No clubs have unlimited resources. …Except of course to pay our wages!

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So Ivan has come out and said a few things of interest and one of none. He said that not winning any silverware since 2005 is not good enough for Arsenal, I agree with that, he then said that we need one or two additions, I agree with that as well, but when he said ‘no club has unlimited resources’ I thought mmmm, unless of course that doesn’t include your costs and the huge costs of your newly assembled team of big hitters.

Ivan I’m not knocking you, at least you are talking us up but we are way too big to do a Leeds United and we don’t need to spend ยฃ98 million on dross, which is what O’Leary did, we need to spend about ยฃ30 mil and that can be recouped by selling 2 players we don’t even need. So really it’s no cost, if Eboue is the funny man in the dressing room and you are worried about losing him then employ Ricky Gervais and Matt lucas for pre match entertainment.

I have said on many occasions that apart from the obvious need for new world class players we need to get our PR and marketing team right, all we seem to have in that department is a bunch of yes men that tow the company line.

We are now in very real danger of dropping out of the top four, with free spending Manchester City stalking us and the three above us spending on new players we have to be very careful.

If we finish outside of that elite group we may as well be 10th, it’s like losing two semi finals, we may as well have gone out in the group stages, for me bragging about not winning the FA Cup and the Champions league makes no sense, and Arsenal seem to think that’s a benchmark, sorry Ivan, I disagree.

We have been saying on here for the last two seasons that our defensive midfielders are not good enough (yet), now the talk is we’re after one, so it’s taken two years to admit we were wrong.

Signing up players to long term contracts does little, other than making young players even richer, take Ramsey, he had 3 years left on his contract, what does improving it do? It doesn’t make us any better, it doesn’t make him worth more and it doesn’t make him loyal, Wenger has proved many times that the minute a player wants out, he lets them go.

Don’t get me wrong, I really rate Ramsey, Theo, Wilshere and Gibbs but 2 of them already had long contracts. I would sooner see that extra money go toward a couple of world class players now.

We have the third highest wage bill in the EPL but we are the only ones in the top 4 that have won nothing for 4 years. Why is that?

We have a number of players that will never make it but we keep them, why don’t we sell them? I would love Senderos to make it and be the next Jap Stam, but will he? Surely it would make more sense to bring in a Hangeland or a Lescott now, Eboue is a great right back and good cover for Sagna, but he’s not happy being cover, so why don’t we cash in on him?

We are so close to being the team we all desire, the money is on the table should we want it, why struggle through another season being nearly men? We have a great chance this season as no one has really improved their teams too much, come on Arsenal, take a chance and sign those players that will take us from being losing semi finalists to winners. We are so close.

Melo looks like he won’t happen and we don’t appear interested in Cana, Matuidi I don’t know too much about, but as he is trying to sign them, what will Song, Diaby and Denilson be thinking? I know Song is up for centreback, but he said that last season.

I like our forward line and our midfield going forward looks awesome, we have shored up a bit at the back and Manuel does a good job in goal, we are so close I can smell it, come on Arsenal take a chance.

Have a great day Grovers for the next two you’ll have Pedro posts and he doesn’t bitch like me, but he hasn’t been going as long as I have!

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  1. Cartman

    Nice post geoff! another thing that shud be pointed is that if one player has had a good season, he is offered a wage increase, this might not be necessarily a good thing to do!

  2. KM in WALES

    at last ! I’m gona celebrate…. Moving on – good morning all looks like Juve have swooped for Melo.our best bet is Matuidi – it seems we always get the leftovers ๐Ÿ™‚ but i’v got a good feeling abt this young frenchman.i just hope we get someone in.the good thing is he’s dying to play for us unlike Melo/Cana.

  3. Mayank

    If you believe what Arsene said then our wage bill includes image rights and staff wages while the others’ doesn’t. As for the long term contracts, my theory is that Ramsey was initially given a crap contract just to see how well he will gel with the team and how long it will take for him to become good enough. There might have been a gentleman’s agreement to bump him up after this year. Ade our main striker used to be on 35k, RvP was on something similar. So you can’t say that we are careless with our wages. Player in the current scenario need to feel that they’re on the same level as their counter-parts.

  4. insidealbania

    ’employ Ricky Gervais and Matt lucas for pre match entertainment.’ If that worked then AW will get the praise for another revolutionary idea, no to you Mr Geoff.

