Wengerball, a style identical to none.

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Good morning Grovers, today is a guest post from Finestcuts in Poland so enjoy, have a nice day, we will update if there is any more transfer news.

Arsene Wenger often cites style when talking about how he wants Arsenal to develop under his tenure. When watching a Wenger team in full flow, playing at their best there is an unmistakable way of playing football that is so typical of Arsenal that both Arsenal fans and those who regularly watch English Premier League football can immediately recognise.

Arsenal aren’t the only team who are referred to as having a particular style of play which distinguishes them from other teams, there are many clubs which have a particular style associated with the way they aim to play the game. One notable example is Barcelona C.F, the current European Champions who play in a particular way, and quite flatteringly, Arsenal have been referred to by many as a mini-Barca.

This is mainly due to the fact that Arsenal have a much younger team than Barcelona yet the ethos is similar, quick short-passing, attacking positional play encompassed with superior technical skill is how both teams aim to both win their games and entertain those who appreciate beautiful football.

Many of us who regularly watch football and have done so for many years can recognise various tactics, styles of play and other variables which play a part in making each match unique. Every match is different, we see various styles clashing and often the tactics football managers employ are credited with winning, drawing or losing a game. Quite often, the analogy of a chess match is used to describe a football game. What do both sports share in common? Quite a lot
actually, I’ll hand over to International Master Edward Lasker ((Chess for fund & Chess for Blood (1962)),

‘Chess is a lot of fun if you bring to it the right attitude and a sense of humour. Of course, what is considered fun depends a good deal on the intellectual level and emotional make-up of the person to be amused, just as in any other type of recreation. I recall a nice comparison a friend of mine once drew between the fun in Chess and the pleasure a smoker derives from smoking his cigarette. One man will smoke one after another just for the kick he gets out of the taste. Another – an Artist perhaps-will blow rings and associate them with forms he has used or might use some day in his work. A scientist, watching the ashes on his cigarette grow longer and longer, might muse on the transformations of energy or the chemical changes taking place in that little roll of tobacco.’

Similarly, there are Chess players who play game after game just for the fight there is in them. To others, the beauty of a combination, the crystal clear logic of a manoeuvre carried through, appeals more than mere victory. A scientist might be intrigued by discovering in the game curious applications which govern the conversion of potential into kinetic energy as the various Chessmen execute their threats. The military strategist might draw parallels between the applications of
his maxims to real war and to the bloodless battle on the chess board.

Incidentally, like football, Chess is played by people of all backgrounds and nationalities, it is a truly international game.
Edward Lasker is the author of a brilliant book called “Chess Strategy” which is aimed at anyone who is interested in being taught by a master strength player from beginner level upwards. Lasker assumes no prior knowledge of chess at all, and best of all the book is available for free to anyone who wishes to search for it online since it was published back in 1915 and the copyright laws have expired therefore it available to anyone who wishes to learn how to play a good game of chess, something thoroughly recommended for those seeking an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating pastime during the
close season.

Back to all things Arsenal. Many question Wenger’s motives for aiming to achieve the style he has set out to achieve. Wenger’s recent transfer policy in particular has been the subject of much scrutiny and debate. “What’s he playing at?” and “What’s he in it for?” are two questions often levelled at his recent policies. This following article published last year covers many of those issues.

Wenger has long been viewed as a manager on the cutting edge of football progress. In fact he is credited with being the mastermind behind the rapid development of the English League. Who can forget his title triumph with the invincibles? He has introduced dietary regimes, psychological profiling and detailed statistical analysis to outsmart and defeat his fellow managers. They have had to follow suit just to keep up with Arsenal, spending hundreds of millions of pounds along the way just to compete in a rapidly evolving elite league. Yet because Arsenal have failed to win a trophy at senior level for the past five seasons, so the same man charged with escalating the quality of the competition to an unforeseen level is also charged with not getting with the times and failing to do enough to maintain previous successes.

Wenger talks about commitment both to the club and to his ideology as being at the core of his values, a trait associated with those who are successful.

W.H Murray describes it as:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.”

Is Wenger stubborn? Or is he committed, lets examine the description of both words as explained by the Cambridge Advanced Learners dictionary.

