Wengerball, a style identical to none.

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Good morning Grovers, today is a guest post from Finestcuts in Poland so enjoy, have a nice day, we will update if there is any more transfer news.

Arsene Wenger often cites style when talking about how he wants Arsenal to develop under his tenure. When watching a Wenger team in full flow, playing at their best there is an unmistakable way of playing football that is so typical of Arsenal that both Arsenal fans and those who regularly watch English Premier League football can immediately recognise.

Arsenal aren’t the only team who are referred to as having a particular style of play which distinguishes them from other teams, there are many clubs which have a particular style associated with the way they aim to play the game. One notable example is Barcelona C.F, the current European Champions who play in a particular way, and quite flatteringly, Arsenal have been referred to by many as a mini-Barca.

This is mainly due to the fact that Arsenal have a much younger team than Barcelona yet the ethos is similar, quick short-passing, attacking positional play encompassed with superior technical skill is how both teams aim to both win their games and entertain those who appreciate beautiful football.

Many of us who regularly watch football and have done so for many years can recognise various tactics, styles of play and other variables which play a part in making each match unique. Every match is different, we see various styles clashing and often the tactics football managers employ are credited with winning, drawing or losing a game. Quite often, the analogy of a chess match is used to describe a football game. What do both sports share in common? Quite a lot
actually, I’ll hand over to International Master Edward Lasker ((Chess for fund & Chess for Blood (1962)),

‘Chess is a lot of fun if you bring to it the right attitude and a sense of humour. Of course, what is considered fun depends a good deal on the intellectual level and emotional make-up of the person to be amused, just as in any other type of recreation. I recall a nice comparison a friend of mine once drew between the fun in Chess and the pleasure a smoker derives from smoking his cigarette. One man will smoke one after another just for the kick he gets out of the taste. Another – an Artist perhaps-will blow rings and associate them with forms he has used or might use some day in his work. A scientist, watching the ashes on his cigarette grow longer and longer, might muse on the transformations of energy or the chemical changes taking place in that little roll of tobacco.’

Similarly, there are Chess players who play game after game just for the fight there is in them. To others, the beauty of a combination, the crystal clear logic of a manoeuvre carried through, appeals more than mere victory. A scientist might be intrigued by discovering in the game curious applications which govern the conversion of potential into kinetic energy as the various Chessmen execute their threats. The military strategist might draw parallels between the applications of
his maxims to real war and to the bloodless battle on the chess board.

Incidentally, like football, Chess is played by people of all backgrounds and nationalities, it is a truly international game.
Edward Lasker is the author of a brilliant book called “Chess Strategy” which is aimed at anyone who is interested in being taught by a master strength player from beginner level upwards. Lasker assumes no prior knowledge of chess at all, and best of all the book is available for free to anyone who wishes to search for it online since it was published back in 1915 and the copyright laws have expired therefore it available to anyone who wishes to learn how to play a good game of chess, something thoroughly recommended for those seeking an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating pastime during the
close season.

Back to all things Arsenal. Many question Wenger’s motives for aiming to achieve the style he has set out to achieve. Wenger’s recent transfer policy in particular has been the subject of much scrutiny and debate. “What’s he playing at?” and “What’s he in it for?” are two questions often levelled at his recent policies. This following article published last year covers many of those issues.

Wenger has long been viewed as a manager on the cutting edge of football progress. In fact he is credited with being the mastermind behind the rapid development of the English League. Who can forget his title triumph with the invincibles? He has introduced dietary regimes, psychological profiling and detailed statistical analysis to outsmart and defeat his fellow managers. They have had to follow suit just to keep up with Arsenal, spending hundreds of millions of pounds along the way just to compete in a rapidly evolving elite league. Yet because Arsenal have failed to win a trophy at senior level for the past five seasons, so the same man charged with escalating the quality of the competition to an unforeseen level is also charged with not getting with the times and failing to do enough to maintain previous successes.

Wenger talks about commitment both to the club and to his ideology as being at the core of his values, a trait associated with those who are successful.

W.H Murray describes it as:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.”

Is Wenger stubborn? Or is he committed, lets examine the description of both words as explained by the Cambridge Advanced Learners dictionary.

