In Arsene I trust, ahem, really I do, read on…

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Ok Le Grove is the blog known for saying what we feel, and bitching if we aren’t happy with we what we see happening at our great football club, and that includes players, members of the board and of course the manager. No-one and nothing is sacrosanct, Arsenal is who we support, all the above come and go, the club doesn’t.

Did anyone watch the greatest film ever made, ‘Fever Pitch’? That whole film was based on bitching about formations and players, it’s healthy.

Some out there take having your own mind as being anti Arsene, rubbish, having the ability to think for yourself makes you someone who will not just stand in line and accept whatever shite comes your way.

I have been an Arsenal fan since I could first kick a ball, my whole world revolves around Arsenal, my parents weren’t Gooners, I made that decision myself, let no one tell me I don’t love this club with every sinew in my body.

There are people out there that don’t speculate, how boring, what do they do when they start their day,

‘morning all, everything’s great, the managers great, the teams great, speculating is wrong, well, night, night then’.

On Le Grove we like to speculate on who may or may not come in, whether that player is any good, whether we want them and so on, it makes our day fun and it gives our feeder blogs something to talk about, us! If they didn’t talk about Le Grove, they would have no comments, go ahead, take a look today, you’ll see what I mean.

They hate us but the funny thing is, they read us, and our comments, so today I going to give them something they can’t possibly comment on, today I am mostly becoming an AKB!

Finally, a word on the other Arsenal blogs, most of them are fabulous, they give every fan out there something to read, so well done fellow bloggers, keep it up. If you weren’t out there doing your thing we’d all get pretty bored waiting for the season to begin.

Someone said yesterday that a YouTube clip could make anyone look good, they put a clip on of Denilson to prove their point, however as I said to them, it was collated over several seasons and that’s why he looked so skilful.

Some think I don’t like Denilson, again what rubbish, he will be a great player one day, but he’s not yet and to win the league we need players in every position that are ready now, Arsene knows he made that mistake last season and he is trying to put it right this season, he has already brought in Vermaelen to shore up the back and has now turned his attention to that defensive midfield spot.

We have enquired after Melo, we have speculated over Cana and now Blaise Matuidi is begging Arsene to sign him, now I don’t know who he’ll sign and who is good enough, what I do know though is he won’t sign anyone that won’t be better than what he has got, so whoever it is, I am good with, so yes, this time in Arsene I trust!!!

I would be grateful however if he could do it quickly as I’m about to buy the new away shirt and I want to put a new players name on it, also whilst he’s doing that, could he stretch to Hangeland, I understand his love affair with Fulham has ended as they only offered him Β£30k a week, tight bastards!

A word about Real Madrid and 80,000 fans turning out to see Ronaldo yesterday and last week a similar amount to see Kaka, Arsene, that shows you how much the fans like to see world class signings coming in, had they paraded a 17 year old on an exceptional talent visa the only people there would have probably worked for the club.

Have a great day Grovers don’t forget you have to speculate to accumulate!

P.S. I have a handful of Grovers trying to shift on season tickets for varying reasons. I also have someone looking to do a share. If you’re interested, please e-mail in (Addresses in the side bar —>)!

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  1. el tel

    Hi Honest Bill

    You sound like someone from Oliver pal. Do you sell Cars (joking mate)?

    I like Senderos and with a midfield enforcer to stop players running at him he could be excellent. I think Senderos is a softer version of the Chavs Captain.

  2. Evo in Oz

    yeah i was a Senderos fan too! lets wait and see if he stays and then get behind him if he does?

  3. el tel


    I miss the razzmatazz that came with Warne and Co. That lot reminded me of our invincible team and it was no wonder we English had a fucking holiday when we last beat them. they were truly awesome.

    I can’t say I know much about cricket these days though mate but look forward to the Ashes.

  4. Honest Bill

    I’m behind all our players when they show willing, when they come in to games like they did on several occasions last season when they look scared to go for 50-50 challenges, then they get my goat


    because you know about keane you would say he is more of a hand full then crouch,but if you didn’t know either of them naturaly you would say crouch because he is a big cunt and you would back yourself against keane,

  6. el tel

    Big Phil was part of the Team that got us to the CL final.

    I was upset though when he went last year and tried to belittle The Arsenal.

    That boot from Diaby was fantastic Bill. A Carlsberg moment from diaby.

  7. Honest Bill

    BBK, no it’s because Keane has a physical presence. You can tell by his attitude and body language just by looking at him. Crouch doesn’t have that despite his size. He looks timid and not up for a fight. All a player need do, is impose themself early on and win the psychological battle.

  8. Evo in Oz

    yeah i love big phil at his best, it was only Drogba that gave him the shits and Drogba is nearly done and dusted.

