Take a pinch of white man wrap it up in black skin add a touch of blue blood and a little bitty bit of red indian boy

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That was an old motown song by Blue Mink I think, but if we added 2 or 3 of the above it may just work for us this season, our choice is a Brazilian, an Albanian, a French Algerian and a black Englishmen for our ‘great big a melting pot’ sorry about the play on words but today is the last day of June so we still have nearly a month to go until pre-season begins.

However, we are getting closer to that point where we need to say, this it it, this is our squad, so who is yet to climb aboard the project youth bandwagon?

Well the rumours gather pace about Melo, Gilberto entered the debate by saying ‘He is exactly what they need – a powerful player with quality. If they got him it would be great because he is a player they need at the moment’

He then said ‘We heard rumours and he asked me, I said it’s a fantastic club and if he’s interested he should go without thinking’

Well I am glad Gilberto still has a fondness toward us because I believe we treated him appallingly, so bad I was embarrassed, he should have stepped straight into the captaincy instead he was dumped, I still think he’s better than what we have and that’s two years on, no matter, back to Melo.

We have heard nothing other than speculation, so at this point it is still a rumour, however I wouldn’t say no, nor would I say no to Cana, in fact I think Cana may still be the better option and with Marseille saying he’s available, why not put in a bid?

I watched the Porto game last night and Denilson played Ok as did Ade, in fact the whole team looked good so I still think even with no signings we will be stronger next term, add Vermaelen and Arshavin to the mix, then a little bit of Eduardo and Rosicky and we may well have enough, but if Song, Denilson and Diaby don’t crack it early doors, we will be in for another season like the last one.

But get this, I do see Wengers point, really I do!!! With Ramsey and Wilshere on the bench, JET and Simpson knocking, we do have a lot of players at the club, so my solution would be if we buy a Cana or a Melo then we need to sell a few as well. Don’t keep too many players or dissent will creep in.

As far as Ade is concerned, he has an attitude problem, he has lost the fans so he really needs to move on, he’ll never get it back, he blew it not us, and Arsene, never underestimate the mob.

So if Ade’s pride will let him go to AC Milan as second choice, then we should sell him, I have a feeling he’ll give us all that ‘I love Arsenal’ shit and stay, but if we can sell him for Β£25 million then add to that and bring in Benzema, no screwing about, just do it.

We would then have a squad that would send shivers down the spine of the EPL and ECL and I for one would be licking my lips. I still think we need another centre back and I still think Richards could do a job, even with the pony show I watched last night, he stood head and shoulders above the rest, and yes, that includes Theo, who was woeful last night and I am his number one fan.

So dare I say it, we are almost there, we don’t need much, but we do need something, bringing in Benzema and getting shot of Ade would go a long way to making the fans happy and giving us belief, bringing in the DM would give us the bite we need and a centre back of epic proportions would seal the deal, then sell a few to get back the balance.

Other funnier news was reading that David O’Leary basically said that Tony Adams was thick, and when he was Pompey manager, a leading journo was interviewing him, but big Tone was more interested in talking to his dog. Well David, that’s a bit like Susan Boyle telling Elephant man his suit makes him look scruffy, don’t you think?

Have a great day today Grovers, it’s going to be a scorcher today!

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  1. Mayank

    HAHA BBK thank you for the 21.45 comment, i was beginning to worry whether you actually think before typing. That mystery is solved.

  2. A

    Bill that’s just the public story. Henry was sold because he had a semi-serious back injury, and we needed to offload him to sign replacements. It wasn’t until this season he was playing at the top level again, and even now I don’t think he’s a luxury we could afford to have.

  3. goonermichael

    Spot on. United know how to beat the shit teams. Liverpool did the double on the mancs and chavs and won nothing

  4. patthegooner


    That is why I want someone shit hot in CM and not a Melo that struggles to impress and has the disciplinary record of Vinnie Jones.

    Can’t underestimate the effect that a world class Arshavin had on the squad. One more of them and bring it on.

