In Arsene I trust, ahem, really I do, read on…

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Ok Le Grove is the blog known for saying what we feel, and bitching if we aren’t happy with we what we see happening at our great football club, and that includes players, members of the board and of course the manager. No-one and nothing is sacrosanct, Arsenal is who we support, all the above come and go, the club doesn’t.

Did anyone watch the greatest film ever made, ‘Fever Pitch’? That whole film was based on bitching about formations and players, it’s healthy.

Some out there take having your own mind as being anti Arsene, rubbish, having the ability to think for yourself makes you someone who will not just stand in line and accept whatever shite comes your way.

I have been an Arsenal fan since I could first kick a ball, my whole world revolves around Arsenal, my parents weren’t Gooners, I made that decision myself, let no one tell me I don’t love this club with every sinew in my body.

There are people out there that don’t speculate, how boring, what do they do when they start their day,

‘morning all, everything’s great, the managers great, the teams great, speculating is wrong, well, night, night then’.

On Le Grove we like to speculate on who may or may not come in, whether that player is any good, whether we want them and so on, it makes our day fun and it gives our feeder blogs something to talk about, us! If they didn’t talk about Le Grove, they would have no comments, go ahead, take a look today, you’ll see what I mean.

They hate us but the funny thing is, they read us, and our comments, so today I going to give them something they can’t possibly comment on, today I am mostly becoming an AKB!

Finally, a word on the other Arsenal blogs, most of them are fabulous, they give every fan out there something to read, so well done fellow bloggers, keep it up. If you weren’t out there doing your thing we’d all get pretty bored waiting for the season to begin.

Someone said yesterday that a YouTube clip could make anyone look good, they put a clip on of Denilson to prove their point, however as I said to them, it was collated over several seasons and that’s why he looked so skilful.

Some think I don’t like Denilson, again what rubbish, he will be a great player one day, but he’s not yet and to win the league we need players in every position that are ready now, Arsene knows he made that mistake last season and he is trying to put it right this season, he has already brought in Vermaelen to shore up the back and has now turned his attention to that defensive midfield spot.

We have enquired after Melo, we have speculated over Cana and now Blaise Matuidi is begging Arsene to sign him, now I don’t know who he’ll sign and who is good enough, what I do know though is he won’t sign anyone that won’t be better than what he has got, so whoever it is, I am good with, so yes, this time in Arsene I trust!!!

I would be grateful however if he could do it quickly as I’m about to buy the new away shirt and I want to put a new players name on it, also whilst he’s doing that, could he stretch to Hangeland, I understand his love affair with Fulham has ended as they only offered him £30k a week, tight bastards!

A word about Real Madrid and 80,000 fans turning out to see Ronaldo yesterday and last week a similar amount to see Kaka, Arsene, that shows you how much the fans like to see world class signings coming in, had they paraded a 17 year old on an exceptional talent visa the only people there would have probably worked for the club.

Have a great day Grovers don’t forget you have to speculate to accumulate!

P.S. I have a handful of Grovers trying to shift on season tickets for varying reasons. I also have someone looking to do a share. If you’re interested, please e-mail in (Addresses in the side bar —>)!

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  1. patthegooner

    yeah it was a Sky Sports News understands…..

    Very odd if not true, and it is not even as if they have jumped on a tabloids story as no one is going with it.

    Maybe the rest think he is that unknown that it is not an important story

  2. Nightman

    A, Hmm…yea i havent either, and I wanna what someone has to say about them…

    Anyone watched them?!

  3. patthegooner

    Well lets just hope it is not a false false story, and that at least Matuidi joins in the coming days.

  4. A

    I’d be very very surprised if Hazard happened – we’re already overloaded with attacking players, be more likely to tell him to spend another season in France and we’ll be more interested next summer, though I don’t know how space would have opened up by then!

  5. Pat

    Matuidi is better than Cana imo. Cana is a youtube myth. I think Matuidi suits our style a lot more, then Melo, then Cana.

  6. A

    Not a great deal zorro! Oh yeah – I’m afraid I won’t be able to don the great red and white at your tournament in leeds, won’t be fit by then unfortunately

  7. Stu

    What i want to know is..if Matuidi is so good then why doesnt anyone else show interest and why does he play for such a lowely placed team? Considering his teams position then he surely shouldnt cost much.