  5. davoody

    I really had my hopes up though Geoff…. not so much for Melo, but Eboue going the other way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. KM in WALES

    Cartman – Dan beat u!!i’m shocked! ๐Ÿ™‚ the ashes start today….zzzz & media hype. Nothing beats the drama of a India v Pakistan match ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Bergy

    Dont think matuadi is there answer.only got potensial.but we already have song,diaby ,denilson.we need some1 that good now

  8. Gbenga

    Sir, Man City spent so much more than Arsenal last year but ended in what position?

    Please deemphasise emotions in this blog? No club has limitless resources…true and that is why Man Utd had to replace Ronaldo with Valencia……Imagine if it had been Wenger replacing Fabregas or Arshavin with Noble , will you still celebrate it or replacing Van Persie with Heskey? Like Tevez with Owen…………..

  9. jules


    the melo to juve thing is mainly the sun , i don,t believe it yet , no official source , the mail ,the express and others say we will offer senderos and eboue for melo . it s just bollocks from the sun and tribal football

  10. Dan

    I think it’s man city that’s really forced his hand this year. I think we will sign a DM, if man city didn’t have all this money then I don’t think he would of spent any. Maybe just a CB all summer

  11. Arsenal Tom

    morning all,

    expect another load of cesc leaving bullshit as el mundo or one of the spanish rags have another story about barca going for him with their usual, ‘source close the club’ bollocks

  12. KM in WALES

    really excited by the 1st training day pics.The Verminator looks like a brute! I saw a pic of Arshavin & rosicky deep in discussion with Eddy having a drink. It really got me v.excited & got me thinking of our lineup nxt year. Eddy & RvP(strikers) (midfield)Sicky-Fab-DM-Arsh that is a killer side! I’M SO EXCITED!!!the future’s bright – the future’s Arsenal ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. maqitlarge

    thing is with Melo is that we have a rival buyer. I can’t remember the last time we beat off a rival to sign an experienced player. Yes we did it with Walcott, Ramsey etc, but whenever someone else is interested we withdraw, or at least outbid!

  14. gnarleygeorge9


    Its about time. So does that mean you, me & Faceman believe we will be Champions & 300 plus say no.

  15. Arsenal Tom

    ramsey was on 850k last year… allot more than man utd were offfering he’ll be on over a mill a year now

  16. cheese

    Your in a cheerful mood today!!!

    I think Ivan spoke perfect sense, and those clubs that are spending millions now will not continue to do so, cannot continue to do so.

    Money doesn’t last forever, and each of these clubs will have to pay for their overspending in their future.

    We however will not have to change our spending habits, and if anything we’ll slowly be able to spend more and more.

    Clubs that spend tons are currently doing two things.

    Sugar daddy spending that the club is dependent on one person, and Chelsea have 1 fa cup in last 2 seasons.

    The other is the getting into debt to buy players, something i think you’d agree isn’t a good idea. The only reason a club should take on debt is to invest in long term club projects, not short term success.

    He’s basically saying that if we spend more now, we spend less later. Personally i’d rather Wenger do the cheap buys now giving his future successor the money as no-one can bargain shop like Wenger.

  17. James - Arsenlised Kenyan

    seems like we are set to miss out on melo as usual. y do clubs wait for arsenal to show interest in someone and then they all rush to get him? And the ‘flamini back for ade’ rumours seems dead so fast.

  18. ikon

    I guess its clear there is more to Vermaelen than his height, and he looks more than just strong/tough enough to handle the pl strikers.

  19. Chipo

    From the Guardian:

    Ebouรฉ, who fell from favour at the Emirates last season, is a possible option, although the Ivorian’s value of around ยฃ4m would still appear to put Melo beyond Arsenal’s means.

    The Brazil international’s release clause, however, does not apply next month, with Fiorentina reasoning that they might be able to generate an auction for his signature the closer that they get to the summer transfer deadline and end up with more than โ‚ฌ25m; Juventus are among the other clubs to have registered their interest. But Arsenal hope they might be able to force Fiorentina down next month, as a game of brinkmanship looks set to play out.

    “Wenger wants to talk to me,” said Pantaleo Corvino, the Fiorentina sporting director. “I have no objection also because Ebouรฉ seems a valid swap.”

    Looks like we’re gonna do another Arshavin and wait them out until they crack! Why can’t we ever just pay the man>?!