  5. ManGoonian


    Spot on fella. The way to win this league is beating Stoke, Sunderland, Bolton, etc…. We could almost afford to lose all our games with ManU, Pool, Chavs etc…

  6. paul

    BBK sorry i thought you had seen Gus play.Trust me it was an experience to hear the crowd hold its breath every time the ball went near him

  7. Mayank

    Cost of building BBKs dream squad : 150m
    Look on BBKs face when he has nothing to moan about: priceless

  8. A

    Bill it was widely reported by inside sources, it’s also why Henry wasn’t played towards the end of the season despite being “fit”, and Barca accused us of being thieves in his first season there when he was unable to play without being in pain with his back.

  9. Dan

    Anyone seen the rumour on goonerworld saying were signing bassong for 2 million. newcastle get jw on loan for the season and vela til xmas. hmmmmm

  10. paul

    When i think of some of the dross i have had to watch starting with Ian Ure losing us the league cup final to Swindon,it makes me appreciate what we have now

  11. SUGA3

    let’s assume a moment that there is some truth in this Newcastle ruomur:

    I don’t want Jackie Boy Wonder having crap kicked out of him in CCC, as for Vela, what the fuck is AW thinking? this guy could be our supersub – Vela’s magic against tired legs in the last 20-30 minutes? mmmmmmhhh…

  12. Dan

    A, arsene would never let wilshere go out on loan. not the type of player to send out, could ruin him and vela has already said that wenger told him that he’s part of his plans this year


    paul that dross hasn’t let up tho bendtner,eboue,denilsong,cygan,stepanovs,luzhny, djourou,almunia,fabianski to name a few

  14. ManGoonian


    You and me both fella.

    I aint happy about not winning shit for a few years, but you just have to look back a bit to see where we were then….

  15. A

    Yeah Dan, it’s just a ridiculous rumour, not to mention Bassong is a ridiculous rumour in itself, seeing as we’ve just signed our left sided centre back!

  16. ManGoonian

    I cant see tha Bassong transfer being real, but Wilshire playing at Newcastle on loan aint too far fetched , IMO.

  17. SUGA3

    *for a moment πŸ˜‰

    besides, Bassong is pants, not Arsenal quality, IMO…

    UK price tag of Β£2M speaks for itself, eh?

  18. A

    ManGoonian players go on loan to play week in week out, wilshere is too young to play week in week out, so why would he go on loan?!

  19. Dan

    Man, couldnt let wilshere go out and get lumps kick out of him. thats why he didnt go on loan last year coz im sure there would of been teams breaking the door down to take him

  20. goonermichael

    I watched the 05-06 season review last night. Diaby was looking ok til he got his ankle broken. First time I watched highlights of the CL final. I’d forgotton how good our chances were.

  21. Honest Bill

    goonermichael. Yeah i watched the whole thing recently. Fucking hell Eboue was looking good wasn’t he?

  22. ManGoonian

    Wilshire too young to go on loan???

    That, my lil friend is bollockydoodads! he is old enuff, he wont get muxh game time at the Arse, IMO….

    We shall see, oh indeedy, we shall see…

  23. A

    mangoonian name a single player who played week in week out at 17?!

    rooney, messi, even the best players in the world were protected at that age, no 17 year old goes on loan….

  24. David

    A Says:
    June 30, 2009 at 19:15

    meh flamini’s loss was a bugger, because song and denilson weren’t really ready, but only affected us in the first half of the season imo



    you seem to forget that while both Song and Denilson have improved the perennially fail when it matters most.

  25. Coadsi

    fair enough BBK i agree with that. now if we were to get someone from newcastle why not taylor? hope the bassong crap is just that, crap.

  26. ManGoonian


    That was LAST SEASON!! Come on fella, keep up!

    A; Playing week in week out??? Who said he’d do that? He will benefit from playing and he will PLAY alot more at a lower league club…

    Get off your pot induced cloud, you crazy hippy!

  27. Paulinho

    I think there is a tendency to over protect Wilshere and I definately feel he should go out on loan.

    He was promoted to the reserves at an early age and so it shouldn’t be out of the question that he goes on loan earlier as well.

    Let’s see if he’s the real deal.

