Eduardo says he’s ready, this squad could be it, and we’re going to win the league!

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So Eduardo himself is puzzled as to his injury (which he doesn’t have) and says he is pencilled in for next Monday’s game against Szombatelya in Austria, well that is indeed good news, perhaps we all lost something in Arsene’s message regarding Nasri this week, and with the news that Nasri doesn’t have a break and he could be back in 6 weeks, in theory that would mean he’ll be back in contention for the Man City game.

On reflection I think we have enough in midfield, the thing is they can’t all play can they? So maybe Nasri out will mean that Diaby or Ramsey will get a run out next to Cesc with Rosicky and Theo out on the flanks, or Arshavin and Rosicky or even Nasri and Wilshere, now there’s a mouthwatering prospect eh!

I still believe that we need a strong ball winner in the middle with Cesc, my preferred choice would be to buy a Cana, a Diarra or bring Flamini back, I think we all know he won’t bring the Flamster or Hleb back on loan so let’s start looking at the starting options we do have.

Let’s say we go with our first choice team, assuming we have the entire squad to pick from, minus of course Nasri.

At the back we would have Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen and Clichy with an alternative of Eboue, Kolo, Djourou and Gibbs, we then have Senderos, Song, Silvestre, Ayling and Hoyte as back up, I won’t complain at the options save I would be a lot happier with a big nasty brute in there as well and from that we could pick, Hangeland, Zapata or any number of available big men.

In the middle our starting four would be Theo, Cesc, Ramsey and Rosicky or Rosicky, Cesc, Diaby and Arshavin then we would have Vela, Barazite, Wilshere and Denilson as back up.

Up front we have Robin, Eduardo and Bendtner to choose from and if all those guys stay fit then we actually have quite a strong squad.

I have put Eboue as a defender as well as Song as I think it’s a waste of time either of those two competing in the middle with the above, Denilson and Song may end up doing a Flamster and exploding onto the scene this year but I would have to pick Diaby and Ramsey as the ones most likely, so I have.

Whatever we do, I would spend the whole season rotating them and rotating on the hour mark or when we need a change, not waiting to between the 67th and 74th minute, that’s when all the opposition expect it, because that’s when he usually does it.

So that’s it then, with arch enemy Cashley Arsehole saying he hopes Man City pip us this season, we have a target, to finish above the Chavs, and now Ade has lost his crown as Arsenal’s most hated, we can get back to supporting this team we love so much and booing Cole once again.

The speculation has ended, I doubt we’ll be getting new players in, as Arshavin says, we need to stop acting like we are kids now, because actually, we aren’t.

Time for the team to step up, time for us Grovers to get behind the team and time for Arsenal to start winning, I’m glad we have a tough start because it means that at some point toward the end it will get easier, let’s hope we can surprise the rest and win early and win ugly if we have to.

Someone came on the other day and said ‘What will you say if this team starts winning’ well that’s simple really, I would say great, why? Because I’m an Arsenal fan you dipstick, like you all are Grovers, the time for talking is at an end, the season begins now, come on the Arsenal!

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  1. Stu

    lol im not arshavin at all. All i know about fashion is what i like and i wouldnt wear what Nasri is wearing. And his hair is shit too…bleached highlights. Swear he is a woman.

  2. Stu

    Well look at it this way. If we sign a DM the oppo wont have the ball in out half as much (or thats the idea anyway). Or we could sign Huntelaar and score most of our shots and by the time the oppo get the ball they are already 4-0 down and the game is out of reach. win-win.

  3. A

    Eduardo is gonna be scoring all of our shots, and setting up the odd couple for bendy, vp, arshavin, vela! Huntelaar isn’t needed for that purpose!

    We’ll sign a DM anyways, but he’ll just be wandering around the pitch bored out of his mind as the opposition won’t ever touch the ball with arshavin, rosicky, wilshere, nasri, vp, bendy in full flow and eduardo finishing it all off.

  4. Stu

    Well then A, how can Eduardo be finishing everything off if you have him out on the left of midfield? huh?

    Work your way out of that one. 😆

  5. A

    Stu our whole system is built on everyone swapping, as they’ve done in the first two pre season matches, and while everyone is playing musical chairs going round and round in terms of their positions eduardo would always be the one who was in the most advanced position when it came to actually finishing it, even though he was out wide left, or wide right, or in the midfield for part of the build up!

    He’d just ruin us smith! We need the front 4/5 all rotating and contributing, floating around to free up space for each other. If you have one player who is a striker and only a striker, then it fucks up absolutely everything and makes it all much more rigid! It’s why I REALLY don’t want Huntelaar to come, and really don’t think Wenger would consider him. That’s before how overpriced he is comes into it!

  6. A

    Yeah bergy is one of my favourite players actually.

    I hate anything that’ll limit our total football and style of play. We’ve just managed to get rid of the main person who did that, i’d be absolutely devastated if we then brought someone in who did the same, even though i’m sure it’d be to a lesser extent.

  7. A

    our entire game is based on players rotating smith, so it’d fuck up and limit our whole system, and the effectiveness of every other attacking player!

    Eduardo is as if not more clinical in front of goal than huntelaar, but also has a great all round game, why on earth would we break our transfer record for something we’ve already got, who’d limit the rest of our team, and wouldn’t even be guaranteed a start?!

  8. Ray in SF

    I begin to understand your position A regarding huntelaar, but maybe he would encourage people to shoot more and earlier if there was a slow but well-positioned opportunist waiting for the rebounds, loose balls, fumbles, etc.

