Cesc has spoken, morning has broken, but has the boss woken?

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On the day it was announced that American pop idol Michael Jackson had died, King Cesc announces he is staying, Michael Jackson made some fantastic records of that there is no doubt, he was a very odd man and we could debate him all day, suffice to say we shouldn’t as so many people are divided on him, much like our defensive midfield options, so I say let’s leave it there and spend today talking about our beloved Arsenal.

Cesc has said – ‘So, for anyone who is unclear or may have misunderstood what my position is, let me make myself absolutely crystal, ‘I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and my future lies with this great club’

As we suspected yesterday his words were twisted so let’s now hope he stops giving those interviews to the third world press, stick to the real papers Cesc, only talk to the Sun, the Star or Sky Sports, the media that the people can believe, … oh and by the way Cesc, I really was being wholeheartedly sarfuckingcastic!

I said yesterday he has no doubt been miss-quoted, however… I think he was sending out a message to his boss, he was saying yes of course we have immense talent coming through but we need some ready mades, now, like the Spanish team, they mix the young’uns with the experienced players and that is what we need to do, I hope you took it on board Arsene.

I watched the Newcastle game last night on Arsenal TV, and had forgotten just how talented Vela is, why we don’t use him more is beyond me, you know what? Le grove didn’t sign him, Arsene did, so why does he prefer to put the likes of Eboue, Nasri and Diaby there, it’s a mistery, I was also impressed with Nasri, who linked up in the middle with Cesc so well and the football was breathtaking, we have the players if we play them, with Rosicky and Eduardo coming back we do look like we could be awesome next year but if we signed, say Zapata and Cana or Melo to add strength, we would be unstoppable.

Clichy and Gibbs for me are already better at left back than Cole, the option of Vela, Traore and Gibbs on the left wing are in place, start using Diaby, Nasri and Rosicky in the middle with Cesc and we are strong in the middle, add the two I mentioned and we have no weak point in the team when we get injuries.

Then start blooding Wilshere, JET and Ramsey when we need to and get rid of the rest.

I was even impressed with Ade, he does give us the big gangly centre forward option as does Nikki B, but when he’s not playing well we may as well play with 10 men.

I would have a clear out, I would seriously consider selling Eboue, Senderos, Silvestre and Ade, with that done we could bring in some strength where we need it, if Wenger rated Senderos he wouldn’t have tried to sell him to Milan, so why persevere? Eboue is dissaffected so sell him, if we can’t get Zapata then swap him plus cash for Sackho. Don’t buy Bassong, he’s not good enough.

I really believe that the solutions would cost this club nothing, and it would send a message out to the team, the fans and the world of football, that this season Arsenal are coming to play.

So well done Cesc, unlucky Michael and good luck Eboue, enjoy Paris.

I hope you all agree that today smells a little better than it did this time yesterday when Sky sports and the Sun were having a we hate Arsenal fest, screw you, you Manc lovers, Arsene will learn from this and next season, we will clean up.

Have a great day Grovers, I feel something in my water today

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  1. ReVELAtion

    now, we’ve been linked with argentine defensive midfielder “ex-wonderkid” Ever Banega! God it won’t stop will it…

  2. Geoff

    He’s tiny Reva, if anyone watching this game can’t see that Fabrice Muamba isn’t miles better than Song, they need help. And he’s 6’3″, it’s like watching Vieira.

  3. Pat

    Well some journalist did claim Arsenal and Liverpool were fighting it out for a valencia player…though it was believed to be Mata.

    I think Wenger is preparing to play Arshavin at the supporting striker.

  4. Paulinho

    Juan Mata? I think I would prefer David Silva. He would be a great player to have tucked in on the left hand side, allowing Arshavin to move centrally behind the striker.

  5. RayGooner

    well, i said 3-2 to sweden with Berg scoring at least 2 goals…in reality it was 3-3 with Berg scoring 2 goals, too bad for the own goal by sweden or i would have been exactly right…
    Now it’s anyone’s game in extra time, but I don’t think Berg is done yet (he’s now scored 7 goals this tournament)…

  6. Geoff

    You should know Ray, your the stats man, tonight they will though.

    Last time you got hammered by England was in July 1066 we fucked you big time at Stamford bridge.

    You leader was Harald Hardrader, our was King Harold, you fucked off for a 1,000 years and the next time we saw you was when Bjorg won at Wimbledon.

    (He was from Norway but it’s the same thing)

  7. ReVELAtion

    paulinho and pat, where is van perie going to play if we have arshavin playing behind the striker? And don’t say up top, cause that’s ludacris!

  8. RayGooner

    Marcus Berg doesn’t have the greatest skills but he’s an out and out goalscorer!
    For Arsenal anyone?

