Take a pinch of white man wrap it up in black skin add a touch of blue blood and a little bitty bit of red indian boy

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That was an old motown song by Blue Mink I think, but if we added 2 or 3 of the above it may just work for us this season, our choice is a Brazilian, an Albanian, a French Algerian and a black Englishmen for our ‘great big a melting pot’ sorry about the play on words but today is the last day of June so we still have nearly a month to go until pre-season begins.

However, we are getting closer to that point where we need to say, this it it, this is our squad, so who is yet to climb aboard the project youth bandwagon?

Well the rumours gather pace about Melo, Gilberto entered the debate by saying ‘He is exactly what they need – a powerful player with quality. If they got him it would be great because he is a player they need at the moment’

He then said ‘We heard rumours and he asked me, I said it’s a fantastic club and if he’s interested he should go without thinking’

Well I am glad Gilberto still has a fondness toward us because I believe we treated him appallingly, so bad I was embarrassed, he should have stepped straight into the captaincy instead he was dumped, I still think he’s better than what we have and that’s two years on, no matter, back to Melo.

We have heard nothing other than speculation, so at this point it is still a rumour, however I wouldn’t say no, nor would I say no to Cana, in fact I think Cana may still be the better option and with Marseille saying he’s available, why not put in a bid?

I watched the Porto game last night and Denilson played Ok as did Ade, in fact the whole team looked good so I still think even with no signings we will be stronger next term, add Vermaelen and Arshavin to the mix, then a little bit of Eduardo and Rosicky and we may well have enough, but if Song, Denilson and Diaby don’t crack it early doors, we will be in for another season like the last one.

But get this, I do see Wengers point, really I do!!! With Ramsey and Wilshere on the bench, JET and Simpson knocking, we do have a lot of players at the club, so my solution would be if we buy a Cana or a Melo then we need to sell a few as well. Don’t keep too many players or dissent will creep in.

As far as Ade is concerned, he has an attitude problem, he has lost the fans so he really needs to move on, he’ll never get it back, he blew it not us, and Arsene, never underestimate the mob.

So if Ade’s pride will let him go to AC Milan as second choice, then we should sell him, I have a feeling he’ll give us all that ‘I love Arsenal’ shit and stay, but if we can sell him for £25 million then add to that and bring in Benzema, no screwing about, just do it.

We would then have a squad that would send shivers down the spine of the EPL and ECL and I for one would be licking my lips. I still think we need another centre back and I still think Richards could do a job, even with the pony show I watched last night, he stood head and shoulders above the rest, and yes, that includes Theo, who was woeful last night and I am his number one fan.

So dare I say it, we are almost there, we don’t need much, but we do need something, bringing in Benzema and getting shot of Ade would go a long way to making the fans happy and giving us belief, bringing in the DM would give us the bite we need and a centre back of epic proportions would seal the deal, then sell a few to get back the balance.

Other funnier news was reading that David O’Leary basically said that Tony Adams was thick, and when he was Pompey manager, a leading journo was interviewing him, but big Tone was more interested in talking to his dog. Well David, that’s a bit like Susan Boyle telling Elephant man his suit makes him look scruffy, don’t you think?

Have a great day today Grovers, it’s going to be a scorcher today!

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  1. Pedro

    I think you have to have some sort of addiction to get into childrens TV… I watched Tom and Jerry the other day… that is one mad show when you’re over the age of 6.

  2. Duke

    Bill, well because the Spurs are known as Yids. We have a lot of songs that all Jewish people would find extremely offensive.

  3. KM in WALES

    lol SHARKEYSURE – WKB – HAHA pedro – scary & funny but i think sarah palin is in the dirty gilf category 🙂 haha

  4. Duke

    Pedro agree, I remember I studied it ages ago as shit loads of metaphors for absolutely anything they wanted for you to think at the time 😀

  5. SharkeySure

    Phineas and Herb – kids show on Satellite.

    I caught it for the first time the other day with my nippers….hilarious. My kids kept asking me what was so funny, cos some of the gags were quite cute.

