In Arsene I trust, ahem, really I do, read on…

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Ok Le Grove is the blog known for saying what we feel, and bitching if we aren’t happy with we what we see happening at our great football club, and that includes players, members of the board and of course the manager. No-one and nothing is sacrosanct, Arsenal is who we support, all the above come and go, the club doesn’t.

Did anyone watch the greatest film ever made, ‘Fever Pitch’? That whole film was based on bitching about formations and players, it’s healthy.

Some out there take having your own mind as being anti Arsene, rubbish, having the ability to think for yourself makes you someone who will not just stand in line and accept whatever shite comes your way.

I have been an Arsenal fan since I could first kick a ball, my whole world revolves around Arsenal, my parents weren’t Gooners, I made that decision myself, let no one tell me I don’t love this club with every sinew in my body.

There are people out there that don’t speculate, how boring, what do they do when they start their day,

‘morning all, everything’s great, the managers great, the teams great, speculating is wrong, well, night, night then’.

On Le Grove we like to speculate on who may or may not come in, whether that player is any good, whether we want them and so on, it makes our day fun and it gives our feeder blogs something to talk about, us! If they didn’t talk about Le Grove, they would have no comments, go ahead, take a look today, you’ll see what I mean.

They hate us but the funny thing is, they read us, and our comments, so today I going to give them something they can’t possibly comment on, today I am mostly becoming an AKB!

Finally, a word on the other Arsenal blogs, most of them are fabulous, they give every fan out there something to read, so well done fellow bloggers, keep it up. If you weren’t out there doing your thing we’d all get pretty bored waiting for the season to begin.

Someone said yesterday that a YouTube clip could make anyone look good, they put a clip on of Denilson to prove their point, however as I said to them, it was collated over several seasons and that’s why he looked so skilful.

Some think I don’t like Denilson, again what rubbish, he will be a great player one day, but he’s not yet and to win the league we need players in every position that are ready now, Arsene knows he made that mistake last season and he is trying to put it right this season, he has already brought in Vermaelen to shore up the back and has now turned his attention to that defensive midfield spot.

We have enquired after Melo, we have speculated over Cana and now Blaise Matuidi is begging Arsene to sign him, now I don’t know who he’ll sign and who is good enough, what I do know though is he won’t sign anyone that won’t be better than what he has got, so whoever it is, I am good with, so yes, this time in Arsene I trust!!!

I would be grateful however if he could do it quickly as I’m about to buy the new away shirt and I want to put a new players name on it, also whilst he’s doing that, could he stretch to Hangeland, I understand his love affair with Fulham has ended as they only offered him £30k a week, tight bastards!

A word about Real Madrid and 80,000 fans turning out to see Ronaldo yesterday and last week a similar amount to see Kaka, Arsene, that shows you how much the fans like to see world class signings coming in, had they paraded a 17 year old on an exceptional talent visa the only people there would have probably worked for the club.

Have a great day Grovers don’t forget you have to speculate to accumulate!

P.S. I have a handful of Grovers trying to shift on season tickets for varying reasons. I also have someone looking to do a share. If you’re interested, please e-mail in (Addresses in the side bar —>)!

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  1. A

    I’d rather keep sendy, kolo, eboue, barazite mang, don’t need to sell THAT many!

    Just ade would do me, throw in diaby and silvestre to get off the wage bill, that’d fund what we need!

  2. zorr0

    Bloody hell Reggie, where did that one come from!

    She was a proper trampy lookin bit of skirt for sure, hotter than a hot thing!

  3. ManGoonian


    Lohan being a lesbo was just a publicity stunt and it was ME who said Raquelly Welch!

    A & Pedro;

    Didnt say sell ALL them players!

    Jeez, some people are soooo autistic!

    These aRE the players that could be sold, a selection, or 1 of em….

  4. ManGoonian


    Feck right off with your selling mark ” New gattuso” Randall fella!

    Reggie Reg;

    She is very very dirty, I grant you!

  5. Chippy

    Yep im of to have a good un chaps and hopefully tomorrow will see the signatures of one or more players !!!

  6. Stu

    Well MG, everyone you want to sell from the list about are better than Mark, “the cunt face” Randall. And thats a fact!

  7. ManGoonian


    Does NO ONE read peoples posts these days???

