In Arsene I trust, ahem, really I do, read on…

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Ok Le Grove is the blog known for saying what we feel, and bitching if we aren’t happy with we what we see happening at our great football club, and that includes players, members of the board and of course the manager. No-one and nothing is sacrosanct, Arsenal is who we support, all the above come and go, the club doesn’t.

Did anyone watch the greatest film ever made, ‘Fever Pitch’? That whole film was based on bitching about formations and players, it’s healthy.

Some out there take having your own mind as being anti Arsene, rubbish, having the ability to think for yourself makes you someone who will not just stand in line and accept whatever shite comes your way.

I have been an Arsenal fan since I could first kick a ball, my whole world revolves around Arsenal, my parents weren’t Gooners, I made that decision myself, let no one tell me I don’t love this club with every sinew in my body.

There are people out there that don’t speculate, how boring, what do they do when they start their day,

‘morning all, everything’s great, the managers great, the teams great, speculating is wrong, well, night, night then’.

On Le Grove we like to speculate on who may or may not come in, whether that player is any good, whether we want them and so on, it makes our day fun and it gives our feeder blogs something to talk about, us! If they didn’t talk about Le Grove, they would have no comments, go ahead, take a look today, you’ll see what I mean.

They hate us but the funny thing is, they read us, and our comments, so today I going to give them something they can’t possibly comment on, today I am mostly becoming an AKB!

Finally, a word on the other Arsenal blogs, most of them are fabulous, they give every fan out there something to read, so well done fellow bloggers, keep it up. If you weren’t out there doing your thing we’d all get pretty bored waiting for the season to begin.

Someone said yesterday that a YouTube clip could make anyone look good, they put a clip on of Denilson to prove their point, however as I said to them, it was collated over several seasons and that’s why he looked so skilful.

Some think I don’t like Denilson, again what rubbish, he will be a great player one day, but he’s not yet and to win the league we need players in every position that are ready now, Arsene knows he made that mistake last season and he is trying to put it right this season, he has already brought in Vermaelen to shore up the back and has now turned his attention to that defensive midfield spot.

We have enquired after Melo, we have speculated over Cana and now Blaise Matuidi is begging Arsene to sign him, now I don’t know who he’ll sign and who is good enough, what I do know though is he won’t sign anyone that won’t be better than what he has got, so whoever it is, I am good with, so yes, this time in Arsene I trust!!!

I would be grateful however if he could do it quickly as I’m about to buy the new away shirt and I want to put a new players name on it, also whilst he’s doing that, could he stretch to Hangeland, I understand his love affair with Fulham has ended as they only offered him ยฃ30k a week, tight bastards!

A word about Real Madrid and 80,000 fans turning out to see Ronaldo yesterday and last week a similar amount to see Kaka, Arsene, that shows you how much the fans like to see world class signings coming in, had they paraded a 17 year old on an exceptional talent visa the only people there would have probably worked for the club.

Have a great day Grovers don’t forget you have to speculate to accumulate!

P.S. I have a handful of Grovers trying to shift on season tickets for varying reasons. I also have someone looking to do a share. If you’re interested, please e-mail in (Addresses in the side bar —>)!

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    I knew you were a closet AKB Geoff! Damn you…damn you to hell!!

    Not really, keep up the good work!!

  2. tonyadamsisgod

    Oh and can I just add one more thing….

    Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana! Cana!

  3. Aussie Az

    I think we need to sign!!! melo!!!!I live in australia anyone know if sentanta sports will ever get back on the air its one channel we get down here that is helpful on the football front does anyone have helpful info for me?

  4. Cartman

    denilson will be a great player one day? that so unlike u geoff! denilson will be an average player that’s all!

  5. Benny Boy

    loved the book and the film but would love a follow up from Hornby… he waxes lyrical about limpar and Smith in the book love to know how he’d describe cesc et al…

  6. Mayank

    Denilson is intelligent, has good passing, good positioning and satisfactory pace, so yes i do think that he’ll come good. Also DM is a position that needs experience with talent, that is why i think its wise to invest this year.

