SATISFACTION + Cesc due to leave for logical price.

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Morning Grovers, firstly, can I just confirm that whining doesn’t always get you what you want. The only encounter I’ve had with a fox since yesterday is the bastard that deposited a strategic turd on a house plant I’d placed out in the back garden. If there were a sport of the species, Foxes would be national champions at strategic shitting…

Firstly, I just want to share the bad news. Barca can’t afford Ribery, so they’ve decided to go for the cheaper option of Cesc,

“Ribery was a player we were interested in at a logical price but Bayern don’t want to sell.

“If they are interested in selling, we are interested in buying but if not, then we will look to Fabregas.

“Compared to him there is no available alternative left in the market, so we will see what happens.

So, Cesc is apparently the only player left on the market… a great confidence boost that he is seen as Barca’s last resort. Oh, and they seem to think they can pick him up for a more logical price than Ribery? How deluded is Laporta? Cesc is 21, on of the best talents in Europe, he has a Spanish premium on his and a 8 year contract… and he wants to stay?

What an idiot…

Anyway… the sun is shining and it’s Friday, so I thought I’d send you into the weekend on a high note. So today, I will be mainly focusing on the scary possibility of ‘satisfaction’.

Imagine it Grovers, finishing the summer… and you’re satisfied with the business that’s been done?

Imagine heading into the season and thinking,

‘You know what, I think the coach has done a great job in the window… and if anything, our squad might be a little too deep?’

Wouldn’t that be grand? Wouldn’t it give everyone a buzz?

It would me. I’ve always said that as long as Arsenal put the maximum effort into the summer and the team looks capable, I wont be too disheartened if we don’t win the league. A sustained challenge on the Premiership is what we’re looking for next season – players that are good enough from the off is what we’ve craved for so long… being in the mix for every competition should be the goal.

That’s the way a club of Arsenal’s stature should be run.

It bores me to tears when I read that I am part of the ‘I want it now’ generation.

I’m part of the generation of Arsenal fan who believes that if you’re going to do something, do it to the best of your ability. Last season, swathes of Gooners saw the writing on the wall in August… that’s why there was so much anger and resentment in May.

The sense of urgency shown by the fans should never be frowned upon… and I think if Leonardo Da Vinci was still around, he’d agree…

‘I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.’

If urgency is good enough for a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle, then it’s damn well good enough for me. Jokes aside, it’s a serious point… the time for knowing and talking about potential has gone… it’s time to start showing.

Last summer many critiqued Le Grove for the predictions forecast… those people never came back to eat humble pie, did they? Instead they blamed us for the negativity (Can I just say, I truly believe it is farcical the power some people apportion to blogs)!

Well, hopefully we wont have to make miserable predictions this year because the way things are going so far this summer, I don’t think we’ll need to.

We’ve bought a centre back of a ripe age… I don’t know too much about him, but from what I’ve seen… he looks to have the grit and edge we’ve lacked last season. If rumour is to be believed, we’re also on the trail of an unknown ex French under 21 captain who we’re about to pluck from relative obscurity… firstly, I’m excited because it appears after snaring the captain of Ajax, we are about to lure in another leader. I found this report on him (That’s such a lie… one of the Grovers did),

‘Matuidi would bring a great footballing brain, stunning awareness, solid midfielding defensive, a superb partner in the center midfield for Cesc Fabregas and his best aspect is his perceptive passing. Arsenal really need all those traits that Matuidi has, and he would be sure to fill the role of Patrick Vieira and Gilberto Silva.’

It also looks like we’re doing our best to shift on Senderos and Eboue. Marvellous. Its about time Wenger started getting ruthless with players who clearly aren’t going to make it. We’re a football club, not a charity.

I’m also excited to read that Theo might be played more centrally. I think he found an edge to his game towards the end of last season… against Chelsea, he was all over the place, shooting, tackling… making runs. This should be his year…

Carlos Vela will get more games. He is the real magic in the strike force. Even RVP can’t match him for the outrageous… if he can stay tactically disciplined and work on the defensive side of his game, he’ll be immense.