  8. zorr0

    A, sorry to hear that fella,would have been good to meet up and get stuck into some teams, we’ve been drawn with Brentford Coventry and Fulham!

    Pat, I am trusting your judgement there, as I have not seen enough of Modesty Blaise or Cana to make a call. Why do you think that?

  9. Pat

    St. Etienne had a good year last year and Matuidi wanted to leave then. I think he was forced to stay

  10. A

    If he plays for such a lowly team and he does cost alot then it shows he must be very good stu!

    All the top teams in France are showing interest, noone seemed to show any interest for Gourcuff either before he signed permanently for Bordeaux, players from France don’t seem to be hyped in the same way as elsewhere in Europe, apart from with Benzema of course

  11. redbearer

    You may have a very valid point there A… the one which slipped underneath the radar and obviously the french league has always been Wenger’s hunting ground so if anyone knows he should!

  12. Pat

    Although Melo would be great as well. I’m not sure on this one really. Both would be better than Cana I think

  13. zorr0

    Now Lyon lost Karim, won’t they have to rebuild a good bit? I like Makoun, but again a bit small and another African to lose every other year for 2 months! Toulalan, hmm not sure but probably does what it says on the tin!

    Milan bid for Huntelaar and Fabiano. The chavs still looking to buy a ‘marquee’ player according to Jabba the Kenyon, WTF is that a player who lives in a tent or something, lol, I hate those cunts!

  14. Stu

    I’d take Huntelaar if Ade went to Milan and circumstances were different a the club.

    And i dont think Wenger has the same knowledge of the french league that he once had.
    When he first arrived here he knew everything about france because he managed there and knew the players etc etc and had that advantage over other managers but since then scouting by other clubs has advanced so much and Wenger doesnt have the same advantage he once had.

  15. A

    I disagree Stu – it isn’t just the scouting, it’s the contacts, being told first when a player is available, having relationships with the clubs. Wenger himself said recently he has an advantage with the French league in signing French talent, just as Benitez has with the Spanish league.

    Re Huntelaar I really don’t think he’d fit in with us, he’s an amazing finisher, but the rest of his game is too limited, and he’s too slow for us, though I could see him scoring alot of goals elsewhere he isn’t good enough to change our style of play, and imo he wouldn’t suit it very well.

  16. patthegooner

    Fair point that Stu

    Although apparently Wenger cant let the game go, he is constantly watching videos,

    So I guess the difference now is that he does not get to see the french players in person, but I bet he has a trusted circle of friends in France that watch them for him. And I bet there is not a Manager outside of the French League that has a better knowledge of who is coming through the ranks there.

    That is why I will go with Wenger on French Players. He rarely gets it wrong with the French lot (I know someone will mention Cygan) and even Wiltord was superb in my books, and although he was no Henry, he did score a lot of important goals, including a very special one at Old Trafford.

  17. A

    Ah ok stu, i getcha. I’d agree completely, he’s a great finisher, and could score shedloads of goals somewhere, maybe in milan.

    I agree pat, wenger doesn’t get alot wrong when he to france to get players, and he still goes back to france all the time, always there in the summers, goes there and commentates for french tv on internationals, and has close links with psg etc. Grimandi also has a good head on his shoulders, and apparently has watched a fair bit of Matuidi this season, so he obviously rates him as well.

  18. A

    Cosnidering wenger was a centre back, he scored alot of goals in his playing career – 20 in 80 appearances for strasbourg, very impressive!! Obviously even when he was supposedly a centre back he was still more interested in scoring goals than stopping them!!


    do you not think eduardo does the same thing as huntelaar ie just score goals and nothing else

  20. Stu

    Maybe he was a free kick specialist A. Or deadly from a corner. He was a sweeper after all, the need to be fairly decent on the ball.
    What level did he play? Top level or were strasbourg in a lower league at the time?

  21. patthegooner

    And you dont see many French Players make it at clubs in England other than Arsenal.

    And I mean young players, not established ones that are bought for large sums.

    And a few clubs have got it horribly wrong.

    Liverpool, Anthony Le Tallec, Pongolle, Ngog, Traore

  22. A

    Nope bbk, his build up play is also exceptional, hold up play is good, and he’s got very good vision, as he showed in creating the goal against england.