    Hong Kong Phooey was my all time fave.

  6. wardo

    H Bill….I’ll do my best. If I’m close enough to speak so he can hear and I dont have to shout then I reckon he might give me a dig…..which I would happily take then sue him the fcuking tango prick.

    Duke…..fair point bout the song. I cant wait tho cause he’s gonna get a good reception then abuse throughout….

    Pedro….Tom and Jerry rocks. It is still awesome….

    Sharkey……I’ve come back from a club on a few occasion and majic roundabout has been on……guess I was not in the right frame of mind to get into it cause i was p155ed and eating a large donor kebab. Think people who go to button moon enjoy it more….

  7. SharkeySure

    Captain Pugwash !! DDM, can you imagine kids having to put with graphics like that today.

    Like wise Bagpuss, and Mr Benn.

  8. wardo

    anyways….Sharkey !!! The WKB is for Wardo knows Best 😀

    WifebeaterKB’s not necessary in my house !! All i have to do is get in, grab my white string vest with yellow staines, grab a can of super tennants out the fridge, shove a B&H in my mouth lit and just hanging kick my feet up on the table and read the daily sport!! Mrs doesn;t seem to give any back chat then !!! 👿

  9. SharkeySure

    Wardo…16.03. Come back at 3 or 4am and accidentally found its on on Sky ch 619….??

    That some find that Wardo !!!

    The SharkeySureBigKidOMeter tells me you’ve SkyPlussed it…

    Its never wrong…ask any one of Franchise, Pedro or Geoff. They’re all actually the same person don’t you know.

    The SharkeySureSplitPersonalityFinder revealed that one back in May.

  10. dennisdamenace

    Sharkey – You’re also forgetting The Clangers! What a bunch of cunts they were…………ha ha ha!

  11. dennisdamenace

    The soup dragon, soup dragon my big fat arse, they should’ve given him a fucking dig……. 😈

  12. SharkeySure

    Clangers – complete shit

    Rhubarb and Custard. Great show. I’d buy the CD (thats a download for you young’uns) of the theme music. And yeah top graphics

  13. dennisdamenace

    Har De Har………they’re coming to take me away, they’re coming to take me away…………..coz i fucking renewed my season ticket and i am Napoleon I tell you 8)

  14. dennisdamenace

    Chaps, it’s been emotional…..

    Of in search of the ever elusive Peroni…….

    Talk later, Chamon!

  15. wardo

    Sharkey….re: comment you made earlier bout Geoff’s political idols. Very very funny indeed…..especially when Pedro pointed out that his idols are Napoleon, Lord Nelson and someone else…..

    Your suggestions cracked me up 😆

  16. eboue

    any1 here remember my stepovers i did in the porto game on last night on arsenal tv it was amazing better than ronaldos

  17. SharkeySure

    Wardo. I’m just gutted that Geoffs not here to respond.

    I’d love to run his reply thru the SharkeySureDictatorWhore and see what comes out.

  18. SharkeySure

    Pedro. It just came to me…the other one was Pinochet.

    Incidentally Margaret Thatchers best buddy.

  19. choy

    Marseille say they will not stand in the way of Lorik Cana should Tottenham make a move for the player.

    Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton have been linked with a move for the Albania international and the French outfit say the player is free to go if a good enough offer is made.

    The 25-year-old still has three years to run on his current contract but their sporting director Jose Anigo says he could leave earlier if Spurs or any other club step up their interest.

    “It’s not that he’s shown his desire to leave,” Anigo told L’Equipe. “It’s simply that at a given moment it’s been four years that Lorik is here and he has the right to want to experience other things.

    “Today we’re open to his transfer, if something happens we’ll listen.”

  20. Arsenal Tom

    cana is a weird one… if he’s so good then i kinda think we would have had him by now… no ones loves buying from the french league like wenger and theres no way he doest know about him.

    plus if we were gonna get him i think we’d have at least made an approach by now unless, he was 2nd choice behind melo

  21. SharkeySure

    Fingers crossed re Cana.