Adebayor should be off… I’m hoping his departure will release the weight hanging off Nik B’s shoulders… in the same way it did for the Togan when Thierry left. I’ve always thought there is a great striker waiting to break out… and I think we’ll see that this year with some hard working performances… I reckon he’ll get 20 this year!

I think we’ll see more of Rambo. If Eboue goes, I think that gives Wenger the chance to blood the young Welshman out wide for a year. He has pace, trickery and an eye for a screamer. He’ll toughen up this summer and I’d expect him to lay down his marker for the year ahead this coming preseason.

There are also all the other players that will ramp up their performances this year. Arshavin will be with us from the off, Rosicky will be contending again (I’m not impressed that his come back date has already been pushed out till autumn… especially as he was moaning he didn’t get to play in May), Eduardo will demonstrate his Croatian form in the league and we have the likes of RvP, Cesc, Clichy, Nasri, Sagna and Willy G who will all hopefully do the business when surrounded by top talent.

Then there is the token kid who comes through. This year it was Gibbs… next year I am hoping for Jack Wilshere to make an impact somewhere along the way. If not him, maybe JET, maybe Tom Cruise… can you imagine the headlines I could make up if Tom Cruise and JET played together… if only we had a player called Goose…

So… I’m getting excited, and hope you guys are to! I don’t think we’ll be worrying about August 31st blues this year!

Have a great day Grovers, I’m off to hose down my pot plant… Geoff will be back with a ripper of a post tomorrow!

P.S. Ryan sent me in a picture of a table his girlfriend made him for his birthday… you’ve got her well trained Ryan… see here!

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  1. A

    ethan why are you stating things that are announced in the papers or on blogs, and claiming that having repeated it makes you somehow knowledgable?!

  2. Honest Bill

    ethangunner. I can’t claim to have much knowledge of the actions of the board. But it is clear that with so many inconsistent and contradictory statements, that they are very guarded about the club’s funds.

    The thing is that people like to take whatever statements they think suits their personal agenda best and use them to back them up without actually using any sound evidence.

    I’m glad you don’t want Wenger sacked, because it would be absolutely disasterous for the club at this juncture. We could all dream about having rich Russian oligarchs as owners and a shiny new manager who’s will spend cash we don’t have on players for a mere chance at temporary success.

    But for me it’s not viable nor is desirable. Wenger’s management is crucial

  3. ethangunner


    your kidding right ?
    the amount of ade lovers even on this board was
    staggering .. i was in combat mode 24-7 fighting back the delusional lot !

    people like ‘paT the goon’ had arguments with me
    telling me its the media who are making all this shit up and flamini – TH14 aint going anywhere ! and he is in the top 10%ile
    of smart bloggers ..

    hey i was cheering in 2002-03, i cheered when we won the last F.A cup … but since then the fact be known there is nothing but negativity .

    Football is about winning , especially when you keep up this persona of a top flight club ..

    and logic suggests if there is 100 things to fix you dont gloat on the 1 thing youve fixed .

    you chat on the way to make things better , to go forward , to succeed better than the previous season.

    can you see anything good that made us better than 2007-08 season ?

    AA23 maybe .. but time will tell also on that count .. i mean nasri started off on fire also .
    now AA 23 has had time to settle maybe he wont
    be as eager to impress the fans this coming season … currently anything is possible ..
    nothng is taken for granted ..

    rosicky was supposed to be back pre-season ..
    now he isnt .. dudu was supposed to be back jan 09 , he played 1/2 a game .. RVP thought about leaving if the club cant match his ambitions .

    cesc is courted and continually denies he’s leaving .. there is only so much you can take before you start to think the grass is greener .. he wont tell the masses he want to return home .. he has seen how the fans have turned on ade ..

    if people are stupid enough to believe he is loyal then so be it .. but the facts remain we will NEVER get the best years from cesc so sell him at a premium … with his individual case its doomed ! i hop i know you long enough A to tell you i told you so on that count also !