    No idea where strasbourg were or any of that stu, just saw the stat, one in four for a centre back, even if amazing at free kicks is damn impressive!

  23. Stu

    He does BBK. Eduardo probably does more, in terms of interactive play. But im just a massive Huntelaar fan. Plus he has the physique to play anywhere and the height too.

  24. redbearer

    Besides the Mancs reportedly want Huntelaar more than we do unless Ade flies on by to Milan within the next week then I can’t see us recruiting a replacement!

    Just hoping for some good news soonest.. nite all i’m whacked

  25. A

    True stu – though one thing i’d be worried about with his lack of pace is his coming to england and doing a shevchenko. Though he could also end up as a shearer, or better than shearer was. I still don’t get how shevchenko went from being such a world-beater to being so so bad at chelsea

  26. Stu

    Well Wenger never played top level as far as i know so im assuming Strasbourg were in a pretty low division at the time.

  27. patthegooner

    I think it was Houlier that signed all that shit Stu, but they are both shite, which is a weird thing to say given the European record but would not like either at Arsenal.

  28. patthegooner

    Right Guys, I am off

    Flight to catch to Qatar in the morning, working out there for 2 months and missing the start of the Season. Will still be touch with Le Grove though so catch you when I get there.

  29. Stu

    I’d hazard a guess at the lifestyle A. He seemed to lack a lot of fitness and was unhappy. He still had a few moment of quality with great goals but Drogshit stole the limelight that season.

    imo drogshits 30 that season…at least half were down to the oppo following Shevas movement and Drog had all the space then.

    Im a massive Sheva fan too. I hate that chelski broke him.

  30. Stu

    My biggest worry with regards Huntelaar is if United buy him. Because if he goes there then im sure he will score a god 25 a season and seeing as im a fan f his i wouldnt be able to bear seeing him being successful for those manc bastards.

    And then i will be gutted that we missed out on him.

    Sometimes i hate Wengerball because it stops us buying players that Wenger doesnt think are good enough, when clearly then are top class players.

  31. Pat

    Sheva was crap in his last season for Milan. I think he’d have been a world beater in the PL if he came earlier

  32. A

    I don’t think utd would buy him Stu – Fergie got rid of RVN half because he was just a finisher, and he limited Utd’s overall play, even though he scored so many goals. I don’t think he’d go for Huntelaar for exactly that reason. My biggest worry is that they snap up E’too, I could see him being amazing for them

  33. JamaicanGunnersFan

    The mystery guy in the training kit is wearing #40, which is Kieran Kibbs number … but its not Gibbs and it looks like Mataudi (SP) ….

  34. el tel

    Real madrid play decent football probably the best in Club history and thats why they are the biggest draw.

    My point is they signed the Hunter. We need a goal sniffer like this guy forget the pace he probably has that in between the ears. Imagine the goals a true goal poacher would get with Cesc, Arshavin, RVP, Nasri and even Theo feeding him. Bet he would link well with Tommy V and RVP too.

  35. AA23

    how can you say that about Eduardo?
    “just score goals and nothing else”
    Properly out of order mate.
    I know you have an agenda against Arsenal and you have admitted to me that you are a Manc but saying Eduardo can only score goals and nothing else is stupid.
    What about Purple Rain? and the fact that he can play almost every instrument there is?
    Fix up.

  36. el tel

    Ole Horse features and Ole whisky head had a bust up, thats why he left, he was worn out by the Premier league pace and needed to play in a slower league. Just like PV4.

  37. el tel

    Eduardo is the goal KING but will he ever recover from the knobbling he got from the Brummies ?

    BTW them Cunts want to sign Joey Barton to pair up with Lee Bowyer, we better wear armour plating next season when we play them.

  38. el tel


    Did you ever think we were in for a shout with Mello or is the French boy the main target you think, after all we haven’t got our quota of french players for next season and Arsen would be reluctant to swap his love child.

  39. AA23

    “What i want to know is..if Matuidi is so good then why doesnt anyone else show interest and why does he play for such a lowely placed team? Considering his teams position then he surely shouldnt cost much.”

    Stu/Frank mate its because he’s actually “Super Good” Most mortals cant recognise it.
    Its like in Superman II when Zod make the president kneel down and people have to turn away because its such a terrible, degrading feeling.
    He’s literally that good.