  9. RayGooner

    this doesn’t look good…
    Robin Söder of Sweden is injured…and sweden has made all 3 substitutions…

  10. Stu

    Hahaha i left at 3-0 thinking, “im not watching this shit”. Then i come back and its 3-3. What the fuck happened? No doubt Berg scored.

  11. Honest Bill

    Geoff, not strictly true. The next time we saw them was in that very same year when they invaded and took over the entire country

  12. Stu

    Mayank Says:
    June 26, 2009 at 17:51
    “Stu do you think bendtner is our new striker???
    I think he has it.”
    Wrong question to the wrong guy. You’ll find out soon enough.

    Mayank, what makes you say that? Im the best person to ask. I give a non-biased, neurtal opinion on Nicklas Bendtner.

  13. RayGooner

    Robin Söder is an 18 year old forward from IFK Göteborg and he’s now playing left back (injured!)…hmmm

  14. Geoff

    Bill that was William, a Norman. The only thing that I could get in Sweden Ray is shagged, they are peaceful and have been neutral in every war since 1066!

  15. Paulinho

    Revelation, he can play okay up top. He’s got good movement.

    I don’t rate RVP that highly, at least to the extent where I would worry about how a certain transfer effects him. If there’s no room for him, so be it.

  16. Stu

    Ray, what kind of ‘hmmm’ is that?

    Is it a – why arent england exploiting it or

    is it a – Soder is versatile and Wenger like versatile youngsters?

    Oh and Campbell is a bellend. Glad he did it tho because i hate him.

  17. Honest Bill

    Geoff. Yeah but the Normans were originally Nordic, that’s where the word Norman comes from. They made a deal with Charlemagne and set up their own principality in the Frankish kingdom.

  18. Rhyle

    Bet Wenger is laughing his cock off at the state of Walcotts performances – he did say he shouldn’t go!

    Who would have thought it, eh?!


  19. RayGooner

    England must score in this second half of ET if they’re gonna win, cause we all know what will happen if it goes to penalties….lol

  20. Geoff

    Bill there name came from Norsmen, which then became Norman, Harald was uncle to Harold and William, Harold was shipwrecked in France before he became king and agreed with Harald that William would become the next King of England and not himself, Harold renaged, the rest is history.

    If you see the statue of William in Fecamp in Normandy, he looks like a Viking, cunts, I fucking hate Vikings, rapists.

  21. Honest Bill

    Precisely Geoff, so the Normans were at least as viking as Bjorn Borg.

    And it looks like they’re raping and pillaging us again today

  22. Stu

    Pearce and “the boys” said that they spent ages practicing PKs in training and in the first game they fucking missed one. HA!

  23. RayGooner

    i’m sorry to say it guys, but Walcott is actually still on the pitch, but he’s totally invisible…

  24. Bobby 7

    ‘they are neutral and have been peaceful in every war since 1033’

    Except that Sweden ruled large parts of Northern Europe by the 17th century, and that was not reached thru peaceful negotiations.

  25. Stu

    I wouldnt be suprised if Berg missed his one. Because i’ve noticed that when someone does well in the game they are poor with penalties and vice versa.

  26. Samir

    Wenger has denied Chamakh on french website.
    Alors que Marouane Chamakh a confirmé ce vendredi qu’il voulait quitter les Girondins de Bordeaux, l’entraîneur d’Arsenal Arsène Wenger a démenti, sur le site internet du quotidien Nice-Matin, être intéressé par l’international marocain : “C’est un bon joueur mais je ne suis pas à la recherche d’un attaquant. Il n’y aura que très très peu de mouvement à Arsenal cette année”.

    Which translates to:

    Armory: Wenger denies for Chamakh
    26/06/2009-[18:53] – Sports.fr

    While Marouane Chamakh confirmed on Friday that he wanted to leave Girondins of Bordeaux, the coach of Armory Arsène Wenger denied, on the Internet site of the daily Nice – morning, being interested by the international Moroccan: ” It is a good player but I am not in search of an attacker. There will be only very little movement with Armory this year “.

  27. Stu

    Well im not happy with that. The only consolation is that Gibbs and The scored the final pks and Hart is out of the final.

  28. RayGooner

    for a swede, this was an anti-climax, coming from 0-3 to 3-3 and lose on penalties, that hurts….
    But i will be chearing for England now in the final, against either Italy or Germany!

  29. Samir

    ” It is a good player but I am not in search of an attacker. There will be only very little movement with Armory this year “.

    Wenger just said an hour ago.
    So them 1-2 targets are both defensive?

  30. RayGooner

    I’m happy for Walcott & Gibbs, both good penalties, but only Gibbs has done a good job through out this tournament. Theo looks like he’s a bit lost out there, he had 3 or 4 shots on goal this game but all were no harder than a back-pass to the goalie…

  31. freduardo

    credit hart for steppin up so early. showed balls. England were up against it there with the swedish crowd, and i feel the yellow was harsh as the swedish lad wasn’t ready to take anyway. I’ve pity on Hart missin the final

  32. Paulinho

    Why does Wenger say “little movement this year” like it’s some sort of exception?