  7. Aussie Az

    cheers, espn have shit commentors that is bad news for aussie fans oh well, least premiership on fox

  8. tonyadamsisgod

    Aussie Az – Dont hold you’re breath mate, Setanta is in the right shit! They have stopped taking subscriptions and I think ESPN have bought a large amount of EPL game rights from them or are thinking about doing that. Setanta = DEAD!

  9. gnarleygeorge9


    Setanta has too many adds repeated over & over again about whats coming up on the channel, & doesn’t have Arsenal TV. I don’t want to watch manure or chelski TV, or barcelonely or Celtic TV. I’d rather watch a reality show invloving the omish(spelling) than those poxy clubs. But will they listen? no ofcourse not.

  10. Franchise

    Mayank from last post i bet u r dying to respond

    ….Mayank dont waste ur energy hating on the lad. the guy is class and with other classy players around him he would look better. ronaldo has played with other world class players @ united and never had any publicised problems with any1. it wld be the same at Madrid IMO. as slimy as he looks he is a gentleman. So is Kaka. i definitely would be watching more la liga next season.

    Barcaโ€™s trinity vs Madridโ€™s

  11. Aussie Az

    it’s football in what i want to watch, but i think that channel will no longer bring anything worth watchin, well foxtel will have to cover the bill.

  12. Franchise

    taig responding to ur last comment about fergie guiding ronnie

    well i think ronnie is old enough to know what he wants in life now. my prediction is he would go on to win world footballer of the year once or twice more.

  13. Franchise

    Denilson needs illegal steroids. well they are illegal hmmmm he would always be average then ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Benny Boy

    What does everyone think about all he chat about la Liga being the best in the world now? you buy it?

  15. tonyadamsisgod

    Franchise – I think we’ll see him start strongly but I dont think it will be long until he starts becoming a more ‘average’ player. We’ll see if Madrid’s techicality can be more help to Ronaldo’s game than Utd’s work rate and tempo. Should be interesting.

  16. KM in WALES

    GEOFF – HOW DARE U?the best movie ever was BAMBI !! A masterpiece…. ๐Ÿ™‚ GOOD MORNING Grovers! Have a quick read of Gunnerblog today – it says that wenger wnt spend ยฃ21.5m on MELO. Also they’v got a gr8 interview by Kneown,who talks abt Djouru & Senderos. Very interesting read. wenger if ur reading lick my balls!no seriously – we need KNEown as the defensive coach. also i hear Matuidi is begging??is he poor?

  17. tonyadamsisgod

    Benny – Nope! Still gonna be the EPL. Too many people (thankfully) still have a huge disliking of La Liga because of its cheating and diving. Its absolutely rife! The games are far too stop start, the players act more than play football and the strenght in depth of La Liga is weak compared to the EPL.

  18. Benny Boy

    I gonna ruffle a few feathers and say that the best 5 players are now playing iin la liga: Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka, Xavi and Iniesta…. what do you think?

  19. tonyadamsisgod

    What happened to posters being around to take questions? Come on Geoff, stop hiding, dont make me come and look in that AKB closet!

  20. Franchise

    if the best league in the world = most glamorous league

    then yes la liga would be best league next season

    in terms of balance and competition the premiership is rubbish. u have 4 teams and the rest

  21. incesc

    denilson was great against roma in the first leg, but ultimateley lost his place to song by the end of the season… doesnt say much for him that

  22. tonyadamsisgod

    Xavi and Iniesta are no doubt quality players but if you take one away from thw other their potency is some what diminished for me!?

  23. incesc

    Why is it, every time i see my spuds mates they tell me rosicky is a coke head which is why he never plays…

  24. tonyadamsisgod

    Benny – of course he will! One of his first comments was that ref’s in La Liga protect the players more! What a load of fucking tosh that is! He acts like he’s a little toddler rather than this athlete we all know is at the peak of physical fitness!

  25. Mayank

    Franchise, first of all haha, second i don’t hate the guy but the fact is he needs class players around him to look class. That’s why although he’s the stand-out player at portugal he’s never looked great with them. True i do have a personal disliking for him because of his personality and the 4-2 defeat when we were up 2-1. The fact remains though that a player like Ronaldo i.e. amazing physical attributes with an average brain will always need players who are in awe of him and are constantly feeding him passes in good positions to have a great season. He has an eye for goal and he’s good with the ball but don’t mix the two, he’s not a zidane or kaka who can use his skill to beat his man and score in one fluid motion. Maybe the fact that my favourite all time player is DB10 who is almost the anti-thesis of ronaldo has something to do with the fact that i notice his flaws. Mostly what i’m getting at is that Ronaldo is used to getting 70-80% of all the service up-front that’s why he scores the amount he does even with his conversion rate. At RM he’ll get lesser so yes i think playing with more ‘superstars’ will have a negative effect.