  4. ethangunner

    A Says:
    July 11, 2009 at 03:34

    ethan why are you stating things that are announced in the papers or on blogs, and claiming that having repeated it makes you somehow knowledgable?!
    huh ?

    when have i done that ?
    i have my own opinion ..
    its most of you lot that are fence sitters and believe nothing until its too late !

  5. Honest Bill

    ethangunner, Everyone also thought Ade was going to leave this summer, but it looks like he’s staying.

    The point is that any speculation as to future transfers is just that, speculation. By all accounts things seem much more positive this summer than they were last, wouldn’t you agree?

  6. ethangunner


    ive stuck up for wenger when people are telling me its his choice not to buy quality players ..

    its like having poor parents , you know not to ask for the new tonka front loader because you know the answer will be no !even at christmas !
    wenger imo is the same , he has to ‘HAS TO ‘ get on and manage the club with no funds the best way he knows how ..

    but if wenger could buy players like bojan pato and messi im sure he wouldnt be persisting with denilson – song – eboue diaby ..

    and the simple fact is during wengers reign have you ever heard wenger has a 20 mil kitty this season or any kitty figures for that matter ?

    NO !

    its a simple 1+1 = 2
    for me …

    and the board can conveniently say we have never denied wenger funds ,because the fact that on every occasion he has bought a CHEAP player he has obviously had to ask for the funds to do so ..

    but normal managers have a kitty , so there is no need to constantly beg for 2 or 3 mil here and there .

    and i said flamini would leave oct. 07 over 9 months prior to him leaving ..
    there was not a single fan that concurred with me and pat the goon will back up that fact ..
    he lost a bet to me and still owes me that BEER!

    in fact pat the goon told me to fuck off and join a blog like Le grove πŸ˜‰

    ive always stuck up for gallas too !
    he is a class defender , and i can overlook his hissy fits if he is quality on the pitch , something ade IS NOT !

    but i will say this ! for the people who cant see clear and simple logic .

    sagna – nasri – ade – and AA23 all have started
    there arsenal careers with a bang , and there
    (end of seasons in narsi’s case ) and the 2nd season in ade’s and sagna’s case have been less than impressive …

    there is every chance arshavin might suffer a bit this season from the arsenal blues also..
    so dont tell me you didnt see it coming this season .. and dont hinge all your hopes on him
    saving / making our season !

  7. Honest Bill

    I’d never pin all my hopes on one specific player. Football is a team game and i’ve never seen anything to suggest otherwise.

    That’s why i think people are way off when they say United’s demise is imminent because they lost Ronaldo. But i don’t think either of those players particularly stood out as bad at any point. As i just said it’s a team game and the team were bad as a whole.

    Just as a new world class DM wouldn’;t automatically make us title winners. It will strengthen our team, but we will still need to perform as a unit and we will still need confidence to win anything

  8. ethangunner

    HB ….

    are you joking ?
    we lost flamini – bert – freddie – hleb – th14 -diarra in 07-08

    and replaced them all with sivestre – bitchslap and 1 good signing nasri ..

    yes i suppose if your an optimist like keyser you would say this season is better …..

    if you over look the obvious that none of the above where ever replaced …

    our midfield was deplorable this season ,even cesc when not injured , no ball retention , no back bone .. yet people blame the defense because they cannot see that if your midfield fails badly like it did that more pressure is put on the defense ..

    couple that to our strikers not burying there chances (which is the same as season 07-08 )
    and it all adds up to more draws and more losses …

    test the defense more , chances are they will
    appear to look bad from a lay-mans perspective .
    this season there was no one of flamini’s calibre racing around doing the dirty jobs he did so well ..

    there was no hleb to push the ball up field .
    and cesc was suffering from a lack of experience around him ..

    but lets blame the defense shall we because
    certain people fail to see that a lack of quality in the team made us get tested by the opposition much more last term ..

    and if our strikers put the game beyond doubt in the 1st half
    (which used to be typical of a good arsenal side ) the opposition has to change tactics ..
    we didnt dictate the tempo last season AT ALL and the waves hit hard upon the defense’s shores !