Stubborn: Show phonetics
1 describes someone who is determined to do what they want and refuses
to do anything else:
‘They have massive rows because they’re both so stubborn. ‘

Commit: (PROMISE) Show phonetics
verb [I or T] -tt-
1 to promise or give your loyalty, time or money to a particular
principle, person or plan of action:
[R] Like so many men, he has problems committing himself to a relationship.
The government must commit itself to improving health care.
Once we have committed to this course of action there is no going back.

There is a fine line between the meaning of both words, and in many ways the difference in meaning is down
to the interpretation of the individual, and whether they interpret the situation as being positive or negative. To be committed you must be stubborn when faced with views or influences which oppose your idea of correctness.

Yet stubbornness is not necessarily commitment, it can be seen as a refusal to examine or acknowledge new information which could help you to improve or which challenges your belief system.

I don’t accept that Wenger is stubborn, the fact that Vermaelen and Arshavin have been brought into the club show he is willing to improve the team, and make the necessary adjustments to improve the quality of play as well as the consistency of results.

Who are Arsenal trying to please? Is it Wenger loyalists who will support Wenger through thick and thin (admirably so) because they place their trust in his superior and obsessive knowledge of the game? Or is it the Arsenal fan who has witnessed Arsenal achieving trophy success employing a different style of football which was a means to an end and is perhaps dissatisfied with the current perceived lack of success due to failure to win any silverware over the past few seasons?

That’s a tough one to answer. Although fans should stay loyal to the club they have chosen to support including all staff, there is also room for feedback and it must be embraced since it is a reaction to the current state of affairs. Wenger loyalists encourage us to keep the faith, that Wenger knows what he is doing, and that the current policy of training young players shall amount to future success, and for this to be achieved we must stick to Wenger’s principles of style
and purist football; and that through a particular style and ethos we shall achieve success for many years to come, and
that we must be committed to the ideas set out by Wenger which will be the foundation of Arsenal’s success for decades to come.

Wenger’s approach to football is that you must aim for the best of both worlds, the highest quality of technical football focused on team play rather than individual effort and winning trophies through playing efficiently and creatively using this style of play.

I have no doubt that Wenger will stick to his principles, and many question his ability to bring the club back to a title challenging position, especially in this day and age of Billionaire owners sponsoring their own clubs.

Having a style identical to none comes at a price; a high and a painful price. We’re led to believe that this price has already been paid, that the sacrifices made last season will make us stronger for the future, that the experience our young players have acquired will make them much better players, and that the club shall reap the benefits in the upcoming season.

Arsenal have reached a critical juncture; the much talked of style shall have to deliver silverware or be faced with
the accusation of being the culprit of the destruction of the first team (players leaving to join trophy winning teams) or the blooming “young guns” shall finally bear fruit and we’ll achieve Wenger’s near utopian dream of team spirit where the club will train players from a young age, thus creating team spirit and adopting a certain tactical style of play and club loyalty which many fans yearn for, a feeling that these players play for Arsenal because they love the club, they want to be there and at the same time play the best football in the land.

It’s a huge ambition, I hope it works and that next season Arsenal will not be nearly men, but play the best possible football that wins matches. Is it possible? That’s what the invincibles did, and that’s what Barca did this season. Here’s to the future, here’s to Arsenal’s unique attacking style, here’s to the return of trophy success under Wenger and the final phase of the transformation which shall hopefully be able to withstand both the financial and technical challenges of modern football for many years to come.

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  1. gooner-pak

    there should be countdown box in the side bar… days left for football filled life – no arsenal filled football life

  2. charybdis1966

    That’s a very dedicated and detailed post there Finest, I salute you sir. I very much enjoy well explained and analytical posts like that one. Let’s hope our idiosyncratic style and development come to fruition this season.

  3. TaeluvTW14

    Great write up Finestcuts. Every ARsenal fans look forward to a rewarding next season, and I want to add that next season is our season, I can feel it, the current Arsenal squads have been playing together for 3 season, it is time for them to deliver.

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all, nice post finest!

    So now I am back from Spain and have missed most of the last weeks news I’m ready to read up on all the gossip, exciting headlines and rumours of Arsenal singing one of these star quality and more importantly available stars!!! But oh no, there is not a mention anywhere that Wenger is going to buy some player or at the very least buy some players with still enough time for them to gel with the squad before we have the toughest league start in years heading our way!

  5. chozzer

    Nice post Finest.

    Watching some of our home games last season reminded me of watching chess games. Especially those stalemate 0-0 draws.
    I don’t think we saw enough Wengerball and am hoping this season will be different with a fit squad and a couple of additions.