    I clearly said that I did NOT want to sell any of em!!! They are players that could be sold, based on the squad and quotes from Wenger and the players, agents, etc…

  8. SUGA3

    reggie, I don’t rate Randall for his shit passing, positioning and especially for his tackles – nearly each and every game he gets booked…

  9. ManGoonian

    Randall is going to Derby on loan, thats why he aint on the chuffin list….

    And he WILL be a good player for us, along with Lansbury, while Wilshire will end up at Accrinton Stanley in 2 years time…

  10. ManGoonian

    Right Im off to snort charley off Linsey Lohans thighs, eat whipped cream off Lynda carters breasts and…Drink stout out of bella emberg’s bum crack….

    Ta-rah chucks! 😀


    look id be happy with matuidi just someone to fill that Grand Canyon size gap in out centre of midfield

    wenger obviously knows that denilson and song were not the answer

    i just do not want to see denilson 38 times next year







  12. A

    He’s got the talent zorro, he’s just a complete and utter turd-face. If he sorts his attitude and dickheadedness then you never know, however over the course of last season it gradually got worse and worse and worse, he became more and more of a dick, so i don’t hold out much hope!

  13. A

    Ade, Nasri, and theo Mark






  14. Stu

    Reggie, making a tackle is one thing but if he doesnt get a booking he is either sent off or lucky not to be. He makes so many horrible dirty, potentially leg breaking tackles its not even funny.

    He makes Essiens tackles look like a kiss….or something less gay.

  15. SUGA3

    reggie, it is about tackling WELL, and Randall is nowhere near it – I saw quite a few really dangerous challenges he made and frankly, he is a liability, not an asset…

    Derby is about right for him, hope he stays there…

  16. Stu


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
    Fabregas Rosicky
    RVP Eduardo Arshavin (just going on the current squad)

    Thats the way it should be A> Stop ruining it! 😡

  17. Stu

    Incidently, if we are playing 4-4-2 i would drop VP and have the same defence with this in front:

    Arshavin Fabregas Denilsong Rosicky
    Bendtner Eduardo

  18. SUGA3

    —Song—New DM——

    Bench: Fabianski, Sendy, Kolo (?), Eboue (?), Denilson, Theo, RvP

    that leaves us with a few players to spare: Ade, Diaby, etc…

  19. SUGA3


    football being contact sport is one, not willing to see any more Eduardo-like injuries is another…

  20. Stu

    Eboue Toure Senderos Gibbs
    Nasri Ramsey
    Theo Bendtner Vela

    Spare players: Mannone, JD, Silvestre, Traore, Diaby, Ade, Simpson.

    Maybe Toure will be sold. Hopefully Ade and Silvestre and maybe Diaby too. But im not betting on any of them happening. Oh well..

    Based on the 2 teams we look to be in oretty good condition for an attack on all the trophies.

  21. Samir

    Atletico Madrid have finally agreed a deal to sign Sergio Asenjo from Valladolid and it will be made official tomorrow according to reports.

    Benfica Offer €4M For Jose Antonio Reyes

  22. patthegooner

    Strange none of the press or websites are reporting on this Matuidi link. It seems the most genuine one for a while and no one is biting. I like the idea that we are getting Melo and Matuidi though. Fuck we would be strong then.

    Keep Senderos too, maybe him and Vermaelen would work well together.

  23. redbearer

    Gooner Hard & Fast XI team but are they tuff enuff?

    Sagna Toure Vermaelen Clichy
    Walcott Fabregas Rosicky
    Bendtner Eduardo

    Subs from: Fabianski, Gallas, Gibbs, Senderos, Diaby, Ramsey, Denilson, Wilshere, Nasri, Adebayor, Van Persie, Vela.

    Plenty of scope to have 2 teams here but gotta opt for the one with the most potential… quick on the counter, powerful and technically superior!

  24. SUGA3

    I would consider playing RvP on the right wing and Theo on the left as Rosicky will not be much more than a sub, at least in the beginning…

    I’d like to see more of wingers cutting in rather than this hopeful crossing nonsense, that’s why I’ve put a leftfooter on the right and vice versa…

  25. ManGoonian

    Yep, that’ll be our secret next season… playing an extra man… Lets see how many games we can get away with it….