  26. KM in WALES

    agree with Mayank – Denilson needs time.he’l come good. Also any of u hear Ray Parlour y’day on radio 5live(909)? I like the guy a lot.he hits the nail on the head,and he’s not a cunt like ian wright.

  27. Jerseygooner

    Morning All,

    Fever Pitch – Fantastic film!! and who’d of thought she would pop up on eastenders 15 years later (she would still get it!)

    I don’t really care much what Ronaldo goes on to do with RM more about how much Man u are going to miss him!!

  28. Franchise

    Ronaldo scores a lot Mayank cos he has no weaknesses as an attacking player

    send a cross in he can head, he is as good with his left foot as he is with his right, free kicks, one on ones, dribbles, assists

    complete attacking player

  29. Mayank

    La liga is better than the PL in terms of competitiveness and flair. Sorry for the grammar in the above post btw.

  30. ArsenalKenya


    Denilson will be good but needs to play along side experienced players. If we sign Melo then they maybe he will have a player to learn from. I don’t prefer Matuidi since Song is better than him …may be CANA but Liverpool are closing on him. If Juventus snap melo then Wenger should move quickly to grab CANA or else just stick to what we have….Diaby/Denilson/Song

    Man U have stepped up a bid for Huntelaar…and CESC is going NO WHERE!!!!!

  31. KM in WALES

    just imagine if Madrid get Ribery & Alonso.And Barca get Villa!the classico matches will feature the best players in the world – wow!

  32. tonyadamsisgod

    Benny – ha ha, I only ever hated his personality and his traits but he was undoubtedly a world class footballer. It annoys me that people like him who have such a gift cant act with a bit of humility or modesty and be a more rounded role model for the kids. Even when Beckham was at the top of his game with the world at his feet never really stoppd being an appropriate role model and doing a fucking shit load of charity work. For me Beckham’s attitude towards football is the marker for other to aim at. Football first, role model second and lifesytle third!

  33. Big Dave

    Great film fever pitch, was told yesterday that Ade holds all the strings to our transfer activities this summer

  34. wardo

    jersey…who is she in eastenders then?? dont really watch it (my mrs does and I cant get the remote off her at the moment)

    morning all

  35. tonyadamsisgod

    Jay – He is exactly the sort of player we usually buy and is exactly the sort of player we really shouldnt buy this summer!

  36. Franchise

    Mayank there is no need arguing about this ur assumptions are quite flawed. 70-80% of the service??? where did u work that stat from?

    the guy became more of a team player than an individual player and now plays to his strengths. he would score for fun in la liga IMO

  37. KM in WALES

    jay – is he any good?i read that manu beat us,chelski to him.what position does he play?missionary? Haha

  38. Mayank

    Franchise Ruud scored more than him playing CF(where he played), is he a ‘complete attacking player’ Ronaldo’s dribbling has nothing to do with his goals. Henry used to beat his man with skill and pace to get in a scoring position. Ronaldo rarely does, his corner-flag step-overs are to beat the man not to get in a good position.

  39. Benny Boy

    completely agree Tony… You just have to look at the best player in the world little Lionel, class act on and off the pitch…. man, he would of fitted in so well at the ARse!

  40. gooner-pak

    they – real – will probably get sold out for almost every game….benzema, kaka & ronaldo…. they are bit nuts when 80k turn out to see ronaldo

  41. Mayank

    Umm Man U played a 4-5-1 so i’m guessing the ‘1’ got a lot of service.
    TAIG yeah you need 80 points to win the la liga while you need 85-86 to win the PL that means La Liga is more competitive as far as smaller teams are concerned.