  6. Geoff

    Fuck me why are we messing with Melo when we could get Flamini back plus £20mil???

    Don’t make the same mistake twice Arsene, a chance for redemption.

    If Milan offered that then they’ve told Flamini they don’t rate him so he won’t stay there will he.

  7. Pedro

    Welcome back TAIG… sounds like an amazing Milan deal… but like the earlier comment… sounds like lazy journalism!

  8. xeeez

    Exactly Geoff..what a great deal that would be..20 million would be great to get in a new striker/winger and Cesc would be happy too 😀

  9. wolfgang

    It can be done with cutting edge soccer and winning matches. To do this the team must with economy of passes and shoot to scor and not indulge in intricate play which sometimes even confuses the gunners players themselves.
    Reduce the number of passes and pass quickly and not pass to the death the opposing team thereby giving them time to regroup. How many times have we seen that last season.

  10. Rohan

    one of the finest pieces of writing i’ve read in a long time..hats off…a really fluent style and i loved it..you should do this more often….

  11. tonyadamsisgod

    Pedro – Yup. Don’t get me wrong, that would be an awesome deal, but rarely do you get a lot of money for a shit player and rarely does a player admit he made a mistake by returning to his old club. Plus the fact that Wenger doesn’t seem like the sort of guy to take an old player back. If you put all of that together then I just cant see it happening……even if my fingers are crossed!

  12. skandibird

    finestcut; long post (as Geoff says the ‘longest’) I did find your analogy very interesting, thoughtful and well written, I did however, loose myself a bit during the ‘chess’ part (could be because I am not that fond of chess, don’t have the patience), but, regained my composure and concentration quickly and yep, really enjoyed the read. Well done finestcut, not easy, I’m sure, to write something that keeps everyone reading.
    PS. Do we beleive (ney hope) that Arsene will do the swap with AC Milan, (I am so praying it will happen – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE)

  13. GunnerShabz

    Luis Fabiano is going to AC milan, i cant see anyone buying Adebayor.

    But we should bring back the flamster

  14. GunnerShabz

    Luis Fabiano has reiterated that he hopes to seal a transfer from Sevilla to AC Milan this summer.

    On Friday, the Brazilian’s agent, Jose Fuentes, claimed that Milan have made an official approach to Sevilla for the striker.

    Fabiano has pleaded with Sevilla to accept Milan’s approach, despite reports suggesting the offer is below the Spanish club’s asking price.

    “I know that Milan have made an offer and I would like for Sevilla to consider it,” he told ABC.

    “Until now I’ve preferred to stay on the sidelines, because Milan had not made me any proposals, but now I understand this is an incredible opportunity for me.

    “I am happy at Sevilla, but I realise that at the age of 28 there will be few other chances like this for me. Milan are one of the best clubs in the world.”

    The Italian giants are keen to bring in an attacker for the new season as they look to replace Kaka, who has signed for Real Madrid.

    Further speculation suggests Real attacker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is also a target of Milan, with the Rossoneri eyeing a loan deal.

    Ac Milan are not dumb enough over Adebayor now, i think carlo ancelotti wanted him

  15. Jay20h

    Ade will stay, i cant seem anyone taking him. Melo coming in and eboue going the other way will do me though.

  16. Geoff

    AC Milan wanted Ade when they had Kaka, they now need 2 strikers, so I can see why they would still want him, we should sell him and he should go, we’ll never forgive him, he should know that, if he stays and has a great season, he’ll want away next, has Wenger no common sense???

    The Flamster loves the Arsenal, he just hated being treated like a cunt and who can blame him? It will save the club buying Melo, we could buy a winger like Hazard and a centre back like Naldo with the change.

  17. patthegooner

    It is pure lazy journalism,

    They had nothing to fill the pages, so went with that.

    They know Gooners walking past the Newsagents on a Sunday morning with a hangover, see that and buy their paper. They dont even try and justify with a “reports comming out of italy suggest” or a “source inside AC Milan has said that”

    Shame though as that deal would kill two birds with one stone.

    Also depsite the early excitement yesterday, I am not convinced Melo is going to happen. There is a lot to go wrong there.

    1) Arsenal might not want to give them Eboue
    2) Eboue might not want to go to Fiorentina
    3) Final offer has not been agreed
    4) Melo might not want to go to Arsenal
    5) Melo might want to go to Juve
    6) Juve might not drag out transfers the way Arsenal do and might match the release clause in the coming hours, days
    7) That statement could have been posted to generate a bidding war, and to attract any other interested parties.