  40. JamaicanGunnersFan

    Thanks A, but it would fool anyone, who doesnt know the reserves side that much … like myself … I just heard on Sky that Matuidi was in london, that would be good, didnt really fancy Cana, thinks he’s a mad man on Steroids …..

    Matuidi for me, he’s young and fast, just what the mad doctor ordered

  41. el tel

    Thanks for the info Paulinho. I am gutted not because I thought Mello is the answer it is just that we look poor as a Club yet again.

    We are either being used by the other Teams or the Club don’t interest the Player. Very poor I think.

    We need to get tough.

  42. A

    el tel madrid don’t play nearly as good football as us nor barca, yet they decided huntelaar wasn’t capable of playing the football they want to play, which is why they’re wanting to offload him, and he didn’t play regularly for them. He’d never fit in with us, or any sexy-footballing side, but will score loads of goals in a team that isn’t obsessed with playing attractive stuff.

    Paulinho I wouldn’t say fuckers, I really think we were never properly interested, and Fiorentina used us to get Juve to up their bid, and we were happy not denying it because it created a smokescreen for us to sneak in our real target in Matuidi

  43. Paulinho

    El Tel

    I think Matuidi was always the main target and Wenger was happy to let everybody think we were after Melo.

    Some thought we might buy both of them but that just isn’t Wenger’s style.

    Quite disappointed really. Would have much preferred Melo to Matuidi.

  44. el tel


    Have you seen matuidi play fella, if so is he better than what we have ?

    What happened to the Hitzelsperger link?

  45. AA23

    I’m glad we didnt get Melo. My old man used to work at Fiorentina and he said that Melo’s breath is fucking rank…”like he’s been eating shit”.
    They all rip the piss out of him for it.

  46. Paulinho

    I’ve just been on a Juve forum and they’re all delighted he’s joined.

    They obviously must know he’s quality.

  47. A

    Yeah Jamaican everyone seems to be thinking it’s Matuidi, I could imagine one of the papers running with the story, and that as a pic! Though they don’t seem to be bothered about Matuidi which is odd! People want it to be him as well, even my mate who watches alot of reserve team football phoned me up saying he’s seen Matuidi in photos!


    shut up aa23 about i admitted im a manc your the one who needs to fix up,fix up sharp you fool,and by the way eduardo only comes alive when he’s inside the goal mouth for the majority of the time he is absent he’s what you call an out and out striker

  49. Paulinho

    Yeah El Tel, a statement of intent.

    We’re always buying these weedy unknowns for central midfield. Hardly signings that signal intent to the likes of Fabregas and RVP and improve dressing room morale.

  50. el tel

    Me too Paulinho. A I cant see how you don’t see Real madrid as a sexy football Team. They have always had mega stars in the Team.

    I am from the 70’s and used to hear the Spuds preaching that they were better than us because they played nice football, yes they won an FA cup every 10 odd years but no League title, ring any bells.

  51. el tel


    How about the Flamster returning ? could this also be a smokescreen.

    BBK, I agree Eduardo is a super smooth scoring machine but he can play deeper too. I recall a couple of sexy slide rule passes to set up goals. Its just that it was so long ago pal.

  52. JamaicanGunnersFan

    Well I think there is a vote of confidence in that last statement, so thanks, I think this is the season we deliver (the hope of every die hearted fan). We can close last season, this Arshavin will be explosive as he as quickly adopted to the english style not to mention when our fav #7 returns…..

    My little bro who is Manc fan as well as my dad because of CR7, once ask me, if could pick a starting eleven from a fully fit Arsenal Team, didnt have much trouble, but it must be hell for Wenger @ times

  53. el tel

    AA23 does Mello eat shit or talk shit ? He looked decent in the Feds cup, we missed out on that one.

    There are still a few possibilities though. Inler, Cana, Matuidi, the Flamster. Joey Barton (oops)

  54. AA23

    JamaicanGunnersFan said…
    “My little bro who is Manc fan as well…”

    you are BBK’s older brother? Nice on m8!

  55. A

    el tel in the confeds cup he looked pants imo – the fact that egypt walked through the centre of their midfield wouldn’t have boded well for him suring us up, though i’ve been reliably informed he’s better than that

  56. el tel

    Paulinho. Maybe wenger has a few options at the moment. Lets hope so as last year was awful.

