Flamini back plus £20mil for Ade, what??? Ave it Wenger!

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So if these reports are true then we would have to be barking bastard mad to say no. Blimey, I would give them ADE AND £20 million to get Flamini back and him out.

Think about it Arsene, first of all if the rumours are true that we are thinking about paying €15million plus Eboue for Melo, then here’s a way to save some money, and don’t forget, you are the one that says we are skint, and you are the one that believes in youth.

This way we get Flamini back, who is EPL proven, best mates with Cesc, understands the Arsenal way and runs like a scouser from a job center when a new factory opens.

Ade on the other hand is Arsenals most disliked player ever, so far up his own arse no one can find him for training, blames the fans for his lack of form, earns £80k a week and if he has a good season the whole Beyoncé shit will start over again.

I don’t care if he goes somewhere else and scores 150 goals I don’t want him anymore, I would sooner have Flamini back.

The reason he left was because he was treated badly, we even tried to sell him to Birmingham, I admit I was one that wanted him gone, Jeez, was I wrong, his last season for us was not only his best, when he wasn’t playing, we were not the same team, remember his goal against villa away, boy do we miss that grit?

I can’t believe I’m telling the boss NOT TO BUY A PLAYER, but I am, sell Ade and bring the Flamster home, we need him.

If you must spend then buy a winger and if he has to be young then buy Hazard, and with the change buy Zapata or Hangeland, you could do all that out of the money we get for Ade.

You cannot be worried about Flamini’s wages because there’s no way he earns what Ade does.

Go out there and show us how much you want to win the league boss, bury your pride, you screwed him over, not the other way around.

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  1. ManGoonian

    Well, for me, the coming season will see us in better shape than last year, regardlerss of who else comes in.

    We have a great bunch of younfg players as well as the likes of Eduardo, Arshy and Rosicky to come in from the start of the season…

    I for one am a lot more positive than this time last year….

    But feel free to vent your spleen…

  2. Honest Bill

    I too, think we’re in a much better position than we were last year. Even if we do have to rely on Song and Denilson, at least they have vastly inproved, and we’re getting players back from injury, plus the inclusion of Arshavin and the Verminator

  3. ManGoonian

    And add the fact that I truly believe United will be about 15-20 points worse off and the Chavs will flatter to deceive for the 1st half of the season then go down hill and the scousers wont do anything as they had their chance last year and blew it, plus they will probably have to sell one or both of Alonso and mascherano….

  4. reggie57

    I liked lenny Mclean in lockstock hammed his part up tho, knew him from way back, tough as nails would fight anyone or anything he made his cousin frank warren bundles of cash!

  5. ManGoonian

    He used to work the door of the Camden palace didnt he? I done him a few times after a skinful, I tell ya no lies naow…

  6. zorr0

    MG lol, yeah, we used to see him when we went every weds night, we used to all have about 30 birthdays each, so we always had the free tickets.

    Used to stand up the corner, lovin the 60’s tunes and early 70’s soul and rnb. Casuals all of us, had some great punch ups with some mods up there a few nights!

    From 17 to 20 we had a blinding laugh!

  7. ManGoonian

    I used to go on a Friday night with a few mates, lived in Wembley then… One night we had no money to get home and my mate, erm, shouldnt really be telling you fellas this, well, he nicked some old banger so we could get home… Started billowing out smoke at a traffic lights, gawd knows how we didnt get nicked…. we ended up walking most the way home anyways…

  8. reggie57

    That man was a fuckin brute biggest hands iv ever seen, rumour was Frank Warren arranged a tear up between Lenny and Mr T and the the snickers man declined wise choice!

  9. zorr0

    Friday night was Busby’s night, the old Sundowner on Tott Ct Road. Farah slacks, lol. The old erection section at the end of the night and if the lights went on and you were either alone or with a monster you were in trouble with your mates, lol!

  10. reggie57

    I can remember the sundowner it was like walking into the chamber of horrors some ugly fuckers in there i always thought it was the acid tabs !!!

  11. zorr0

    MG, that would have been a few years later, when I went there was nothing worse than the beer, the birds and a few lines of whizz if you were lucky!

  12. goonermichael

    No Zorr0 it became the vortex when it changed to a punk club. It was closer to Oxford street than the wag

  13. ManGoonian

    Aww, poor ikkle Baxter feelin all left out…

    Come on, lets slate some Arsenal players to make him feel better….

  14. zorr0

    Laters RB.

    lol Baxter, you young whippersnappers think you had all the good times, but believe you me, the 80’s were a good time to be a young single bloke!

