well and so can Jones, you’ve completely missed my point: like I wrote earlier, Terry said Jones is a nightmare to play against and we could use a bulldozer like him against teams who park the bus,…

  37. Stu

    Terry also said the same about Adebayor but things change. It deosnt mean he is world class. Of course anyone that runs around is going to be tough to play against.

  38. SUGA3

    I did not say Bendtner is to play against shit teams, I was just referring to your post, Stu…

    I’m expecting Thomas 😛 to finally come really good this season – he will play with much more joy without the headbutting wanker around…

  39. Stu

    Fair enough.

    Moving on..
    Chelski have an annoying wealth of defenders. Ivanovic, Alex, Carvalho and Terry. How is that fair?

  40. Stu

    But just to conclude the other topic…Jones isnt better than any forward we have so its pointless buying him. Fair enough? Good.

  41. SUGA3


    Fair enough, apart from one thing – depth…

    God forbid RvP/Bendy/Dudu picks up a knock, any plan B?

  42. Stu

    Well the chances of all 3 of them being injured at the same time is very very small. And i suppose we have Vela and Arshavin for the middle..

  43. Stu

    Im watching on jtv. Want the link? 15minutes left.

    Sheva looks quicker than before, his hair has changes to the way it was when he won Ballon d’or. I think Zhirkov is left midfield. Chelsea are playing a wierd formation tho.

  44. A

    Ah ok, nah cheers don’t worry about the link, just turned it on for a second but decided couldn’t be bothered to watch it, instead i’m downloading the 15 minute highlights on arsenal tv of the 7-1 win the other day to have a watch of that again, see wilshere and ramsey pissing all over fc colombia!

    Got zhirkov in all my fantasy teams as he’s a defender but figure he might play further up the pitch

  45. Stu

    Chelsea are actually more of a threat than i realised. Lots of attacking potential, goals from midfield, defence as usual. And they have pretty good depth too. Thank fuck Ancelotti is shite in the league 😆

  46. ethangunner

    Yes pedro i agree with you on that ,

    ‘ Faith or a damn miserable year! ‘
    there your 2 options and if i was a betting man ..
    this year the odds are more stacked than the last ….

    id spend just to keep the top 4 buffer in place ..

  47. A

    chelsea and liverpool are certainly likely to be the teams to beat, but utd are an irrelevance imo, certainly at the moment.

  48. ethangunner

    its LONNNGGGGGGGGGG over due (SPENDING SOME CASH HARDCORE [from last post]..)and although we got some handy players out of it (gibbs, JD & i spose denilson, vela theo, with a strong need to come of age this season or you’ll be the next SENDEROS )… that goes double for denilson…

    We havent got one real star other than cesc , which ‘pass wise’ at times has been magical, but a bit over rated if we are honest …

    id sell him if his head is turning and let wenger spend 75 mil in an overhaul that would cost the club virtually nothing and get 6 new players of nasri’s quality and above ..

    i think wenger has AGAIN missed the boat on another opportunity to make BIG bucks on players wont be around much long in all honesty …
    we get another useless ASS year and cesc WANTS OUT … we will be lucky to get 20 for him ..
    (we do remember ade who was valued 10 mil more last year than this , and i believe it was more like 22 mil .. some sources stated and i think they would be closer to the mark , with going upto 25 IF …

    with ade you can presume he WILL NOT REACH his target EVER .. and we dont get the extra 3 mil


    thanks again you gimp , ade it is goodbye from me .. no hard feelings .. we were shit .. you had to go ….

    quite simple really ..
    oh and ade … score 1 goal in every 4 like this season 4 us ,and next season youll be at Leicester ..

  49. Evo in Oz

    gday all,

    im loving Bud getting all those photo’s with the Arsenal gang, he is on fire! Keep up the good work buddy!

  50. ethangunner

    i mean prior to the SIGNING AA …

    which if we had more of ( SIGNINGS!),
    it would lift the team’s spirit surely .. RVP was wanting the club to show ambition and sign more this season or he was off ! ..

    he must of bought the wenger speech of we are good enough already , kids will be a year older speech .. oh fuck it just sign robin .. no other club will have you anyhow until you can play 2 seasons back to back !

    if you were a risk assessor of this team this season (and the last) you wouldn’t want to insure Arsenal on wage compensation insurance on previous history …

    if wenger is going to keep this buy \ sell strategy in the transfer market he needs better priced youngsters ..

  51. A

    Yeah it was awesome evo! If only we could snap him up – isn’t really practical with the african nations this year though! Hell of a player.

