This is the last time I mention Kaka’s name on this blog.

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So now we sort of know that Ade (or Kaka as Wenger compared losing him to) will most likely not be replace and the undisclosed £25million we got for him won’t be spent (except on improved contracts and bonuses) we have nothing to speculate on any more.

I thought Rosicky and Barazite looked good at the weekend, Vermaelen didn’t do enough for me to really have an opinion on, Randall did of course (no change there) but I thought Ayling looked like he could step up.

I believe the only reason we play Barnet every year is because we use their ground for our youngsters, other than that this fixture is a complete waste of time, we got to see a few first team players and in the second half we saw the reserves, but we see them all the time on Arsenal TV. So, so what?

I do like Jay Thomas though, he has bags of skill but I’m not sure what his position is, maybe he’ll feature this season, I hope so, he’s miles better than two others I could mention, but I won’t.

We had some Grovers at the Barnet Game and they posed for a few pictures with Ken Friar amongst others, good to see you read Le Grove Ken, now get the cheque book out.

For me we weren’t good enough last season so I can’t see how we’ll be good enough this season, we were two players short then and we are two players short now, we need a big ball winning centre back, Barnet showed us how a 400 year old striker can out jump our entire defence with ease, imagine what a Drogba or an Adebayor will do to us???

We also need a ball winner to play alongside Cesc and we all had our hopes up we would get one but we don’t seem to be lucking out there either.

So same old, same old then, still, having Eduardo and Rosicky back will be like two new signings, my only question is, if that’s the case, when they were out all of last year, why did we not get two new signings in to cover them?

I know, I’m just being cynical. Still we are playing tomorrow so we’ll get another chance to see our reserves again. I’m sorry this post is short, but our manager has left me speechless and very, very disappointed.

Have a nice day at least we can win the cricket… …or can we???

The Verminator

The Verminator

Hand Shakes

Hand Shakes

Arsh + JD

Arsh + JD





Vik Akers and another member of the coaching staff

Vik Akers and another member of the coaching staff

Eboue, who insisted he and the players read the site.

Eboue, who insisted he and the players read the site.

Jay Simpson

Jay Simpson

A big thanks to Bud, Lorna and Jay for sending in their pics from what looked like a fantastic day out. I’d also like to thank the Arsenal staff for getting involved! I have a Kolo reads Le Grove somewhere, I’ll root it out!

Tomorrow Pedro will be sticking 2 guest posts (He was away this weekend)up and one of my own… it’ll be a busy day!

P.S. Who is Thomas Bendtner? Listen here!

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  1. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening Geoff

    The nameless twit became a problem when everyone started that song ……….”give him the ball, then he will score” For a start, it was disrespectful to the other squad members who contributed just as much, @ the time, in getting The Arsenal a 7 point lead @ the top. From then on, the nameless twit’s head just grew & grew, till he thought the sun shone out of his arse.

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    Still 3 tests to go Geoff & all that luck/umpire welfare you limeys have had will have been used up. & anyway, like you say, when it suites, cricket is a girls game 😆

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    …….oh & as for your captain, the groundswell of distain for that cheat is snowballing down here. But I bet he pulls a heart string like Trescothick did last time, & wimp out.

  4. Geoff

    Ha, ha, your captain’s face was a picture, even our girls beat Australia!

    Thing is Freddie the destroyer is playing on pain killing injections. What would the score be if he was fit?

    I think you may need to go out and buy a few cases of humble pie.

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    BW, you should have saved it till the bus trip down to the Islington Town Hall during the parade. Great idea, just bad timing. Coz the nameless twit was shocking after that song. I refuse to say his name ever again & I would rather not see his name even mentioned again, well, except maybe when I read that he has been loaned out to Tranmere Rovers, CHamoneeeeeeeeeeeeee 😆

  6. gnarleygeorge9


    There is no doubt England & Wales played the better cricket over the 5 days, & Freddie was the destroyer, but soon Freddie is going to Flintoff, which leaves your cupboard bear.

    But I will give credit when credit is due, but I think you should give me credit for coming on here & now & not running away & hiding coz its got too hard. Don’t worry about a crate of humble pie, just be glad I’m still here.

  7. gnarleygeorge9


    Lee, since he split from his wife has become a shadow of his former self, so I don’t think he will make much of a difference even if he is fit.

  8. nishanth

    Siddle hasn’t played that well.Think lee can do a better job than him.Surely he will be up for this.

  9. Pedro

    Morning Grovers!

    Two posts today… one at 0800 —> and one at 1000.

    They are going out automatically… so keep your eyes peeled!

  10. dennisdamenace

    Adebayor is a deluded lying cunt, there were NO bids for him last year it was ALL agent driven drummed up paper talk! And, this year it’s the same there were NO bids for him from anyone other than Man City and no enquiries from any other club, and i have that directly form the club……