  20. KM in WALES

    Gbenga – i like ur thinking. JULES – How tall was Makelele, Flamini,Gattuso? u get what i’m thinking? ๐Ÿ™‚ MAYANK – agree with u.In the last few years there have been too many matches.but back in the days when the two sides met it was a do or die situation.there was a massive stigma if u lost – embarrasment/humiliation u name it.i remember whenever pakistan lost to India,the players would get pelted with tomatoes & eggs at airports.the captain would get his house attacked. A win or loss affected the NATION as a its v.commercial but all it needs is another dispute (e.g kargil) and the old rivalry will be back ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Aussie Az

    melo gone big miss… bring in some more grut… good see boys back training and i agree with earlier post attacking mid looks the goods

  22. Dan

    are DM problem is one can’t tackle and the other is to slow to keep up and he’s not intelligent enough to realise yet. I mean gilberto wasn’t a speed demon but he was smart enough to realise that and improve other aspects

  23. gambon

    Its not about Matuidi’s height, we desperately need a physical player, Matuidi isnt a physical player. He is another Denilson, pretty good all round but far from what we need.

    We desperately need someone in the ‘enforcer’ mould cos we are such a weak team, height would also be useful though as we are also very short where it matters.

    Matuidi wouldnt improve us at all, we would be back where we were this time last year.

    The fact that he’s almost 23 and still at a useless St Etienne side and we are the only interested club should tell you what you need to know.

  24. KM in WALES

    gnarley – i’m going for Arsenal champions if we get a DM in.i dnt mind Matuidi for some reason.i heard he’s a ‘tenacious’ motherfukker. His mother told me…. ๐Ÿ™‚ he is highly rated by Deschamps & as someone commented y’day he is wanted by the big sides in Lique 1

  25. wolfgang

    Ivan says money cannot buy success. I beg to disagree. You look at the red faced cunt who after every season has spent 30 to 50 million gbp. The result? success upon success. Of course there are other clubs who have spent similar sums and did not win anything.
    My take is if AW continues to spend on potential and kids it will be more or less the same story. Maybe the signing of AA has finally dawn on him that you cannot have kids all around.
    Btw read that Meno has gone to Juventus. This an indication Arsenal can’t compete for this type of players. Arsenal have to arrange a swap deal.
    This is not good enuf. By then all the quality players will have been gone.

  26. gnarleygeorge9


    Geoff has said he is the same re the DM. The momentum is building, all the way to Islington Town Hall ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. KM in WALES

    lol Mayank – i meant that all we need is the countries to bicker over an issue and the media will hype it like mad & it will spill onto the cricket matches.a bit twisted i know but i miss the tension/passion of the old days.i dnt think the new breed of players are interested that anymore.they’r more interested in making sure they look good for the cameras ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Chipo

    I don’t know why no-one has mentioned Toulalan from Lyon.

    He’s awesome, French international so would fit in easy. He’s 26, he’s won titles with Lyon and played in the CL for a few years. He would cost no more than ยฃ15m.

    Snaffle him up Ivan!

  29. gambon


    Toulalan would be way more than ยฃ15m. He is exactly what we need, but no way are we gonna bid for him.

  30. Rich from the North Bank

    I like this Ivan guy, he seems to say what we are all thinking… and yet is clear not to pressure Mr. Wenger.

    Speaking of pre-match entertainment, I well miss the old North Bank band!!!!!!! They should blatently set them up in the entrance to gate E before/after the match : )))

    Either that or sell cheaper beer ; )
    that would be fooking sweet..

  31. Mayank

    The only thing i hate is that Arshavin who’s come to the Arsenal 6 months ago has become like the messiah and Fab RvP Toure Clichy who’ve been with arsenal through thick and thin are being touted as fund generators for new players. Don’t get me wrong, i think AA is the new Pires (who came at a similar age) but i think people are losing track of the big picture. I think you can’t just love the club for itself you have to have players to do that. If we do sign 6 new players and don’t win then what? do we replace them with the usual ‘well they didn’t win did they?’. For me loyalty is very important, from both sides.

  32. Dan

    I like toulalan but we havent been linked. It’s hard enough talking about all the ppl we have been linked with let alone the ones we haven’t been linked with lol

  33. KM in WALES

    chipo – is Toulalan like Alonso or a proper DM?GAMBON – i’v seen clips of Matuidi,he may be short but he is STRONG.same physique as Diarra (dolphin) who did alright. However i havent seen enough of him (like 95% of us) to tell u whether he is a little terrier.