  18. Rohan

    spot on geoff, i ‘d rather have flamini than melo as i reckon he would take less time to adjust and he is already familiar with all the players and to add to it he is one cesc’s mates…

  19. gooner786

    Morning Grovers,

    Brilliant post Finest, Geoff can we swap Pedro for Finest?

    I think the Ade/Flamini+cash would be a brilliant deal all round:-

    1.We get rid of Adebayor
    2.We get Flamini our combative midfielder back who is proven in the EPL.
    3.We dont take an expensive risk on Melo.
    4.Cesc would have his best mate back and stays with us.
    5.We keep Eboue our utility man.

  20. Armourist

    Good work finest, wonder what your chess white opening moves are?

    The Mirror is the worst of the shit top rags slightly better than the Daily star so I wouldnt put much stock in anything the say.

    Any fresh news on Melo deal?

  21. redbearer

    Morning all.. Good lengthy post to start the sabbath! Re the potential swap involving Ade with Flamini coming back… obviously we were all bitterly disappointed to lose Mathieu because at that time he was quite simply the heartbeat of our team.. we all felt that we would soon be back on the pathway to silverware with him commanding the midfield behind Cesc. The old phrase it’s sometimes better the devil you know strikes to mind and personally if there is any element of truth in this rumour then we should investigate the deal further because with 20 mil in the bank we can seek out the likes of Berg & Hazard or even pay out some serious money for Huntelaar who imo would be a better investment than Melo!

  22. Geoff

    I think the rule of guest posts should be the poster has to be on the blog all day, yellow card Finest!


    Just got up and refused to read THAT


    the ball is now in our court Fiorentina have made there self clear, if we want Melo give them Eboue and cash

    We HAVE to take that deal. we do not need eboue and i would rather have him involved in the swap deal than Senderos

  24. patthegooner

    I think we have to reluctantly accept that AdEBAYwhore is going to be at our a club and a drain on our wage bill next season.

    And this time, I cant blame Wenger, I believe he too wants him out as well. Unfortunately their are no takers.

    Ade might think he is not at fault, but I think the rest have the football world have told him what we told him. It is his fault, he is a cunt and a disgrace, and because of his actions, no one else wants him in their dressing room.

    So next season is key for him, does he take this rejection on the chin and lower his ego. If he does and works hard on the pitch as well as off it. If he does it might turn out to be a good for us.

    I still won’t forgive him, it is hard to forgive a man that can’t accept that his actions were in-defensible and unnacceptable, and let alone forgive a man that cant stand up and appologise.

    And what can’t happen is that Ade is still classed as a “will start if fit” player. He has to be put down the pecking order and he has to earn his place and his shirt back.

  25. patthegooner

    Apologies for the awful spelling and grammar in that last post, I have not been awake long, and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

  26. Geoff

    Pat if he has a good season, he will do the same as he did last season.

    Wenger should man up, it was Ade that did what he did and Wenger rewarded his bad behaviour, to keep him now will have a bad effect on the team, Arsenal need the fans behind the whole team.

    One rotten apple…

  27. gooner-pak

    but will wenger want a player whom he offered what ever amount of money…. and will flamini be willing to have a cut in his salary

  28. gnarleygeorge9

    Excellent post finestcuts. But I think we were playing Wengerball before they were. They just have a bigger wad to play it more defined.

    All things being equal, I’d take Flamini before Melo or Cana, etc, God yes, but I have just taken the attitude, forget it he is long gone. Flamini? I bloody miss him, heaps 🙁

  29. patthegooner


    But I dont think we are going to have a choice on the matter. No One wants Ade, he is bad apple that no one wants a bite of.

    At least if he has a good season, he might attract interest again and maybe his value may go up.

    Look, I don’t want him as much as you, but think we have to get used to the idea….sadly.

    But as you say, Wenger can’t reward his actions like last year.

  30. abnet

    if the Ade Flamster swap deal is true thas much atrracting than the melo one if we got the 20mil and if can 10 mil on that plas nikki b maybe we can get ribery thats will one a macho biz dont you think

  31. finestcuts

    Thanks for the positive feedback Grovers, I’ve always had difficulty with being brief so thank you for taking the time to read it, and thank you to management for allowing me to write an article for my favourite Arsenal blog.