    I think he could be terrific for us….not just in his own play, but with the leadership qualities that he would bring

  22. Stu

    ATom, i remember someone on here saying that we had a chance to buy him years ago but something went wrong….Work permit i think. So Wenger does know about him and its likely that he rates him too.
    I cant work out why he hasnt made an approach yet…maybe the marseille “back off” statement last summer has actually scared Wenger off.

  23. Geoff

    Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan, Attila the Hun, Francis Drake, Lord Nelson and Napoleon.

    On the political front Churchill and Thatcher, she fucked the Argies and the Unions and those cunts bled this country dry greedy fucks, that’s why we have no docks, no shipbuilding, no steel works, no coal mines and no car manufacturers. They fucked themselves.

    Other countries leaders I have a soft spot for Hitler and Stalin, what’s wrong with that, they both turned their countries into superpowers, they may have lost it in the long run but so did Thatcher and Churchill.

    Political leaders I hate Mao, Pol Pot, Blair and Brown, all evil cunts who robbed the own people and made them poor, accept the cunts who have never worked, them they help.

    I hope that answers all the questions.

  24. SharkeySure

    Stu. Boith mysdelf and someone else raisd the point about Cana being invited over aged 16-17, but bieng scuppered by Visa issues.

    Arsenee deffo knows about him…but I guess he thinks that technically he isn’t good enough.

    Last summer I asked a French mate of mine about Cana….and his response was simple – ‘Not good enough for Arsenal’.

    I’ve asked on hee about him, cos when I’ve wtached hiom I just don;t see the guy from THAT VIDEO. BUt I do see a clear leader of the Marseille team, and thas what I focus on …our need for a leader in the centre of park

    I think Song is a good player, but he’s deffo no leader.

    I wont say the S**g word two more times though, cos usually when I do, Geoff appears and tears into me…

  25. Stu

    Sharkey, i too have noticed his leadership qualities whenever i have seen him. I have also noticed that he is not the nutter we all know and want from his youtube videos. That montage was the culmination of years of tackles. Not just a few games. So it was probably easier for the maker to put that hihglight reel of his insanity together.

  26. SharkeySure

    ‘Soft spot for Hitler and Stalin’…only you could say that Geoff.

    Fucking Classic.

    Pol Pot….that guy takes some beating. He’s the craziest fucker I’ve ever heard about.

    If he’d never existed and he was now an Austin Powers type bad guy character, we’d all laugh our heads off

  27. Coadsi


    Midfield battler Lorik Cana may have reconvened with the Olympique de Marseille squad as they began pre-season training today, but he is far from certain to still be with the Stade Velodrome outfit when the season kicks off.

    France Football has suggested today that Bundesliga outfit Hamburg have placed a bid of €5 million for the Albanian midfielder, who has proven to be something of a favourite at the Provence club simply because of his incessantly battling style and seemingly unquenchable desire to succeed.

    Responding to these rumours, sporting director Jose Anigo spoke to L’Equipe, stating, “It’s not that he expressed his desire to leave, it is simply that at the moment, Lorik, who’s been here for four years, is entitled to try and discover something else. Today the door is open. If there’s an offer, we’ll listen.”

    It has been suggested that Cana does not feature prominently in new head coach Didier Deschamps’ plans, and rumours linking Stephane Mbia and Lucho Gonzalez to the Provence outfit would appear to give such hints weight.

    ‘DD’ is focusing on improving les Phoceens’ defensive sector. The deal to acquire Souleymane Diawara from Girondins de Bordeaux is still very much on, with T6, les Girondins’ parent company, expected to agree a €6 million with the Mediterranean coast club.

  28. Stu

    Five fucking million. If he we miss out on him for that much then i will freak out! Thats ludacris considering Marseille wanted 20+m last summer!

  29. freduardo

    evenin all. surely after that interview about his relationship with the fans, Adebayor cannot play for us next season? can he?

  30. freduardo

    stu, the one at the end of the season, i saw it on football focus i think. about how the relationship has changed and how he doesnt think it will be the same as it was.