  42. Franchise

    taig the prem is only watched as much as it is because of the top 4 clubs no one gives a shit when tottenham play aston villa

    there is more skill and technic in la liga u would survive watching a game between almeira and sporting gijon.

    the prem is over rated IMO. how many games not involving the big 4 would u watch in England if it were on telly?

  43. tonyadamsisgod

    I have a sreal sneaking suspicion we could see Cana arrive at Arsenal. Melo seem’s to refuting these claims at every opportunity and Wenger will not spend over ยฃ20m on a player even if Eboue makes up part of the cash! Cana has made comments that at the end of the week he will now where his future lies and I dont think he is A) happy to stay at Marseille knowing that top clubs are interested in him and b) will go to Liverpool who are apparently interested in him as I think they will keep Mascherano.

    Fingers crossed.

  44. Franchise

    haha Ronaldo even in his 42 goal season was mostly deployed as a wideman. last season in the league mostly deployed wide with roon and berbatov as forwards.

  45. proudgrover47

    always enjoy readin these articles pity is i dnt have much time to blog, anyway what i did wanna ask is where have u guys heard the rumours of Cana? i dnt live in england so duno wats written in ur papers u see ๐Ÿ™‚ but anyway, if those rumours are true god god would i love him at the grove and for any1 that hasn seen him play here’s a teaser ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. Mayank

    His scoring rate drastically dropped with Berba on the field. That’s why his form ‘picked up’ later on when Berba was benched. Why? cause the service was divivded b/w them.

  47. ArsenalKenya


    When Beckham left for La Liga did EPL die , infact it gave birth to more stars who have gone to La Liga and died a natural death…i.e. Van Nistelroy, Reyes, e.t.c.

    Premier League will continue ruling until Jesus comes back ! AMEN.

  48. Franchise

    Cana is another overrated fella. Why is Marseille trying to get rid? why arent big clubs jumping to sign him? the guy is an 8/10 on youtube and probably a 6.5 in reality

  49. KM in WALES

    big dave – agree on Ade – but who’s gona buy the cunt? I think they’v realised he’s a lazy bastard. I think nxt season we’l see who’s better Ronaldo/Kaka/Messi. kaka’s played in the most defensive league in the world & has done v.well – la liga is more open so i think he’s gona cane it.I personally think Ronaldo is going to struggle if he isn’t the focal point of the team.Also i’d like to see how he does against defenders in la liga who are more adept at playing against skillful attackers whereas defenders in the EPL are adept at playing against STRONG u agree guys?

  50. Arse&Nose

    I really hope we don’t get Melo, he is over rated and not a match winner for ยฃ21m.

    Fans will be frustrated by him and his ‘invisible wall’ performances, in fact the original ‘invisible wall’ Gilberto is miles better than Melo.

    I am confident that Denilson at 24 will be better than Melo is now, on this occasion I have to say Wenger take your cheque book away.

  51. jules

    Ade , hurry up and fuck off so we can buy someone .

    Even the rumours have dried up today .

    bored , bored , bored .

  52. tonyadamsisgod

    Franchise – I think people over-hype La Liga for its technicality. When some kid from Levante does a million step overs that get him no where, is that technical football. Yes Spanish clubs play passing football as a rule but it doesn’t always mean its technical. The best tams in England and largely because of Wenger have ended the days of the long ball and now play on the deck. Even the likes of Stoke and West Brom sacrificed results by sticking by the philosophy of the passing game.

    If you ask anyone to talk about La Liga the word ‘technical’ is never far from their lips. It has just become the thing to say.

  53. Benny Boy

    Got a feeling that Arsene is cooking up something nice at the moment… not many rumours, the club quiet…he’s done the main thing he wanted sign new contracts with a few…. could be Melo, could be Cana, could be bigger…

  54. Ali Saljuk

    Okay i just want to get my two cents in as well , all i care about is arsenal , nothing matters more , all the players and the managers can come and go but arsenal remains. I believe AW is the right man for the job just because he is at arsenal and he is currently best for my club. I dont care about the La Liga v.s Epl scenario , nor do i care about squad wage caps , financial scenarios , marketing etc. I just want Arsenal to win , the league the CL the whole lot and anything that helps the team towards this goal i.e a dmf or a tall cb or the youth policy i am all for it. Conversely anything that hinders the progress like selling our star players at their peaks , not buying adequate replacements , i am dusguested about. But whichever team goes on the field i support and want them to win.