  9. A

    Possibly ray – but i don’t want us shooting earlier. We’ve got the players now to just pass the ball into the net, not give it away until we tap it in, and just cut through teams, as the invincibles did. We don’t need to rely on finishers. Eduardo will finish all the chances that Huntelaar would, but wouldn’t limit the rest of our game.

    No not at all smith – eduardo isn’t injury prone, he had a nasty injury, that’s all…. vp has had injury problems obviously, as has rosicky, although i hope he’ll be better now with the longstanding problem diagnosed and fixed, and bendy, arshavin, nasri don’t have a history of injury problems, neither does vela. Theo had his shoulder issues but had an operation to sort that hopefully.

  10. Ray in SF

    Spuds or Arsenal, let me think

    arry’s halready ruledout ha play for untelhaar has the salary thing is too rich for im

    did you see rednap’s comment that he thought the Ericsson to Notts County was an April Fool’s

    so we don’t have to fear the Spuds, we just have make a decision in our own best interests

  11. nishanth

    Don’t think we will buy huntelaar for the price that is quoted.Wenger wouldn’t spend that much on a striker

  12. Stu

    I dont want us walking the ball into the net. Thats awful watching because its so frustrating and predictable. I want some 30 yard screamers thrown in there for excitement purposes.

  13. nishanth

    A i am sure huntelaar is not a complete fool.He would have enough ability.You are talking as if he has kevin davies ability to play football.

  14. A

    No i’m not nisanth, i’m talking as if he’s an out and out striker. He can’t drop into midfield and be a playmaker, he isn’t a complete fool, but isn’t capable of participating in the total football we played before, and should be playing after ade.

    Stu with Rosicky, arshavin, nasri, vp, ramsey we’ll get enough long range screamers as well! We just won’t be in a position where we have to try them all the time because we run out of ideas.

    It isn’t predictable in the slightest, in fact having all 4/5 people popping up anywhere on the pitch it’s the most unpredictable way of playing!!

  15. Gunnersmith

    it’s so old fashion walking the ball into the net screamers 50 yarders are in fashion now Ronaldo 40 yarder put the mancs in the semi final if we had a screamer against them who knows we could have slaughter barca in the final

  16. Gunnersmith

    well A, how come we played our ‘unpredictable’ football and ended up with 4 successive nil nil

  17. A

    we didn’t gunnersmith…. we played football constricted by a lack of playmakers, it was the opposite of unpredictable football, it was shitty, disciplined, defensive predictable football….

  18. nishanth

    Agree.But don’t we have enough of those type already.Havn’t you noticed we never seem to have players in the box.We just have 1 or 2 players there.huntelaar would give us that.Yes we will have to make a slight adjustment in our game.I am not saying that i want us to buy huntelaar.I want a DM first.No point in buying huntelaar or anyone if we don’t sort that position out.But if we buy him he will do well for us

  19. A

    mexico are basically playing with 4 forwards, crazy.

    nisanth it’d be much more than a slight adjustment. It’s a dominos affect, by drifting around, our forward players can drag markers all over the place. One man pops up unexpectedly which drags one marker out of place, which means an attacker takes up that space to another defender is dragged out of position which creates more space and so on and so on. You have just one player who’s stuck to a position, as huntelaar would be being a box player, and it fucks up everything

  20. A

    i was wondering why i’d not seen vela yet – they’ve changed the line up, vela isn’t starting after all!!

  21. nishanth

    A you talk about eduardo having an all round game.I don’t think he does.Havn’t you noticed the no. of times where is just not involved at all in the game.But again he has enough ability to spot a pass and hold onto the ball.Huntelaar is the same type but i would a better goalscorer than eduardo(not finisher)

  22. A

    nisanth eduardo has been very good when he’s played left wing for us, he also basically played as a second striker when he was playing with ade. Likewise for Croatia he drops deep and acts as a playmaker. He’s very capable of contributing both deep, and out wide, so can rotate with the others. Huntelaar, like adebayor, is completely useless if out wide or dropping deep, not to mention unbelievably slow. He’s an absolutely wonderful goalscorer in the box, but to be a forward in our system you have to be able to contribute out wide and deep, and he simply can’t.

  23. Ray in SF

    also I think with a slow, lazy, but well-positioned Huntelaar in the box, it will distract the defenders and actually open up the ops for our creative midgets

  24. A

    yeah the spuds game was horrible. ade has to take some of the blame for that though, his complete inability to hold the ball up up top really prevented the defence and midfield from having any sort of a breather.

    Compare that to the utd game with bendy up front where he got loads of stick, but he was holding it up brilliantly, driving into their half, then missing easy chances, but with ade against spud he either just ran offside, or miscontrolled the ball everytime it came up to him, so it just came straight back at the defence every single time.

  25. A

    How ray?! It’ll just mean a centre back has the luxury of just being able to sit there, not being dragged around at all, and it limits how the others can be dragged around, means their defensive unit is much more solid.

  26. Geoff

    Morning all, I’m up early to beat the traffic on the M25. I’m going to ‘Watership Down’ remember the film?

    I’m not around much but I will be amazed if we bought the Hunter, I wouldn’t say no, because it would be great to buy someone, but I think we need a DM and a CM.

    But I wouldn’t say no.

    Pedro, I’m looking forward to reading the hatrick of posts today. Have a great day people, I’m still waiting for the sun to wake up!

  27. Pat

    I wasn’t too happy about the Hunter link, but the more i think about it, the more I like it.

    We always complain about finishing chances. Huntelaar would solve that. He can score outside the box as well.

    He was very impressive against us in the Ajax Cup last year, scored a goal too I think