  34. Chipo

    I’m beginning to get the feeling that Vermaelen will be our only signing of the summer.

    Cue Wenger’s comments that:

    “Rosicky and Eduardo will be like 2 new signings, and when you take the extra year of experience that our young players have then we are in a good position.”

    He’ll probably stick the phrase “mental toughness” in somewhere too.

    Anyone fancy guesstimating how many times wenger will say: “we lacked a little bit sharpness” next season?! I’m pretty sure that was his favourite quote of last year. Surely if he was going to say it that often, he would have the decency to put “of” in the sentence!


    monยฃy can’t buy you success?I think chelsea put a stop tovthat one dont you.I also think the mancs have had a say on that one aswell……

  36. gambon

    “We lacked a little bit sharpness” LOL – i remember seeing that so many times.

    Then he will talk about how good we were after the loss to Man City, with a big unbeaten run.

    The truth is that if you do the maths, and if we played like we did in that run all season, we only wouldve finished with 77 points, still clear in 4th place.

    Wenger is the king of spin.

  37. Jimbo

    Well, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Wenger will probably walk when his team of bottlers and babies embarrasses the club again next year.

  38. Cartman

    i have the same feeling chipo! hopefully we’ll have another player in january, if no one is coming before the season starts!

  39. gambon


    Fiorentina would probably much rather sell to us than Juve.

    I’d suggest it was Wengers outright refusal to give up his love child Eboue that scuppered the deal.

  40. GMR

    Assuming Melo is no longer an option which seems certain now, then buying Blaise Matuidi would appear nothing more than buying for the sake of it.

    We need experience & so far our only purchase has been a 23 year old & should Matuidi come then we’ll have another 22 year old. How exactly does that equate to experienced signings?? We may as well stick with Denilson & Song than buy a 22 year old with potential who appears no better than what we have. Saint-Etienne finished 1 place outside the relegation zone & conceded 56 goals last season, whilst it’s a team game that hardly suggests he would be enough to make the sort of difference we need.

  41. KM in WALES

    my idea of pre-match entertainment – Usmanov & the rest of the board running around in their underwear being chased by a mad bull ๐Ÿ™‚ or comedy acts by Dave Chappelle – the guy is funny as FCUK ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. KM in WALES

    but guys who else is available out there?MELOdrama has gone,Matuidi is too Blaise for us & CANA is not good enough to be a GUNNA ๐Ÿ™‚ Therefore it leaves – ?

  43. Geezee

    Players under 18 can only sign 2 year contracts according to FIFA regs…as a consequence Wilshire, Ramsey and Gibbs would have all been free agents going in to the summer.

  44. Jimbo

    I don’t give a fuck if they take out a second mortgage on Highbury Square, if Denilson is in the team next season, we’re fucking fucked.

  45. Jimbo

    I’m not sure about Cana – I don’t think Marseille rate him as highly as all that, and there’s not really much more to his game beyond the absurdly big tackles…

  46. gambon

    Tomyschuk was available – no longer
    Barry was available – no longer
    Melo was available – no longer

    Wenger is scared to make moves in the market.

    (unless the player is small, french-african, mobile and generally nowhere near the finished article)

  47. Jimbo

    Diarra is a crock, but used to be brilliant. Doubt we’ll be after him though.

    Lyon won’t sell Toulalan, as well as Benzema this summer

    Veloso is rubbish.

    Yaya Naya.

  48. Chipo

    Ok so now Melo has gone we will hear:

    “We will only buy super class players. If those super class players cannot be bought, then we will not buy just to buy”

    I actually agree with him here. If he honestly thinks there isn’t a DM out there who is better than what we have and who we can afford then don’t bring someone in who isn’t ready (i.e. Matuidi)

  49. Lou

    Reading the comments this morning it seems that the only way is down. Optimism and Arsenal are uncomfortable bedfellows lately it seems.