    Jamaican. I think we could do it with what we have but only if we are lucky with injuries, decisions and wenger cutting out the mistakes. Hope Arshavin comes back like he finished last year and not like Sagna did in his 2nd season, although Bacary had reasons for being off key.

  57. A

    It depends bbk, i’d disagree, he plays out wide as well, he participates very well in build up play, and can create when dropping deeper as well. He’s much MUCH more than just a goalscorer, though his composure in front of goal is amazing

  58. JamaicanGunnersFan

    AA23 .. what does BBK mean … is some sort of code name for when there is rivalry in a home between Manu & Gunners fan

  59. el tel

    A. They won the Tournament

    BBK you are right Eduardo hasn’t been in the game for months now 😉

  60. AA23

    El Tel, i’m on my usual wind up but I’ll be serious with you because you are a level headed poster. I am actually glad we didnt get him, he’s far too expensive for what he is and I dont think he gives us much. It was pretty clear that his price was being bumped using our name and I dont think Arsene was ever truly in for him. I bet Wenger is laughing his head off about getting Juve to pay over the odds for a player he never really wanted

    “I’ll give you a ring next week!”
    If we really wanted him we’d have him now.
    He’s a fairly decent player but not what we need.

  61. A

    Yeah they did el tel, but it wasn’t really a real tournament was it?! And individually melo wasn’t very impressive as a dm for me, a team like egypt running through the middle of the midfield isn’t exactly promising! The states had the run of the midfield as well.

  62. el tel

    AA23 I knew you were joking hence my eat shit or talk shit comment. You know why Mello is a CM enforcer because no one wants to get near the foul stench of his tongue.

  63. el tel

    Agree A but you play what you are up against. Don’t you think Brazil are awesome after all everyone must dream of beating them.

    Regarding Mello, I saw little bits so can’t really praise or slag him off.

  64. AA23

    JamaicanGunnersFan Says:

    July 8, 2009 at 01:15
    AA23 .. what does BBK mean …

    “BBK” stand’s for “Boy Better Know”. He’s a Manchester United Fan that posts on here. We tolerate him because he makes us laugh.

  65. A

    Yeah I know you play what you’re up against – but that’s my point, Melo failed to break up attacks when they were playing crap teams!

    Still reports are much more impressive regarding his serie a performances, but let’s hope Matuidi is far superior 🙂

  66. el tel

    Just wish Arsenal were not being used by Clubs or Agents as a toy.

    we are world class not the spuds of European football.

  67. A

    Anyone else reckon the reason the press aren’t running with Matuidi stories are because they’d already all written their “Melo to sign for Arsenal” stories so can’t write contradicting stories even if they’re true?!

  68. el tel

    Lets hope whoever comes in is better.

    Is it true BBK regarding the Mancscum thing. I don’t believe it as you are always on this site.

  69. el tel

    A, There was a piece on MUTV (SSN) before I left for work regarding Matuidi. I will buy the rags on my way home at about 4 am.

  70. A

    el tel it happens to everyone! Madrid used Chelsea to get Madrid to cough up for Kaka, Lyon used Utd to get Madrid to cough up for Benzema etc!


    el tel all i want is for us to get back to how we used to be,and i don’t think the players we got know are good enough to get us back there,people seem to settle for 3rd and 4th best i don’t that’s why im so negative about the current team it’s because there not good enough

  72. el tel

    A. I do see your point but all our players get linked somewhere or another ( except the twat Almunia) yet only a couple of the Mancscum and Chavs players get linked with anyone and ussually it happens. Is it because our players are better than theirs or are we a selling club (Ajax)

    We should get some powerful briefs in and scare the fuck out of them for breathing a word about our players, sue the players too if they are the culprits.


    believe it or not i never used to be this critical of arsenal it’s only been in these past 3-4 years i have become negative about the way we are going.

  74. A

    Neither El Tel, it depends on the players. Kolo hadn’t been linked away until this season, neither had VP. It’s also dependant upon the teams success, because we’ve not had a good year or two the press try to stir up discontent. Ronaldo had rumours about him all the time, Utd have also had rumours about Vidic, Evra, Anderson this summer. Chelsea have had rumours about Terry, Carvalho, Lampard, Drogba, Liverpool even had rumours about Torres, and constantly about Alonso, Mascherano, and Reina too. It happens to everyone, but as we’re a more continental style team, we have more players with the technical ability to succeed abroad, as well as having players who might be tempted abroad, whereas English players generally aren’t so much.

