Who wants in, whose signed up… and who is Wenger trying to bin?

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Two posts for you today due to confusion at Le Grove HQ!

Firstly, before we kick off i’d just like to draw peoples attention to something non-footballisitc just because I’ve been following it for a while. It’s the case of Gary McKinnon, the computer hacker whose facing extradition to the States for ‘cyber terrorism’… The only reason I mention it is because I feel a pretty naive nerd is facing 60 years in prison because our pathetic government is bending over to the United States again. So for once… I am backing a Daily Mail campaign to make sure he isn’t sent away for life for trying to find out if UFO’s exist… especially as the States have a history of never extraditing anyone of interest to the UK (IRA terrorists spring to mind). Anyways, I thought I’d put the word out. Read the story here, sign the petition if one goes up!

Onto the football… and I have a few things to tear through today!

Firstly, the coach has indicated that he has been looking at strikers. He said if Ade leaves, he’d be interested in signing Chamakh. It seems to me that Wenger is actively encouraging a bid for his Togolese forward. He iterated his desire to keep him… but went onto mention he thought Karim Benzema was a good deal at £30million, then he suggested he might be interested in Chamakh. Does anyone else think that Wenger is doing his very worst to pretend he wants to keep Adebayor?

‘”If he does not want to stay, he will leave, but I think he will be still at Arsenal this season,

However, should Adebayor move on, the Gunners boss could move for the Moroccan international Chamakh. “Yes, but only in the event of a departure,” the manager said of his interest in Chamakh.’

A bit like selling your house… you know the current one has it’s limitations, but you wouldn’t want prospective buyers to think that… so you’ll pretend you still love it to give it value in the new buyers eyes (You’re not going to tell them the finishing is atrocious are you!). His selling tactics seem to be lost on Europes top clubs… Milan have bid on Fabiano, ManU preferred Owen, we’ll get on onto the Chav’s later…

So, whilst Wenger has been professing his fondness for his shed, I’ve noticed he’s casting an eye over the Mansions across the pond.

“There is one who interested me, but he [Karim Benzema] left for Madrid,”

“I did not make an approach because I would never have thought that Lyon would sell this year.”

What strikes me about the above comment is that Wenger was not aware Lyon were going to sell him… do I need to send him a link to the newsnow feed? Are we missing out on players because Wenger is not up to date with the best player scouting technology on the market? We all knew Karim was for sale ages ago!

Well… just as a heads up Arsene, there is a player called Eden Hazard who wants a piece of the Arsenal action. He is from Belgium, he is 18 and he looks like a cup of you. A powerful winger with plenty of tricks to dazzle the emirates.

Take a look and get back to me on what you’d like to do with him.

We’ve also landed our third and fourth signings of the summer… fan favourite, Kieron Gibbs put pen to paper on a new deal. My view is that Gibbs will replace Clichy in two seasons time and we’ll take a cool £20million for our much loved Frenchman. We really are the left back production line of Europe aren’t we?! It’s good to see that we’re well placed in the home grown department… the Chav signings of Sturridge and Turnball are about as inspirational as the signings of Inamoto and Bischoff… things really have declined for the Russians!

The best news of the morning is that the boy wonder has finally put pen to paper and signed up for another 5 years. Bravo to that man. In Robins first full season he scored 20 goals and landed 13 assists. He has wrestled the number one striker award away from Adebayor and hopefully we’ll see even more from him next season. Two strikers on £80k a week… makes you fear for one of them, doesn’t it?

One of the Grovers (Zorro) has asked me to plug a football tournament they are attending in Leeds… apparently a load of Gooners head up there each year and represent the club… vets and standard teams are welcome… click here to read more, it’s in three weeks!

Also, I am pleased to announce that I will be updating all the features on the site a bit more regularly. A Grover mailed in and suggested I’d given the Funnies and other features the Gilberto treatment… well, no longer. If you have anything funny or interesting… please mail it in and I’ll see what I can do.

Craig loved the site so much, he renamed his road. Superb funny.

Craig loved the site so much, he renamed his road. Superb funny.

Also, I apologise for not getting back to people on the e-mail. My boss has decided I have to work for a living… which is pretty poor really. Don’t worry though, I’m seeing an solicitor about the legalities of this request.

Finally… don’t forget to sign up to the crazy stuff we have in the side bar —> e-mail, twitter, facebook… you can’t escape the Le Grove empire this summer!

Have a great day Grovers, a Finestcuts Guest post tomorrow!

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  1. Samir

    Wenger will have to buy another RB that plays CB. Toure will be off to the ACN. What if Sagna gets injured then?

  2. A

    Samir I doubt sakho – he’s left sided, same as vermaelen, a right sided centre back maybe, or song will be a centre back, toure right back

  3. Stu

    A, give up on Lansbury as a right back.

    And everyone there actually is a new post. Move over there to stop confusion.

  4. Samir

    I have to admit this is bloody great news!!!!
    What we have bought this year:
    (Hopefully) Melo-15Mish+Eboue

    62M ISH spent!!!
    Who said we don’t spend much??
    That will also be without all renewing contracts etc….

  5. KM in WALES

    MIKE old son i hope ur right on the MELO news!we desperately need a DM – i wouldnt be surprised if MELO signs for JUVE (they’v quietly built an awesome side – Diego,Melo,Giovinco,Chillieni,Buffon is a good spine).I think we need to get CANA or we need to venture into Eastern Europe/USSR to get a tough motherfukker!

  6. Marko

    All I know is I saw Melo roughly a month back playing against Paraguay (who were top of the table and are a decent side) and he was brilliant. He’s got an excellent passing range and is a very strong player.

  7. sir henry norris

    Looks like this Melo thing is true. The quotes come from the club, first refuting the Juve link then saying they are talking with us. “A significant departure” Eboue lol Well Well!! good news if we pull it off. i have seen quite a bit of him and he is definitely worthy of a Arsenal shirt. needs to buck his ideas on the way he throws himself in to tackles but excellent in all departments and would add discipline and steel something Eboue/Song/Denilson lacks.

  8. KM in WALES

    thats VERY expensive for MELO.Fiorentina know that they can get upto €25m for him.BUT as paulhino said if we gotto pay a bit more fukk it we need a guy of his quality.we can earn that extra €5m back when we win the league or champions league:)

  9. nick e

    gunner8, how could u have eddy in the 3rd team?!!? That guy should be 1st name on the 1st team sheet as anyone can see that he is probably the best finisher in the prem. If i new wenger would start him as our first choice striker next season……all my hard earned cash would go on eddy to be top scorer in season 2009/10.