Stubborn: Show phonetics
1 describes someone who is determined to do what they want and refuses
to do anything else:
‘They have massive rows because they’re both so stubborn. ‘

Commit: (PROMISE) Show phonetics
verb [I or T] -tt-
1 to promise or give your loyalty, time or money to a particular
principle, person or plan of action:
[R] Like so many men, he has problems committing himself to a relationship.
The government must commit itself to improving health care.
Once we have committed to this course of action there is no going back.

There is a fine line between the meaning of both words, and in many ways the difference in meaning is down
to the interpretation of the individual, and whether they interpret the situation as being positive or negative. To be committed you must be stubborn when faced with views or influences which oppose your idea of correctness.

Yet stubbornness is not necessarily commitment, it can be seen as a refusal to examine or acknowledge new information which could help you to improve or which challenges your belief system.

I don’t accept that Wenger is stubborn, the fact that Vermaelen and Arshavin have been brought into the club show he is willing to improve the team, and make the necessary adjustments to improve the quality of play as well as the consistency of results.

Who are Arsenal trying to please? Is it Wenger loyalists who will support Wenger through thick and thin (admirably so) because they place their trust in his superior and obsessive knowledge of the game? Or is it the Arsenal fan who has witnessed Arsenal achieving trophy success employing a different style of football which was a means to an end and is perhaps dissatisfied with the current perceived lack of success due to failure to win any silverware over the past few seasons?

That’s a tough one to answer. Although fans should stay loyal to the club they have chosen to support including all staff, there is also room for feedback and it must be embraced since it is a reaction to the current state of affairs. Wenger loyalists encourage us to keep the faith, that Wenger knows what he is doing, and that the current policy of training young players shall amount to future success, and for this to be achieved we must stick to Wenger’s principles of style
and purist football; and that through a particular style and ethos we shall achieve success for many years to come, and
that we must be committed to the ideas set out by Wenger which will be the foundation of Arsenal’s success for decades to come.

Wenger’s approach to football is that you must aim for the best of both worlds, the highest quality of technical football focused on team play rather than individual effort and winning trophies through playing efficiently and creatively using this style of play.

I have no doubt that Wenger will stick to his principles, and many question his ability to bring the club back to a title challenging position, especially in this day and age of Billionaire owners sponsoring their own clubs.

Having a style identical to none comes at a price; a high and a painful price. We’re led to believe that this price has already been paid, that the sacrifices made last season will make us stronger for the future, that the experience our young players have acquired will make them much better players, and that the club shall reap the benefits in the upcoming season.

Arsenal have reached a critical juncture; the much talked of style shall have to deliver silverware or be faced with
the accusation of being the culprit of the destruction of the first team (players leaving to join trophy winning teams) or the blooming “young guns” shall finally bear fruit and we’ll achieve Wenger’s near utopian dream of team spirit where the club will train players from a young age, thus creating team spirit and adopting a certain tactical style of play and club loyalty which many fans yearn for, a feeling that these players play for Arsenal because they love the club, they want to be there and at the same time play the best football in the land.

It’s a huge ambition, I hope it works and that next season Arsenal will not be nearly men, but play the best possible football that wins matches. Is it possible? That’s what the invincibles did, and that’s what Barca did this season. Here’s to the future, here’s to Arsenal’s unique attacking style, here’s to the return of trophy success under Wenger and the final phase of the transformation which shall hopefully be able to withstand both the financial and technical challenges of modern football for many years to come.

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  1. patthegooner

    Depends which Tony Adams you are talking about.

    I am a little concerned about his sanity at the moment, he seems to have quite a few personalities going on in his head. Real shame,

  2. Rohan

    oh yea you could watch any and every arsenal game here… it is just a tad bit ecpensive but i reckon you could catch it in a pub/cafe..

  3. Rohan

    maybe in dubai not sure…
    arsenal arent the most popular..people here tend to go with the club that spends the most money/has the biggest names..
    you will see that people change their allegiances more often than not. RM,barca and manu are the most popular followed by chelsea and the 2 milans..
    man city are also catching up given that this is in some ways their home base..

  4. Rohan

    yep i checked, there is one in dubai ( 2 hour drive form abu dhabi )..they basically meet up to watch games at a local pub..around 50 members.

  5. patthegooner

    Cheers Rohan

    Sounds like Hong Kong,

    When I used to live out there, I knew some locals that changed clubs half way through the season, Absolute madness.