  75. el tel

    AA23 was it a cry of laughter or sorrow ?

    BBK I agree we are not winning things but disagree that our players are shit. I get so frustrated seeing these technically brilliant players in our team but we are always a couple of these brilliant players short. I.E Arshavin, Cesc, Nasri,Dennilson (yes him),RVP,Sagna, Clichy, Gallas. Then we have Almunia, Eboue, Ade,Diaby and the biggest joke the Mancscummer.

    I love Wenger but he makes some fucking wacky decisions in gameplay that probably fools us more than the opponent.


    el tel you just have to look at what the other top 3 teams have to offer then look at what we got to offer and say that is the bench mark even when we had that good run the season before last we still ended up short and in the end we got taken over by man u and chels

  77. el tel

    Good shout A. But they keep coming back at our boys.

    BBk. I agree about the discontent but my anger is because we do have great players but the mistakes of the leader is shocking imo. i can take not being Champs a couple of years as realistically only 1 Team can win things.

    My frustration is how we never contest the injustice of the decisions that go against us its always a sarcastic comment from Wenger instead of a rant like some of the other idiots who seem to get away with things.

    He thinks we have a world class keeper, very worrying for me. He brings on who he sees as defensive players if we have a lead in the last 15 mins and loses the very thing we are good at attacking. the other team comes onto us and we have no options up front to ease the pressure.

    How many chances he gives to favourite players (Eboue) isn’t what he preaches regarding holding back the young uns.

    After Christmas last year when we all knew we wouldn’t fight for the title why didn’t he give Jackie Boy a half season. we could have used the first teamers in the CL only.

  78. AA23

    Michel Platini said that Melo
    “He [Melo] Smells like a french womans twat, and we all know how rank that is!”
    He was on the French chat show “Poinçonnez mon enfant dans son visage” which is a sports equivalent of “Have i got news for you”.

  79. el tel


    I have never been so angry as the Season before last because we were definately robbed by the Mancscum and the Forces of Darkness ( Officials)

    Does anyone realise that since David Dein got kicked offf the FA and the Mancscum had their Man running the show they have been Champs in all 3 seasons since he has been Head Honcho. IMO the Chavs have a much better Squad than them but they get unbelievable decisions week in week out. Thats the real reason I hate the Cunts.


    el tel if they we’re Great they would of at least won a trophy by now i accept only one team can win a trophy but to 4-5 years now without nothing with a so called great bunch of players does that not worry you into which direction we are heading.

  81. el tel

    A boring Stewarding story. Arsenal v the Scummers, can’t remember the year but we beat them 3-1. I was working the track on the Old Clock end it was pissing down. The score was 1-1 and we got a 2nd from Big Tone I seem to remember. The crowd erupted and a guy standing on a seat collapsed. Myself and a couple of other Stewards went to help him. He was unconcious and looking bad, we were carrying to a safe place when DB10 got another near the end. The poor fucker we were carrying got trampled on. We got him to the back of the stand which was piss poor because the first aid room was nearer and easier to get to on the corner of the Clock end track. We laid the guy on the wet floor and helped wake him up. he looked Dead. The first aiders brought him round and the fucker sat up and had a cigarette. we made a human barrier to keep him safe and the final whistle blew shortly after we got him safe. There was a another stampede to get out. But we stood firm. He had a broken leg because he was jumping up and down on the plastic seat and it collapsed. I missed one of the best of DB10s goals it was the one were he trapped it with his left foot steadied himself and buried it with his right from the back post at an angle. so next next time a Steward asks you not to stand on the seat. Try to remember that he/she might not want to miss a large part of the match tending to your injuries.

    I was soaked and pissed off but we thumped the cunts 3-1 and after the game I was near the keeper whose name I can’r remember. I mouthed off about how shit their keeper was for letting Big Tone whack one in at the near post. He said nothing and slid away.

    I have many good memories working at Arsenal even though I am seen by some as one of the little Hitlers. Gooner through and through.