    Yeah our Ashes team isnt as it used to, not enough characters in the team that have any personality. bring it on nonetheless!

    which boot from Diaby?

  9. AA23

    Beckenbauer wasnt huge, Maldini was slightly above average but only 6’1, Brehme, Cannavaro, Puyol all under six foot
    Some of the greatest defenders ever and none of them were massive.

  10. el tel

    Keane looked mean all the time. Crouch looks like a giant jelly.

    The forwards who scare our defenders are ugly cunts like Ruiney and Drogshit and that mother fukka Kunt Kyut


    if i was walking along the road and someone of crouches size came up to me and tried it i would be more intimidated by that then say someone the size of keane

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    El Tel

    Great story about the 3-1 win against manure/the knocked out bloke who had a smoke. I love hearing the good old Arsenal banter. I don’t like having spanish football being championed on here, which I class as an inferior product accross the board.

  13. el tel

    JT went to head the ball and Diaby punted his face like it would have gone 80 yards down field. I cheered like we won the CL. I then worried the tosser was dead as I would hate to see this happen.

    Pure Carlsberg from Diaby

  14. Honest Bill

    BBK, forget the size, I’m talking about the demeanour of the guy. Ifyou walked past Crouch you wouldn’t expect him to try it, you’d expect him to smile and say “hello”

    But Keane you wouldn’t be sure

  15. el tel

    Cheers Gnarley,

    There are many more but my only problem is my memory of the years and the exact scores. Some guys are marvellous at rememberng dates and things re Arsenal.

  16. el tel

    Who was the SDpuds keeper guys was it that poser with the model tart bird. he went to leicester I think.

  17. el tel

    Wrighty eh

    Fucking legend, he got me a punch in the face from Spud fans and my mate had to rugby tackle one of the cunts from behind the goal as they tried to get on the pitch and have a go at him.

  18. el tel

    We were playing the Spuds, must have been a cup match as they had all the Clock end. I worked on the track 9 years Clock end. I was next to the left goalpost and my mate was behind the goal.

    There was a Corner and apparently Wrighty had his hand on the post and gave them the finger, very clever mr Wright as they were trying to storm the pitch. I stood in the gap that led straight onto the track. a copper was standing behind me and pushing me into them, some cunt jumped up and stuck one on my chin. At the same time my mate was wrestling with a neanderthal on the track behind the goal.

    the cunts never got on the pitch in our section and order was restored.

    Fucking Wrighty the wind up merchant

  19. ethangunner


    (sounds like a pencil )

    Crouch still has present more than ade .
    if you dont believe me look at when they knocked us out of the C.L …

    look at the EPL game prior to that , we played them 3 times in short succession last – last season , and that was the time ade supposedly was on fire also .. the time all his groupies where blowing there ’30 goal season’ proverbial’s all over him …

    (you know who you are πŸ™‚ )

    he was going thru his goal drought stage ,
    but IMO he has had 1 BIG goal drought with a good 4 months stint scoring 19 goals in between it …

    i still think crouch has more technical skill for a big man than any other ive seen …
    its a shame arsene didnt get his hands on him instead of ade !

    plus the robot dance is a bonus πŸ™‚

  20. el tel

    On one occasion there was a corner, Wrighty stood next to the keeper, he bent down to do his boot laces up and blew hi nose in the keepers shorts. He was holding the guys shorts and snotting all over them.

    Nasty bastard was Wrighty.

  21. Honest Bill

    Ethan, I was on about intimidation not being in direct correlation with size… But feel free to vent haha

  22. el tel

    Hi Ethan

    Hope you are well.

    I like what Crouch does for England too mate. he could be a decent plan B for us.

    Shall we have a shootout you have Almunia I will have Adebywhore. ;-(

  23. David

    WTF is going on at Arsenal? We arent signing anybody??? What the f*ck…clearly we arent good enough to beat the top teams…it wasnt a matter of conceeding goals…we couldnt Score them at one point either!

  24. David

    Wait…you prefer Crouch to Ade? Now ive heard some hateful things…but thats just a bit much now isnt it?

  25. David

    Fella’s laugh all you want…Im a little upset at the Melo signing for Juve thing…and the fact that Kerlon who i rate very highly has signed for Inter Milan as well…

  26. el tel


    I was directly behind the twist and Volley King Henry gave to us against the Mancscummers. Bartez in goal I think. I saw it leave his boot to dipping in front of me in the top corner. If the net wasn’t there it would have hit me in the chops. Golden moment.

    I also remember Davor Suker doing a similar one versus Sunderland I think. I had a great seat on the front row in them days unless it rained.

