No clubs have unlimited resources. …Except of course to pay our wages!

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So Ivan has come out and said a few things of interest and one of none. He said that not winning any silverware since 2005 is not good enough for Arsenal, I agree with that, he then said that we need one or two additions, I agree with that as well, but when he said ‘no club has unlimited resources’ I thought mmmm, unless of course that doesn’t include your costs and the huge costs of your newly assembled team of big hitters.

Ivan I’m not knocking you, at least you are talking us up but we are way too big to do a Leeds United and we don’t need to spend £98 million on dross, which is what O’Leary did, we need to spend about £30 mil and that can be recouped by selling 2 players we don’t even need. So really it’s no cost, if Eboue is the funny man in the dressing room and you are worried about losing him then employ Ricky Gervais and Matt lucas for pre match entertainment.

I have said on many occasions that apart from the obvious need for new world class players we need to get our PR and marketing team right, all we seem to have in that department is a bunch of yes men that tow the company line.

We are now in very real danger of dropping out of the top four, with free spending Manchester City stalking us and the three above us spending on new players we have to be very careful.

If we finish outside of that elite group we may as well be 10th, it’s like losing two semi finals, we may as well have gone out in the group stages, for me bragging about not winning the FA Cup and the Champions league makes no sense, and Arsenal seem to think that’s a benchmark, sorry Ivan, I disagree.

We have been saying on here for the last two seasons that our defensive midfielders are not good enough (yet), now the talk is we’re after one, so it’s taken two years to admit we were wrong.

Signing up players to long term contracts does little, other than making young players even richer, take Ramsey, he had 3 years left on his contract, what does improving it do? It doesn’t make us any better, it doesn’t make him worth more and it doesn’t make him loyal, Wenger has proved many times that the minute a player wants out, he lets them go.

Don’t get me wrong, I really rate Ramsey, Theo, Wilshere and Gibbs but 2 of them already had long contracts. I would sooner see that extra money go toward a couple of world class players now.

We have the third highest wage bill in the EPL but we are the only ones in the top 4 that have won nothing for 4 years. Why is that?

We have a number of players that will never make it but we keep them, why don’t we sell them? I would love Senderos to make it and be the next Jap Stam, but will he? Surely it would make more sense to bring in a Hangeland or a Lescott now, Eboue is a great right back and good cover for Sagna, but he’s not happy being cover, so why don’t we cash in on him?

We are so close to being the team we all desire, the money is on the table should we want it, why struggle through another season being nearly men? We have a great chance this season as no one has really improved their teams too much, come on Arsenal, take a chance and sign those players that will take us from being losing semi finalists to winners. We are so close.

Melo looks like he won’t happen and we don’t appear interested in Cana, Matuidi I don’t know too much about, but as he is trying to sign them, what will Song, Diaby and Denilson be thinking? I know Song is up for centreback, but he said that last season.

I like our forward line and our midfield going forward looks awesome, we have shored up a bit at the back and Manuel does a good job in goal, we are so close I can smell it, come on Arsenal take a chance.

Have a great day Grovers for the next two you’ll have Pedro posts and he doesn’t bitch like me, but he hasn’t been going as long as I have!

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  1. A

    They won’t put 45 mil on the table

    We wouldn’t accept it

    Cesc wouldn’t go

    Absolutely ridiculous story, in the (more ridiculous by the day) British gutter press. Not even worth talking about!

  2. AA23

    Imagine they really did put 45 million pounds on a table. An actual table.
    How big would that table need to be if they paid in tenners? what about twenty pound notes? how much would a table of that size and strength cost?
    Makes yuou think doesnt it?

  3. Stu

    If we are to sell Cesc then i would want at least 50million…at least.

    Selling him would be like Livershit selling Gerrard or Torres…he is that important to us. Being a selling club is one thing but selling one of your top 3 your best players is insane. Especially when you are looking to win something.

  4. A

    Imagine if they paid in pound coins, then you could fill a vault and swim in it a la that duck cartoon, what was it called?!

  5. Stu

    Well if they put it in tenners they would be thick because there is a 500euro note…not sure about english currency tho…

    And the money would be stacked so it wouldnt need to be that wide.