    So keeping it simple make this team WIN something Arsene and do it soon. I dont want to judge you in 2011. I will judge you in May 2010. I have given you the benefit of doubt just out of sheer respect for what you have done for the club ,but you can be replaced. No one is bigger than the club ! No one !

  55. gnarleygeorge9


    Thierry Henry was about 6.5 when he arrived @ The Arsenal, but Merlin Wenger transformed him to………. need I say anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Franchise

    Taig i watch the prem mate and arsenal cant survive against some lower league teams cos its all brwan and no brain. definitely la liga is more technical. the only reason the prem have ‘dominated’ in europe in the last 4 years is cos they are able to outpower their foreign rivals. did u watch chelsea v barca last season. a team that cost almost ยฃ200m had 11 men behind the ball for 180mins. prem is overrated thanks to the Murdoch media machine

  57. KM in WALES

    agree with FRAN.i never watch matches unless the top4 are not involved (except highlights sometimes).the quality of football is awful who wants to watch long ball tactics for 90minutes?

  58. Mayank

    I think Arsenal doesn’t get enough credit for EPL’s ‘it’s got everything’ appeal. We count for the football in that everything.

  59. Duke

    I watch all EPL matches on TV, the game before or after Arsenal, the game next day or day before and the Monday game, and I absolutely fucking love it.
    I would rather watch Villa vs Blackburn than Real Madrid vs Mallorca.

  60. Franchise

    and also Arsene only had to polish Henry he was always a rough diamond since his Clairefontaine days. he was quick and skillful. I dont think Cana is that blessed with ability but for the work we need him for he doesnt need as much as vava. Something just doesnt feel right

  61. tonyadamsisgod

    Franchise – I have no doubt you need both! We have the technical players but need the brawn, hence the shopping trip we all hope Wenger is on right now. I guess it just comes down to personal opinion and what the individual thinks constitues having the best league. On one hand you could say that the EPL has 4 big teams that at the start of a season all have a shot at winning the league which is more than some other leagues. Some will say that La Liga only really having 2 means the rest of the league is competetive.

    Either way, lets hope we dont have to play Barca or Madrid at some point next year!

  62. tonyadamsisgod

    A lot of people seem to think Cana can play football too. I agree that youtube clips could make anyone look good but it does show him in a lot of forward positions, not afraid to shoot etc. He seems to be more attacking than the likes of Gilberto and Flamini. Obviously Vieira must be the benchmark but its a lot to expect another Vieira to come along and solve our problems….

  63. Franchise

    Duke Villa v Blackburn not as bad as Stoke v Bolton. or Stoke v Sheffield Utd.

    but i would pass. ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Benny Boy

    I’m not condoning it at all, I think it’s rank.. but why don’t English clubs come out each year declaring the players they like and wish to sign every 5mins… Barca and Real been doing it for years, I know it’s disgusting but it does work as you can see from the parade of players they’ve sign… I guess the philosophy is we don’t want to sink to there level, but if it works isn’t it worth doing???? If Arsenal just came straight out and said we like Cana/ Melo, etc you’re turning heads straight away…

  65. KM in WALES

    although MELO didnt do amazingly well in the Confed cup,i’v read he’s had a gr8 season with Fiorentina. Personally i dnt mind if we paid ยฃ20m for him.that is now the market price for v.good players.Carrick cost ยฃ28m(?)he’s a good player but not an excellent player yet but i think with GAZIDIS behind Wenger….we might be seeing a change in the way Arsenal go abt their transfers

  66. Pedro

    TAIG, I know he looks great on youtube… but I can’t help but think he’ll be a dud…

    He is 26 and still playing in Ligue one… surely he’d have been snapped up by now if he was any good?

    I just can’t see him being signed… it’s to obvious… agressive… a leader… available!

  67. Benny Boy

    “He is 26 and still playing in Ligue oneโ€ฆ surely heโ€™d have been snapped up by now if he was any good?”

    change ligue one to the russian league and you’d be talking about Arshavin before we signed him….