  82. AA23

    el tel its funny that you say that about platini’s breath check this out

    Jean Tigana said of his teammate…
    “His [Platini] breath was like a mixture of shit and onions, almost as if you had prepared shit for the greatest banquet!…[laughs]… but Michel was a great player…[laughs]”
    He said this on the French version of “match of the day” called “nourriture, vin, femmes sales et football”
    it caused quite a stir at the time.

  83. el tel


    You probably heard it before but there was worse times than this supporting the Club. Being a fan is not just about winning trophies its also about the great things you remember.

    I am worried, we do have great players but English football is full of thugs who are allowed to even things up with foul play. Thats where Wenger should be complaining big time. When we had a few thugs we were called dirty boring Arsenal. Now it seems we don’t like it up us. The English media and culture is to destroy. Thats what worries me.

    How come the media know how many red/Yellow cards we have had since Wenger and drag it up at all opportunities even though we apparently play wonderful football. Bet they have no idea how many times shit cunts like Keane and Scholes got sent off or booked because they don’t want there favourites to be seen for what they are.

    The Barca CL final was a great example of how there minds are set by that cunt Fergie. With 15 left and no hope of coming back they started hacking at the Barca boys. Shit cunts.

  84. el tel

    AA23 if you wrote this stuff yourself then you should look for a job writing sketches (Very Funny)

    BBk Yes mate I met Ivan gazidis a few weeks back to collect my 15 years award. Don’t enjoy it much these days though. Much hostility and negative vibes at the new place.

    I hope we can change things soon by winning something other than the Emirates cup.

    If the Mancscum had won the Emirates cup they would have included that with the other trophies they have stolen.

    You see we haven’t really gone 5 years without winning a trophy. Emirates Cup 2007/8


    well el tel iv’e grown up in an era of us winning trophys thats all i know,im not used to seeing us not be successful ,,,,,,

  86. el tel


    One day my friend you will be old and bitter like me. You will remeber the TH14s and DB 10s like I remember the Liam Bradys and Rocky Rocastles.

    My best evers are.

    Chippy Brady
    Rocky Rocastle
    Big Tone
    Frank Mc
    Geordie Armstrong

  87. AA23

    El Tel

    “I am worried, we do have great players but English football is full of thugs who are allowed to even things up with foul play. Thats where Wenger should be complaining big time.”

    Spot on, but when he does complain about it he gets called a whinging, biased prick by our fucked up sports media.

  88. el tel


    I hope your run continues pal and we go on another winning spell.

    I think we can but Wengers right about one thing we need to get the fans and players tuned into each other. Yes we have some who are unworthy but there are some fantastic players at The Arsenal.


    what current arsenal player could you see being loyal and staying for 10 years and getting a testimonial?????i can’t think of one player we got now that will have that oppertunity

  90. AA23

    Jack Wilshere
    Kieran Gibbs
    Carlos Vela
    Aaron Ramsey
    Theo Walcott
    could potentially do that BBK but the sport has changed a lot in that regard, i think those days are behind us, might be a good thing though.
    “Job for life” is a thing of that past in the real world too.

  91. el tel


    Exactly mate we can’t win either way. I though want to see an investigation of our League just as the Italians did a few years back. So what if it puts the League behind a bit, let justice be done and chuck out that cheating no good cunt Fergie and his pals who by the way cover enough other Clubs for them to be given the title every year.

    Think about the links they have to all the little Teams that they thrash who then kick shit out of us without punshment.

    Why do all Gooners want defensive players who are big and powerful because we know thats our weakness. Barca don’t have to get giant basketball types in to win the League and neither do Madrid.

    We are applauded by the neutrals for our play but just listen to them when we play thier sides singing ENGERLAND as if they have no foreigners (The Shammers) and hear them northerners talk about getting into us because we are like a kids team (Stoke) Its bollocks and the Country will never progress Internationally.

    Go watch a schoolboys match up the local Park if thats still allowed and listen to the crap the guys on the side scream at the young uns. anyone with technique get bashed to bits.

  92. el tel

    If its true that RVP signed a 5 year deal then he might do.

    I think players like Almunia would if age was on his side as no Spanish Team or any team for that matter would want him.

    I think it depends on how long Arsene is there for a few of them as they really do look up to him.


    its ok having the smaller players for the atttacking side of things bu the defence side of it you need big players to achieve your goals

  94. el tel

    I think we will win things this season too. The Mancsum have lost the One man show and the Pool will fuck up. The Chavs are the ones we need to be careful about unless they go for another Manager after losing a couple of games. Arrogant tossers.