  31. SharkeySure

    Fred. I’d think not…but stranger things have happened.

    HIs interiews last summer were preetty por, and his name was still sung when he scored a few early in the season. Not as roundly and loudly as before…..but still sung.

    Who knows what a couple of decent games could do….plus if he issued an apology, showed a bit of humility, claimed to have found Christ etc

  32. A

    Speaking of Christ I met him reincarnated at Glasto – how cool is that. I’m practically a new-age disciple

  33. Top Gunn

    Am I the only one who thinks Jay Simpson should have played in the tournament alongside theo ??? Plus… I think there isn’t going to be any arsenal coming for Melo anymore..so who is the next person we have to rave about…cana???

  34. leon

    i feel losing 3 midfielders in summer compounded by losing cesc and risicky it was just too much,i think wenger looking extremly hard for midfielders that will fit into the team for the right price,i thinkwenger is waiting for offers for senderos and silvestor.wenger wont sell anyone from midfield infact i feel he is looking only to add

  35. freduardo

    jay simpson is certainly good enough for the england u21s, how old is he anyway? Theo had poor tournament if we are honest

  36. Ray in SF

    What do you think about Kolo filling the ‘Flamini vacuum’. Fast, strong determined, good stamina and reading of the game. Likes to move forward when the opportunity arises. Got heart and class. Hate too lose him.

  37. A

    Going on his performances for West Brom he wasn’t good enough, but certainly should have had another forward in the squad, can’t have been many ahead of simpson if pearce had called up a replacement which he should have done when whoever it was withdrew

  38. Geoff

    Freduardo, I saw the clip again, I used to think Ade was mentally challenged, now I just think he is quite stupid, he keeps saying it’s not his fault that Milan came in, does he forget we saw his Sky interview when we all saw him saying he was going to talk to other clubs, because he will do what’s best for him, Adebayor???

    Then he demanded £80k a week, fuck is he that fucking dim, why didn’t Crooks show him the clip, I really want him to go now, he says the fans believe what they read in the papers, we don’t fucking need to, we heard him say it.

  39. Coadsi


    Edin Dzeko has moved to finally end the speculation over his future by insisting he will give ‘100 per cent’ to Wolfsburg next season.

    The Bosnia international, who bagged 26 Bundesliga goals last term, has been strongly linked with a summer switch to AC Milan.

    His decision to remain at the Volkswagen Arena with the German champions could now impact on the future of Arsenal forward Emmanuel Adebayor.

    Milan general manager Adriano Galliani admitted earlier in the week that if they missed out on Dzeko they would turn their attention to alternative targets, known to include Adebayor and Luis Fabiano.

  40. freduardo

    Geoff: and all that i would have come for free bullshit. if that interview was all you saw from him you would think he was full of endeavour, loyalty, truth and light and that we, the fans, had victimised him for no good reason. mercenary who wants to be loved.

  41. Geoff

    Ray welcome aboard mate, you are now free to blog.

    Freduardo, what a prick he is, I so hope he goes now and with the money, we land Benzema.

  42. David


    I do think Ade needs to go…but we have to buy a better striker….we neeed to add to the squad becauase the team together as they are have not won anything and will not win anything.

    Melo for Arsenal? Yes please…because he isnt as clueless as Denilson and Song going forward with the ball.

  43. freduardo

    i dont see the melo thing happening anymore. I do hope Ade clears off, continues to be confused when fans are frustrated by lack of effort and flirting with other clubs while demanding a huge wage increase. and of course continues to be absolutely flummoxed by the offside rule

  44. David

    I dont give two sh*ts bout the whole Milan thing….pretty much everybody flirts with other clubs to get more money…

    I think its the offsides thing thats won me over finally.

    Inzaghi can be offsides 99% of the season…but on the big stages he gets it right….Just look at drogba.

    If Ade can learn to be onside…

  45. Samir

    I think we all know now that we won’t be getting a new DM this season. Wenger will play Nasri DM and also put his trust in Song,Denilson,Diaby,Ramsey etc.