    I normally reside in Warsaw however I am currently in London, I hope to go to the Barnet game, maybe I’ll see some one or two of you there.

    Thanks to the management for the slight editing , I forgot to re-read one paragraph and you fixed the incorretly constructed sentence.

    Also the paragraph starting. “Similarly, there are Chess players who play game after game just for the fight there is in them. To others….”is Lasker’s and I accidentally added a d to the title, it is Chess for fun 🙂

    Armourist….as white I play e4 at the moment.

    Gnarley, you’re quite right, Wenger has been developing the “Arsenal” style for many years, even before project youth….but now he’s refining and perfecting it.

    I would not want to swap with management, they are committed to stimulating daily Arsenal related discussion and bringing Arsenal fans worlwide together to discuss current Arsenal issues and they do a grand job, I am honoured that I have been allowed to write a post and am satisfied with my role as a contributor to this blog, even though of late I have been below the radar.

  32. tomstoned

    Geoff mate..

    i think the Ade situation is coming to a close very soon…either he be shipped off….or he has to get down to business…when Wenger goes public..about beeing willing to sell him…thats one hell of a warning coming from Wenger…and if Ade doesnt catch that,,,well then he’s more of a fool than i thought….and from Ade’s perspective there are only two options..get sold…or prove that he can be a team player…

    in my book Our Beloved Arsenal is in a win win situation when it comes to Ade…

  33. Confidentgoner

    We’ll see if Melo is what we need for our own mid, but from the Confeds, I doubt it. However, he could be a good addition to the club and could be plyed with Song in a similar role he plays for Brazil – helping to initiate attack and disrupting counterattack from the front. But where does this leave Cesc? Play him upfront again? Honestly, I think Cana would have been a better buy for CDM position. Melo is just a taller Dennilson without his tackling success! Buyer beware!

  34. patthegooner

    Shame, this lad is definately one for the future

    Groningen manager Hans Nijland has conceded he expects highly-rated striker Marcus Berg to leave the club this summer.

    The 22-year-old is wanted by two Premier League clubs after impressing for Sweden in the European Under 21 Championship in his homeland.

    The promising striker won the Golden Boot award as the tournament’s leading scorer with seven goals, after netting a hat-trick in Sweden’s opening match against Belarus.
    Serious interest

    Nijland has confirmed two Premier League clubs are keen on the youngster, who they have already lined up a replacement for.

    “Soren Lerby, the agent of Marcus Berg, has informed us there is a really serious interest from two clubs in the Premier League,” Nijland told the Sunday Mirror.

    “We have his replacement already lined up.”

    Aston Villa and Tottenham are reportedly leading the chase for the striker’s services, although Everton have also been credited with an interest

  35. abnet

    imagin what kind of team we would have if we got flamini or melo and Reberry
    big AL
    Theo(dudu/rvp/vela) I have chosen Theo as our first choice striker b/c we didnt treat him as his potensial if Arsen can treat him as hid for TH14 with early balls throu balls by cesc he has it all to finish that move

  36. tomstoned

    Paththegooner mate..

    Marcus Berg could be an investment for the future agreed,but well i watched every game he played in the U-21’s and the quality there was not great..besides i rate Nicky as a far more proven and talented striker than Berg…and one more thing about Berg he’s quick good finisher(at that level)however he lacks real power…im hesitant over that fella..


  37. Faceman

    berg has 18 months on nikki b

    nikki b has never had to play u21’s for a prolonged period for denmark… too good

    straight into the proper team

  38. tomstoned

    abnet mate..

    Ribery is pure class however he is much like Ade a rotten egg…i hope for God’s sake we dont buy him..sorry

  39. AndyB

    Emmanuel Adebayor’s agent insists the player has no plans to quit Arsenal this summer.

    The Togo international’s future has been the subject of intense speculation since the end of last season with reports suggesting he is unhappy in North London.

    AC Milan have confirmed their long-term interest in the player and recent reports claim they are ready to offer former Gunners midfielder Mathieu Flamini in part-exchange for Adebayor.

    However, Adebayor’s representative, Stephane Courbis, says the player is staying at Arsenal despite the interest from other clubs.

    just read this ;

    Asked by Observer Sport whether Adebayor would be leaving Arsenal, Courbis said: “No, no”.

    When asked if the striker definitely wanted to stay at the club, Courbis added: “Yes. It’s the same [situation] as last week.”