    I take it that the fact we play at the Emirates Stadium has no bearing at all then….

  6. Rohan

    haha…they are more obsessed with the money aspect of it..they think that a player is twice as good as another if he cost double the amount..
    it shows when they talk about transfers and focus more on the actual amount than the player…
    but most of the expats are cool though..
    but the number of amncs would surprise you.

  7. Mayank

    Reading this i actually think its better in india supporter-wise. Most of the fans became fans because of the success but they usually stick to it(lots of disgruntled chavs moving around). Of course there’s the odd nut who supports teams according to the leaderboard but they’re football fans more than club fans.

  8. Rohan

    passenal it is just some clever photoshop work of him during that burnley game at the fa cup where he scored that volley with the outside of his foot..(he was the captain in that game )
    surely they didnt tell arshavin to stick his tongue out in fornt of the camera wearing the new kit..it is just recropping of the pictures..

  9. Pedro

    Afternoon Grovers!

    So does preseason start this week?

    Someone said Friday… but that seems like an odd day to start work back up?

  10. Pedro

    There has been a lot of moaning about the new kits… but I think they’re both quite nice.

    Yellow and blue should be the standard though…

  11. A

    Nice pedro, might have to be in attendance myself, two weeks yesterday, gonna be amazing! reckon it’ll be on arsenal tv? it just has the avo listing on the fixtures on the official website

  12. Stu

    I also like both of our kits but will only be getting the away one because im not spending all that money on a shirt we wont wear much.

    As for the yellow…i usually like the yellow kits but i just didnt really like the one we just had. It was a good idea but i just dont really like it. Maybe its the round next and loud colour. I did however like the 03-04 one but i suppose that was because the shirt had success with it.

  13. Paulinho

    I don’t know why people get so heated up about kits and use adjectives like revolting and disgusting when they’re so clearly not. Maybe a bit naff at times but that’s about it.

    Have to laugh at Arsenal ‘Analysis’. Trying to go agains the grain by pouring cold water on the Melo deal. If he had come across the news first he would have had it up in no time but he’s been slow off the mark and so needs to find a new angle!

  14. Paulinho

    A, I would be surprised if Arse TV show it. I suspect that’s when they will stop broadcasting.

  15. A

    Doubt flamini would come back to us, doubt wenger would have him back, and not sure he’s what we need, but would make good financial sense

  16. ManGoonian

    Intelligent post there…. I was goin to re-read War And Peace, but feel I don’t need to after reading that…

  17. Geoff

    Okay all, I’m so up for this I’ve been inspired to write a new post, so get over there, new post!

  18. ASNLthruNthru

    Parting with Ade and bringing in the old Flame would certainly help to develop the Arsenal style and bring
    us some silverware。An extra 20 mill could also help。Do the deal for the future and for our youngster’s sakes。

  19. James

    A well thought out post and an enjoyable read. In the passion of the season its easy to think negatively about Arsene and where he is going. Once you can refect in close season you can realise that he most certainly is a passionate man and really does believe that his ‘kids’ will eventually prove him right. The stubborness is also because he is driven as to change now would be to admit defeat. As a lifelong Arsenal fan I want to win things, but I also want to see our team build with raw talent that be a Citeh and just buy any once famous footballer still with a pulse at a ridiculously over-valued price. That just ruins the game, and unless they win everything will lead to very big problems once their congolmerate get bored and move on to pastures new. We are struggling to remain a top 4 team at the moment but look at limited resources offered to him! We now know that he isn’t offered the ‘touted’ huge kitty by the board, so he’s kep us here with his pure footballing mind. Does anybody really think another manager would have done that with the players we have? Again, we can’t buy big, but just a couple of decent players is all we really need to give a better account of ourselves next year, and the youngsters all aigning long contracts shows this young team have the belief they can compete. Looking forward to a better season ahead.

  20. ethangunner

    Geoff Says:
    July 5, 2009 at 14:15

    Why don’t we start a fuck off Ade petition?

    fuckin hell , what you think ive been doin for the past 12 months

    🙂 ????

  21. Pedro

    Benny, when you clear a substantial profit each year… I don’t think it is silly to assume that a club like Arsenal should be able to spend what the recoup in transfer dealings.