    I believe Wenger is looking to offload Senderos and Ade before buying a a new CB and a striker/Winger.

  46. Coadsi


    His official presentation might not be until this evening but Radio Marca is reporting already that Kaka will wear the number 9 shirt at Real Madrid.

    The number is vacant after the departure of Javier Saviola last week and even though it is not usually a midfielder’s number, it will be given to Kaka.

    There were various other jersey numbers, like 8, 10, 18 and also 5, which was worn by Zinedine Zidane that Kaka apparently rejected, but he will follow after another Brazilian and wear the No. 9 shirt.

    Sneijder wore 10
    De La Red wore 18
    Gago wore 8
    on the RM site RvN and Diarra not assigned numbers

    just thought the above was interesting

  47. David


    I think it would be a disaster if we dont buy a world class DM,

    Denilsong are not good enough…they are at least 3-4 years from coming good.

  48. Stu

    Agreed David. We need a DM for the time being but i just dont think Melo is world class. He wasnt the DM in that Brazil team. Gilberto did the defending while Melo went forward with the ball and closed the opposition down.

    A DM is needed but Melo doesnt look like being it.

  49. Stu

    Buying Diarra with the ACn coming up would be stupid imo. Especialy as Song would be off aswell leaving us with only Denilson. And that period is a pretty hefty schedule aswell.

    Other than that Diarra certainly fits the bill.

  50. David

    yea Stu i do think Melo CAN play the DM role…the game against America he tracked back well…and is good going forward…but I agree as I said…one World Class DM is what we need.

    I wont mind getting a RW or LW as well…not sure how Rosicky will fair.

  51. Stu

    Sorry David, I meant to say he isnt the only DM in the brazil team.

    Its the same for Fiorentina. He has someone sitting deep, Liverani, while he does the running in midfield.

    Just saying he doesnt have all the defensive responsibilities and doesnt sit back. And thats basically what we need.
    Still tho….IF he does come i hope he proves me wrong.

  52. Samir

    Real Madrid will be amazing..





    I doubt they will play that exact team, seeing I’m not an expert on them but its a bloody brilliant team they have…

  53. Top Gunn

    Ade might not be as bad as we think, he might have scored lesser goals last season, but lets be honest, he was out for a long time, the league was poor generally if you look at the number of goalsthe golden boot winner scored..even ronaldo didn’t score as much.

    I know his attitude sucks, but its not something that can’t be worked on, he just has a big mouth like gallas did, and if Gallas worked on his..Ade can improve. So if Ade doesn’t get sold, its not bad new after all.

  54. Stu

    No defensive players there Samir. I doubt Pelligrini would go with that, But i get what you mean…..would be a force to be recogned with.

  55. Firman

    fred…he’s injury is aint rosicky type.he was had a bad injury that’s all.i’m sure will be good again.

    but yeah he could be missing for the ACN.

    so, david..last time we need CB and DM, and now we need LM/RM? spot on mate.we need depth.badly.

  56. Samir

    All I really hope is that Wenger is not finished buying…
    He said he wanted to complete all transfers before pre season which is just around the corner…… Come on Wenger get off your A**!
    Where are the 2 targets you were talking about eh?

  57. Jimbo

    Why are we still talking about Melo? He’s signed a new contract!

    No links to Cana, no links to Diarra, no links to fucking anyone particularly useful.

    My bet stays the same – Wenger decides not to kill Denilson and Song, and in turn kills his own legacy as an Arsenal manager.

  58. Stu

    So….this summers transfer total is at minus 9 (if you count the kids that were released 😉 )

    And thank fuck that Bischoff is gone. Total waste imo.

    Now all we need to do is get in some new quality players (and some out) and we should be more than set for next season…

  59. SUGA3

    can’t wait for the pre-season to start: just bought myself a ticket to Barnet game – is anyone coming?

  60. A

    Madrid’s team will be awesome next year, huntelaar won’t get near it though. maybe this?!