  40. tomstoned

    im actually looking forward to watch Nordtveit play again tonite…im growing to like that youngster..tough as a nail…and improving for every step he takes..if any interest ill leave a quick update when the game finishes tonite…

  41. ManGoonian

    The U21s are no judge of a player, last time round Leroy Lita was the top scorer…. Should we sign him?

    I think we should…. for £26m

  42. abnet

    tom my men
    Ribery is a big fan of our beloved Arsenal so if we can generate that much money for him he will generate 1 cup for us for sure

  43. ManGoonian

    The agents quotes are hardly unequivecal, tho…


    Yeah, Nordveit looks like he can be a good player for us…. When does the loan deal finish?


  44. Dave

    Love LEGROVE. This team is definitely not gunna be worse this season. We are RAPIDLY improving.The experience gained on all fronts last season was invaluable. I am personally excited about how Diaby will emerge out of his summer of extra training. Rosicky and Arshavin together? How can you not get excited about the prospects of this lot together for the first time this season? If they ‘click’ then brace yourselves! Wenger has gone for the big one… and I love him for it. This squad is the nuts- a big family pack of nuts so brace yourselves cos the Arsenal will be putting on a show this season-simple.

  45. tomstoned

    ManGo mate

    the loan deal expires august 1st..and when asked what he would like to play on for LSK or return to Arsenal..Nordtveit had only one answer…im an Arsenal player…they decide..qiuck answer no fuzz….and when he knocked out a tooth last game..he shooked his head and played on…i think this young man has determination…

  46. Pedro

    I don’t know why people think we should sign a striker if Ade leaves anyway… we have them in abundance.

    The old Naldo rumour appears to be dead. He looked to be the weaker player out of him and Mertesacker… and no one rated him last year!

  47. gnarleygeorge9


    I used to not mind (I was a punk rocker) Michael Jackson. At this moment in time, he could have had any shiela he wanted , but he chose kids. What the fuck goes on there.

  48. gnarleygeorge9

    Point taken Geoff. What the hell went wrong with him.

    Anyway, what did go on won’t help The Arsenal win the next big one, so…………..moving right along.

  49. gnarleygeorge9

    I really miss the zest of Flamini. I see his neame still mentioned on here. Does anyone really think he may get back, get back, get back to where he once belonged.

  50. gnarleygeorge9

    ….& don’t say he stabbed us in the back. He got us to a CL final & was dropped to make way for Ashley , for Gods sake.

  51. gnarleygeorge9

    Oh shit, I’m falling for this paper hype again. I must not read newsnow. I must not read newsnow 🙁

  52. AndyB

    you are right gnarley, he was made to feel unwanted,i’d have him back

    ps. geoff south park is spot on and the “Jefferson” episode is world class!!

  53. Gunner8

    Great post Finestcuts, I will say that what Barca did was to combine the wonderful products of it’s youth team Valdes, Puyol, Pique (via the mancs),Iniesta, Busquets, Xavi, Messi, Bojan with some ready made proven stars in areas they needed.


    They already had these players in their ranks. Marquez, Silvinho, Eto’o, Abidal, Gudjohnson, Henry which left them with needing a star DM last year, sound familiar?


    They went out and signed 2 ready made DM’s and a sick RB so they could play their best CD in the centre. Caceres,Keita, Toure, Milito, Alves, Hleb were brought in with Pique returning to the club.

    Note to Wenger, they had the most feared squad last year and brought the best players available to fill problem positions and add some great squad options. The real issue for Wenger’s bullshit about killing players is that even having world class players in each position did not hurt Busquets coming through with Jorquera, Sanchez, Buss and Rodriguez coming in to the squad!

    Wenger if they are good enough they will make it so stop the bull shit sign where we need it!

    Central Defender options there are many but Hangeland is already proven in the PL and was in last years team of the season! Naldo is unpreoven as is Vermaelen go with what we all know.

    Defensive Midfielder, they are getting fewer and far between but Cana is one of my choices, Melo looked shit in the confederations cup and Gilberto saved his ass many times (we all loved Gilberto despite his limitations)! Mascherano would be the best but we missed that chance. The DM I would really like to go for is M. Diarra of RM they have the dolphin headed Diarra and 60 other first team players, he has been out injured and for me was a better DM then Essien (although he is the better going forward), he would be available for about 10mil after last year.