  9. Honest Bill

    ethangunner. I don’t understand what you mean. Am I joking?

    You have just outlined exactly why this summer is better than the last. Last season we lost Hleb, Flamini, Diarra, Gilberto. This suummer we have lost nobody, and we have two players more than we started the season with, one of which is has proved himself an excellent player. How can we not be better off than this time last year?

    And i’m not sure if you’re still addressing me, but i never said it was the defences fault. In fact i was quite clear that it is a team game and you have to blame the whole team

  10. ethangunner

    no im not addressing you RE:- ‘the defense’ , its more 80% of the bloggers on here .. im not sure if your one of them , i hope your not …

    as for are you kidding , i agree to an extent this season has started with no one gone …

    but we do need some gone this season , thats obvious .. eboue – ade being 2 ..

    and getting AA23 & tomas is better , sure
    but we still arent addressing the 5 players lost that you can pin this slump on !

    also we have lost A lOT of players this season ..

    read below

    Bischoff made just four Arsenal first-team appearances, all as substitute, following his move from Werder Bremen last summer – which came as the midfielder battled back to fitness after a long-standing groin injury and manager Arsene Wenger admitted was something of a “gamble”.

    Rui Fonte – who had a spell on loan with Crystal Palace – is also being released at the end of his contract.

    Reserve-team players James Dunne, Abu Ogogo, Paul Rodgers, Rene Steer, Vincent van den Berg and Anton Blackwood are also being released

  11. ethangunner

    so thats 8 of wengers young guns gone who were no doubt on good wages , and if they were not with us at all we might of had 2 reasonable 1st team players in our ranks last season ..

  12. Honest Bill

    I don’t see the logic in saying we need those players gone. Eboue is a useful cover at right back, and with our injury record, i wouldn’t like to gamble on Sagna staying fit for every game, and even if he did, players need a rest sometimes.

    As for Adebayor, Well you said yourself, our strikers not finishing well enough last season was a problem, so i don’t see how weakening it by offloading a player who has proven he can score, will help us at all.

    I agree about the midfield. It wasn’t strong enough, and still isn’t. What i’m saying is, getting in a world class DM would be great, but it won’t automatically the whole team play well.

    The whole team last season, in far too many games looked like they didn’t really care. Weren’t going for 50/50 challenges, looked scared, had no bottle and generally were at a loss creatively. Fabregas included. He didn’t even look like he could be bothered until he was given the captaincy.

    I’m not saying the team doesn’t need some reinforcement, I’m just saying we are in a better position going in to this season than we were going in to last season

  13. JJ

    it was posted on the web. dunno if true.

    “Blaise Matuidi HAS signed for Arsenal according to my reliable sources in a deal worth around Β£8m pounds on a Four Year Deal. Arsenal may not announce this for 24 hours. But great news I am sure he will be a great success!”

  14. kingsley

    anyone heard anythink about mohamadou diarra? he doesnt seem to get linked with anyone let alone us. he shirt number was given to that twat lass diarra, so it appears he is on the market for transfer.

  15. ethangunner

    i look forward to more outrageous claims that we are back in the race , that things are rosy as fuck and that we are kings of the world , and only because our club has told us so !

  16. ethangunner

    that obviously was not aimed at geoff but fellow
    delusionist bloggers ..

    yes ive just made up a new word …
    a delusionist

    its half magical / half bullshit πŸ™‚
    these ‘delusionist’s ‘often met on blogs to defend the clubs failings and fill up space with
    ramblings of pure insanity πŸ™‚