  28. SUGA3

    we took our mate visiting us to FA Youth Cup final – he is not a gooner, but wanted to go to a proper stadium to see a good game of football πŸ™‚

    he immediately singled out JW and JET – we agreed that on this form Wilshere is unplayable…

    if he bulks up a little more he will be like a pitbull…

  29. A

    mangoonian players go on loan to play, otherwise there would be no benefit for him to go on loan rather than stay and make the odd sub appearance, and start in the league cup and possibly fa cup, then maybe spend a little bit of time on loan second half of the season.

    coadsi taylor isn’t good enough for us.

    david so did flamini, we didn’t win anything last season either! none of them are good enough to win us the league imo, but they aren’t SO bad that we couldn’t win the league with them in the team.

  30. goonermichael

    My wife is watching bizzare ER in the other room. all I can hear is her screaming. It’s fucking horrible. A bloke’s lip was hanging off last week.

  31. Paulinho

    I would put Ramsay on loan as well but then one of the reasons he supposedly joined us was because Wenger said he would be part of the first team squad.

    Wenger digs these holes for himself alot with the youngsters. Elevates them to levels beyond their current capability.

    Ramsay is a long, long way away from being a first teamer from what I’ve seen.

  32. A

    paulinho ALL 17 year olds are protected, even man-boys like rooney weren’t playing week in week out at 17….

    I personally don’t think wilshere will EVER go on loan, he’s better than that, when he’s physically ready to play week in week out he’ll be ready to be playing alot for our first team

  33. A

    I disagree paulinho about ramsey, i think he’s actually alot nearer the first team than people give him credit for, and next season we could see a fair bit of him. His performances for Wales have been fantastic at times, even when playing holding mid against the likes of Ballack etc he more than held his own. The occasion against cardiff got too much for him and stunted him a bit, but he got over it and could play a decent sized role in our success next season.

  34. SUGA3

    ManGoonian, at last there is any talk of Cana joining us, I sincerely hope that it is not another lazy journo nonsense, probably inspired by LeGrove’s feeds, LOL…

  35. ManGoonian


    Did I upset you with the hippy comment? Or are you just on a para trip from all, the skunk?

    You seriously ntrying to tell me that all young players who go on loan are guaranteed week in week out football?

    Thats bollockydoodads! Gibbs, Ranbdall, Barazite, Lansbury, and many others didnt play every week… Wilshire is supposedly amazing, so if he IS good enough, he wil get games, maybe NOT every week, but REGULAR.


  36. Paulinho

    A, I think Rooney wasn’t protected as much as you claim.

    In 2002/3 he made 33 appearances, in 2003/04 he made 34 appearances.

    Last season he made 30 appearances!

  37. ManGoonian


    Maybe not from August, but in January… Why not?

    As for ramsey, I would suggest he sticks around to fight for a place.

  38. SUGA3

    thing is, MG, that he is more likely to be well taken care of at Arsenal than at shit club in disarray like Newcastle…

    at this age, not being a Rooney-like animal spells injuries in the physical league like CCC – once he gets injured, it may ruin him and he is too much of a talent to go to waste…

  39. Dan

    Man, Because im hoping were still fighting for trophies in january when we’ll need someone of wilsheres quality for a few games. As we know we’ll get injuries

  40. Paulinho

    I think Wilshere is developed physically enough anyway. He’s got stocky legs and he will always be that build and height.

  41. A

    Paulinho Rooney was a man-boy, yet only started 14 games when he was 17 and being ridiculously hyped…. Fergie protected Giggs at that age, Messi was protected at Barca, players who are really top level aren’t ever loaned out, and certainly not at 17

    Wilshere isn’t as physically developed as Rooney was, but I still expect him to start every league cup game certainly, and most likely fa cup games as well, and make sub appearances in any competition. He’s close enough to the first team that the only purpose of sending him on loan would be for him to play week in week out. He’s also at an age where he’s still developing a great deal, and Wenger will want to be overseeing that development, rather than other coaches influencing him at an important period in his development, that’s also why very very few 17 years old go on loan, I actually can’t think of any that have??

  42. ManGoonian

    Anyone would think Im advocating the sending of young jack to Helmand Province or sumfin….