  15. ManGoonian

    Seeya Gooner michael

    Take it easy man, make sure your Stennah stair lift is in nuetral before sitting on it!

  16. ManGoonian


    Well, given your output so far, I just took it, you being a twat!

    Apologies if you were havin a larf…

  17. Baxter Wall

    I haven’t written anything that hasn’t been in one of the blog articles written by Geoff or Pedro before. So clearly not everyone disagrees with me.

  18. KM frm WALES

    hey zorro

    i dnt this milan bid is true. nor the return of flamini.

    also i dnt see the point of two posts today??? i don’t agree with it (not sure why)

    i think melo is going to JUVE the cunt!!!

  19. ManGoonian

    Your opening gabit was to suggest our players were out of control and we were a laughing stock… Every other team was laughing at us…. Then the cliched shit about having to fork out loads for your season ticket…

    Sure, geoff or pedro may have said shit like that at some point (probably Geoff for sure!) But, so what?

    I dont happen to0 agree with that tired old tabloid shite

    Muchas apologias

  20. zorr0

    I don’t believe any of the crap floating around at the moment, who knows what is going on! I would have Flam back in a shot, thought he gave us that bit of energy.

  21. KM frm WALES

    i couldnt help myself – i’v got this flamini obssession – he’s been playing Right back for Milan in the 2nd half of the season…..


    what a waste of his career – wasnt he the starter for the french national team while he was at Arsenal?? i doubt whether he’l be able to re-produce that Arsenal form AC Milan 🙁

  22. ManGoonian

    Well, I started by stating that I thought the Flamini story was a crock o’ shite and we are ending on it!

    Would be effin amazing if it were true, but sadly, can’t see it, so there we have it, back where we started…

    Laters haters, Nitey nite KM, Zorro, et al…

  23. KM frm WALES


    same here. there’s a lot of bullshit around. I hope we get someone else QUICK!!! i dnt know why but i like the look of LEE CATTERMOLE – v.similar style to Flamini. however i havent seen enough of him to really endorse him. there have to be a few good DM’s out there – come on Arsene, get ur skates on!

  24. zorr0

    MG, laters.

    KM, he is a quality player, wasted at RB. Cattermole is not good enough imo.

    El Tel, sounds like you’re old school too!

  25. reggie57

    El Tel the seabright was the 1st port of call, then the queens, followed by the axe then we ended up in the horns, and then up west to a club you could never remember cos you was smashed out of your head by then? ah the good old days

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    Now, apparently, Barcalonely are tapping up Arswaxin. Must be a voyeur club along with Real, always peering over The Arsenal’s “back fence” or “hiding in the bushes”, just watching, watching our players.

    Now I don’t give a toss how many tropheys those clubs have won, they both lack integrity IMO.

  27. A

    though gonna stop now, he’s just gone off, really hope he’s ok, limped back on, but subbed off in the end, really hope it isn’t like cesc, bad knee injury but was able to walk

  28. goonermichael

    this cunt
    Seems to write all the shit stirring articles about arsenal in the sun the fucking cunt

  29. goonermichael

    O’Leary: I’d return as a number two… but only at United or Arsenal

    Does that mean he believes in reincarnation and would come back as a lump of shit

  30. SUGA3

    they are unbelievable, these hacks…

    may they burn in hell – small fact of this being the comment number 666 may help a bit 😉

  31. AA23

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  32. AA23

    offline now…
    thank god right!!!

    I know some peeps that have your back and they are saying that you are out of control.
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  33. gnarleygeorge9

    Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is plotting a football revolution in Europe after calling for the continent’s biggest clubs to create a new “Super League”.

    Perez, who returned for a second stint as president of the Spanish giants last month, has embarked on a multi-million spending spree over the past few weeks, signing the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Karim Benzema as part of his plan to assemble a new generation of galacticos.

    The 62-year-old is now casting his net even wider in his bid to alter the face of European football, and has criticised UEFA’s handling of the Champions League, indicating that the format of the competition does not benefit the biggest clubs.

    “We have to agree a new European Super League which guarantees that the best always play the best – something that does not happen in the Champions League,” Perez told Spanish television.

    Perez added, however, that he hoped his proposed format could be implemented “without abandoning the national leagues”.

    What an egotistical old fart this dickhead is. Buys up all the super stars, then decides his pond isn’t big enough any more so he will derail all other nations comps so he can bully them as well. Its time football pissed these sort of pricks off once & for all.