  61. A

    Obviously a top top quality DM would improve us no end, but if there aren’t any available then I personally wouldn’t be devastated by Song continuing his end of season form and continuing to improve in that role, with Denilson and Diaby deputising, and Ramsey to come through as the season progresses

  62. A

    Oh yeah of course, i thought they had a centre mid coming through. Yeah i was thinking no robben, but couldn’t think who else would play. In that case alonso in rather than robben, and ribery out left, alonso alongside Diarra

  63. freduardo

    jeepers, i was just looking up R Madrid and De la Red, poor fella is out for this coming season as well after suffering something called a syncope.

  64. Samir

    At least there is some good news today….Dzeko is 100% staying at Wolfsburg which means Ade is most defiantly off. Seeing Milan have £56 million+ available I hope we get around 20-25M which would hopefully but unlikely be spent on Benzmema.

  65. Stu

    Thats a nice enough third kit. I wont be buying it tho because im not getting 2 shirts next season.
    Especially when we will probably only wear it about 4 times.

  66. leon

    unless wenger finds some one top class he wont get dm player he will most likely use nasr i,song and delinson,everyone and keep going on we needing dm player but must be right person not just anyone,nasri and song can do a good snough job i feel until if or when can find top class midfielder but that might not be position this summer any way.top class player are not that easy to find,i dont think dm position was that bad at all i think it more the case cesc had learn to play delinson and song remember we lost 3 dm players plus cesc was out for while and no risicky so that 5 midfielders down for much of the season that is alot to cope with and know manu could not have coped with

  67. A

    Why would we sign Chamakh?! It’s all a load of bollocks, there’s no way! If we signed him, he’d come in behind vp, eduardo, bendtner, arshavin as forwards, why would we bring in someone who would do nothing other than get in the way of vela, and theo moving centrally?!

  68. SUGA3

    looks a bit baseballesque 😉

    good job it has no buttons and ‘Arsenal’ written across the chest in the baseball style font – you know what I mean…

    not convinced by the shorts again…

  69. A

    Jimbo it looks like the photo that was doing the rounds as a potential away kit before the blue one was official, white with thin red pinstripes

  70. Stu

    Leon, really we only lost Flamini at DM because Gilberto wasnt playing there much anymore and Diarra isnt a DM. Still tho…Flaminis loss was a big one.

  71. chiku

    hey erbudy does any1 tink that denilson kynda luks n plays lyk melo….. if u realli tink bout it and look at their styles i wud say that denilson… i wud much rather get a cana than a melo tho…

    he does knw hw 2 mark bt do u tink bartron n other goons will be intimidated. get cana n u shall c alot less vicious tackles on our lads

  72. A

    meh flamini’s loss was a bugger, because song and denilson weren’t really ready, but only affected us in the first half of the season imo

  73. patthegooner

    I like that third strip

    And does anyone else feel a bit gutted that they wasted 270 mins scouting Melo during the Confederations Cup.

    Pleased in a way as I did not rate him, but I am firmly in the Gooner Camp that are clutching DM shaped straws in desperate hope that Wenger learns from the mistakes of last season and relegates Song and Denilson to the Bench and does not try and fill the DM whole with a Nasri shaped peg. That hope is withering away as the days pass. I just wonder that if we were in for a DM then surely we would have bid for Barry…

    Finally can we now realise what Guilamme Balague actually is.. Just a Fat Fucking Spanish Waiter with a crap goatee who knows jack shit about transfers. Melo will join Arsenal straight after the Confederations Cup. Useless Cunt.

  74. Stu

    Flaminis loss hurt because he fit. Him at DM worked and the midfield just clicked. Thats very hard to get (and keep fit)

  75. Samir

    So Man Ure are going for. So far:

    Valencia- 18M

    48M so far if they get the two.
    I hope that’s all they buy!

  76. leon


    still alot to cope with losing somany midfielders in 1 season plaus being with risicky and cesc,i feel nasri and song and delinson can do a fairly good job if we dont fint top class player

  77. A

    undisclosed choy as is the norm, meant to be about £16mil though isn’t it? Let’s hope he’s the ronaldo replacement as such, It’d be like us selling cesc and replacing him with kevin nolan