  26. redbearer

    Fuck so it is… disperse with Song and play Cesc in a deeper role until we sign up an awesome DM then!

  27. patthegooner

    Sagna, Senderos, Vermaelen, Clichy
    Nasri, Cesc
    Arshavin, Eduardo, RVP

    Subs: Fabianski, Bendtner, Rosicky, Matuidi, Walcott, Gallas, Vela

    Still Missing: Ade, Vela, Denilson, Song, Diaby, Toure, Djourou, Silvestre and probably others

  28. redbearer

    Yep MG that’s what I was hoping for… drug the oppositions drinking water before kick off and then they will never notice!! 😀

  29. redbearer

    Btw anyone seen the film called Flashbacks of a Fool? The one with Daniel Craig in it… just about to give it a viewing!

  30. patthegooner

    Forgot Gibbs, oops and Ramsey, Wilshire, Toure, Simpson.

    Quite a bloody good squad that if we bring in both Matuidi and Melo. I would take one of them and then shut the doors. Good mix of youth and experience and Title here we come.

  31. ManGoonian


    It would indeed be a fantastic summer’s business and even with the usual Cesc bullshit rumours, it is soooo much better than the same time last year…

  32. redbearer

    Yeaha it’s probably some Miramax crap!

    Think we need to be open minded until the end of next week… expect at least two more new faces.. hope we have the ambition to weight up a move for Hazard tho!

  33. SUGA3

    it would definitely be beneficial for Theo – he is supposed to be a striker, innit?

    cutting in from the left would give him more opportunities to score and build up some confidence…

  34. patthegooner

    I just hope we are not as unlucky with injuries, you can’t use injuries as an excuse as seem to have the same luck every bloody year but keep Cesc, Arsh, Sagna, Eduardo, and RVP injury free and we would have a real chance.

  35. Samir

    Matuidi AND/OR Melo



    Diaby,Denilson and Song get 1 more season to prove themselves!

  36. Mayank

    Why does everyone want so many signings. I want a DM and that’s it, if Ade goes fine no need for a replacement.
    Plus: Rosicky, Theo, Vela, Denilson, Nik, Song, DJ, Toure, Gibbs
    Besides the wonderful kids coming through.

  37. Honest Bill

    Mayank, I’m not so sure. I think if Ade goes, we may need a replacement. There’s no guarantee tha Eduardo will stay fit.

    I’d like to believe that the likes of Nik B, Vela, Walcott, are gonna step up as star strikers this season, but I wouldn’t wanna bet our season on it

  38. ManGoonian


    Blame me! And no, I dont want all the signings, its just that I think, from what has been stated, we may be in for Melo AND Matuidi… Although, it would be very out of character, given our past transfer activity…

    Saying all that, we have, for the past 3 or more seasons, simply been replacing players and not adding to the squad, we may well be doing that for the 1st time in a long while…

  39. Mayank

    Well you know what, the odds of one of them stepping up or Dud staying fit are pretty good if you think about it. THere’s more of a chance of there being a shortage in MF than up-front.

  40. redbearer

    I really think that we need a right winger… and if Eboue goes then we just have Theo and that’s not his natural position so who do we bring in?

  41. ManGoonian

    And at least the media is full of stories about us, not only signing players but, more importantly for me, the reports of RvP signing his new deal….

  42. ManGoonian


    I think the 4-2-3-1 formation allows for a lot of our players to play to their strengths, instead of a rigid 4-4-2, which would leave us short of wide men…

    Rosicky, Theo, nasri, Arshy, RvP, Vela, can all play in the 3, IMO…

  43. Honest Bill

    Red, Nasri looked pretty useful there, and i’m pretty sure Arshavin could play there just as comfortably as he could play anywhere

  44. Mayank

    The thing is i’d like the squad to have as less new players as possible, cause the more you have the more time they take to bed in and the more insecurities the players have.

  45. ManGoonian

    Well, if you want, I can organise a nasty little accident for Vermaellen, Mayank…?

    So, he won’t disrupt the team too much..

  46. A

    mang in 4-2-3-1 i see the players playing in these positions –

    song cm
    denilson cm

    ramsey cm and am
    cesc cm and am
    nasri cm and am
    rosicky am and aml/amr

    arshavin aml/amr/fc
    vela aml/fc
    theo aml/amr/fc
    vp aml/amr/fc
    bendy aml/amr/fc
    eduardo aml/fc

  47. Samir

    Just what we need experienced at age 81 also tall enough (3.95M) to head the ball!!
    Could be useful V stoke etc!