    Sublime moments. I was near the segregation line and afetr we scored the Stewards had to stand up and face the crowd. I used to give the Opponents fans a dirty big smile as i couldn’t celebrate at the time.

  27. el tel


    I think Crouch is as good if not better than Ade. His tart is a sort too.

    seriously, he would score many goals in our team and Arshavin would love to tee him up I reckon.

  28. Honest Bill

    Bendtner will be far better than Crouch i think. He’s tall, got one hell of a leap, and is technically skillfull with the ball when he feels confident

  29. el tel

    I was standing in the North Bank when SuperMac scored his hat trick against the Bar Codes. Bally chipped the ball in and Super Mac powered an header into the top of the net.

    Carlsberg moment for me.

  30. David

    Matuidi? Who is he? Isnt he that Fella that played for a team that was almost relegated? And we are in for him? O Jezus….

    AA23…I hope Bendy will be world class….i do….

  31. el tel

    If Nikki B gets 20+ goals next season and he should as he got 15 last then he will be next on Barcas hit list. He is a Player that links up play already he just needs more goals. Nikki and Eduardo 40+ goals next season.

  32. David

    el tel

    I love your optimism mate…but i Bendy’s 15 goals? 80% of them were against relegation foder..

  33. el tel

    Got to go fellow Gooners, Time to go home. Lets hope the sunis shining and we sign that elusive DM.

    See ya Guys.

  34. AA23

    yeah that was a fuck up David but look at his positioning for the original header.
    Nik gets himself into the right places, you either have that ability or you dont, a good start to give him a little bit of confidence in his finishing and he will be fucking deadly.

  35. el tel

    Come on David

    The oily one score many for the Mancs against the poor teams.

    Nikki got some big goals for us mate.

  36. David

    He’s not ready yet people…and yes he gets himself in position to fack it up for club and country…the last game which he played for Sweden he was woeful..I pray for the sake of Silverware that he comes good…but he doesnt seem to be getting better! And confindence? Bendy bagged 2 easy goals against West Brom…and went to utter shite the next 3 games after!

  37. el tel


    was you browsing the Manc/Spud sites to find that vid :-(. I agree AA23 he gets into the right positions there is a bigger picture to being a good forward.

    He will come good.

  38. David

    What i wouldnt do for the Arsenal to have a Vanisteroy…maybe Eduardo can be that kind of player for us.

  39. David

    My lil brother is a Manc…forwarded it to me with a big smiley face…asking me…”How does Arsene Wenger still have a job?”

  40. AA23

    Fair enough David.
    I think he’ll be a major player for us this season.
    He’s a team player, he’s got natural talent that cannot be taught and I think he’s just had one of the unluckiest seasons ever.

  41. el tel

    David your standards are very high if you think them goals against WBA were easy mate.

    Nikki Bendtner has the fastest goal as a substitute. It was against our arch enemies. Nikki jumped high into the air and thumped the header into the net which was at the time lower than himself.

    Can anyone check out who Nikki scored against .

    I guess Carlos Velas magical goals in the CC were different then as he gets lauded along with the likes of the prolific Theo and Nikki gets slagged off.

  42. AA23

    El Tel You know the score mate, You either get Nik or you dont.
    And mentioning Carlos is timely because him and Nik work beautifuly together, Theo also loves playing with Nik because he makes him look good, Arshavin likes the way Nik plays, you can see it.
    The bloke is a world class prospect, I’m so glad he plays for us.

  43. gnarleygeorge9

    The noises being made about Melo, it sounds like Le Gaffer is seriously tying to sign him. Ofcourse, whether he does or not I wouldn’t know, but @ least he is after him. & before people say they don’y rate Melo coz he doesn’t have this or that, etc, just remember Merlin Wenger can turn him into a Title winning player.

  44. ethangunner

    Yes El tel ..

    crouch is probably the best tall man in the EPL .
    he would be a far better option than
    ade (cant even hit a) barn door , i mean purely from a plan B perspective ..

    i dont believe much in the plan B philosophy …
    id prefer someone technical and direct ..

    david villa – huntalaar – dudu – torres , that sort of striker .. i dont know where wengers head has been at RE – the big striker theory the past couple of years ….

    i think bends will eventually be the best tall man in the EPL .. he is a far better technician and has the gift of youth on his side …

    people say we never used to win ugly , well ade definitely helped us along with proving the media wrong on that theory.

    in fact im starting to wonder if we will play pretty football ever again !?!??!

  45. Jay

    At 21m…they are stating Melo is worth more than arshavin. they are kidding me right. Prices for these players are so out of proportion its not funny..

  46. Mayank

    ethangunner in our invincible season we got 90 points with 12 draws… that shows we do need a plan b. in the 07/08 season we got 83 points even despite the horror ending because of our plan b.