    Same old bollocks from Wenger.

  33. Bobby 7

    Well proud of the lads today, (the Swedes that is), going behind by three silly goals and fight back the way they did. Only consolation is that Gibbs scored the deciding pk, and that Frazier Camptwat is out of the final. Congrats.

  34. patthegooner

    Thank Fuck for that.

    Now looking forward to the final on Monday, we will get to see Theo playing upfront.

    That Marcus Berg looked good, we will have to keep an eye on him.

  35. patthegooner

    For sledging the opposition before their penalties, it is his own fault, the Ref warned him on the first few and then he did it again

  36. redbearer

    yep sweden had loads more shots and our boys v nearly lost their nerves.. albeit the pens where generally well taken bar Milner’s lame effort!

  37. Swede

    i’m still proud of the swedish lads and what they’ve done in this tournament.
    There might be a future for swedish football after all, and i’m happy for England of course.
    Whatever team you will be facing on sunday a majority of the swedes will be behind you.
    and i hope you dont mind but i’m a little happy that that wanker Hart will miss the final.

  38. Stu

    Never mind, i see its Giovinco.

    My favourite Italian is Motta, the right back. He was with Udinese but joined Roma last summer(i think). He was the roma player that had that top corner shot against us in the CL. The one Al saved atlethically.

  39. RayGooner

    England didn’t have a single real chance after the 1st half, it was all sweden after the break and in extra time with Berg’s header in the post the best one…
    England’s goals in the first half was all from corners, the 2nd one was when sweden’s captain (center-back) Bjärsmyr was out in the dressing room being treated for an injury, the 3rd one was an own goal by the same Bjärsmyr…
    2 lucky goals, the more i think about this game the more painful it is…
    But i think Sweden can hold their head’s high after this game.

  40. RayGooner

    i’m gonna watch a movie instead of watching the other semi final, i can’t bare to watch anymore football tonight…

  41. redbearer

    Defo.. we’re v lucky to be in the final… the Swedes represented themselves admirably. Pearce will need to get the balance right for the final.. the team seemed to lose control and the shape wasn’t there after a buoyant 1st half… Theo and Joe Lewis upfront in the final it is then lol

  42. Stu

    Is Milner out of the final aswell or is it just Hart, Gabby and Campbell?

    Because im thinking Pearce will fuck Theo over again. He will proably go Milner – Rose – Johnson.

  43. leon

    as i have said sever al times i dought wenger has is going sell gallas/toure because it undoughtubly going take vern some time to adapt to prem so those who think he is going to start off i dought that will happen wenger has stated has stated he wanted improve his defence cover and right now cover players dj and silvestor both ends of the spectrum one is to raw and the other over the hill,he might evon stick with senderos and just sell silvestor or go with song. but i feel it be a mistake let your 2 most experienced defenders go.

    everybody seems to have set on melo comming to arsenal i have never seen him play but what i have heard gilberto is better and 15 mill big price tag i just think has over targets for much less but the alot of players who fit arsenal bill

  44. Big Raddy

    After the racist debate earlier and the history debate later.

    The Swede’s are hardly a peace-loving race, they screwed up my beloved Denmark enough times, and you should see them in the Radhusplads on a Saturday night !

    Still we did them 1-0 at their place in the WC last month. Lovely.

    Pearce is an awful manager. Playing Theo on the left?? And deep? No-one passed to the guy.

  45. patthegooner

    I think Theo will play Stu,

    Don’t think he has a lot of strikers left. I think Theo will be upfront and looking forward to see how he plays in that position.

  46. gazzap

    its hard to believe that Pearce only took 3 forwards with him – the same number as goalkeepers! now 2 of them are banned and only Theo can play.
    we all know how good Theo is on his own up front.
    He is going to need a big man to win some long balls just behind him. we need a player to play between the Theo and the midfield. no idea who though.

    We should buy Marcus Berg. A million times better than Chamakh and about the same price – £10m ish.

  47. gazzap

    Amazingly Berg scores more than 1 goal every 2 games for Gronigen. OK sure its in Sweden but it still a really high scoring rate. He is 22 so he is NOT young, at least he is not like 18-20 sort of age group which to me would rule him out. 22 years of age is plenty enough to come into a first team at a club like Arsenal.
    I know Ajax are hot favourites to sign him for £9m. Seriously we should get in there – this boy will be worth at least twice that in 2 years time.

    Compare his scoring rate with Chamakhs’s and you see clearly who is the more effective striker. In the season before last Chamakh only scored 4 goals all season, having played in virtually every game.

  48. redbearer

    yes Berg looks promising but Wenger won’t sign up another forward unless he ditches Ade 1st… the deals need to be in place but if negotiations don’t work out then i fear that we will have to put up with the same baggage as last season!