  95. AA23

    BBK we have shown a lot of loyalt and faith in some of our youngsters, maybe we are bringing a bit of spine back into the game?

  96. AA23

    I think we will win the league this season and by quite a margin.
    Go and have a gander on any other “top 4” site and they are all terrified of our attacking options.

  97. el tel


    The defenders at Barca are not the big cunts like the Chavs and the Mancs have and the Chavs midfield apart from Essien are thucking all 6ft plus. Droshit is enormous, Fat Bollocks at the Mancscum is enormous in size and the worlds number 1 was a big cunt. Torres isn’t small. Our big guys are like fairies, RVP, ADE, NIKKI B.

    I just don’t see that as the way forward. the best ever players imo Marradona, Pele, Messi, Cruyff, Bergkamp, Ronaldinho, Puskas, Eusebio, are tiny but this giants thing is crazy.


    the way i look at it is,you need two massive centre back;s in your defence and at least one big massive presence in the middle of the park to have a good chance of success in the prem and in europe to a certain extent,you can say look at what spain achieved yeah that’s in international football not domestically..

  99. AA23


    July 8, 2009 at 02:41
    bringing spine back into our game or the game in general???????

    Both BBK
    perhaps our faith in our up and coming players will be repaid by a bit of loyalty when we help them become the finished article…while every other side is fighting over the mercenaries that would kiss any badge for a few extra grand.
    Teams win titles…

  100. el tel

    I love Kolo the man but imo he has never been a great CB.

    I would take the dosh and ask for Richards as part of the deal. trade Eboue and then we have a RB/CB cover player.


    yes that is going forward but not in defence yaya is not small neither is pique the two at the mancs are not small

  102. el tel

    Hi Evo

    How you doing buddy, No I am at the Office pal I work nights.

    Are you looking forward to the Ashes contest ?

  103. Evo in Oz

    yeah good thanx mate.

    yeah cant wait for the cricket, it kicks off tonight big time, i just checked the exact tv guide to make sure of the time!

  104. AA23

    How big is Gallas?
    One of the best defenders ever. Size means fuck all. if it was all about size then Kolo’s arse would be on its way to Real Madrid for 81 million.


    aa23 this season is make or break for them if we have the same outcome as the past 4-5 years i really don’t know where we go from there

  106. AA23


    July 8, 2009 at 02:50
    aa23 this season is make or break for them if we have the same outcome as the past 4-5 years i really don’t know where we go from there

    You are spot on there. But I think this lot are ready.


    yeah gallas is not big but you have to look around and see what the other successful teams have and they do not have two midgets at the back for them

  108. el tel


    Do you remember Baresi mate or Bobby Moore, they were not giant CB’s. I agree in the Prem all good teams need at least one giant but a decent keeper would come for crosses and there would be less need for the two giants.

    For me Gallas is a good CB and he isn’t a giant but Kolo is ltd in his heading/positional play and he switches off mentally.

    Ya Ya is over rated imo and I am glad we never got him I think Song is better.

    The key for me is the Keeper.

  109. el tel


    How do you think the cricket will go. Have the Aussies gone down hill as the media hacks would have us beleive ?


    yeah you can say baresi and moore but how big were the guys next to them or infront of them.All im saying is you need a scary looking figure infront of you or next to you in order to impose yourself on somebody

  111. el tel

    Its not an excuse but even if we got the giant CB pairing, who would they train with that would make them better as we don’t even have a forward in the box with Wenger Ball. Does this make sense?

  112. Honest Bill

    You never know, Keown might be right. Senderos may come good. And i’ll be fucked if that big cunt isn’t intimidating.

    Anyway, intimidation isn’t about size, it’s about attitude and fight. Flamini was a little bloke, but bossed all the midfields he came up against, cos he was a nutter

  113. el tel


    Not disagreeing with that pal. More a player who will attack the ball and leave the little guy there to mop up.

    A Keeper is vital for me.

    Do you mean scary as in ugly cunt and if so who would spring to mind ?

  114. Evo in Oz

    el tel – the aussies arent the team they used to be mate – im actually fairly bored by a few of the guys in our team, i prefer the Steve Waugh era myself!