  48. Honest Bill

    If insecurity means getting rid of the apathy with which we started last season, i say bring it on

  49. Carlos

    From the looks of first team training pics this morning - – the likes of rosicky and eduardo are back to full fitness which is great news, especially as rosicky can fill the right mid role. In my opinion, wenger needs to sign two more players, one likely to be melo and the other a CB/RB such as M.Richards who is a gooner at heart and 10 ft 10″ in height, and we can go far next season.
    Does anyone think it’s about time arsenal brought in a world class keeper to fill the void of Seaman, and to some extent Lehman, btw…..Almunia doesn’t do it for me:


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy


    Rosicky Fabregas Nasri



    Subs: Ade/ Eduardo/ Vela/ Wilshire/ Ramsey/ Toure/ Gibbs

  50. redbearer

    True chaps.. I still see Nasri & AA being more suited to central roles to get the best outta their ability… I would love to see a winger brought in who could beat the oppositions fullback with trickery and deliver a quality cross into the box. Theo probably needs someone to compete against too… healthy competition imo will make him a better player bcoz he needs to toughen up somewhat and it no surprise when he makes an impact as a sub! To be or not to be.. assertive in young Theo’s case!

  51. ManGoonian

    Honest Bill;

    I fear that the apathy will continue next season… especially if we sign a player called Blase!

  52. A

    Oh yeah forgot about diaby mang cm and am, forgot about ade too, he’s just a centre forward

    carlos micah richards is under 6 ft tall

  53. Mayank

    Well the defensive side of our game was crap to begin with so disruption is not really a problem. As for attacking if anything we’re stronger, so yes i do think an offensive signing will do more harm than good.

  54. ManGoonian

    Sagna – Gallas – Vermaellen – Clichy
    Melo – Cesc
    Rosicky – Arshavin – Rvp

    Nasri, Theo, Vela, Song, Diaby, Bendy, Gibbs, Djourou….

    That is a serious first 11, with all that talent waiting to come in when all the injuries happen!

  55. Carlos

    Ha, the point i was making A is that he’s hench. Difficult to beat, and could come on the cheap if out of favour at man shity.

  56. ManGoonian

    Vermilli seems to be the ball attacking, good in the air, leaps like a half gazelle half salmon and tackles like a demon defender you speak of…

  57. A

    Yeah but he’s out of favour at City because he’s got a shocking attitude Carlos, and being a party boy I can’t imagine the bright lights of London would get him back into his football! He had alot of potential but I doubt he’ll fulfil it now, though I wouldn’t have a massive problem with Richards coming in as a part of the deal in a swap with Kolo, to be a reserve centre back and right back, long as city gave us a fair bit of cash as well as richards

  58. Carlos

    True, but is he solely a centre back or can he play fullback? I wouldn’t be surprised if Toure exits in over the summer so need a bit of cover other than the school kids.

  59. gazzap

    surely Nasri and Rosicky can play on the right wing as well as Theo?
    Arshavin may well play behind a striker or from the left. Vela may be his back up.

  60. ManGoonian

    Vermilli shits diamonds…

    And on that bombshell…

    Good night and Good luck (great film, BTW!)

  61. redbearer

    Hmm Richards might mature more under Wenger’s guidence and also being a life long Gooner fan… I would expect more from him than that which he has displayed at Shity recently, so he could be a viable cheap signing in the future.. a rough diamond which has the potential to come good if the big city and the bright lights don’t distract him… but in saying that Manchester ain’t a small town!

  62. Dan

    I havent read if you’ve commented on the new training pictures. but one of them has a player in who doesnt look like an arsenal player but does look very much like mataildi

  63. Dan

    its on hes in number 40 which is gibbs number but gibbs wasnt training, ill try to do a link now

  64. Faceman

    i can’t believe melo would choose juve over us… italiain footy is dire and juve are hopeless… would have fuck all chance in the champs league AND his is loved by fiorentina fans who have a massive hatred of juve.

    he is ours.

  65. Pat

    Matuidi has the same haircut as the player on that picture on

    Does anyone know who that is?