  50. KM in WALES

    any grovers living in Spain? Me & some friends are going for a week on july 27th starting with maybe 2days in Barca.We’r thinking of going Alicante & we definately want to go to Grenada/Andalucia(?) to see some Moorish history. I want to know the best places to go and see,so any tips would be helpful.If ur a fit chick/nympho or u happen to know a few plz dnt hesitate to send them my way.At the end of the day we are Arsenal fans ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Arse&Nose

    Lets be fair to Denilson, he is not a DM he is better in the Cesc role. Its not his fault he was thrusted forward and asked to carry the DM side of our team. Towards the end of the season we saw great form from Song, so he could be the answer.

  52. gnarleygeorge9


    You’d be a depressing sort of bloke to stand next to in the trenches, just before going over the top.

  53. Lewyd24

    Robin van Persie added: โ€œIโ€™m so happy to have signed a new long term contract. Iโ€™ve been at the Club for five years now and there really is a great feeling here at Arsenal. We have a top class manager, a squad full of superb young players, a world class stadium and brilliant supporters. Arsenal Football Club has a very bright future and I want to be part of it.

    “My heart is with Arsenal and I just canโ€™t picture myself in a different shirt. I just canโ€™t see it now because I love this Club so much. If you look at the last five years, look at the steps I have made every season, if you look at the support the Boss and the whole Club gave me, the fans gave me, my team mates gave me โ€“ this is the right decision.”

  54. Geoff

    KM I live in Spain part time and near Alicante so what do you need to know?

    Gnarley, she has no team, Canberra wallabies probably!


    it seems song is the answer for wenger,when song leaves for the a.c.o.n i really dont know what he will do if he doesn’t sign a d,m if wenger thinks denilson and cesc together in the middle are the answer to that one he is badly mistaken

  56. KM in WALES

    I believe that with Song/even Matuidi as DM we can do it. Guys be positive!come on, its not the end of the world.



    melo brazil first team internation playing in serie a we are in for him then gets sold for 18 mil
    accoding to marcotti we could have had melo for 12 mil plus eboue but we are know going for Matuidi which could be a great signing but he is more potential then finished article he plays for the french U21 team and plays in a weak french league

    right now weve signed vermaelen and possibly matuidi
    is this what we all had in mind when we were getting bullied in the two semi finals NO IT WASNT

    i really hope they turn into great players because if they dont challenging for the league will NOT happen and wenger will be out the door

  58. Rohan

    when song oges to the acn wenger will probably revert to a 4-5-1..probably with diaby involved somehow..
    a pity really


    lou they havent got one as there defence of Rio and Vidic with fletcher running around in front of them does the job especially as last term there attck was so POTENT

  60. Geoff

    KM, Grenada is a must, if you go further than that then you are deep into Andalusia and you have places like Cordoba, Mijas and then Seville.

    Most of Spain was flattened in the Civil war though.

    Play golf and drink beer, forget the sights!


    lou i dont know if you need reminding they have just won the league for the third time in a row it doesn’t matter who there d.m is……they consistently win trophys unlike us

  62. ArsenalKenya




  63. gazzap

    Geoff no I have not changed my name to cheese! Why does he share IP address with me or something?

    I would take Matuidi. we had Diarra and Flamini and I would take either back in a heart beat and both were short. we need a clever tenacious player. If wenger thinks he is worth buying when we have Denilson and Song then he has to be an improvement. Makalele was the worlds best and he was short too.

  64. Cartman

    for me cana can do the job, at least better than song, denilson or diaby! but wenger is not convinced then get flamini back!

  65. Lou

    Thanks Mark. That’s what I was thinking. Perhaps some people get blinkered and tend to think in straight lines. It’s easy to do as is getting obsessed with one player and his perceived shortcomings. Perhaps, in Wenger’s mind, he sees Football tactics in a more fluid light and doesn’t tend to assign labels like DM to players as he feels it to be restrictive. Just a thought.

  66. Wonderboy

    “My heart is with Arsenal and I just canโ€™t picture myself in a different shirt. I just canโ€™t see it now because I love this Club so much.”
    Aaah, we love you too Boy Wonder.

  67. Ayoola

    i honestly thought anatoly tymmoschuk would have been most appropriate for us.. but then bayern came in…i still find it difficult how we man city signed barry for 12mil…and no champions league football.. and then melo seems to be going to Juve… so what have we got left.. unless we manage to get some obscure player as usual and turn him into a world beater and then he leaves us for chicken change next year.i really do think dat our only signing will be vermaelen
    .. has anybody wondered why our signings are always late… Big clubs that are serious do their businesses in ample time to allow them consolidate and re-group and strategise on their next plans… we dont. this is shit

  68. Lou

    BBK. I am fully aware of their recent record of success. My point is that, with that record, do their fans become obsessed with attaching labels to their players. If we were to sign Darren Fletcher would there not be an outcry over everything from his skill levels to his height?