  6. A

    nah we wouldn’t aa23 – some players are simply not for sale because they’re irreplacable, cesc is one of them

  7. AA23

    of course we’d sell him. he’s going there next year or the year after anyway and he really isnt all that good, he’s a decent player but he’s not woth 45 million notes.
    and he’s slightly boss eyed

  8. Stu

    Well A, i gotta disagree there. Fabregas isnt irreplaceable. He is tough to replace but noone in world football is irreplacable imo.

    Obviously if you are talking like for like exact replacments then you’re right but any emptied spot can be filled.

  9. A

    AA23 you’re underrating Cesc, he’s one of a kind, (well two if you count Xavi) and although he didn’t have a good season last year, it was down to his having no support in the midfield, Xavi would struggle in that situation as well. He’ll be absolutely central to our strive for success, the club simply wouldn’t sell him, just as they didn’t sell Henry until he was crocked, or Vieira until his legs went. He’s only gonna get better year by year, and he’s at an age where the better he gets the higher the value goes, because he’s still so young. If he’s worth 45 mil now then someone will pay 60 mil next summer. If ronaldo is worth 80 to utd, i’d say cesc is worth 80 to us now anyways!

  10. A

    Yeah stu – true, but in our system he’s irreplacable, there isn’t a player in world football who could do what he does apart from Xavi. That’s also why Barca want him, because they know the only player in world football who could replace Xavi is Cesc! Though I’m sure if Cesc ever left in a couple of years we’d cope, but we’d need to change our style, and have a period of transition

  11. Stu

    A players calue is also determined by his importance in his current team. United got 80m because he was uniteds best player. If he was once of many then he would have probably cost less.

  12. AA23

    Cesc isnt irreplacable.
    He wont even start for barca next season, if they want to give us 45 mil for a “prospect” then they are worse at transfers than we are.
    In fact if they really will bid that for him… and let there be no doubt that they wont,they havent and they are laughing as hard as we are at this bollocks news story…then we should also sell them these magic beans I have.
    £85 million I charge plus theres a chance that you can sign a giant for your defence.

  13. A

    Yeah I agree stu – that’s why I’m saying Cesc would be 80 mil to us, we can’t function without him, we’re half the team when he doesn’t play, just as Utd without Ronaldo were weakened significantly

  14. Stu

    I dont think we would have a transition period if we had gotten Cescs replacement from the academy or had him in working alongside Cesc before he left.

    Merida springs to mind for obvious reasons. But Ramsey, Wilshere and others in the youth could do a similar job. Tweeking the system is all that would be needed imo…nothing major.

  15. AA23

    Stu/Frank Says:

    July 9, 2009 at 00:55
    AA23, who the fuck is frank?

    you know the score mate.

  16. Stu

    No not really. As far as i can see my name is Stu… see the blue word at the top of this comment. I dont see why anyone would call me otherwise.

  17. AA23

    cesc is 80 million quids worth to us?
    Fuck off.
    Our whole squad aint worth that!
    nice one Franchise!
    Well said David!

  18. AA23

    cesc is 80 million quids worth to us?
    Fuck off.
    Our whole squad aint worth that!
    nice one Franchise!
    Well said David!

    Sorry Guys
    BBK broke into my mansion and tried to look at my butlers manchester united memorabilia again.
    I’ve had him arrested.

  19. Stu

    AA23, same thing every night Whats with the spazed out random comments. David, i dont know if he was on today, but if he was he hasnt been on for hours. Same for Franchise. Whats the deal with the odd comments?

  20. A

    What, to you, symbolises Britain best?
    Um, I’d say maybe St George’s flag, partly because my favourite film is This Is England – it’s about skinheads, but they’re not really racist, because one of them is a black kid. They turn on him in the end, but because he was one of the gang they’re not really racist. They just believe in what they believe in.

    It’s like saying they vote for the BNP because of American History X!

  21. Stu

    So….does anyone think that we are selling anyone this summer. I think we all assumed that Ade would be going but the longer it goes without him leaving the less likely it becomes.

    Wenger loves Eboue and Diaby, nothing more seems is happening with Senderos. So do ye think anyone will go?

  22. A

    Hope not stu – If matuidi or equivalent came in, and noone left then I think we’d have an absolutely superb squad, much more depth than at any time under Wenger’s reign, and probably in the club’s history!!