    Winger forget strikers even if Ade goes we have RVP, Bendtner, Eduardo, Vela, Walcott which is good enough for me, maybe when Valencia looses the plot we can buy him in Januaray as Wenger loves to buy cup tied players. We need to sign Ashley young and IMO should have brought him rather then Walcott, he has tricks to go wit his pace and for me having Walcott on the right and Young on the left would scare the shit out of most teams… …if Villa won’t sell get the diving cheat Robben!

    Job Done

  54. Mayank

    Made to feel unwanted? Song had a good 2nd half of the season, if he were to be our main DM for CL for whatever reason(like injury, suspension etc) and is replaced by Melo in the final would you feel the same.

  55. Gunner8

    GG9 where Marseille, seriously though Wenger is waaaaaaaaaaay toooooooo stubborn to buy a player that burned him

  56. Gunner8

    Mangoonian, Nordtveits loan ended early in January, so could not ply in the CCup, he has great skill, timing and reading of the game but unfortunately the stature of Arshavin

  57. Gunner8

    although what about Pedro Boethelo the next world class LB, seriously why can we not train some right footed players

  58. gnarleygeorge9

    But Choochie Graham got Martin Keown back. Flamini coming back would be like, well,imagine the reception he got @ The Emirates, 1st game back.

  59. ManGoonian

    I like mamadou Diarra and have said so many times on here, he has been out for a long time with injury tho, so dunno if that would be a factor..?

    As for Naldo? Were we even in for him? Vermaellen is obviously a player that has been scouted for a long time now, so the fact we spent big (for us) on him, tells me, AW and the scouts (and the Brownies) think he is quality.

    Hangeland is Prem proven, but would he suit our style? Or be like Cygan?

  60. Gunner8

    ManGoonian what’s your deal? I never mentioned Arshavin!

    as for the blank players I was showing the team from their youth system, which we can’t compete with!

    anyway read peoples stuff properly b4 commenting, down sarf we have betta edjumacation

  61. gnarleygeorge9

    Quality enough to get through 38 games & be on top of 19 other clubs. Yes that will the state of play by May 2010.

  62. Mayank

    It surprises me that potentially with this squad we can still cry about kids not being able to win and wenger being a stubborn man who only wants to see the success of his experiment even over the success of the club
    Fabianski, Song, toure, DJ, gibbs, walcott, vela, nasri, denilson.
    All young and talented

  63. Gunner8

    Suit our style, so having two diminutive defenders who like moping up the balls on the ground but with nobody to head them out is a style… …hmmmm

    as for Diarra, it was the first injury in his career, essien had a simular one and he came back as beastly as ever, it would be a gamble but if you knew your history we are a club that has gambled on players with serious issues that have led to great players for the club Bergy and Kanu to name 2

  64. Gunner8

    Geoff as you said abouut Ade to milan earlier they will need another striker when Pato goes to the Chavs

  65. freduardo

    Mayank- the complaints about lack of experience are coming from the team we faced last season with, ie. no Dudu, Rosicky, Melo, Arshavin.

  66. Mayank

    Sol + Toure was a very successful partnership, which also allowed us to play a high line which is part of a game. Sol was 6’2″ Verm is 6’1″(or 6′) plus he’s supposed to be good in the air how do 1 or 2 inches make the difference b/w world-class and not good enough.

  67. Rohan

    in terms of attacking options we probably have the best squad in the prem…
    also i have a hunch we will see fab take oer form almunia before the end of the season….

  68. ManGoonian

    The blank comment was meant as a joke, the fact you didnt bget it…?

    You mentioned AW likes signing cup tied players, apart from Arshy, I couldn’t think of another one…
    The thing about hangeland not suiting our style is; we play high up the pitch, if the CBs aint fast that can leave us open to counter attacks… And as for the cliche about the current CBs not wanting to head the ball? Apparantly Vermilli loves nuffin more than leapin like a young salmon and stickin his head, arse and elbows where it hurts….

    Back to skool….

  69. Rohan

    i ahve high hopes for the verminator.. wenger wouldnt shell out 10mill on a DEFENSIVE signing if he was shite..

  70. Mayank

    Freduardo at least 2 of those players if not all four should have a relatively injury-free season. I don’t see the point of criticizing a team that wouldn’t have been out there, ideally.

  71. Gunner8

    Sol was a beast in the air, I remeber feeling secure that every time a long ball flew in it rebounded back out off the big noggin.

    Mayang did you ever see that movie White men can’t jump? shit I guarantee you that Song has better ups, shit where is franchise when you need him?