  69. Ryan L

    BBK – I think Lou’s point is and I think Geoff has also stressed this before – everyone cries out for a specialist DM, but do we really need a specialist DM if you actually have 2 x CM’s that are prepared to put in a good box to box shift.

  70. KM in WALES

    geoff – i wana know whats the best places to go to in Barca,Alicante.Scenic routes. Places to eat. Reasonable hotels etc.the works.i’v been to Barcelona already but we went to the usual tourist spots such as las ramblas & the harbour & the stripclubs – want to see something different. Also whats Alicante abt?could u send me an email plz? Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. insidealbania

    another day and still not DM, and to make things worse Ade does not look closer to leaving the club than he did a week ago.


    i wouldn’t mind seeing fletcher in an arsenal shirt his height level seems ok and his commitment to there cause seems undenying he always seems to have a good game against us tho



    bbk wat u think of getting matuidi as our DM to fill the hole that denilson cant fill

  74. Geoff

    KM let me give that some thought and get back to you mate.

    Gazzap, yes, he must be in the same building!

    Back in a hour.

  75. Ryan L

    Can we please forget about Gareth Barry a) he has gone, and b) the total investement required in him to compete with Citeh, would have been over ยฃ37million !! Just not worth it. People are going on about Matuidi not being good enough because he was in a team that was in a relegation scrap, well Barry was in a team that won 2 games in about 3 months – they went into freefall and he went fucking missing, when his supposed dream was CL football.


    Fletcher mite not be the best all round player but just like Ray Parlour he battles and runs all day

  77. Lou

    On a business trip to Lyon and St Ettienne late last year I spoke to several fans of SE about Matuidi because I knew that Grimandi had been scouting him for a while. Everyone was very positive about his game. I gather he is all energy, dynamic and to use an well worn phrase, “terrier-like”. But not of the West Highland variety.

  78. Arse&Nose

    Flamini won’t come back, he is on 100k + a week and we wont match it. He is a greedy cunt who would rather rot in Milans reserves then play for honours.

  79. maqitlarge

    KM – re: Dave Chappell. Have you seen a film called Half Baked? Not sure if it made it over to the UK…
    He is hilarious in that, if you like that weed head kinda humour!


    i dont care that matuidi played for a team battling relegation im just concerned that he is very young just like our squad

    a couple of months ago we WERE ALL saying we needed someone with experience that could do a job for a couple of years to allow RAMSEY DENILSON SONG COQUELLIN to learn from, well matuidi is even younger then some of them and will need time which we aint got to come good

  81. Ryan L

    Fletcher is a good player but has only really come into his own in the last year – I can just imagine the outcry had we signed him last year !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Arsenal Tom

    lou, there probably would but id take darren fletcher over denilson or song any day mate, if anyones watches him carefully he does so much for them, telling who to close passing players on and can man mark – and mark the danger space so well… man utd’s got murdered by barca cos nobody was leading them

  83. ikon

    attacking mid looks good each season… at the start of the season that is.

    But what happens when even one of Arshavin/Cesc/Rosicky gets injured for lets say a period for 3-4 weeks.
    I dont intend to act as a dampener but Rosicky has had a lengthy lay off. It wont be entirely surprising to see him play much less than say 15 matches this season. Same with Eduardo.


    i really don’t think the arsenal board care whether or not we win trophys as long as they get there pay day thats all that matters

  85. KM in WALES

    Geoff – is there any point of going to Madrid?is it any different frm Barcelona? ArsenalTOM – agree with u Fletcher is their RayParlour.

  86. Lou

    Arsenal Tom. I think you make a good point but I doubt it would be shared by many bloggers. Anyway, thanks gents, I’m off to watch the Ashes.

  87. Bergy

    I would love for eboue and ade to leave ๐Ÿ™‚ im sure there must be good dm in south america.think we have enough africans.matuida is not the answer

  88. Arsenal Tom

    lou… if he had a more exotic name, he’d probably be twice as popular… “darren fletcher” doesnt really scream glamour or world class!!