  34. ethangunner

    pat what are you doing up at 5. 30 am in the morning ?

    more like he is pondering ways of getting his club out of the shit after getting soaked up into the eyeballs in debt ..

    oh lets create a new super league
    (well what the fuck in the C.L for ??? )

    football is about supporting your local club / local territories .
    you match up inter V’s Real Madrid and most people will say who gives a shit ! apart from 2 cities in the world that is ! …

    also i agree with you on the fact that he is a fucking dick head !

    he should of made the statement prior to buying
    ronaldo – villa – kaka and just about anyone else who is a star …

    yes lets create a super league that has one team in it 🙂

  35. ethangunner

    the reason the c.l is good is it builds up momentum … only the deserving are here at the end ….

    where as if Real play anyone , along the way they might very well know out the final bout at game 2 …

    or the game opener even … you might get sparta prag V real madrid in the final ..

    sounds like a lot of cods to me !

    the prick is just trying to orchestrate a way of paying for his acquisitions….

  36. ethangunner

    know out = knock out 🙂

    im a bit fuzzy this morning ….
    2 many black russians last night 🙂

  37. befkadu

    Both Ade and Flamoney are bastards. remember how Viera, bergkamp, henry , lauren …………….serves the club while they can gain better contract in other clubs.

  38. Jay

    Last thing players need are foot fractures… had one when i was younger doesnt heal to well then ur stuffed.

  39. Josh

    My personal view is that we dnt need to sell anyone or buy anyone i saw the thing about Cesc going for a price of 40M honestly if Fabregas leaves then were in HUGE SHIT! i dnt believe we need flamini back and i dnt believe he’ll come back he wanted to leave so why would he come back?i’d say keep our current squad becoz sometimes our current squad can pull off AMAZING wins and if they can do it once they can do it every match!

  40. Dan

    I tore my ACL playing a couple of years ago and that’s not healed to well either. I can play again it just gets tingled in it after where the nerves are damaged. Don’t think any injuries really heal that well

  41. Ryan L

    Baxter – I don’t think you can go aorund suing papers for quotes like, ” a source tells us that blah, blah, blah” as that is far from libellious unfortunately.

  42. jimmy

    stuff that! i dont want flamini back! il personally boo him everytime he touches the ball! wen he was at arsenal he begged for more playing time and eventho he got a crap salary then all he wanted to do was play. then he has his big season and becomes a star. wenger showed alot of faith in him and expected it in return. and wat did flamini do… he pissed of to milan on a free tranfer for more money and if winning trophies is a issue look at cesc! flamni was a star for 1 season, cesc has been one for alot longer and he is still here. shows he still has faith in arsenal and respects the club! how do we know flamini even wants to come back! for all we know he might come back and and play like a piece of shit so milan can sign him a season later. fuk flamini! melo all the way!

  43. F-4 PhantomPhreak

    Why is everyone clammering about Flamini coming back, now you and I know that it’s not gonna happen…. How many players can you name that AW “Brought or bought Back” to the club after they left or were let go, how many???? I cannot think of a single one…. I recall last Jan. everyone was clammering for Matt Upson, it was Matt Upson this, Matt Upson that, but did he return to the club, “No Way Jose’!!!” Now I don’t care for Ade’s attitude, but your paying the man 80k per/week let him try to earn that loot before you boot him off to the Italian Serie A, or anywhere else, ya dig… So ’nuff about the “Flamster” or “Hamster” or whatever and lets get on with what we have and thank God we aren’t Spuds supporters for Pete’s sake, I’m Outtie y’all……..oh Up the Arsenal!!!!!

  44. Leeroy

    It looks good on paper don’t get me wrong. But can you honestly say you want that money grabbing schmuck playing for us again? He is on par with Cashley Hole! No loyalty to the club, just in it for the money, let him sit on Milan’s bench for another season whilst they pay him £100k a week! I’d rather take £25 mil for Ade instead!

  45. Goonderber

    ‘.. and runs like a scouser from a job center when a new factory opens’ that had me in stictches on my office floor for a good few minutes. Hope u dont attract rubbish spouting liverpool fans as a result.

    To Leeroy, no u can never equate the flamster with cashley .. we had shafted him, and not the other way round. To be fair, the club was playing it careful and requested him to wait and have the season progress first before making him an offer of a new contract. But to him, we failed to acknowledge his loyalty in doing the donkey work (for several years) of playing every which position for the good of the team.

    I would have the flamster back minus 10m (for barndoor) if it means that t*sser never wears an arsenal shirt ever again.