  68. Franchise

    taig Spain has like 8 – 10 reputable teams across the continent. England IMO has only 4

    Atl. Madrid
    Deportivo la Coruna
    Atl Bilbao

    the Sky TV money and the arab sheikhs can ensure that this changes over the next few years but 50% tax in England might prevent this

    only 2 English clubs have won either a CL or UEFA cup trophy in the last 10 years

    ManUtd and Liverpool

  69. Nigel

    good post Geoff but when you say Arsene will only buy players that are better than what he’s got don’t forget he recently bought Bischoff and Silvestre!

  70. jules


    I have to angle with you , la liga is technically superior , they just spoil it for themselves with the antics .

    How many teams in the e p l come to arsenal and stick ten behind the ball and just try and defend and spoil the game to try get a point . Answer probably half . So we know they are likely to lose if they try and beat us with a passing game , but does,nt that prove they don,t have the technical ability .

    i think so !

    look at the arsenal v bolton game last year , absolutley awfull , booting the ball up and away like a pub team ,

  71. Arse&Nose

    KM in WALES, just because man utd spend 20m+ on average carrick does not mean we should do the same with Melo. Yes I’ve heard he is the most complete midfielder in serie A but who is the last player from serie A to come and set the Premier league alight? It is a slow cumbersome, defensive league -the complete opposite of our league.

  72. Rohan

    mayank @ 9:52…same here..was never able to endear myself to any of the other leagues and i believe the language barrier had something to do with it..

  73. Mayank

    Am with Franchise on this one. La Liga is more competitive. Nonetheless it’s airs here at 1.30AM so i don’t think i’ll be following it. CL is hard enough.

  74. Duke

    Fran if it’s Stoke v Bolton and Real Madrid v Mallorca, I would watch some funny show or go out ๐Ÿ˜€

  75. Rohan

    i really like the look of burnley and was impressed with their manager owen coyle..i think they will be my second team..

  76. jules

    look how poor newcastle were last year , they only needed a goal to stay up and they could,nt even create a chance and gave up and you wouldn,t put them in the as poor bracket to watch as bolton , blackburn , stoke , wigan , sunderland ,

    everton are in the top half and are still boring as hell to watch

  77. gnarleygeorge9

    Oz is now 16th in the world rankings, yet our press have condemned the manager Pim Verbeek for not playing attractive football.

    I’d rather be 16th? & I rather the PL.

  78. Pedro

    Arse&nose… no where near as slow as the Brazilian league and we nabbed Berto from there.

    Jeez… I once stayed up watching a league match over there… they near enough walk it into the final third before they start running. It’s very technical… but no where near as pacey as the Prem.

    I don’t think many players come over from the Italian league because they mostly stay there. Paddy was an import from Italy though…

  79. ethangunner

    i have a faded smile ….

    hmmmmm….. that’s not surprising , there is absolutely no ARSENAL rumors at all !

  80. Franchise

    the way Villareal played us at el madrigal u could get a good flavour of what La Liga is all about. At some point i had to ask which team was the one noted for brilliant crisp attacking moves

    the team we took there was a patch on the invisibles era team but they also struggled in Europe

  81. Rohan

    the dutch league has pretty open play and is full of fast counter attacks and total football etc..i am quite partial to them

  82. ethangunner


    speaking of which .. Everton are going to loan out Jo for a season long loan !

    i think the only club in the EPL he hasnt played for is his own !

  83. arsenalised

    CR9 is like a shark from the wild deep ocean that is the Epl,and he was on top of the food chain now he’s been snapped up and thrown in a fish tank that is the la liga!!! Oh my God he is gonna devour all the little fishes in there like shit! Its going to be a mess i tell ya

  84. KM in WALES

    agree with Pedro – why havent no-one snapped him up? benny boy – the russian example is different – i think it was only due to Euro2008 when Russia done so well that everyone realised -wow who are all these players. Also the russian clubs are quite rich so i’m guessing that they didnt feel the need to sell their players.

  85. Benny Boy

    the thing I hate about the PL is the way teams set up against Arsenal no one has a go anymore, just ten men behind the ball..I understand why they do it but footy is meant to be entertainment isn’t it that’s why I applaud West Brom and you see that the footy world rate Pulis for trying to get his team playing.
    when arsenal play in europe teams think they can play with us which makes much better matches

  86. gnarleygeorge9

    Now I am really looking forward to the footabll season kicking off. Then no one will give a XXXX about spain ๐Ÿ˜†

  87. Clacko the gooner

    Morning all.
    Been a while since i posted last!!