    Jeeeez, its only a loan spell fellas!!! πŸ™„

  43. Dan

    Wilshere is good enough for the prem so why go champ? Wenger also said he wouldnt let him go to a team that doesnt play a passing game

  44. A

    Rooney and Messi were very special cases, and even they only started 14 and 11 games in the league at 17. Wilshere is a MASSIVE talent but is behind where they were at his age, and going on loan wouldn’t benefit him at all, training with the first team week in week out, and making sub/league cup appearances would and will be much better for him, which is why there is no chance of wilshere going on loan certainly not from the start of the season

  45. Coadsi

    I must confess that i did not see much of taylor but i remember him wacking AA23 when we played them. however all i am saying A is of the 2 evils i think taylor would have been the better (if we had to choose that is)

  46. ManGoonian

    I know Jack is destined to be Arsenal’s greatest ever player and I can appreciate the urge to protect and keep him away from nasty Northerners n all, but he may well benefit in the long run from experiencing the Big market on a Saturday noght, with all those fat Geordie slags gannin round tha toon… Oh and playing football too…

  47. SUGA3

    MG we gotta protect him as he is a gem, it’s as simple as that…

    no one will tell me that it will be good if Vela and JW go on loan…

    it will certainly backfire, we need strength in depth and some rotation, rather than play the same XI week in week out…

    likes of Vela, Ramsey and JW should start against lesser teams with big guns on the bench as a backup…

    CCC is completely different to the Prem and it would not do them any good, IMO…

  48. Paulinho

    Ryan Giggs made 38 appearances in the season he turned from 17 to 18.

    Jack is in that year as well now so he if he is as good as everyone thinks he is then he should be playing more this season.

    If not, maybe it’s time to rachet down expectations a little and realise he was overhyped to an extent.

  49. SUGA3

    Paulinho, he is not overhyped, I think if he played against ze Germans yesterday it would be much less embarassing…

  50. ManGoonian


    Vela should be fighting for a place in the team…. along with Nasri, Theo, RvP, Bendy, Arshy, Rosicky, etc…

  51. A

    Paulinho where did you hear that? When giggs was 17 he was still playing for the utd youth team, though obviously involved in the first team as well, i can’t imagine he’d started more than 10 games by his 18th bday

  52. SUGA3

    agreed, Vela would be wasted in CCC where 80% of the teams just hoof the ball and hope for the best…

    Vela should rotate with Nasri or Rosicky (if fit) on the left – that would prevent well known burning out sometime in February/March…

  53. KM in WALES

    if man utd will have replaced Ronaldo IMO if they buy Benzema because he is going to explode on the world stage soon

  54. ManGoonian

    SSN reported the Valencia signing thus;

    “SAF has only been back in work 1 day, but has already replaced C Ronaldo b y signing Antonio Valncia from Wigan…”

    How up United’s arses are they, prey tell?

  55. ManGoonian


    I hope he gives some kinda warning before he explodes… You know a flashing light or a siren perhaps…

  56. SUGA3

    starting with younger midfield against ‘lesser’ teams would be a good idea, IMO – better motivation for both youngsters and ‘senior’ players who just could not be bothered sometimes in these games…

    seeing Ramsey, JW and Vela running rings around weaker teams would give our superstars a food for thought – I think we would just need to field strong back 4 and a fire-breathing CDM behind them πŸ˜‰

  57. Paulinho

    A, point is it was in the season he turned from 17/18. Wilshere turns 18 this season.

    Doesn’t say how many he started. I would hazard a guess at 51 πŸ˜‰

  58. ManGoonian

    I agree that the young players wouldnt lack the motivation shown during a few games early doors last aseason… They also did well in one off games in the CC. But to suggest that we could draft in wholesale, young(er) players like Jack in the league, then I aint sooo sure. But I hope you are right, coz that would be very nice and I can now go to bed dreamin of such nice things and not all, megan Fox, Eva Mendes, Nora batty… erm…

  59. Stu

    Where be everyone tonight ffs…….

    Pre season is just around the corner…well the team re grouping is anyway so thats something. Here are my ins and outs. Realistic? I dont know because it will be Wenger buying but they are defintaely available and quality imo.

    Vermaelen – 10m
    Juhasz – 8m.
    Denisov – 7m or Cana – 10m
    Pogrebnyak in november – free.