  23. Stu

    A, i read the start of it but gave up after that. I dont really care for any tyoe of political talk. But what i did read was funny.

  24. Stu

    lol A, that grammatical error was discussed on here a few days ago. They annoy me too but i tend to just ignore them.

  25. nishanth

    Diaby won’t leave.I don’t think wenger would want to sell eboue but i am not sure eboue would want to stay.Last year thanx to our injury problems he got to play in mid.Can’t see that happening this season.Eboue and adebayor(hopefully) will leave i think

  26. A

    “Would it be possible to maybe come to a compromise with a noble race like the Chinese? Perhaps keep them on as a sort of servant class?
    Yeah. I wouldn’t mind them if they actually worked and didn’t take all of our jobs, basically. ”

    How can you work, but not take jobs??! It’s just genius

  27. A

    ha i couldn’t resist there stu, been a day or so since i’ve seen it, maybe if we all just point it out everytime then it’ll weed it out!!

  28. Stu

    If anyone was to leave then i would prefer to let Silvestre go. He may ne fifth choice or whatever but he is fucking shit! Then Ade after than just because i think his time with us is/should be up.

  29. nishanth

    That would be great stu but can’t see it happening.He signed only a 2 year contract right?Hopefully it will end next season

  30. A

    I dunno stu – I’d be happy with silvestre to stay, experienced head in the changing room, and he won’t play a single game, just be an old wise head around the training ground etc.

    Likewise ade – won’t start many games but be useful to have around if/when things aren’t going according to plan.

    There isn’t anyone in the squad who would offer absolutely nothing to us in my eyes, as long as they were all happy and not causing problems whilst not playing!

  31. Stu

    Silvestre is so shit. I dont know how he managed to get a 2 year contract. I think it would be best for both parties to either sell him on or just release him.

    Im sure there is some thick french club that would take him off us.

  32. A

    Yeah Silvestre’s contract is up at the end of next season, maybe he’ll spend next year doing coaching courses, almost being a player/coach, or moving into a grimandi like scouting role at the end of his contract

  33. AA23

    Why are you having a dig at me?
    I’m only on here posting the same as you are. Sorry if I offended you.
    I post late because I have a 2 month old baby and I do the night shift, I dont drink or smoke because i have polio and i have to be careful what i take into my body.
    sorry guys

  34. nishanth

    A ade and silvestre will end up getting chances to play.If ade stays he will start ahead of nick even though he really shouldn’t

  35. AA23

    i didnt mean to come across as rude. i thought we were all having banter. I feel pretty embarassed to be fair.

  36. Stu

    I aint having no dig 😉

    All i asked was whats up with the wierd comments. I didnt ask anything more. jeez calm down fella.

  37. A

    I really don’t think he will nisanth. Bendtner links up much better with Arshavin, and will with Rosicky too I’m sure, neither he nor Bendy will be first choice week in week out, but i’d expect Bendy to play more than Ade.

    Silvestre won’t get any chances to play, we’d need a ridiculously massive injury crisis for that to happen! We’ve now got gibbs to play left back, or Vermaelen if necessary, so he’d be 4th choice left back, and centre backs Gallas, Vermaelen, Kolo, Senderos, JD, then Silvestre 6th choice centre back! He won’t even make the league cup team

  38. Stu

    Morning to you too Evo.

    Hmmm gotta love Holly Valance right! Just on what im watching. Just thought i would mention that…dont know why. 😆

  39. Stu

    Well A, if he is 6th choice then lets just release the fucker. I’d rather a reserve in there instead of him. And we always have Song in there if necessary.

  40. nishanth

    If he is there in the squad he will get chances A.I know he shouldn’t be anywhere near this squad but he will end up getting some 10 appearances.During ACN there is a possibility.And we can’t say for sure that senderos is going to stay

  41. A

    Nah stu – Silvestre’s experience behind the scenes could be very useful. Even at 6th choice Bartley could be ahead of him anyways, probably depend on pre season!

  42. AA23

    no worries mate
    the pain!!!!
    sorry stu….
    the old polio is kicking in something rottennnnn
    the agony!!!!
    are we in for cana?