  52. David

    ffs Ethan

    Are you still talking shite about Ade even after how many weeks he’s been off Arsenal? Get over your hatred and prejudice buddy! :mrgreen:

    In my opinion Zhirkov is a very average player…he’s a decent left back…and should take over from cashley but to be the “white ronaldinho” is saying a bit much….he did score that goal today but it was a scrap of a goal…not class like Seedorf’s

    Personally after Yaya’s performance…id be willing to spend the whole 25 million we just got on him and we will be set. Plus I believe Yaya can play as a CB….should incase Wenger wants to wank off with our team and put Denilson in Midfield.

  53. A

    Yeah David – but I really don’t think even if there was a chance of Wenger spending big money on yaya, there’s any chance he’d do it with the african nations this year.

  54. David

    This is true…and that is very worrying…but some of these players can refuse to play for their country…it has happened before…and it is after all the ACN…If they dont make it past the group stages they should be back sooner than later!

  55. Evo in Oz

    ive seen those Yaya highlights a few times now, that was fucking brilliant, i wish he had of scored himself!

  56. ethangunner



    didnt hate him before !!!!..
    I DO NOW !

    i only just thought he wasnt up to arsenals standards! and did nothing for us technically !and , i was just amazed how stupid people were about the game of football that they can mis read his worth to our club so much , some people just dont have a fuckin clue,

    thats all im saying ..

    what are you sayin ?

  57. Evo in Oz

    my old notts county mate will be pleased that some coin has been pumped in, they might be able to move up the leagues now!

  58. David

    Ethan fack that mate…you dont have to lie…you’ve never said anything positive about badey…Ive checked the Archives…you slagged the togonator since day 1 of last season…ridiculed his 30 goal tally and kept saying he was shite as if to say that his goal tally was that much different than the rest?

    Im saying he’s a City player…why havent you moved on?

    Anyways…guys i wouldnt be too upset if we dont get another CB…I think Kolo will stay and what is clear to me now is that we kill Denilson and Song and bring in Yaya…who knows maybe he can partner Kolo in CB position…but the man is class going forward, defending…wow…imagine him in an Arsenal shirt shitting on the spurs…

    I picked up this photo from the Arsenal vs United game at Old Shitford…


    Shows how headlessly clueless Denilsong is.

  59. ethangunner

    yes well i was right .. it must be killing you ..


    im only pissed off with him now for not being our player but being a fuck’in mouth piece ever since he has left us , about winning trophies , and about us driving him out as fans…

    i think FORM had something to do with it too dont you ????

    and i wasnt angry at him i was more angered at the twats who defended him !

    because time has proven me correct , so deal with it ..

  60. AussieGunna

    Gidday everyone,
    I’m trying to do the fantasy premier league thingo from the link here, whats the pass to get into the le grove league? cheers.
    Can’t wait for the new season to start either although I’m left with a fair degree of nervous trepidation and disappointment about the lack of activity in the transfer market, I’m really struggling to reconcile all the ‘official’ statements coming out of the club with what is actually going on. Hopefully there’s a big surprise coming because as it stands now, we’re still well short (excuse the pun) in the engine room.

  61. David

    The only thing u managed to be right about was the fact that he was sold.

    He cost 30-35 million last season…and we got 22-25 million this season. You cant be shite and cost that much.


  62. kenny smith

    I dont know how anyone can defend Ade…. He only moved for money, we all know that and even Gael Clichy has come out and said that. Adebayor scored some good goals but his chance to conversion rate was horrific. Ive said before give eduardo as many chances as Ade had and Eddie would score a shit load more. As far as im concerned he aint that good. He flirted with milan and barca last season and didnt get the move he wanted and now he has moved he has blamed it all on us. Its his own fault the fans drove him out. But his massive ego doesnt allow him to see that

  63. reggie57

    60000 fans cant all be wrong can they ?perhaps only in baddys after he squeezes more money for his EXCLUSIVE with the currant bun, wot a prick!!

  64. Geoff

    I think you’re all missing a big point here with Ade, he didn’t move, he still had 3 years left on his contract.

    Wenger let him go for the money, the £25mil that is, Wenger is the one interested in the money, then he blames the fans for Ade going, he could only have gone if Arsenal had let him.

    I wouldn’t mind if we had spent the money.

    I think you are all blaming the wrong person, he really is a sly sod is Wenger.

  65. gooner-pak

    there u go….missed cana and he was f*cking cheap!!! But i dont understand y he signed for sunderland and left marsiele (what ever spelling)

  66. kenny smith

    Geoff… there is still an entire month left of the transfer window. If he doesnt sign anyone then we can blame him… but as far as Ade is concerned you can bet your arse he moved for the money… Wenger knew he had to sell ade this season cause the fans wud just make his life difficult… i do not see why your argueing that wenger sold him for the money when all the fans wanted him sold…. if anything wenger is actually doing something the fans wanted for a change. i dont believe wenger sold him for the money i believe he sold him cause he wud be useless next season as he would be boo’d. Oh and because he’s shit