  72. ManGoonian


    We hae already decided Vermaellen is rubbish, we need someone else of we are gonna get relegated

  73. Gunner8

    ManGoon, I did get it, thanks! Sarcasm is a bit hard to show on a blog… …Adebayor is another one, Reyes is another one!

  74. Gunner8

    I just want someone to stay back the rest can play with a higher line, we need a row z defender… …not for every game but we need the option

  75. freduardo

    Mayank- i wouldnt criticise that, what i have criticised is the way last year we went into the season, having sold 3 midfielders without Rosicky, Dudu, Melo, Arshavin, and rather a front 6 of


    not criticising next seasons squad just yet mate!

  76. ManGoonian


    My understanding is that Vermilli IS that kinda player… Why else would we sign him? We already have enough mopper-upper-rers… Thats a technical term, BTW

  77. Gunner8

    Not that he is rubbish, just that we do not know anything about him playing at this level, jeezus the dutch league is so hit and miss for every van Nistelrooy there are Kezman’s and Alvez or for every Jaap Stam, there is a Boularooz

  78. Mayank

    Umm if one stays back what happens to the offside trap? Cunts like Drogba beside Torres will murder us, not to mention the counter attacking mancs. You either have a high line or you have a deep one you can’t have both.

  79. ManGoonian

    Well, we are just gonna have to trust in him aint we? No point getting all jittery coz none of us knows much about him… But, as I said, it would be very surprising if Vermilli hasnt been scouted dozens of times and a load of research n shit aint been carried out. He aint a punt, like Stepanivs (shudder) he has cost us serious do-ray-me..

  80. Rohan

    i think wengerball requires that we play a high line..a deep defence would just invite them all onto us..

  81. Mayank

    freduardo, last times team has been talked about to death with no answers being found. Did hleb and Flamini stab us in the back, did Rafa back out on a word on the last minute? No-one knows so no point going on about it. Fact is we came 4th and went to 2 s/f in what could have been a disastrous year.

  82. Gunner8

    Mayank yes I know, but in set pieces he would be invaluable, anyway Mangoonian I don’t see where he would play unless Gallas leaves so that means we will need another defender for sure, right I am off for brunch l8ers

  83. Gunner8

    oh and btw we do not really know how much he cost as he was signed for an undisclosed fee and signed on a long term contract.

  84. freduardo

    fair enough Mayank, but it was really last year that the ‘too inexperienced’ label was really apt. if we buy Melo (or another respected CM) and as we should have Rosicky, Arshavin and Dudu (all experienced quality players) this season, then i for one will not be complaining on that count.

  85. Mayank

    In clichy gallas(?) toure and sagna we have 4 very fast defenders who can get back faster than the oppo strikers which allows us to play very high. A slow man mountain would not be able to do that and would render the offside trap useless, leaves us neither here nor there.
    Again if we’ve bought the most expensive defender in our history he must be worth it.

  86. ManGoonian

    Ajax disclosed the transfer fee G8!

    Gallas or Kolo may indeed leave, that hasnt happened yet, so using that as a factor aint an option, yet.

  87. Mayank

    Cmon if Man U can stick berba on the bench surely toure can do it for us? Also with our injuries he’ll probably get 40 games or more.

  88. Rohan

    from what i have seen vermaelen is an all round defender..he is pretty good in the air but not exceptional but has reasonable pace and is good technically..
    he would be best epitomized by the phrase
    jack of all trades ,master of none..
    he would do well for us and oculd be world class with a little more experience..however i doubt wenger would spend 11mill on a hunch..he is probably confident that he is good enough and that is enough for me.

  89. ManGoonian

    Why the fuck does WEnger employ all those scouts, when he could’ve had Rohan do the job for free….

  90. Rohan

    haha mangoonian , it’s just that i’ve quite a liking for the dutch league and they tend to show a lot of their matches here in abu dhabi…
    another one i would take in a blink of an eye would be affellay if we are looking for a tricky player who can play on either wing…
    there is also this player call van der gun..i would buy him just for his name..

  91. gooner786



  92. patthegooner

    Hi Rohan

    How many Arsenal games are televised over in Abu Dhabi? I may be coming over that way in the future so it is always good to know if you get to see the Arsenal whilst in town.

  93. Rohan

    so is tony adams still scouting for wenger ?
    was he scouting melo when he mentioned wenger looking for someone based in italy..