  43. A

    because arshavin and rosicky are two of our best players bbk, and bendtner can play on the same wavelength as them, whereas for players like them ade would be the most frustrating player in the world to play with!

  44. nishanth

    Rather have someone like keown there in the dressing room lending his exp.Really can’t understand why we can’t get a defensive coach

  45. nishanth

    We conceded 4 goals in a match thrice this season.And silvestre played in all those matches.Not all the blame can be laid on him but the fact is that we are a lot weakened when he is in the side

  46. Stu

    Any defender with a record like that is shite. Regardless of the players around them they should be able to defend.
    He is always the weak link. I dont care what he offers us on the training ground or behing the scenes…i want the cfucker sold.

    If he plays even 1 game next season it will be 1 game too many.

  47. ethangunner

    whoaaa posted last night in the middle of a keyser-reva-A sleep-a-thon discussion , it was like reading ‘paint dry ‘ 🙂

    all this toss about loving watching arsenal play .. and that bollocks ! well i fuckin hope so you barrack for the team 🙂

    but if your suggesting we still play the same style of football your sadly mistaken ..

    partly to blame by poor midfield technicians , and partly due to poor finishing, wenger ball is dead and gone !

    if it was a TV show the arsenal style of play would be called



    and part 2 would be


    this has been happening for 2 seasons now ..
    well the lack of clinical finishing , ade got the rep last season of needing 20 shots to score one ..

    wenger ball was made famous the last time by cesc – hleb and flamini , but that’s past now .. we show touches of brilliance , but no more than any other passage of play that leads up to a goal in the EPL …

    this season just gone has proved we can win ugly , and play similar tactics to every other knob end team in the EPL .. AFC is nothing special to watch anymore , and i cannot tell you how many times i was falling asleep last season watching us play …

  48. insidealbania

    ethan – interesting comment, and like you I have noticed that the football we have played over the past 2 seasons (especially last season) is not Wenger ball at all. It has not been the fluid and fast technical football that we used to play during and after the invincibles era.
    Will we ever play like that again? I hope so but with this bunch I dont think we can.

  49. Baxter Wall

    There can be no better sign that this club’s board does not have the same ambitions as its fans than yesterdays rejection of the share issue.

    Its a disgrace.

  50. Baxter Wall

    Well not all fans. I agree with Ethan after reading yesterdays snore inducing posts from some people, its clear that some of our fans don’t have ambition either!

  51. gnarleygeorge9


    I fell asleep a couple of time too, I must admit.

    Mind you though, I still reckon the other 3 top 4’ers have had a worse “Summer” than The Arsenal. Maybe if Arsenal do keep slipping back (I reckon number 14 is coming still) I can offload cable tele once & for all, coz thats the only reason I keep it.

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    As for ade, he had better get his act together ASAP if he ends up stayinging, coz Little Nicky 👿 improved 25% last campaign, & should do another 25% plus this campaign. & we don’t need 2 bean poles. Ade has mad his bed, now its time to make every Arsenal person happy by justifying his wages.

  53. stonroy

    Morning all. Baxter in some ways I agree with you, and in many I don’t. I think Usmanov new it was going to be rejected, it was more of a boardroom bitch slap.

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    Word was yesterday that Felipe Melo was already on his way to Juventus, but the deal seems to have hit a snag.

    The Old Lady offered a big stack of cash plus winger Marco Marchionni, but it seems that Fiorentina won’t stump up for Marchionni’s wages.

  55. dennisdamenace

    Love him or loathe him, Usmanov has publically shown the board for what they are.

    I would imagine that it won’t be long before we hear of Red & White (Usmanov) Holdings increasing their stake in Arsenal….

  56. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal’s second-biggest stakeholder Alisher Usmanov fears the club does not have enough cash to support manager Arsene Wenger in the transfer market.
    The Russian tycoon’s proposal for a rights issue of new shares to generate funds for signings has been rejected by the Gunners’ board.

    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis revealed Usmanov’s proposal was turned down because the directors did not want to use ‘permanent capital in an inflated transfer market’.

    More like they don’t want to relinquish anymore power off shore.

  57. Pedro

    London, it’s not about advertising it… it’s about honesty.

    If you’re not spending because you believe in your kids… tell it that way. Don’t scare the fans into believing we’re going bust due to the property market.