    Ade – 18m
    Silvestre – released.
    Bischoff – Already released and off the wage bill.
    Toure – 13m to city

    So thats a surplus of about 6m without weakening the squad in any way.

    I would sell Diaby aswell but we all know that wont happen. Those 4 or 3 if Toure stays is more than plausabe, dontcha think.

  60. Stu

    I think its ok Evo. I wont be buying it tho because we wont wear it often and im not buying a shirt to never wear. The away one is the only one im getting.

  61. Evo in Oz

    gday Stu – i liked the white one from the other season, i have Cesc on it – very stylish for sure! Not sure about the pin stripes, but ill wait to see it on the release date before i make up my mind?

  62. Stu

    Yeah, i hink its hard to properly judje a shirt on its own until you see the kit as a whole.

    And kits are usually considered good depending on the season they had.

  63. Evo in Oz

    yeah i agree that until you see it in the flesh and can see the back and front its quite hard to tell, but i liked the white one we used in 07-08

  64. ethangunner

    well there seems to be some conjecture over
    the away kit .. one has us down as blue pin stripes .. other has us as this ugly green thing with blue sleeves ..

    id prefer the pin stripped one myself ..
    but i suppose i should go to A.co to see what one it really is ..


  65. ethangunner

    ok so its 2nd blue -3rd white

    so WTF is that ugly green one ? the goalies shirt?

    wow i pity big Al ..

  66. ethangunner

    i heard melo was a no 2 weeks ago , when his club came out and said he isnt going anywhere …
    he is still under contract , i presumed that mean’s no πŸ™‚

  67. ethangunner

    i said only 4 weeks ago that nasri will be our DM , i guess no one is really listening πŸ™‚

  68. patthegooner

    Same fear Ethan, I think he going with either Nasri or Diaby based on the stories over the summer

    Big big mistake, almost as big as doing it and failing with the gamble this time last summer, and if true it shows that stubborness really could be the downfall of a great manager.

    Fuck i hope we are wrong on this one,

  69. Jay

    Nasri..dm? not so sure about that….. i prefer him to be interchanging in mid field..but he could fill in for cesc, and left wing…not dominate the dm role.

  70. Jay

    Imagine Diaby wakes up – and decides he should be viera. i think he likes scoring goals too much lol

  71. SUGA3

    ‘morning all..

    using Nasri in DM role would not only be a bad call defence-wise, but also a massive waste of his attacking talent…

  72. Geoff

    We all heard you Ethan, I even wrote a post on it but we didn’t want to believe it, my post today reflects.

  73. gnarleygeorge9

    I rest my case re the British gutter press.


    Great article.

    I heard a rumour today that reporters for British tabloids are hired if they have a brain the size of their dicks. Hence the amount of small print. Chamoneeeeeeeee!

    The only joke I ever made up about Wacko jacko is now stuffed.

    What do Wacko Jacko & dog shit have in common?

    They both turn white the older they get. But obviously Mike won’t be getting old anymore, so there goes that one.

    I was going to avoid this transfer season, not because I’m worried that English & Welsh cricket might actually grow a backbone, but because I don’t want to get caught up with the crap that your papers write about The Arsenal. Why do they do this? Is it coz they are jealous of a cosmopolitan club like the Goons.

    Also, If The Premier League is the number one comp in the world, how come the clubs from the lesser leagues, like Real Boring & Barcelonely, keep pushing themselves in our faces.

  74. iceman

    Morning folks.
    I think we’re all jumping to conclusions.
    Surely AW wasn’t keeping all his eggs in one basket.
    He should have other targets in mind.

  75. Duke

    Morning, now that Mellow signed a new contract, the press recycled 2 month old quotes from Cana and pretending it is about Arsenal. Oh how I just wish it were true πŸ™

  76. Duke

    Fucking hate the 3rd kit, Arsenal should never ever have a white kit. You don’t see the Yidos having a Red away kit do you?

  77. RayGooner

    The Arshavin interview was from last year when he was pleading to get away from Zenit…
    Many people has forgotten about this interview, that’s why the papers offload it again to create news…