  66. patthegooner

    I guess we find out tomorrow Pat,

    They got it wrong at the weekend, lets see if they got it wrong again.

  67. redbearer

    Well I don’t know about you but I’ve already come to a quick conclusion over reliable sources and the British media ain’t got the creditability imo!

  68. patthegooner

    Bad Translation, but looks like the personal details are agreed but the fee is still to be rubber stamped. At this price I can’t even see that we are interested. Saw that Daily Mail link but they are full of shit. Fiorentina said officially earlier that they would take Eboue but Senderos has not been mentioned.

  69. Coadsi

    Can someone please confirm if there is a limit to the number of players registered with the first team, if yes what is the limit?
    A if the story is true about Melo to juve let me say respect as you have been shouting this for days now

  70. patthegooner

    I dont believe the Italian ones either, but the vibes I got from the stories that came from the Fiorentina Chairmans mouth was that we were merely linked to boost up Juve’s offer. I am sure we were interested but I would imagine that cooled when the price went to 20m+

  71. A

    Guess Juve will have to wait and find out Choy, I hope not. Means eboue staying which is a good thing in my eyes

  72. redbearer

    The Italians love to play games… using the media to their advantage and unfortunately it seems like we have been used to get Melo the move which was originally targetted.. albeit I’m sure that we still have a good hand to play meaning that they is always more than one option and an alternative target will now probably be signed. ie. Matuidi or Cana

  73. Nightman

    Melo is by no means overrated….and is worth MUCH MORE to us than Eboue or Senderos…

    Have you seen him? He NEVER loses the ball and can pick a pass

  74. Nightman

    Him in the side along wiht a fit Eduardo, Cesc, Nasri, and of course Arshavin…

    The beautiful passing game that has been gone for a few years will be back

  75. goonerpress

    I don’t really want Melo. I think he’s overrated and was made to look good cos he had Gilberto next to him. He’s not worth the money they are asking for anyway. Matuidi seems a little small but looks strong. The one I want is Cana. He will scare the fucking shit out of players all over Europe. Let everyone else attack and leave him to destroy the opposition and protect the defence. He is definately leaving Marseille and they have already signed M’Bia to cover him. Come on Wenger, get in!

  76. patthegooner

    I said it earlier A

    Not sure why, but I have a sneaky feeling that Matuidi could turn out to be the mutts nutts.

  77. redbearer

    Plus it’s better to have players who wanna play for our club rather than chose the likes of poxy Juve over us!

  78. A

    I do hope so red/pat. I agree too, I could see him coming into the side and being a top top player, a left footed essien perhaps!?

  79. patthegooner

    And he is French so won’t be fucking off across the globe to play a World Cup Qualifier against the likes of Peru.

  80. patthegooner

    Essien like, Lets hope so!!!!

    And quite right Red, lets buy the players that want to play at Arsenal. Eden Hazard next please.

  81. A

    Another very good point pat – if Matuidi does sign tomorrow, it really could be the case that there was never any real interest in Melo anyways, but Fiorentina used our name to scare Juve into increasing their bid, and we let them do it as it was a good smokescreen to snap up Matuidi under the radar.

  82. Nightman

    Has anyone seen a full game of either Matuidi or Cana?

    Im just wondering…do they hold the ball well? Can they dribble to lead a fast break if they need to?

    Someone let me know…ive never seen them and want to know!

  83. patthegooner

    Faceman, it has been weird that no one has jumped on it.

    But it was on SSN as A said, and also on TalkSport..

  84. A

    Yeah it’s really weird face – sky reported it as if it was pretty concrete, not a rumour, but the wider media don’t seem to have picked up on it

  85. Coadsi

    I do believe wenger wenger approached them for melo b4 the confed cup and made them an offer. the fact that the president said this and posted it on the website i believe this was true. but as soon as le Boss heard the asking price after the confed cup he did not even bother getting back to them. he turn his attention otherwise. when the fiorentina president said we were the closest offer that was also correct what he did not say was we were the only offer. But i think Le Boss used this opportunity to carry out his business quietly.

  86. redbearer

    Yep defo.. Vermaelen, Matuidi and Hazard would be some sound business if only but 2 outta 3 wouldn’t be bad either! Let’s hope for some mega news soon…