    IMO the Prem is still better than La Liga. Franchise i understand where you are coming from because in Spain they do try to play football more but it will never be as good as the prem purely for the play acting!! You watch the games and every 2 mins someone is rolling around because another player blew on them, it really annoys me because without that it would have probably been the best for a while now. However if you are going to include Espanyol, Deportivo or Athletic Bilbao in the list of Spanish teams then you would have to include Everton, Aston Villa and in some ways even Man City in the list of big English clubs as i think that Depor are not the team they once were, Espanyol and Bilbao are now nothing special either, just been there for a while. The others i would agree with though.

    The way i see it is that on any given day anyone can beat anyone in the Prem but in La Liga i wouldn’t be able to say the same.

  88. Pedro

    Benny, Russia isn’t exactly notorious for having top players… and due to the richness of their clubs, they don’t have to sell them unless a massive bid comes in.

    Arshavin proved himself on the biggest stage and in the Champions league/Uefa Cup… yet it was only us who fancied a gamble on him.

    Cana hasn’t represented to that level yet… he just looks like a thug to me… and I did here he played a lot of last year as a centre back.

  89. gazzap

    when it all goes quiet, that is when wenger is at his most active. Melo is a smokescreen, forget Melo. Wenger sets up smokescreens so he can work quietly in the background on the real target. It’s probably Matuidi.
    My fear is that Arsenal dont have any money to spend until someone is sold. I hope selling Senderos will give us the funds for Matuidi. we need Big Phil to go and hopefully Ade as well. then things can happen.

  90. jules

    scary franchise !

    Pedro , how you doing mate ? agree epl is more pacey and physical but not as technically good in depth as la liga .

  91. Benny Boy

    KM so by that reckoning Albania have to qualify for the world cup before anyone notices their players???!!!


    morning in the the world of le grove fuck all the other blogs there shit written by cunts the only exception i make to that one is wrighty apart from that as i said there all cunts………wahhhhhh

  93. ReVELAtion

    Are you guys serious? la Liga better than the premiership?

    1stly is it more technical? Not really.. Only because they pass alot and fall over near the box to get tactical free kicks doesn’t make it more technical in my eyes..
    At least in the prem bolton, blackburn, stoke etc can upset ANYONE on their day.. Almeria/Gijon/Espanyol stick 10 men behind the ball, will still get spanked and heavily…

    Yes, English teams have more power, but that is only because the training methods are more intense, the season is longer and we don’t get a winter break.. You need to be in peak physical condition!

    And what was this about chelsea sticking 180 mill behind the ball? At the camp nou 99% of teams did that. Even Madrid and they got spanked 6-2! Plus if you actually watched the chelsea vs barca game Chelsea we’re robbed by the ref and were 2 mins away from it being another all british champions league final…

    Madrid signing everyone under the sun doesn’t suddenly make la liga better.. For all they’re spending they haven’t gone passed the last 16 for 6 years! And i wouldn’t be suprised if it all went tits up again for them…

  94. tonyadamsisgod

    Like I said everyone has their opinion. Personally I think the EPL is more competetive. At the start of the new season we will know that 3 or 4 teams could win the league. In La Liga there is only 2 that will challenge.

    La Liga has much less aggression which leads to the allowance of the passing game but breeds way, way too much simulation, far more than can ever be acceptable. I simply cannot watch 22 gown men run around, clutching their faces when someonce kicks their heel, tripping over thin air and rolling the length of a football pitch after an inocuous challenge. Its too stop, start, stop, start for me.

  95. jules

    ps .

    Geoff , if you are around , well said yesterday .
    who the fuck does O leary think he is , I would only be assistant at afc or manure . I have never forgot that cunt celebrating when they kicked the shit out of us and cost us the league .

    david , you are not welcome so fuck off .

  96. Pedro

    Agree with Reve there… this, ‘it’s so much more technical’ bullshit is unquantifiable rubbish.

  97. Franchise

    GM clubs that have frequented the CL and UEFA cup over the last few years and done relatively well.